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Baba, My Deva

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a simple daughter of Deva. I Love You Deva but i am unable to do Pooja regularly. Please forgive me for this. Thank You very much for Your presence in each and every second of my life. I am completely unable in explaining Your uncountable blessings. Please Deva never leave me, my family and any devotee. Thank you Hetal ji and your team for maintaining the source of Sai’s Love to all devotees. In my previous experience, I asked Deva to complete my brother’s new house pending work before Graha Parvesh. I also started Nav Guruvar Magical Vrat for that. Only after my 1st Vrat, Deva miraculously send one friend for completing the pending work. Deva none can understand Your way. Thank You very much for Your timely help.

One day, i felt that Baba is not looking towards me through His Big Photo and felt very disappointed. I requested Deva to look towards me because He is my only support. During Charitra Navratra of 2015, i suddenly decided to start Sai Satcharitra Parayan and completed on Ram Navami. I went near Deva’s photo and observed that my merciful Deva started looking towards me. Deva, i am Your baby tortoise, who is surviving only because of Yours mercy vision. Please Deva always continue Your mercy vision on me and all. On the first day of Parayan, i saw Baba’s white shadow in my third floor house balcony. On the second day, i saw Deva in the peacock feather fixed at my Pooja place. Once, i was reading one of the devotees experience about their overseas trip, just a thought came in my mind that when we will go and i forgot. Within a week my boss offered me and forced me to go to Dubai for one small official work (hardly one hour meeting). I was not interested in going without my family. My boss told me to go with my husband, arranged visa and everything for four days. We enjoyed the trip with the blessings of Deva. Deva again sent me overseas through office. Actually, i am working in government sector, so overseas trip is very rare but with the blessings of Sai, i am continuously receiving offers for the overseas short time official trips.

I want to share a very old experience of 2010, when Deva came in my dream. Whenever i remember that dream, a smile came on my face. In that dream, i was standing in Dwarkamai, the Dhuni and Akhand Diya was lighted. The picture of many Gods were carved (especially i saw Hanuman ji). Deva was wearing white Kafni and was slightly bent. He was busy in managing Dwarkamai. The walls were black due to smoke of Dhuni and Diya. He came near me and asked money for painting of Dwarkamai. I agreed to give Rs 500 but He told that Rs 500 is less, give Rs. 600. I told that Rs 600 is more. After that, i wake up. I felt awesome and laughed on my negotiation with Deva. Next day, my mom informed that one of our uncle is going to Shirdi. I transferred Rs 1500 in his account to offer Deva and narrated my dream. I especially told him that if possible please tell Sansthan person to use it in painting of Dwarkamai.

In my recent dream of 18 May, 2015, i saw very Big Big Shadows of Deva on every wall of my house, wherever i was turning my head, Deva’s Big Shadow was clearly visible. Thanks Deva for always living with me and my family. My most recent experience which i promised Deva to share in this blog is about my dad unplanned angioplasty. My dad complained about chest pain in March 2015, after that he was completely okay. He came Delhi in April 2015 for my brothers Graha Parvesh, we told him to consult with cardiologist as our family doctor told him for check up. But he ignored. In May 2015, my mother booked his ticket for Delhi just for preventive health check up. My dad was not ready to come. We pressurised and he came on 24th May morning at 7:00 am. On 23rd, i casually took appointment of a cardiologist for 24th. At 10:30 am, we went to hospital, there was Sai Statue and Photo in the small Temple of that hospital. I requested Deva to take care of my dad and if everything will be fine i will share my experience. My dad was completely fine and we were not expecting anything serious. The doctor also confirmed that his heart seems okay. But due to our family doctor’s recommendation for angiography, he suggested for the same. In angiography, the main left artery was found 80- 90 % block. The doctor who was doing angiography suggested for angioplasty within a week or otherwise any time emergency treatment would be required. We consulted our family doctor on phone and he advised for immediate angioplasty because our parents live in small town, where no such facility is available. My dad also agreed immediately and without much hustle, the treatment was done. After 20 minutes, we went to CCU to meet our dad and he was very comfortable and not having any pain. I thanked Deva for His timely help and making my dad cool and comfortable during all that process.

After all this we came to know that the doctor, who did my dad’s angiography and angioplasty was a very renowned cardiologist and he rarely do angiography and angioplasty but that day being Sunday, he was not so busy and did my dad’s angiography and angioplasty. So, Deva arranged the best for my dad. Deva was with my dad during all this. In my heart, i asked Deva, why there was blockage in my dad’s heart? Deva explained: 1. Everything is decided but this time there was no emergency. 2. My dad was not having any pain before the treatment, so he was very comfortable during and after the treatment, 3. The treatment was done at the best time without creating any panic situation, 4. The best doctor was available 5. Both angiography and angioplasty was done one after the other through same hand. Now, with the kind blessings of my Sai, my dad is completely fine and in fact very happy. Love You Always Deva for Your timely help. Deva, i am very small creature, i am completely unable to explain Your Love, Blessings And Support. Namasakar Sashtanga Shri Sainath.

Baba Took Away All My Problems And Sufferings

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: I am small devotee of Baba and I want to share the miracles of Baba that I have experienced. I am currently living in Australia with my husband and a 6 years old son and we feel extremely blessed to have the blessings of Baba in our good and difficult times. Om Sai Ram to all readers. Sai Baba has been in my life ever since I was in school but my devotion to Him increased even more in the past couple of years. I always had faith in Him but used to worship Him as any other God. Baba has always helped me when me and my family is in trouble. Sometimes I have realised it immediately and sometimes after few days. I have been going through rough path in life for so many years. It all started when my husband had to leave his job due to some issues in office to start a new business with his relative. Even after trying for 4 years nothing seemed to work for my husband. He was getting more and more depressed sitting at home and as a result, he got in to alcohol so much that our whole family was getting impacted. There were fights all the time and which in turn was affecting my small son.

During this time, my mother in law started doing Nav Guruvar Vrat and Parayanam with the hope to bring in some positive change in the house. We didn’t realise any change for months. But now when I look back I realise that during that time only few things started happening, which, at that time seemed like worst thing to happen but were a blessing in disguise. My husband had a conflict with his relative which led to separation between the two. Though it was a loss of money but it opened other doors for us. We applied for Permanent Residency for Australia and it took just 6 months for us to get it and move here. I want to thank my Sai with all my heart for this and giving us hope when there was darkness all around. After moving and struggling for few months, my husband got a job here. Few months later, I also got a contract job but there was always stress for me because at the end of each contract there was no surety whether it would be extended or not. I had to go to India suddenly as my mother fell ill. But my Sai saved her and she was fine after sometime. Sat Sat Naman to my Sai for blessing my mother with life and health. I wanted to get Sai Satcharitra before coming back but due to very busy schedule, I couldn’t go out to buy it. Just one day before coming back, my husband’s aunt came and said she has Sai Satcharitra and I can take it from her as she has finished reading it. My happiness knew no bounds and I immensely thanked Baba for fulfilling my wish which I did not even mention to Him.

After coming back, I started the Nav Guruvar Vrat and started reading Sai Satcharitra also. Just when I finished, I got an offer from an MNC again for a fixed term contract which was better as it was longer. In the meantime, my husband lost his job again and same depression again came in my life. Firstly there were issues at home and my married life was going through a very rough time and on the other hand my new job was extremely stressful and all this started having an impact on my mind and health. My poor small son suffered all this while. During this phase, I blamed Baba for giving me this tough time again but when I got my senses back I realised that may be Baba is saving from something worse. I apologised and asked for His forgiveness and thanked Baba for showing His mercy on me & my family. I again started Nav Guruvar Vrat and started reading Sai Satcharitra for my husband’s job and for mine too. I applied for a permanent job and went till the last round. I was very hopeful that I will get it this time but I got rejection letter from them. I was heartbroken but suddenly I got a call from them that they want me to join them on contract for 6 months and they will advertise the job again when I can reapply as they didn’t hire anyone else. It was a great opportunity for me to learn and be a more suitable candidate for them when I reapply. I thanked my Sai as at least I got something.

Just when I joined my new job, my husband got diagnosed with an infection and he had to start a thorough course of antibiotics. He started the medication and got more inclined towards Yoga and exercise. To my surprise, he gave up alcohol completely and I thanked Baba a million times for blessing my husband with health and will to be more positive. Baba gave us another Miracle when my husband got an offer from a very good government organisation for a contract role. I got tears in my eyes when I got the news and closed my eyes to see Baba smiling at me. Baba took care of all my problems and sufferings. My husband became a devotee of Baba too when he saw how much our lives changed after Baba came in our lives. There are many more instances in my life when Baba has shown His presence and has given indications that He is listening to our prayers but it’s not possible to describe all of them in one session. Thank You Baba for your blessings. Please keep me and my family in Your Holy Feet. I completely surrender to His Greatness. He is most merciful. Even when we don’t think about Him, He is always taking care of us. Whatever He gives us and whatever He takes away, is for our best. Baba, please forgive me if I have committed any mistake in writing my experiences with You. I hope that my experience gives strength and faith to all devotees in our beloved Baba. We never know what unbelievable miracle He will do to us. May Baba bless all. Om Sai Ram.

My Experiences With Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Hello, I am a Sai devotee living in UK with my family. I have a strong believe that Sai is there to help me in my life. Dear Hetal ji, Sincere thanks for maintaining such a Holy site for our Baba. Hi all Sai Devotees, I am a regular follower of this blog. I am currently living in UK with my family. I am a devotee of Sai Ram since 8 years. I came to know about Sai Baba from my mother-in-law who is worshiping Sai since a long time. I started to meditate Sai when I was pregnant and in bed rest due to some problem. When doctors were telling the condition is serious, Sai blessed me with good health and I delivered a healthy baby. Today i am going to share some of my experiences with you all. Five years back, my father was very much tensed for my younger sister’s marriage, he searched a lot but was unable to get a good match for her. As she was in love with a boy who cheated her and got married to other girl, she was like heartbroken and was not able to manage with anyone else. I was very much tensed seeing my father and sister. Then I started Nine Thursday Vrat for my sister even and during the tenure of the Vrat only, she agreed for one proposal. Today she is happily settled with her husband and baby.

I want to share one of my recent experiences with you all. When our first kid was going to be five, we planned to have the second one. But we were unable to get success, though all my reports were normal. I was very much tensed as if everything is fine why I am not able to conceive and not able to fulfil my in-laws and husband’s wish (Though they did not pressurise me any day). One day one of my friend suddenly came to my house, I was sharing my tension with her, she told you just start 9 Thursday Vrat of Sai. Take one coconut and homemade Prasad to Temple every Thursday. I impressed by what she said. It is like compulsory for me to go to Temple every Thursday and many a time, I did 9 Thursday Vrat for different purposes like marriage of my sister, for my father, for my husband. I never thought about this Vrat for me. So next Thursday, I did the same as my friend told. Every Thursday, I used to finish all household things early in the morning and tried to be get ready to attend the morning Aarti with homemade Prasad and a coconut. After coming home, I used to read Sai Satcharitra. I completed 9 Thursday Vrat with 2 breaks for monthly cycle. But to my surprise, I found I am pregnant after the 9th Thursday. Baba heard my prayers and blessed me with baby. Thank You Sai Baba for everything You did to me and my family. Keep Your blessings on me and Your other devotees. Om Sai Ram. Sab Ka Malik Ek.

My Husband Got Job By Baba’s Grace

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Bahrain says: I am a very staunch devotee of Baba. I would like to narrate one of my very recent experiences. I would like to thank the admin for giving us an opportunity to share our experiences. Om Sai Ram. I am thankful to Baba each and every second. My husband resigned from his job in February 2015. He switched to another company but he was not at all satisfied with his current job. Every day he comes home very dejected. But i know that Baba will not leave us and prayed to Him to show us a way. In March end my husband’s friend told him that he and his friends are going to start a company and they offered my husband a job. So my husband told the present company that we are going to India once for all and hence not to process the visa. Without the Miracle of Baba, this wouldn’t have happened.

But my husband’s friend was not telling us when they will start the company. Days rolled on but no answer. Hence we were very much worried. My husband went to many places but we were not getting a positive reply. So we finally decided to move to India by the end of June this year. But i had a strong hope that Baba will always give us the Best. Then I started Sai Divya Pooja for 9 weeks. By the end of 9th week, my husband got an offer in a very good company purely by the blessings of Baba. Thank You very much Baba. If we have Faith and Patience, Baba will definitely help us in giving the best for us. My husband will be joining the new company by the mid of June. I am sure that Baba will help him to do his best in the new company. I am fortunate to have Sai Baba in my life. He is my God and my Guru. Thank You so much Baba. Take care of my family and loved ones. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Sai Blessings In My Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi devotees, I am not a big devotee of Sri Sai Ram, but now Sai is everything for me. During my college final year, my dad passed away due to certain health issues. My mom was a homemaker, myself and my sister was studying. Being elder daughter, i had all responsibility to take care of my family. Financially, my uncle supported us. After college, I was placed in a top MNC but due to some reasons, I lost my job within a period of one month. I was totally lost and devastated. That was the time Sai entered in my life. I started praying Sai continuously. Though, i attended many interviews, i was not able to get through it, but I attended all my interviews on Thursday and was really very confident that Sai will always give the best for me. I was so hurt and was holding my faith on Sai. Sai always showed me positive signs, so i was really very confident. Finally, i got a job with low salary, but for my family I took that job offer and kept on searching for new job, I attended an MNC but i couldn’t make it and was totally unhappy because i was not able to support my family with that money. I was so angry on Sai and decided not to eat on Thursday till I get a good job offer. Finally, i attended the same company again and I got selected and was very happy. At the same time, my sister also got a good job offer ‘Sai, it’s all because of You’. Finally, i started fasting on Thursday as my dream came through. Sai Ram always protect all Your devotees. Thanks for everything Sai Ram. Now my dream is to visit Shiridi but don’t know when Baba will call me on His Holy Land, waiting for that wish to happen. Om Sai Ram Sri Sai Ram Jai Jai Sai Ram.

Baba’s Blessings And Miracle For Baby

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Abu Dhabi says: Sai Ram. I wanted to share this to all Sai devotees who are undergoing a similar situation like mine. I got married in 2013. Me and my husband longed for the baby till now. Not even once I conceived since marriage. We met doctor and i was under medication. Though I was not with my husband so it was a huge problem for me. I had visa issues in Qatar. Then finally with Baba’s blessing, I got permanent visa for UAE. I begged and cried a lot to Baba for this. I cried and begged to Baba for the baby madly. After coming here also, I was under treatment. Finally Baba blessed us and now i am 7 weeks pregnant. Today for the 1st time, I heard baby’s heartbeat. I am so happy. Yes, it wasn’t easy to wait for this day. But I never left Baba whenever I did not conceive. I always cried and begged Baba. I felt very relieved from heart whenever I cried to Baba. To all those, who are trying to conceive, my prayers for them. Hold on to Baba’s Feet tightly. You are sure to get His blessings and the Miracle. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Baba for my prayer what leela did u done.cant u give death for me on this day by u?i got tired by beleiving u.frustrated by trusting this ur leela??

  2. Baba plzz take care of My brother's exam…. Do some miracle baba… We r in need of it…. Soon Send his better
    half…. Love you baba

  3. Baba plz solve my problem… I don't know what to pray…. You know everything baba… You have many devotees but we have only you baba…plz baba do something….. Daya karo baba krupa karo……. Rehem karo baba apne bacchi par…. Naraz mat ho baba.. Hame sirf aapka sahara hai….

  4. Very good experiences and to the devotees who are in trouble, have some faith and hold onto Him tightly and He will bring back love and happiness back into your lives 🙂

    O Sai, merciful One, Thank You for fulfilling all our desires 😀

    Jai Sairam

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    De taras kha taras mujhpe aaka sai
    Ab lagaa le tu mujhko bhi dil se air karde karam aapna mujpe sai … Sai Kripa kar …

  6. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram , Om Sai Ram
    BABAji! I beg humbly at Your Holy Feet to grant me Your divya darshan. Thank You Deva for everything.
    Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai!

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    Baba, thank you for everything. Please be with always and keep all your children blessed. Baba, please bless me with a full time position.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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