A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 1087

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How Baba Enlightened Me

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces | http://www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org

Sai Brother from India says: I am a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba from Tamil Nadu, India. My Blog: www.AwarenessChanting.blogspot.in “Meditate always on My Formless Nature, which is knowledge incarnate, consciousness and bliss. If you cannot do this, meditate on My Form from top to toe, as you see here day and night. As you go on doing this, your vruttis will be one-pointed and the distinction between the Dhyata, Dhyanam and Dhyeyam will be lost and the meditator will be one with the consciousness and be merged in the Brahman” ~ Shirdi Sai Baba. This is the third and final instalment of my spiritual experience-Previous two being available in the following URL’s:
How Sai Baba Taught Me Saranagati (Surrender)
A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 395

Quick Recap: My conspicuous tangible spiritual experience started off in 2008 by the causeless Grace of the Holy Feet of Shirdi Sai Baba when I got my individuated consciousness separated from my mind. In 2010, I got my individuated consciousness absorbed in the universal Consciousness in my mind. In 2011, I got my individuated consciousness absorbed in the universal Consciousness separated from my body. In 2012, I got my individuated consciousness absorbed in the universal Consciousness separated from my heart. This separation of individuated consciousness from mind, body and heart and its absorption in the universal Consciousness of God within leads to Surrender, because we know then that our mind, body and heart are controlled by the universal Consciousness of God. Now, in 2013, having separated the consciousness, I tried to locate my soul in my consciousness. If our soul is compared to Sun, our consciousness can be compared to its rays. The eye-blinding illumination of consciousness prevents us from perceiving the soul lurking within. It is the ego-principle that amplifies illumination of our consciousness. When we retract our identification with the ego-principle, our soul appears with a great Silence. It is like seeing Sun through smoke-glass filtering its rays. During meditation, my consciousness crossed the boundary of my body and reached the infinite space. My senses got very sharp. All noises in the foreground were relegated to the background and the background Silence is brought to the front. There was very little consciousness left unabsorbed so that I could perceive the source of my I-ness.

On further meditation on my boundless soul, my mind was suddenly emptied, and the deep Silence got much more deeper with extreme stillness. When the Self appears in its splendour, our thoughts are stilled, our mind is stunned and drained. Our senses and mind could do nothing but helplessly witness the Witness or Kutastha. There was no trace of consciousness as I had, by now, completely withdrawn myself from my mind-principle. In 2014, when I continued meditation on the Self, the perceiver-perception-perceived triad was lost and I, having withdrawn from the principle of intellect, disappeared into Lord perceived as the pleasant Field of Supreme Peace, thus completing the final leg of Enlightenment. I thank Baba for this wonderful spiritual enlightenment in a record time of a decade and with considerable comfort. I didn’t quit my material life, I didn’t join any Ashram, I didn’t go behind any preceptor. Baba did it while I was leading my ordinary householder life right in the comfort of my home. It is really wonderful. Having become a devotee of Baba, what all you need to get enlightened is just a Strong Craving For Enlightenment-nothing more, nothing less. For further details, you may visit my blog www.AwarenessChanting.blogspot.in and You Tube channel www.youtube.com/user/umasreedasan.

Green Card Approved

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces | http://www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org

Anonymous Devotee from US says: I love Baba so much. He is my Father, Guru, Everything to me. Thank you Hetal ji and team for this wonderful work. Thank you Hetal ji for providing such wonderful platform to share experiences which boosts faith in our beloved Baba. I have several experiences in my life. I wanted to share the recent one with all my Sai relatives. I am very thankful to Baba who showed mercy on me at all times. First time, I went to Shiridi when I was nine years old. It’s almost like 25 years back. Since that time I know Him, I was not an adherent devotee but I used to pray Him. After some time, when I got married, I went to Australia and somehow I used to go nearby Temple and again slowly I moved towards Him. This time I felt like doing Baba Parayan and done successfully with His blessings, I did not have Udi in my house and to my wonder He sent Vibhuti with my husband friend. Again since last 5-6 years, every Thursday I pray Him, do Aarti etc. but I never felt so close to Him. But since last 5-6 months, I feel so close to Him and have several experiences, which I wanted to share one among them.

We moved to USA in 2012 with my two kids along with my husband as part of his work. We came on L1 Visa and it has validity till March 2015. Initially we thought of staying 3 years but later because of several reasons, we wanted to extend our stay and wanted to get GC (My husband company was sponsoring). But the company was not ready to do for my husband initially. Then we were very stressed because our visa was about to expire in 5-6 months and we did not get any approvals neither for GC nor L1 extension. My husband was literally very stressed and every day we used to hear about many people getting rejections for L1 going back to India because the company wanted to reduce onsite employees. Here Baba Leela started. I had complete faith in Baba that He solves my problem and surrendered completely at His Lotus Feet. After few days to our surprise, we got approval for GC (Which was not possible without Baba’s Grace). With Baba blessings, we applied and days were passing but we did not moved to next stage. We were really very tensed as our visa was about to expire and did not receive L1 extension nor GC was moving forward. Baba extended His hand to help us and by His Leela, one fine morning we got approval for L1 extension as well. But by the next day itself, we came to know that rules changed for Visa extensions and approvals were given with several restrictions. (Without our Baba which was next to impossible in our case.) As because approval needed several account level senior managers approval, we applied L1 extension.

With Baba Miracles page, I came to know about Nav Guruvar Vrat and started doing Vrat. Amazingly when my Vrat was about to complete through QA site Baba told that “You receive Govt. letter which makes you over joy and you celebrate”. Like you might have guessed what is it about even I guessed. Next day morning, my husband made a call from office and told that my status changed. I could not believe myself. I was really overwhelmed that Baba told me before it changed. I felt much more happy that He talked (I felt like) to me. Then another miracle happened on my birthday. I wanted Baba to wear pink dress on my Birthday in the nearest Temple. To my surprise, when I went for Shej Aarti he was wearing pink. Generally for Shej Aarti, it will be yellow or white, but that day he wore pink. I was so delighted and wanted to thank Baba for everything. He fulfilled even my smallest wishes. Every single problem, He helped me. It may be my stress, my dad’s health etc, Every where He showered His blessings. I feel everything as a miracle. How can I thank Him. What can I do for Him. But whole heartedly I wanted to thank Him. Believe Him and have Shradda and Saburi rest He will take care. Thank You my dear Baba. Thank You so much. I love You from bottom of my heart. Lokan Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu.

Baba Got Me My Life Partner

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces | http://www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am small devotee of my beloved Sai Baba. I want to share my experience what changed my life only because of Baba. Now, He is with me to write His Leela on my life. Thank You Baba for giving me this beautiful chance and also thanks to admin of this page. You are doing a gracious job. May Baba bless you always. Om Sai Ram. My marriage was fixed with a guy in the month of May 2013. The family is near to our home means only one and half km distance from my home. They all are known to us. They all are also big devotees of Sai Baba. I and my family members were very delighted that Baba met us. We used to talk 5 to 7 hours every day. Everything was fine on track. But when the time appeared for engagement, disturbance started. We only heard this by mediator that they want more dowry and cash. That’s why they were delaying engagement and didn’t proceed for next event. But we couple suffered in between. His family was not in the favour of our marriage.

When their son asked them, why are you demanding, they told him, we don’t want anything but mediator saying the girl’s side was so rude. Likewise disturbance was going on bad to worse. There was no chance of getting married of us. Then we both prayed to our Sai Baba and I did 5 Guruvar Vrat (5 Thursday fast for Sai Baba) always asking to my Baba in question answer site, whether we get married or not. Every time Baba gave positive answer. Then one day, I was crying and devotedly asked, give me clear answer Baba, don’t keep me in confusion. Then answer was, “You will get your aim at just near to your home”. After that I was sure, i will marry only to that person. No one can separate us. I don’t know how and why everything was fine. All were happy for our marriage, did every arrangement from both sides. On 25 Jan 2015, we got married and now we are living together. All this happened only because of Sai Baba. I promised my beloved Baba that if we both get married, I will post my experience here. Pardon me Baba for so late. Always bless us and keep us under Your lotus feet. Love You Baba. Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhi Raja Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Ki Jai.

Baba Came In My Dream And Blessed Me

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces | http://www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org

Sai Sister Shruti from India says: I am from Amritsar, Punjab, India. I am working as a counsellor with an institute. Om Sai Ram to all. Thank You Sai Baba for giving me this opportunity to share Your blessings with everyone. Thank you Hetal ji for this wonderful page. I know Sai Baba from many years but my faith on Him developed just few months back just when i start reading all His Miracles on this page. One day, i was talking to one of my friend on faith and God, then she told me to have faith on just one name because it will not only give me faith, but will also develop inner confidence and then i just prayed to God, please guide me. I know all God is one but just show me path to which of Your name and form i follow. It’s just then there was so many of Sai Baba Miracles post start showing on my Facebook page and i start reading all and my faith becomes strong and strong day by day. Baba helped me in many ways. There were so many problems in my life from past 8 years that sometimes i thought to end my life. But now Baba has changed my life and everything is so good this is not possible without the help of Baba grace.

By reading all His Miracles, i got to know about Sai Satchitra and start reading this. When i was in problem, i always ask God why i am facing all this problems? Why my life is not good, peaceful? I have never done anything bad to anyone, then why? When i start reading Sai Satchitra, I got all answers of my questions that if God gives me all this pain just to make my life easier and i was not alone. He was always with me that’s why i survived and reached here. I have experience so many Sai Baba miracles in my life. In my next post, i will share with all of you. Here i just want to share one blessing with you all. When i was reading Sai Satchitra and all devotee’s experiences that Baba came to them in dreams and bless them. I ask Baba please give me this blessing also. Few days back, i had a dream that Baba put His Hand on my head and draw a sun (form of Tilak) with Chandan on my forehead. Wow what a dream. I couldn’t ask for more. Yes, it’s true. Baba is always with His children everywhere. We are not alone. Just have patience and trust. Never ever break your trust on your God (Whichever form you believe) as Baba says Sabka Malik Ek Hai. Thank You Sai Baba to give me this opportunity to share my experience with everyone and forgive me if i did any mistake. Please be with me, my family and all devotees always and always keep me in Your Lotus Feet. Thank You everyone for reading this and forgive me if there is any mistake. Om Sai Ram.

How I Got My Sai Baba Back

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces | http://www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org

Anonymous Devotee from US says: I got my Baba back. I was not a devotee of Sai until i joined an IT company. I was working for an MNC, and my friend gave me a Sai framed Picture from Shirdi. I was not aware of the greatness or power of Sai Nath before. I carried the picture to my office, thinking it will be good to have a God’s Picture in my desk. The same day, i kept the Sainath Picture, i received my first ever appreciation in my company. From that day, i started offering flower to Sai Baba everyday and i started my work only after praying Him. I felt that specific Sai Baba Picture was my lucky charm. Right from young age, i always had a dream of getting onsite opportunity. I was only two years experienced, but due to blessing of Sai Baba, i was sent to US by my company. I always carried that Picture with me. One day, the Picture was lost. I searched all over my bag, my office desk and took permission, came home and searched everywhere but i could not find it. I was into tears, just praying inside my heart ‘Sai Baba, please come back to me, please come back to me’. I could not concentrate in my work, could not talk to anyone. Only this thought was going inside my mind. I was feeling as if I lost a part of mine. Then luckily, i found it back. I was again into tears of happiness. This story might sound simple. But this incident meant a lot me. I promised myself that i will pray the Picture everyday and will keep it most safely than anything else. Om Shri Sai Ram.

Thank You Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces | http://www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org

Sai Brother Mayur from India says: I want to share my marvellous experience with Sai Baba. I am thankful for my Sai who did Miracles for me. I was in a very good health before a month but after it, I had fever, cold and headache and due to it I had to take heavy dosage of medicines because of which I had acidity in my stomach and was experiencing fever with it. Due to Sai Baba’s blessing, I recovered from it within a week. But again due to my stupidity, I started eating food from outside and attended my friend’s birthday, where I took lot of cold drinks and paneer. I also had hookah and i am very sorry for it. This acidity started again and this time, I was very scared and went to two doctors. My reports were normal which I had taken 1st when I was ill as mentioned above. I was very tensed and all the negative thoughts were coming in my mind. I started praying to Baba. I had taken a nap in noon and slept very tensed minded. I took the name of Sai and slept. When I woke up, all the tension was gone and I don’t know what struck my mind, I started searching for yoga’s video. I also practised Kapalbhati Pranayam which helped me a lot. I think this was the God’s solution for me.

Today I had an opportunity for having a Live Darshan Of Sai Baba on http://www.shrisaibabasansthan.org/darshan.html. I was chanting Sai Baba’s Name and mantras. I saw at Sai and asked to give me Prasad of Shirdi. In evening, I went to Mandir. I did Seva of Sai and after that another person who does the Seva with us gave me Prasad of Lord Bala ji. I was very happy and was relieved. I thanked my Lord and ate it and also shared it with people. Baba, You have always brightened up my path in every way and helped me in every way. Please help me and my family and also call us to Shirdi where we can put all our worries behind and get blessed. I thank people who post their Sai Miracles on this site as it was an inspiration for me during my bad time. I also want to thank Sai from the bottom of my heart for everything. Please help us for everything. Sai, Give happiness to everyone and fulfil everyone’s wishes. Please help us and please forgive me if I have committed any mistake today or in my past. Om Sai Ram! Om Shree Sainathaya Namah!

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  1. Dear Devotee , who once told us about DH JAGTAP BABAJI … Could you please guide us more .. how is your dad now…

    • Dear devotee, my father is much better now by Sai Baba's grace through Babaji. He goes for walk in morning, reads Saibaba's book, talks to us n people. He is happy now. Earlier he had stopped going for walk, was not interested in reading or talking to anyone. He used to sleep n think negatively. Now he made friends of his age n passes time with them. Thank u Sai n Babaji. Om Sai Ram. Dear devotee, have faith in our Sai n visit Shirdi, all your problems will be solved. Jagtap Babaji is dooth of Sai whom He has sent for us. Rest all is in the hands of our Lord Sai. Put yourself in His holy lotus feet and start experiencing miracles in your life.Om Sai Ram.

  2. Me and many others who r pregnant and in pregnancy we r so depressed and frustrated.. I request all of you pls pray for us and our child…
    Om sai ram…

    • Please read satcharitra during pregnancy.it is good both for mother n child. Hope you lead a healthy and safe pregnancy.may God bless you all

    • Om sai ram…Dear sai Devotee,

      Dont get frustrated.Pregnancy is a beautiful journey …try to enjoy it with a positive mind.May Baba Bless You with a healthy and happy baby.Have a safe delivery…Om sai ram

  3. Wonderful experiences all 🙂

    O Sai, Thank You for Blessing us bringing love and happiness back into our lives 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. sorry to ask here,am also baba devotee please any of your companies having openings for freshers, am waiting from last 5years, i have good %s and good adapting capability also, please help me, baba please baba

  5. Om sai ram.thanks a lot wht u given till now.very much thankful form bottom of my heart.that I come close to u through my uncle .shruti.Ashif.ashutosh.my mom my dad.every one .even my pet happy.baba look after me allways.my knot is your hand pull me out and full my bucket with happiness.with shruti love.happiness.good beautifull brain soul mind heart.money.wana help many.pls call me shridi as soon as possible.and make my every wish true lyk u allways do.hold my hand and guide me to true success.today I got a knot on my arm rest.through nana ji who went to shridi .and I got wrist knot in black colour.baba ur allways,wid me.whatever I write is ur words.so if ever I mistake .pls forgive ur son Rohit tiwary.I love u deva.I love u sai baba .

  6. baba am crying u like every thursday, i dont want to come with them to shiridi, please give me job baba i dont want this life baba please protect me, when will u fulfill my dream

    • never go to shirdi with people u don't like. i'm saying this from my personal experiences. baba gets angry on his devotees. please earn yourself and go to shirdi. god bless you.

  7. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai !
    Anantha koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Samardha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!
    BABAji! You know everything, our day to day struggles. Please give us strength and courage to deal with them. Please let our faith in You get stronger every day. Thank you so much for everything you gave us.
    Om Sai Ram!

  8. Om Sai Ram…Please be with me during the delivery BABA…Please bless my husband and son with health, happiness and success BABA…

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