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Shri Sai Baba Managed Our Problems

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Brother Durai from USA says: “Why fear, when I am here”. These words of Shri Sai Baba continue to ring in my ears whenever I am confronted with issues. In His own inscrutable way, Sai Baba manages our everyday life while continuing to keep an eye on our future (and also securing it). It was early 2014 when my wife was through her first trimester that she had a dream in which Shri Sai Baba appeared and told her that she may have health issues soon. However as a mark of His love for her, He also asked her to have faith in Him and that everything will be alright in the end. Waking from this dream, my wife was tensed for a couple of days. However, her faith in Shri Sai Baba was strong and she continued along. By Baba’s grace, her pregnancy went smoothly and we were blessed with a boy baby. The dark clouds appeared to have passed or so it at least seemed. However, one month past her delivery, she started to have symptoms of acid reflux. Everyone pointed out that this is part of post-partum experience and assured us of normalcy. However, the symptoms continued until one day when we were outside in a park, she had severe pain in her upper abdomen and came close to losing consciousness. It was then that we decided to visit a doctor to have this sorted out. We visited the first doctor who asked us to take a couple of tests. When the results came back, he immediately called us and informed that the results indicated abnormal liver functions.

In the next few days, we went through some more tests and he confirmed that she had multiple stones in her gall bladder. He also recommended us to go for a surgery immediately. We were tensed and worried. While the prospect of going through a surgery appeared traumatic, what worried us even more was that our 2-month old son had started to fully depend on my wife for his food. We tried several alternatives of trying to feed him, all of which our son promptly rejected. We were worried over the impacts that this surgery may have over our son. We fervently prayed to Sai Baba. My first request to Him was to consider the state we were in and requested for help in delaying this for our son’s sake. He appeared within my consciousness and reminded me not to worry. He assured us of our welfare. This is when we decided to take a second opinion of another doctor. The results was the same – “Immediate surgery”! I again prayed to Baba and I got back the same message from Him – “Why fear when I am here!” We spoke to our family doctor back in Chennai and emailed him the lab results. The feedback from Chennai was also the same – “Immediate surgery!” I prayed to Baba the third time and He faithfully repeated His message the third time – “Why fear when I am here!”

The next day we had an appointment with a ‘Gall bladder’ surgeon specialist. This is exactly where Baba’s Leelas came in to play. The original doctor whom we were supposed to meet was delayed for some reasons and we were requested to wait for another doctor. The new doctor looked through our results and for some reason felt that we may need to visit another liver specialist to confirm if there were other causes for this abnormal liver function. This newly-referred liver specialist happened to be the only one in the area and the earliest appointment we got was away by 2 months. The ‘gall-bladder surgeon’ did not see the need for an immediate surgery and she was ok with us waiting for another 2-3 months before taking the next step. We were relieved that our prayer had been answered. Sai Baba had essentially overruled the decree of the three doctors (two from US and one from India). Strange are His ways! We waited for two long months and finally met with the liver specialist who confirmed that every other liver function was fine except gall bladder. So she requested us to go back our ‘Gall Bladder-surgeon’ for the next step. This time, I repeated my prayer and requested Him to prevent my wife from going through any surgery. However, the message I received back from Him was not the same. From the inner chasms of my consciousness, He appeared with a stern face and shook His head. His answer was a clear ‘No’. Why Sai Baba approved to delay the surgery but not cancel it was beyond my ken. I resigned myself to His ways and slowly prepared our family for the upcoming surgery.

The surgery date was fixed as December 15 2014 – the only date that was available in the hospital at that time. By that time our son was 5-month old and that gave us more options of feeding him during surgery time. The date arrived. The surgery, although it went for an extended duration, ended fine. Within 4 days, my wife was back to feeding my son as usual. The surgeon called us for a post-operation review and that is when I understood another part of Baba’s Leela. The surgeon explained to us that we had made the right step in going ahead with the surgery. We understood that during the operation, she had noticed some of the intestine tubes to be fused along with the stomach wall. She called for an additional assistant and had managed to separate all of them successfully. Later she had gone through my wife’s medical history and found out that the ‘Jaundice’ bout in her earlier life (when she was a kid) was the reason for all this. She explained that this surgery had been a good opportunity to correct this fusion as it may have caused additional complications later in life. She pointed to us that we had made the right decision in going through this surgery. We smiled and we understood Sai Baba’s Leela. We whole-heartedly thanked Him for helping us point the right direction. Though He disapproved our request for cancelling the surgery, we now understood the reason for it.

Now for the final part of this experience. We had done several tests, visited multiple doctors and specialists during this entire period. People who live here will understand the financial toll that medical procedures can impose. Not to forget – we had just been through a pregnancy delivery a few months ago. I was fully aware of the financial consequences of all this and thought that I may have to go in debt to clear all my bills. Although I had this had the back of my mind, I never prayed to Sai Baba about it. The final bill came to us in a couple of months and we were shocked to find that we were only billed 10% of our entire expenses. At first I thought that this could be a mistake. I called and got it confirmed that that was indeed the final amount. Later I came to know from someone that the reason for such a small amount was because we had already capped the maximum out-of-pocket expense for the 2014 year. This had occurred because of our earlier pregnancy expenses. I came to know that if we had undergone this surgery even 15 days later (i.e. on 2015) our hospital bill would have been much more. Only then did Sai Baba’s master plan dawn upon me. Starting from January 2014 to December 2014, Sai Baba had plotted our every step along the way. How He successfully managed to pull all strings to ensure that we sail through was simply beyond words. Dear Sai Baba – For all the experiences that You have provided us, the love that You have showered upon us, the miles that You have walked to carry us and the Leelas that You have sported on us – we may only ask the boon of remembering You till the very end of our lives. As I conclude this write-up I am only reminded of one saying from Shri Sai Satcharitra – Chapter 33 – “The debts of saints will never be repaid by us in this birth as well as in many future births”. Om Sai Ram – Peace be to all.

Baba’s Blessings For Someone Special

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: I am a humble devotee from Singapore and have been a devotee of Baba for a few years now. I have so much faith in Baba, He has been with me through thick and thin, through my joy and hardship. Thank You Baba. Love You a lot. You are my Father, Mother, Friend, You are my Everything. My experience today is for someone who means a lot to me. She is very special, someone who has been there for me at my lowest and till today she is there for me. She has been through a lot for the past 2 years, losing her mum and a good job at the same time. She loves animals and have 3 cute dogs, she lost 2 within this 2 years and now has only one left. She loves them to bits, they are her life, she cares for them more than herself. She has been in and out of job for these 2 years and lost a good job again in February this year. She was not only out of job but falling ill too, in February she became very ill and was hospitalized for a week. She rented her flat to have that extra money. Not getting job, she then worked to be a security officer working day and night to earn the money. You might be asking with renting her flat and being on her own how come she needed more money, as I said her dogs were her life and they are very old, she took great care of them and brought them to the best vet and gave them good vitamins and food, she don’t even look after herself as much and yes on top of the she has a heart of gold in helping people.

For 8 months she applied for many jobs, been for interviews but no job offer given. She is very good at what she does and have received lots of good feedback from her previous employees. I don’t know why she was going through this rough period. I told her to leave it to Baba, He will help. She then left everything to Baba and even started reading the Shri Sai Satcharitra. Actually after going through all this, she had no faith in God and praying. Then only recently she started going to Baba’s Mandir, praying and left it to Baba. Finally after 8 months and with Baba’s blessings she got a job offer, although she started her job a month back, she has a lot to do in this company, not only office job but her boss personal and family things too. She gets very tired at the end of the day, she said that Baba has given her this job, although she gets very stressed and tired, she said she have faith and knows that Baba blessed her with this job for a reason. Thank You Baba for blessing her with this job and bringing back the faith in her. Baba I pray that this job given by You, she will be blessed to do well in this company and her boss will treat her well and not overload her with lots of work, Baba only You know what she is going through and I have full faith that You will be there for her always. You have placed something good in her hands for a reason and only You know Baba. Please bless this special someone to do well in her job, the company she is working for and a good career ahead. Dear devotees please have full faith in Baba, you might not get what you want at the time needed but with patience Baba will put the right thing in your hands at the right time and from then on you will be blessed with lots of love and happiness. Thank You Baba for always being there. Love You my Baba.

Baba’s Words Faith & Patience Has Worked A Lot During My Problem

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear All, I would like to first thank the admin of this blog and all the devotees who have contributed their experiences in this blog. Whenever I feel low, I visit this blog. Upon reading these experiences, I feel positive and it has helped me to clear my thoughts and stay calm. Thank you all for that. As I am writing first time, please forgive me for any type of mistake. I became Baba’s devotee since 2008, when I went to Shirdi first time along with my family. After that I started feeling lot of strength while chanting the Sai Baba. Because of Baba’s blessing, I am working in a good IT company and got placed in MNC after graduation. In 2013, with Baba’s blessing I got married to the boy whom I liked a lot although it was the arrange marriage. Initially few problems came but after that all got sorted out and new life started after marriage. After few months, we thought of family planning. But I was not able to conceive and during scan doctor identified Cyst is in my ovary and because of Cyst size, doctor told me to go through the cancer test. On that day, I got depressed completely and I was thinking what has happened to me and why. I cried a lot in front of Baba’s statue. Because of Baba’s blessings, later on my all reports were fine. I conceived also but I got detected with ectopic pregnancy.

Doctor told me I have to go for Laparoscopy surgery as it can damage to tube as well. But doctor advised we can wait for some time. We waited for almost one year to overcome this situation, on that day I realized the value of faith and patience words. I am still struggling to conceive again but I know one day Baba will fill this gap as well as Baba give all the things to His devotees. Baba’s blessing helped my husband to get a project when he was struggling to get a project from a long time. Baba also helped me to change my job as well. As I am having more than 7 years of experience and generally in IT if your experience grows it’s tough to change a company. My all five rounds of interview cleared without any issue. And there was a stage when my profile got dropped because my company was not able to give package. But Because of Baba’s miracle, I got the same package that I had quoted in starting. Baba ji please help me to cure my health issues as well. Thanks a lot whatever I am having now.

Sai Miracles In My Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello Sai Devotees. Firstly I would thank blog admin for wonderful job. I am child of Baba. Sai is everything to me. My day starts with watching Sai Baba online Darshan and reading the devotee experiences from this website. I am a devotee of Sai from 5 years. Wherever I go I always carry Baba books with me. I am blessed to have Sai experiences in my life. Here comes my first experience, I am hard working student but due to some situations I did not score up to my expectations in B.Tech. Somehow I passed in first class division with Baba’s grace. After B.Tech while I was applying for jobs I got a call from a recruiter regarding my job application. I was much excited because interview was scheduled on Thursday which is our Baba’s day and my favourite day too. I attended interview confidently and Baba managed the interview and I got selected for the role with good package. I have performed very well during my job only because of Baba and I got appraisals from my manager. This is Baba gift to me.

My second experience is regarding my marriage. I got many alliances after my but somehow did not go forward. After coming back from having a wonderful Baba Darshan in Shirdi, I got a marriage alliance from one of my Uncle. The boy is a close relative of my Uncle. I met the guy and talked to him. We both liked each other and got married in March which is also on Thursday. Baba came to my marriage in the form of priest from Sai Temple which is very close to my house and gave shawl to us. After marriage I went to my in-laws home with my husband. After entering in to the house first thing i saw was Sai Baba’s photo which was placed in shelf. My mother-in-law is also a devotee of our Baba. I was overjoyed and got emotional after seeing Baba there. Thank You very much Baba. You made my dream come true. I moved to UK after my marriage and I am struggling for getting job from 3 months. Though I am doing good in few interviews I am not getting selected. I am very much upset, crying and frustrated sometimes. I am just waiting for Baba miracle in this tough time. Baba please be with me always and bless me. Please give me Your Darshan in my dreams. I am just eagerly waiting for that. I am totally dependent on You Deva. Guide me throughout my life. Please forgive me Deva if knowingly or unknowingly if i have done any mistakes. Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Sai Baba’s Miracle

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai Ram, i am Sai devotee and i want to share one experience with you all devotees of Sainath. There are many Miracles happened in my life. Our family was trying to buy home or build house but somehow it was not done because of huge amount of house and out of budget so we were not able to take decision to choose perfect house. Many times we rejected due to other issues but one day My father went to see house and it was so small i.e. so the owner forced to pay amount and all others relatives also forced at the time. Suddenly, my father had to pay half of amount to owner but later we get to know that building material and area was so small so we told to the owner that this house is not perfect for big family and furniture is too small so we have to cancel and you return the advance paid money. He denied and said i will not return paid advance money which was almost big amount near about 8 Lakh so we were in tension what to do now. Then we prayed to Sai Baba that the owner must return the advance paid money then i will share this experience on this website. So Sai Maa listened to our prayer and helped us. Owner said, i will return your advance paid money after one month so he had paid full amount to us and we are happy now. Thank You Sai Maa, Sai Father, You are everything for our family, please bless us and shower Your blessings on our family forever. Sabka Bhala Ho, Sabka Malik Ek.

Baba Fulfilled My Wish

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Shubhangi from India says: I am introduced to Sai Ram in 2015 itself and got so lucky to see His presence in my life. I am highly obliged to Him to show this minute creature a reason of existence. I recently experienced His presence in my life when I got a call after long time from a person who matters to me the most in the world. As I promised Baba to post my experience this is where my promise is being done. Sorry Baba for being a little late. As You know my situation You are the only hope in my life to get through all this harsh phase of my life. Love You a lot Baba. Om Sai Ram.

Prayer for Today: Prayer Request To Solve Financial Problem – Anonymous Devotee

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  1.'s my birthday.. Please tell me what to do baba.. Show me some direction to my most meaningless life
    Please baba

    • Dear SAI devotees,

      Here I’m sharing my experience with SAI DEVA as promised.

      I have been living in rental flat for 2 years. All of sudden house owner asked us to vacate the house.

      We are fortunate to find the flat in same street itself which is really good and comfortable.

      While vacating the house owner asked us to pay RS.10,000 for white wash which he didn’t mention in the rental document and orally too.

      We have maintained the house very neatly , in way they can’t find any fault in it, there is no need of white wash also.

      He will deduct the white wash amount and return the advance. But I didn’t agree. I was praying SAI continuously.

      Next day he called us. My brother and mum went to speak to them. My brother don’t want to drag the issue further.

      He said, even I was there while giving advance, you didn’t tell us anything about that.Pls come with us and see the flat.

      If you find any issues in that, I will fix on my own expense. They convinced somehow and agree to deduct 4,000 from advance.


  2. I'm tired of waiting for a miracle to happen and set my life properly. The only thing I've known since I was a kid is loss. I've lost everything that was important to me and I still pray… but now I'm tired because I think even Baba gave up on me and pushed me away.. just can't hold on to the faith and patience anymore. So many devotees are being blessed by baba everyday so why not me? I wasn't a believer in god but I put everything in me at babas feet and all I got was more pain..what I want I never get and what I had also I lose…its better to quit life when even God let's go of your hand…

    • Will pray for you…stay strong…like in the above picture…god gives hardest battles to his strongest soldiers…it's all for a great are going to be amazing..don't give up …baba is with you …Sai baba !!

    • Don't loss patience dear… Calm urself and trust baba sometimes things take time. Be greatful and thankful to baba what u have right now.. And try not to loss ur positivity inside u also in any condition never give up. Meditate on baba sitting in dawarkamaee and guiding u ,listen to baba as ur inner voice, he is inside us. Read sadcharitra not for completion but for guidance, like u use to read ur course books for exams, try to understand each and every word of it. May Sai Maa bless u… Om Sai ram

  3. O Deva, Thank You for all the love, happiness and for being with us every minute of our lives 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. Dear Hetalji, om sai ram…If possible, May we have a healthy discussion about " is it required to do any vrat or fast to please baba to fulfill our wish and sai satcharit weekly parayan is more powerful than trying to recite sai sai sai all the time when you are busy with your daily responsibilities? May I request some respectable devotees like Meeraji, Sandhyaji,Sharmaji etc. who are attached with this blog since long and we can feel their devotion for baba in their comment/experience since long…Thanks in advance..

    • Ok so now again this is a miracle of baba today that i opened this site and saw your comment,since iam so much into other commitments.
      For your answer about the discussion on keeping vrat i havent kept any fasts till now.that means its not necessary;but we all have our own ways to please Baba.And Baba welcomes everyones faith.
      I feel more close to baba by doing good deeds. It took me almost 9 years to see his grace upon me.Today what dont i have,even before asking he gives now.and for those 9 years i suffered to the extremes ,i will sound egoistic but not once did i leave his feet,due to which i could face the storms with ease.

      He guided me nourished me.Now i remember those tears and i can understand why they were there.Today i can clearly say that by Babas grace i have changed my destiny.
      Iam a better person.Iam much more than this blood and flesh body.Iam Sai babas child.
      All these years devotees in this site have helped me see hope in everything. Not alone can we walk this journey.And iam glad that only good i have done in my life is having faith and patience
      On Baba.
      Thankyou my divine father and mother.i can not thank you more.You have showed your presence in my darkest hours and lived and breathed with me.Iam greatful.

      Love at your feet as my offering.

    • Om sai ram, sometimes I too feel that faith is more important than any fast or vrat. Baba also teaches us in sai satcharit that , do nothing just recite only sai sai sai sai…it's also enough…

  5. om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram.Baba please forgive us for our sins , we can live only due to your blessings and love , we don't have any one else other than you in our lives .please be our father ,mother , brother , friend and keep on taking good care of us.Without you we are nothing baba, we are alive because of you , please don't ever leave our hand ,we would not be able to survive without you.please don't ever ignore my pleadings. Love you baba.

  6. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

  7. Anyone please answer
    I did candy saugar 40 day's pooja. 2 months passed baba didnt came in any form to take the collected candy sugar.
    Im very sad. Why baba is not coming?
    It was written that after or in between of pooja also baba can come. Please tell me if any devotee went through this

  8. of my father and brother��they are the precious jewel that you have given me.give me patience , i get angry faster especially with my father and brother and after 2 mins i tell sorry.they accept whatever i say.������������

  9. Om Sairam,

    Thank you Baba for always being with all of us. Baba thank you for everything that you do for us. Baba please guide us, guard us, protect us, and shower your grace on us. Baba please forgive us for our sins that we may have done knowingly or unknowingly. Baba please take care of everything and help us. Baba please protect us from all the problems and please keep Your Hand on our heads. Baba please always protect us and guide us. Please bless our families with health, happiness and long life. Baba please give us the opportunity to help others who are in need. Baba koti koti pranams at Your Lotus Feet. Baba please always keeps us at Your Lotus Feet and please shower your grace on everyone.
    Jai Sairam

  10. First devotee- beautifully written experience. Om Sai Ram. Let us never lose sight of Baba's holy feet.

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