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Baba Is The Powerful Sadguru

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Om Sai Ram. Hello Hetal Ji, I would like to congratulate your effort and being blessed for uplifting spirit of each Baba’s devotee whenever they feel down or needed help. I really feel charged and energised after reading your blog and confirming my faith to Baba. I used to hear Baba’s Miracles from my mother in law and other relatives but my heart was not open to see Baba’s greatness. I suffered from severe pain in April 2013, where I could not find any other alternative than going through complicated surgery which will leave me either paralysed if alive or dead. I was very down and one day I decided to visit Baba’s Mandir far away from my office during lunch time. I went and stood and cry in front of Him like a child as I could not bear the pain and thinking about my future. When I entered the Mandir, I felt very strong divine blessing and assurance that I will be alright. I went back to my office and settled down at my office desk and eating the Prasad I brought from the temple. While I was eating, my x-colleague who has transferred to different department come and approached me and ask how is my health condition and recommend me to a natural healing place that she is going through. To me it was miracle as out of sudden why she came and suggesting a place for me to treat my pain. I felt Baba’s magic started to work out my life. I went through the session few times and managed to show some sign of recovery. This was my first Baba’s miracle.

My second experience is my job search. I migrated to Australia in early 2014 with high hope on settling down with my family. I sincerely search for job for almost a year and did not to secure any job even though few interview attempts. While going through the job search, I came across your blog where most of the devotees did Sai Satchitra Parayan and got job. I got inspired and did 7 days Parayan and then 7 weeks Parayan and again with 7 days Parayan few times in that 1 year job search. I was really depressed and dejected as I couldn’t see the tunnel of hope. After a year, Feb 2015, I still have faith in Baba and continue again my 7 days Satchitra Parayan. This time, I have tune my mentality and kept my faith to Baba stronger. I did not ask precisely the job offer and I leave it to Sadguru to give me the best that Baba think I should deserve. On the second day of Sat Parayan, I received a call from recruiter offering me a position in my line of domain. I was so thrilled and excited and continue getting many other job offers calls subsequent day. Baba is very merciful and loving.

On the Thursday, I received interview confirmation news that I am selected from the number of submission. I was wondering of all the days, why it should be Thursday. It’s because Baba’s great day and blessing for His devotee. I went for Interview with keep on chanting ‘Sai, Sai’ and ‘Raja Rama’ repeatedly in my mind and did well. After few days, I receive the grand news I have been waiting for ages that ‘I got the job finally’. Thanks Baba for keep me waiting so long just to give me the correct job, correct employer in correct timing. Om Sai Ram. To all the devotees, my advice is all of us have strong faith in Baba but we lose our patience easily. This is the quality that stopping us from getting Sai’s full blessing. Baba’s mission to this world is to teach us to have faith and patience in achieving all our visions. One more thing I realised that we can’t see our life karma and Baba has aid ‘Powerful Sai Satchitra Parayan’ reading to reduce our karma. Even If it takes you few Sai Satchitra Parayan and to follow the good qualities that Baba trying to mould us from the lessons in practical life, do it until you get the results faithfully. Surrender to His Feet and do your hard work and Baba’s blessing and love will be showered to us automatically. Our Deva is most powerful avatar in this world, do not underestimate His power. He is a Real Sadguru. Jai Sai Ram. Jai Sai Ram.

Many Miracles Of Sai In My Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee says: Hetal Ji and team, you’re doing a wonderful job connecting Sai devotees across the world. Sai brought me to your site a year ago and I have been waiting to submit my experience. In the mean time, I have been reading all experiences from your archive and have got answers to my doubts. Thank you for doing this wonderful service. Aum Sai Ram. I have been a devotee of Baba for more than 10 years. My family has experienced many miracles which I like to share here and tell all devotees that Sai is always there for us.

Meeting Baba In A Holy Ashram: First time my family decided to visit a Holy Ashram in India. At that time, we weren’t Sai devotees. We entered the Ashram and a saint like figure with orange head cloth, orange robe and a sack in his arm gave us 2 Udi packets. We happily accepted it and walked into Ashram. It was only later we realised that no saint is allowed to distribute Udi packets inside the ashram and Shiridi Baba Himself has appeared before us and due to our lack of knowledge at the time we didn’t realise it was Baba Himself, who has been so kind enough to give us those Udi packets.

Baba Comes To Our First Home Bhajan: My family decided to host first ever Sai Bhajan at our house. All the preparations were done and Bhajan went very well. At the night of Bhajan, Baba appeared in the dream of our friend and told her that He (Baba) will be at our house for 3 days. When our friend told us this, our joy knew no bounds. Not only did Baba accepted our invitation and came to our house for Bhajan, He intended to stay with us in spirit for couple more days.

Baba Saved My Dad From Death: My dad had to undergo particular surgery in a reputed hospital. Some reason my family was all positive that surgery will go well and dad will be back home after recovery in week or so. On the night of surgery, we got call from hospital that dad was not responding to critical medicine after surgery and we may lose him. We all prayed to Baba and rushed to hospital. When we went to hospital, doctor said there is a small positive reaction but still long way to go. I went to my dad’s bed, my dad was able to see me and I showed a picture of Baba and told dad, Baba will take care. Although my dad had to stay in hospital for almost 2 months, thanks to the kindness of Baba he was given a new life and it has been almost 10 years from surgery.

Baba Blessed Us With A Child: I have been married for number of years and was focusing on career growth. At one point when i started considering about family, major obstacles came and i could not have child. Then I left everything to Baba. I once had lot of work related problems and decided to leave the company. Baba got me back into the company and then Baba organised me to travel near Shiridi for work which was miraculous in every way. Although the company head decided to send someone much senior than me, Baba decided to change something in the last minute and made me go. After the Shiridi trip, Baba blessed me with a divine baby which is a miracle in every way. Thank You Baba. At the moment, I am facing lots of challenges and I know Sai will give me strength to face them with confidence. I pray that Sai blesses all His devotees with peace, happiness and good health.

Sai Ram Is Mother Of All Motherless Children

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I work in USA as a software engineer. I have been a devotee of Baba since last 10 years. Om Sai Ram! My life has been in bad difficulties since last 2.5 years when I lost my mother accidently. After that incident the life of my family has been changed forever. Relatives and friends, whom we had considered close to our heart, stopped talking with our family after this incident. My family became isolated. I really lost hope and stopped praying for a month, but Baba, our Sweet Mother again increased my faith in Him. I kept listening to voices in my heart to start remembering Him and never to ignore prayers to Baba. My mother who was an ardent devotee of Baba till the end of her life inculcated that faith in me again and I started praying Baba more sincerely.

Within a year of my mother’s death with great difficulty, my marriage occurred with same boy whom my mother had chosen before her death. Though after marriage, I was still living alone and was at a different place as that of my husband. As we both were working and staying together was becoming a challenge. As we have to financially become stable in life, I could not take the chance of resigning my job. During the same time there was an increasing pressure at my In-laws place to start living together. I started getting visions of Baba and other Gods and something within me used to tell me that I will start living together with my husband. More than a year passed and still I did not get a transfer to the same place though I was trying hard. Living alone was increasing the depression in my mind and each day was passing with great difficulty. Finally one fine evening, I stood in front on Baba’s Photo and prayed earnestly that He should bless me by getting a job transfer. This was on a Sunday evening and wonders of wonders within the next one week, I was able to clear the interview and transfer was confirmed. This way Baba proved that though friends or relatives leave us when we really need them, Baba always walks with us through difficult situations and holds our hands tightly like how a mother takes care of her children. My faith in Sai Baba has been ever growing and today I see Him as my Mother, Who wipes the children’s tears and blesses us with true happiness. Peace be to all. Sai Ram.

Baba Blessed Me On My Birthday

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: Aum Sai Ram Hetal Ji & Team. This is my fourth experience since September 2014. Today, I am sharing a beautiful experience with all of you. On my birthday, i was connecting with my Sai Baba and was talking to Him in my mind (I always do). I said Baba, i need a gift from You. I asked in a jolly way, What You going to give me. I was washing my hands in washroom and was talking to my Baba. Please bless me and show me, You are around. My husband has done balloon decorations in room since last evening. After washing my hands, as i entered inside the room, Bunch of balloons fall down from the wall of my Temple. I was so happy that Baba responded to me. Aum Shree Sai Ram. As there is no limit to human’s desires. My desires still not satisfied. Somewhere it was in my mind that Baba bless me more although i did not express it to Baba. But He knows everything. Late in night when i went to bed to sleep. I felt someone puts his hand on my head. That was amazing feeling. I saw my husband, he was not very near to me so it was definitely not his hand. It was my Baba and it was my Baba’s blessings. Aum Sai Ram.

Next day i went to office and spent my day usually. I came back home. I told my husband that today i checked Q and A site of Baba and it says Shree Sai Nath will come in my dream. We talked about this casually and forgot about it by the time we went to sleep. My joys knew no bound. Next morning, when i recalled that my Baba came in my dream. He was playing hide and seek with me. He was not showing me His face and my urge to see Him was too much in my dream that i could feel it in sleep also. And suddenly He turned around with a bright smile on His face. I hold Baba’s Hand and i don’t remember anything after that. It was certainly a long dream but i just don’t remember anything else other than this beautiful part of the dream. Surely it’s my best birthday ever with Baba’s blessings. Baba is always around us. We just need to feel His presence. Our faith in Baba makes us to see Baba’s Miracles. I wish Baba bless everyone and gives joys to everyone. Sai Nath Sai Shyam Sai Bhagwan, Mere Shirdi Ke Data Sabse Mahaan. Aum Sai Ram, Aum Sai Ram, Aum Sai Ram.

Baba’s Blessings On My Family

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a very staunch Sai devotee from India for the past 8 years. I use to read Sai Chalisa and Sai Bavani every Thursday. First of all, I would like to thank Hetal ji for developing this blog. Every day, I used to read the devotees experiences. It gives me more strength and confidence. I would like to thank Baba for getting my daughter admission in college. I was doing Nav Guruvar Vrat Pooja and reading Sai Satcharitra twice. It was only because of Baba, my daughter got admission. Even after getting into the college, Baba is blessing her to do well in her exams. One day, my son was trying to create an account for some university application. He tried so many times but failed then I prayed to Baba and created an account in Baba’s name, it worked out immediately. It was really a miracle. Like that in so many instances, Baba has showed His presence with us. My daughter use to work very hard but always the day before the exam, she is tensed that she may not remember anything whatever she studied. I use to tell her think of the chapter 48 in Sai Satcharitra (Sapat Naekar). You will do very well. She did and excelled in the exam. Like this, so many times we have felt Baba’s presence.

Now the next miracle is, my son applied to some few universities and he didn’t get offer. We were so worried as days were passing. One university admission result was released and he didn’t make it. That day, I cried to Baba, why this is happening to us and fell asleep. For so many years, I wanted Baba to come in my dream but it never happened. But that afternoon Baba came in my dream. I was so happy to have Baba in my dream and that same night my son got admission in to some other university. He was waiting for some more good offers to come. Baba please bless him to achieve his goal. Two years back, when I went for the health check up, I was asked to repeat the ultra sound after 3 months as there were some small cysts. I was worried and I prayed to Baba and use to apply Udi in that place daily after taking bath. After 3 months, when I did the ultrasound again, it was normal. Thank You Baba. Whatever I have now is given by You. Thank You so much Baba. Om Sai Ram. Sri Satchidhanandha Sad Guru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.

You Are Our Everything Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am an ordinary middle class woman from Mumbai. I am blessed with good parents and now good in laws. Both sides-parents and in laws are religious. I have been doing Aarti of Baba every Thursday since my childhood. But at a personal level, i have never been religious. I was a bright student, so i got good marks, did management and started working. I was lucky to get a job every time i tried. I never realised all these years that this was happening because of Sai’s Kripa. I got married and now i have 2 bright and cute kids. Today all members of my family are healthy. This is all because of Sai’s blessings. Since last 1 year, me and my husband are facing a lot of financial and psychological problems which are related to our jobs. I am without a job and he has a very ordinary job where he is paid very less. All was going fine but really do not know what has happened all of a sudden. People say some one has done black magic but we do not believe as we have our Lord with us everywhere. At the entrance of the house, in every room, even kitchen, we read spiritual books, wear Lord’s locket then how can black magic touch us. But do not know what is the problem, but we have been really facing very bad time since Jan 2014.

Sai, we have the confidence that You have something good stored for us, hence this bad time is today. But now it is becoming unbearable. Please, please help us getting out of this pessimistic phase and get us back to the life before Jan 2014. That will really give mental peace to all in the house. I admit, i was not much spiritual but this bad phase has brought me close to You. Even from my end, i have started reading Pothi daily. I have completed Sai Satcharitra also. Please do not test us more and give us relief. I have read many Miracles of Yours, show one to me also so that i am more drawn towards You Baba. I want to be immersed in Your faith and love. Om Sai Ram. One thing is there if You are with us, nothing will happen Baba. You have showed Your presence by visiting our house and touching the flowers in the Pooja room and also by giving us timely alerts and saving us from a major accident. Please do not test us more. Need Your blessings and guidance to come out of this phase Baba.

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  1. my divorce happened …dont knw why baba did this to me and my child .every astrologer said that i will not get divorced …till last minute i thought baba will do a miracle and stop my divorce but he didn't do a thing…i cannot believe all that happened was for good because there was no problem between me and my husband…my in-laws changed and injected poison into my husband's head and all this happened …if baba wished he could have showed the real face of my in-laws to my husband and make him realise what he did to me and our innocent daughter is wrong….he didn't do anything to save my life…at this young age me and my daughter are supposed to stay alone…my daughters eyes get wet when she sees other kids being pampered by their fathers…she is just 4 yrs but she never shows how sad she is because she knows i feel bad in seeing her in tears…but i know her feelings..i m her mom…i will do everypossible thing for her but her fathers gap always remain….dont know how i will move ahead…its just we will be just passing days….but sai ram i did very bad to me…please dont do this to any other mother and child….because of someone's bad intentions never allow a family to break up…its disastrous


    • the dark clouds shall pass…..sun shall shine bright again….smiles shall come back with double the happiness…keep faith and wait..all that has to happen will happen….atleast some bad ppl will not trouble you further…SAI SHOULD & WOULD SAVE!!!

  2. Baba
    I should not have any pre conceived notions about anyone baba please
    My work should go on smoothly baba
    No one should create any hindrances in my life baba please
    My professional life should be good and rewarding band
    Please bless me
    OM Sai ram
    OM Sai ram

  3. Om sairam. Always be with me pa. U r the only one who shows unconditional love towards ur children. om sairam.

  4. He sai he deva we are your children… Bless everyone baba…keep us at your lotus feet baba…we are nothing without you baba…om sai shri sai jai jai sai….

  5. Dear Devotees … Sairam

    Alot many times I have read on this blog about Jaya wahi's book BABA IS STILL ALIVE .. So I read it and was completely woooed by it. It has good spiritual knowledge but also has some unrealistic miracles which were too good to be true… Like one was Mr rishi's of Noida and then seeing baba in moon, MR Rajan's son Kartik got cured when he stopped all the medicines and used just udi etc etc…So we thought of doing some research on it.. There is one Incidence of Rishi who went through a car accident in 2003 and how he was healed … We further went on and searched about this . But the FACT is there is no such case of Rishi in 2003 in news or anywhere … there was one case of DPS NOIDA students which had different grounds … More over Jaya ji profile on FB also dsnot hold account of any such Guy in noida..Sorry to say but it seems more of a created story where plot has been taken from different different cases..
    another incidence is of MR rajan's 4 yr old son Karthik who had very severe problem of racket and was given up by doctors. but how when all the medicines stopped and Mr rajan used only Udi and got cured of it in 15 days. I would like to ask all the Devotees here that how many of you all or some one you know got cured on non curable disease by just applying udi ????????:-?

    There are lot of other unrealistic things written in the book … I just want to request all the devotees to have faith in GOD our guru SAI but do not get mislead by books like these .. authors need to sell there books so they will write things that will increase the sale. Innocent people would get carried away… i request you all to be realistic and be strong in life to fight the problems rather than wait for the magic type miracles which are close to supernatural things..
    MY advice is "Please be Wise" .. I request hetal ji to post this and make our devotees aware of such misleads
    May Sai Give all Sadhbuddhi

    • Dear Sai Devotee.. If i m not wrong author Jayawahi posted Rishi's pic in her fb profile it was taken on the author meet at Delhi in Sep 2015.. Jai SaiRam.

    • Om Sai Ram,

      Dear Devotee,

      The experiences in "Sai Baba Is Still Alive" book are not mere cases.They are truth. They are proof of unshakable faith on Baba. They are the proof that Yes, Baba is still Alive with us.

      We have seen Rishi Photo in one of the Photo of Jaya ji's profile on Fb.
      Most of the people have seen Baba's Face in moon. Even i have seen Baba's Face in moon in my dream.
      My disease, a problem in my foot which was giving me a lot of pain from almost 2 or 3 months was not curing with medicines and yes i left medicine and applied Baba's Udi and it Cured it in 2 days,

      Devotees, Biggest to Biggest Miracle can happen in our life, we just need to have Faith and Patience. One can cheat herself/himself, but not Our Pure and Honest Baba. So i have complete trust and faith that those miracles are true.

      I am sorry Baba if i have written something wrong.
      Om Sai Ram

    • Om Sai ram devotee , I dont know about the reasearch you did on the incident mentioned in that book but i saw mr Rishank on jaya wahi's fb page . What matters more is when you go through such books all in all your faith and devotion will increase and also gives you too much of positivity and strength to fight with negativity . If such incidents gives strength , faith and happiness for the people who are suffering then what's wrong in that. So I don't know whether those incidents are true or just fiction they brings us more close to baba. and I believe that like those miracles one day baba will also do some magic and bring me out of this bad phase of my life. om sai ram . Om Sai ram.

    • Om sai ram…Dear devotee,

      If Jaya wahi's book is unrealistic do you think the same about Hemadpandt sai satcharitram too?Baba did cure Beema ji's uncurable disease with his miraculous UDI…Have you not read many devotees experiences regarding UDI and Baba's miracle in this same page? I firmly believe Baba's udi will cure any disease and waiting for that overnight miracle to happen in my life too for the past 3 years.It's all depend on our faith and belief.Sorry,if i had written anything wrong…just thought of pouring down my feelings.May Baba bless us all…Om sai ram

    • Well i kind of agree with you .. I understand your point there are lot of fakeness going on these days in the name of god .. Any one can claim anything … It is hard to believe unless one experience on there own .. I pray tht baba shows u the miracle u want

    • I want to know one thing if these miracles are so true then why are they not in the new or published in media print ?


    • How many biggest diseases have been healed only by faith… If this was how diseases would be healed then we dont require doctors or medicines ..

  6. Sai Sai Sai sai Sai First devotee really respect your trust , Hetalji , this experiences could make an entry the miracles book , Baba willing
    Last devotee , have faith and Patience though I belive all your problems would have come to and Sai Sai Sai Sai

  7. yesterday, i read experiences or comments one devotee expected baba is in pink color, i too think about color but in my temple baba wearing simple routine colors so i dont what to think and i didn't se also i weared orange and black combination, by evening i went to temple i forgot everything, but by seeing baba he weared full orange color plain one, that time my face blow with big smile, even i didn't ask baba also, just thought came and leave about it, and morething like that i like one guy, longback i think i want to see his love on me in his eyes means he nevre likes me also, and forgot that but today he loves, he wants to be with me, now am asking you baba by mywords i want to be with hima baba at lotus feet, and also asking for carrer when will you give, but i have faith on sairam

  8. Shri sai shri sai shri sai shri sai.sai we love you.pls look every one.every body loves sai.sai loves every body.

  9. Wonderful experiences all and I am sure that Baba has pulled the last devotee and her family to greater and more joyous heights 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for everything, love success family friends & happiness, You have bestowed upon me 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  10. Baba
    Please give me health peace and happiness
    Please Pl please
    Be with me forever
    Luv u
    Falling at your lotus feet

  11. Om sai ram
    Dear devotee….we all are know that if god is not in our favour then no body can aave us ….any dr. Any medicine ..none can help us without our god blessing ….so please I request you to all of my sister and brother keep faith on our god….50% medication 50% of blessing help always …have faith and patience…..
    Om sai ram

  12. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai, Jai Jai Sai
    Thank you for everything BABA ji! Please give us courage to face the difficult situations we face in our life. Please bless us with your divya darshan and keep us near your feet always Saima.
    Anantha Koti brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Samardha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai

  13. Om sai ram
    this is a small prayer and request to my sai.I need ur help and blessings.baba pls give me solution to my problems,I know I m not so good person or great devotee but I believe in u.u help every person who comes near to u pls sai give me a way.As a child ask to parent I ask from u .I want solution on my birthday as my birthday gift .pls fullfill this for ur child

  14. Dear Sai Bandhus!! Om Sai Ram. I have been reading this blog for more than two years. As i read, a few things stand out. The majority of devotees want to have every relation with Sri Sai Nath other than that of Sadhguru. Ironically He came first and foremost as Sadhguru. He is hailed as Sachhidanand SADHGURU daily in countless Sai temples. The relationship with one's Guru spans lifetimes, is much deeper than all other worldly relations eg. parents, friends etc.. Yet why do devotees shy away from accepting Him as their Sadhguru?? Perhaps because this relationship demands surrender, devotion, implicit and unquestioning Faith and obedience???

    Secondly I also feel that everyone, well almost everyone seems obsessed with His Mercy in the form of solving the mostly all worldly problems which they call "miracles". It is as if He too has been turned into a tool to fulfill the never ending wish list of people. It makes me wonder how many will stick to devotion to Him if say tomorrow, He suddenly withdraws and stops involving in what is basically every individual's Prarabdha?? Why does the quality of surrender to Sadhguru and devotion to Him take a back seat in the mad– almost desperate attempts to achieve one's desires…..??
    Should we not remember that Life is only a journey from birth to death? And we are supposed to learn valuable lessons from incidents of our life that The Master has decided we must learn according to our Karma? Why this blind attachment to our own agenda–so much so that when all goes according to our wishes we praise Him and blame Him for all the wrongs we do saying He made us do so!!!! We never question Him when things go as we like but definitely question His Wisdom whom we were claiming to be our "Everything"!!!! Why must we TRADE our devotion for worldly desires? Is that even devotion??

    I wish the more sincere seekers among us Sai devotees will ponder on this and share their own feelings and thoughts.

    • Dear Sai Devotee ,

      I agree with you completely … this is what i also posted but people misstook it as I m saying there is no sai .. I think they need to see things from a realistic point of view and have much wisdom to understand the truth …

  15. iam a doctor by profession,sai baba has helped me to clear my exams,thank you baba,before whenever i used to read about devotees experiance related exams i used to feel how they can become blank/do silly mistakes,but 1st time it happened to me like wrong calculation of time instead of 5pm i mistook as 6pm (as gave exan in abudhabi /UAE )paper finishes,when it was 4:30pm 1st warning bell rang,i saw 7 questions unanswered &so may questions left so that i will rethink again.was so scared,dont know in that half an hour what i read/marked,but i was so sure i vl fail,after results i did sai parayan &started guruvar vrat,i cleared my theory ,its only becoz of baba,nothing else.thank you baba.
    still need to give practicals,iam sure baba will bethere with me,&help me to come with flying colors.thank you baba.pls devotees have faith in Baba.
    om sai ram.

  16. Om Sai Meh Ma .. Meh Ma .. Deva pls be with my daughter n help n bless her to get her desired job .. Deva aapne hi uski sifarish karni hai aur aapme hi uski seat reserve karni hai .. Kripa karo Sai Ram Kropa karo .. Om Sai Ram

  17. OmSairam
    Baba please bless us all.
    Remove my fears and be with us all the time.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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