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Baba Blessed Me With Wonderful Child

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister S Ranjan from India says: Om Sai Ram to all readers. I am from India and i am sharing my life changing experiences. Hetal ji and team, you people are really great souls that Baba has chosen you all for this divine work. Thank you so much for creating this site, my whole hearted love and blessings to you all. My relationship with Baba started early in childhood because my father is a devotee of Baba but up to long time it was a kind of on off relationship. While early in age of 12 year, I used to perform His Aarti, Pooja and all, but when i entered in rebellious age after 18, i almost forgot Baba and so Baba. I have experienced every time, if we lose grip and forget Baba, He also forgets us but if we hold His Hand tight, for sure we can sail through all oceans. In my case, i kept on moving in life and thought that I can do anything but very late i realised the true essence of Geeta, only karma we can do and results as Baba says, He can bless us with any demand but whether our Karma allows us to get that wish, only Baba knows.

Till my 35, I could not find a suitable match, and it was like a dream that i may get marry to a person of my dreams. I did my masters in engineering so getting a job was not a problem for me, but in life you also need things that money can’t buy. I used to search groom all over but in vain. In that age, i was sure that now marriage will be a compromise, i also started looking divorcee and others who married earlier. Then a Miracle happened, my one of friend told me that Thursday fast are very powerful remedy, why don’t you try. I was posted in state government job that time and there was a Sai Mandir, where i used to visit, because i had enough free time in evenings. I bought Thursday Vrat Katha from Temple and also started singing Bhajans of Baba. Just after my 1st Thursday fast, i got interest from person of my dream. Very soon, we met with our parents and within two months, i got married. You all can imagine that how nice partner i came across that i resigned my state government job and never regret that decision. He is so humble, caring, intelligent and spiritual and more than that he is Baba’s devotee. More than a husband, he is my friend, philosopher and guide. We both understand the value of human life and surrender ourselves on Baba’s Lotus Feet.

But as we know everyone is bounded by law of karma and we have to pay in one or other form for our deeds good or bad. That’s what happened when we try to extend our family. It was so bitter experience when i had my first miscarriage in 2011. I was so down and emotionally broken but i kept saying Baba help me, i know it’s my previous karma that making me suffer. Everyone in family was tensed that in this age whether i can have a baby or not. Then same happened in 2012, my mind status was out of my control. I used to be awake whole night or most of the time sleeping 5 am, 6 am. I was so frustrated even i was telling my husband, i will run away, i will leave home, you get marry again, because my husband really love children more than me. But he is true devotee of Baba and despite all odds his trust was not shaken. He always motivated me and stand with me in all emotions. I was very very broken but Baba always kept my fighting spirit on in some or other way. I used to do Parayan of Sai Satcharitra and used to read again and again those experiences which were matching my status. I am astrologer and i knew my chart has problems related to progeny. But Baba was motivating me that i can get what is not there in my chart through Baba’s blessings. I did prayers and prayers to Baba.

When it was Shravan Maas 2013, i got inspired by Megha’s story who was very much interested to offer Ganga’s water to Baba for Abhishek. I started daily Abhishek to Baba and Lord Shiva, which destroys all sins. Rudra Abhishekam is such powerful mantras that its vibration changes all your thoughts. Then with Baba’s Kripa, i did total transformation of myself. Food habits, sleeping things, daily meditation, remedies for all planets, Surya Namasakar, creative visualisation and can you all believe in September 2013, my pregnancy test was positive. I was happy but at the same time was scared also, every scan and doctor visit was like an examination but Baba was blessing me and i was moving. A healthy baby in age of 38-39 is challenge but daily i used to meditate, used to sing Baba’s Aarti and Baba guided me to do all good things for the coming soul. I guided my baby in womb and with Baba’s inspiration i also did all Garbh Sanskar techniques and the results are beyond my imagination. My baby is such a wonderful healthy happy lucky child with many exalted planets born in good Nakshatra and i wanted a normal delivery, all this happened. I used to say Baba that the coming soul should be Your devotee and guys you can’t believe when he was first time taken to Shirdi, when he was 8 months old and as soon as we entered Baba’s Temple premises, he was clapping and saying Baba Baba many times and whole Aarti he attended without bothering us. Now also every Thursday we go to nearby Sai Temple and my baby likes very much Baba’s Aarti. As i requested Baba, our first Shirdi trip was also very comfortable trip and Baba blessed us in many ways. Baba is a living God, please surrender yourself and for sure He will bless you. He is great. I am lucky in this life i came across Baba, please Baba keep us all in Your Lotus Feet. Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

My Birthday Present By Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Last two years, I celebrated my birthday in Shirdi with my Sai. The love and blessings I experienced and how He took care of each small thing of mine cannot be expressed in words. Here’s my experience which happened in February, 2014. In 2014 February, I planned to visit Shirdi for my Birthday. I completed B.Tech in May 2013 and got selected for an MNC. I was posted to Coimbatore for training. Coimbatore is very far from Shirdi and I had to travel to Hyderabad and from Hyderabad to Shirdi and the return journey the same way. We planned the trip for four days. We were not permitted to take leaves during training but with Baba’s Grace, I got leave but only for two days. I decided that I had to be with Baba for my birthday and I hadn’t bothered even if my manager would shout at me. I applied leave only for two days and left to Hyderabad. I asked Baba to give me a birthday present as I was visiting Him after two years that too for my Birthday. Luckily my birthday was on Shivratri and that too Thursday.

I wanted to start my birthday with Baba’s blessings first. We planned to attend Kakad Aarti. We didn’t know that tickets for Kakad Aarti need to be booked online. So we stood in the normal queue by 2 am. I was praying Baba continuously that I have to be in front of You and see Your Aarti. As today is my Birthday please wish me first and allow me to see Your Aarti and Baba fulfilled my wish. We were allowed into the Mukh Darshan hall to see Kakad Aarti. I felt very happy as I had great Darshan of Lord Shiva early morning that too on Shivratri day. I eagerly waited the whole day for my birthday gift. But I didn’t receive any. As it was very crowd due to festival, I didn’t receive even a flower. I told myself, Baba does not love me so He hasn’t given me any gift. I came back to Coimbatore. I was very scared as I was given leave only for two days but I didn’t attend office for four days and I didn’t inform anyone. But with Baba’s Grace, nobody noticed that and I was not asked anything about it. Two days after my return from Shirdi, as my batch mates missed out my birthday, they arranged a surprise cake cutting event for me. We enjoyed a lot and when I was about to leave, they gave me a birthday present. I was very surprised as I didn’t expect that they would give me a present. I opened it and my happiness had no bounds. I saw Baba smiling at me; it was a big beautiful Baba Idol. My eyes were filled with tears and yes I should say that is the most precious gift I had ever received. I was overwhelmed with His love towards me. Thank You so much Baba. I visited Shirdi for my next birthday too, in February 2015 and it had more surprises and I experienced bliss. I shall describe it in my next post.

Travel Possible With Baba’s Blessings

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Hi, I am staying in USA from past 6 years and is a strong devotee of Baba. I have experience many Miracles of Baba. I have many Miracles to share. I will share a Miracle which happened to me recently. I was travelling from Pittsburgh to New York by Bus. My Bus was supposed to start at 11 am from Pittsburgh. I reached there on time but the Driver of the Bus got sick and he was not able to drive the bus till NYC. We all passengers were waiting for about 2 hours for the new driver but the transit company could not able to arrange the bus driver at the last moment. I almost lost the hope. I prayed Baba that please do something and immediately we came to know that they have arranged the driver and will be there on the boarding spot in 30 minutes. Thank You Baba. I know it’s small thing for all of you but I just want to tell that Baba look into your every small wishes. Thanks Baba! Love You.

My another experience is, Om Sai Ram. I was in NJ and my family (Wife, and 2 Kids) staying at Pittsburgh. I was working and was in the middle of something. I received call from my friend from Pittsburgh asking do you know what is going on in Pittsburgh. I said No. He said your wife is in problem. I was shocked! He started telling me that my wife got called from someone and said that you have to pay $2000 now, my friends wife was also with her. That guy on phone was telling her to do the e-check in the name of him the required money and if she disconnects the phone, she will get arrested on the spot and also she should tell her friends not to come with her in the post office/wall-mart. My wife did the same thing. I was tensed and was tried calling my wife but the phone was busy and she was not able to talk to me as she was on call with that fraud person. The person has also told her that if you tell your husband, he will be in problem. I immediately went in front for my Sai Idol and prayed Him to do something. I took out Udi from my pocket and applied it to my forehead. Here is the Miracle. The call of my wife got disconnected with that person and I was able to talk to her and explained her about such fraud things and she came back home safely. Thank You Baba! You helped us! Love You Baba.

I Love Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hi, I am 32 years old and I live in US. I am married as soon as I finished my studies and came to US. My husband is a good man and i have 2 beautiful sons. I am devotee of Sai Baba from childhood. I used to do Pooja for Baba. Like others, I also have some ups and downs in my life. I am a happy house wife but sometimes because of fate or because of our bad time, we do some terrible mistakes. In 2010, I did the same thing, my time was bad. I wanted to do some household business but it didn’t turn out good so I got depressed and went to store and took some stuff and got caught. I was so ashamed of myself that I wanted to end my life but my husband supported me and told me not to get depressed. At that time, one of my neighbour, who is Sai Baba devotee gave me Nav Guruvar Vrat papers. I took that as a sign from Sai Baba and started doing Nav Guruvar Vrat. I felt relieved and realized that devotion is important than money. After the Pooja finished, they luckily didn’t charge me with anything. They just told me to pay some fine and let me go. This happens in very rare cases. I thought Sai Baba was with me.

My devotion increased towards Baba and I kept on doing the Nava Guruvar Vrat. I am very careful about my attitude and behaviour. After that He blessed me with another beautiful son. Again in 2013, my husband’s H1 got rejected. We both were so upset and I cried before Baba to give us one more opportunity to stay in US. We started packing to go back to India but before 2 days we were about to go, we got the good news that H1 got approved. We were so happy and went to India for stamping. Everything went good and we came back happily. Recently, I applied for EAD and asked Baba to help me again, and as you all can expect I got EAD and here I am writing and sharing my experiences with you. Please keep faith in Baba, He may show you results late but He is with you in every step of your life. When the right time comes, He will show His power and bless you. Thank you for everyone who created this blog to share our experiences. Om Sai Ram.

Though Late But Baba Always Listens To You

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Minnu from USA says: Like many students who arrive in US even I faced a lot of hardships in this country. But I always had Baba helping me in many ways and He got me through many problems. But from middle of my MS program, I went through many critical situations. My family was also very worried. Everything I wanted to do never worked out, I was facing failures at every step. I pleaded Baba to get me out of such terrible situations, but the problems went on increasing. I went into depression. I feared if I could ever complete my MS program. There was no day when I did not cry or pray Baba to help me get through these problems. Months passed away and my problems only increased.

In my last semester, I was stuck in a major problem if I could not get through it I would not be able to graduate, which would put end to my studies. At this point I was really angry on Baba. I would read this blog daily and think when will Baba help me get out all these problems. Then a day came when a Miracle happened. It was my last chance and hope to come out through my critical situation. I had lost my hope but somewhere I had trust that Baba will never let me fail, and it happened I got the required result which would satisfy graduate requirement to finish my MS program. It was a Miracle and no less than that I had tears in my eyes. Baba Himself came to help me. My whole family was so happy. I only want to say is if we trust Baba and surrender to Him then He will never leave us, He will always protect us in any circumstances. He will always be with us but we should have patience. I feel sorry that for some time I was angry on Him, but never lost trust. One who surrenders to Baba will never fail in their lives though late but He will definitely come to our rescue. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Always Helped Me

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Poonam from Canada says: I am a married woman with one son living in Canada since 17 years. I was raised and brought up in the India and came to Canada on wedding basis. Baba blessed me to be with Him in around 2009. I was not a very staunch devotee of Baba, until 2012. In 2012, i went through a big married life problem and Baba called me to Shirdi in 2013 and solved my problem. Since then, I had various experiences with Baba in my life. Baba saved my marriage in 2013. My husband was going through severe depression and does not want to stay with me and my son. I prayed to Baba and Baba called us to Shirdi, where my husband was cured and we are living happy with Baba’s blessings. Then we wanted to sell our old house as we booked new house, but we were having trouble for almost 3 months. I started doing Sai Vrat and house was sold when I was doing the 6th Vrat on Thursday. Final closing was also on Thursday.

I was working at a company since 12 years and had a title of Compliance Specialist. I wanted to get promoted to Manager of Compliance I prayed to Baba every day. One Thursday, I got an e-mail from some other company that they are looking for Manager QA and Compliance. With Baba’s blessings, I got that job and will be joining soon. I was also pursuing my education on the part time basis to become an Optician. My final college exam was not good so I was very scared that i will fail. But Baba saved me again as I got my results on Thursday July 16, 2015 and I passed the college exam. Now I left in Baba’s Feet two prayers one is to pass the Licence exam and second is to help my husband to quit his alcohol as he drink everyday heavily. I have full faith in my Sai that He will do so soon and I will be writing that experience here as well. I never knew that Baba was so close to me that He listen to all my prayers and be with me in every test of my life. I can’t imagine my life without Sai Baba. I wish Sai Baba calls me again with my family to Shirdi Soon. Jai Sai Ram. Mere Sai Ram. Jai Sai Ram.

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  1. Dear devotees , i was watching maan main hai vishwas episodes where sai came in human form and saved the life of his devotee .. Has any one ever experienced an such experiences on life where sai has come in reality for saving .. Please share it wil be a pleasure to read

    • As i saw your comment couldn wait to reply. My neighbour uncle is a strong sai devotee. Once he was travelling by road for some very urgent work, he had to reach early. There was some road block on the way due to some natural calamity i dont remember. then while they were waiting an old man came dressed like our beloved sai n guarded them to take another way to reach their destination.when uncle turned around to say thankyou to the old man he was not there, disappeared. Since then he became a strong devotee of baba. This incident is not about saving someone's life but indeed he comes to our Saviour when we are in trouble. He comes in any form…maay sai bless all of us.Om sai ram. Allah malik!

    • Nice reply Meghna saisister,

      I also have experienced a very divine and unbelievable presence of babaji in physical form with my naked eyes..He was so humble fierceing eyes full of love…He came to console me that my bad phase has gonegone and 2016 will be good for me..Actually m in a deadly condition for two long years and IRS baba my only hope who is making my journey easy.. I was so much depressed that finally he came for my rescue on November 2015.. I believe his words and want to tell all said baba children please never ever doubt him, he is our universe…love u babaji..bolo jai said ram

    • Om Sai Ram. I have experienced such an incident, which may not be life saving however similar to above scenario. I used to visit Saibaba Mandir every Thursday. Once so happened that, I visited the temple and on the way back home, I wanted to buy flowers for Saibaba idol at my home. I could not find anyone selling flowers. Felt little bad, since I will not be able to offer flowers to Sai at home. When I was close to my home, I found an old lady selling flowers. I bought rose and jasmine from her and was walking back. Suddenly I felt, let me buy some more flowers from her since there were no one selling. Hence I turned back to buy. TO my surprise, I was not able to find that lady at all. It was hardly some 2 min and a straight road. I was searching here around and did not find her. I somehow felt Saibaba had come in her form to help me get flowers and give me peace of mind. Bow to Sri Saibaba. I am still dumstruck after that incident. Love you SaiRam. Please bless everyone.

    • Yes Dear Devotees My deva is very much around us- we just need to have this faith instilled in our minds.
      I am in Australia- Baba came to take prasad from me when everybody denied to get prasad from me in a temple for some reason.

      The most memorable thing is THOSE compassionate eyes,which I can never forget, White clothes with White cloth sack. Those 60 seconds of my life were most dumbstruck-as he is so clever HE wont let you think that it is HE himself. Only after you are gone, then you realize that it was Baba, He is such a chit-chor.

      & Devotees, try to find Baba in every stranger face you wil find him.

      Love & Peace 🙂

  2. Om sai ram
    yesterday night I was not able to sleep , I was feeling feverish and my body was aching. I don't like to get fever bcoz it always make me so weak and I always loose weight and I am already slim person.
    So I thought to put sai satcharitra under my pillow .withing 15 min. By body stopped aching and after that I fell asleep.
    Om sai jai sai jai jai sai.

  3. Om sai ram
    plz bless me sai maa
    plz give me clean n clear flawless skin
    plz cure my pcod
    and Plz bless me with wonderful life partner. U already know everything about me.
    Omsai jai sai jai jai sai

    • God helps those who help themselves.
      consult a doctor and take udi with your medications.A sai sister had recently written about the miracles udi did in her life. She mixed udi with water and let it stay overnight and had the water in the morning.
      I used to suffer from PCOD related skin problems too. It was a huge blow to my confidence. However with regular medication, the issue got slowly resolved.
      Consult a doctor, Take medication, Eat right, exercise. most importantly have faith and patience.
      I pray that the merciful lord baba cures you soon and gives you a wonderful life partner.
      May he shower his blessings on all his devotees.
      Ananthakoti brahmandanayak rajadhiraja yogiraj parabrahma shri satchitananda sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai!

    • Thanks a lot dear after reading ur reply I just cried with happy tear .
      god bless you too . Our sai maa will full fill ur each n every wish.
      Om sai ram

    • Om sai ram, I too have PCOD and get acne occasionally but you need to take certain steps to resolve it. You need to take your health in your own hands and don't rely on doctors or medication to cure you. We are what we eat. Do you research and eat home made food and leave all junk and I promise you will fabulous result on your Skin. Also stay positive. First of all stay away from negative people who lower your confidence specially relatives in my case there are my bua's and chachi's and all and my teenage life they criticized me in whatever way they could. But I don;t have harsh feelings. You love yourself first and go and see a good dermatologist and the medication that worked for me is accutane and topical ointment differin gel. But diet plays vital role if underline problem is fixed then you will get less acne.I am still battling with hair fall problem surely baba will cure it for me in near future. Follow a low carb diet i.e. eat ore protein and less carb i.e. no breads, pasta,soft drinks, chips and limited portion of rice and less roti and more veggies and legumes. Try this for a month and see a difference in you..Rest leave on to Sai..God bless you and me..:)

  4. Dear devotees baba saved me yesterday while I was cooking yesterday night my pressure cooker bursted out. Thank god at that time I was in my bedroom.I always pray to my God and believe him .he always with me. I am felling his presence in every movement.Om shri sainathaya nama. Baba now I am begging one thing please cure my brother.

    • Om Sai Ram
      Your experience reminds of a similar experience I read. That lady was dragged out of kitchen to feed the sparrows for the second time when the cooker busted out

  5. i am planning to do nav guruvar varta and got a book from store….in that it was written like we should do annadhan on either 5 or 9 thursdays…But when i searched online for nav guruvar vrat procedure, they said we should do annadhan on nineth thursday for atleast 5 people and distribute books…what is the correct procedure…Please let me know

  6. i am going to shirdi finally on 9th marcha travelling for first time i know baba is there and will guide me dear devotees should i book aarti online or i will able to attend without it?

  7. Om sairam. Yesterday evng i just walked outside. Suddenly my foot slipped and I felt it was fractured. Suddenly I felt something happend at my foot. I just injured by small scratch at my foot. Baba saved me from fracture. Thank u baba tahnku so much

  8. Baba plz settle all the disputes and settle all the differences. Plz baba fulfill my brother's every wish… Take care of my family… Plz give us strength to overcome the calamity…..Om Sai Ram

  9. om shri sai nathaya namah, om shri sai nathaya namaha,om shri sai nathaya namaha,om shri sai nathaya namaha,om shri sai nathaya namaha,om shri sai nathaya namaha om shri sainathaya namaha, om shri sai nathaya namaha,om shri sainathaya namaha,om shri sainathaya namaha,om shri sainathaya namaha,om shri sainathaya namaha om shri sainathaya namaha,om shri sainathaya namaha om shri sainathaya namaha om shri sainathayanamaha om shri sainathayanamaha om shri sainathaya namaha om shri sainathaya namaha,om shri sainathayanamaha om shri sainathayanamaha om shri sainathaya namaha

  10. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Baba switched on my mobile on it's own without any expert's help just by coming to me as an Idea Sai Sai Sai Sai

  11. i like experiences.sai came in human form to bless them.they are lucky.i loved sais leela that is sai lights diyas with water.i love this sais experience.recently i attanteded sai haratulu progreme that arranged by sai is very nice event.sai blessed us. they gave prasad and sai calender to sai maa


  13. om sri sai ram
    baba please help me to get visa approved so i can go with my mom to india and spend some time with my father .
    please baba u know my suitation too.

    om sri sai ram
    allah malik

  14. Sorry for being angry at u Baba..please help her..cure her Baba..hold her hand when she is in the hospital tomorrow..please help me prepare for the test..baba i love him so much and every part of me knows he is the something…baba next week is very crucial..i know i don't deserve anything but please aap sambhal lo Saima. I love you always, Om Sai Ram

  15. Om shri sai nathaya namaha om shri sai nathaya namaha om shri sainathaya namaha om shri sainathaya namaha,om shri sainathayanamaha,om shri sainathayanamaha,om shri sainathayanamaha,om shri sainathayanamaha,omshri sainathayanamaha,omshri sainathayanamaha.

  16. OmSairam
    Baba, thank you for everything. Please be with us always and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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