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Sai Sister Samatha from India says: Hello everyone, i am Baba’s devotee from my 12th standard. Now i completed my graduation because of Baba’s grace successfully. I want to share with all of my experience since from my inter. Actually my mother is reason for me to be a Sai devotee. Most of my family are Sai devotees. When i was doing my inter, my mother had prayed for me that i will be on Thursdays fasting for Baba, but i don’t know any miracles of Baba at that point of time. I came to know about miracles of Baba slowly by myself. Actually ours is a middle class family and i have one elder sister and one younger brother. My father is an govt. employee and he works very hard for us. He also lost his hand in an accident when i was 5 years old and my grandfather (Father’s father) also died when my father was young and so he had to take burden of entire family. My father had 3 sisters. He’s always going through very tough time since his childhood. He can’t put lot of money on us because of financial problems and he just asked in inter to get good seat for in govt. college. Actually it’s very tough for me to get in to Government College as i belong to OC (unreserved category) but i prayed Baba.

My 1st wish, i asked Baba to get in to government college but after my EAMCET results were out, due to lot of confusion i joined a private college but God knows what i want, i don’t knew the reason why but i didn’t liked that private college and called to my parents to apply for government college for 2nd counselling as i don’t have mobile with me that time and i was at hostel. Finally when the results were out i was happy that i got in to Government College with EEE branch. I am very much thankful for Baba for letting me take right decision even after i get in to private college that is God gave me a 2nd chance and truly saying after i entered into, i didn’t paid much attention, i mean i used to do Pooja every Thursday at home but i didn’t paid much devotion. From then, i used to feel lazy and exhausted totally and my scores in subjects have also started becoming low. When i showed my 1st year results to my father, he was very much disappointed and he didn’t say anything which hurt me but his eyes speak a lot. I understood my mistake that i am not reading like before and prayed Baba to help me in my studies and get good percentage. Whatever i asked, Baba used to give exact percentage what i prayed for and finally i prayed Baba to let me get 80% over all after completion of my graduation. But there was little tension in me that i cannot get 80% but Baba helped me in my studies and gave me 81%, one percentage more than i asked for. Baba has kept increasing faith in Him by giving me what i have asked for.

I want to share my tough time which i am going right now. Getting in to Tsgenco and to become an AE (assistant engineer) is my dream at the instant i took EEE in my graduation. I don’t know it’s my good luck or bad luck that govt had released notification for Tsgenco in 2015 and i am fresher and not at all perfect in subject. So i started preparing for Genco at home because i don’t want to waste that little time on coaching as they say whatever you know and you don’t get time to read. So i started serious preparation and kept faith in God that God will help me to get through it. Actually He helped me a lot but i don’t know this time it didn’t worked out for me. My score is very near to get a job but because of my age, i didn’t get selected as i am fresher and everyone know govt. jobs are given based on senior citizenship. But i do have chance now to get selected if they announce second list as some seats will be vacant if some people don’t like to do job in Genco. I have lot of trust more than any time that God will help me and clear all my financial problems and on the top of that one big problem is my father will be retired next year from his job. So there will be no income for us like before. We will get pension but those money are not sufficient as already my father kept loan for our house and sister marriage and my brother is very small and he enters in to when my father will be retired.

So i request everyone to pray for me that 2nd list should be there and my name should also be present in list. Sometimes i get angry on Baba because of my tough times but as soon as possible i feel sorry for doing so and regret for it and go to Baba again in spite of all worries. I do have faith now also that Baba will help me to get job in Genco by producing 2nd list but i need to have patience to see all this. That’s what Baba says Shradda (Faith) and Saburi (Patience), Just following this right now but dying inside because of my problems and job. I have shed lot amount of tears for this job, just waiting for Baba’s other miracle to happen very soon. Thanks for this site as i can share my experience and problems. Actually i am waiting from so many days to write all this but i find this is the right time and i thank Baba for giving me this chance to write in this blog. May be Baba wants to write all this time so i can’t stop myself from writing and soon i will share other miracle if Baba helps me to get in to my dream job. Om Sai Ram.

Discovered New Route For Reaching Malik’s (Sai Baba) Temple

Sai Sister Harshita from India says: Om Sai Ram to all devotees. First of all i want to thank my Malik for always being with me and holding my hand then also when i forgot Him. I know thank You is not enough even for a single breath that You bless me with each and every moment. This is just a way to content myself. Thank you to the whole team of this blog for rendering such beautiful Leelas of Malik. I want to thank to all devotees who submit there experience in this blog as each and every experience is so faith boosting. This is my second experience in this blog but Malik has blessed me with many inexplicable experiences. Now the time for my experience, i used to go to Malik’s Temple every Thursday. I was also observing Nav Guruvar Vrat those days. There was a crossing on the way to temple which i mostly found closed. I used to go by my Scooty and crossing always took not less than 20 minutes to open. Every Thursday, i used to get irritated to see that closed as i used have fast and did not take anything until i could return from temple in the morning. I just wanted to know another way to that temple. One Thursday, i was feeling very weak and somehow dragged myself to temple. This time also the crossing was closed. I felt so annoyed to see that. However i went to temple and had Darshan. I was feeling very weak and the thought of closed crossing was annoying me more and more. Somehow i took out my Scooty from parking. I was not even sure that will i be able to ride or not. The moment i started Scooty, i felt like something was controlling my balance. Somewhere in my mind, i was desperate to find new route for the temple.

I came on main road and took the left turn instead of right. I rode straight and had never been to this area before. Somewhere very afraid that where i might reach and what if i go astray. There came many right turn in between and i had no idea which one to choose. After skipping 3 turns, i chose the 4th one. I rode straight and i really got scared where i had reached. I just prayed to Malik to help me. The moment i prayed i could see a board that had the address of this place written on it. Oh God, i was familiar to this place and felt so relaxed to see that board. Then i reached home safely. I was feeling so blessed as Malik had only helped me to discover that new route. Now next part of the experience is about my foolishness. One day when my sister went to temple and told me that now she also knew the new route. I thought how could she find it as there were so many turns on the way. I thought every right turn that i skipped might be the way for our home. So to find a new way was not a big deal. Next time when i went to temple i went for another turn and this time i really lost my way. I just got back anyhow. Now i could understand that i should not have doubted my Malik. I felt so sorry but learnt so much what i could understand was-nothing is coincident in life. Each and every moment is planned by Malik to make us realize that we are Winner. Thank You so much for reading my experience patiently. May Malik bless us all under His shelter. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Helped Me At Work

Anonymous Devotee from New Zealand says: Hi Sai devotees, Om Sai Ram. This is my second experience here. My last post was about getting a desired job with the blessings of Sai Baba. Today I want to share with you how Baba helped me out of a very tough situation at the same work place where I secured a job with His blessings. I have been delaying posting this for a very long time. So here I am now fulfilling my promise to Baba. So, at my work place when I had completed about three months, I was working on a project monitored and supervised by a consultant. I was following his orders and was trying my best to give my 100% to all the work I do. However, one-day I got to know that a certain update done by me had actually corrupted certain codes used and the entire office was not able to run their daily business reports. You all can imagine the position I was in. It was a new country, new environment, new job, new people. Everybody at workplace knew it was me who had done the changes, but what nobody knew was I was just following instructions. My consultant did not know that the updates we do were connected in this manner to bring such a huge change to the organization on a whole.

Anyways since I was new I did not want to go and play the blame game. Besides, the consultant himself was a very good man who was helping me out at every step, but he could not go to every desk and explain that it was his fault, so I let it be. What was important was to solve the issue. I worked very hard, prayed to Sai Baba to help me out this time and not have this scar in my career here. I prayed allot at every step remembering His peaceful face whenever possible. Finally we got the IT solutions office to take this up and give us a quote of how to solve it. And also propose a way that this is not repeated even if we make such updates in future. Finally with God’s grace everything was solved in a week’s time and I was applauded for my hard work and dedication towards resolving this. I couldn’t believe what had happened and how my best ever helpful Baba rescued me from all the mess. I am so happy today on Valentine’s day that I am sitting here completing writing this finally, this too is a Leela of my dear dear Baba. I love You Baba, and will always do. Thank You so much for being there at every single step. I also want to add here, that till the time I was sitting and complaining as to why this happened to me since I was just following orders, nothing moved in the correct direction and things were getting worst. But the moment I realised that whatever it is, it was me who had made the changes and I need to owe up to a mistake and apologize and tell Baba that I agree it was my action which had caused it, things just miraculously solved. So, please take this as a learning from my experience, and owe up to your mistakes if any. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Sai, How Baba Got Me Connected To Internet With The Help Of Baba’s Udi And Baba’s (This) Blog

Sai Brother Ritwik from India says: Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai: Allah Allah to all Sai devotees! I am a tiny drop of devotion in the ocean of Baba’s love. I had known Baba since childhood but He pulled me towards Him in 2006 and He pulled me even closer to Him through this blog in 2013 end. Thanks a lot to Hetal ji and team for creating this. I felt so connected while reading the experiences here for the first time, got the feeling of oneness and happiness as to bonds with fellow devotees and above all with Baba at a different level altogether. I had posted numerous experiences on this blog by Baba’s will and grace only and will continue to do so. Sai Sai Sai Sai : Allah Allah! This experience is about as to how Baba answered my prayers when in utmost need with the application of Udi. My Internet connecting device (USB Modem/Dongle) was dysfunctional for the more than an year or so. I recharged it and it was still not getting connected and when it did, the speed it was offering was miserably low. Again, the degree of Beggar I am, I as usual and once again (Of the infinite times) begged to Baba to get it connected. Sorry, Hetal ji but yet again I bartered Baba that I will post my experience once I got the desired hi-speed connection, And lo behold, not only I got it connected but with amazingly high-speed this time. I had applied Udi on the said USB Modem/Dongle, prayed to Baba and then it was a cakewalk.

Miraculously, I got a different installer/software altogether, the ideas, I was getting were purely Baba’s wisdom to this idiot of highest order, which I am still wondering as to how it (software) got into existence on my laptop. I was filled with bliss in each and every step of installation and it all happened so quickly and me without having much knowledge of the software as well got it all placed well only with Baba’s will and grace. I was longing for an internet connection since more than a year back as I wanted to do a number of on-line courses and various other stuffs too. Finally, it all happened with Baba’s grace and it is still running great and would be running smoothly all with Baba’s grace. Really Sorry, Baba for posting so late. Thanks once again a million-trillion-zillion for getting Your boundless infinite loving grace and will and for enabling me to post this experience here. A thought just came to me that posting an experience is no less than a call from Baba, hence a call from Shirdi. So, in case you submit your experience here, consider yourself blessed enough as this is your visit to Shirdi. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai.

Extreme Anxiety And Pleasant Surprise

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: I try to move from being a part time devotee of Swami to a fuller one. I have read so many times that we need to put into practice 100% of what is being taught to us by the ever benevolent Lord. A couple of months ago, my mother who visited us from India went for a regular eye check with an optician here. I was in for a rude shock. One of her eyes was diagnosed to be with very low vision. My world crashed. With innumerable problems in life, this little happiness of my mom’s well being was also in trouble. Just then I had completed my Nav Guruvar Vrat with His blessings. I immediately contacted a senior specialist eye surgeon in India, who my mom used to consult. He was also worried as according to him, both her eyes were operated for cataract and the eye that had the issue has also been touched up with laser. Thoughts were plenty in my head as to why Swami gave me this rude shock. Nothing could be done overseas as she was getting back in a week and local doctor also advised to get the check done in India.

I was intensely praying to Swami and crying within myself as to why this should add up to the tonnes of serious problems I have in my life. Ironically, I was looking forward for my mom to get back. So that she could get her eye assessed. After she got back, she fixed an appointment and the day came. My heart was beating fast. When the doctor messaged me that there is nothing to worry and it was secondary cataract, I could only think of Sai Ganesha. How could the doctor who was so sure that the eye has been attended to, for secondary cataract, could now do another one? Did not Swami step in and play His Leela? Absolutely, No doubts! I thank Him from the depth of my heart and stay connected. He did bless us all with a great Shirdi Darshan. I rest all my worldly problems that paralyse me at His Lotus Feet. I will keep posting as He keeps revealing to me in different forms and holds my hand and walks with me. Jai Sai Ram.

Baba You Are Always Guiding Me

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Baba please help me write this experience. Thank you Hetal ji for bringing Sai devotees together by managing this page beautifully. I became close to Baba 4 years ago. Since then Baba has always responded to every single prayer. Thank You Baba. Om Sai Ram. This experience is about how Baba turned around difficult situations in my life. Always there used to be fights at home. I prayed to Baba to improve the situation. After few months, it has become much better. Now family members understand each other and try to be at peace. Thank You so much Baba. Please bless us all with peace of mind. Another situation, there was a huge misunderstanding between my family and my best friend’s family. It was very difficult because I got caught between both sides and couldn’t leave either one. I prayed to Baba with faith and patience and completed two Chalisa reading of Shri Sai Satcharitra. Things greatly improved by Baba’s grace. Thank You so much Baba. Yesterday we had to travel by train. Due to Last minute reservation, we got only upper berth. We had two senior citizens travelling with us who cannot climb up to the upper berth. I prayed to Baba to give us lower berth. Baba immediately responded by sending two youngsters who were willing to exchange berths with us. Thank You Baba. Bless all of us with peace of mind. Love You very very much. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. BABA i want to marry the person i love with my parents acceptance. BABA You are my only hope, only strength, only support and the only source of inspiration. BABA please make them accept my love and marry me to the person i love.BABA this pain is unbearable.SAI BABA please help me and please bless me and please be with me.OM SAI RAM

  2. Any devotee can help me to buy textiles from Surat/Mumbai at wholesale pricess. I can return the money once i complete the sales.Thank u.

  3. Om Sai Ram…. Thank you Baba for all the love and blessings you shower on my family. Please help us get out of this rut. Nothing seems to be working. All my hopes are pinned on You and i know for sure You will show me the way out.

  4. Had an excellent darshan and saw Babajis Aarati today at the temple with my mom. And the best part was, that though we decided we wont stay back to have prasad lunch, Baba made us have it and then go. Love you Baba.

  5. Guru Pournima wishes to all. I had a beautiful Darshan of our Dear Deva in the morning and received 2 Sai SatCharitras from Shirdin in the afternoon, today, I feel blessed. I hope every one also has had a chance to pay their respects to our Sadguru 🙂

    O Sadguru, I surrender to Your Lotus Feet on this auspicious day. Please guide me O Sai and be with me in all my journeys. And, Thank You for all the love and happiness You shower us with 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  6. Happy gurupurnima baba ji.
    I wish you could give sadbudhhi to my husband and in laws.
    This is my last chance. Please don't spoil my daughters life.
    Please have mercy on me. Baba you can move mountains. Please make my husband's anger melt down.
    Let him realize his mistakes.

  7. Omsairam.bless my brother on his birthday. tc of my father.give me patience.peace of mind.😊😆😆😆

  8. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram
    oM Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram 🙂 Guru Purnima wishes to everyone.

  9. Hi this is Namratha from US…My faith in Baba started since 2011…since then Baba is there in our life…guiding and blessing us.There were so many instances where i could feel his presence,He was with us through thick and thin.I want to share a recent experience…I had a baby boy with Baba's blessing on nov 23 2015,since i got delivered in US my parents had traveled to US to look after me and the Baby…I was very worried for my parents health as my dad had undergone surgery before coming.everything was going fine but once my mom got severe tooth ache and went on till couple of days…i was very worried since we cant even take her to a doctor here.I prayed to BABA with all the faith..for my surprise the next day she was completely fine.BABA had taken care of them very nicely and they left to India.After few months my inlaws traveled here.It was all goin smooth until one day when my father in law got sever acidity. It was so severe that he couldnt even eat.we were very worried thinkiung if we hospitalise him the doctors here would do soo many unnecessary tests and plus we just had travelllers insurance for him which wont cover anything and the bill would be so high.My dad in law became very weak was not even able to walk…i was not able to see him was feeling very helpless..but some how i felt that Baba was with US guiding US with something…we prayed to him intently and took dad in law to the hospital.There he was diagnosed for low sodium.He was admitted for 4 days..though out these stressful days God gave me courage. i knew dad in law would be completely fine and all the bill issues also would be taken care of…Some how after he got discharged we booked his tickets to India and got to know from a friend that the bill issue too could be sorted.Now father in law is in India completely fine…All thanks to Baba and his blessing.I can never forget how he gave Us the strength during this tough period.I know for a fact that he will be with US forever guiding us.Thats all i need.Thank u Baba. You are my Guru and Guide.Happy Guru Purnima to all.

  10. HAPPY Gurupurnima….my separated husband is in front of me now, but I can't talk to him because he hates me.
    Even though it's his fault, but still I want to do reconcilatiin just for the sake
    Of my daughter.Sai can't you do some miracles , can't you change his mindset.
    What karmas I did that my daughter is suffering like this ?
    These lawyers will take so much money from me.
    I will get nothing in the end.
    I will come on roads. Please Sai help me and give sadbudhhi to my husband. Please save a family and give punishment to my mother in law who created havoc in my family. She is a devil. Why can't you help me?

  11. om sai sri sai jai jai sai.sai sai sai sai sri sai jai jai sai.sai sai sai si sri sai jai jai sai.sai sai sai sai sri sai jai jai sai.sai sai sai sai.sai baba ki jai.sadguru sai nath maha raj ki sai ram.i surrender in your lotus feet baba.jai sai ram.

  12. Baba working to hard got job grace of you but still husband not satisfied saturday going collage and sunday doing study its too hard to tell him that I am earning just for him because he only want but now he don't want to send my son to tution and my son also can't focus baba please help my son to clear his exam and prove him that my son is learning some thing …help me baba sai ram

  13. Om Sairam

    Baba I am truly very sorry for posting this late. Baba thank You very much for everything that You do for us. Baba please always guide us, guard us, protect us, and shower Your grace and blessing on us. Baba please forgive us for all our doubts, ignorance, sins and mistakes that we may have done knowingly or unknowingly. Saimaa I really need Your help. Baba You know everything. Saimaa please bless us both with Your grace and unite us. Saimaa I ask you for forgiveness for any sins or mistakes that I may have done. Baba please make this possible as it is getting very difficult. Saimaa you only please remove all the obstacles and difficulties and please work everything out. Saimaa please start the communication between us. Baba please shower us with Your grace. Saimaa please always keep us at Your Lotus Feet and always keep Your Hands on our heads. Saimaa please bless my parents, my sisters, their families, us both and our families with health, happiness and long life. Please Saimaa I most humbly request you to work everything out between us and our families and please Baba bring us together. Baba with Your grace and blessings this will be possible. Baba please do this miracle, please Saimaa. Saimaa you are my Savior. Baba make this work out. Saimaa please shower us with Your Grace and Blessings. Saimaa please protect us. Saimaa please bless all Your devotees.

    Jai Sairam

  14. OmSairam
    Baba, thank you for everything. Please be with us always and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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