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Sai Blessing To Overcome Hurdles In Professional Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I have known Sai Baba since my childhood but was never attracted to Him, started visiting Sai Temple from 2013, thanks to my wife she is firm devotee of Baba and i really got onto path of devotion to Him from 2014 June. This is my first experience, it is going to be pretty long read though i will try to keep it as crisp as possible. I wanted to list down all the sequence of events just to highlight how Sai Baba helped me in my profession life after my prayer and how He was with me at every step. I am working in IT industry with couple of years of expedience under my belt. I did job switch, post which i was struggling in my professional life, i was not able to manage my work and had to face humiliation. One day at work things turned out really bad and i was in tears on my way back to home. Every day at work was nightmare for me and it was taking toll on my personal life (This was going while i was 6 months into married life) and my health. That day i prayed to Sai Baba to bless me with Peace in my professional life. I prayed that i should be in a respectable position at my work, this was my standard prayer every night before going to bed.

We started Nav Guruvar Vrat and within couple of weeks into Vrat, Baba started to shower His blessing. My client had acquired new tool (I was in the organization for 5 months and this tool was not there and client bought it after my prayers) and my client manager knowing i was not up to the mark in my original skill set wanted me to spend time on this new tool. I started working on the tool and with in 1 or 2 months i was comfortable with the tool. I was able to carry out the tasks myself with very little guidance. As mentioned my original skill set (Will be Referring as “oldtech” in rest of experience) was different from the technology that this new tool (will be Referring as “newtech” in rest of experience) is built on, i wanted to shift my technology to “newtech” in the same organization. Anyone in IT organizations would know how painful it is to achieve internal department transfers especially when you are new recruit into organization and your original technology is niche skill set and you have full billing and are not on bench. After few days the Director of “newtech” asked me of his own accord if i want to join his department, he would be more than happy to take me. This director, he does not even know me, we never met. This was real surprise, we thought Sai Baba has sent him and he is communicating through Him. However i was not sure if this “newtech” is the right decision for me as it is upcoming tool and i was not sure of its longevity in the market, also i wasn’t very technically aligned so i wasn’t sure if this “newtech” will work for me (I was not ready to go through same struggle).

On my wife suggestion, we wrote 2 chits “to accept”, other “to reject” and placed it in our shrine and we picked the chit after praying and we got “to accept”. I was still doubtful, after few weeks we redid the same thing again we got the same result. My client bought a tool which wasn’t there, i began to do well in it, my client manager himself asks me to take it up then “newtech” director of my organization asks me if i want to join and the chits result, all these made us believe this is Baba blessings and He wants us to take this up. Transfer between departments, I started the discussion with my “oldtech” department to allow me to join “newtech” department. I was threatened that it is not possible and if i try to pursue that they will terminate me. This discussion happened on Thursday and i took this call from my car in Sai temple. I was disappointed but our only hope was it was Thursday so it will somehow still be good. Discussion with my “oldtech” manager continued for 4-5 months. At last they let me Go and i got my approval on Thursday. Whole process took 9-10 months, today my transfer process completed, i am mapped to “newtech” and now i am reporting to the “newtech” director who has been helping me. My “newtech” director he had been waiting to take me to his department for 7 months patiently, he was guiding me at every-step during the transfer discussion, he motivated me and gave me assurance that no matter what he will take care of me (If the transfer does not go smooth).

Honestly, i would not expect even my best friends or brothers to help me so much as he did, we treat it as Sai blessing. In the period of 9 month, we would have done 6-7 Satcharitra Parayan, 4 Nava Guruvar Vrat (5th is going on as i write), almost visited Sai Temple every Thursday without fail and read daily 1 chapter of Satcharitra. We just can’t believe that all this happened and went so smoothly. During this period we had our ups and downs but Sai Baba, my wife and “newtech” director kept me going and today major hurdle is crossed and i am sure i will have respectful and peaceful professional life here after. It is so wonderful to have Sai Baba in life, just can’t imagine life without His Grace. We feel whatever the problem is just pray to Baba and He never fails to respond. I have followed couple of saints earlier sincerely for 5-6 years and did lot of meditation but can say with confidence that Sai Baba is just unique, i have never encountered any God, Who is so powerful and is so responsive. Best part of being Sai devotee is you will immediately know it is due to Sai Baba, if we do a mistake and do not pray or fail to do what we prayed for, some small harmless unpleasant event would happen which we would be able to tie back to the miss. Likewise if we march on with continued faith, small incremental results keep showing up. Almost all of my progress indicators came or happened on Thursday. In these 9 months, we became very close to Sai Baba, thanks Baba for pulling us towards Yourself, we pray that You bless us and all of our Sai family with firm faith and devotion towards You and continue to guide us on right path. We had prayed that we will post the experience on the day transfer complete and here is the post. Thanks for taking out time to read this and may Baba bless us all. Om Sai Ram.

Miracles Happens To All The Devotees Of Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I am from Bangalore. I was very spiritual person but to be frank initially i was not so devoted to Sai Baba. But now i am proud and happy to say i am a staunch devotee of Him. I use to visit Sai Baba Temples every Thursdays but Baba was like any other God but He is not, this i realized when a Miracle happened in my life, not just one many. I would like to share one such experience with you so that you guys will get more trust and love towards Baba just like me. It was on 28 Dec 2014, there was a function in my far relative house and i had been there for the first time and they were too Sai Baba devotees. I spent my entire day talking to them about Sai Baba and the experience and Miracles happened in their life and was really excited and got more trust on Sai. She also recommended me to read the Sai Satcharitra daily. I had Sai Satcharitra at home already, one of my family member had been to Shirdi and bought it and it was in our Pooja room and i had never touched it before. On the same day, i started to read Sai Satcharitra daily. I got peace of mind and i had happiness within me without any reason.

I am actually very stress out person and too many things running in my mind and have lot of other issues like health and relationship but then only because of my Sai Baba, i had peace in my life. From that time onwards, i started looking out for more details, experiences and Vrats about Sai and got to know about Sai Satcharitra Parayan, Nava Guruvar Vrat and Sai Baba Question and answers. I vowed Baba that i am quitting Non Vegetarian till my wish fulfils and Started Nava Guruvar Vrat the very next Thursday. A Miracle happened on the 1st week of the Vrat, i decorated Sai Baba Photos with flowers, offered Naivadhya and did Pooja with Aarti song with lot of devotion and was fasting that day. I prayed Baba to accept my love and also bless me and i was in confusion whether Baba is pleased with my 1st day of Vrat because i am doing for the first time and i got answer. I had been to Sai temple in the evening on the way back to home and was there in Temple for about half and hour and came out of Temple and about to wear my slippers. Aarti started, i came inside the Temple again and i wanted to attend Aarti because i have not attended Aarti in temple before. After Aarti, Palaki Utsav started and Temple volunteers called me and gave me chance to take Baba Palaki wherein i didn’t ask them to give me chance and Baba gave such a lovely opportunity to serve Him and also showed me that He is there with me always. Om Sai Ram. I love You Sai Baba for everything. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Is Everywhere

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi All, I am small daughter of Baba and Baba is everything to me. I am from India but stay in Singapore. I am regular reader of all the Miracles posted. I wanted to post my experience from very long time. I don’t know from where to start as i have been experiencing many Miracles. Let me pen down few most and very important Miracle. After completing my degree, i was doing course and trying for job, i used to visit Baba Temple almost every day, with Baba’s Grace, i got job and it was going smoothly. The trainer of the course put his marriage proposal, with lot of discussion i agreed. Some where i was not ok but i agreed and he sent the proposal talks with my family. His family demanded too much and talks were going on in my home, on that day i was so confused. So i went to Baba’s Temple and prayed Baba saying i have left everything to You and while taking Aarti, Baba’s thread which i had tied in my wrist got burnt. I was shocked and i felt Baba is saying something which i released after i came to know that marriage proposal got cancelled and when i spoke with that guy, he said the demand from his family is correct, i was totally knocked out to see the true colours of that guy, that time i told myself that Baba was not happy with this relation and Baba loved me so much that He rescued me from that guy.

After that I got another proposal and it’s such a coincidence or Baba’s wish that guy and me meet in Sai Temple along with parents and i got married to him and i am very happy now with 2 year girl baby. My most touching experience was when there was one week only for my baby second birthday day, i visited Baba temple on Thursday, after taking Darshan some devotee was distributing some clothes like the one which is put on Baba, everybody got and when my turn came that devotee told me to wait and gave me from the last one which was very big almost half sari length, where as when i saw other’s they had got small ones. I did not understand this Leela of Baba until i came home and analysed it that was gift from Baba to my little daughter, the cloth was big enough to stitch her full dress. I was totally moved and couldn’t control my tears. My hubby moved to Australia in search of job and i was doing 9 Thursday Pooja, when i was about to complete my last Thursday, i came to know that my husband got job in the company he always wished, anyway its 6 months contract but i have full faith that with Baba’s Grace, it will be permanent. So all readers please have faith and patience, pray Baba with pure heart and your prayers will be listened. Bow to Sai peace to all.

My Experience With Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear All, Om Sai Ram. I have recently gone through this site and felt like sharing my experience. I have immense believe in Sai Baba. I am a working girl. At times my day goes good at times bad, no matter what i try to take out time to listen 1 chapter of Satcharitra or i see stories of Sai Baba Miracles on you tube or read any devotees experience. It gives me strength to move on in life as Sai Baba is always there. Recently i went out with my friends on weekend in a mall just for chilling out. I kept my all debit/credit and residential card in my friend’s wallet. She somehow forgot in the washroom. When we all came back, while entering in society, i asked her to take out wallet from her bag to give money to the cab driver and there we came to know that it was missing. I was so worried that my all cards were there in her wallet and even she had her flight next day and her identity proof was also there. We called the security team of the mall and explained the scenario and asked them to check it. But they said they didn’t find anything.

We again went back to the mall thinking that might be someone would have taken away cash and threw in dustbin wallet. In the cab there was Sai Baba small Idol. I kept chanting His Name and i had a belief that we will get it. When we reached and checked we didn’t find in dustbins also. I was disappointed thinking how can Sai Baba not help me. But still taking no hope we came back. Anyhow i blocked all my cards that night. While going to sleep, i have habit of praying and sleeping, while i was praying my friend told that you have so much belief in Sai Baba, let’s see we get it or not. And then i just said i don’t pray to Him to check Him and i am no one to check His presence. Next morning itself, i got a call from society saying we have got a call for you saying your wallet is with them. It was a Miracle. I was so Happy that Sai Baba is present everywhere, He never disappoints, He checks how much you believe in Him. Thanks everyone. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Saved My Pregnancy

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sri Sai Ram. I am a devotee of Sai Baba for the past four years. Though I have struggled in many situations, God has always been aside me. One certain situation was during my 2nd month of pregnancy. I was about to take a scan on 8th week to check the heart beat of my baby. Unfortunately, my scan resulted bad that there was no heart rate but just cardiac activity was made out and the growth of baby was just 6 weeks which should actually be 8 weeks. The Doctor said that the growth is improper and i should be injected and after a week of another scan according to the growth of baby, she will decide everything. I was very upset because it’s normal for the baby to get heart rate by 6 weeks but my baby did not and my baby growth was slow. And that one week with confidence on Baba, i had His Vibhuti mixed in milk daily and i prayed all the God to save my baby. As I wished the following week when I took scan, my baby had his heart beat 175bpm and growth was normal. I was very happy and still continuing to have the Vibhuti daily which I believe was the reason. I still remember my pregnancy was confirmed on Thursday, from day 1, i am praying God to protect my baby. I am 3 months pregnant now and my due date is on January. By Baba’s Grace, i am waiting for a healthy baby. As I promised Baba, I have posted my experiences here. Thank You. Sri Sai Ram.

Sai Fulfilled My Dream

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a graduate and i am in search of a job from the past one year. I am a big devotee of Baba from my childhood and i had experienced so many things in my life. For me, Baba is always there with me in every situation. After completion of my, i attended so many interviews but i got rejected. After one year, i got placed in a very good company which is the third largest one. I have never expected and my package is also very good. Thank You so much Baba. Love You a lot.

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  1. baba today is the last day of my divya puja.. n today i am also going to fill form of my dream company. baba only you can give me this job.. baba plese give me good rank and then this company.. om sai ram. I TRUST YOU A LOT.. AS YOU SAID.. YOU WILL.. love you.. 🙂

  2. Om sai ram…. happy thursday to all sai brothers and sisters…

    Today is my husbands driving test… baba have full faith on u. Be with him baba.and today i have planned to fill loan application in bank.all these days my husband was near me but now he is in abroad far away from my life this is the first time i am going to do bank work alone… hope eveeything with ur blessings will be fine…. om sai ram

  3. Hi all devotees ..I want to share my recent experience with all sai devotees. I am doing my 5 week divya pooja and tomorrow its my last thursday pooja. last week i experienced baba himself came and met me.actually i am living in US so there is no sai mandir near my house to go every thursday after pooja. sai mandir is 2 hours aways from my house. and also i can not even manage flowers to offer saibaba on pooja day so last thursday i asked for apology from baba about i am not following the proper method of pooja but i do it with only two things shraddha and saburi. and told baba that if you have accepted my pooja please show me some signs.
    then i forgot about this and next day on friday i went for grocery shopping with my kids . i was standing near the deli and suddenly from no where one old man came to us. my kids were sitting in the cart and that old man started to talk with my kids. then he put his hand in his pocket i was little scared. because this never happens in US.that old man pulled a small container from his pocket and in that container he has some coins. then he gave one coin to my younger son and another coin to my elder son . i was in big shock. first i was not able to believe on my eyes and then he told me please keep these coins safe they are very valuable. then he left. those were the dollar coins but yellowish colored.more looks like gold coins. I was so happy same as my kids because they always wanted to see saibaba. they love saibaba so much. i just felt so blessed that baba himself came to show me that he accepted my pooja and blessed me with two coins of shrdhha and saburi…I love you baba so much and thank you so much. Sachhidanand sadguru sainatha maharaj ki jay…

    • YOU ARE VERY LUCKY & ABLESSED SOUL. I DID DIVYA POOJA ATLEAST THRICE & STILL WAITING FOR BABAS RESPONSE.I do not know where I am going wrong, still waiting for baba to bless us time is ticking. SAI RAM.

    • Yes it was indeed baba in the form of that old man .. He choose your kids and blessed th with 2 precious coins shraddha and suburi .. Keep them i. Your poja place .. Please tell us if your wish is fulfilled for which u did divya pooja ??… Sai is great he can come in any form to bless us also eh we least expect … Anand koti bhramade natak rajadiraj yogiraj sachitanand satguru sri sai nath maharaj ki jai.. Bolo sai nath maharaj ki jai ..

    • hi all devotees Thank you for all comments and wishes. no my wish is not fulfilled yet for which i have vowed 5 weeks divya pooja. but after this great experience i am so happy and i think baba still want more shradhha and saburi from me. When my wish will be fulfilled I will definitely post my experience here..and yes I kept those coins under baba's feet in my pooja place. OM SAINATHAYA NAMAH…

  4. Sai maa plz bless me beautiful n flawless skin .plz bless me with happy n beautiful life with lots of love in it.sai maa plz bataye ma apne mere liye kise Chuna hai.
    plz cure me .
    from today I am goin to start sai satcharitra and udi mixed with water.
    Om sai jai sai jai jai sai.

  5. Om Sai Ram..Sai devotees..I'm not a devotee of sai baba(devotees means a big thing for me I have done nothing for him) but Im just a admirer of him I just love him and whenever I see Baba I just feel very happy he is everything for me he knows everything about me..Two years back im not even know anything about Baba then I got to know him through a friend..then I just started to pray just like other god..after that my problem start to arise one by one..i got a job but i can't fully continue due my health issues and i just working partime from home..i hate the office environment..For my health issues I went to many doctors then they just give medicine but im not feel healthy until now..two times when i went to see doctor Baba picture was hanging there then i will be very happy I thought I will be cured but then still the same..I dunno what baba trying to tell me..He have been in my dreams but he never talk or sent messages to me like other devotees..Im just a human being I have done many mistakes I know that Im just want to be healthy and make my parents happy thats all..I never make other life miserable but why my life is miserable..I never spoils others life but why im the one who suffering?? Maybe in past life im a bad person..I dunno but im just want to know why baba pull me towards him but watching me suffer like this..can't he just burn all the karma?don't i do some good thing in life for others??As i know im always want to helpful to my parents and others but now im like depending on them and disturbing them bcos of my health issues..Im even can't read sai satcharita in one week even i have tried and do poojas..I just pray to him in my heart..It is necessary to do poojas to win his heart?? its like baba hated me so much but why he pull me towards him??why i get to know him why he give me confidence that he is there but then he is not there??I just want to be healthy and help others even i can help others i don't want disturb them..Please devotees please give your opinion..thank you om sai ram..

    • Dont loose ur hope… have faith and patience… donate food to poor …. u will recover soon… om sai ram… u can do sugarcandy pooja….om sai ram

    • Om sai ram…Dear devotee..Baba is just testing your patience and i hope and pray very soon he will cure you and bless you with a happy life ahead.Dont lose HOPE…om sai ram

    • Dear devotee please keep faith on baba and feed poor and help needy people.baba is watching you . he is very kind to his children he will surely bless you soon. OM SAI RAM..

  6. baba today is my interview and i am really in need of my job and for my career . i am feeling so nervous please help me baba. i will give my 100% in the interview. i need your blessings. OM SAI RAM.

  7. Today i started my 2nd 9 Thursday vrat…. i dont no the reason but when i doing pooja tears rolled from my eyes… sai i believe u r wit me… om sai ram….

  8. om sai ram i liked this leela.sai himself came and blessed them.they are lucky to see baba.he gave gold coins to them.coins to her sons.last birth they are with sai . i want to see him in my dream.this is my desire please saimaa help me

  9. O Deva, bless us with patience so we may keep looking at You longingly and bless us so we develop unshakable faith in You and Your words and promises 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  10. First devotee,

    I am also in the same situation as yours in my professional life. I am looking for a switch to a different domain and trying to upload my profile on job portal. Accidentally i clicked the blog URL in my browser and sa your post. Thank u so much.

  11. i love you saimaa thank you baba for giving me shawl of your name today i know you wished me luck for my gate exam saimaa


  13. OmSairam
    Baba, thank you for everything. Please be with us always and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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