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Baba Helped Me Get Scholarship

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I came to USA in Jan 2015 for pursuing Masters studies in USA. Starting from the 1st semester, I was looking for on campus job opportunities so that i can cover my living expenses at least. Luckily by swami’s grace, i got a job as a Soccer Referrer. The job did not last long but it was a good experience. After that in the summer, i again searched for job and by Swami’s grace, through one friend’s who recommended me, I got a job as a physics tutor. The pay was good and I was able to cover my living expenses. Thanks to Swami, I was less a burden to my parents. After the summer semester, my house lease was over and i was planning to stay at another place with lesser rent by sharing the room. But due to some confusion with my other roommate, he decided to live alone and with just a few day before the college reopens, I was left with no place to stay. Previously, I had applied for a job where in I would be a residential advisor to new incoming international students. This job provided a home to stay. But after the interview, the employer told they preferred someone else.

So, I continued searching for place to stay near the college. I was not successful, but had faith that Swami will help. And He did, the employer for the residential advisor, met me luckily in the college gym and asked me, if i would like to take the job, as the preferred person had not accepted the job. This was just 2 days before the college was to reopen and i was temporarily staying in a friend’s home. This offer came as a huge surprise to me, thanks to Swami, for place to stay. I took the job immediately and shifted to the new accommodation. This was the fall semester and I had two more semesters to complete my masters. I realized that, it’s going to be very difficult for my father to fund me further for the master and that i should better complete my studies within the next semester. All the while, this though was on my head so I decided to apply for assistantship in my department. I have been doing so since my first semester, but due to lack of funding in the department, it’s very difficult to get it. Even my other friends had given up trying. Since I saw no other choice, i still applied and prayed to Swami to help me. I applied in the month of October. Prior to applying, I requested few of my professors to recommend me for the assistant-ship. Thanks to Swami, it was Nov 22, in the morning I got a mail from the professor in charge of assigning Student assistants that the college was offering me Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) position for control systems lab for 2016 spring semester. My joy knew no bound. Thanks Swami.

I went paranoid, as getting a GTA in my dept was considered next to impossible. I went to meet the professor to thank Him and confirm the email. I was standing outside, the professor’s office when another doctorate student walked in and asked the professor if he was in-charge of any lab for the spring 2016 semester. Professor replied that yes he was assigned a lab and a student named (my name) was assigned as the TA for the lab. I was so happy hearing it from outside. I later went in and introduced myself to the professor and thanked him for the GTA. Thank You Swami for the GTA. The GTA position covered my tuition fees and gives a good stipend. I am currently continuing as a GTA thanks to Swami’s grace and blessing. Jai Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Sainath, My Dear Sai Baba Has Done Many Miracles In My Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I have known Sai Baba since childhood, i recall watching that movie of Sai Baba. I loved the movie and loved His miracles. I used to always tear up while watching that song Deepawali song where Sai Baba lit Diyas with water. I went to Sai Baba Mandir too but worshipped Him like any other God. Sai Baba pulled me towards Him in the year 2014. One of my roommates used to worship Him, i used to go along with her. I saw her read Sai Satcharitra. That time, i did not have the book. So i go online and read Sai Satcharitra. I read two chapters daily and go to Sai Mandir every Thursday and sit in front of His Idol. That’s how miracles started in my life.

My first experience is that as i told you, i was living with my roommate in a PG, that place has some kind of evil demon. It was not a ghost, some kind of demonic thing you can say. It used to trouble most of the girls to the extent of pulling their legs sitting on them. I used to literally feel scared and drained. As i was worshipping Sainath, i told Baba please do something and get me out of this place, it has bad energy. One of the Thursday, when i went to temple, Pandit ji game me a garland and he said place it on your door. I reached my PG and did the same, that night when i slept, i saw some evil thing trying to harm me but Baba came in form of several black and white dogs next thing i see, i am safe and that evil demon from far off was shouting at me. Sooner with Baba’s grace, i got out of that house. I knew the day the Pandit ji in temple asked me to place the garland on the main door Baba would create a situation that i would somehow go from that place and thankfully such situation was created by my Baba’s grace and mercy and Baba saved me from that evil demon. Baba is so powerful. I could never sleep in that place but once Baba is there why fear.

My second experience is, i was very ill one day and i started sneezing. I had cough and cold congestion in my chest, i got high temperature. My fever was not going down. Baba came in my dream in the form of a woman and put Udi in my mouth, in my dream i saw after He put Udi, i started throwing up. The next day when i woke up my fever came down and chest infection was gone, Baba’s ways are unique but He is simply great. Thank You Baba for curing me, taking care of me like a child, love You a lot Baba. Baba has come in my dreams on several occasions and blessed me. He blessed my Sai Satcharitra in dream, i know this book is as good as Bhagvad Geeta for me. I can read it anytime, it gives me so much of peace and happiness. I have noticed automatically when you read this book your worldly problem get solved. Baba once gave me nine coins in a dream like He gave to Laxmibai. I am grateful to Baba for blessing me. I still do have lots of problems in my life but i know i need Shraddha and Saburi, rest Baba knows the correct time to help us. So many other miracles to share but in my next post. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Is My Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a working professional, currently residing in Hyderabad, India. I consider myself as very unlucky person because whatever I wish for, it never gets fulfilled or even if it gets fulfilled, it takes lot of time. And then I remember, Sai’s teaching-Shraddha and Saburi and try to console myself. Earlier Baba’s blessing were there with me. He is Omniscient. He used to even listen to the wishes deep within my heart which I had never even told it in prayer or asked for. One such wish came true when I had to board a train from Hyderabad to Bangalore. We were very late and railway station was very far. We were approaching the departure time of the train. Due to some urgent work, it was very important for me to reach Bangalore. I was continuously staring at my watch and asking Auto person to take some short route. That day traffic was too much few roads were fully congested with vehicles due to some constructions going on. We were getting stuck too at every signal. Now we had understood that it’s impossible to catch train.

Suddenly I prayed to Baba and not sure how I got the confidence that when auto will reach railway station, train would come at that time only. And this is what happened in reality. My joy had no bounds when we boarded the train and happily reached Bangalore. Seems Baba made everything so easy. That’s the reach of my Baba. I consider myself really unfortunate that Baba has stopped listening to me, maybe He is angry with me, due to any of my bad deeds. I prostrate in my lord’s feet and ask for forgiveness. Also I request other Sai devotees to pray for me. I am really troubled in life. At the same time, I request everyone to be good and to be kind and helpful to all creatures. May be I wasn’t and that’s why Sai Baba has stopped bestowing His mercy on me. Learn from my experience and be the favourite child of God by doing good to others.

Baba Will Never Leave Us

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Pradeepa from India says: I am Sai Baba devotee for last nine years. I believe only Baba in my life. Baba saved in many critical situations in my life. First of all, i thank Baba for everything i have in my life. One of my experience is that, my house and office are at very distance. I keep on asking Baba to bless for job change. But till date there is no change. One day i was very tired as my office and house travelling time takes 45 minutes in two wheeler. Then, i have to do all my home duties (washing, cleaning, cooking etc). So on that i was also sad. When i reached house, it was night 8.30 pm. Then i want to wash clothes of my daughter, husband and mine. When i was taking the washing machine, i scolded Baba how i was struggling, You are setting happily. Likewise i scolded (Now i don’t remember, what i scolded) but i scolded Him very much.

When i switch on the washing machine, it was not working. I don’t know what happened. Two day before only, i washed with machine and that time it was alright but now it was not working. My eyes were filled with tears. That time i realised, Baba gave me punishment. Then i left, i decided to wash everything by hand next day. We all went to bed. Next day morning, i went near Baba’s Photo and asked sorry for what i scolded. I cried and begged Him for apologies. I told Baba “Sorry Baba, without knowing i spoken like that, hereafter i won’t speak like that, now i am leaving as i want to wash more cloths by hand and want to go to office” likewise i said before Baba and went near washing machine. When i simply switch on machine what a miracle it was working. My eyes filled with tears. I don’t know what to do. I was very happy that Baba heard my prayer and Baba have forgiven me. Thank You Baba. Thank You so much. I love You. Baba You already know, i kept one big prayer to You. Please help me from that. Devotees please believe in Baba. Baba will never leave our hand in any situation. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Helped Me On Time

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Baba since the last 2 years and have submitted couple of experiences before. I would like to thank Baba for giving me this opportunity to write this experience. The ways of the Lord cannot be described by an insignificant person like me, but let me try. I was in the US and I had to go back to India for a few months. I so wanted my husband to come with me as it was some time since we last visited our families. There were a lot of obstacles in our way for that. Believe me, everyday for three to four months we were running behind one or the other thing that needed to happen before he could come with me and this made us highly frustrated too. I had totally given up my hope and was only surrendering to Baba and praying to Him to please fulfil this wish of mine. My husband also tried a lot and said that he is ready to take any risk but he will come. I did not want to take risk with his career and did not what to do. During the above period that spanned a couple of months, every Thursday we used to experience miracles in parts, leading us to believe that Baba will not leave us to suffer. Finally when the day came for me to go to India, miraculously even my husband could travel and come back to join his work without any issues. I do not know how to thank Baba for His love and affection that He has showered upon us. I would request all the devotees reading this post to have faith on Baba. Baba will never leave His child alone to suffer or have His child go through pain for long. Baba please continue to shower Your blessings on us in future too and please do not leave us. Jai Sai Ram.

Blessings Of Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai sister Kirthi from India says: I’m a Sai devotee since my childhood. I am a Housewife with my two kids who are blessings from Baba. I became an ardent devotee after marriage. I always remember Sai in every walk of my life. My first child was a baby girl blessing from Baba. Thanks to Baba for giving me a beautiful girl. Second pregnancy was much tensed for 9 months as I wish and my family wish to have a baby boy so that my family would be sweet and complete. I prayed Baba to give me healthy baby boy. Baba has fulfilled my wish. Thanks a lot Baba and be always with me Baba in every aspect of my life. Om Sai Namo Namah Shri Sai Namo Namah Jai Jai Sai Namo Namah Sadguru Sai Namo Namah. Anantha Koto Brahmand Nayak Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Prayer for Today: Baba Please Bless Me And Fulfill My Two Wishes – Anonymous Sai Devotee

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  1. Om sai ram.. om sai ram.. pls bless me baba please. i put my entire pains to your lotus feet pls bless me , bless araj and my parents, pls bless his new job a good one and make him a prominent personality on that field, bless him a good future .om sai ram.. om sai sai ram….

  2. I don't know why are you so quiet for a long time. I am reading this comment section. Same people are begging you for their desires to be fulfilled but you are not listening to them. This is not fair. Why do you fulfill someone's wishes and others not ? Why are you not giving justice to all ? Soon people will stop worshipping you. I don't think your words are true. My faith is fading away now. You should listen to all devotees prayers.

    You have no idea how much they are in trouble .most of them have relationship problems. You should listen to them.

    • I dont know what baba has made up for our future. I am tired with my life now. I did all with lot of devotion to get baba's blessings for getting married to my love. Not only my parents but my bf also broke up with me as he got fed up with my parents behaviour, as they are not accepting since 3 years. Although I lost hope now, but at some corner of my heart I still have some faith. May be I am faking or consoling myself that my wish might come true. But my faith has shaken, yet I still didnot stop worshipping baba because he is such a divine and who can stop worshipping him. I dont know what baba has written in my future. But I have left with no hopes in my and from my life.

    • Now anyways we have become strong enough to handle the situation. Love is not only the life. I'm already broken. But only because of baba's presence now I'm able to move on in my life. It's just the beginning of the life. No use of stressing over something which is of no use. Just we have to move on and grow strong.

    • (h) One thing is for sure that He will give you everything in life provided it's the right time for you and you trust Him completely. At times your faith will shake but that will be your testing time. He made sure that we reach the right place at right time, meet the best doctor, who herself is a big devotee of Sai, in fact she is Sai only for us. His Leelas are far from our understanding and He does things in His own ways. My one sincere request to all my friends – read Sai Satcharitra regularly, visit Shirdi and take His blessings, do Naam Jap, keep Thursday's fast (if you can) and always have Sai Sai on your mind and heart, then you will surely get what you desire for from Baba Ji. (h)

      This is what I found from one devotee's experience. Follow her advice.Let's see what we will get in future. Though I don't read Sai Satcharitra but I read this website on daily basis.

      Keep on praying to Baba to get your love back. I know it hurts very much when you lose your love.May BABA listens to our prayers soon.

    • Deat above devotee. I am going through same situation as you . Somewhere i feel that baba is taking our test but with sai baba's blessing we will get through these days. Have faith on baba. Please do not be disheartened. May sai unite you with your love soon and parents accept your bf. Om sai ram. Sabka malik ek

    • Its all our past karma's that we are suffering like this.
      We have to suffer until we are done dealing with them.

      I must have cheated my husband in my past life i.e. he is cheating on me and he has no remorse of what he is doing with me now.

      He is not even talking to me now.I thought Baba would help me in bringing back him to me but now its all over . My husband says that he will remarry and I should live by my own.My MIL is dead against me. No one has any pity on my daughter. I have no stable job and no home.

      Baba is just staying quiet and not even helping me in my struggling time. I have seen so many videos on YouTube in which Baba has given punishment to bad husbands who misbehaves with their wives but in my case he is not helping me at all.

      My husband is going on wrong path and I tried to show him right direction but instead he throws me out of home.

      My MIL has brainwashed my husbands mind against me.She is very possessive about her son.

      I still love my husband but his bad behavior and wrong thinking has broken my family. He has lost all Morality. I am very worried about my future now.

    • Dear devotees,
      Do not give up because of things you may not understand or are frustrated. When you take an exam, the examiner keeps quite because it is testing time. Believe in baba. He will definitely answer your prayers. In frustration time, we should believe him more. Read Sai satcharitra. Do the parayan. Finish it in 7 days. Break a coconut infront of him and offer him sweets. Keep Faith devotees-Sairam

    • Dearest devotees I am saddened to hear such sorrowful stories. I hope and pray to Dear Baba that he blesses you all with peace
      soon. In the interim keep chanting Sai Sai. Only good can come of this. Om Sai Ram.

    • My situation is worse now. Now am on verge of losing my daughters custody since I don't keep good health and mental peace. I am thinking of giving the custody to my ex husband.I don't earn much. I thought baba will change my husband's mind but instead I had to come out of my marital home. Now how long should I keep faith on him. If he has immense power can't he change my situation. My health has deteriorated now. MY MIL has no pity on my daughter. For them their pride is more important.

  3. Hey Sai ,if you couldn't change someone's mind then how can you be called as a God. God has infinite powers please change his mindset. Let him realize his mistakes. Please don't sleep and show me your miracles.please give me justice.

    • God can do anything, except for one thing….. He cannot do wrong. So whatever he is doing now is for your benefit. This will become clear in the future. Om Sai Ram.

  4. Dear deva,
    nothing is going right in life, neither my studies, nor my relationship.
    I understand that this is a bad time for me and its in my karma to experience all this, but please make this go away soon. Please make everything okay once again.
    please give me the strength to go ahead in my studies, please make my meeting with my advisor go well, please make my presentation get over smoothly.
    i feel like i am in an endless tunnel of doom and i am far away from you too. Please put everything on track.
    i know i ask for a lot from you always and bug you. I am sorry deva, but who else will I go to…
    Sorry for the time that I became angry with you, I cannot fathom why you would put me through all this trouble when you have the power to make everything smooth for everyone in the world. Maybe im still not at the level where I can understand such things.
    Thank you for all that you have given and done for me so far. I believe strongly that my relationship has reached the state in which it is right now only because of baba..
    Please make everything go well deva

  5. I started worshiping Sai Baba after my first relationship broke up 7 years ago.. I thought he will help me to find suitable match.. But still i am searchig.. now i am in worst situation..No job since 1 year, i cant stay with my family because they abuse me mentally and sometimes physically..i have gone thru a lot..He helped me sometimes in past for getting job and for some other work also..But he never helped me in relationships..i am tired now..i think it is because of my past life karmas and i want to move on..But i cant accept it that how can baba dont want to fulfill my wish.. i m waiting since 2009..i felt deceived and cant accept it..plz baba if u dont want to fulfill my wish plz help me to move on..i have crossed marriageable age.. i gave up all hopes.. but plz help me to lead my life alone and dont give me false hope.. i want to be able to accept my fate because its hard to hang on some false hope..i just want to end it beacuse i am tired..

    • Are dear devotee…dont think that ur mrg age is gone and all…may baba bless u wid so much of strength for upcoming life…u r babas devotee..ultimately u ll be happy definately…jus dont loose faith in him…ur v pure hearted devotee…baba is preparing a right person to match ur sai ram

    • Dearest devotee pls don't give up on Baba, he hasn't left you. Your good times will come. Pray for faith, courage and patience and the rest will follow. Om Sai Ram.

    • My dearest sister Pradeepa, is your husband able to help you. You seem to be doing everything. Forgive me for this comment as it is not meant to hurt you. I hope and pray to our Dearest Baba that he lightens your load and brings peace into your life. Om Sai Ram.

  6. BABA i want to marry the person i love with my parents acceptance. BABA You are my only hope, only strength, only support and the only source of inspiration. BABA please make them accept my love and marry me to the person i love.BABA this pain is unbearable.SAI BABA please help me and please bless me and please be with me.OM SAI RAM

  7. om sai you baba so much and thank you from bottom of my heart for showing your presence in the palki today and blessings us i am feeling amazing baba how the light weight palki suddenly becomes heavy on road during palki yatra when you came in that palki awesome feeling baba love you for today..baba one thing more i had read various posts and comments in which i found several females are praying from you to return there love or praying for justice as someone cheated them but in my case baba she left me i dont know why she left me like this everyone commit mistakes since we all are humans baba but in front of you all things happened i hope baba you will do the justice and give her wisdom to realize her mistakes misdeeds i wish she is also loving me as i loved her as she is my first love but for her those things have no meaning because she is so strong baba and you know baba the reason for this.i wish she also praying to you like others devotee who pray to you do all the things fine and settled down in relation but in our case she is praying to get rid from baba you na it hurted very much baba now i am leaving all my pain to your lotus feet i know justice must be given by sai ram

  8. OM SAI RAM, Thanks for Uhelping my son in his exams. Please baba always be us and keep showering your love and blessings . We need you baba , please don't ever leave our hands. Baba , please forgive us for our sins ,please papa, bring my brother under your shelter ,he is almost dead now.please
    help him baba.I beg you papa. please don't ignore my teary eyes.Hold his hand too. please baba,please .om sai ram

  9. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

  10. O Deva, forgive us our faults and bless us and the people around us with peace, love and happiness please 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  11. Hi everyone,
    I need ur help. I posted a commment having my feelings, yesterday 1Aug aftr 12noon on any expereince. Can anyone plz tell me how I can track that comment. I m trying since today mrng to find dat comment but am unable to. Plz guide me how I can trace that.
    Om Sai Ram Om

    • Go to Aug 1st experiences scroll down to the comment area and find the comment you have posted- Sairam

    • Hi,
      I posted the comment on 1Aug but not on the expereinces of 1Aug. I dont remember the experience on which I posted my feelings as comment. I tried the search option of the website but didnt get it.I really want to track the comment plz help.
      Om Sai Ram Om

  12. Bhau, tere bohot bhakt hain, tujhe saara din log kisi na kisi vajah se bulate rehte hain. Bhau tera naam hamesha mere dil mein rehta hai. Ur name is forever on my lips, i try and seek u everywhere i go. Bhau, karam mera bohot kachha hai, par jab tu saath ho na, toh aisa lagta hai jaise everything is achievable. Bhau don't forget me, don't foresake me. This time is very crucial, this exam is very crucial. This will be a very important turning point in my career, in my life. Bhau, i also ask u to bless my brother and guide him, take him under ur fold and be the wind beneath his wings. Bhau we have to show the world the sheer magic that ur love can do. Bhau please, don't break my heart…keep him for me Bhau. Please. Bhau please don't forget me or leave me. I love you always, Om Sai Ram.

  13. Om of my father and brother give them good health.give me peace of mind.baba forgive my mistakes and give me positive thoughts.

  14. Please anyone can tell me the meaning of this…came as ans on que ans site,"as moss is removed,clean water can be seen..similarly if ignorance is removed,u ll get knowledge."please anybody

  15. Anyone please suggest how to contact jaya wahi ji because through e mail it becomes difficult to contact her as she doesn't reply….

  16. Baba thank you again for your blessings 😊 I am posting my experience below as promised to you 😊

    My phone was having audio issue and I was unable to hear ringtone or volume. I prayed Baba to fix the issue with my phone and promised to post the miracle here once it is resolved 😊 my lovely Baba fixed the volume issue with my phone today 😊 thank you so very much Baba 😊 love you 😍

  17. Dear third Sai devotee…When Saibaba is in your life then how come you are unlucky. Only thing is follow Shraddha n Saburi. Om Sai Ram


  19. OmSairam
    Baba, thank you for everything. Please be with us always and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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