Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

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Baba Gifted Me A Job

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Reader, First a fall I thank (Thanks a lot Baba) Baba for doing a Miracle in my life and readers for reading this post! Let me introduce myself, I am normal Devote to Baba and I am keen to others God’s Like Vinayak, Vishnu etc until Sep 2015 but I am with Baba unknowingly from 2005 or maybe before because I did my first Sai Satcharitra Parayan in 2005 while I was studying but not sure why I did it mostly I did it to clear my exams and I use to chant “Sai Sai Sai” in some-days without anything in my mind and whenever I call someone I like to use the word “Baba” and I like my teacher also “Baba” without releasing I was with Baba from all these years! Later I got job and by God’s Grace everything was going Ok with some up and downs, I always pray to God and I did my best because I spent my pocket money and worked in various God Seva voluntarily and presented Huge amounts (Without relieving my name) to God functions Like Annadhan, Pooja functions etc. One day I presented some good amount of money to Devi Annadhan and while I was donating I kept the money in Devi’s hand and I pray like “Devi, I am offering what I can but I don’t know your wish. So it’s your responsibility to use my money for your purpose and as you wish” and while I was leaving, the organizer requested me to attend for Annadhan function and he told me that we have people to serve and to do everything so just come, eat and go.

So I attended the Annadhan at 12:45 PM and there was so much of crowd that I was unable to get the seat to eat Prasadam but Devi decided it differently, Organizer requested me to eat the Prasadam in the Devi offered room and I was in shock completely and silently I went to that room and while I was eating, Organizer’s wife came and she told me that some part of money which is denoted is used for Devi ornaments. I almost cried after hearing this but I controlled it and I went to home Always God help me in my work and in my life to. I believed Work is worship so I used to work for late hours and in my project everyone even manager considered me as expert in the field that all due to God grace because they gave such mind set to work hard rather going work credits. I used to visit oldest temple of Vishnu in my hometown every month and I went to Seva also so many times.

In 2015, I got married and I resigned my Job but I always have a Hope that I will get job soon and For Job search I came to other place leaving my wife in my home in May 2015 and we both cried but as I don’t have another option I left her in my home and started my search until one month I have confidence that I can able to get the job but no interview calls and I felt depressed but at the same time I got a call from big MNC and I did the interview well but they kept me on hold. Like that June passed and in July, i attended for one interview but I was unable to clear it and the first week of Aug, I got interview for another big company and cleared it and they said they are going to send offer letter in 1-2 days time. I was so happy and shared the news with my parents, wife etc but until now they did not sent the offer letter. I am waiting but no response. While I am so depressed, my Sister in law and my brother (He told me the Miracle which is happened to him also) told me to do Sai Satcharitra Parayan but I was depressed. So I thought I will do after the job comes but In August also my brother told me twice and my sister in law too then I started the Parayan on 27-Aug-2015 with whole heart and in most of the chapters I cried unknowingly and then I re-called that I did my first Parayan in 2006 and How I am using word “Sai” and “Baba” from 2005 until now without my notice and intention all these years! Thanks Baba for being with me all the time! I completed my Parayan on 4-Sep-2015, on the same day I have final interview with one local company and I thought I will surely get it but I did not get it. I keep on crying and was unable to control myself also at the same time. Some days I don’t have breakfast also. I don’t have option to eat outside or unable to prepare anything also. I cried day and night and asked Baba.

While I was thinking and crying, I re-called a dream which came between my week Parayan. In that Baba told me about job “It will take One month” then I felt some confidence but still I am worried, On Sep 16 I got a call from interviewer and In question and answer site I got a answer something like, Believe in me, One Lady will help you! After 1 week, Recruiter (Lady – 50+ years) called me and she said that First round was scheduled in the evening I am cleared. Evening around 7:30Pm she called me and said that Interviewer was impressed and they will be having next round very soon and Recruiter and me had some personal discussions. Generally we will not have personal discussions with someone we don’t know but it happened for me and she called to visit her office for just personal interaction on Saturday and she gave so much of confidence also. On Friday, Next round and last round interview happened and I got cleared. She confirmed me and she told me that you will get everything by next weekend as that day is Friday. Next Monday I got official confirmation. I joined on the same company on 5-Oct-2015 means Exactly One month 1 day!

Baba Thank You Baba Sorry Baba! I am so sorry Baba! I did not asked my recruiter about You because I was scared at that point as I knew she was Your child because I saw Satya Sai Baba picture below her desktop! Baba! As I asked You always, I don’t need high paid job Baba but a tension-free job and long-term job Baba! Current Job is for 4 months only, Save me Baba and make my Job as long-term one and tension-free job Baba! You know my health problem, Please Baba cure me and help me Baba! Thanks Baba! for being with me and Help me Baba in making my Job as long-term one as well as tension-free one. My Doubts, Readers! I have small doubt about Sai Baba! if possible please help me to answer my question or help me with some contact information for those people who can answer my question 1. Who is Sai Baba (I mean He is Ganpati, Vishnu, Shree Ram, or Hanuman, because he gave Darshan in so many form to devotees. 2. Sai Baba Saying “God is One” and He is giving Darshan as Ganpati or Vishnu or Shree Ram or Hanuman etc that means Sai Baba or Ganpati or Vishnu or Shree Ram or Hanuman all are one? I don’t know whether I can ask this questions to you or not but when I got this questions in my mind and asking Baba! I thought this website can able to help me in answering my question Thanks again and Sorry too.

Sai, The Ultimate Care Taker

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Prerna from India says: Om Sai Ram. Thank you so much Hetal ji and everyone who are maintaining this page. Seriously you all are doing a great work. This is such a beautiful place for every Sai devotee. I am a 20 years old girl currently persuading my B.Com. Whenever I read the experiences I feel like crying, almost teary eyed. This is the effect of Sai’s love for His devotees. My Lord came to my life few years back when I was in class 10th. During my board exams one of my friends took me to a nearby Sai Temple which was very close to my school. I guess those Sai devotees residing in Kolkata can relate to this divine temple at Jatin Das Park, Deshapriya Park, Close To The Petrol Pump, Kolkata.

Since then I used to visit the Sai Mandir once or twice before exams just out of my selfishness to get good marks. I was not His staunch follower then but somewhere in my heart I believed in Him. During those years since I was just a teenager and like every human being I did a lot of mistakes. I started thinking about myself about my happiness and I made some really worse friends and I was going away from my parents. I hurt my parents a lot. I was very rude to them, forgetting that parents are the only one’s on this earth whose love is selfless for us. Every other relation always has some or the other kind of selfishness. Then one day my life changed. A very big devastating event occurred and my life fell apart. My dad lost his job and we had to leave the city. My parents were searching for groom. That time I was 18 years old. They wanted me to get married. Those were the days I came close to my Sainath once again. I started worshipping Him whole heartedly. I started Sai Vrat and did reading of Sai Satcharitra. I got mental peace. I was almost on the verge of committing suicide. This is my second life I got because of Him. Now, my family is in my hometown means we are in Darbhanga, a small town in Bihar. But the sad part is there is no Sai Mandir here. All the praying and worshipping i do from home. Again I started my studies here. My dad got a nice job and we are settled here. My Sai gave me a second chance to complete my studies and hopefully my parents have stopped talking about me getting married.

Now, another miracle goes like this. I was giving my first year exams. On my Business Management exam day my phone was totally discharged. And suddenly there was no electricity. I was to leave for my exam within 2 hours. And no charge in phone means it will get switched off. My parents will get tensed since they call me every now and then weather I reached exam hall or how was the exam and when will it get over. I was praying continously, please show me Your presence, please help me. It was Thursday I did Pooja, sang His Aarti and as soon as I finished His Aarti, miracle happened. Electricity came back. Sai showed me His presence. Another miracle happened few days back. One of my friend’s relative was diagnosed with blood cancer. She had a small 2 year old child. I asked in question answer site and the answer came like someone will recover from disease. I was praying Sai to save her and she is totally fine now. There was some mistake with the reports and she had some other minor disease. Last one year I love a guy. He lives in Bangalore and has completed his this year. But last few months everything is going upside down. There have been a few misunderstanding or communication problems because it’s a long distance relationship, he has stopped talking to me. He wants to stay alone, might be because of job pressure. We all know the level of competition for freshers in IT industry. I know he loves me and he cares for me. I love him more than I love myself. I have started Sai Vrat again.

I request all the Sai devotees please pray for me. I want him back in my life. Whenever I ask in question answer site, I always get positive reply. Most of the time answer comes like -“You will recover past moments, everything will be alright, you will get back the things you lost, your wish will be fulfilled”. Hopefully waiting for him to be back and by Sai’s grace, he gets a nice job. And he also becomes my Lord’s devotee. Please Sai Baba, I can’t imagine my life without him, please bring him back. I will surely post my experience once again if he comes back. There have been certain times I had promised something to my beloved Deva and forgot. Still my Sai was always by my side whenever I needed him, like a true care taker, my second parents. I would like to say to all the devotees, have faith and hope, He knows what to give and when to give, leave everything to Him. It was a bit long but, posting it on this site was again one of my wishes. Thank you all. Om Sai Ram.

Shradha And Saburi

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram Dear fellow devotees, like you all I also feel blessed being Baba’s daughter and consider myself so fortunate as my Baba gives me the chance to feel His blessings and Miracles in my life and share with you all. It’s more like a Satsang. Thank you Hetal ji and other members. Stay blessed. I have shared my experiences before also, but this one is about answer I was waiting for about 7 months. Here it goes-I know Baba from Childhood and He pulled me towards Him during college days. But from last year itself (2014) He has become my everything. Last year after Baba came in life, I got a marriage proposal from a guy Amit who was my patient 2 years ago and we were good friends too. But I was a little uncertain though I like him. To accept the proposal I had to ask my family first. Even he had told me that like me the family is his first priority too so he won’t go against their wish. He is just 2 years elder than me but very mature. But something is there inside me making me unsecure. (I was in a relationship for about 4 years, 3 years back with my school time my best friend and he ditched me real bad and I was the one who broke up). Though I was completely over it but somehow it had made me weak and insecure as no one can love me, I’m not pretty and what if he dumped me too. Amit is a straight forward person and kind of unromantic too and don’t talk much often.

So one fine day in Feb, I opened the question answer site and asked my Baba about him. I ask him whether he really loves me. Is he the one You have chosen for me. Will he give me the love and care I always wanted. I got the reply to wait till Janamashtami (5 September 2015). I do waited for 7 months and on 5th Sep I got a dream. It was-I was sitting with a friend and he took a thick book, folded one of the page from both ends and close the book again. Then he said see this book, there are so many pages still a single folded page can easily be distinguished in spite of the pressure and weight of so many pages. Relationship is same. If you both compromise a little and ignore each other’s weaknesses, you can get through any difficulty and pressure in life. Then I asked him about the inter-caste issue and replied one should give his 100% and let God do the rest.” I woke up with peace of mind as I got all my answers that I asked Baba after 7 months on the exact day as Baba told. Thank You for everything Baba. Thank You all for being patient enough to read it. God bless you all. I am planning to tell my parents about him soon. I have left everything on Baba. And I hope decision would already be made by the time this experience will get published. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Is My Everything

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Team, It’s a great platform you have provided for the devotees to share their experiences. I am very little devotee of my Baba from 2008. I belong to very small city of UP. First time when I went to Baba’s Temple it was Thursday and when I was waiting for my chance, Baba’s devotional songs were playing. When I looked at Baba, I could not speak because I was hurt too much but to please read my heart and tears were flowing down my eyes. I don’t know why but I felt that I met my dear one and I know Him for long time. At that moment, i wanted to tell Him all about my pain. I never felt like this before in other Temples. I did not know anything about Sai Baba at that time. I think Baba pulled me like a bird because He knew about my pain.
I am very stupid devotee of Baba. I wanted to share many things about Baba but I am not able to explain, I will share my experience in very short form.

I used to go daily in that Temple from 2013. Baba gave me everything what i prayed for. Before 2 months due to some reason I was too upset. I lost my job and my 7 months salary got stuck. My marriage was also fixed but due to some reason it was broke. Within 2 days, i lost my everything. I was facing lots of financially problems because my family is not so strong financially. I completely broke. I was crying a lot before Baba’s Picture. Day and night I was just crying and crying. I locked myself in room and just crying. I felt there is no hope for me and my future is very dark because i was trying for my job from last one year but not succeed and relationship was break due to money. I used to go daily to the Baba’s Temple and i believe that Baba never leave my hand because He is my Father, my Friend, my Maa, my Everything and i am stupid child of Baba. So i have decided that I will do read Saptah. I have started Saptah and after completing 2 Saptah I got the job in MNC even I got the offer letter on Thursday on Baba’s Day. I was so happy but still my problem is not solved completely. I am feeling Pain for that relationship as his marriage is fixed. Please Baba do something. I know You are listening my prayers. Baba, I love You I love You I love You. I have surrender to myself and my whole life on Baba’s Lotus Feet. Now He will decide everything in my life. Thank You Sai Baba for this job, keep my family and everyone happy in this world. I pray to Baba to be with us always. Jai Sai Ram.

Shiridi Trip By Sai Ram Grace

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Firstly, I would like to thank the administrator of this blog for doing this marvellous job as they are helping to so many people by increasing faith on the Sai Baba, I am Baba devotee since from my childhood. We planned to go to Shirdi, but our tickets were in waiting list, as i had booked them just 15 days before the travel date. I need to come to Shirdi at any cost. Please confirm our tickets, I do not want to postpone my Shirdi trip. Moreover my periods were also due. I was worried all the time, if we will go to Shirdi as per the plan. I promised Baba that I will Post these 2 experiences in this blog if our tickets gets confirmed and I get my periods on time. I got my periods after our trip only and our Shirdi tickets also got confirmed at the last minute. I was very happy. We went to Shirdi and had nice Darshan. Journey was also comfortable. Thank You so much Baba. I am sorry Baba, I am posting these experiences very late. Please forgive me. Thank You Baba again.

Udi Miracle

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: This is my second experience I am posting, waiting for biggest miracle to happen and soon it will. I don’t only have faith but confidence He will never make me cry. I am suffering from jaundice and lying on the bed itself I am writing the experience. Two days back, my stomach was swollen and I was unable to drink water also, I and my mother tried all sort of medicines but in vain, finally I took little Udi and mixed it with water and drank and miracle happened I was normal and slept properly that night. Trust in Baba, He will always be with you in your bad and good times. Baba, i am waiting for my love to come back only You know how much I love him please don’t delay please.

Prayer for Today: Faith Shattered Repeatedly

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  1. Om sai ram
    Deva y I keep getting dreams of him. I want to move on. But I am not able to ,bcoz of dreams.
    Y deva I keep seeing him I. My dreams daily ?
    There nothing left between us now.
    Sai maa plz give me mental peace and good health.
    Deva plz bless me with wonderful life partner us I want. Plz koi miracle kardo.
    Sai maa bless all ur devotees.

    Om sai ram
    Gurudev datta ☺
    Happy ramnavmi ☺

  2. Happy Sri Rama Navami to all and may SitaRama's blessings be on you all 🙂

    O Sai, Bless us so we may walk Your path and bring joy and happiness to the people around us 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  3. Thank you deva for I could come and attend your puja and aarti for the first time in ramnavmi..thank you for this blessing and all the love..the kindness and compassion. Pls always be with us and keep your boon bestowing hand over us be a better human being and pls pls turn my hubby around for good..he totally need your guidance deva..pls bless my marriage and my family deva..Om Sri Sai..Jaya Jaya Sai..happy ramnavmi to one and all..may deva keep showering his blessing on all his devotees

  4. OM SAI RAM. The first devotee who got job by SAI baba grace.
    Coming to your question you have asked in question one and answered yourself second question. Off course God is one. SAI BABA give darshan in different form Of GodGanpatiji or Shivji or Ramji.. Depending on the faith of person as you must have read in SAI satcharitra. God is One and it's our SAI RAM. It's matter of the way you want to look at God in what roop of God you pray him.

  5. Happy Ramnavami Saima! This festival means so much to u and hence it holds great significance for us as well. Baba thank you so so much for giving us the opportunity to call ourselves ur children, it is the greatest good fortune and the biggest achievement of my life. Baba we are hanging by ur every word..please don't fail us..please please Baba everything is in ur hands..this is such a crucial time but u are the anchor so our boat can never sink! I'm missing him so much, pata nai what u have in store as far as he is concerned..keep him safe Baba, he is a good man. Hoping to see u very soon my Deva. Love u so so much! Om Sai Ram.

  6. Om Sai Ram
    Happy Sree Ramanavami Day. Baba bless our family with health and full fill my desire regarding my son's exam

  7. Om sai ram… Happy ramnavmi to all 🙂
    First devotee Very nice experience.
    Shri sai baba bless evryone with hapiness..
    Om sai ram

  8. BABA i want to marry the person i love with my parents acceptance. BABA You are my only hope, only strength, only support and the only source of inspiration. BABA please make them accept my love and marry me to the person i love.BABA this pain is unbearable.SAI BABA please help me and please be wit me.SAI BABA please bless me.OM SAI RAM

  9. om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram,,,be with me baba I want to marry the person whom I love,,baba please help me so that my parents willingly allow me to marry him..baba help me.OM SAI RAM

  10. Happy Ram Navami! Today is the first time I went to the temple for Ram Navami. I have never heard of Ram Navami till I became a devotee of Sai Baba last september and read about about Ram Navami celebrations in Sai Satcharitha. I am so glad I got to visit the Sai Mandhir near my house today. Thank you Baba for taking me under your wings. Please keep blessing all your children.

  11. deva u said good things will happen on ramnavami , i believe u firmly , plz deva help out mu family from this financial crisis n shower ur blessings on my family , plz help my brothers n sister in their ventures, plz devà save my family!!! Anantkoti brahman nayak rajadhiraj yogiraj parbrahma shri satchitanand shri sadguru samarth shri sainath maharaj ki jai!!! plz help baba n love u baba plz keep us at ur lotus holy feet!!!

  12. om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam

    pls bless me and solve all my problems. still 4 more hours to go baba. I trust u completely. pls help me.

    jai sriram

  13. Om sai RAM

    My sai has called me to shirdi, leaving for shirdi tonight. today I felt Baba is calling me to shirdi, I checked for tickets and miraculously I got both ways tickets to shirdi confirm.
    Hope SAI RAM will fulfil my long cherished desire.

  14. Om Sai rAm,

    Baba, thank you for all you have done in my life.

    Baba, please keep all your blessed forever.

    Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma,
    Sri Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  15. OmSairam
    Baba, thanks for everything. Please be with us always and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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