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I Love You Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from US says: I am currently staying in US with my husband. I have been Sai devotee since year 2010. I got attracted towards Baba since then and He had been showing multiple miracles since then. My all desires got fulfilled by the grace of Baba. Now He is my best friend, my everything with whom I share my joy and sorrow. I read one chapter of Sai Satcharitra, Sai Baba Kasht Nivaran mantra and experiences posted in this blog everyday. Thank you Hetal ji for creating a platform where devotees can share and read Baba’s experience which boosts their faith in Baba. This is my first post. There are number of Miracles which I have experienced till now. Today I would like to share few of them.

I got married in 2012. My husband went to US after my marriage. I joined him for 6 months on dependent visa. I did not want to leave my job so I came back to India and tried from my company to join him on working visa. It was a tough time but my Baba helped me throughout to get this done and finally I got my visa approved in Nov 2013 but due to project constraint, I had to travel in March 2014. The state in which I had been sent was different from my husband’s work location. We used to fly every month to meet each other. I tried hard in my company to get transferred to my husband’s location but my supervisors played politics and asked me go and join same account in India. Just because I had asked for transfer they were not ready to release me. During this process, my health was not good as I was affected by flu. So My husband came and took me with him to his location but there my health condition got worse. He took good care of me but still there was not much improvement. My employer’s kept torturing me to travel back to India. I had decided to go back and resign and come (since I had not completed my one year of service and due to this I had to pay bond amount to get my experience letter if I had to resign in US) since my health was not good my husband did not want me to go. But as we did not had much time so the option we had was to go back and resign and come as dependent. (During this time I had given one interview in my husband’s location which was on Thursday but there was no response from them for couple of weeks). So we decided that I would travel back, resign and come back as dependent because we cannot stay separate now because of job (It was already 3 years of our marriage and we were staying separate).

My ticket got booked and I had packed my bag and then just few minutes before when we were about to leave for airport, I cried in front of Baba that I do not want to leave my husband and go as it was after lot of struggle we had been together and asked Him to show His miracle and within no time Baba showed His miracle. I got the call from the company in which I had given interview that I have been selected and they want me to join at the earliest. They offered a good package too. We were happy. I cannot forget that day and It was Thursday too. Baba made me realize if we should never lose faith and patience. But this involved a lot of risk. Still we decided to take this risk as Baba was with us. Then my visa got transferred successfully and i joined the new company and now we are staying together. It’s all because of Baba. Since we had been married for almost 3 years, we wanted a baby and Baba fulfilled this wish as well. I am expecting and I know my Baba will take care of my pregnancy and baby. My parents and sister had applied for visitor visa and today they had gone for interview. I was very tensed and I prayed to Baba and Baba again showed His Miracle and their visa got approved due to my Baba’s grace. I Love You Baba. Please be with me and my family always. You are the best, bless all. Om Sai Ram! Thank you all dear devotees for reading my long post. One thing which I learned from my experiences is to have faith and patience. Baba will never leave you, whatever He does is for our best.

Sai Is Great Teacher

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Sai Devotees, I am a Sai devotee from last 25 years and witnessed many Miracles in my life so far. My mother being Sai devotee, she named me after Baba’s Name. Many thanks to Hetal ji for maintaining this platform and may Baba bless the team. I would like to share recent experience of mine with you. Baba helped in many times during my career and one such help He has done in June 2013 and placed me at good position in one of reputed company. But some way I was unable to get along with that company irrespective of good support from management. This is a kind of wrong choice I made to join that company by leaving a good company’s job in my hand. Frankly it was my foolish decision. After one year of working, I started felt suffocation and got disengaged with the new company. There was time come to me that I almost surrender and left company without job in my hand. This is one more foolish act I had done. Everyone in my closer circle were in tension about my future, But my family and some good friends were very supportive. I was in tension situation but I kept full devotion and faith in Baba to forgive my foolishness and save me again with new assignment at any level to survive gently.

After break, I started devoting my best of time at Sai Temple near to my home and read all books pertaining to Baba. I spent three nights at Shirdi and made 108 Pardakshinas around Gurusthan. I performed Sai Divya Pooja for 5 week Sai Vrat diligently. But I did not get results in the time line that I expected. But I never got disappointed because I was a regular follower of this site and used get solaced with experiences. I prayed Baba to place in my old company so that I can correct my mistake. Baba was silent many a times but I never left my faith in His Holy Feet. But sometimes, I used to afraid for not getting job and my age was also not right to get many opportunities. But whenever I was in need, Baba gave me positive signals assuring that He will provide me a job in September, so I was confident in His words.

On Gurupurnima day, I asked Baba what is His message to me on the occasion and opened Sai Satcharitra pages randomly – at first I got the story of how Dasaganu got his answers by Kaka Mahajani’s servant. This is a perfect message for me to satisfy with what God gives. Second time I repeated the same exercise and got story of Damu Anna who tried two businesses without consent of Baba. I got the message that never expected more that what God granted for us. This is best way of teaching Baba. On 7-Aug-15, I had been to Shirdi and am deeply thinking at Gurusthan about when I will get the right job. There I heard a verse from Sai Satcharitra CD played by Sansthan, about the Anna Chinchanikar’s question regarding Hemadpant’s job and Baba’s reply that Hemadpant will get job soon and meanwhile he should satisfy with Baba’s services, this is a great signal from Baba. Immediately I got a bunch of Neem leaves from the employee of Sansthan, this is somewhat rare as many people wait for single leaf and Lo, I got the bunch. I shared with some Sai devotees. Dear readers, today on 08-09-15, I got offer letter from my old company with a good package and I am going to join on 09-09-15. This is a big Sai Leela and Baba kept His promise and provided me job in first week of September. Today I am very happy and will be visiting with my family Shirdi with offer letter/appointment letter. Dear Sai devotees, please note that Baba first tests your patience and grants you your wish, He will never leave His children in lurch. Keep faith on Him forever. He is only the saviour. Maza Nija Dravya Theva, Tava Charanaraja Seva, Magani Hechi Ata Swami Datta Digamba. Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

My Sai Baba Is With Me

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a child of Sai Baba presently living in Bangalore, India. I don’t know whether i should call myself as a pure devotee of Baba or not because i feel sometimes i do mistakes, i get doubts sometimes, sometimes i feel, i am getting away from Sai Baba so i always pray to Baba that Baba please accept me as Your devotee, as Your child as You are the one who knows everything about me, my happiness, my pain. Baba please never leave my hand and if anytime, i go wrong then please take my hand in Your hands and guide me through the right path. Bless my parents, sisters, friends and all who are in need and fulfil our wishes. There are so many miracles happened to me by Baba’s Grace. This is the first time, i am writing any experience here. We can feel Baba’s presence in each moment of our life.

One day, i was going to hanuman temple to do Pooja but it went very late that before leaving i was thinking not to go but i had to go on that day itself so i got ready. Then me and my friend, we both left. The Temple would be opened till 1 PM and we left by 10 am i guess. We were supposed to reach by 11:30 am, the bus we took had a small accident with our bus, so we stopped for sometime in between there also i was thinking Baba, i should reach the Temple. Then i prayed to my Sai Baba, It’s You only in every form and today i am going to hanuman Temple and You are Hanuman, Ram, Krishna, every God. So please let me reach before the closing time so that i can do Darshan and can complete my Pooja and By Baba’s grace, we reached by 11:45 am and we did Darshan. I completed my Pooja and also while coming the gate were opened only, so i was amazed that i could do all Pooja and Darshan by Baba’s grace. But it’s Sai Baba, Who fulfils all our wishes and just keep faith on Him.

I am going through tough time in my life, as the person with whom i want to get married is getting away from me. Since past 5+ years, we are together. Now due to his family and also we belong to different caste, he told me to put an end for our relationship. I didn’t tell anyone about this but only to Baba because i know Sai Baba is the only one who will listen to me and my pain. I am praying for him every moment. I know Baba will fulfil my wish and make him also realize the value of our togetherness. Sai Baba, i love him so much please give him the courage that he will start thinking for our marriage and we both can talk to our families for this. Baba, i have one Wish that we both can visit Shirdi as a couple and do Darshan and accept each other for whole Life. Also Bless my sister Baba who is struggling in her life please make her belief strong and let her get this job outside the home for which i have sent her resume. Make her all wishes come true. Baba Bless her. We are struggling financially also so Baba please bless us that all our tensions will get end soon. Love You Sai Baba. Please forgive me if i am selfish ever it’s only You to whom i can share every happiness and sadness so Baba please accept me at Your Feet and Baba fulfil my wishes Baba. Love You Sai Baba. Be with us. Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Kept His Promise

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Hello, This is my first experience and firstly i would like to thanks Hetal ji for maintaining this awesome platform. I live in US while my parents live in India. I promised Baba to share my story over here once my wish gets fulfilled. This is about how i became devotee and how Baba is changing my life and my belief. My experience goes as follows, we have experienced so much ups and downs in our life, it all started in 2009 when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was cured for the same but we lost my brother to an accident in 2011, my mother got shattered, she was follower of Sai Baba but not strong one, after my brother’s demise she used to cry a lot before Sai Baba. One day while praying in front of Him, she had clear vision where Baba came out of the statue and rubbed her forehead with His palms and then went back to His statue and sat there back. Then i got married in 2013 and came to US, last year when i was on my trip to India, then again my mother was diagnosed with cancer that has spread to her bones and bit in liver, at that time i recalled my mother’s vision and i too started following Baba.

I started reading Sai Satcharitra and going to Temple on Thursday, many Miracles happened to me in that period, the first one was when i decided to follow Baba and go to Temple, i was confused about timing to go, so i just went at random time, and as soon as i stepped in Temple, i learned that it was Aarti time in afternoon. On the very first day of my visit, i got a chance to be a part of Aarti. From the very day, i started following Baba, my mother’s health started improving, though she was undergoing chemotherapy but still she started improving, her stamina increased and she was like nothing has happened to her, seeing her health progress her doctors decided to do tests again, when i learned about that i prayed to Baba hard, i started doing Divya Pooja. From the very first day of Pooja, i started getting results, my husband got very big promotion all of a sudden, we get new home in a building we wish to take from very long time, and yesterday my mother’s reports came and they were excellent, doctors are so happy to see her progress but i know all this is done by my Baba. He is a life saver, He came in my dream once and said that “Everything will be alright”, i believe in Him and He kept His promise, He is taking us out of the greatest darkness of our life. I wish to conceive too now and i know Baba has got plans for me about it. I trust Him completely. I just took one step towards Him and He took my hand and pulled me out of dark. Thank You so much Sai. Jai Sai Ram.

Faith In Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a married woman who is a big believer of Sai Ram. I just want to talk to Him through any source which belongs to Him or where only He and His followers are there. I am in need of His help. Om Sai Ram. My Baba has made my marriage possible with my lover last year which was next to impossible as my family was not ready for inter caste marriage. But my Baba created such a situation that they got ready and we tied the knot. I have always been thankful to Baba for fulfilling my only wish i had ever put in front of Him. I am married for past one and half year and me and my husband were so happy being with each other. But suddenly my life changed on 9 August 2015, when my husband was returning from Badrinath and police man picked up my husband’s phone and said this car of three men has met an accident and car and three of them have fallen in river Alaknanda. Since then, i am finding him and tracing everything but could not find him. Above all, i am getting only positive signs that Baba is saving that it was bad period for him, he had to go all through this but his life is still there and he is alive somewhere. Someone is taking his care. You need not worry. I am living on faith as i was living last year when he made impossible possible for me. I knew He never hurt us. If i am in pain, it’s our past karma but His signs shows that He will take us out of this bad time soon. But Baba, i am in deep pain. Please help me find my life. I cannot live without him. Please tell me when will we meet and proceed our life. Please Baba help me. It’s very painful Baba. I need not tell You. Om Sai Ram. Baba waiting for Your timing. Keep giving me good signs and please keep us together as soon as possible.

Sai Maa Is My Breath

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, I am from Lucknow and I am 22 Years Old. Hello hetal ji. You are a blessed soul doing this precious help for Baba’s children. We don’t know how and when our major problem get resolved after reading Baba Leela’s in this modern Satcharitra. I am Baba’s child from last year and my life has totally changed because of Sai Maa unbound love. Now my every second is for Baba and my love for Baba is always increased. I don’t know whether I will get something in my life or not I just want Baba be with me till my last breath as I didn’t see myself without Him. There are uncountable Miracles in my life but here is one I am sharing. On 1st September 2015, at night my mother was having stomach pain I gave her some Udi to drink so she suddenly vomited and she got some relief but still there was some heaviness in her chest and she was not feeling well. Then she had some medicine after that in every ½ hour she vomited and with that loose motion started and from night 10.30 to 4.00 in morning it continued I keep giving Udi and kept Sai Satcharitra near her so that she can sleep. She got strength to face all this only because of Udi and blessing of my Sai. Then I open this site and see same experience relating to this. I said my father to take her to hospital as it was early morning and she was so much dehydrated that one can’t move but due to Sai Maa’s grace she at least walked by herself.

When she reached hospital, she got admitted and I was crying in my home in front of Sai Maa and ask Baba to please be with my mother, please reach before me, hold her. Then doctors told that there is viral infection in his stomach (Because of Baba’s Udi, this problem got revealed). After that when I went to hospital at reception, I saw big Picture of Sai Maa and I was like so relaxed and relieved as if someone hold me and I got miraculous strength inside me and I prayed Sai Maa continuously that please cure my mother soon, she should sleep properly in hospital, give her less pain. I gave my Baba’s locket to mom and then she recovered soon and on her birthday, she was discharged. Baba helped us a lot in this bad time and didn’t let anything more bad happen! Sai Maa is my strength, Baba is only reason for me to live. I didn’t want anything for me from Baba, just want His small finger out of His thousand hands so that I easily cross this ocean. I keep Thursday fast but not for getting something only to get Baba! Keep trusting and loving Baba, He will give you strength in every shades of life, He will love you and you will not be alone.

Prayer for Today: Please Show Your Mercy Baba Towards Me

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    Experience# 3, In tears listening about your brother's death. May baba give Strength to your parents.

    Experience#4, Dear Devotee, can not stop my tears thinking about your husband, May Baba bless you.

    Love to ALL, PEace to ALL

  2. Few days ago I am alone in shift and manager is not there as he went to important meeting

    No one is there to ask and so many issues are coming up! By Baba grace is had resolved most of the issue apart from 2 performance issue and I am unable to get reason also then I prayed Baba… In few mins one guy from other team came and at the same time I am seeing the performance … He immediately told me the reason for that performance issue by seeing that report then I communicated the same and issue was resolved, for other issue when I retried it's worked…. Both of them are resolved by Baba blessing after the prayer…. Thanks baba … with me Baba and make my job as tension free and peaceful one Baba

  3. Jai sairam..devotees please clear me that masjit and dwarahamai are the same or not..while reading sai sachcharita i m confused.. plz help me sai devotees

  4. Sai maa
    Plz mujhe taklifo se bahar nikalo jo mujhe usne di haI.
    Me esa kya karu ki me usse bhul jaon.plz sai maa ap batao .me usse puri tarha se bhul jana chahti hu.plz apan hath mere sar par rakh do .
    Mujhe apki bohot zarurat in every step of my life .

  5. Om sai ram..sai baba please help all those who are in trouble. Bless each one of us.

    Dear 5th devotee..may you be blessed by baba soon and get what you wish. Always remember shri sainath. Please baba listen to her prayers..
    Om sai ram

  6. Sai maa.

    As u know wht happend between me and my cosister.
    I did so much to her , she has no value for tht.
    I told her all my sufferings but she told I m fake.
    She judged me listening all my sarrows, now because of a silly reason she is against me. She and her husband did not invite us for function.
    And also they told badly to my inlaws.

    Baba plz plz help me to prove my innocence.
    U only know how rudely she behaved with me.
    Baba plz prove my innocence.
    Bless me kids asap, plz baba .
    Plz come to me show me some signs tht u r with me.
    Plz sai dada.

  7. Dear 5th devotee,
    I can understand the amount of pain you must be going through. I hope that by now you have met your husband and are leading a happy life with him.
    If you havent met your husband yet, I pray to the lord to keep your husband safe in some place and reunite you with him at the earliest. Please do share with us if you have met your husband or not.
    May Baba always bless you!
    Om Sai Ram!

  8. Dear devotees 4 this is nothing but tests of faith on baba. keep faith on baba. Be strong mentally to accept wishes of baba. nothing impossible for baba. please dont lose faith on baba. pray him.

  9. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

  10. Om sairam. Praying for all those who need you baba. Please be with me today and bless me so that all the results are clear. Please pray for me. Om sairam.

  11. SAI RAM,Thanks for helping our son finding your udi,today is his biopsy please stay with him throughout the process. His results will be given on the 24th BABAS day please report all clear with your blessing,you are the only person who could make the impossible POSSIBLE-SAI.Shall write on the 24th, to say a big thank you from bottom of our heart.Your devtees need your blessings forever & ever. sairam.

  12. Dear 5 th devotee,

    Very very saddened to read your experience. I hope that your husband is back with you by now. Please let us know. May Sai Baba Ji keep you and your family safe always.
    Baba please give them a happy life. Om Sai Ram……

  13. Dear Devotee 5…I was crying while reading your experience…I am praying and i will pray to baba to give you strength and i hope there will be some positive news regarding your husband!Please share with your Sai family about your husband!OM SAI RAM

  14. Dear 5th drvotee. I can't imagine the pain you are going through. I really hope that you are leading happy life with your husband now. If not please keep trust in baba and he will take care of you and your husband snd will unite both of you pretty soon. Om Sai Ram

  15. BABA i want to marry the person i love with my parents acceptance. BABA You are my only hope, only strength, only support and the only source of inspiration. BABA please make them accept my love and marry me to the person i love.OM SAI RAM

  16. Baba please stay true to ur words. Please mera sara kaam karvado time se so i can come see u. Baba please u know i have no bad intentions when it comes to him or her..i love him with every bone in my body and without him i feel so depressed..u sent him into my life..i always picture us coming to Shirdi as a happily married couple in order to seek ur blessings..i know it in my heart that this is not just my imagination. Please Saima, please help him to see my love and sincerity. I love u always. Om Sai Ram

  17. You are a true devotee of Deva the way you have put your faith in Him, He shall surely bless you.

    O Sadguru, forgive me for my sins and help me correct the path by putting Your boon bestowing hand on my head and burning my sins please.

    Jai Sairam

  18. Baba u know how much of mental turmoil iam going through but still iam putting a brave front hoping that these are just the ways by which u r testing me.baba plz plz do not test me any more plz take me into your fold.I have been waiting for this for a long time now.I know iam a sinner ,not a pure devotee but still iam your only had attracted me to u,then wwhy this testing at each and every step deva.I am just holding my self to u thinking that this is going to be my last test and after this I will make me pass.iam waiting deva plzzzzz show some mercy baba

  19. Om sai ram
    Esa kehte hai ki jodi upar se ban kar ati hai
    To meri jodi kiske sath banayi hai sai maa apne. Mere lie kisse chuna hai deva
    Sai plz give me mental peace .
    Plz cure me.
    I have lots of questions. But no answers yet .
    I suffered a lot bcoz of him.
    Plz show me miracle sai maa.I need u .
    Om sai jai sai jai jai sai

  20. Baba she was ur devotee, she was ur simple child..she gave birth to a kind soul..she left behind a husband and son, her passing away has taken a toll on her loved ones..we begged u to save her but u had a different plan..if u are the giver of this pain then please..u alone help them bear it and come out stronger. The coid that she has left behind cannot be filled..but u take on the role of their Maa and help them at every step. Love them and bless them. Make me an instrument for help in whichever way u will it. I love u always Saima. Om Sai Ram.

  21. OmSairam
    Baba, thank you for everything. Please be with us always and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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