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Got Back The Stolen Jewellery With The Blessings Of Sai Baba

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Anonymous Devotee from Armenia says: Om Sai Ram, I’ll like to thank Hetal ji & team for all their efforts in maintaining the blog in such a beautiful manner and also to all the devotees who share their miracles and wonderful experiences. It not only strengthens the faith of the readers but also gives them positive outlook and hope towards life. I would like to share a miracle that we experienced recently. Before moving to another country this month we (me and my husband) were residing in Hyderabad. My younger sister had come to visit us for few days and we decided to take her out for a movie and thereafter shopping in the same mall. Amidst all these shopping and trials my sister realize that diamond jewellery which she wore around her neck let loose open and fell on her wrist, I asked her to give it to me so that I can place it safely in my hand clutch. After finishing up with movie, we shopped a little and headed back to home around 10 pm, we lived in outskirts of city and it would take us at least one hour one way to reach home. Just when we were about to reach home around 11 pm, I realized that I forgot my clutch in one of the trail rooms at mall. Immediately I told my husband about it and we decided to rush back knowing that mall would have already closed by then and it would take one more hour to reach there. All along the way I was praying hard to Sai Baba and cursing myself about the incident and prayed that somehow we get back that purse because that jewellery was worth rupees lakh belonged to my mother which she gave it to my sister to wear and moreover because it was a gift from my father to her.

We reached around 12 midnight, the store manager was locking down the shutters and was about to leave and when we enquired about purse, to our disappointment he said they usually close the store at 11 pm and before winding up the watchman checks the entire store everyday and since they had huge customer walk-ins that particular day, they were late to shut the store and they didn’t find anything. Upon my husband’s request the manager opened the store, we went inside and checked the trial room and were dismayed to know that the purse was not its place. My husband insisted on checking CC cam footage but the manger was bit reluctant and said that they were already late and asked us to come next day, in response my husband said that he’ll drop each and everyone to their home and they co-operated. So we started watching CC footage with many hitches, first the manager was not that acquainted with the technology and secondly the footage wasn’t clear. The trail room in which I forgot the purse was last in corner and was not quite covered in the footage, besides there were many customers who went inside that trail room and came out with clothes and other belongings, the purse was small enough to be hidden between the clothes. It was getting difficult and I was losing hope because even if figure out the customer who took it, it was nearly impossible to know details like name, address of that particular customer.

It almost took us an hour and then when were at the end of the footage, a surprising thing happened we saw watchman walking to all the trail rooms and when he went to last trial room he closed the door and was inside for some time and then came out. Manager went out and called the watchman for questioning, he flatly denied to have taken anything. On grilling him further on this, he lead us to the way to staircase where he had hidden the purse. I opened it and found that everything was intact including the jewellery. Despite of many people using that staircase, It was a pure miracle that the purse was safely lying there in the corner of one of the steps. Thank You Baba for being with us during tough times. Needless to mention amidst all these I decided in my mind that if we are unable find the lost belongings I will buy or get the similar piece of ornament done for my mother and it would have been really expensive. To my astonishment while talking to my husband after all these settled he said he had the similar thought in mind. All thanks to Sai Baba, it was because of Him the manager was there until we arrived and only because of Him the purse was lying on stairs unnoticed. Jai Sainath, May Baba shower His blessings on all His devotees. Om Sai Ram.

Son’s Passport Arrives In The Nick Of Time

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Sai Sister Geeta from US says: Sai Ram! Pranams to Baba! This summer, my younger son wished to travel to the UK to spend time with friends and a month and a half prior to the travel date, we submitted the application for a British visa. Our plan was to go to India and then my son would travel to the UK from India. I booked the tickets accordingly and was completely confident that my son’s passport would arrive from the UK Consulate on time. My son had just graduated from college and he would start work from September. It was important that he see his grandparents in India and take their blessings before he began work. Also, I wished to take him to Shirdi for Baba’s supreme divine blessings. I am not a religious person and ritual holds no meaning for me. Shirdi Sai and Sathya Sai (both are one for me, I don’t see them as different) are my Gurus and Gods. Prayers to them is my only religion. There was much tied to this year’s travel to India and although the tickets were expensive, I went ahead and booked them.

Ten days before our travel date on July 27th, my son received a notification that his UK visa was granted. We were relieved and expected that the passport would arrive in a couple of days as we had to submit also a paid overnight return envelop. We waited for 3-4 days and there was no further notification of the passport having been mailed back. We were to travel on a Monday and by Thursday, we were in a panic. We went to the British Consulate, hoping to pick up the passport instead of having them mail it. We were stopped at the security desk itself and when we explained our problem, the lady at the desk called someone in the consulate. The response was that there was a backlog for printing the visas and that my son’s visa was in a queue and they couldn’t offer a time frame. We couldn’t even postpone the tickets as there was no definite time for the return of the passport. And the Consulate absolutely refused to hand over the passport to us, it had to mailed back. On Friday, my husband spoke to a British diplomat and when he checked with the Consulate, they gave the same information about the queue in printing and that that passport could only be mailed back. I turned to my Bhagawan Sai and kept praying. “Sai, I want to bring my son to Shirdi before he starts work and I want my parents’ blessings too for him. Sai, allow this trip to happen, Baba please.” This prayer was in my entire being the whole time.

Cancelling the tickets would be expensive and moreover, we had booked through Delhi where we had to take care of an important transaction. We tentatively decided that I would travel alone and my husband’s and son’s tickets would be cancelled on Sunday and rebooked only after there was clear intimation from the Consulate. Now see Baba’s clear, divine intervention. By late Friday afternoon, my son received an email that his visa had been printed but no notification of his passport being mailed. Now, it seemed like we could postpone the tickets instead of cancelling. My husband and son went back to the Consulate to try one last time if the passport could now be handed over to them. The answer was a clear “No” but the security guard gave them a vital piece of information that UPS usually picked up mail from the Consulate by 5 pm. At 5:30 pm, I tracked the package and it stated that it had been picked up by UPS. Look at the ways of the Lord! And the guaranteed delivery time was before 10:30 am on Monday! Our flight was at 3:10 pm and we were to leave for the airport before 12 noon. The passport arrived promptly at 9:15 am and we travelled as scheduled and evaded much financial loss. I took my son to Shirdi for a blessed Darshan of Baba as planned. In Baba’s path, there is much drama and tension too but ultimately, Baba makes His divine presence strongly known and felt. Staying at Baba’s feet through the highs and lows of life, that is the only way I know to live now. Sai Ram! May Sai’s blessings be with all His devotees.

Prayer Request

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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram, I am a Sai Baba devotee from Trichy, Tamilnadu. I am a girl of 22. In My family, there are 4 souls, mom, dad, my elder bro, and myself. As of now from 2011, we are only 3 souls, mom, dad and me. I left my Anna by accident. I have no support except mom and dad. I love a guy from 2011. He too loves me as anything. He is my cousin in relation and same caste. Because of some issues, he acted like broke up with my love. But since i can’t able to pass a day without speaking to him, he too never passes a day without speaking to me. My father-in-law (My love’s father) passed away since 2007. He is the only pillar to his family (His mom and younger brother). Because of those silly reasons like earning for his family, age difference between us, he is hiding his love for me and he is telling me to fulfil my parent’s desires. He is saying, i am not a match for you and my status does not matches with you, so marry someone whom your parents arranges. But i need only my love as my husband. I can’t live without him. So please pray for me all my dear readers. He wants to settle by having good job. He has to show his love on me earlier. I am waiting for hearing such sweet words from him.

I am working as a programmer in Chennai. My parents are living alone in my native. My Anna should always watch me and support me ever. Next to my Anna, that place is filled with my love. If my Anna lives, surely he will accept my love. So please Anna and Baba, i am praying You both to fulfil my dreams. When I completed my Nav Guruvar Vrat, that night I had a dream that: “My mom is sitting in front of Temple and asked me that you like your love very much? Will he match to our family? I replied: Yes mom, my love is a very good guy. I like him very much. My mom smiles and replied, i knew that you won’t live without him. I was happy at that moment. After few minutes, i got some alliance for me, my relatives wishing me to get engaged with that alliance. But my mom said that my daughter’s love is very good guy. We were getting ready to get me engaged with my love. I was excited and when i woke up and remembered my dream, i was so happy. So many alliances are coming and my relatives were changing my parents mind to get marry me soon with someone else and also telling wrong information and blaming about my love’s family. I wish to get marry only with my love. So i am requesting my dear Baba to stop those alliances and make to marry only with my love.

There is a very big chance to do marry with my love. My thinking is only he is my pillar next to my parents. I am afraid every second and praying Baba to stop those alliances. As of now Baba only stopped one alliance, I felt His presence when Baba stopped one alliance, this second my only wish is that he should show his love on me and don’t let any alliances come into my home. After my love settles in good job, i will convey my love to my parents since they also have some idea about my love on their mind but because of relatives they are hiding and worrying if people will talk about anything wrong. I will convince my parents to marry me with my love and waiting for these days. So i am requesting dear readers to pray me and my love to live a long life together. Om Sai Ram. Please Sai Ram, make my marriage life with my love, stop all alliances, i knew You will, i got positive results when i was doing and completed Nav Guruvar Vrat. Om Sai Ram, make my father’s and mother’s health alright, and my love’s family health too, i wish to go US with my friend for job make my MD to accept our request let us go to US. Sai Ram, Please Sai Ram make my life with my love.

My Experience Of Baba’s Miracle

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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I am a small devotee of Baba from past four years. Baba is my Everything-my Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Friend, Guru. I believe in Baba’s words, Shradha and Saburi. These words are so powerful that heal every wound of our life. I have experienced many Miracles of Baba but here I would like to share my recent experience as I promised Baba that if Baba will come to my help, then I will post this experience. Last year, there was created a misunderstanding between me and my best friend. Actually my fault was there but I apologised many times, I said sorry to him but he was not ready to listen anything. Even he didn’t pick my phone and I was very upset, I tried many times but all in vain. I can’t explain my condition of that time, I had no one except my Baba before I could share my feelings. Every time I cried with pain in front of my Baba and I used to read devotee’s experiences that gave me some hope.

I went through Sai Satcharitra and used to recite Baba’s Name all the time. I also went to Baba’s question-answer blog and there Baba advised me to remember & chant your favourite God’s Name and then everything will be alright. I made Baba’s Nav Guruvar Vrat that gave peace in my heart and mind. I had firm faith in my Sai Maa. I knew that Baba will come to my help because Baba’s words are so truthful and really Baba’s words come true. My friend is now back in my life. Today I am so happy because Baba is with me. Sai Maa has fulfilled my wish. Baba is our protector, Baba never leaves His devotees during their hard times. To all the Baba’s devotees, I want to say that never lose your hope on Baba. We should remember Him and always try to follow His teachings. Baba is so kind and merciful. There is great power in these three words-Om Sai Ram. Sai Maa, please bless us all. Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Ram.

I knew that Baba will come to my help because Baba’s words are so truthful and really Baba’s words come true. My friend is now back in my life. Today I am so happy because Baba is with me. Sai Maa has fulfilled my wish. Baba is our protector, Baba never leaves His devotees during their hard times. To all the Baba’s devotees, I want to say that never lose your hope on Baba. We should remember Him and always try to follow His teachings. Baba is so kind and merciful. There is great power in these three words-Om Sai Ram. Sai Maa, please bless us all. Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Ram.

Sai’s Grace On My Son

Anonymous Devotee from US says: I am a devotee of Sai since childhood and had experienced innumerable miracles. Few of them I had posted here. This particular miracle is very close to my heart and could see how our Sai carries our burden once we surrender ourselves totally at His Feet. I am staying in US for the past 5 years. We have moved to US when my son was in 9th grade. In US, we start applying for Universities in 12th beginning itself and get the admission by March of the academic year. My son applied for 10 universities and I was eager to know which university my son is going to join. I used to cast chits and pick one kept at Baba’s holy Feet. I wrote the names of the 10 universities in different chits and picked one. The one i picked was very near to our house and good one as well. This I did even before he got his admission. He got selected in 7 out of 10 and he chose to join the one Baba selected for him. He was initially more interested in joining the other universities which are far but somehow his decision slowly changed and he zeroed in the one near to our house. Our Sai’s Miracle didn’t end here, He was with him throughout the journey as my son got in undecided major but not of his choice. So enrolling for the courses every trimester for the course of his choice will take place only after the students of that particular major get their seats. But lo, here comes our Sai, some or the other way there used to arise 1 or 2 seats after few drop outs from the courses. Finally after completing his prerequisites he got his major changed to CSE at the end of the year. This is how Sai takes care of our burdens if we cast on Him totally. Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaja Ki Jai.

Help Me Find My Career Baba

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Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Om Sai Ram, I live in the US and have been a devotee of Baba since February 2014. In 2012, I took a course on medical receptionist. As a part of the course, I completed a internship at a hospital. After receiving my certification, I applied for work. I did not receive any call backs. One day I put my resume on a site. I received a call back. I had an interview. I was nervous and excited. When the interview day came I found out I will be interviewed by the doctor and her assistant. I became really nervous. I did horribly at the interview. I did not get the job. Since then I have tried to look for a job but I only have a customer service job. I want a job in the medical field. I pray to Baba that I will have that one day.

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  1. Om Sai Ram…thank you deva for everything….words fall short to explain the miracles in my life…just one thing I would like to say… sai devotees are very fortunate…. love u deva :-* :-*


    Surrender means silence, indepth complete silence- one who has surrendered, does not question anything, as such person realizes that life is happening as per MIGHTY WILL.

    So such person does not even pray for anything-Not even to change ONESELF according to time & situation. Time & situation looses relevance for such person.

    The best way is out to praying to BABA- Babaji please make us surrender at your mighty will, Once such surrender happens, everything else will disappear. No stress, No ambiguity, No rat race- Just calmness, serenity, watchful silence.

    Now if we look at- Do we have much control on our lives?

    A person who have got the grace of SAI & surrender happened ( Surrender can happen only by HIS GRACE), such person is living like swimming in the direction of flowing water current. Blissful, Sat-Chit-Ananad.

    People like us who are still striving for HIS Grace- we live like swimming opposite the direction of flow of water- tired, out of breath. We know complaining wont change things, but we still complain.

    Karma is very strong- Ever thought who was this mighty person who was the reason for Krishna's death, the person who shot Krishna with an arrow thinking of a deer?

    This was Bali to whom Shri Ram (last incranation of Divine) shot in disguise. Now if Krishna, the avatar had to pay off karma, who we are to oppose our OWN DOING?

    Let us pray together to SAI, Please make us surrender at your lotus feet, if we contnously pray we will strong enough to bear our own karmic actions. SAI grace can also lessen the severity of karmas.

    Love you all, Love to SAI

    • Dear Devotee,

      you have well described. But even after we pray to baba intensely and continuously leaving all things to his feet, why we are still facing the same situations of karma. This is not questioning to baba. This is self realisation for me to know how more or how I can pray to baba so that he will show his grace on me or to any devotees. Baba whatever you say is true. When time is coming the situations are going worse but not calming down. You are the only faith to me baba. Your are the only person who can change the situation. I left everything to ur feet. Baba you only gave me the ray of hope and you only took it again from me. Once you showed me the ray of hope, i was completely confident and had faith that you will make it happen. But baba why again all my situation shattered to ground. You had a intention to give me baba that is why you showed me the ray of hope. But why again you took away from me baba. If you did not have this in your mind you would not have given me a ray of hope. You would have dealt it in a different way. Baba please dont let me down. Please dont me leave me. Please show me your miracle baba. Please baba I beg u. Baba today in front of you I was crying and wished you for onething. If you cant help me who else can help me baba. Please help me baba.

    • Thank you. This is so well put. Surrender is not easy but essential for a peaceful blissful stress free life.

    • Dear devotees, I didn't write this . I got this beautiful note on surrender to baba from a very old post 2012 from this same website. I copied it and pasted it here so that new devotees can learn from it. I don't want to take the credit for it. I am honest person. I just liked it and posted it here so others can learn
      About patience and faith. Even I am going thru very tough time and my faith has also shaken a lot. But when I read this article I felt relieved so I thought why not post it again for other devotees like whose faith get shaken like me …hope you all forgive me. But I don't want to take someone else credit.

      OM SAI RAM…

  3. Har Har Mahadev, Shambo Shankara – wishing all a glorious and beautiful MahaShivarathri

    O Deva, how can we reciprocate the love You show us, we are overwhelmed by Your love for us, the miracles You do to bring happiness into our lives. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. Baba i want to marry the person i love with my parents acceptance.. please Baba make them understand how much i am suffering.. Sai Baba please save me please help me

  5. Thank you deva for being with me at each n every steps..for guiding me, nurturing me n showering me with ur luv n compassion. Pls showering ur divine blessing on each n everyone who calls upon u. Om Sri sai

  6. Baba,

    Still I haven't got the mental peace. It's becoming worse. Please help me. Your are the only one who can change my situation and help me.Please show me your miracle baba. Baba I beg you please do not leave me and do not let me down. Beacuse of this mental tension regarding my health concern I have I am not able to do good things to my husband and son. Please save me and help me. Send someone to help me.


  7. Om sairam…. thank you deva for your help to complete my parayan.. please forgive me for my mistake… shower your blessings on my son maa.

  8. Happy Shivratri to all Sai devotees … May Baba Bless all … Om Namah Shivaye
    .. Om Sai Mehma Mehma

  9. Baba please help me to find out job why are you not listing me please forgive me for any mistake . Baba please answer for my prayer .I know sometimes I am wrong and fight with you why are you not listing me ,please destroy my bad karma and help me .I am geeting frustrated baba I am your child, I cannot concentrate in any work.Please baba answer. Love you sai nath you are my every thing.

  10. OmSairam
    Baba, thank you for everything. Please be with us always and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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