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Sai Made My Life Happy

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all Sai devotees. I want to thank the administration who gave platform to share all the Miracles of Sai Baba. By reading those beautiful Miracles, Sai devotees can increase faith and patience in Sai Baba. The Miracles are like medicines to so many people who are in trouble and being more faith and patience in Sai Paa will vanish all their problems and have happy days ahead. I am a devotee of Sai Baba from my childhood. I got so many Miracles of Sai in my life. I want to thank my Sai Paa for all that I have. Sai Baba is my Father, Mother, Guru and God. Without Sai, i am nothing. I want always to be on Lotus Feet of my loving Sai Paa. I am so lucky that I always feel the presence of Sai in my life. Sai always listens to my prayers and answer to my prayer. Sai Paa has given me very good life, very loving and caring husband, cute and sweet daughter and good family too. Life is very happy for me Sai Paa had given everything to me.

My only worry was about my mother health, my parent’s financial problems and my brother marriage. My mother’s health is not well. She became very weak day by day and sometimes not able to do her work also. As I am staying very far from her I can’t go to my mother immediately. She is going to deep depression because of all the problems. So I asked Baba, My dear Sai Paa, please keep Your Hand on my mother head and take out all the pain she had. Please help my parents in finding out a good match for my brother and I want my brother to be happy. Please help my parents to come out from all financial problems. They were looking to sell a land to solve their financial problems Days were passing but nothing was going on good way. Then I started Nav Guruvar Vrat and I asked Sai Paa by completing this Vrat all the problems my parents facing should be vanished.

I started doing the Vrat with more faith and patience that Baba will do all good to my parents. From the 3rd week of my Vrat, my mother got somewhat better and she also increased the faith and patience in Sai that Sai will be doing everything good to us. When I was in my 6th week of my Vrat, my parents got a good match to my brother and it got fixed in 7th week of my Vrat. I just completed the Vrat and visited Shirdi as it is my dream. I was so happy to see Sai. The next week, my brother got married. I am feeling so happy that my parents are feeling very happy. After 1 month, the land got sold but need some more time to come out of all financial problems. I know that my Sai Paa will make it happen as soon. Somehow my mother’s health became better from past but still sometimes she will have pain but I know Baba will cure my mother health completely. My dear Sai Paa, please give my mother good health. I want my mother to be very healthy and happy as she faced so many problems in her life. I don’t want any more tears from my mother eyes. Thank You so much Sai Baba for everything. Please hold me and my family throughout our life. Please guide us in a right way. So please all Sai devotees, don’t lose faith. Have more faith and patience and Sai Paa will definitely bless all Sai devotees with good health and wealth. Please forgive me Sai Paa if I do any mistakes. Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raja Di Raja Yogi Raja Sri Parabrahma Swaroop Sri Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Love You So Much My Sai Paa.

Baba’s Miracles

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Since the day, i have started praying to Baba, many Miracles have happened in my life. I really wanted to thank Hetal ji and other members who have created such a wonderful group. Baba showed me that if we will pray to Baba with full devotion, He will always solve our problem. Before starting, i pray to my Sai that please bless me and help me in writing His wonderful Aashirwad. I am a strong Believer of Lord Shiva and i feel that Lord Shiva has only sent me on the Lotus Feet of Sai Nath. It was in February 2015 that i came across this group (Sai Baba Miracles). Tears use to flow when i use to read Baba’s miracles. So soon after, i started reading Sai Sat Charitra. Then i also read about Nav Guruvar fast written by one of the devotee. I read the video on internet and started doing the fast from next Thursday itself. Though i don’t have any Udi with me but i prayed to Baba that please bless the ash of Dhoop so that it becomes Your Udi. After having a baby in year 2012, my feet use to pain a lot. It was so hard for me to stand and walk early in the morning or if i sit for more than 10 minutes. But since i have started reading Sai Satcharitra, my pain is gone. I was so surprised that the pain which i had from last 3 years is vanished suddenly. Om Sai Ram!

This one is the biggest Miracle, i experienced in the month of May this year. Me and my husband has been looking to buy our first home from last 1 year and more as this was my dream from last 8 years. But we were not able to decide the suburb and what type of home should we buy. Frustrated from a year or so my husband dropped the idea of buying s house. As i came to know Baba from February itself, so i prayed to Baba and started doing Nav Guruvar fast and to my surprise after completing the fourth fast a miracle happened. My husband inspected the property and he liked that one and now we are in the process to buy that property. I feel very blessed that Baba helped me in buying my first home. Also as soon as i finished my Adhyay 51 of Sai Charitra the next day itself we got a call from real estate agent. Though he had the higher offer for that property but Sai wanted us to buy that one. Again a Miracle, the agent accepted our price instead go the higher offer. I had a troubled marriage from last 11 years and with Baba’s Grace, things are improving and this is also the biggest miracle of my life. I request Baba to please bring my husband and my son to His Lotus Feet. My 2.5 year old son also chants Sai Ram Sai Shyam and which gives me immense happiness. Thanks a lot my Sadguru. I don’t have any words to thank You. I will try to be on Your path and please never leave my hand! Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sachidanand Samarth Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Nava Guruvar Vrat Miracle

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Vijaya from USA says: Om Sai Ram. I am a Sai devotee from my childhood. I live in US with my husband and two sons. Thanks to the admin for providing a great platform for all Sai devotees. I read our Baba’s Miracles everyday and each devotee’s experience increases the faith on Baba boundlessly. My second son is doing his under graduation in Chemical engineering from a reputed university in U.S. He tried to get an internship for the summer and attended some interviews but did not succeed. I started doing Nava Guruvar Vrat from February 2015 for my son’s internship. My husband and both my sons also pray Baba and we perform Baba Aarti in our house every Thursday. My second son came home for holidays and joined me while I was performing the Vrat on one of the Thursdays, He went back to college and attended one campus interview with a well reputed company. I was praying to Baba wholeheartedly about this opportunity.

On the eighth Thursday of my Vrat, I finished the Vrat and took Prasad and suddenly my phone rang. I lifted the phone and my son said he got the offer for the internship. I felt so happy and thanked Baba a lot. Sai Baba gave me what I prayed for on the eighth week of my Vrat only. I completed all the nine weeks and did Udyapan by inviting Nine friends for dinner and distributed the Nava Guruvar Vrat Books. By Sai Baba’s Grace, my son will be starting his internship from June 1st. So please Sai devotees have complete faith in Baba and Baba will take care of you. Now a days, I am not worrying about anything in life. I just keep chanting Om Sai Ram all the time and Sai Ram will solve all the problems. I am happy to share that recently by Sai Baba’s blessings, I started a small Bhajan group. We meet once a month in our house and sing beautiful Sai Bhajans. Thanks once again to Hetal Ji for giving me this opportunity to share my experience. Om Sai Ram.

Got Job By Baba’s Grace

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all devotees. This is my third post in this blog. I would like to thank Hetal ji for doing wonderful job by getting all devotees of Baba on the same platform. Every day we experience Baba’s miracle, this is very recent one which I would like to share. By Baba’s Grace, I had got a job in the industry I had required but the company was not that good. Though I learnt many things there was a lack of exposure. After few months of experience, I started looking for a job. I started doing 9 Thursday’s Vrat after coming back from Shirdi (that is one miracle). I got introduced to one person who is in this field and he started referring me to companies and I started attending interviews but unfortunately I was not getting selected due to my present company. But by attending interview, I got confidence how to crack interview.

After six weeks of my Vrat, I got a call from one very good company for interview and they wanted me to attend interview on the same day. So finally I went and attended two rounds and was waiting for final round next week. Then I cleared all rounds of interview and was waiting for offer letter, after two weeks I received the offer letter too but salary was not what I was expecting. I tried to negotiate but nothing helped. I compromised salary for the profile by thinking Baba will help me for sure in future. Main hurdle in this was that company wanted me to join within 20 days, which was very difficult as my notice period was for 3 months. It was only possible to get relieved if my Director of the company give permission. I was waiting to get appointment to discuss about it. After two days, I got an appointment and spoke, to my surprise he was ok. That day was Thursday and 8th week of my Vrat. I was so happy. I thanked Baba a lot. I am happy today because of His Grace, no words to express. Thanks a lot Baba, I request You to do not leave me, without You it’s nothing for me. I have one more hurdle in life, I am waiting for that day when I will get relieved. I know Baba will do that even. Love You Baba. Om Sai Ram.

With Baba’s Grace, Got Married To A Very Good Person

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Sai friends, I am humble devotee of Sri Sai Baba. This is the third time, I am posting on this page. This is about my most awaited experience. Baba knows what He should do and when He should give proper and best solution to His devotees who have utmost faith only in Him. From 2 years, my parents were seriously searching guy for me to get me married. I had set some basic expectations on my better half, who enters in to my life. So when I see profiles which come to me, I felt those were not for me and I had complete faith on Baba that whatever time He takes, He will show me right path for sure. My parents were worried regarding this and in my home there was no peace due to discussions and arguments between my parents and me. I got married on May 8th with Baba’s Grace and I can see in him whatever I expected. He is understanding, supportive, responsible. My in laws are also very cool. With Baba’s Grace, I entered in to broad minded and well educated family. I am very happy. Thanks a lot my loving Baba for giving such a beautiful gift to me. My waiting for all these days had worth. Sai Friends, Have complete faith in Him. He knows when to give and what to give for His humble devotees. Love You loads Sri Sai Ram. Baba, Give me strength for rest of my life to manage everything well.

Miraculous Sai Listens To You

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Thanks Hetal Ji for organizing this wonderful site. May god bless you everything. I am devotee of Sai for the past 3 years. I want to share my experience. We moved back to India last year. We had house in U.S. When we moved, the price of the house was not that much. My husband was working and staying at home. The expenses are too high. This year the house price went up. I told my husband to put the house for sale. But he didn’t take the decision that fast. He wanted to go for refinance. I put everything on Sai. I prayed very hard. My husband suddenly changed his mind and decided to put the house on sale. Again I prayed Sai if the house went for good price, I will donate some thousand dollar to Shiridi. I told my husband if house go for particular price, we have to donate some amount. My husband told me that the house won’t sell to my expectation price. Miracle is the house got sold above the expectation price, unbelievable price. The most important thing is that everything got signed on Thursdays. I want to improve spiritually more than asking material things. Sai has done lot of things for the past 4 years. I don’t have any words to express it. I think He surely listens to our each and every prayers. We have to be patient and think about Him always.

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  1. Baba ye das baar baar sirf ek veenti karta h aapse…. Sun lo na sai… Dilla tldo na mere sapne mujhe…aap toh sab jaante ho sai…. I trust you.. And I m waiting baba… I m waiting…

  2. Baba sai mujh par Kripa kar ,tu he to hai jhaan mera , tere siva mere paas ko nahi ko aur rasta nahi baba , ye darad bhaut zayada hai … Meri zindagi tere haat main hai sai .. Save me cure me heal m disease .. One miracle can
    Save my life .. Sai Kripa karo .. Anand koti brahmaad de nayak raja di raj yogi raj satguru sai naathaharaj ki jai

  3. Baba plz listen to me this time deva.u r ignoring me for quite sometime now.plz baba I do not want to leave u and go but baba I am just running out of my age and patience. Plz I humbly request ,bow down to u with my full heart,plz help me this time.

  4. Om Sri Sairam

    Baba, we are searching for property, please bless us with good property within our budget.

    Om Sri Sairam

  5. Om sairam. I'm a silent reader of this blog. Its Sai who took me to his shelter before a year. From that day til now he is taking care of me. I'm in the worst phase of my life. I lost my job. Also the guy wit whom I was in relationship for 4 yrs cheated me. We even told in our homes. Initially they opposed. Gradually my parents accepted. When I went and told to him he gave me such a cool reply that he is interested in another girl. I was broken and cried like hell. It has been 3 months and I cudn come out of it. He is a devotee of anjaneyar and he goes to sabarimalai. He doesn't have any bad habits. I liked all these and so only loved him. Then why is this happening to me. Even my uncle who is similar cheated my aunt. And recently my sister got divorce for the same reason. Seeing all these I started disliking guys. Whenever I see any guy I'm road r temple r anywhere I get angry and at the same time afraid. Meanwhile as I'm 27 in my home they were asking at least if the guy is ready to come out and marry you bcoz as they are getting older my parents wants to see my marriage. Now in my home I just told as they are not ready in his home he is not ready. My parents told that is good and they will start searching for alliance for me. All these days they were by my side and said OK. Even after this if I don't obey their words I'm a worthless daughter I thought. I told OK. But I'm not able to come out of this and whichever guy I see I don't even want to see. I don't know where this will end. I'm planning to go to psychiatrist as I feel too stressed. Please devotees pray for me and suggest me a way out. If a guy whom I believed for 4 yrs itself has changed like this how can I trust an unknown. Help me Sai pa.

    • Dear sister he is not eligible for you- baba's child- so he did like this, go ahead when your parents are with you, baba is with you then y tears….leave him, take interest in life, give your heart to the special person to whom baba will send. Don't think too much leave everything onto baba… Om Sai Ram

    • Sister! Baba saved you!

      Because if he says same thing after everyone accepts? It will be very bad

      Baba! Removed a wrong guy who is not suitable to you…..

      Believe me…. All guys are not bad and best example is your Father

      So leave the rest to baba! Pray baba to get a good match and your parents will find it

      Leave all ur worries to Baba and pray him

  6. Wonderful experiences all and salutations to the wish fulfiller, our dear lord Sai 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for destroying our sins and filling our lives with love and happiness 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  7. Baba plz take care of my brother's exam….. Soon send end his life partner…..baba plz do something….. Now we r tired baba… us baba plzz baba plzz

  8. Baba solve my problem…. Daya karo krupa karo baba…. We have only you baba….we believe that you can do anything for your children plz baba rehem karo baba rehem karo baba…..

  9. om sai rama…
    om sai rama…
    om sai rama…
    om sai rama…
    om sai rama…
    om sai rama…
    om sai rama…
    om sai rama…
    om sai rama…

  10. Sai Ram to all the devotees,
    I have a question.I used to read under the comment part that some of the readers will request the devotees that wrote their experiences in this page that are still facing problems as in their prayers has not been answered by Sai Baba.The will advice the devotees to do Sai Kshat Nivaran Mantra.How is this done?What is the procedures?How does we start and end this?Is this a pooja?
    As far as in know Sai Kshat Nivaran Mantra is a Mantra that the devotees read.
    So why is it some of the readers posting comment and asking the devotees to do Sai Kshat Nivaran Mantra. Infact the readers suppose to request the devotees to READ the Sai Kshat Nivaran Mantra,and NOT DO the Sai Kshat Nivaran Mantra.
    Please correct me if im wrong 🙂

    • Dear devotee,

      It all depends on our faith. I know people who did 108 times as a Mala, for a week just like Sat Charitra and they were relieved from their problem. That is why I had suggested of doing sai Ksht Nivaran Mantra. Please contact me if you have questions. Jay Sai Ram

    • sai ram,
      thanks for your do I contact you?can u leave ur email id here in the post,or can you just explain here the steps on how to conduct the sai kasht nivaran mantra?
      is is I just read the mantra once daily for a week or before starting to read the mantra I have to do pooja?
      thank you in advance 🙂
      om sai ram.baba bless you more on more for helping all of us that are in confusion

  11. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram
    BABAji! Please grant me my wish. I humbly beg before You. Please give everyone peace of mind and strength to face problems. Saima, I am Your child and I request You to keep me near Your Holy Feet always.
    Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai!

  12. Baba, if you save me this time and keep my family together in this house, I will come to Shirdi as a mokku. Please help Sai.

  13. Thank you baba , u r listening to my prayers. U r really great. Pls do whatever u told me…u ll do..babas words ll never go wrong..

    om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam
    om sairam.

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