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Baba Bring Life Back To Dead Body

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |   http://www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.orgSai Brother from Mauritius says: Om Sai Ram everyone reading this unbelievable experience. We have a water pond at home having a lot of rare fishes in it costing a lot more than heard. My dad did all proper arrangement for the pond & its unique species of fishes since my mom like them a lot, spends time with them when we are at work and she is alone, she even named each of them. Surprisingly we all got accustomed to this habit of hers; yet she seriously considers the fishes to be her children and on top of all these the doctor even said that it’s a good psychological stress-relief therapy to watch the fishes and hear the sound of falling water in the pond. On my dad’s 55th Birthday, my mom gifted one very special silvery fish to him which in turn become like the emperor in the whole pond. It is an eye candy spectacle and it is worth every second watching it. With the passing of years, it became the centre of attraction for everyone who comes at home. My uncle who lives in the quest house regularly checks on them, the motor, the filter cleaning and the water pump functioning.

Somehow yesterday he totally forgot to close the water supply since 16 hour. When my dad and I came back home from office, there was less water for domestic use. As usual I put on the pump and had bath earlier. By night 10.30 pm my dad still heard the pump is on at the pond. He rushed out just to see to that the water supply at the pond was never closed. All chloride water went in the pond. Of course my dad closed the tap with much apprehension for our dear angelic fishes. Today morning when my dad went to the garden as usual to get fresh flowers for our Sat Guru Sainath Deva, he was shocked to see that our most loved slivery emperor fish was no more living and was lying on a rock in the pond. He did not lose his control as it’s in his habit to tackle everything. He took all the flowers and decorated our prayer room since today being Thursday so everyone in the house wants to decorate Baba Shirdi Sai first. Meanwhile I came downstairs and my dad met me in the kitchen. Then he told me our favourite died, I was shocked and asked who? He said the silvery gift that your mother gifted me almost 5 years ago. I was astounded as I know the real effect this news will have on my mother. My dad told me let your mother take her breakfast & then you tell about it. That’s exactly what I did.

My mother was really grief-stricken with this news and felt like suffocating due to sudden anxiety and rush of adrenaline. I told my mom that all part of life and there shouldn’t be any attachments & that everything happens by the will of our Guru Sai. But she was not willing to hear even a word. My dad remained silent as that was better at that time. However my uncle came to know what happened with the commotion in the house. He felt horrible. My mom was almost like crying but she did not do so since I was leaving for office. In a short while, my dad also left for office. Upon reaching work place, my mom called me to tell how affected she is by seeing the dead body of her favourite, that she does not feel like going to that part of the yard again. I told her to keep faith in our Sat Guru and He can does everything possible only if we have immense love and faith in Him. It was difficult to hang up the phone but I had to start work. But I humbly asked Baba I do not doubt anything as I am fully aware that You do wonders, so please let my mother has one today. After 3 hours, she called me and happily saying with excitement that the silver emperor came back to life. My Goodness Sainath Deva. Only You can do the impossible possible. I adore You.

Baba Answered My Prayer

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: This is my second experience in this blog. Hetal ji you are the blessed soul, Baba chose you to maintain this blog. I came to USA in 2010 with my husband on dependent visa. I changed to student visa in the year 2013. I graduated in the fall 2015. I went to international office in my university to get necessary documents to apply OPT. I need to submit all the documents to USCIS by 30 days after meeting the ISS (International Student Services) advisor. I met the ISS advisor on 30 October 2015 and hence i need to send the documents to USCIS by November 30. My husband dropped the documents at UPS on November 12 and USPS should pick from them. Usually it takes two days to reach the destination. I tracked my documents after 5 days and it said the information was sent to USPS but nothing more than that. Don’t know what happened but the folder details were not known. I went to UPS and inquired about the folder and the manager there checked every where to make sure the folder did not fall somewhere. The tracking said the same thing. The documents should reach by 25 November as next four days were thanks giving holidays.

I did not know what to do and shouted on Sai Baba and said He is responsible for my documents to reach USCIS at proper time. I told Him that day that documents should reach by 25th November. If the documents do not reach them i again need to go to ISS and tell them the whole story and get new I 20. I completely forgot about that incident. On the night of 21st November my husband got a message telling that the documents are picked by USCIS and will be delivered by 25th November. I have in complete shock as I taught the folder got misplaced. The folder reached USCIS on 25th November and after thanks giving holidays that is on 30th November the USCIS updated that they received the documents on 25th November. I am sorry Sai Baba, I shouted on You the day when I came to know the documents were missing. You sent the documents on time. Thanks Sai Baba. Koti Koti Pranam Baba. I am sorry for posting this so late Baba.

Baba Got Me A Job After Gap In Experience

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Shilpa from India says: I am 33 years old and working as software professional. I am married and have 5 years daughter. Baba came into our lives some 9 years back through one of my friends. God Bless her. I wanted to post this experience for a while and finally got a chance to do it. This experience happened couple of years back. Some 8 years back, I had travelled with my family to Canada as my husband got a project assignment in Canada. Thinking that I could find a job in Canada with my work experience, I quit the job and travelled to Canada. As i did not have an open work permit and slow down of market then, couldn’t find a job. Later I conceived and did not search for a job. We returned to India after that and then I started searching for a job again. By now, I had around 6+ years of gap. Throughout this period I had left my job problem to Baba that He will take care of it. I started applying for job on portals and used to get calls from consultants. Whenever I mentioned about the gap to the consultants they were not processing my CV. That used to affect my confidence.

I did Satcharitra Parayan and started praying Baba to work it out. It was only faith in Baba which made me to go on. Later, I got to attend few interviews. I used to attend these interviews and perform well. I believe that whenever the interviewer heard about my gap they used to make of assumptions of my capabilities. There was couple of people who gave me fair chance to perform and exhibit my capabilities. Nevertheless I was not selected or did not get an offer from any company. Just I was hanging in there just because of my Baba. Finally I gave the interview for the job currently I am working for. I got selected and joined the job within 15 days. I got the job because of Baba’s grace, nothing else. Thank You Baba for everything. I know You are always taking care of us. Also I would like to mention that we travelled to Shirdi two weeks back. We attended Shej Aarti and Baba’s Darshan. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Healed My Father’s Eyes

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Aum Sai Ram. Baba thank You so much for everything! Sorry for the delay in writing this post Baba. Baba has done so much for and looks after me. I will write about those experiences when the time is appropriate. My father has been suffering from really serious health issues and Baba has helped him each time and every time and saved him. Most recently he had eye issues that could have been serious. I prayed to Baba to help him and cure him and applied Udi to his eye lids. What could have been a serious eye issue was not and the problem disappeared after a day, all thanks to Baba. Baba has done so much for me and my family. Thank You so much Baba for looking after my dad! I love You, my father Sai. Sorry Baba for any mistakes I have made while writing this post. Please look after and bless everyone. Shree Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Ki Jai.

Baba’s Blessings For Child Birth

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Sunita from India says: I am living in Bhopal with my husband since 2011. We both are bank employees. I got married in November 2010, but even after 4 years we didn’t have any child. We were frustrated. Then i decided to do the Nav Guruvar Vrat of Sai Baba. I visited the Sai Baba Temple on Thursday and read the Vrat book. On 1st January 2015, while I was in the temple, I said to Sai Baba that if this year I would be pregnant then as a sign give me the flower that was offered on His left leg. When I went to touch the feet of Sai Baba that flower fell on me. I went home and told my husband that I will be pregnant this year. On 23rd Feb I became pregnant and we are blessed with a baby girl on November 2015 through normal delivery. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Cured My Stomach Pain

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: This evening a miracle happened. I had the worst stomach ulcer pain ever. I put some of Baba’s Udi in a cup with water and prayed to Him to take the pain away. Miracles of miracles happened the pain disappeared in a few seconds! Thank You Baba for always being there for me looking after and loving me like Your daughter, I love You a lot Baba! Aum Sai Ram.

Prayer for Today: Prayer Request – Anonymous Sai Devotee

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  1. Deva – please help my family and protect my parents. If the deal is harmful help them see it so they are able to stay away from it. Help them get their money out and show us your miracle Prabhu… Om Sainathaye Namah!!


  3. Thanks a lot for curing my illness.Please make to work sincerely, honestly and benefit the company,there by benefiting myself.

  4. O Deva, bless us as we begin a new week and let this week be full of joyous and love filled news please 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  5. BABA i want to marry the person i love with my parents acceptance. BABA You are my only hope, only strength, only support and the only source of inspiration. BABA please make them accept my love and marry me to the person i love.BABA this pain is unbearable.SAI BABA please help me and please bless me and please be with me.OM SAI RAM

  6. dear baba you had done a mircale to so many people life you had return there love to them even the situation is fully opposite then why you are not returning my love to me since i dont have except you from my childhood i have full faith on you baba from last 21 years still this thing has happened to was only my faith that if she would became your devotee then she would never leave me because you are there to protect me still she left me baba in presence of this my fault that i inspire her to worshipp you or taking your photo as new year gift to her home in rain please tell me baba you know very well how much i loved her and why those ups down had taken place then why baba this happened to me.sometimes i thing baba i should start forget her but i read your mircales on this blog it gave me immense pain since my relation started in front of you and goes all around you still she left me.since you are for me from my childhood why you not protected me when i am going for this relation if this has this type of end.only i am suffering from pain baba and i also became her past is this my fault to change her completly from bad to good with your blessing is this my fault that i loved her with purity honesty with pure devotion tell me baba i know she already have forget me but i am unable to do it baba you have done mircales to so many life you havent saved the relation of your son why this injustice to me .baba you are god you can do everything but you fail to realize her mistakes why you had not change her rigid nature when i was praying you baba please save the relation from front of you in your temple we did the marriage baba if these things would be happen then why you didnt stopped me that time.the vrats which i kept for her the prayers which i did so that we leave togther is all wasted baba is this the result of my faith devotion to you.i know she only praying you to forgive her for her mistakes sins but baba what about my pain my sufferings my love.baba i am in pain i always wanted to live whole life with one girl only you broke my dream baba.why i read your mircale on this blog i had tears in my eyes that you making worst situation suitable for them but for me you are doing nothing only baba you are the reason i feel special in this world that i have you with me so nothing can be happen then why baba i am in big mental trouble not able to forget her i am not as strong as her baba please help me either you return her in my life yes i will forget her bad past everything and forgve her for the pain she given to me or please vanish all the memories feelings attachment from as soon as possible because it is already 3 months please do anything for me my pain is unbearable baba.i want justice baba from you .why i loved her so madly after seeing her mistakes at every steps i ignored them baba and still she left me after doing all the things how she left me why you havent gave her sadbuddhi i am hurting baba you are god please return her to me please tell her about my love care to her about my purity please baba i need this miracle to be happen its my request please listen baba to my prayer .I KNOW IT IS EASY FOR HER TO LEAVE ANYONE AT ANY STAGE WITHOUT CONSIDERING OTHER PAIN OR REALIZING THE SITUATION BUT FOR ME IT IS VERY DIFFICULT NOW I AM ALSO BECAME HER PAST SHE TREATS ME LIKE HER PAST IT HURTING ME VERY MUCH SHE IS CONSIDERING THESE THINGS AS MISTAKES AS SHE DID EARLIER BUT FOR ME THOSE MOMENTS ARE MY LIFE BECAUSE ALL THINGS I PERFORMED WITH PURITY IN FRONT OF YOU BABA. BABA I WANT JUSTICE AND TRUTH TO COME IN FRONT OF WORLD I AM LEAVING ALL MY PAINS FEELINGS TO YOUR LOTOUS sai ram

    • How long was your married life ? How much old are you and your wife?

      Go to her home or office send her flowers. .

    • Sai Ram to you. Please do not worry. I am in a very similar situation as you. My marriage is broken and my guy is overseas. I dont know if he will call me there. He said he wants to end this but because of parents, he has postponed it for few months. He told me he has no more love anymore, no emotions. Please trust Baba. I am battling to trust Baba because I am thinking like you only.. But I will continue to have full faith on Baba.. whatever happens is HIS leelas. It is all happening for a reason. Please trust Baba. We are HIS children, and I am sure HE has a way for all of us. Stay strong, and keep smiling. Baba will show the way

    • I understand each and every word and the way you are feeling. Because I am feeling the same way. My love proposed me in Baba temple.. I dont know why we are going through this. But let us have full faith in BABA, I am sure everything is happening for the better.

    • I am also in the same boat. I have a child too but my husband and my MIL says am not fit for their family and am mental too. So I now filed for divorce . They have no pity on my daughter too . For them their ego is more impor tan than my and my daughters life. I prayed to Sai a lot but my husband has no shame and remorse. So now I have left everything on my Sai Baba if he wants he can turn a situation around within seconds . If he doesn't then no leaf can move without his will. Now Sai Baba is our savior. My poor daughter is suffering too much in this situation. No one can understand my situation except Sai baba. I have been sending my prayers to him for the past 5 years..every day I visit this page to get some relief. Only Sai Baba knows his decision.

    • dear devotees thank you so much for giving me strength yes the pain is unbearable and baba can turn the situations in secs i know i am leaving my pain frustration depression on lotous feet of my baba..i pray to baba that all of yours problem will be solve soon sai ram

    • HI to all of sai devotees.I too suffered like you when my husband used to ignore me and break my heart.all i did for 18 years was to love him and support him and be with him in all the troubling situations. What i got in return was pain and humiliation .His dad .mom and sisters and even his relatives humiliated and hurt me.My husband never stood by my side .WE have two daughters.I alwats used to think our wedding took place with baba's blessings but then why am i suffering so much in this marriage? He never loved me .
      To cut the 20 year long story short …2 years ago i found out my husband has mental health condition called Narcissism. Pl. google about the mental health condition.It may help you understand the situation you are in.I am not saying all of you are in relation with a narcissistic person. But even if it helps a single person reading this that's enough.Please read thoroughly the traits and characteristics and behavioural patterns of narcissists in relationships by searching in the google. The narcissists do not love anyone(not even their parents,their brothers and sisters or anyone for that matter).They only use people to their advantage and leave them when it suits them. I really hope you read this.B'cos your experience with your wife makes me think she is a narcissist(i could be wrong too. I am sorry if that is the case)
      Anyway after praying to be with my husband all the time…even when he was so ruthless,has no heart and feelings….after being with him for 20 years…all i wish now is why didnt i break the relationship? Why didnt i leave him? Baba tried his best to show me that this is not the right person for me.But i used to think my wedding has baba's blessings and this is the right person for me.(ours was a arranged marriage)
      Everything happens for a reason.Please understand that we need to learn some lessons in life.(In my case to respect my stand up for myself when others are hurting me,and to stay away from people that hurt you for no reason)I think that's the reason I married this person.
      I have faith that sai will take care of me and my daughters and solve the problems i am facing now.
      Wish you all the best

  7. Lovely n amazing experiences… u r great baba…. nothing is impossible to u baba….fish miracle was unbelievable. .. u always

  8. Baba please help my son deva please…. ek maa ki pukar sunlo deva…please maa uska career khatam na hone do maaa.. now he has come under your refuge maa please accept him deva… dyaya karo maaaa. kripa karo deva…

  9. Om shree sairam…
    Thank you so much baba for being with us…
    Last week we visited some temples during that if I felt bad about my problems then suddenly I saw through the bus window I had seen baba's paintings shop and once Baba's name on some shops and Baba's stickers on some cars that too with kesar colour then I saw all that with that I forgot my thinking of my problems and come back to think of baba thank you so much baba…
    Your chant is boost for me…
    Thank you very much babaji…
    Om shree sainathayanamah…
    Om sai shree sai jai jai sai…
    Jai sainath…
    Akhiland koti brahmand nayak rajadhiraj yogiraj shree shree shree satchidhanandh samarth sathguru shree sainath mahraj ki jai…

  10. Om shree sairam…
    Dear last devotee I had also experienced like as you baba done a miracle of cure my stomach pain so many times with Baba's divine chant and with Baba's divine sacred UDI thank you so much baba…
    Om shree sainathayanamah…
    Om sai shree sai jai jai sai…
    Jai sainath…
    Akhiland koti brahmand nayak rajadhiraj yogiraj parabrahm shree shree shree satchidhanandh samarth sathguru shree sainath mahraj ki jai…

  11. Om sai ram,sai baba i am very worried due to illness of my mom and papa babaji i love you sai ji you r supreme and my only hope baba unh thik kr do hmesha sath diya h aapne ab bhi do sai baba aapke hote hue hmara koi kuch nai bigad skta mere mummy papa ko thik krdo meri family pr apna ashirwad bnae rkho sai ,baba pls bht jrurt h aapki hmesha ki trh.. om sai ram sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai ……

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