Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

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Sai’s Miracles – Nav Guruvar Vrat

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Sowmya from India says: Sai Ram hetal ji, My regards to you and your family. This is my 3rd post in the span of 1 month. I feel blessed. My last post was “Sai in dream” where Baba has said in my dream that He will come to my home and came in the form of Prasad. It is the extension of the same dream. Sai has come in the dream in the form of Ganesh Idol where prayers were being offered. Once i asked Him in question and answer site some question and Baba said “What you have seen in the dream will come true. Watch carefully what happens at 9 pm”. In the evening, my neighbour has come to invite for Ganesh Pooja and Bhajan. We went there by 8:30 pm, everyone in the apartment were present but Pandit ji has not turned up. Then i was sharing about my dream and Baba’s response with my tenant. Suddenly, i realised the Ganesh idol what i have seen in the dream was the same one and Pandit ji has come at 9 pm and started Pooja. This was the thing Baba wanted to convey. I felt totally blessed. Next day was Thursday and i started my Nav Guruvar Vrat. I completed even 2nd week Vrat. On that day after attending Madhayana Aarti, i distributed fruits among poor and was about to start my bike, then noticed few devotees were going into a building next to Temple and asked about it to the watchman. Then he said Annadhan will be taking place every Thursday, you can go and have lunch. Then i said i was on fast, for which he replied “Never be on empty stomach when you come to see Baba”. I was amazed. But still i left the place.

I narrated the incident to my tenant and she said “You got approval for your prayers, Baba Himself invited you, did not you realise that? Come lets go, i will accompany you”. As we can eat only once while doing Vrat from that day, i decided to leave my fast in temple itself. I was overwhelmed. Recently, i asked some question to Baba in the site and He said “You will gain in 7 days, have lord Rama Darshan, believe that Shri Sai Baba is there experience it”. On Sunday, i went to Lord Rama’s Temple unexpectedly. I had a good Darshan. While approaching my bike, i saw a Sadhu in saffron Kafni with Jholi standing beside my bike, he extended his hand and i gave him Rs. 10 from my pocket, praying to Baba in my heart that i am considering him as You and giving this. He smiled and went away. After 2 minute, i turned back and saw but could not find him. I started my bike to leave and was wondering if it’s Baba then i must see him before i leave place, to my surprise he appeared there again looking at me and smiling. I felt happy and left the place. Baba has changed me a lot. He taught me to keep calm, not to be arrogant, helped me to give up my ego, gave patience. He is turning me to be a better person as the days pass. I consider Him as my Guru. Every devotee must just surrender to Him without any doubt and you will surely experience His Miracles every moment. Om Sai Ram.

Miracle Of 5 Days Pooja

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all. I am a Baba devotee from the last 9 years since then Baba has always been by my side. I feel Baba around me always, I talk to Him and He replies back too, I can see Him not a single day passes without remembering Him. Baba is life for me. Today, i am sharing my experience of Sai Baba 5 days Pooja. I came to know about this Pooja around 6 months back since then i wanted to do it but due to some or the other reason was not able to. Then a few days back, i was in a problem, something was bothering me too much its then, when i decided to do this Pooja. This Pooja is done for 5 consecutive days, one has to do it at the same time for 5 days like if one does it in the morning on the first day then the same morning routine should be followed for 5 days. Pooja can be performed either in morning or evening, which ever routine you start it has to be followed for 5 days.

In this Pooja, one has to light 5 Diyas and 1 Dhoop or 2 incense sticks in front of Sai Baba then offer 1 fruit to Baba and make a wish once you are done distribute the fruit as Prasad among your family members. Do this for 5 days, then on the 5th day, after performing the Pooja, tell 5 people about the Pooja. I did this for 5 days and on the 5th day, Baba changed the entire situation which was not possible otherwise. Baba relieved me off my tension. I request all my fellow devotees to do good to all the people around especially the animals let’s make the world a better place to live. Devotion and prayers alone don’t make Baba happy, good karmas along with sincere devotion gives immense happiness to Baba. We should never hurt anyone, spread love and you will get the same from Baba. Just like we are dependent on our beloved Baba, the animals around us are dependent on us those poor innocent souls can’t even speak so we as humans should take the responsibility to give them good surrounding to live. Feed them as much as you can, protect them, stand up for them, love them. Every time you make a wish to Baba just pause for a second and think how much have you done for the weak and the needy. If we expect Baba to answer our prayers and bless us first we need to be a blessing for others. Jai Sai Ram, may Baba bless all.

Om Sai Ram

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a 22 years old girl from India. I can’t say I am a very big devotee of Baba as I am a short tempered egoist human with lots of worldly desires, no, it’s never for money, at least till now. I am pursuing my MBBS from Maharashtra. This what brought to close to Baba. I am in my final MBBS now, and I have visited Shirdi nearly 5 times. I feel myself lucky for this. I never worshipped Baba before, was never too close to Him before. It’s well said “Selfish Humans”, Same is the case with me. I worshipped Him when I stepped into a bad phase of my life. My friend’s parents are too devoted to Baba. I haven’t seen such a beautiful family. I always thought Sai hated me because every time I visited Shirdi, I used to face problems. Since November 2014, since I visited Shirdi with my friend and her family, Baba attracted me and now He is so close to me. I have read Sai Satcharitra twice in a month’s time. Not that I want something but only because I like reading it. Slowly I realised, once Sai took me into His arms He wants me to get over my karma and my past sins so that I can have a peaceful life ahead. I trust Him. I love Him so much. I don’t know if He will fulfil my wishes or not. But I promise I will never leave His side. Friends, I know bad phases of life come. I know how it feels too, but it’s true that we have to pay for our sins. We are Sai devotees, let’s not lose hopes. I know my wishes are still pending. He did not grant me but i trust Him blindly. He will for sure. Anantkoti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogi Raj Parabrahma Shree Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Ram

Baba Saved My Job

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Om Sai Ram, Dear Hetal ji and team thank you so much for maintaining this blog as it gives us a lot of support and strength during our down phase of life. I live in Australia with my husband and a daughter. Baba pulled me towards Him since 2014. I would like share my experience how Baba saved my job. I work in an Aged Care. Three weeks ago at work I was asked to do by my supervisor which I supposed not to do. I followed his instruction and I did that job. After two days, I was questioned by manager, I told her everything. I was very scared that I don’t want to lose my job and it’s not my mistake. I only followed supervisor directives. Manager sacked that supervisor. Baba saved me. Thank You so much Baba. They didn’t do anything to me. Baba please bless my husband job in his own field and a good man for my sister.

Need Help From Baba Side

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all devotees, i am just here to ask help. So many people are working in software industry belonging to Sai devotees. I am in a bad need of job, i am searching from few years, there are no calls. I lost hope whether i will be settled in my life or not, please give me reference and provide the opportunity, do help, i don’t have no one to ask help except Baba, please post it immediately, if anybody will help, it will be useful in my career, i don’t want to use this site in self beneficial way.

Help Me Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Brother Nilesh from India says: My first experience with Baba was last year, when i visited Shirdi. I truly believe that Sai Baba solved my problem. After visiting Shirdi Temple, my life was going smoothly. But last year, troubles started in my life and me and my girlfriend broke up. Baba, i need Your help again. Please solve this problem of my life because i love her so much. I can’t live without her. Please help me Baba. Om Sai Ram.

Prayer for Today: Baba, Please Answer My Prayers – Anonymous Devotee

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  1. Baba we are at ur mercy. Please have mercy please don't put us through this. Please Baba please. Papa always says Bhagwaan bhali karenge, bhagwaan toh aap hi ho na Baba. Please i beg for my mother's mercy. Sai ma please bas ab u pave the path. Somehow mann manne ko tyaar hi nai hai ki it won't happen..maybe that is called 'faith' in ur Guru. I will always love u Ma..chahe duniya idhar ki udhar ho jaye. Om Sai Ram.

  2. Om sai ram
    deva plz kaho na apne mere lie kise chuna hai. Mujhe apki bohot zarurat haI deva.plz mere sar par hath rakh do .
    Plz sai maa ap hi meri life me chamatkar kar sakte hai mere deva. I trust you and I trust on ur words. Sai maa u know me and my past.
    Plz take me out of my past.
    Me apne roz puchti hu apne life partner k bare me.
    Deva apke har bhakt ko apki bohot zarurat hai mere deva.
    Mene aj tak jeevan me kuch nh kiya. I am big zero in my life face me bhi zero ,carrer me bhi zero.
    Sirf ap hi meri zindagi sakte hai mere deva.
    Ap hi meri zindagi me khushiya bhar sakte hai. Deva kab ayga vo din.
    Bless us sai
    Om sai ram
    Gurudev datta ☺

  3. BABA i want to marry the person i love with my parents acceptance. BABA You are my only hope, only strength, only support and the only source of inspiration. BABA please make them accept my love and marry me to the person i love.BABA this pain is unbearable.SAI BABA please help me and please be wit me.SAI BABA please bless me.OM SAI RAM

  4. Today I couldn't sleep whole night. Baba you know how much troubled I am. I am living only for my daughter. Please don't give me more troubles. Just let me live for my daughters sake.
    Please don't let her life spoiled . Please let my court case get finished soon. I did my best now everything is over. Shayad aapki ye hi marzithi. Mere Bhagaya mein Pati ka sukh hai hi mere pichhle paapon ka phal hai. Par ab Mujhe meri beti ka Saath naa chhodna .

  5. For the devotee looking for job ,do some volunteer job or put fake experience in resume .do some testing course or study from YouTube videos.
    Jon practice for mock interviews …everything is online these days.

  6. Om Sai Ram.
    Many Many Congratulations for completing 8 years. May Sai Bless all of you for putting such efforts and giving us such a beautifull platform for sharing the Sai Leela's.Om Sai Ram

  7. Om sai ram .congrats to hetal di all shirdi sai baba experiences upload teams all members.thanku whole heartly for connecting us baba shirdi sai from 8 years of experiences.thanku a lot .baba shirdi sai love you and bless you all.baba bless all .om sai ram.pray for all peace to be sai ram.

  8. OM SAI RAM. Blessings for completing 8 years of success. Love this blog and can't be without it for a single day.

  9. This blog has become more of a "asking help forum from naa " rather than sharing experience and miracles .. Each day i see atleat one experience of asking help from baba … Rest is self understood ….

    • You are rite … There is no such power as sai … The experiences are also so predictable that people tend to connect it with the sai … They have forgot the base of reality … It will be hard to make them understand that god is nirakaar

    • The debate is not on whether the God is "Nirankaar or Saakar"; it is just a matter of faith……..your best suited clothing does not necessary to fit all, so why push everyone to embrace it!
      The original comment just states that rather than sharing experiences (intent of this blog) people are increasingly asking for help…..and your opportunistic attitude has unwittingly forced you to slip in your point of view, hoping we all should believe it………if you do not have faith, why waste time here……..I don't believe you or even myself have achieved a level in spirituality so as to be able to preach on form/ formless nature of the Supreme.
      My sincere advice is to read the question and restrict your faith to yourself….do not assume that everyone should follow it and do not hurt others…….
      Apologies in advance if I come across a little rude to you.
      May Sri Sai bless you.

    • Dearest Devotees. This whole forum is about helping each other. Whether through sharing our experiences and miracles or asking for help, it is all for the benefit of all of us. Om Sai Ram.

    • This blog is about faith in supreme power our Sai. He is both saakar and nirakaar. If you do not believe in Sai please do not waste your time on this blog.

  10. Om Sai Ram. Congratulations Hetalji and entire team for completing 8 years of this website. May Baba bless you all. Thanks a million for starting this website as it another Satcharitra for Sai devotees.

  11. Hetalji, Anilji, Ranaji and the rest of the volunteers, congratulations to you, and us as well on another year. May His blessings be strong on all of us 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for allowing us to be a medium to promote good in this society and fill it with love and happiness 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  12. om sai ram , om sai ram, om sai ram ,om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram , om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram, om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram.

  13. Om Sai Ram. Love you Baba 🙂

    CONGRATULATIONS Team and all Sai devotees for creating and maintaining this modern day Satcharitha for 8 long years. Wishing all of you, more successful years.

    Love you Baba

  14. Om Sai Ram. I want to share my very recent experience here how Baba gave me and my family such peace of mind, that I am speechless.

    I was really worried for past 1 week due to some unknown issue. I prayed Baba to make sure that incident never happens, though I know He will make sure what is good for us. Finally, against my request, that incident did happen, but it occurred in such a way, I am still wondering if I am really worth that miracle :). Baba got me and my family across that situation so smoothly, I was soooooo happy yesterday. Today I understand, "Baba never ends anything in a negative. It is always positive", so remain more and more positive, happy and leave everything to Him. I love YOU BABA 🙂

  15. For 6 devotee,you can post your resume in and,you can also take such course work in Hyderabad or Bangalore in your skill set which come with placement opportunities.

    Omm sairam.

  16. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram 🙂

  17. Dear 5th devotee please send your resume on "". If its relevant I'll forward to our dept.

  18. Congratulations on devoting your time and bringing Baba's devotees even more closer to Him for past 8 years. I am a devotee of Baba thanks to your website…until I stumbled upon these experiences, I did not know Baba existed. Tons of Thanks!! Om Sai Ram

  19. OmSairam
    Baba, thank you for everything. Please be with us always and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

  20. Om shree ram, jai ganesh, om namaha shivaya, jai hanuman, dattatreya, baba, kibpalkhi, jai murugan, jai durga, tirupati balaji

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