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Shirdi Sai Baba Being My Friend, Philosopher And Guide

Sai Sister Nabanita from USA says: I am Dr. Nabanita Dutta and I am a resident of San Francisco, California. Actually I belong to Assam, India. I am a daughter from Jorhat and at the same time daughter-in-law from Guwahati, Assam. I am a scientist by profession in the field of Nanoscience & Technology and living with my husband presently in the USA. First of all, I sincerely offer my gratitude to all of those who are involved with this web page lending me an opportunity to share my experience. I am grateful to myself to realize this extreme sense of happiness through the absolute truth of Almighty in terms of the beautiful reality of Shirdi Sai Baba, the messenger of our creator, who always guides His Children and responds accordingly if anyone seeks His suggestion wholeheartedly. Anyway, I always try to interpret Baba’s guidance differently. Baba always tries to make us understand our duty to do our work, self realization and reliance as such. Furthermore, Baba also reminds our responsibility for society as well through His various lessons. Now, I am going to narrate a few of my lessons which I have learnt all the way through the company of Baba.

I got introduced to Shiridi Sai Baba by my friend Kalpana at Bordoisila Girl’s Hostel, at Tezpur Central University, Assam during my Ph.D. work. Actually after I had lost my father, the place of my principal guardian became empty and Sai Baba came to my life to fill this place essentially. First Baba enforced me to accept the power of our Mother Nature in His words. For instance, some point of time, Kalpana supposed to bring a Sai pendent for me from her home. I was just planning to wear it on my gold chain. However, in my dream Baba advised me to wear the pendent on a black chain made of thread. To my surprise, Kalpana was back from her home with the Sai pendent hanging on a black chain. Upon asking the reason behind, she replied that she had found that pendent with the black chain but it was astonishing that she found it hard to recall the source of this particular chain because her parents had brought pendants from Shirdi which were without chain. This is how Baba made me feel the essence of belief and I have never looked back to put any step forward with this strong belief that Baba would certainly warn me if there is anything to say from His side. But yes, Baba resides in our heart and so we should always keep patience to listen our heart carefully prior to our actions. In a row, this belief saved my life without any injury from a violent road mishap later on.

The days with Baba went on and I moved to Kolkata. Afterwards, I got a travel award from DST for USA visit but my employer was against of my trip as it was just after few months of my joining. Baba helped me to fight back and to remain on my stand through “Question Answer session” of His guidebook and finally I won the battle. In this way, I had a series of experiences of His answers. Miraculously, every answer came true. Most importantly, once we got eleven thousand rupees back as per the advice of Baba following the guidebook while this money was stolen from our home. Days passed by and circumstantially, my first visit to IIT Bombay, Powai got fixed and the moment my trip got finalized, I planned for Shirdi as Powai falls on the way of Mumbai to Shirdi. After lots of exercises, I have booked tickets for Shirdi from a travel agency near IIT in due course of time. Eventually the great day came and I travelled alone to Shirdi by default. Subsequently, I have offered prayer on Baba’s Holy Feet and started preparing for my departure from Shirdi to Powai at earliest as per my scheduled ticket at 1 p.m. on the same day.

Suddenly, I had realized that my ticket was missing while the conductor was checking the tickets of all passengers before allowing getting into the bus. Since, I had lost my ticket so he didn’t allow me to enter. I have shown my PNR status in my mobile but since it was an e-ticket so it was mandatory to produce hard copy of my booking and the bus stuff was about to cancel my travel. I was literarily weeping being alone over there. Meanwhile, I noticed an elderly passenger came forward from the bus to guide me to resolve the matter. In fact, he took me to an agency and talked to the owner regarding someone and his phone number particularly and having obtained, he handed me a slip with that phone number and asked me to talk. Consequently, I was furnished some reference and the clutter got settled. Later, I was looking for the hallowed stranger to offer my heartfelt thanks but he disappeared among the crowd. I thought I would talk during the stopover of the bus near Nasik. Hence, I tried my best to find him out inside the bus and even checked thoroughly while all passengers were getting down for refreshment during the stop over but I could not find him out. It is still a mystery where the person had left?

Again, during my stay at Kolkata, another incident happened when I wished visit Shibpur Sai temple at Nadia, West Bengal. I tried to collect all information from internet about its location and journey to reach the Temple. However, the itinerary didn’t seem to be easy as it was divided among train as well as bus and even boat route also. Besides, I took the print of my travel plan and began my journey. But fortunately, I met different people who accompanied me throughout my travel via some short cut routes. I had accomplished my prayer at Shibpur Sai Temple and reached my home back at Kolkata before sunset. It would have not been possible if I had not encountered those people who helped me on my way. If I remember, my tour was like a movie scene and which puts me under enigma how I made it happen? Looks like simply impossible today!

Baba always blesses me and grants His compassion whenever I pray! Once I was upset with my visa issues but I regained my confidence after seeing Baba’s Photo on the monitor of the Desktop of my hotel where I stayed. In addition, once we were about to miss our flight to USA, due to the delay in our connecting flight to Kolkata in the Guwahati airport but Baba answered my prayer through managing our travel by another connecting flight. It is just a miracle for us. Actually Baba asks us to keep patience and always teaches to focus our mind and a focus mind radiates tremendous positive energy and which helps us to overcome our obstacles. Sai Satcharitra is just lesson to focus our mind and which gives peace and rest to our brain. Baba urges us to get rid of devil attitude like greediness by inspiring us to donate for poor peoples. I believe these are the keys of all success.

Miracles In My Life

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: I am a devotee of Sai Baba and I have experienced couple of Miracles in my life. I have shared my first Miracle last year and I am sharing my 2nd Miracle now. I am waiting for Baba’s blessing for the 3rd and biggest Miracle that I am praying to happen soon. Me and my husband live in UK from last 15 years. We have 2 boys, 15 years and 9 years old. My husband’s health was deteriorating from last 5 years. With Baba’s blessings, the first biggest Miracle was to gain my husband’s health. But unfortunately due to his health problems, he had to give up his job and it is exactly 1 year now that he is without a job and you don’t know how we are surviving without any income for so long. This is all because of Baba’s blessings are with me and my family.

Four months back, I lost hope that we will not be able to survive without any job as all the sources of getting finance for living were closed. As we were trying to sell our land which got into a litigation because of one of my cousin brother, so we were unable to sell that even after trying all possible ways to sell for an year. One day when I lost hope that it will never happen and i was in depression as to how we are going to live without income. That’s when all of a sudden, we got a buyer for our land who was even ready to pay off the complete amount to us in a week’s time just after the registration and that was unbelievable as it’s huge amount and we thought at least it will take 6 months for them to pay off the money even if they buy. So that day has come when the registration happened and buyers have given us the complete amount. I still can’t believe how that happened. It’s all Baba’s Miracle. Because of that land sale, we are able to survive now without any problem and Baba also gave me a job 3 months back even though it is of very little income and won’t be sufficient to run the family.

I have been praying to Baba that the only request I have and plead Him is for my husband’s job. I know Baba will soon bless my hubby with a job and this is only a testing phase for us to make us strong, He is taking so long to bless my hubby with a job. Baba, I genuinely believe that You are there for us and anyone who whole heartedly pray You with full faith and You will fulfil everyone wishes in various forms. Baba me and my husband are still waiting for Your blessings, Baba please please grant my husband a job. Being in IT for 17 years, he is now struggling to get into a job which won’t affect his health again. So please pray for us Baba devotees, we are going through a real difficult times in our life from last 7 years. I have faith in Baba that He won’t leave us in an ocean without giving His helping hand. Baba we always believe in You and love You so much. We will always pray You and will never ever forget You. Please excuse us if knowing or unknowingly, we have done any harm to anyone or mistakes in life. Devotees please believe in Baba and eventually Baba will give you miracles in ways you won’t even think it will happen.

Baba Helped My Friend

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: This happened couple of weeks earlier. A friend of ours called me casually. I was surprised at the time she called. It was early evening around 4 pm and she should be at office working now. I asked her if she was Ok or on leave because she was on her 8/9th months into pregnancy. She said their visa has been rejected, thanks to the experienced lawyer, he filed it under wrong status and more was their permanent resident card was approved yet. They had about 90 days to get the visa or leave the country and they were informed about it 25 days late. So they typically had about 65 days. Second one seemed more stressful because they had bought a house less than a year ago and she was due shortly, she wasn’t allowed to fly. They won’t be able to bring in any help (parents) either post delivery for the same reasons.

Luckily, her husband’s company agree to pay him 3 month’s salary since he had worked for them for so long. But, with a 6 year old son and a baby on the way, 3 month’s salary is no where going to help in long run because their status did not let them use health insurance. So both husband and wife sat home not knowing what to do. I know she probably has less patience to pray for long hours. So something in me told her to pray Baba with faith and everything is going to be fine. I don’t know if she did but I prayed honestly on her behalf from where I was sitting while still on call with her. 4 days later she called me and said, not only was their visa application got approved but also they got their visa stamped and also previous evening they got their permanent residency approval. From no visa and to get it in 90 days or leave the country, they got their visa approval and also permanent residency card in just 4 days. I suddenly remembered Baba when she said this. So I know Baba was responsible for making everything right. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Changed My Life

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal ji, first of all thank you so much for this wonderful page. I would like to narrate my two experiences which filled my life with joy. First experience is, I completed my MBA in 2014 and in spite of being topper of the college, i was not getting suitable job. I tried and waited a lot for a good opportunity but nothing worked. I was getting depressed day by day as being topper of college, i was not getting any suitable job. There Baba came to my rescue. Once i visited Sai Baba’s Temple and while Baba’s Aarti was going on, i had a string urge to read Baba Aarti from book. So while leaving Temple, i was searching for Baba’s Aarti book. But i got Nav Vrat book and while going through it, i decided to do Nav Vrat. This is a Miracle as Baba Himself directed me towards His Nav Vrat. In question and answer page, i asked Baba about my job. Answer was, i will travel towards south and will meet my sister but i thought how it can be possible, maybe it is not possible as I was looking for something in north only. I got job very soon and that too in a good MNC. To my surprise, for first few months, i have to travel towards south for training and there i stayed with my sister. It was all Baba’s Miracle and Kripa on me.

My Second Experience is, My parents were searching for a suitable match for me but nothing was working. Like every girl, my concern was that how will i live and adjust with unknown person. I used to pray and cry before Baba that please take care of this matter. My parents were under great pressure as it was bit late for my marriage. I prayed Baba and kept Sai Nav Vrat. On my ninth fast, my marriage got fixed with a very good person and in a very good family. I would like to request every Sai devotee to have complete faith on Sai Baba. He is always with us.

Sai Baba-My Guide, My Guru, My God

Sai Sister Mira from Kenya says: Sai Baba has really blessed me. I have no words to describe His Miracles. I was always praying to Baba I get a good husband and a good family. I also did Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat and Baba blessed me last year November. On 18th November, a proposal came from South Africa. I went to Mandir that evening and prayed to Baba that if this is the right proposal please show me some sign in any form. We all prayed and were about to leave when the priest stopped me and gave me a flower from Mata ji’s Murti. I had no words to express my happiness. In my mind, I knew there is something good going to happen now. Just to let you all know-a week before this proposal, Baba came into my dreams and blessed me saying He is a Swami Narayan. The week after I got this proposal and just found out He is a Swami Narayan follower. This is just a miracle of Baba, His way of blessing. All went well and now we are engaged. The other Miracle was to get one of the certificates for us to do a registry marriage. There was no way i could get that certificate in a week’s time but Baba’s blessings are always with us. I was flying out on Saturday Morning and had to go with the certificate no matter what. And there goes Baba’s Miracle, I got the certificate on Friday night at around 9.30 pm. My joy knew no bounds. I told Baba that I will post this miracle and hereby fulfilling it. Baba You have truly blessed us, my fiancé and myself. May Your blessings always shower on us as well as all Sai Devotees.

Sai Experience

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sri Sai Ram. May we all have His blessings. I thank the management of this site for maintaining it and facilitating devotees of Sri Sai Baba to share the experiences of the Leelas of Sri Sai Baba. I have been His devotee for over 40 years and have been to Shirdi several times and also visit local temples often. I had experienced many difficulties in these years including a major surgery a few years back. He had always helped me to get over them through my prayers. Recently, I had severe pain in my leg suddenly. I could not touch it. Being a diabetic, i was really getting worried. It happened in a night and i could not have any medical help. I applied palms and they did not help. I prayed Him for relief and applied Vibhuti. The pain started to reduce. In the morning, I consulted a doctor. He asked me to do a Doppler as he felt there could a vein block. To all our surprise, the tests were normal and pain stopped. My grandchild has been having a health problem for the past few years. She herself is a great devotee of Sri Sai Baba and prays Him daily. I have been reading Sri Satcharitra and completed it a few times. Apart from her, we are praying Sri Sai Baba for her to get over the health problem. I sincerely believe that she will become alright with Sri Sai Baba’s blessings and from the well wishes of this site. Om Sri Sai Ram.

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    Blessed Blessed Blessed we all are:)

    Now first devotee, Very calming experience, Faith boosting as well. Baba has bestowed so much wisdom on you, as you have explained the SAI satcharitra in last paragraph very beautifully.

    Second Devotee, listen to first devotee's words where she says focus your mind, as it will radiate so much positive energy. DO NOT FOCUS your mind on problem, BUT on Baba's Naam simran. I am sure you & your husband must have plenty of time to do naam Simram. DO it whole day, chant SAI SAI, with a mala to have focus.

    All experiences are blessed, Baba will bless all 🙂

    LOVE & PEACE 🙂

  2. he deva…maa….shower your blessings on us.. we are nothing without you baba….thank you very much for curing my son with your miraculous udi and your abundant blessings.. never leave us alone baba.. we want to come to meet you deva please make it possible baba to visit shirdi….. deva we are totally dependent on you baba…. please forgive us for any mistake we have done knowingly or unknowingly….baba our life is in your hand, mold it the way you like …we feel we are in safe hand….

  3. is really baba exist on world??? who are not doing puja , chanting his name daily like me are happy with their lives, enjoying luxuries, but me n my parents facing problem, my is completed 4.5yrs back, still now i didn't get job, working as a telecaller for 9k month, here also facing salary problem, my relatives & everybody is asking abiut my job, i dont have ansers to tell them , so am trying to avoid all the people,what baba told" if u r mine, i will make all them to ur ones", but wer??, in my salary also i dont eat for 10rs also for my enjoyment, even small amount also i spend for baba only, i have to do sai vrat, but i dont have money, already i did one time for my job 2years back, no use, 2nd time also started after 5 weeks due to some reason 7 lack of money it stopped, i did 2 times 108 pradakshanas to dhuni 11weeks , attended pallaki, as per my strength so many i did, sorry baba am not counting, am expressing, why you are testing me?? everybody is asking my job, i dont know how to tell them working as telecaller, so am lying to them , my life is full of with lies,baba i dont want this life, i want to die, but who will take care of my parents, even though for eating food also am facing problem, why baba some crore people are working in MNC's, dont u have one job for me, you know we have debt more than 20lacks, who will clear that,what we are answering to them, we have one land only, is for sale, still 5yrs onwards no one coming to buy, how my parents can manage, how they can do my marriage, everybody is asking abt my job & marriage, and so many problems i have, why baba this much testing for me, i cant bear, baba give me happiness, dear devotees u know some happy incident happen in my life may be few years back, still am smiling you baba at your face, baba i dont want small magics from you, i need solutions to my problems, healp me baba, are take me with you along my parents & Grand parents, am the only hope to them

    • sorry baba mng am on so sad mood, i can express to only ur self, excuse me and fullfill my wishes & wipe my tears permnently

    • Dear devotee ,
      Do not loose hope baba will give you what you want some get it early for some it takes time to receive .. If you have read sai satcharitra you will understand what i mean.. Also i would like to tell you baba ds not want your money or would want you to spend so much on various procedures he only wants your love and devotion.. Whatever baba has given you he would want you to use it wisely even if its money … Hope you get solutions for your problems soon ..

    • Dear Devotee, I totally understand your pain n agony. If not to parents, whom else would we express our feelings to? Sai is mother and father. He will give you things at right time. Your prayers n money spent will not go waste. Those are your investment for good future. Trust in Sai. Decide a number and start writing sai's name with whole dedication and read satcharitra. May baba bless u. On Sai ram

    • am read sai satcharithra, reading sai leela amrutham, i wrote sairams book, now also writing, i wont leave his hand, but when will he hold my hand??

  4. Om Sai Ram! I thank the team in charge of making this blog a success as we get to know so many lovely experiences felt by devotees of the Lord. But I had noticed that many of the posts are older than 6 months, hence I am posting my experience in the comments section.
    I had said that I would share my experience with Sai baba's blessing on this blog if I got my wish. I won't be revealing many details due to privacy reasons and out of respect for the one I love and cherish the most, but suffice it to say that he and I were not on the best terms for a very long time. Due to my stupidity, I had hurt him when he was already feeling very low from personal issues. This resulted in him getting very angry with me and I had no way to contact him to know even if he was okay.
    As is the practice, I reverted to my god Sai to convey my apology to him and to solve his problems. And also, very selfishly, I have asked Sai baba to bring him back to me. I used to get positive answers on the yoursaibaba website, and I was shocked to see how precise some of the answers were. But when there was a long delay, I started losing hope and faith and I would be very depressed and angry with Sai baba for making false promises. Each time this happened, a number would occur to me and when I entered the same in the yoursaibaba site, he would tell me to be humble, to not blame him and also to keep faith and wait. Never has my lord forsaken me during this time. I used to tell my friends that I was literally holding on to his feet and not letting him go; whereas in reality it is my lord Sai who kept me with him in his arms and wiped my tears when I cried to myself in the night.
    After a very long time, I am glad to say that the relationship between me and the person I love is less cold. I have redeemed myself in his eyes to an extent with my Baba's help.
    I pray that Baba helps him with his work and his personal issues and blesses him and his family with good health and happiness. They are lovely people and deserve the best in the world. I also pray that he and I can be more cordial to each other very soon and things will go back to normal between us.
    Dear devotees, please hold on to your guru with faith and trust him to help you, because he will do like he has helped me.
    Om Sai Ram! God bless us all!

  5. Om sairam. I m so blessed that I m under baba's wings. Sai ma please make my brother happy in his marital life. And give mental strength and body strength to all my family members. Always guide me pa. Always be with me sai ma. Om sairam

  6. Sai ram. Thank you so much baba. Last week when i was watching palli seva in sai baba live i felt really happy and wanted to participate atleast obce. Yesterday we were ready to go to temple around 7:30 pm but my daughter was not cooperating so webhad to leave at 8:30. I was praying baba to please call me to temple and make my 2 year old little one calm so that we can start to temple. Baba listbed and we started. When i entered in the temple they were ready for palki sev and as you know my heart was crying with joy by seeing baba miracle. I also got a chance to carry palki for few mins. We were not aware of palki time so it was a complete surprise for me. That time i thought why baba made my daughter to be cranky and made us start late. Thank you so much baba. Baba also saved me from spending a big amount of money and made my employer sponsor for that miney. Thank you so much baba. I am so happy that i am under ur shadow and you accepted me as tour devotee. Bless all. Make my daughter happy and dont leave her baba.

  7. Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Samardha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!
    BABA ji! Please bless us to have your divya darshan and keep us near Your Holy feet always. Please forgive our mistakes done knowingly or unknowingly. Thank you so much for everything you gave us Saima.
    Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai!

  8. Let God Sai ji bless every one of us. I am starting on a study with the blessings of Sais initiation. I beg the blessings and prayers of devotees and pray to Sai ji to fulfill this innovation to be as a service to mankind.
    Anandakoti Brahmanda Nayaka Parabrama Yogiraja Sri Satchidananda Sadguru Sri Sainath Maharaj ki Jai !!!

  9. Sai Baba, I want to see you again. This time with my own money. Please do something about it. Baba. I love you. I m incomplete without you. Because of my relatives, I'm feeling guilty and insulted. Please help me Baba, so that my Shirdi visit turns out to be fruitful. And enriching experience. Please Deva, I am never as happy as when I see you in your Divine form. You're a sweetheart to me. You're my dad, my mom, my child, my grandpa, my grandma. Nobody loves me as much as you do, Deva. I will keep writing about you as long as I live. My seva to you will be unbiased, fulfilling and untiring. :-*
    I love you so much. That even in this tough part of my life (your blessings) I am feeling blessed to have you in my life. You're a saviour. You're my Sai. You're my life.

  10. Hey Deva ….Sai deva ….please give me energy to handle office and house work equally. Baba why I feel so weak baba please make me energetic . I want to normal like I was three years back ….baba please I want to enjoy my life , why there is too much of fear , I want to get rid of this fear and anxiety baba …please help me . Please let the medicines work baba . Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai . Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai, Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai !

    • even i do feel the same most of the time 🙁 i don't know what to do else.why all this happening and so on.and recently i notice when ever i go to see Sai Baba,i don't feel the happiness anymore due to this feeling of getting tired and fear all the time.its like some one put an evil eye on me due to jealousy.

  11. Very nice experiences all 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for being with us at every step of our lives 🙂

    Jai Sairam

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