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Positive Signs

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Ma’am before starting to state my experience, I would like to thank you for starting a platform where all us Baba devotees can share and discuss about the miracle doer. Forgive me if the post is very long. I am from Bangalore, born and brought up here. From a few years I’ve been in love with a guy who’s from the north. We met on the Internet (Not a good way) but he turned out to be very different. We exchanged contact numbers and started texting each other around 2 years ago. I had no feelings for the guy before that and I had no belief in Baba before this. I stay in Malleswaram and my uncle is an ardent devotee of Baba. Even then I never visited the Sai Mandir near my house or prayed. A few months ago the guy I love started working in Bangalore. He knows about my feelings but gave me a negative response. I know turning to Baba when I’m in pain is not the right way to approach Him but I’m glad I did. Things were looking up for me as he’d come to Bangalore and I thought that things would work out for once. I’ve never really prayed for or wished for anything else. That was when I started praying. He got a job in Mumbai and he had to leave. I lost all hope and turned to Baba and asked Him to somehow make my guy stay in Bangalore. I asked Him for signs.

The temple near my house dresses Baba in a different coloured cloth everyday and whenever I asked for a positive sign and asked Baba to be dressed in white, Baba used to be dressed in white. I tried tossing the coin and said to give me a heads as a positive sign. I got that too, but the thing I wished for didn’t happen. The guy I loved left for Bombay. It’s been almost 5 months now since he left. I’ve been praying for almost more than a year now. I still get positive signs from Baba. The question answer website also said that my desire shall be fulfilled and to leave everything to the Guru. I’ve been reading the Sat Charitra and writing Om Sai Ram. I used to write Om Sai Ram 1200 times a day but now I write it only 300 times a day (due to time). I also performed the Nav Guruvar Vrat and i visit the Sai Mandir daily. Lately instead of asking Baba to be in white, I ask Him to show me Himself in a colour that comes to my mind and I do get to see Baba in that colour. I also asked Him to appear on a random moving vehicle and that’s the positive sign He would give, and I saw this too.

This is one thing I’d like to really elaborate on. I take the auto rickshaw to college daily and I have hired a man to take me to college everyday. The day I asked Baba to appear in a moving vehicle, I searched every vehicle passing in front of me for Baba and I saw around 2 or 3 vehicles with Baba on them. While getting out of the auto I suddenly saw that my auto driver had installed a Idol of Baba on the meter. I felt very happy and hopeful. The next day too the same thing happened. The third day as soon as I woke up I told Baba that the signs were enough and I did not want to see Baba on any vehicle anymore. To my great surprise the Idol on the meter had been taken away by somebody the previous day. I felt really bad and apologised to Baba and told Him, I wanted to see Him again and in the next few seconds a vehicle with Baba’s sticker stuck at the back passed me by. The miracles of Baba are endless and I’ve been always getting positive signs. I believe in Baba and now whatever little thing happens in my life I think it’s because of Baba. I have been getting only positive signs from Baba about the guy I love but nothing seems to be going right. The guy isn’t talking to me right now and he’s in Mumbai.

Whenever I ask Baba for answers I get a positive sign. I’ve always been an over thinker and cannot stop thinking or worrying. Can all you devotees tell me how to build my faith and patience in Baba? I know it is wrong to test God like this but I always get scared that something will go wrong. So please can you tell me how to increase my faith in Sai? The boy I love is everything to me. To me he’s the blessing Baba gave me and nothing can change the way I feel about him. I only have 2 questions to ask you devotees 1) Even after getting all the positive signs why didn’t things work out? Do you think it might work out? Does Baba give positive signs to all devotees to keep them believing in Him? 2) How to increase Faith and patience in Baba? How to best pray to Him? Lastly I know I’ve been testing Baba a lot and still not believing completely and I know that’s wrong. I just want all you devotees to help me and not get offended because I treated Baba this way. I’m not proud of it myself and I love Baba very very much. (There are many other incidences I omitted out and maybe I can tell them when I post next) Please help me out. Om Sai Ram.

My Son’s Admission

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from UAE says: Om Sai Ram to all the devotees and readers. Hetal ji and team, Thank you. You do not know how many lives you have touched through this medium of your blog. We are all blessed to be a part of Sai Baba’s family. Amongst the several experiences, my child getting admission in one of the most reputed boarding is the most important one for me. We had been to Ooty in July, 2015 for about 2-3 days. We were picked at the Coimbatore airport by a gentle man named Srikanth. During the course of our conversation we came to know about this particular boarding school (We never even had a thought then). However, during our stay in Ooty we were unable to visit the campus and managed to have a fleeting glance at it from outside. We came back to U.A.E and started thinking about the school. Education in U.A.E is not on par with Indian standard. Also, being in the apartment full time, limits the child’s playing and interaction to electronic devices and they miss out on the actual way of living. It’s one of the sad realities of the Gulf where kids are overprotected and overprovided in addition to lack of social interaction.

We decided on the school but my son had to give the aptitude test in Nov 2015, which I prepared him for. Few of the concepts were not even taught in school. All of a sudden, his class exams were declared to start at the same time. It was a tense moment for us as we had to juggle between India and UAE and neither the school or the boarding school was ready to reschedule the dates. I prayed to Baba earnestly for a solution. I again spoke to his current school supervisor and after a lot of deliberations, she decide to grade him the average of his previous exam grades. It was a miracle as she had firmly informed us earlier to mark him absent. After all this, my son gave his exam and cleared it and that was the happiest day for all of us as there were just too many kids attempting the test. We were asked to come down in Jan 2016 for a second round of interview. Coincidentally, again my son’s exams fell on the same week of the interview. This time we were in a total fix. We called up the boarding school for a reschedule of interview date which they agreed to and we coincided it with the UAE weekend. Once in Ooty, I was scared as to how my son would react as it is first time in boarding. I gave him Udi and prayed to Baba as soon as we entered the campus. He liked the campus and answered the interview maturely, which came as big surprise for us as we always thought he was a non serious child who always loved to goof around. We checked with him again and again that if he’s ok only we would decide to admit. He seemed fine and okay us.

Within a day and a half, we went to Ooty and then flew back early Sunday morning to U.A.E and rushed to his school for him to give his class exam just in time, as our flight had delayed and Sunday being the first working day is loaded with traffic. All the while it was Baba’s chant that kept things moving for us. Feb 4th(Thu) 2016 results were declared and my son was granted admission. We were so happy and i thanked Baba over and over and decided to fast the coming Thursday. He has to join on April 4th 2016 for 5th grade. Now my only fear is how my son will cope up as he is a pampered child at home. It is giving me enough jitters and sleepless nights as the days are nearing. To send away your child is like tearing a part of your heart and people are already commenting on us being bad parents and scaring us about the decision. I am not bothered as to what people think, but my sons well being at the boarding is utmost important. I only pray to Baba to protect him against all odds and give him the courage and wisdom to be on the right path. My son also trusts Baba a lot and I have asked him to pray to Baba not only during tough times but also during his best times. Sai, you are our protector and I pray to you to forever keep us in your Lotus feet. I pray to you on behalf of each and every devotee to help them ease their pain and bring peace and happiness in their lives. Give us the Shradha and Saburi to carry on our designated tasks. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Is My Best Doctor

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Anupama from Singapore says: I am 42 years of age and currently working as a home bound music teacher. In February, my right feet below the toes started hurting very badly and i was awfully in pain. I had my feet bone fractured the same place nearly 8 months back and it was healing very slowly. In January 2016, i felt completely alright and was able to run. But due to some reason, that same feet and bone and internal tissues nerves were throbbing in unbearable pain. I had no one to look after me though i had a family to take care and i had to work for my income all 365 days a year. My pain was getting unbearable and no money to afford a doctor in Singapore. It was 10 pm at night. I could not sleep in pain-both body pain and my heart was crying for help too. All of a sudden, i saw a story of Sai Baba healing a devotee with His Udi on my mobile Google. I decided to walk up to Sai Baba photo, i had in my living area. I sat down there and looked at Him. I was wailing in pain and crying to Him. I took the Vibhuti and started chanting His 108 names of Sai Baba and did Vibhuti Archana on Him. I cried to Him and asked Him to lessen my pain. I told Baba – “I don’t have anybody to help me, nor take care of me. My husband is there but cannot seek help. It was my circumstances. Baba, You are my best friend and with me all the time. Please be my doctor. I don’t have any money to give You. But please heal me”.

After talking to Baba, i took the Udi from Him and started applying it on my feet and how do i tell you all! My pain as i started applying started coming downwards and i felt my pain bearable. I prayed to Baba – “I will start reading Sai Satcharitra”. Next day, from mobile application i started reading it from Internet. Within 5 days, my pain was gone. Swelling went away and Baba’s miracle started reflecting on my 7 year old son too who suddenly started reading Sai Satcharitra for kids. And he started feeling Sai Baba in his school too. Even now Sai Baba has healed my son completely. He is healthy again. My dear Sai Baba devotee friends, i have attached a picture of my Sai, i had got an opportunity to paint His picture nearly 20 years back. But believe me, Sai Baba drew Himself on His own. I had started painting a young Sai Baba and He turned out to be an elderly Sai – the whole picture was done in few minutes and as i drew, i felt my hand move upon someone’s guidance. Today Sai Baba is doing so many miracles through this picture. Who can predict Sai Baba Leelas. Sai -thanks for everything. Thanks for being my best friend all the time. Thanks for taking care of my family and our needs. And most of all thanks for listening to me patiently. Om Sai Ram.

Baba’s Grace In My Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi all, I am a small devotee of Baba longing for His grace and blessing everyday. I want to share few experiences with Baba to add more faith and belief to devotees reading this. I am so blessed to say that I am a mother of twins because of Baba’s grace only. This is my first life changing experience with Baba. Post delivery I faced lot of people issues in my family. I use to cry daily for that. Totally I lacked peace of mind and couldn’t enjoy my motherhood at all. In between my mother in law was diagnosed with cancer but thank God it was totally curable type. Miraculously my Baba solved everything one by one and all of us are happy now. After completing first birthday for my kids we moved abroad under Baba’s protection. I am so happy to feel Baba’s presence with me to manage everything all alone. This life gives me independence and confidence. I am 100 percent sure that my kids are growing under Baba’s protection only. We faced and still facing lot of issues with job, visa and health too. But Baba is guiding us at each step. I have issues in my married life too. But I can understand that Baba is changing me for better. I want to conclude that life is not easy. There is no end to problems but our Baba is with us. There is not to worry about. Let us pray more and find ways to get closer to Baba. Om Sai Ram.

Thanks For Everything Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Om Sai Shree Sai Jaya Jaya Sai. Forgive our mistakes Baba. Thanks for everything You are giving and thanks for Your blessings. Bow to Your Lotus Feet. Special thanks to Hetal ji and team for your incredible service for this page. Baba is my Father. Today is my last Thursday of Nav Guruvar Vrat. Baba forgive me if I have done any mistakes during my Vrat. Today by Your blessings, we applied OCI for my son successfully otherwise we almost missed our appointment because we didn’t notarize one document but by Your grace we did it. Thanks for that Baba. Baba, my only request is give good health to my family, my sister’s family, my mother and all the people in the world. Give peaceful life to us Baba. You know my concern and tensions, please wash them away Baba. Give food to hungry and poor people Baba. Bless us always. Om Sai Ram. Om Shree Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Baba Hears Your Earnest Prayers

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Saraswathi from India says: I have known about Baba, since 1995, I just Love Him. I’ve had many experiences small and big and have written earlier. What I am going to write is about “lost and found” only because of Baba’s grace. My son had been asking me for over a year, his certificates (All original), and I had been searching all this while casually This time, few days ago, he had to submit them to the various university all over. I became really tensed and prayed in my Pooja room, holding Baba’s feet and begging Him to make me find them. That’s it. I went straight to one of the cupboards, opened it, removed many things and Lo, I found them. I cannot tell you my gratitude and happiness. Just trust Him and He’ll do the rest. I strongly believe in “Shradha and Saburi”. Thank You Baba, Please Bless each and every soul on this earth.

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  1. Sai devotees
    Yesterday night I had a dream that someone broke sai baba's idol.
    What does it mean please do reply.
    Om sai ram
    Gurudev datta ☺

    • Dear devotee,
      Obviously not a good dream, but this is what I do. Sit infront of baba, put a bowl of rice in your left hand, and close your eyes and with your right hand pick some rice or any grains. Then put that grains infront of baba. Then close your eyes and pick the grains again which is placed infront of baba.
      Count the grains. Whichever number you get, look up that number in Satcharitra or any religious book. You can also see Sai baba's questions and answers. You will sure get your answer. Sairam

  2. Thank you Baba..for my result..pls show me the I going at the right path? All incidences prove that I need to change my career from engineering to you are helping me in that path ..Baba I am waiting for your blessing s and miracle..pls help me to find a good job soon

  3. Happy Sai baba day to all devotees plz get me selected in drdo govt india department result should be in my favour baba

  4. O Deva, Thank You for surrounding us with friends and family who love and care for us. Help us reciprocate the same with Your Blessings please O Sadguru. Thank You for all the love, beauty and happiness that You have surrounded us with O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  5. Om sai ram . you are my loving god . Please be with us. We want your blessings. Please give long life to my family. I love you. Saima

  6. BABA i want to marry the person i love with my parents acceptance. BABA You are my only hope, only strength, only support and the only source of inspiration. BABA please make them accept my love and marry me to the person i love.BABA this pain is unbearable.SAI BABA please help me and please bless me and please be with me.OM SAI RAM

  7. Dear First Devotee, You have explained your situation to Baba and leave it at Baba's feet. If Baba thinks he is the best person for you, He will send him. Stop worrying about this matter anymore. Use all your precious time in thanking Baba for all the precious things you already have in your life – your family, health, happiness which we take for granted. Baba will give the right person to you at the right time. Om Sai Ram

  8. First post: It is very strange that you who are able to have only a barter type of relation with Sai Baba and not submitting to Him and His Will unconditionally; are wanting to trust what can best be described as opinions of devotees that you do not know and who have limited perception of your situation???!! =))


  10. Dear first Devotee, please keep faith in Baba. He will do whats best for you. And please dont test Baba all the time asking for positive signs. Just keep firm faith. Hope the guy you love, loves you too and you both are on same page. All the best wishes and pray for you!

  11. Om Sai Ram…Please cure astigmatism for my son "Vihaan Sai" and bless him with good health, happiness, studies, wealth, career etc.. BABA…

  12. Today my son 2.5 yrs was not at all well . High fever, cold and continuously coughing with hardly 2 secs pause in between . The whole day was bad with respect to his was 11 pm and whole day i could not go to sai temple as i wished to go being Thursday and also i had completed my parayan today.i almost gave up my mind since it was very late. I was worried because it was impossible for him to sleep bec of coughing. Then i prayed baba that if his fever calms down and coughing stops and he sleeps before 12 midnight,I would come to ur temple and take ur darshan. Then after that it so happened for three times i felt now he would improve and i will go for darshan, but failed. Finally i said i will bow down to him in my home itself than my son slept and he started sweating as well and coughing also stopped.i looked at the watch and still about 15 mins were there. I went to temple and took his darshan and felt happy for impossible things in past few mins took place suddenly and my baby also slept peacefully.thank you so much baba.. Love u

  13. Thank u so much baba for curing my illness,blessing me with positive attitude.Please please please bless me to stitch various designer blouses with accurate perfection.This job is definitely u know everything fully depends on customer satisfaction.Please bless me necessary skills to do this job with utmost perfection.Pls forgive me my mistakes.PLease take care of me & my family forever.Thanks a lot for all ur blessings so far and ur blessings are very much needed for all of us.I pray for world peace.Thank u.

  14. Baba I asked you for a sign and I see a dream that issue is resolved. Please keep my family safe in your lotus feet and please don't let my faith shake. Resolve my parents issue soon and help us Baba. Om Sai Ram !!

  15. If Baba gave an indication or a promise that something will happen then isn't it true it will happen? Would baba give a positive sign if the thing you wished for is bad for you? Will he makes things come true? Because I'm tired of this life. I want to surrender to him completely but I cannot stop worrying. Can he really turn around the worst of worst situations? Please help me.


  17. Om Sai Ram
    Baba Please bless my son and keep him to your lotus feet deva and be with him sai and take care of my daughter


  19. baba like the devotee of the 1st post even i prayed you many times to return my love to me who is about to marry. now i wil not pray 4 dt babacoz i know he was nt the right person 4 me or else you have fixed our marriage already but if that did not happen its all because you have already chosen someone better than him for me and i am alwaz ready to welcome dt guy in my life. after 7yrs relation i am totally smashed deep inside. but i know baba you have better plans for me kindly send my lyf partner soon in my lyf baba. me eager to meet him with your grace

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