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Sai Baba Helped Me In Getting Job And Fulfilling My Dream

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Leela from India says: Thank you Hetal Ji for creating such a marvellous blog so that we can share our experience and can gain faith and trust by reading other’s experience’s. I will be reading this blog regularly from the day I came across it. I am small devotee of Sai Baba. I know Baba from my childhood like other God’s but not a devotee. He came to my life through my friend’s family members which are devotees of Baba. After that I became devotee of Him slowly. By Baba’s grace, I was selected in campus selections and that too joined on Thursday my Baba’s special day. By His grace, I got an opportunity to visit Shirdi and after that He started me guiding in each and every way. There are so many miracles by Baba that happened in my day to day life. I will post them in some other post. First I want to post the recent experience in which Baba helped me in getting job in a good company. Even though me, my brother and Father are working we are facing so many financial problems due to my dad’s business loss. But never felt bad because Baba is there with me to solve them. As my salary is not at all sufficient to pay the loans and debts, So I decided to change the company.

I attended interviews in few companies but didn’t prepared properly due to work in office and got rejected. I stopped attending interviews thinking I have to complete 3 years of my service so that I will get job with nice package. But the time arrived when I was about to complete my 3 years. I used to go to Baba’s temple mostly every Thursday and I used to pray for Him in helping me to get other job. I told Him by the end of January I should change the company since I will be having only 1 year left for marriage and I don’t want my marriage burden to be on my brother as we know how much expense it will be to do a marriage for girl. So I was praying Baba for getting me job with high salary so that I can clear my debts and I can save amount for my marriage. I used to travel from Chennai to Bangalore to attend the interviews. One weekend I attended interview for a company in which I was one among the few people who cleared the written test. But in technical he did not asked any questions and he told they already recruited so many people if your profile matches then we will call you. I was so depressed as from morning 10’0 clock I have been waiting till 6 for that interview. Next day I have to attend an interview but when we called HR he told it got cancelled. So depressed and frustrated I cried saying to Baba why You are giving these many problems for me.

Exactly after three days I got one more mail from other good company saying your profile is shortlisted and you have F2F interview next weekend. I don’t know whether I applied for that company or not. But seeing that mail I got relief that Baba only send this mail. I thought of preparing for interview on Friday but due to issues in office I didn’t got time to prepare and I was so tired that I was not even able to travel from Chennai to Bangalore. But somehow I travelled thinking like this is Baba’s plan to attend this interview. Even after going there I was not able to study in bus while travelling to office and I slept in tiredness. I don’t know with what confidence I was going to attend the interview without preparing anything and in full tiredness. It’s Baba, who gave me confidence and strength to attend. After going there I was called to Technical round and 2 people did interview for me for more than 1 and half hour. They asked so many questions in depth and I was confused in so many places. I thought I was not going to clear the interview as they may not be satisfied with my answers. But after interview they told me to have lunch and come and I cleared interview. I was so happy but at the same time confused. It’s like Baba only took interview and made this happened.

After that, I had managerial round which went more than half an hour and he told he was so pleased with my answers and attitude. Even I didn’t expected that I will be speaking to manager like that. He asked me the package I am expecting and he sent to HR round. In HR round they told they can’t give the salary that I was expecting but they will give reasonably. And finally I was told I cleared the interview. I was so happy and I thanked from bottom of my heart because I knew this is happened only because of Baba. He knew everything. He will give us the best we deserve and may be it is the reason I was not selected in previous companies. But I was still in tension that I have to receive the offer letter. I didn’t tell my parents that I am attending interview. Almost 10 days over but I didn’t receive any mail from them. And within 4 days I Have to travel to my hometown. I thought of keeping my offer letter in my parent’s hands and want to see the surprise and happiness in their eyes. But I didn’t receive it. I prayed sincerely to Baba saying Baba this is my reasonable wish please make it true. And next day I was travelling to my hometown I just opened my mail id in train and there comes Baba’s miracle. I saw my offer letter and that too received it on Thursday. And the salary was the amount I expected. I didn’t expect that I will get that much salary as in HR round I was informed less salary. Thank You so much Baba for Your blessings. It’s because of You I got the salary I expected. He will give everything on the correct time. When I showed my offer letter to my parents they were so happy and I can’t control my tears. You are the reason for my existence Baba. Love You so much. Even if People leave me You will be there for me holding my hand.

In the letter they mentioned I will get one more final letter and I asked them to postpone my joining date due to some reasons. I was trusting Baba and waiting for that letter from past one month. Everyone told like try for some other company as they didn’t gave reply. Even I was tensed but I had faith on Him. One month passed and I didn’t get any reply from them. I was so tensed. My brother was having health issues recently and for him I started reading Sai Satcharitra. As everyone is telling negatively even I was confused and I want to call HR but I didn’t thinking Baba will make them to send reply for sure. Finally I put chits before Baba asking whether to call HR or not. He gave Yes and I called HR. He cut the call and I mailed him. I was so tensed that I was not able to concentrate on my office work. And within minutes I got call from HR saying that he thought he already informed me and he confirmed DOJ was postponed as per my request. And he send mail too. This happened on the fourth day I started reading Sai Satcharitra. I was so happy that Baba fulfilled my wish. As the HR was not sending he only made my friends told me to call HR. Thank You once again Baba. Please be my side like this. Don’t leave me ever Baba. I told Him that I will be posting this after getting the confirmation. Sorry for 2 days delay Baba. Please keep faith and patience in Baba. He will be hearing our each and every word. He will give them at proper time. Love You so much Baba. Please Baba my brother is suffering due to illness. We are giving Udi to him. I know You will solve this one too. Please devotees pray that my brother should completely recover from his illness. Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.

My Experience With Sai-The Only Saviour

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Brother Venkatesh from India says: Dear Sai Devotees first let me sincerely thank Hetal ji for the stupendous work done in creating this platform to share divine experiences with Lord Sai. We belong to a typical middle class family but under the umbrella of ever protecting Sai’s blessings. My son completed his B.E. and joined Infosys and worked for two and a half years during which time he was preparing for CAT examination. In my opinion, he is basically a better than average student and not a brilliant one. Also, preparing for CAT while working for an IT company is not an easy task. I was aware that Lakhs of students appear for CAT but only a few hundreds get into renowned management institutions. I was praying our beloved Sai that my son passes CAT with a very good percentile. With His blessings, he secured around 94 percentile and got admission into IMT – Ghaziabad for MBA, a well known management institution in India after the famous IIMs. I am absolutely sure that this happened purely because of Sai’s blessings. Oh Baba, I pray You for the well being of my family, friends and all the Sai Devotees so that we pray You further with total Shraddha and Saburi at Your Lotus Feet. Jai Sai Ram. Anantha Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Sri Sri Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Samartha Sai Natheshwar Maharaj Ki Jai. Jai Sai Ram.

My dear Sai Devotees, this experience of mine which I am narrating would further certainly strengthen our faith in our beloved Sai. My son recently met with a bike accident and injured his right shoulder with a fracture. The orthopaedic surgeon advised him to wear the standard neck and waist belt to make the shoulder immobile for at least five weeks period. Fortunately it was not calling for surgery. But, he was to appear for his trimester exams within 12 days of the accident. With the right shoulder being injured, writing with the right hand was ruled out. He was permitted by the institution to take the help of a writer for his exams. But this would not have been an easy task. More over as a hostel student there was neither homely food nor parental care for him during this period. My wife and I felt sad for the situation and were really helpless. The only way was to pray and seek our beloved Sai’s help and blessings. On hearing this accident news, we just went to Sai Mandir at J P Nagar, Bengaluru in the evening and I was simply crying a lot within myself. At the Sai Mandir, I sang two to three Sai Bhajans with a deeply crying heart and we were about leave the Mandir after offering our salutations to our Lord Sai Baba.

Mean while, the temple manager (whom I never knew) asked his deputy to lead us to perform Dhuni Pooja (Which we were not aware of till then) with due Sankalpam. He further lead us for Sai Darshan and the priest gave us the sacred Udi, special Prasadam and honoured with a shawl for rendering Bhajans at His Lotus Feet. My eyes went really wet and tears rolled down with my head bowed at our beloved Sai’s feet. Even now, when I am typing this experience, that day’s feelings are back and I am tearful and grateful to lord Sai. With Baba’s kind grace, just around 12th day of the accident, my son could write the exam without the help of an external writer, as the pain subsided by a large extent. Right now, his injury is cured by more than 95% and he is getting back to normalcy. This is purely the mercy of lord Sai and His blessings. Oh Sai, please bless all of us with lots of true Shraddha and Saburi so that we keep praying Your Lotus Feet always and Oh the saviour of all, forgive all our mistakes committed knowingly or unknowingly and please take care of all Your devotees-Your children. My Shatha Koti Pranams to Sai. Jai Sai Ram. Anantha Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Sri Sri Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Samartha Sai Natheshwar Maharaj Ki Jai. Jai Sai Ram.

Baba’s Help In Job

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I would like to share my experience on this blog which may help others in believing in Baba’s miracles. I request the admin to please do the needful so that I personally would get a feeling that Baba Himself is reading it. I was working for a company in another city for close 7.5 years which has a very good name in today’s IT field. But being my manager very partial towards his favourites, I was given least preference in spite of giving my 200% proving myself every time whenever a chance was given. During this period, I happened to switch to a new, small company in March with a better salary and better role. Here the life was very much different altogether. I was made to work for 20 hours a day, on weekends, on holidays. I was not in a condition to sleep or eat properly because of the stress and heavy work load I was going through every second. Very tough deadlines and absolutely unplanned, very much process oriented project I was working for which wasn’t of a great scope anywhere else. The Reporting manager was quiet hopeless and ignorant about team activities and technology but he was good at bossing around. It went to such an extent that he was interrupting me and my team every time asking me explanation for silly things. I took it to the next level and escalated to higher management and undoubtedly no action was taken against him. I wasn’t very happy with this kind of work culture where sub ordinates were being treated as slaves, which I never expected to be turning out a disastrous one. I prayed to Baba to get me out of that place which was seeming to me as hell and had approached a friend to refer me in a leading Organization where he is working.

I got a call and I was clearing all the scheduled rounds. What is here to wonder is previously I was referred quiet a lot of times for the same Organization but I used to get rejected in the very first round. It’s been already 4 months that I am part of this reputed Organization though with less salary and smaller role. And it was less than 6 months that I worked for the previous company. Since 7.5 Years, I was stuck to only one company and I wasn’t lucky to switch to other companies. By Baba’s grace, I managed to switch 2 companies in less than 6 months. And also now I am moved to my own city and living with my family. When I moved to my city I happened to visit a doctor for a check up and I had to undergo multiple tests which proved to be a higher rate of infection in my body which was spreading into my blood and other major internal organs. Doctor had told that I was very lucky to get diagnosed else results would have been even dangerous. There is a much improvement in my health condition. Though doctor said that it may take few more months or years for the complete recovery, by Baba’s blessings, I should be able to recover very soon. I am still facing quiet a lot of challenges (mentally and physically) in my life, I am sure Sai would help me to get out of all my sorrows and to lead a peaceful life ahead. I know that I committed lot of mistakes in my life till date, but let me tell You Baba that it was never an intentional. I plead You to forgive me considering me as Your own child. Thank You once again for what all good You did to me and how You saved me from bad society. I feel this is the right forum to confess my mistakes and even to thank You. I love You a lot Baba. Jai bolo Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Sai Baba’s Blessings

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Om Sai Ram! I am from Bengaluru, India and now staying in USA. I started worshiping Sai Baba from April 2013. I sincerely thank my friend who took me to Baba’s temple for Aarti. That was the first time I had attended Baba’s Aarti and this is when I started to worship Baba. Baba has become a part of my life. Now everything I do or think starts with Om Sai Ram! My first experience is, I had applied to universities in US and was waiting for my application to get approved. I had already received rejections from 2 universities. One day all of a sudden my friend came home and she asked me if I will go to temple with her. I first said no as it was a little late and I had curfew at home. But then I somehow made my mind and went to temple with her. The evening Aarti started as soon as we reached the temple. I felt so peaceful and happy during the Aarti. And only thing that passed thought my mind when the Aarti got over was I should get an admit. After a week, on the day of Ugadi festival (Thursday, April 11) I received an admit from the university which was my 2nd choice. I was very happy to receive this admit. Back then I never realized I was blessed by Baba.

My Second experience is, I had hard time finding internship or a part time job. I prayed to Baba to help me. I tried for a part time job as a Teaching assistant on-campus. There was a lot of competition for this job. At least 15 -20 students approached the professor for this job. For some time I had lost all hopes of getting it. I was doing Nav Guruvar Vrat at that time. Again it was Thursday, I gathered some strength to meet the professor and on the same day I got this job. I felt blessed and could feel the presences of Baba there. I am in search of a job from quite a long time now and because of that I feel stressed and low. Away from home and family the belief that Baba is with me, His blessings are with me is the only thing that gives me strength to keep trying and fighting. Every time I fail I think Baba is planning something big for me and I will get to know that soon. I just need to work harder to know what plans Baba has for me. Like always He will do good to me and to everyone who surrenders to Him with patience and devotion. I wish everyone’s difficulties should pass by and their wishes should come true. Keep fighting! Om Sai Ram.

Need Your Blessings For My Son Sai Paa

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Om Sai Ram. Thanks to Hetal ji for incredible work on this, Bow to Sai Baba’s Lotus Feet. Sorry Baba if I do any mistakes on writing this. Forgive our mistakes and sins Baba. Thanks for everything that You are giving to us. Please bless us good health and peaceful life. Baba, my son who is 7 year old is not able to talk properly, Not talking fast, Still thinking while talking, Not able to make sentences and keep on forgetting words to make sentence. I am very much worried about that Baba. Please guide him and help him to talk properly like other kids does. Make him strong boy and brave boy Baba. Please make him to mingle with other kids. Give him good health Sai daddy. I don’t want to see him low in anything at all Baba. No one should laugh at him Baba. I want my son to give best in everything he does by Your blessings. He is little picky in eating also Baba. He doesn’t feel hungry at all (Only feels hungry sometimes for particular or favourite food). Please Baba Make him to eat all food properly by his own Baba. My wish is he have to ask food always and he have to say he is hungry always. It’s possible with only Your grace Baba. You only have to guide him Guru. You will become guru to him Baba. Please understand this mother feelings Baba. Make him to enjoy his life and walking under Your footsteps Baba and under Your blessings. Make him good person. Please Sai devotees, pray for my son. Once my wish fulfilled by Baba’s grace, I will post my miracle here Baba. Please bless everyone in the whole world Baba. I will keep Shraddha and Saburi. Om Sai Shree Sai Jaya Jaya Sai. Thank you Sai Daddy.

Om Sai Ram

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Bhagya from Australia says: I have known Sai since childhood but could feel His presence and blessings since 2 years. I had promised Sai that I will post my experience, but got delayed. I was pregnant with my second child and was advised to undergo C-section as baby’s weight was more. We planned on the day and time to undergo surgery, and while returning from the hospital, I prayed to Sai, that I want my baby to be born at a time that he wants me to, and not at a pre planned time. 2 days later, It was the day of our 10th wedding anniversary, and was the auspicious day of Buddha Poornima, I started getting pains, and that evening I delivered a healthy boy, with Sai’s grace. I enjoyed 1.5 years with my baby at home, and it was time to return to work. I started applying for jobs, but was not getting any calls or interviews. After 5 months I started reading Satcharitra, and got 3 interviews in the same week, but only one offer came through on Thursday. I am very happy that Baba has blessed me with a good job and a happy family. Om Sai Ram.

Prayer for Today: Humble Request To My Sai Maa – Anonymous Devotee

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  1. If he is there, when will he show some miracle in my life to solve my life's biggest problem to give me justice..Just tire now of praying for so so long

  2. Love You Baba, i wanted to see You in my favourite color in live darshan from Shirdi and saw You draped in the same color. Thank You for showing me umpteen times You love me. Am sorry i misunderstood You.Today two people are coming home. And You have seen how in the past and till date they have influenced my parents. I have no one but You. Please help!

  3. Sai baba today is my husband birthday,please bless him with good health and good job.Please guide him baba.Om sai ram.

  4. Again i am at a crossroads in life Baba, on one hand is my blind faith in u and in the other is the stark reality staring me in the face..i know u have saved me from a similar situation recently but i don't understand why u are taking this test again? Baba it's like i'm questioning my own sanity..i hand clutching onto every single word that u have uttered and whatever transpired between us..baba please i think i am going mad. Please Baba save my this time as well..let my faith in u come out victorious. Sai ma please aapka kaha sab kuch sacch nikle..nahi toh main kahan jaungi Ma. Please Saima please. I love you. Please help me. Om Sai Ram.

    • Om sai ram.baba sai bless the devotee love peace happiness success .remove and forgive and forget all past mistakes or doings bless not repeat shri sai ram.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to write a few kids words in response to my request to Saima. May Baba bless u in abundance. Om Sai Ram!

  5. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

  6. O Deva, destroy our bad thoughts and bless us and guide us in the right direction please 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  7. I just want to know that yes or no chit method really works or not… There are many obstacles coming in the materialization of my marriage… i asked baba that will i get married in December 2016 the answer was yes… so will it happen???

  8. BABA i want to marry the person i love with my parents acceptance. BABA You are my only hope, only strength, only support and the only source of inspiration. BABA please make them accept my love and marry me to the person i love.BABA this pain is unbearable.SAI BABA please help me and please be with me.SAI BABA please bless me.OM SAI RAM

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  10. Pranams baba. Thank you for
    my job. Please bless me to work sincerely and get more business. Bless my appointment letter too, I am yet to get it. Resting my family's welfare at your feet. Pl bless my husband with good job and income. Sai ram

  11. I really wants to thank this site admin for creating such an amazing site… It is really increased my devotion towards sai baba…. I have started sai nav guruvar vrat… Feeling blessed.. Om sai ram.. 🙂

  12. Thank you baba for allowing me in your temple by wearing calipher . because in most temples they wont allow me to wear calipher . thank you so much baba.

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