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Baba’s Teachings About Life

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai baba thought me that faith and patience is the key to all troubles..He also thought me that self respect is also very important and to stand up for the right thing.

Om Sai Ram I had been thinking to write my experiences for a very long time. But I was also in a doubt whether I would be able to express my love for Sai Baba in words. I love him so much. I feel that he is everywhere in my life. Tthere is always a sign, his name, his devotee around me. I really want to thank Hetal ji for this opportunity and the wonderful work she has been doing for Sai Baba devotees. I’m the only child of my parents. They would do anything for me. After marriage, I faced many problems with my in laws. But I never told my parents or my husband about it, thinking that they will get hurt. Maybe due to that, and maybe because my husband was hearing only one side of the facts, he started thinking that I was the one doing everything wrong.

Once, my husband fell seriously ill. He could not walk or move. He was bed ridden for more than 2 months. He had already many health issues because of his previous accidents. All the doctors were saying that he needed an operation. But we all feared the consequences of the surgery which might put him to the previous health conditions or even worse. I was crying, praying to Sai Baba. My parents were there to help me. But we were still very anxious. At the same time, my son fell also very sick with a very high fever which refused to subside for many days. But, I never lost patience and had total faith in Sai Baba. He helped us and slowly cured my son and husband. I thought it was the end of my worries. My in laws never came to see my husband or son when they were sick and kept on complaining about my parents to my husband. One day, my husband got really angry and drank alcohol. He lost his senses and shouted at my parents. He threw them out of my house. My son was crying. I was devastated seeing what was happening. For the first time in my life, I decided to walk out of my house. I wanted my husband to understand what I was going through during these 10 years of marriage. He kept on drinking and coming very late night all these years, never understanding what my parents and I had done for him. I was not able to digest the fact that he could this to us after the big struggle,the pain with went through to make him walk again. I always had faith on Sai baba. After sometime, my husband promised me that he will never drink again and asked me to come back. My parents also thought that I should go for my son’s sake. It is a year now and still my husband is not talking to them. But thank to Sai baba, my parents were able to buy a place to stay near me after all the struggle, money issues, I was able to meet my parents again. Being the only child to my parents, it is very difficult for me to be in this situation. They don’t have anybody else..And my husband is still not understanding how much efforts they have put to save him. But my Sai Ram is there. One day he will make him understand. Sai Baba taught me that patience is the solution to all problems. I have total faith on him and hope that he will make things better between my husband and parents. My faith became bigger than my fears. Om Sai Ram.

Blessing’s Of Sai Baba

Anonymous devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal ji, you are such a blessed child of baba for introducing a platform that connects all Sai devotees and increases ‘Shradha and Saburi’. Thank you so much for your divine work. I am an ardent devotee of Sai maa from my childhood. I have come across many miracles of Sai maa in my life. I would like to share one experience. I sincerely apologize at the Holy feet of our beloved Sadguru from the bottom of my heart for delaying this post.

In 2013, I went to the doctor for my physical check up and I was told to go for lung CT scan to check my lung nodules. That report came normal, but CT scan showed scar on the liver, and I was asked to go for MRI. I was so scarred, but somehow got the MRI done continuously praying Sai Maa and was awaiting the results (would take few days). During that time, we were planning to buy a new van. We went and saw a new van, negotiated some price and came home. I was not in a mood to buy and scared of the results. Then next day we decided to go and check again. That day, in my mind I prayed to Sai maa saying, if we buy van today my results would be normal. To my surprise, and with Baba’s blessings we drove home in our new van. My results came out perfectly normal with Sai Baba’s blessings. Currently, I am going through another health condition and I completely surrender myself to Sai maa to bless and protect me and my family. Baba, please shine your unconditional love and blessings to all devotees. OM SRI SAI RAM.

Baba Helped My Love To Get A Job

Hi everyone. I am a small devotee of Sai Baba and I have read some of the devotees experience. I am a devotee of since 3 years.

At first I like Sai Baba and always prayed to him but not like now. Now I am feeling like he is a father for me who thinks only good for her child. I don’t know how my devotion increased day by day. I am loving a person for more than 5years. We are very strong about our love but my lover doesn’t have a job. I felt really bad for that. He attended so many interviews but he faced only failure. But my faith on Sai Baba doesn’t change. I asked Sai Baba to give a job to my love before on my birthday and I hope he will surely get. I promised Sai Baba that if he get the job I will share my experience. Now I am sharing with full of happiness. He got a job by Sai Baba’s grace before my birthday and that too happened on Thursday. We faced lot of problems. But I prayed to Sai Baba every minutes and visit him.I started doing Sai Vrat. I was very happy that he got a job but within one week time he is facing lots of problem with Co-workers and now he got suspended. I believe that Sai Baba is testing my patience surely my lover will reach heights in life with His grace. I am just following Shraddha and Sabhuri. Please Baba my lover should not feel any problem. Tomorrow he is going again please make some change in his office and in his life too. Waiting for your miracles Baba. Everything you done only for our happiness I can accept whatever you have given. Please Baba be with us and we need your blessings as always.

Baba Saved Two Lives

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am so much thankful to who was maintain this for a which we shares experiences and miracles of Sri Sai who was my close friend i.e. Sairam.

I already shared my two experiences previously in this I am trying to share my experience with all. Baba saved my nephew who was just 1 and 1/2 yrs old who was unknowingly going to the first floor and slipped from there on the Road cement. My sister ran near my nephew hurriedly but she saw uncleared hands are saving my nephew. When I heard that I remembered that in Sai Satchitra miracle was same. And other one is cousin his name also Sai he was suffering from fever and Doctors said take some blood test. In that test platelets was decreased and he was in serious condition in that time both was happened in one I promised Sai ram please save him i will share my experience to all. Thank you so much Sai and sorry for the late sharing. Forgive me please bless me and my mother and father and my family. Baba please bless my child and job it was already late.All devotees who are read this miracle please pray for me. I want to get pregnancy my life was boring I want to end my life without children please Baba please give a baby as soon as possible. Thanks for reading this miracle. Baba I will post my exprience when I will get pregnancy. Om Sairam

My Experience

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a home maker and a part time teacher living under the protection of His protection

My Baba my father he saved me from living a life of shame. My life changed overnight when my husband told me he is interested in other women. I was shocked, my world blew up because I loved him so much and we were leading a beautiful life with two children. I shared my burden with Baba. A day came when my world was going to crumble when a shameful incident was going to happen. I prayed to Baba to save me at least by causing an accident to that person. I cannot believe it even today. An accident did happen saving me and my marriage. If the accident had not happened I would not have been here to share this with you. I thank my Baba my father who rescued me. Though the past has left a scar I live today battling all problems with the help of Baba, today my husband and me we live happily. So friends do not be dismayed Baba will come to your aid when you need Him. Pray to Him it is the only solution. Sai Ram Ki Jai.

Baba Saved Me Like Always

Anonymous Devotee from India says:Om Sai Ram 🙂 I want to share a miracle that happened last month that is July 1st, 2015. But before that I want to tell you all about myself. I am a small devotee of Baba from J&K, India and a physiotherapist by profession. I am running my own Clinic. One evening while returning home, I met with an accident. My car hit a Barrier and fell down in a 20ft deep Ditch. By Baba’s grace, I didn’t get any fracture and after some first aid and vaccines I got discharged from hospital the same night. After 2 days there was a sudden fall in my Blood pressure and pulse rate was quite high. The physician told me that there is some internal active bleeding in my thigh and referred me to surgical dept where they told us that the surgery is required. We decided to take advice from another good hospital (I worked there before starting my set up). I had a firm faith in Baba and knew that whatever He decide for me would be for my good only. On my way to hospital, I saw a banner of Baba and felt really happy. The plastic surgeon there told us that ideally the surgery is required but they will like to try another option first ie aspiration of blood followed by compression bandaging. It took time and 3 weekly sessions but with Baba’s grace I recovered in 1 month and in spite of all that happened, my clinic is still running well. Baba took care of everything like always. Thank you Baba. I love you to the core of my heart. Whatever situation you will put me in, I will be okay with it. Just never ever leave my hand. Thats all I want. Om Sai Ram!

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  1. Om sai ram …..
    sai maa plz call me to shirdi .me and my frnds are planning to visit shirdi plz make it happend without problem.
    Sai maa bless me and my family deva
    Pl cure me .

  2. Baba why do i feel so depressed and disibterested in life..what is happening to me? Where are u Saima? Baba why did u make him enter my life? I love him so much and u have to do something about it..i have always had firm faith in ur decisions for me and whatever plan and path u have chosen for my life. Please don't let me waste all the talents and gifts u have given me in life Baba..please show me how to be happy and to make most of my to make others around me to be a good child of me Maa..please. I love u always. It's been so long since we all visited us to seek ur blessings and to thank you for all that u have done and keep doing for us. Blessed to be ur child and blessed to call u Saima, it is the name i will give to my daughter someday. Om Sai Ram

  3. Om sai ram,

    I am praying to baba intensely to make my parents accept my marriage to the person i like. Although they accepted with half hearted last week, I am just waiting baba's blessings to make my parents accept whole hearted and further proceed with this alliance.

    Meanwhile, i had a suprising experience with baba yesterday. I am observing nav guruvar vrat which I already told u before, yesterday was my third guruvar. I was working from home yesterday so I got a chance to go to baba's sandhya aarti at 6 at temple near by my house.

    My mother as she was not well, so she said since morning I wont be able to come, but later in the evening by 5 or so she said she will come and I was happy abt it. I was very happy yesterday becoz after many years i was going to sandhya aarthi. I did aarthi, everything went well. But suddnly within the last 2-3mins when the aarthi was abt to finish I started feeling uneasy and I felt that oxygen was not reaching to my heart. I was also praying baba during tht time, baba why is this I am feeling like this please help me. When aarthi finished I told my mom tht I am feeln nausea and i will sit under fan for sometime. My mom strted worrying. I felt vomiting sensation very badly and thought to go out as it wont b gud in temple. Before I went i applied baba's udi on my forehead and put some in my mouth. As soon as I stepped out, I felt unconscious and felt down completely. Some devotees thr and my mom panicked and cme to me and tried to wake me. After few mins i gained consciousness, I woke and sat for sometime.

    The miracle here is my mom who was not willing to cum to temple due to her weakness, decided in last min. See our baba probably he knew before that I am going to be unconscious in temple thats why he made my mom to come with me to temple. My mom was astonished by baba's miracle after thinking that he sent her only for me.

    But now my mom is like dont do fasting anymore..:( Although baba has saved me, why he is making to stop my guruvar vrat..:( did i do any wrong or mistake:( I an doing this to fulfillmy wish..I strongly decided that I will not stop and I told this to baba that I will not stop and I have determined to finish this.

    Om sai ram

    • Dear devotee. I did nav gurvar vrat last yr Aug and finish on baba samadhi day in Oct.I used to have one time rice and the other time some brkfast item.and I used to eat smthing wen ever I was hungry.bcoz baba never wants his children to be hungry..and guess what my has been fufllied after 2 mnths of completing vrat.just we have to have love and devotion for him not hunger

    • om sai ram..Dear dont need to fast to show your love for Baba.During vrat you can take Baba's prasad, fruits and milk..No need to stop your 9 week vrat.May Baba bless us all…om sai ram

    • Dear devotees,
      Om sai ram..And thank you for replying me. I too ate fruits in the morning after doing pooja to baba and grapes in afternoon, yet I fell unconscious in the evening. But due to baba's grace, i was able to sing the aarthi completely and i fell down before the aarthi was about to finish in 2-3mins. Hope showers his blessings on me soon to make my parents accept whole heartedly. I wish to continue the vrat. Thank you for suggesting me.. Bless all the devotees baba who are in need of you.

      Om sai ram

  4. @first devotee ,yes truly said we all should make our faith more than our hidden son is going for his 10 exam starting from march 2 .as all mothers i too have anxiety and I can my faith is bigger than my fears.baba plz help .surrendering to ur holy feet.

  5. Dear devotee 5..Om Sri sai..I got goosebumps while going thru ur indeed r the blessed one..this post relate to me to the t. I m going thru the same situation at the moment. My marriage of 16 yrs is on the edge n I m helpless. I just have 2 weeks left n I am praying each n every moment feverishly to my dewa to turn things on my favour. I just don't want to give up so easily n will fight till the end. Though I am totally helpless but my dewa is with me. It's only because of him m still sane and fighting. Today after finishing my evening prayers I came across ur post n I strongly believe this is some kind of sign my dewa wanted to convey to me. It's been a week that I have totally surrendered to dewa n I feel alive again. I have no malice left in my heart for the other woman aswell. I m at total peace at the moment as I trust our dewa will never let injustice happen to his children. He will save me from this situation anyhow. Sometimes I do get tensed but I remind myself I just need to hang on to his lotus feet with total faith. I know prayers can move mountains. Pls all my sai devotees pls keep me in my prayers:-). Om Sri sai n may baba always shower his blessing to all.

    • I am also in same situation but in my case the other woman is my mother in law..I have been praying for the last 3 years but nothing has changed…my husband is enjoying his life with no regret at all. But I have lost all hopes now….in my case divorce is the only solution….

    • Hmmm. Don't think in wrong way. My husband is a mumma boy. He is under her mother's influence. She doesn't like me so she wants me out and she has won too by throwing me out of home. My husband and Mil both had made my life hell. They don't even have any
      Pity for my child.. if my Mil wants everything can become alright .but now it's too late..I did my best to save my married life.

      How old people can ruin their own grand-daughter's life just because of their ego and greed . I am looking with my own eyes… my innocent daughter's life
      Is getting spoiled.

  6. My sai baba protect me from all those people who play pranks on me and on my life, baba punish them baba, punish them severely that they will never see light again in their lives unless until they beg and live for your grace. Baba crush those fool's and their foolishness. Baba how come you give me more love when i am among these fools and suffering their wrath. Its like Jesus getting crucified one side and his saviour is loving him as his own son on the other side. Hail to the only master and father of the universe Sri satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki jai Jai Jai Jai jai. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  7. Om sai ram…Deva, Please kindly show me your grace and cure my pain.I have been praying you since last 4 years for the same problem..Deva,please show mercy on me..How long should i suffer.I was hoping this year you are going to shower your blessings and show me a new path.please dont disappoint me and dont test me anymore.please cure my pain and safe my life…i want to live for the sake of my kid.please Baba,bless me with your darshan and heal all my pain and worries…Om sai ram

    • Dear devotees I am posting one of my experiences I was rude to my husband two days before not coming with me from office as I had returned by auto to my home I know that he had overloded work in office. But that night baba came in my dream he is wearing a white dress as a old man he picked my two arms and pulled my arms but I was feeling that I was angry with for some reason. I suddenly wake up. sudden I remembered that Baba want to tell me not to angry for any reason. That morning I do puja and arti of my baba happily. Baba if you come to me and put my arms how I will rude.I have decided that I will not worried about anything because baba always with me.Just pray him.

  8. om sri sainathaya namah, om shri sainathaya namah, om shri sainathaya namah, om shri sai nathaya namah, om shri sainathaya namah, om shri sainathaya namah, om shri sainathaya namaha, om shri sai nathaya namah, om shri sainathaya namah, om shri sainathaya namah.

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