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My Life Was All Planned By Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Saipriya from Singapore says: Hello, I am a devotee of Sai Baba. I am basically from Mumbai and moved to Singapore a few years back. I have been praying to Sai Baba right from my childhood. There have been numerous Miracles in my family by Shri Sai Baba. I grew up hearing stories from my mother and grandmother. I have always been a believer in God. However there were times I questioned His existence. These were the times when I failed badly in life and felt everything was going wrong. At that point my grandmother made me realize it’s not right to lose faith and strongly believe in Sai Baba. He is the one who has planned everything for me. Whatever happens it’s for the good and there is a reason why things are not right at this point of time. She asked me to have faith and patience (Shraddha and Saburi) and Sai Baba will take me out from all my worries. I would like to share my life experience with all. I feel blessed by Baba and would like to share my blessing and my faith with all other devotees. Om Sai Ram. Thank you Hetal ji for giving me this platform to share my experience.

There was a point in my life where I was feeling extremely low. I had many questions but no answers. I was desperate to know what was in store for me and did not know who to approach. During such days, I usually talk to Baba. There is a special kind of relationship I share with Him. We talk, we share, I also fight with Him at times. I just feel comfortable and I feel that He knows me the best. It was this one day, I was questioning Baba about my life and I came across your website randomly through Facebook. I clicked on one of the experiences and the story was exactly similar to mine – all the events going on in my life. It was miraculous. I instantly felt that this was Baba’s way of answering my questions. It gave me immense faith and I started reading more. Let me share my experience now. I have been in a relationship for more than 10 years. I am strongly committed to a guy who is kind hearted, caring, and strong willed. He is Baba’s gift to me. Though everything seemed perfect, it was not. The man I loved had seen a troubled childhood leading to separation of his parents. This made mature at a very young age. He tried his best to get a good life for himself and his mother (who suffers from depression). With all this in the background he always worked towards balancing his responsibilities and pushing for a better future for his family. Though he was well educated, luck was never on his side.

All the 10 years I have been with him I have seen him reach and touch success just for a minute. The next minute something unexpected happened and he was pushed down, again to start from the scratch. And this cycle continued absolutely for every job, every exam, and every major career decision that would have helped him get a better job and a better future. This affected our relationship as he was not ready to marry without having a stable job. He wanted to ensure he takes the right steps so that he could give me a good future. However it was somehow not working out. Both of us were trying to figure out what was going wrong. But we had no answers because the events that pulled him back were out of his control. In spite of all the fallbacks, he did not give up. He kept trying and I kept praying to Shri Sai Baba to get him a good job that will solve all our worries and help him get a good life for his family. I moved to Singapore as I got a good job. I accepted the offer as it promised a better future for us. However this made life a little more challenging. The question was should I go back to India so that we get married and stay together. But that would not solve our core problem of getting a better future. The next option though unattainable was for him to try his luck in Singapore and get a job here. This would solve all our issues and we would be able to take care of all our responsibilities. He started applying for jobs in Singapore. It had been a year and half. He tried and tried but no success. But we never gave up. I kept praying to Sai Baba. My mother kept motivating me. She asked me to believe that what Baba does is for the best and He is planning something good for both of us. And that’s the reason things are not falling in place right now. Maybe in the future something better was to come. As he kept applying for jobs and attending interviews for jobs in Singapore we were faced with similar situations again. He had cleared the interview for a job and was awaiting an offer from the company.

After a month of wait, the company informed him that the position was on hold due to company budget issues. It was then I was really worried. I lost hope and in times of troubles you remember God. I turned to Sai Baba for help. I needed Baba’s help desperately now as I had understood one thing. No one except God could solve our problems. I started reading Sai Satcharitra. I started my 9 Guruvar Vrat. I prayed to Baba. I talked to Him. I questioned Him – I needed answers – I am sorry Baba I have been really pestering at times. I never knew Baba was planning good things in the background and I had nothing to worry. In the meanwhile my fiancé received an interview call from one of the companies in Singapore. The job profile was not lined with his experience however we thought it’s ok to give it a try. At the same time there was a job posting in one of the banks in Singapore. This job was perfect for him and he emailed the bank to arrange for an interview. However the bank had not responded to emails. Hence we did not have any expectations. Miraculously when he came to Singapore the HR contractor informed him that there was some miscommunication and the actual interview was scheduled with the bank (yes the same bank who did not respond to emails) and not the company that was mentioned earlier. And this was the first miracle we experienced. We thanked Baba but were too scared to even be positive at this point of time. He appeared for the interview and the bank said that though they liked his profile they would declare the results later after a few months.

This was a bit disappointing as we had similar experiences where the company does not get back when months have passed. We thought maybe we are going through the same case of failure again. It was more than a month that the bank did not get back to us. We had now lost hopes and he started applying at other companies. However there was something that gave him an inner confidence. He always told me, I am sure the bank job will work out. Something good is going to happen we need to keep faith. And yes that is what happened exactly. One of the employees from the bank resigned and they needed to fill the position instantly as the project was on hold. On a Thursday morning, my fiancé got a call from the bank that they were ready to offer him the job and he would have to join them immediately. It was a dream come true. It was everything we ever asked for from Baba. I am extremely thankful to Sai Baba for His blessings. He has pulled me out from all my worries in a fraction of a second. My life changed. I kept worrying all the time and there Sai Baba was planning things for my better future. It was just that I was unaware and acted foolishly. All I needed to do was to pray and have complete faith in Baba. Now my fiancé is in Singapore. We both are very grateful to Baba for helping us come out from our troubles. I pray to Sai Baba to keep His blessings constantly with me and my near and dear ones. I am sorry for all my mistakes Baba. Om Sai Ram. Thank You God.

Baba Guided Me

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Canada says: Om Sai Ram, I would like to thank Hetal Ji and other admin team that made this website a possibility to help strengthen our faith in Baba. I am a 29 year old unsuccessful person who is trying to be a selfless devotee of Shri Sai Baba since couple of years. I only wish for His guidance and never-ending faith towards His Holy Feet. I knew Baba since I was a little kid. My family are devotees of Him but we do not do Pooja and other religious stuff, all we do is chant His name when we do something asking for His blessings. Baba Temple near my house used to be my favourite place to hang out and play. As we grew, things changed and we do not go that often anymore and after my 10th grade I had to relocate due to my studies which altogether ended my interaction with that temple. Of course, I miss it every time I think of it. I experienced many Miracles in my life with Baba’s blessings. My mother being a staunch devotee, placed an Asan with this big Baba’s idol in our living room, thinking Baba sits there and listens to her always. I also used to believe that He is there always with anyone who prays to/loves Him like our family. But my faith in Him, had to be tested right, hence Baba made the following happen.

I had few acquaintances who doesn’t believe in God and kind of debated over about my belief in Baba (frankly God itself) and that made me restless and my belief in Baba took a speed crash, I started seeing logic behind everything I hear or happens, for example from the Sai Satcharitra, if Baba knew something that happened miles away, I used to think maybe someone told Him and Baba expressed it (I know I am foolish). I stopped chanting His Name and became so egoistic, I had one phase, in which I was pointing my feet towards that Idol of Baba we had in our living room. During period, my parents were looking for a groom to give my hand in marriage and nothing was successful for almost an year, my mom started doing every Pooja that was told to her, I on the other hand challenged Baba during one of the emotional moments to get me any kind of Groom, I will be fine and my parents will be happy with my marriage, this over-confidence was due to my folks who always used to praise my adjusting nature and free-spirit. Now, look at the way Baba taught me a lesson for my behaviour. I got married to this guy who is low in character and who married me only for the fame and wealth my dad had.

We moved to Canada after marriage, Every minute of my living after marriage is a torture. I am still being abused in every way possible. He asks me to get money from my parents which I never agreed to and this makes things worse for me. I worked few days and used to pay for my food and living as well. He always complaints on having to provide me with food, clothing and place to stay in with his money. Unfortunately, I had to quit that job and still looking for one and I am waiting to be financially independent as I don’t want to depend on my parents for anything. They never raised me as a weak person. My dad and mom raised me and my sister to be strong and independent girls. But never expected this is what I get for challenging Baba. If I share anything to my parents, they are shattered, I clearly know they are not happy with the way I am after marriage. I hardly speak to anybody, as he tries to link me up with any male being I speak to, even if they are my cousins, brothers or uncles. I now take money from my dad once in a while to make sure I have enough money if I need in it at any moment. Once I was a friendly, confident, truthful and outgoing person who used to light up the environment and easy-going, but now I am one person who have suicidal tendencies, cry all-time, low on self esteem, zero confidence and everything you can imagine for inefficiency. I hate to face my parents like this hence I told I won’t even come home till I secure a job. I have now turned towards Baba begging for forgiveness for all my doings and wanted to get out of this pathetic relation as early as possible as I don’t want to just die because of my weak mind. Can anyone believe it, I used to be that person who counsels when people are having hard time, but now I could use Guidance and counselling myself. I had many dreams which are still waiting to be fulfilled. I know Baba will take me back into His wing and guide me.

Coming to the main purpose of writing this post, It is a miracle that shows Baba’s presence. As told earlier, I am looking for work. I live 1.5 hours from Toronto downtown, I got an telephonic interview from one reputed firm there on Monday, July 28th at 1:00 pm, in which I was successful and I was called for an in-person interview on Tuesday, July 29th at 4:00 pm. Since, it’s very far I had to take a Train for which I booked tickets the previous day itself as there were limited trains, I decided to catch the early morning train to make sure I don’t get lost in downtown. Now I was thanking Baba for the opportunity provided and prepared to make my best out of it. Before I left, I was trying to find my handbag which had my ticket, driver’s license, money for my travel. I was unable to find it I was panicking as my situation can’t get better if I miss this train and the interview. I started crying, scolding Him (Baba) for putting me through this at last minute, chanting Baba’s Name, searching all at the same time. I prayed telling Him that I would post my experience on this page If I find my bag and was able to catch the train in time.

Some moments later, it’s as if someone is telling me to start without them. I feeling worse, went to the parking lot, to my car hoping I will be able to get through the day without much trouble. And I was not able to believe my eyes when I saw my handbag in the car’s backseat. I had never left it in the car ever before. Then I recalled that previous evening, I was out with a friend, whom I dropped off at her place, hence I put my hand bag in the back-seat and then picking rest of the other stuff, I forgot about the handbag and walked into the home. I was able to reach the station in time to catch the train and attended the interview. Though I wasn’t successful, as I lacked experience but I am happy Baba is with me. I pray to Baba asking Him for His blessings and destroying all the six enemies in me while showing me the right path and never ever be broken from His Grace again. May He bless each one of us to realize the true purpose of our birth and guide us accordingly towards self-realization. I personally thank each one of you for your patience in reading my post and please be kind to your co-beings (Younger or older to you). Please treat them with respect and don’t hurt them with your taunting words and actions. I request each one of you to bless me with strength to overcome this sufferings and stay connected spiritually to Baba. Thanks again. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Blessed Me With A Beautiful Daughter

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Hello Devotees, I live in the US and have been a Sai devotee for many years. Sai Baba has done numerous Miracles in my life, I can probably publish a book. I have gone to Shirdi many times and regularly visit Sai temple here near my house. My entire family, sister, parents are Sai devotes for many many years. I want to share one of the experience and Miracle in my life and I am hoping that people who don’t have children will gain faith and believe in Sai even more. I have been married for many years and we wanted to become parents but it’s not always easy. I tried and tried for almost 3 years and went to numerous doctors and did various tests, all the Doctor’s test showed that everything is normal and that I had PCOS and by ovulation was irregular and that was why i was having trouble conceiving. The Doctor put my on ovulation medication for almost a year still I could not conceive. I was praying and going to Sai Baba Temple every Thursday and would do Thursday Dhoop Aarti for almost 8 years. I also went through three rounds of artificial inseminations but failed to conceive. Once i became pregnant naturally in November 2011 but i had a miscarriage in about 6 weeks. I was very sad but it did give me hope that I could conceive without help.

In March 2012, we went to Rome and Barcelona for holiday and i forgot to carry the ovulation medicines with me, those medication need to be taken at a proper time or else you cannot take it for the whole month, so i had to miss it for the month of March. I was very sad how will I conceive with the ovulation medicines. You won’t believe it in April first week I found out I was pregnant, me and my husband were overjoyed at this miracle and just could not believe it. My Doctor was also surprised how I could conceive without any help and medications. We went for our 7 week ultrasound and found out about baby’s heartbeat, it was a surreal experience and it was a Thursday. On the following Wednesday, I was going out for a walk and we used to live a multi-level town home, i suddenly missed a step and fell down sideways on my right side. I was in tremendous pain and had twisted my right ankle very badly. I called my husband as he was in office and somehow climbed up the stairs to the bedroom. I could not move and was crying in pain, i thought i had lost my baby. My husband took me to the emergency and they made me wait there without doing any x-rays, i was there for 3 hours in spite of me telling them that I am 8 week pregnant. I was praying to Sai Baba to protect my daughter and had a Sai Photo in my hand. They did the X-rays and told me I had a bad-ligament tear and had to be on crutches for a month and had to wear a big boot. I could not sleep the whole night as i was thinking that I had lost the baby. Next day was Thursday, I called my Doctor’s office and scheduled an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok. At night about 1 am, i started to bleed, I got even more scared that I had lost the baby because it is not good to bleed during pregnancy.

Next day as i went for the ultra sound I was a nervous wreck, i had Sai Baba’s photos in my hand and put Udi on my tummy. The Doctor said that the baby is fine and the bleeding is not unusual and wont effect the baby, we could see the heart beat again. I thanked Baba a million times and went to nearby Sai Baba Temple and started crying. On Dec 2012, i had a beautiful daughter, We call her Saimaa. I had to wait for almost 24 hours after the water broke and would not have labour pains, even after the Doctors induced me. I was reciting Baba Aarti all this while and then the Doctor decided to a C-section. My Daughter is a Sai Bhakt and does Sashtanga Namasakar when she goes to Sai temple. She started recognizing Sai Baba even before her 4 months. Baba, You have blessed me with the greatest joy imaginable and made me a Mom. Baba please bless her, my family with good health and Your blessings.

How Baba Helped Me To Understand And Feel The Meaning Of Guru

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi, I would like to post my recent experience with Baba. We are all praying Baba as a God as a Guru and as a friend etc. I would like to share my recent experience where Baba helped me to understand the meaning of Guru. Guru, who is the one who teach “The way to Mukti” and who help us in showing the right direction, when we are in troubles. I am working for past 7 years but there is no career growth and not satisfying salary. I was worrying like “Why I am not getting justified salary whereas all my colleagues who started working with me are in good position and why not me? I have better skills and knowledge than my colleagues but still I am working at low grade and with less salary. I thought maybe I am destined to it and I always tell Baba about my feelings. I used to ask Him till how long I have to suffer. I am going to office with 0 interest and doing my work very mechanically. There is no motivation, nothing and at the end it started impacting my personal life. My husband is also working and our child is growing and at certain point of time I thought we will not be able to give him good education.

One fine day, my sister suggested me to do Sankasti Vrat. I have decided to do it immediately and mean time one priest helped me to get the Sankasti Stotram Book. I felt very happy and felt that Baba is telling me to do this Vrat. I started the Vrat, in that month 1 of my friend asked me to forward my CV and I enquirer about the role and understand that I am lacking with some concepts where I never got a chance to work on those concepts. Though I forward my profile and after 3 weeks down the line my interview was scheduled and it was on Guru Pournamy. I prayed to Baba that “I do not have the required skills still the interviewer wanted me to meet, and requested Baba that interviewer should not ask about those concepts in my interview”. To my surprising, interviews didn’t ask me anything about these concepts where i do not have knowledge on. 2nd month also I did Sankasti Vrat and I got a call and scheduled my 2nd round. I felt very happy that when I got selected in 2nd round and I got a very good feedback from the interviewer. Then HR called me and I did not bargain much since it is a very good job.

After 2 days, my HR called me and told me about final package and I got shocked when I heard the figure. He really offered me a very high package and I was very shocked. I thanked Baba for whatever He has given to me. After that there were some hiccups in getting my offer letter but Baba helped with me in every situation. With this experience, I understand that, Baba show His guide to me to do Sankasti Vrat through my sister and He helped me to get the Sankasti Stotram Book from a priest and supported me in the whole interview process and helped, showed His Kripa on me in my pay and also to get the offer letter. Baba please show Your guidance to all Your devotees.

Baba Saved Me From A Terminal Illness

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I have been a Sai devotee from my college days when I used to study engineering in Aurangabad. After every semester exams, I used to visit Shirdi. There are so many instances when Baba helped me. I am writing my third experience in this blog. There are so many miracles happened in my life, I’ll write one today which recently happened. I am a mother of 2 boys and am 40 years old. During one of the regular physical exams, they did mammography for me. The results were due after a week. Later in the week, my doctor called and said they found something in one of the breast. They have to do a biopsy in order to detect if it is cancer. I was at work when the call came and my whole world came crashing when I heard this. I kept thinking what if I have breast cancer, the thought of my kids, husband, how my husband going to take care of kids alone. All these thoughts crowded my mind, i came back home and told my husband. He was ok and asked me fix the biopsy appointment soon.

On the day of the appointment, I did Sai Baba’s Pooja and applied Udi and drove to the hospital. There were few more women older than me in the breast screening area. One of them tried to calm me seeing that I was nervous, and said she just had one of her breast removed. I was constantly praying to Baba. My turn came and I was done in half an hour. Next day was Thursday, my Baba’s day and in the morning I got a call from my doctor and she said that the biopsy came back as benign that means it is not cancer. I was so relieved hearing that, thanked my Sadguru million times. This reminds me of one of the sayings from Sai Satcharitra “I will draw out my devotees from the jaws of death”. Just have full faith in Baba, He’ll take care of you. There is another experience I want to tell. One day my son got an award in school and lost it in school. He came home and cried a lot and kept saying that he lost it. I tried to calm him down saying that go tomorrow and look for it in the playground and in the classroom. I asked him to pray to Sai, next day I applied Udi to his forehead before he left for school. He came home in the evening and said his teacher had found the award lying in the classroom floor. He was so happy and this strengthens his belief in Sai. Om Sai Ram! Bow to Shri Sai and peace be to all.

Baba Saved Us From Tax

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: First I want to bow to Sainath’s Feet. Om Sai Shree Sai Jaya Jaya Sai. I want to thank the entire team who are maintaining this wonderful blog, special thanks to Hetal ji. This is my second experience here in this blog. I told to Baba that if my property tax problem will be solved, I would share my experience here. Here is the story, In India my father sold one of our property 8 years back. Everything went good. My father passed away 2 years back. It was great loss to our family. Still we did not believe that he is not with us. We are missing him very badly. All of sudden, my mother got a post from income tax that we need to pay large amount of tax to that sold property. But it was saying that we registered 3 years back and the amount was huge so we need to pay the tax. But my mother didn’t know that what my father did. I prayed to Baba that the tax amount should be small number so that we can pay even though it’s not our fault and we didn’t registered 3 years back. My mother is alone in India. She can’t handle all the problems. So Baba solved that tax problem with little amount that we can pay. Thank You Baba. Please Baba forgive our mistakes if I did any mistakes to narrate the story. Forgive our sins and thanks for everything. Please Baba save my family, my mother and sister’s families and everyone in this earth. Give us good health that is my wish and request. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram. Be with us always Baba. I love You Sai Daddy.

Prayer for Today: Prayer Request For My Friend – Anonymous Sai Devotee

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  1. Baba please today is a very crucial day..please give positive news..i will do everything like u asked me to Saima..please aap kaam karvado..allow me to go ahead with my plan..please Saima. Please please please now no more waiting and no more obstacles. Please don't break her heart and spirit..restore her faith in u and give her a reason to be happy and thank would mean the world to her. Saima it's been over a year since u have given me a chance to experience and share something miraculous..please shower ur grace and blessings..allow me to post my experiences here. I love you always Saima. Om Sai Ram.

  2. Thank you sooo much deva..the way you show ur presence when m totally down is I just can't just increase my faith on u thousand folds..ever so grateful to you for being wit me through thick n thin, good n bad. I rest my life at ur lotus feet n pray that u never leave me alone. Thank you deva for ur blessing n support. Pls keep showing ur blessings to all ur devotees. You r the kindest n the most loveliest. Luv u infinite. Om Sri sai

  3. Om sai ram
    Deva apne mere lie kya socha hai sai .
    Meri zindagi apne kiske sath jodi hai. Pl mujhe bahar nikalo uski dihui takfilo usse bhul jana chahti hu.
    Sai deva mujhe thik kardo mere sai.plz cure me.
    Pl guide me to wat should I do in my life I don't have any aim .I don't have any job though I got job calls but I don't want same job.want to do more interesting work with good salary.
    Mene aj tak kuch nh kiya I am big zero.
    My granny is looking groom for me since 4 years but I didn't liked any of those alliance.
    Plz deva tell me mere lie apne kise chuna hai.
    Mujh me confidence ajaye remove all negativity and bad or negative thoughts.
    Plz cure me from PCOD I am Fedup of it.
    Plz give me relief from stress and hypertension,anxiety.
    Sai maa me apne roz ek di sawal puchti hu ki apke pitare me mere lie kya hai.
    Sai maa I love u a lot.
    Bless us deva
    Pl show ur miracle. I need u in every step of my life. Don't leave my hand ever.
    Me apse hi to apne dil ki bat kar sakti hu. Apse hi apni sari taklife share kar sakti hu.
    Om sai jai sai jai jai sai

  4. Om Sai Ram Hetal ji,

    Third experience (Sai Baba Blessed Me With A Beautiful Daughter) and Fifth experience (Baba Saved Me From A Terminal Illness) are similar. Only the title is different.

    Om Sai ram

  5. Baba place uske saath rehna uske sir par apna haath rakhna aur usko jaldi Theek karna never karo baba apna bachpan nibhana meri bakhti ki llaaj rakhna sirf aapka Sahara hai hamesha ki tarah is mushkil se nikal do baba pls 🙏🙏🙏 Jai sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Jai Jai sai
    Jai sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Jai Jai sai
    Jai sai ram Om sai ram
    Jai Jai sai

  6. I am also in same situation as 4th experience devotee. I am doing this job from 4 years with no growth and encouragement, with less salary compared to my friends and colleagues. I feel this is a guidance from baba to do this vrat. Sai sister please guide me about Sankasht vrat.

  7. Like one the the devotee above said in His/her experience that doubted baba how he got to know about people some one must be tell him… similarly i also doubt baba so many times … the experiences in SAI SATCHARITRA where diyas were lit with water oil… in that experience it is mentioned that there was very little oil let and none of the shopkeepers where ready to give any so bab mixed water and lit the diyas all night …
    scientifically..if we take a glass put some lamp oil just 2 3 spoones we can light the diya full night maybe longer…
    So all these things and today the not happning similar miracles bring doubts
    I pray to god to enlighten me with the truth…

    • Time will enlighten you. If it is in your karma perhaps in this life time. My eyes have been opened gradually. Yours will to. When that happens, you won't waste your time looking for scientific ways of explaining Baba's miracles. You will see the truth for what it is. Jai Sainath Ki Jai.

    • Human mind is very fickle.
      It searches for logic behind miracles when life is smooth.
      When life goes upside down.
      When problems go out of u r hands.
      When no more u have control of u r problems and solutions.
      Then man wants a miracle.
      Tht time he won't go for search for scientific reasons.
      He wants only miracle then.
      When a man prays on his knees he will nit search logic behind miracles.
      When he pray on his toes he wants all the scientific logics behind miracles.

  8. Om Sai Ram…
    I am feeling very lonely today. I am also trying my best to be the good person you have suggested as per your sayings, teachings. Still why is that the happiness or calmness is very short lived. I am aware I need to work a lot on my patience. Why is that I am not able to trust anyone?

    I am struggling. Please help me out. I dont want to trouble my parents more. My husband is not trustworthy. He does not want me but behaves very goody goody.
    Please guide me in understanding if he is really trustworthy. I am confused.

    Save me SaiRam. please I beg you. Hold me tight and please dont leave me at all.

  9. Total surrender everything at your feet SAI.Please take care of the family and bless me to shine well..Please SAI

  10. Since last two days I am very much depressed, I got angry with saimaa..and I started reading first experience, it is like my story narrated by sai sister Saipriyaji…tears rolled out reading this story and it's message from baba through first experience to keep shraddha and saburi….maaa, you have a unique way to convey your message… please forgive me maa..

  11. Great experiences….specially loved the first one.
    Day before yesterday night I dreamt that someone gifted me a Sai idol. Can anyone tell me what does it indicate?
    Om Sai Ram

  12. Baba please have mercy and let the work happen smoothly..i am so sorry for all the stress and for contantly pestering u. Please Saima, i may get upset and angry at u but i never ever lose faith in u. Saima please show ur presence. Why is Siddharth slipping away? Please please bring him back into my life..on ur u see fit..i love him Saima, please bring him back. I love you always, Om Sai Ram

  13. Jai baba ki jai. One thing to mention here about my devotion. So much we are absorbed in our daily life with people that we become numb to respond to baba with devotion. Why is this my case, baba forgive me if you are the most powerful god then give me the most powerful devotion towards you baba. Om sai Sri sai jai jai sai. Om sai ram. Bless me always baba.

  14. Sai ram

    @2nd devotee.
    I will pray for u sister tht Saimaa will forgive u and change u r husband attitude and u get a good life.
    I know u r pain I gone through same torture from my husband . I used to cry everyday in front of sai.I can deeply understand u r pain I have gone through it all.
    Doubt, scolding without reason, even if I see anyone he used to doubt me.
    I had all if these for about 2years.
    My baba really changed my husband.
    I don't know how, I see my husband is so good to me now.
    It's all my sai ma blessing.
    I even tried suicide once.

    Sai ma really saved me.

    He will change u r husband also.
    I will pray for u

  15. Sai ram
    @3rd devotee,
    Wht story u have told same to same without a word change is same as mine till u told u got pregnant again.
    Same to same I also lost my child by misscarriage at 6 weeks on December 25th ,
    Now it's March I hope I will get pregnant this month as u did.
    Pray for me plz

  16. BABA i want to marry the person i love with my parents acceptance. BABA You are my only hope, only strength, only support and the only source of inspiration. BABA please make them accept my love and marry me to the person i love.OM SAI RAM

  17. Om Sai Ram
    After reading experience no..3 it seems like its my life…becoz even i am not conceiving after so much of medication.I dont know when Sai Ram going to give me the beautiful gift which i and my family looking for.Please baba ji bless me

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