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Shirdi Sai-Saviour Of All

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Thank you all for doing such a wonderful job. You are the one who keep our spirit and devotion high. I am a 30 year old girl from India. My father expired at a very young age. In my family, we are 3 members myself, my sister & my mom. This is my second experience that I am sharing. Now I will narrate my incident. This incident revolves around some of my relatives i.e. my 2 aunts, one is my Bua (My father’s sister) and second my Chachi (Wife of my father’s brother). It was in 2014, when son of my Bua (My cousin brother) was out of India, for his office work. He is married and his wife was staying with Bua (her in laws). I will name my cousin’s wife as Sujata, this is not a true name as I want the all of us to be anonymous. Sujata was looking for a job, so I referred her in my company and she got job in my company. She joined there. Everything was going smooth in my life. I was aware that my Bua used to quarrel with Sujata every day. I am not sure if Sujata also used to fight, but never had any discussion/interference with anyone in their family. I moved to a project which requires me to sit at client office. Sujata location was my office. We never seated in same office from the day Sujata joined.

After few days passed, I got a call from my Sujata, and she asked me “Did I said anything bad to Bua regarding her”. I was shocked as I am quite introvert person, I also do not like to gossip or interfere in someone’s life. I told her that this is not true, she can check Bua’s phone, I never had any call with her. I thought she understood my point. But after few days, when I was in office, I got a call again from her. This time she was crying and asked me same question, I tried to convince her that I did not said anything. In fact, I did not have any conversation with my Bua also. She told me that Bua ji said that, it was me who told her that girl is very clever, she do not work in office, she roam out of office with other boys. I was shocked as I did not say anything; In fact we were not sitting in same office from the day she joined. I was very angry. She was not listening and believing me. I straight away told her that it is my mistake, I referred you in my company and you should not call me in office. I ask her to call me in front of Bua, who was lying. I told her that if you think I am the culprit, how can I lie in presence of Bua as per her, and same will be the case of Bua, She will not be able to take my name if she is a liar. But she did not called me in the evening after returning to home in front of Bua. After sometime, my cousin retuned to India. I did not have any interaction from anyone in their family.

After few days, when I was accessing my social networking site, I found that both my cousin & his wife are not in my friends list. I used my friend’s account to find if they have blocked me and my doubt came true. I told this to my mom. She called my Aunt and asked for the reason. My Aunt said that she was the one who asked his son and daughter in law to block all relatives, since some people were trying to trouble their married life. But I knew this was not true. Days passed and after few months my Chachi’s father passed away in an accident, so my Chachi organized a prayed meeting for her father. We all went there including my cousin and my Bua. There I tried to avoid my cousin and Bua, as I was very angry. My cousin came to me and starts interacting. I directly asked him, that why he blocked me. He told me that his mom asked them to block me. In fact he did not blocked when she told him to do it first time. But next day when Bua again asked him that why he is not listening to his mother and he has not blocked me yet. Then he had to block me.

In the evening when I reached home, i tried to think about all the conversation that I had with my cousin. Now I can co-relate things. How all this happened. I remembered that Sujata uploaded some photos on social networking site while having tea and fun with her friends. It might be those pictures that created problem. To my surprise my aunt does not use any social networking site, so how can she know about these websites. How can she know if my cousin has not blocked me till the day when she first asked her? Some once must have told her. I was suspicious about 2 people from my relatives, to whom my Bua is very close, first Chachi and her daughter. These are the two people to whom she talks daily. But I was not aware who the culprit is. So I prayed from my heart to Baba, to punish the person who is actual guilty. I prayed Him to punish him in a way that other members in their family do not suffer. Sujata is pregnant and I prayed to Baba, if she is culprit please do not harm her baby. For my Bua’s daughter, I prayed not to give any health problem, as she is already suffering from health issues, she also has a son to look after. I prayed for my Chachi do not punish his son, who was preparing for MD for last 2-3 years. I prayed to Baba, give a punishment which should not made impact on other family members.

After 2-3 months, one day my Bua called my mom and told me something very surprising. She told that my Chachi, planned to get statue of God to be established in one of the Temple in her city. She used my grandmother gold bangles for this purpose. Although my grandmother last wish was this should be donated in Temple as it is and to be wore by Goddess. But she did not think much and changed it after my grandmother death. On the day of establishment, there were 100 of people who were there in temple with same purpose that is for statue establishment in Temple. There were 100 of statues to be established. All were established without any problem except one. It was my Chachi’s statue; it got Khandit in between (breakage). As pr the rule, any statue which is Khandit cannot be placed in Temple. I understood it was my Chachi, who told all the stupid things to my Bua & both of them put allegations on me. It was Baba who did not took her serving. Baba takes servings of people who are clear from heart. Still my cousin and his wife are not aware of truth, but I am calm in my mind and soul. I believe Baba that He will do what is good for me. Love You Baba. Baba take care of my mom’s health, Help my sister in her career. Om Sai Ram. Sabka Malik Ek Hai.

Sai Saved My Marriage

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Manjeet from South Africa says: Om Sai Ram. I stumbled upon your site while searching for Sai Miracles on Google. Really thankful to the team here for creating a platform where we all can share our experience with Sai Maa. I became close to Baba while I was staying in Mumbai in the year 2008 onwards. There has been no going back after that. He is my Everything, He protected me like a Father and took care of me like a Mother, became my friend in time of need. I got married in Oct 2013 to my partner who I have known for 9 years now. From past 4 to 5 months, things were not normal between us. We were continuously fighting for pity issues which were actually not so big. I think the problem started when my father in law started interfering in our life. He works with my husband in South Africa. We have our own business, I somehow did not like his behaviour from the beginning but I never had the courage to tell anything to my husband. He even insulted me in front of lot of people. I am not a kind of person who can fight so I always kept things in my heart and suffered within. This was not normal and I even started getting irritated with my husband for no reason. My husband is very short tempered but he still used to take care of me.

In October last year my husband invited his elder brother to join in our business, I was little hesitant but still accepted his decision. We were only married for a year but we had everybody in our house. I never use to get quality time to spend with my husband and this started showing in my behaviour. In December, my husband asked me to go to India for a few days and relax and come back after sometime when things are better. I stayed for 20 days in India and thought that things will be fine once I go back. Within a week, we again fought and he asked me to leave him immediately. I was heartbroken. The same time, I discovered he was not loyal to me. I felt like killing myself. In Feb, I again came back to India for a week but this time I was sure to commit suicide as I had no option. But he mailed me and asked to come back. I went back thinking that things are alright. My father in law also came to South Africa and that’s when more problems started cropping up. I am not sure what all he told my husband against me but my husband became insane and started fighting a lot with me. I pray to Baba everyday and light two Diyas at home in my Temple. One of the days I had put Kumkum to Baba’s Picture on His Feet. In the evening when I went to light the Diyas, I noticed that Kumkum had turned into Baba’s Face. I had tears in my eyes. I told this to my husband and he was mighty happy. I think this was Baba’s way of saying that He is with me.

In April, my husband fought with me for a very small thing and asked me to leave. I booked my tickets and left. He said he wanted space and I came back to India to my In-laws. Today it’s exactly one month and I don’t think so that I have even spared a single moment without thinking or praying to Baba. Yesterday while I was sleeping in the afternoon I saw Baba in my dream and He showed me a white paper which had the following words- Everything will be fine’ And as soon as I opened my eyes I got a message from my husband asking very lovingly how am I feeling as I have been sick since the time I came to India. I was happy that at least he thought about me. He did not message or call after that and even I did not but just now half an hour back while I had almost slept and was dreaming about my Sai I again got a message from my husband asking me When do I want to come back as his mother does not want me to stay here. In a way it’s a good message that he is asking me to come back but out of ego he is not saying that he wants me to come back. I had promised to Baba that I will write the experience when this Miracle happens. I thought of waiting till tomorrow but just could not control. I request and pray to Baba to make things normal with my husband. He is a very nice person but under the influence of Kali, he is behaving like this. I request you all to please pray for us. I have tons of experiences with Baba and I will surely write about them When I am back home to South Africa. I am attaching the Picture that appeared on the photo in my Temple at home. Om Sai Nathay Namah.

Baba Helped Me To Find A Job To Meet My Child’s Needs

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Aarthi from UK says: Sai Ram everyone! Thank you for this blog which is an immense source of faith and happiness to so many. I feel and believe that i know Baba from many births. He is my Guardian Angel, my Father, my Everything, without Him, i am nothing. I am so lucky that Baba came into my life and has made it worth living. I have experienced many Miracles with Baba but i am mentioning a recent one. About a year back, I gave birth to my second child due to Baba’s Grace. The baby was in NiCU, but came home safely in a few days. At about 6 months of age about the time when we started give proper solid food, we started noticing he was not gaining weight and was bringing up milk. He would cry a lot when we tried giving him formula and would only allow to be fed by me. We soon found out the baby had food allergies, we never suspected anything as neither us parents nor our other child suffered from any allergies. The doctor suggested, I continue feeding him to help him overcome his allergies sooner and develop his immunity. Soon it was time to return to work and I was put in a very big dilemma in how I would go back leaving a baby at home that was still dependent on me in some way. I could not go back to my previous role as it was far away and full time. I was really very confused, as the last time I had taken a really long break and found it difficult to find a job. We were also financially dependent on two incomes. I prayed to Baba a lot.

I started the Sai Vrat in January. I also asked Baba a question, in which Baba answered that my problems would be solved around Ramanavami time. I kept my faith in Baba and thought it would be great if I found a part time job for a few hours a day and that way I could meet both needs. I knew that was rare in my field and even those that came by had many lots of applications. I tried for many when my older child was a baby but was unsuccessful. I saw a few part time jobs and applied for them. I did not hear back and was getting anxious. Then around March, I got an interview call for a part time role a close drive from home. I did not want to get very hopeful, but prepared and kept my faith in Baba. My interview was set for the following Wednesday. I though Wednesday did not have any significance for me and was looking for a sign from Baba. The next day they emailed that the interview was postponed to Thursday. I was happy but also very nervous as I did have a break. I went for the interview and felt I did the interview properly but not the test and was not very hopeful. The interviewer promised I would hear back in a week, but I heard nothing and it was Tuesday the following week.

I was still a little hopeful as Ramanavami was that following weekend, but was also not sure because of my test. Some very good news came that Wednesday, they were going to offer me the role but not the salary I was expecting. I was again confused whether it would be enough to pay child care and more. I negotiated with them on the Thursday and they only increased it by a little, but the good thing was that they allowed me to choose the days and hours I wanted. They accepted my daily proposed hours. All this happened just before the day Baba promised. I can’t thank Baba enough. Sai Ram really understood the need and pain of another mother. I truly believe that Baba does answer our prayers, but knows our needs more than us and therefore provides accordingly. Sometimes things don’t happen immediately, maybe there is a bigger reason. It is our duty to only have faith and patience in Baba. Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Ji Miracle

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Dubai says: I am going to pen down my experience about how Baba came to me in human. I am currently staying in Dubai. I have been looking for a job for a very long time. But due to my breaks in my career or due to timings, I was not able to get a job. I sincerely started my 9 weeks fasting. I was fasting for getting a job. I started praying and was crying to Baba ji that I desperately need a job. To my surprise, I got a job by His Grace. I usually pray God and then start for the interview. So today also I did my prayers and told Baba ji, I believe You and please be with me. I took a taxi to reach at the office. An old man was driving the taxi. While driving, he was asking me whether I am going for any interview. I said yes. Then he said, you will surely get this job. I just laughed and said thank you. Then he dropped me near the office and the bill was 14 Dhs. I gave him 15 and got down from the taxi. He called me and said come take your 1 Dhs, when you will get the job and after that you give that 1 Dhs to me. I was thanking him and went and attended the interview. I came home and was going through Baba ji messages. In that, He said, I am formless. Then it strike me, Baba ji came in the form of the old man and blessed me. By His Grace, i got the job and I kept the 1 Dhs at His Lotus Feet. Sai Malik, love You Baba ji. I always wish to be Your devotee. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Miracle

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Thank you Hetal ji for maintaining this blog. The experiences in this blog provide a constant inspiration. Every day, I begin my schedule by reading devotees experiences in this blog. This is my third experience in this blog. I and my husband were working in an engineering college as faculty. Last year i.e. in 2014 May, my husband faculty branch was closed due to poor admissions. At the end of academic year only, the management informed the faulty to relieve from their duties. It was a shock to us after serving 14 years in the same college. We do not know what to do! I started Sai Satcharitra Parayan. My husband got admission as full time research scholar in a reputed institution. But there the guide insisted to join in part-time. Then he searched a lot for job. I and my husband have done Saptah Parayan also. I have done Nav Guruvar Vrat also. Whenever I asked in question and answer website, I used to get positive responses. In April 2015, we got interview call from one college. During that time my aunt suggested Sai Divya Pooja. I started Sai Divya Pooja and we both went to attend interview. It’s a miracle! We both got selected. By Sai’s grace, we got the job. We have to join in next month. Sai only saved us from difficult situation. Ananta Koti Pranam to Sai. Jai Sai Ram.

House And Food For Ramu

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Revathi from India says: I am a devotee of Baba and believe every good wish will be completed by Baba. While reading Sai Satcharitra in my daughter’s house at Bangalore, one small puppy (country dog) of 5 days came and we named him ramu. Watchman took care of him and we have taken care of his food, injection. Now he is one year old, but other flat owners’ started shouting that the sound of dog is more. On 11th May morning, they said they may even kill the dog. I immediately prayed to Baba to show good shelter for ramu and i will read Sai Satcharitra once for this purpose. Miracle happened, while contacting through just dial, we came to know about Karunalaya shelter for dog. We have to pay amount and they will take care or give adoption. I immediately called my auto driver. He also knows the place and left him there by paying them just 3500 Rs. Sai showed ramu a good place. Thanks to Baba.

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  2. Very good experiences all 🙂

    O Sadguru, bless us, Your children who fall at Your feet and seek help 🙂

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  3. Baba ji u are hope for everyone
    Please save all your children from marriage trouble.
    Please save us,we totally believe u.
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  4. Om Sai Ram dear baba devotees. I am 32year baba daughter who is struggling hard in life and still survived due to only our Sai ma want to confess one thing to baba I kept small book of Sai chalisa inside my mom's pillow and use to read that daily in the night before sleeping for my mom's good health. Today by mistake I washed the Sai chalisa book with pillow cover and came to know when I was draining from machine. I felt very bad since book converted into very small pieces and most of the part drained into drainage. I felt really very bad and asking continuously baba for forgiveness. Please baba I am sorry forgive your daughter. Kshama karo Maa mujhe.

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    Om Sai Ram
    Baba, take care of all your devotees and ease their problems.

    Devotee from S. Africa, Please try to be financially independent. You will see a big change when you take charge of your life. You are not a ping pong ball that your husband keeps asking you to leave. Pray to Baba and He will show you the way.
    Om Sai Ram

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    I'm so sorry for my mistakes please never leave me. Thank you

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    BABAji! Please be with us and keep us near Your Holy Feet. Please bless us with Your divya darshan. Thank You so much for everything.
    Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

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