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Sai’s Presence In My Life As Amma, Sai Father And Sai Brother

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Sanjukta from India says: I am from Mumbai originally, now settled in Kolkata, post marriage. I am an ardent devotee of our Baba since childhood. I love Him a lot, a lot, a lot. Om Sai Ram! I am back to share. My published experiences are on following links.
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That was in Year 2012, when I was sitting at home in search of a much needed job as being a working woman, the almost 4 years break was like a vacuum created in my life. Despite the fact that I had given birth to a beautiful, lovely girl Saina (Doll) in Year 2010! Sai at that time had many a times imaginarily smiled me off saying “Well, now you complain about spending constructively with official work, there would come a day when you would tell me, Give me at least some time for You (Sai worship), my baby and home. How true as always, Year 2013 and this is exactly how I am crying and praying to Him. I have so much external work that I am unable to devote time to Him, my lovely Doll and my understanding husband, my family. I sincerely pray Him to get me out of this heavy schedule to give me a job where I would be able to devote time to Him, Doll, hubby, home. Yes, since Year 2012 many Miracles had happened but He took away all my time to be able to post it here. The most important thing to have happened this year was the entry of the most devoted Usha Kiran Ji whom I call my father to my life. I met Usha ji (Here in after I would refer him as Sai Father) through this very forum. I have developed immense love for him and I know as he too have agreed that I feel I have known him for endless generation. Thanks Hetal ji for being a mediator in bringing Sai Father to my life and how great is Sai Mahima.

Before I elaborate about Sai Father, let me brief you about Amma who had similarly come to my life and mysteriously disappeared and after her disappearance comes Sai Father, all Sai’s form. Back in 2007-2008, prior my marriage, I would visit the Sai Mandir in Mumbai Kandivali Thakur Complex everyday in the morning hours and perform the Kakad Aarti, distribute Mandir Prasad. By His Grace to all devotees and then sit and read Sai Satcharitra in the Mandir. I would observe everyday people receive blessing from a pious woman whom all called ‘Amma’. Amma would smilingly give them Baba’s Udi. Sai Baba, I heard from all, converses long time with Amma and truly when I visited Amma’s place by His blessing was astonished to see tons of Udi overflowing from His Idol at Amma’s house. I also heard, Amma could see Him. There are other miracles too which I heard but at best not sharing as Amma herself had maintained complete secrecy of all the miraculous happenings. Initially, I talked to none, just performed my Pooja, distributed the Prasad (which was one of the duties accorded to me by the temple authorities), do my Parayan and then off to Office.

One day, all by herself, Amma approached me while I was into Parayan, took the Satcharitra from my hand and turned few pages here and there and asked me to read Chapter 11 daily. That was my first talk with her. I felt, as in Satcharitra, Baba consecrated the books of His devotees, so had Amma. Amma was Sai. She knew all. She gave expression to my innermost secrets and when I inquired how does she know. She smiled telling me Sai informed her. She invited me to her house. I was obliged. I visited. What a pious house. Neat and tidy. Aroma of Sai could be easily inhaled even from the entrance. By aroma of Sai, I mean a ‘camphor type’ aroma. I have often sensed this. She fed me a sumptuous lunch – Khicdi, Aloo Bhaji completed with Dahi and Rice. I felt Sai had cooked it Himself. She replied Sai does cook in her house many a times. There onwards, other than Amma, I made a new family at the Sai Mandir. A respectable old man whom I called Papa, many brothers, much much more than my own family. My wedding which happened in 9th July 2008 was celebrated with more ecstasy than the actual wedding. I had tears every moment as I could feel Sai is getting me married and celebrating my happy moment more than me. Although my marriage took place in Kolkata, there was celebration arrangement at the Thakur Complex Temple, Mumbai which was completely organized by my Sai family hailing there. When I went to seek Amma’s Pranam post my marriage with Abhishek (My husband), I could find the automatic appearance of a ‘Silver umbrella (A miniature of what we find at the Shirdi Sai Temple’) at Amma’s hand, who gave it to me with blessings. She said Sai just gave it to her for me. This was Sai’s gift for me (other than of course many Sai Pictures that I had received) but this was special, meant I am under Sai’s umbrella and how true. He is protecting me and my family kindly.

I settled in Kolkata after marriage. I recollect having cried bitterly in the Mumbai Thakur complex Mandir telling Him, I shall not leave Him and go to Kolkata. How am I to perform the Pooja as religiously as I am doing now? What about my Sai family? Here is His Miracle. Within 2 months of my settling down in Kolkata, Sai entered our Flat as a 3 inch beautiful Idol. He never left me. I was in contact with Amma via telephone and met her twice when I went to Mumbai. Then she disappeared as mysteriously as she had walked to my life. Yes, she calls me suddenly, of the blue specially when I am in a sad state of mind or remembering her intensely, which also proves Sai’s form in her. Thus, Sai is always present in my life be it through Amma or Sai Father. As I mentioned previously, I met Sai Father Usha ji in this very forum and later on Facebook. We exchanged SMS’s initially and certain notes on our FB messages and mobile phones. I started facing some challenges at work place recently and do not how, I remembered dear Sai Father and messaged Him to pray for me. He did and it helped me certainly. I was happy. His messages always motivated me and made me so strong so as to fight every battle with a smile. All his messages proved that he was Sai in an invisible form communicating with me. An unusual happiness kept surrounding me each time I messaged my Sai Father as if I was communicating with Sai and each of his response left me no doubt that he is my Sai. All my worldly uneasiness is slowly diminishing with Sai Father’s prayers and his closeness to me. I love him immensely and he has certainly become my family.

The first day that I was communicating with Sai Father over phone, my flat got automatically filled with the same Sai aroma that I had experienced in Amma’s house, the camphor type aroma. I was thrilled. I knew and could understand Sai was moving around. All in my house similarly inquired from me whether I was able to smell camphor and how suddenly? I only had one reply, It’s not camphor, We are smelling Sai’s presence. I knew even that very moment Sai Father Usha ji is Sai sent to me, is Sai to me. I must mention the mysterious presence of another such person in my life whom I have termed as Sai Brother. I had mentioned him in one of my earlier post although not very certain that has been released by Hetal ji. Early this year, I had called up Shirdi Sansthan to inquire on the Sai Dairies which I had ordered online. The person who had then taken my call still calls me up strangely on my important days, say birthday’s, anniversaries, etc apart from religiously calling me every month. All he says, Sister, hope you are well. Tell me Sai devotees, who else can the person be other than Sai? Would anyone who you have simply called for an inquiry be calling you every month to inquire on your wellbeing? Perhaps the following instance would make it more clear. 5th November 2013 was Bengali Bhai Dooj where Sisters put Tika (Holy Sandal Bindi) on their Brothers Forehead and sing a particular poetry in Bengali which means I am offering the Tika to my Brother, Do be my brother birth after birth and accept this Tika from your sister. I too had recited this after offering the Tika on Sai and told Him, I shall call up Sai Brother today. You might have guessed what had happened? Sai Brother himself had called me. (Although he calls me approx once in month – this time he called up twice, the frequency being within 3 days interval). Who else than Sai.

Success In My Career

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a sincere girl who is always tensed about how to study well, score good marks in my subjects. Since i am doing CA, i feel more worried at stages of exams thinking whether i would be able to clear it even after studying hard. I am not like girls who always try to deceive oneself or behave in a selfish manner. I believe that God always does justice to His devotees. Om Sai Ram. I have already told that i am doing CA, my experience is related to my career. In CA, there is an orientation programme which one needs to do before starting an article ship (CA training). There is one more training which is known as ITT training. I had appeared for my IPPC exams in May and was pursuing my ITT training from June-July. My ITT training was on its verge of completion and since some days were left for the result to be declared so i decided to do orientation programme. I was not aware of the availability of the seats and commencement of the programme as i was dependant on my CA friends that they would let me know about it. I had already told them to inform me about it. But one of them informed me on the last date when the seats were 6.

Payment for fees had to be done through a demand draft but my demand draft was not prepared. I felt helpless that now nothing can happen, but then also i requested my father to go to the bank and get the DD prepared. My father rushed to the bank, got it prepared, told me the DD number on my phone number but it was too late for me as when i checked the website, the seats became 0. I felt sad and started cribbing my friends who had already done the registration and did not let me know. But Baba was with me, everyday i checked the website thinking that seats would become available and one day when i logged on the website, i was surprised to see the availability of 8 seats. I immediately registered myself, this time my DD was prepared and thanked Sai Baba. Before this day, i was so depressed that i started listening to Sai Dhoop Aarti and Sai helped me a lot. This programme takes place once in every month so i was worried that if i would not get seat for myself i will have to wait for next month. But Sai Baba had decided something else for me.

One more experience of mine is related to my CA, IPPC results. After getting registered for orientation programme, i was worried for my result which had to be declared 2 days after i got myself registered in orientation programme. I prayed Sai Baba, listened to Dhoop Aarti, Madhayana Aarti but then also my fear was not going away from me. It had conquered me. So i asked Sai Baba in “Sai Baba answers and questions” about my result, whether it would make me happy? whether everything will be alright? Baba replied, “Take my name 1200 times, desire will be fulfilled and you’ll experience something good”. At that moment, i was free so i decided to start chanting. Firstly, i took a notepad and a red pen and wrote Sai Baba’s Name 260 times by filling 4 pages and then i chanted Baba’s name on my fingers for the remaining 940 times. I completed the chanting in 1 hour and felt relieved. At night while sleeping also, i chanted Baba’s Name for a good result which had to be declared the next day. I slept at night and in the morning, worries surrounded me again.

I took a bath and decided to go to Sai Baba Temple near to my home. I went to the Temple with my father and offered sweet along with garland to Baba. Now, i completely left my tension upon Him. I got the Prasad along with a rose. After praying, i came home and i knew that the result would come at 2 or 3 pm but then also i started surfing internet to find out latest updates. I checked the CA website and came to know that the result was announced. I entered my roll number and pin taking Sai Baba’s Name. My hands were shaking and mind was filled with fear. I clicked on “submit”. Finally my result was before my eyes. With God’s Grace, i passed it with nice marks. My eyes filled with tears of happiness, i thanked Sai Baba because it was all possible because of Baba. I was so happy that my feelings could not be expressed at that moment. I have become a strong believer of Sai Baba after these two Miracles happened. Sai Baba always pampers His children like a mother.

Baba Answered My Prayers In Dreams

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from New Zealand says: Hello to all devotees of Baba. I am a devotee of Sai from my birth onwards. Last time, i tried to write my experience in this blog but i did not get any words to express my feelings on Baba. From that time onwards, every day Baba is reminding me to write in this blog to fulfil your dreams. So i thought this day (Guru Pournamy) was good day to write my experience. I born in 1987, at that time of my rice eating ceremony (Annaprashan) in our tradition, we used to keep all the things (Book, pen, knife, flowers, money, toys etc) before baby. What that baby touches first is the thing that she become familiar in that field, that is our belief. At that time, i used to touch Baba Parayan book and pen. From that time onwards, i started believing in Baba. If i am in any problem, Baba used to come in my dreams and He will tell the solution for it. Few years back, i met one person in my life. He proposed me and he told that he want to marry me. I liked that person but i know that this won’t happen because my parents won’t accept that person to marry. I put this burden on Baba and told that “Baba, i am unable to take decision but i love that person, i think that he is the right person for me. If You feel it is correct please do my marriage with that person”. Every day, i undergo more stress because of this issue. One day, Baba came in to my dream and He told “Not to worry, everything will be good and your future will be good”. The person whom i loved went to foreign for future studies. He had so many commitments. His father had died in road accident. With his family problems and commitments, he did not even talk with me for more than one year. But i know, he loves me a lot, distance does not matter.

At last my parents came to know about my matter, they did not accept for my marriage. They started seeing matches for me. I was in worst situation that i can’t even forget him and accept other person in my life. I stood strong and faced the issue and thought whatever happens Baba will take care. One day unexpectedly, the person i loved called me and told that he is going to come to my home to talk with my parents about our marriage. He came and convinced my parents. My parents took my date of birth and his date of birth to astrologers to show astrology. The Astrologer told that both Kundali are not matching. If they both get married something happen to one of them and they won’t even get children. We were worried a lot. But i decided to marry him only, because if life is short, i want to live life with the person whom i loved. Really Baba is with me in every situation. At last, we got married in 2013 and went to Shirdi next day to get blessings from Baba. Baba blessed me with a baby boy in 2014.

We are in Newzealand right now. 3 months back, we faced visa problem. Visa was going to expire. We don’t have a right job to proceed our visa but we drop the visa on what we are doing the job. Usually it takes one week to know the status of visa but we waited for one month, there was no update. We were worried a lot. One day, Baba came in to my dream and told that “You are going to get the visa in 4 days and your husband will get the good job in November or December, your life will be good, don’t worry”. I woke up in the morning and remind my dream and prayed Baba on bed itself. You don’t believe that i saw the akshintas on my bed. How it came on bed? Really, i don’t have any words to express that feeling on that day. Baba blessed me with akshintas and came to the dream. After 4 days, we got 2 years extension visa. After one month, my husband got a job which could solve our financial problems. He is trying for good job related to his profession. I know the miracle is going to happen in November or December which Baba told. I can face any hurdles because Baba is with me in each and every moment. He will take care of us. I know with the blessings of Baba, we will get a good job in future. I feel thanks to this blog, you are bringing all the Sai devotees to one place to share there experiences. Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Seeing Baba In Human Form-Priceless

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Nidhi from India says: Om Sai Ram, Thanks to Hetal Ji and her team. Baba’s blessings be with all of you. This is my second post on this page. I would like to post my most recent experience and miracles. Me my 2 friends and my aunt started the Nav Guruvar Vrat Pooja and blessings started overflowing. We would visit Baba Temple in the morning and during evenings perform the Pooja. I was supposed to get my monthly periods hence was prepared for it. I thought I would commence the following week. To my surprise, I did not get my periods till I completed my Pooja. Where in, I got it half an hour after the Pooja. My happiness knew no bounds I was overjoyed. I was in my home town and I saw Baba in my dreams, He was in His human form and was talking to people. All I remember is seeing Baba covering His Head with a yellow/orange shawl (As depicted in Shiridi Idol). The following month, I missed my periods and got it on Saturday. I could perform all my 9 Guruvar Pooja’s without a break. While visiting Sai Baba’s Temple, I used to see a lady distribution Theertha Prasad to the devotees. I used to tell myself how lucky is that lady who got this opportunity. Few days later the Pujari ji called me and asked if I can help him on further enquiry he asked if I can go and distribute the Theertha. I thanked Baba with all my heart. After which on Thursday’s, I go and give Theertha for close to 2 hours.

Once, I saw in dream that Baba in Shirdi wearing White shawl and Abhishekam being poured on His Idol. I saw Baba in His human form, only His Face was clear I saw Baba’s face. His grey cropped beard moustache, His eyes, it was blissful. The next morning, I opened my eyes and looked into Baba’s picture clicked when He was in His physical body and He looked the same in my dream. I again saw Baba in human form. This time He was standing straight in front of me in a brown robe and a bag. I asked Him, if He would let me perform Pooja. He agreed and I did Pooja to Him. I remember pressing His Feet, washing and offering flowers to His Feet. It was awesome. Again i saw Baba in an Orange robe. I had offered a Vastra to Baba, the Pujari ji told me that He would make Baba wear it on the following Thursday but he forgot. I enquired the Pujari ji on the same and he told he would make Baba wear it on the next Thursday and today 30 Aug 2015, I saw Baba wearing the dress I offered. My happiness knew no bounds. I thanked Baba for accepting my offering. To see my beloved Guru wear the Vastra I gave, It was priceless. Love You Baba. All of these experiences and many more started happening when my faith in Him increased. Love you all.

To all the devotees, Do not be sad that your wish is not being fulfilled. Baba has a better plan for you, because He knows what is best for you. I had requested Baba to help me find a good job. I attended interviews nothing clicked well. But I am not disheartened because I know, He has a better plan for me. I will continue serving my beloved Guru forever and ever. I also request the devotees to do a lot of donations. I have many more Miracles, the above mentioned are the most prominent experiences. My mom’s back ache and dad’s fever was cured with Udi and Baba blessings. Me, my friends and my aunt have continuously distributed food, fruits, rice bags(100+) Kgs to people sitting asking for alms outside Baba Temple. Every time you feel Baba has blessed you, please go and share it with the people in need. We have plenty of people who are in need. Count on your blessings. Many people in our country can’t afford for 3 full meals in a day. See how blessed are you. Please donate. If you have not done in this past, do it now. By doing this Baba will be over pleased with you and will never leave you alone. Akhilananda Koti Brahmand Nayak Yogiraj Para Brahman Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Sai Baba Is Everything To Me

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from USA Says: Respected hetal ji, First of all I want to thank you for providing a noble platform which brings all Sai devotees closer to our Guru Sai Baba. I have been a devotee of Baba since my childhood and experienced many Miracles from Him. He has given me whatever I asked for. He is like my Father. I have been going through tough times since couple of years. I have full faith in Sai all the time but sometimes without my knowledge I will worry over my issues and loose interest in everything, even on my Baba. I want to share a wonderful experience which happened very recently. This happened in a dream. I was in sound sleep and suddenly a very very big animal came and sat next to me. It looked like a monkey but never saw that big monkey in real life. i was afraid and asked Baba to help me. Real miracle happens here. I can hear Baba saying, you will be saved only if you have Blind Faith in Me. At that moment, I stopped frightening for the animal and started praying Baba. Immediately that monkey disappeared. I suddenly woke up from sleep and realised it was a dream. Lesson I learnt here is no matter how big your problem may be don’t lose faith in Baba.

Now also I have problems and frequently visit question and answer website to get answers. Baba was constantly telling me to donate food and did that couple of times. Even after doing that I still have problems. But today morning, I experienced a very beautiful dream. That too Today is Thursday and on this wonderful day Baba made me donate food in my dream. I was sitting in a place. I have no clue what this place is. Suddenly an elder lady comes to me and asks me to help distribute the food. She handovers everything to me and tells me to proceed. I served Roti to couple of small kids and after doing that I want to go to Baba temple for Aarti. I went to Temple and see that door was closed. I woke up and realised it was a dream. I have one more dream to share but will share later. So I sincerely request all Sai devotees to love our Baba more than anything else. He is our real Father and He will definitely take care of us. But we have to keep faith in Him. I request all the devotees to please pray for me and my family. Please pray for the well being of my kids. I love them a Lot. Om Sai Shree Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.

Sai Baba Did My Marriage

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all Sai devotees. Thanks to this blog for giving people opportunity to share their Sai Baba miracles. I am a small devotee of Sai Baba. This is the 2nd time, i am sharing my experience here. Baba kindly bless me to narrate my experience. My experience/miracle goes like this. Om Sai Ram. Sai Baba arranged my marriage and made it happened without any hassles. We were in a financial problem. Marriage date was nearing but no finance in our hand to make arrangements but Sai Baba made everything on time. Me, mother and all our family members were very panic that how to move further. Then Sai Baba came to our rescue did everything without any problems. Actually, i don’t have a father to do my marriage, it is Baba who did my marriage without trouble through my Brother in-law, If i had my father though, he wouldn’t have done my marriage in such a way. Thank You Baba for all Your blessings and love on me and my family. We can come to know that a firm faith and devotion in Baba can make anything possible. Thank You for accepting me as Your disciple, i wish to be Your daughter in my every birth. I do Your Seva till my demise. I am waiting for Your another Miracle which i am praying from long time, You are the only hope. Baba please bless me the thing i am asking as soon as possible. Anantha Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhi Raja Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

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  1. Hello Sanjukta,

    Can you please share more details about Sai Father (UshaJi) and Amma . Like how do I get in touch with them.

    Sai Ram

  2. Read Rama Vijaya it gives you peace of mind.there is an instance where Baba instructed a Madaras based saint Vijayanand to read Rama Vijaya during his last days .Om Sai Ram…

  3. Dear SAIBABA, My mother is in talks to fix marriage for me. I know that i aged 36 completed and recently turned 37. So at this age, according to me, i should go for a already married man with kids(Because of so many reasons 1. Myself aged, 2. Definitely after this age giving birth to kids is very rare, thats why i am asking you to fix my marriage with a already married man with kids( there will be cases like his first way passed away at a young age or they went for a divorce). And also father is very troublesome person who is troubling not to give money for marriage and not to attend the wedding. Please take care that everything goes well. I wish to do all household duties by myself till my last breath and also to do export business after marriage. Same export business please bless for my younger brother also. PLease because this house is built several years ago, needs to be reconstructed. Thats why please both of us to make so much profit through export business. One thing is for sure, so far we lived a life only because of your mercy,love, care & blessings. Same we need your love,care,mercy and blessings on us till the end..PLease bless all your devotees please

    • I can't believe when Indian women who can read/write English say things like this that they are 36, 37 so aged completely and can'ut give birth to kids…Please stop living in the 1940s india or nder developed country where such things r put into women's head to make them a man's gulaam… u even know in urban cities in India n in most western countries, 30s r the new 20s as 20s n early 30s is spent in making career….n women- rich n highly succesful in their career marry late n give birth to kids in late 30s…..thats is the case with my sis, sis in law n friends who are doctors in US…All of them got married in 30s to their handsome n succesful doctor husbands n gave birth to first kid- healthy n beautiful in late 30s !..Please treat yourself with dignity.

    • On sai Ram…Dear devotee don't loose heart so soon…be courageous and try at ur own having faith on our beloved baba..Please create an account on where u can find your soul mate..u can talk with the people of your choose but be careful while selecting and enquire everything about the person..I am sure u vl get your partner and lost confidence back.don't underestimate itself…baba is with u

  4. Dear Shirdi saibaba, You know everything, mother was harassed by father, he ill treated her and didnt write property for her.For that she took revenge on me only, she never allowed me to work and earn money. Each & every day almost passes away with lots of fighting, arguments, scoldings, curses. She at the same time looking for some allaince for me. I had that fear she may fight with those allaince people, but she started here itself. You please clear my path whether there is marriage for me in this birth or not. With all these troubles and taking revenge on me, cursings and all she made me severe depressed person and almost like a mental and she again started the same thing, that i should suffer a lot, then why taking steps into allaince. Either one should be cleared, bless me with a good married life orelse let me pass away so soon. Whatever lived so far is more than enough for me. Please bless me brothers very long, healthy and happy married life. Orelse if i have to live for more years in this world, and there is no marriage in this birth then bless me with good job/ tailoring/ i will do servant job in several houses for my 3 times meals per day and for my clothing. No problem. Make clear my life.Please. There will be ladies complaining about mother-in-law harrasment, husband harassment, sis-in-law harassment. See my case. How long should i wait with SHRADHA AND SABURI. Yes its you who have cured my mental illness, did i forget that love,mercy which you have shown me.I will never forget that BABA.But whats this?..How long should i undergo this domestic issues. You very well know that i am almost a dumb person staying at home, whatever troubles i face at home. PLease give me natural death that only my mother wants, seriously and sincerely she will again fight with those alliance people(she is known for fighthing with everybody). Let she enjoy sweet dishes and celebrate my death. PLease grant me natural death. Thats the best.

    • Please sisteru cant change ur mother but can change urself.get out of the place and do some job..bring peace meditating on baba..have full faith..don't let negative come in ur mind..San accha hoga..kyu vyarth chinta Kate ho..Jo bhagya Mae likja hai usko koi nhi basal sakta.khud se accha rehne ki koshish karna shaadi k baad aur itna apnapan dena inlaws ko k aapki maa ki baataon ka unn ko bura hi naa lage kyuki badle me unko aapke jaise acchi bahu to u by babaji

    • Is she your step mother ??? If you have so many issues talk to her nicely…ask her why she is behaving like this …

  5. Sai maa …… plz bless me deva …. I need ur blessing ….
    plz bless my my mama.he is in some financial trouble .

  6. Sai Baba by each passing day I can feel you around me. Earlier I used to take your name and remember you more for my wishes and desires, but now I feel more close to you. My impatience has turned into patience,My wavering doubts have turned into unwavering Faith.
    Your every word has turned out to be true. I can take a deep breath full of love and contentment. I know you have chosen me for a greater work.
    What is of my desires they are never ending.
    You are the only TRUTH.

    The experiences shared here are so wonderful and blessed that we all dive in your leelas like children.

    Thankyou Baba

  7. om sairam..baba i love u so much..wenever i feel pain in my heart,i first remind u.Now i'm in a great pain.. i love a girl.. i love her so much.. my happiness is only with her.. i jst cant explain my love towards her. she also likes me alot.. i want to be with her life long..she is also a great devotee of you.she have a boyfriend.. he is also a great devotee of baba.. on the day i met her,i felt that it is u who sent her to me.. But what is this baba.. y m behaving in this way.. y i got attracted to her..they both love each other very much.. i cant tell anymore baba.. please make me to forget her else give her in my life..plzz baba.. plzzz

  8. Om sai ram…….Help me to get from this.Iam struglling a lot this is because of my lover's misunderstanding.i want him to talk to me like before.Plss All pray for me I dont want to be like this……..pls saibaba help me…om sai sri sai jai jai sai.Om shri sachithanandha sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai…


  10. Bless us O Sadguru so we me speak only good and only the truth and strive to bring happiness to our family and friends and make You proud 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  11. Dear Sai Devotees,
    I have a question..
    Does the Sai Prashnavali work? The number question and answer?
    Please answer me…

    Om Sai Ram

  12. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram
    BABAji! You know our pain. Please cure my dad. I humbly beg before Your Holy Feet. Each passing day is becoming unbearable. Please come to our rescue Saima.
    Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

  13. Hello everyone,
    I m new to this site. Wish to share my feelings for Sai Baba. I was drawn towards him wen I was a teenager. I worship him & at d same time I fight wid him like v fight wid our near & dear ones. He gave me a comfortable life for which I m thnkful to him & I apologize for all the sins & mistakes which I have committed.
    Since last approx four years chart of happiness in my life is continuously going down in every field. I am a thirty four years single girl who is havng a serious medical problem which as per dr. is rare. Fighting wid the problem with faith dat Sai wil mak me totally fit forever very soon. I dont hav any job since last four years(prior to dat I was wrkng),though I tried alot cleared many rounds of different interviews but final result was always ngtv, hope Sai wil help me in securing a gud job. And as I m single, I also dream of a perfect married life one day. In this also I wil need Sai's help.
    In total my health, my career & my personal life all need Sai's blessings.
    Sometimes I feel he is not doing anything but sometimes I feel he is upto something & wil grant all my wishes. Infact some of the incidents happened which logicaly I can't explain but dey enhanced my faith.
    One of the incident I wil narrate here. I hav been to Shirdi once long back. But in last four years I tried many a times to go to Shirdi again but tickts wer not avlbl. This year I tried again & got tkts. Finaly Sai called me though a huge amount of savings was spent but I was satisfied dat wen everyone was saying I wil not b able to make it, Sai made the provisions for me.
    Hope he will fulfill all my wishes bcz he is d one who has sown the seeds of those wishes. I need him on every step hope he wil bring me out of this mess.
    Sai baba every where there is darkness in my life since a long time, plz come soon & make everything bright & lighted. I know I am a sinner, asking for too much but plz pour your grace. B on my side always & end my sufferings & grant my wishes, only u can plz do it soon.
    Om Sai Ram Om

  14. OmSairam
    Baba, thanks for everything. Please be with us all and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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