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Received a five page experience. So we decided to post it individually.

Sai Daughter from India says: Dear sister Hetal ji. Vanakkam. (Greetings). Hope you are doing good. I would like to thank you for providing this medium to increase faith on our Para Brahama. I am very small devotee of our Sai Baba from Tamilnadu. I am ardently following and believing our Sai recently from 2013 only. However our Sai taken me in His wings from 2010 itself upon all my ignorance. But I started realize that recently. I would like to share few of my experiences here which made me realize that Sai is with me and He keeps blessing me and He comes for my rescue when I call Him out loud no matter what. This is my first post in this blog.

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Baba Showed Me My Soul Mate

As I born and brought up in rural village of Tamilnadu, I never heard about our Sai in my life time before 2010 except one or two times that too through TV programs. But due to my bad karma, I neglected that shows and I never had believed the people who worships another human. (Please forgive me Baba for my ignorance. I am sorry). According to me only my Ganesh, Shiv, Shakthi and Murugan are God’s as I told earlier I grown up by worshipping these Gods only just like everyone does here. But Baba had different plans for me to take me into His wings. In 2007, my 1st elder brother got married the girl he loved with acceptance of both bride groom parents. Here comes my sis-in-law played a role who is very staunch devotee of Baba. From then, I used to see and pray Baba along with other God. But again I never developed my faith on Him as I told earlier that I won’t worship the humans (Again it was my ignorance only). But in 2010, I completed my engineering and was searching for job. Not like previous years this time I faithfully prayed Baba too along with other God’s to give me one job soon. Very soon and in short days I got placed in one reputed MNC. That too I was the 1st one to be placed in MNC from my whole class. I was very happy that time and tears were rolling from my eyes. But joining date was not announced even after the offer letter is issued.

Two months have gone like this. This period disturbed me mentally. In meantime, I searched for other companies also. But I didn’t get through anything. So initially I thought God wants me to join the company which I got first. Also, I enjoyed this period to stay with all my family members after 6 years since I was staying out of my family for my studies. This period changed my mind and I decided to search for job in Chennai itself and not to join the 1st company where I placed first because I wanted to stay with my family and go to job from home. I prayed a lot to Baba to give me another job which is in Chennai that time. But again Baba had different plans about my future it seems. No one from my family accepted my decision and they all were literally forcing me to join the 1st company since it is good for my career. But I am the one who desperately wanted it first and declined later. But somehow I managed to move to Mangalore to join the 1st company with all confusions, fear, disheartened. But as soon as I got there in one or two days, I became normal and made good friends and was really enjoying my stay in Mangalore with everyone and with one special person. Yes now I am able to relate all the occurrence of incidents that why it is happened. There only I met my soul mate. (But when I was in Mangalore I didn’t realise that). We were become good and best friends with all dignity and respect for each other.

But during these days, I again didn’t pray Baba because I thought He was the one who sent me to Mangalore against my wish. Due to my ignorance and bad karma, I thought like that and didn’t want to worship Him anymore without considering that He had given me nice days and nice person in my life. How adamant I was. But Baba never left me. Again it was the time to get everyone deployed to projects from training. Again I prayed all the God’s to get me into project which is in Chennai. But I think lord Ganesh and our Baba always had better plans for me which was good for my life. Everyone from our batch got placed in Chennai except me. I got deployed to Pune. I was shattered. I didn’t expect this to happen after all my prayers. Again I got furious and cursed all the Gods in my mind and felt dejected and decided not to worship anyone (Sorry Baba) and decided to quit. My special person who played different role as my well wisher, as my best friend and of course as my love encouraged me to go to Pune, requested me not to quit and made me convinced to accept Pune offer. [For this he uttered a word which is unexpected by me that time. He told me that “To get you back to Chennai through transfer I will do all arrangements even if it is required to marry you I will do that. I will provide my PAN roof to show everyone that I am your husband.] I knew that why he spoke like that because in general some MNCs girls can get transfer only if they are going to marry or married. So I was happy after hearing this not because that he told me that he will marry me but for having such kind of persons in my life as my best friend. So I took lightly those words that time (because I knew him and as well as about myself. We never crossed our line against friendship that time. But now four years later, I am realizing that our Baba only made him to speak like that since Baba chosen him as life partner for me). Also my family come here and played their role well for my better life. They also encouraged and convinced me and made me to land Pune.

Unexpected Visit To Shirdi

While I was in Pune, neither I was enjoying my days nor struggling with life. Ups and downs were there. But somehow I managed. No, God made me manage everything in those 1 and half year. In this time period, time has changed me and I regained all my faith to Gods and also I started praying all the Gods without fail like ever before. Suddenly one of my college friend called me whose family is a follower of Shirdi Sai Baba and asked me whether am I willing to visit Shirdi. Though I didn’t have any hopes on Him till that after Pune and Mangalore posting incident, I was confused about whether to go or not. But in those one and half year all my anxious went away and accepted the life as it comes, I didn’t feel that not to worship Baba but at the same time I didn’t decided to worship Him. So while she asking I told her that i have to deliver the projects by that time if it postpone I may join you. For that her mother told me that if Baba wants you to come to Him nothing can stop you to come to Him. I didn’t know what that time since neither I believed Him nor disbelieved Him that time period.

Here the Miracle happened and Baba made me realize that He was there for me always from beginning. The evening before they land Pune [The plan to go Shirdi was from Pune] I got a call from my lead that project deadlines got extended and if you want you can take leave. So I decided to join them next morning to go to Shirdi. I informed them late night. Her mother was happy and everyone from that group blessed me and told me that you are really the blessed one since in package four people desperately wanted to come to Shirdi from four years back still they are not able to make it. But you the lucky fellow and blessed fellow without any issues you are going to meet Baba. After hearing that I was feeling blessed really, all my anxious and ignorance gone that moment and some kind of feeling I had that moment which made me to eagerly and happily looking forward to reach Shirdi and to have Darshan of Baba. When I reached Shirdi, we went for Darshan and really I was heart melted and tears were rolling from eyes when I see Baba in life size Idol for first time in my life. I have had full faith and prayed to Him and asked forgiveness for the mistakes I made. I prayed Him with full faith and devotion to get me transfer to Chennai. I told Him while praying that I want to be with my family and my father health condition is also not good and doctor were suggesting bypass surgery, but he is refusing to do that since I am staying far away from him and he needs me to come near to my family to proceed further since he was very afraid about surgery procedure. Within 10 days, after I returned from Shirdi, Miracles started happening. My manager and lead itself asked whether I need transfer. I was very happy and thanked Baba. From then I started believing Him along with lord Ganesh. After all the procedure and formalities I got transfer after 2 months and I happily landed to my place with grace of our Baba.

Sai Given Me Courage To Confess My Love To My Love

Days were passing very nicely with all my indeed friends, relatives and everyone. Slowly I started knowing my heart that it already fell for the one (Special person from experience one) whom I met in Mangalore, whom I consider as my best friend, as my everything. I started realizing that I am in love with him. But was very afraid that whether he will accept this? If not, will I able to tolerate that? What if he leave me after knowing that I love him? Due to all this confusions and fear I didn’t confessed myself. But he smelled something and kept asking me what’s wrong with me? Why I am behaving something unusual than before like that? And without I tell him he knew my heart and asked me and then I confessed my love. He told he loves to hear this and also he would be the one who will propose first if his family accepts. Since he belongs to Telugu Brahmin and I am from Sengundha mudhaliyar of Hindu community only, he thought that his parents will not accept me and for this marriage. So he said, he loves me and he would be the happiest person if I became his wife. But some thought about his family from his mind stopped him to accept my proposal. He told me that he don’t want to spoil my life that he is not sure whether his parents will accept non-Brahmin girl as their daughter in law. I felt unhappy and shattered like anything and every night I spent crying.

But not like previous time, I never lost faith on Baba and Gods and I questioned them that who will become husband? Will my love success or not? like that through chits. I wrote my love name in one chit and in another one I wrote someone. I happened to take my love name. After seeing that I was really happy and I bowed my head to all God Padukas. As Baba told in chits, Baba answered my 8 months of prayer and one fine day my guy accepted my love and he told me that he is also loving me and he tries his best to make his parent accept this marriage. I was very happy. Really I was crying out loud that time in happiness in front of Pooja room. Now, Somehow we managed to get acceptance from my family side. But his parents are not accepting this and they are telling not going to accept me and our love in future as well. But I kept my faith on Baba. And so many times that he indicated me that this marriage will happen like in my dreams lord Ganesh came and blessed me that I will marry the guy I loved. And also for this marriage and to get acceptance from his parents I started Sai Baba Nav Guruvar Vrat for first time around August 2014. The very Thursday itself and Baba came in my dream and blessed me by smiling kindly to me. But still it’s almost one and half years passed, Still his parents are not accepting. I don’t know why. Only my hope is on our Baba and Gods only.

Since my guy has lost all his hope and his confidence on this matter and decided that this marriage will not happen and his parents are not going to accept. I am the one who motivates him to proceed further and regain his confidence on this. But in inside I feel very heavy pain and don’t know that what will happen. Every time I used to get positive answers only with through chits or question and answer site of Baba. Now continuously I am doing Nav Guruvar Vrats and reading Satchritra and Vishnu sahasra naamama. But don’t know why Baba is not coming for me and to rescue my love. Please Baba forgive all my sins and kindly bless me to marry the guy I love who the one You sent for me. You are the one who made me to see him Baba, You are the one who made me to love him unconditionally Baba. Please Baba give me Shradha and Saburi. Please bless us. Please come for rescue of my life Baba. I love him from heart Baba. I didn’t want to marry him just because he is Brahmin. I need him and I wanted to marry him because I love him whole heartedly. As You asked in my dream I have given up eating non-vegetarian and rice Baba. Then why are You still waiting Baba. I am sorry to questioning You Baba. But I don’t know what to do. You made everything happened. Come for me Baba please. All my family members are really worried Baba. I couldn’t see my parents crying for me since I am not happy because still my guy’s parents not giving their acceptance for this marriage. Please Baba please. Please come for me and rescue my love Baba. I couldn’t share this life with anyone but him. Please bless me.

My Internet Got Connected Due To Blessings Of Baba

One day around December 2014, I had some works for which I need internet connection. Unlike other day there was no range at all that day. Even my flatmate had same issue. Then I started praying Baba and next moment internet connection has established whereas my flatmate was still facing the issue. It may look coincidence but for me it’s a Miracle only.

Opened The Cupboard Lockers Without Key

Since my brother moved to abroad recently, we shifted his stuffs from Chennai to our hometown which is near to Chidambaram. Unfortunately packers and movers guys lost keys of few cupboards we were not able to open that. When I went to my hometown my mother told me this and asked me to try to open it. I tried with hairpins and scissors. Initially I was not able to open it. Then one thought came to me and I prayed Baba that if You are really watching me struggling to open it and if You are there with me it should open now. Like that I prayed. The moment I said that the cupboard got open. I was in awe and thanked Baba. I told my mom that I prayed like this and see the miracle now. She was happy. Om Sai Ram.

Blessed Me To Get Darshan Of Lord Murugan That Too In Thai Poosam

Day before yesterday, one famous festival named Thai Poosam is celebrated here in Tamilnadu for Lord Murugan [Lord Karthik]. I was desperate to get Darshan of Murugan on that day. So in the evening after office I went directly to Vadapalani Murugan Temple. But it was too crowdy. I was worried that whether I can get Darshan or not. Because in morning I thought and prayed Baba that if I have blessing of Baba and all other Gods on me to marry the guy I love and if You all help me to get his parents accept me as their daughter in law I should get proper Darshan without fail. Like that I prayed and went to Temple. But after seeing the crowd I was awestruck because before me 1000s of people were standing in queue. I entered the queue at 8.00pm in the night. I was worried. because I related this Darshan with marriage. But I told Baba in my mind, that if You want this marriage to happen get me Darshan before 10.00pm which was not at all possible. But I kept my faith and keep chanting Om Sai Ram and Om Saravana Bhavah. Time was 9.45. Still I have so many line of queues before me where 100s of people stand before me. I started losing faith that I am not going to get Darshan before 10 pm. The moment I thought like that queue started moving very fast. I don’t know what happened after that. In another few minutes, I was in front of lord Murugan. I was happy and I bowed my head and had a good Darshan till I want and when I came out I checked the time it was 9.59 pm. For me it’s none less than a miracle only. Baba never let His children down. Om Sai Ram. Please give me patience and faith Baba till my last breath. Please forgive me for this long post. Since I didn’t want to miss any detail it came this long. Sai bless you all. Hope I will post my second post in this blog soon with most waiting Miracle which is yet to happen soon. I hope our Sai will fulfil my wish soon. Please pray for me. Om Sai Ram. Shri Satchidhanandha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Ram. Shri Sai Ram.

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  1. Om Sai Meh Ma .. Meh Ma … Baba today is my daughter's birthday … Deva pls help her to reach her destination .. Bless her to get a job of her choice… Be with her always .. Om Sai Ram

  2. Om Sai Meh Ma .. Meh Ma ..nice experience.. Baba will help you devotee n you will marry to your love.. God bless .. Baba pls help n bless all your devotees … Baba pls help my daughter .. Deva pls bless her on her birthday n fulfill all her wishes .. Baba she is struggling n working hard .. Baba pls bless her to get a job of her choice .. aur fir achcha ghar – var doondna uske liye .. We always need your blessings Baba be with us always .. Om Sai Ram

  3. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Sri Sai, Jai Jai Sai , Jai Jai Sai
    BABA ji! Please give is immense faith and utmost devotion towards you. Let us not have a tiny bit of doubt in our minds. Saima, please bring is out of the problem that we are facing. Please forgive the mistakes of your children and keep us near your feet always. Thank you for everything you gave us.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda NayakA Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Samardha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai

  4. Dear Sister thanks for sharing blessed experiences. As said Baba will never let his children down, so, your wish should be fullfiled (or you should have already blessed with your wish by now) .

    Om Sairam.

  5. Om sai ram

    Baba entered into my life in 2014.i was in depression that time.Baba used to come in my dreams.i saw baba nearly 100 times..he used to speak with me in dreams.i asked him to fulfill my wish which is related to my marriage.But my wish was not fulfilled.The guy whom i loved got married to some other girl.we both were in love for 5 i am in depression..please show me some path baba..i am really waiting for your blessings


    • Dear devotee I can understand ur pain because same thing happened with me.No one should suffer with this pain,baba if u cant bring our love back then give us courage to forget,make us strong to move on.I pray to u baba pls save all hearts which is filled with love from heartbreaks.

    • Dear devotee , dont mind but baba use to talk to you in your dreams then also u didnt understand him … We would like to know what he use to tel you

    • Baba told me to learn how take backstep in important things.and he told he will handle the people who did bad things for this he told many time he asked me to offer sweets for him…daily he used to come in my dream when i was in depression..but in real life the person whom i lived is living happily i am the only one worrying about him

  6. Thank you baba for saving me from that disaster… I don have words… aapke charno me shat-shat naman.. Plz call me shirdi.. i never been there… waiting from long time… Om sai Ram

  7. Daya karo kripa karo kshama karo he sairam…….he sai, he deva we are your children , at your lotus feet baba . please fulfill our wish baba..we are nothing without you baba… because of your blessings only we get everything, please never leave our hand baba…please baba bless me with the best birthday gift of my life… It will totally change my life baba…please baba bless me only can do this…OM SAI SHRI SAI JAI JAI SAI…..

  8. Om Sai Ram … Baba pls forgive me .. aapke mana karne k baad b Maine bola aur galti kar di Baba pls forgive me I should not have to show my interest .. ab Sab gadbadh ho gaya hai pls Sab sambhal lo aur pahle jaisa Sab ho jaye pls forgive me n help .. help pls Baba help .. Om Sai Ram

  9. Lovely experience but can't understand why many people are left with mixed messages and yearning whilst others its straightforward. Causes a lots of distress

  10. Om sai am please cure my grand sons stomach pain he is suffering a lot . his pain is unberable.please cure swelling also I will post that your leela.i trust you very much. Please do this to my grand son.please bless with him.

  11. I'm fed up of this life baba. How much should we struggle. We can count the number of days we are happy on fingers. Why should we suffer like this. Are you not feeling sorry for us. Please let us know if we have committed any mistake knowingly or unknowingly. I was really happy that we would be happy since you have entered our lifes. But has anything changed in our life baba? What do you want me to do to stop this quarrels at our home which are going on since years. Why isn't there any stop to this. Do you think we are suffering since years only because of our past karmas. We have lost respect, value, time, everything. What do we have left over. Everyone is laughing at us. Troubling us. Creating disputes among us. Taking advantage of our situation. Ruling our lifes and ruining our happiness. Everyone at our home is suffering with personal, career, health problems apart from these quarrels. Don't you know how was our childhood. How much insult we went through and still going through. I lost my love life, my brother has no proper career, my dad has health issues and still does not stop smoking and drinking. We have no mental peace at home. Everyday is a struggle for us. I daily pray you to stop them but they still continue. If you want me end this life, please take it. But please solve the problems at our home. We cant take this anymore. Please help us. You are our only saviour. Please baba have some mercy on us. Dear devotees , please pray for us. Please help us baba. Om Sai Ram

    • Dear sai devotee trust in sai. What you need to develop is taking control of your family. hope no one s doing that. That's why others are creating problems among your family members. Baba ll show u guide you correct path. As of now there is one way to control is via spiritual and financial. Bring your dad to rehabilitation center. Bring peace for your brother to focus on career. Bond everyone with single thing love. Baba will always be with u.

    • Dear devotee, i had exactly same problem and baba solved it successfully.
      Please devotee do parayan of sai satchritra it will vanish all your problems in your life like mine.
      Please keep praying Baba.
      Om sai ram

  12. Love u soo much baba…today i got selected for the job…it is only possible with the baba's grace..without baba it is not possible..still I dint get any offer letter but I hope baba will give me offer letter within 2days… Om sairam… Love u baba.. Can't express this in words…love u sooo much

  13. Baba,please postpone my exam,Please Baba,it is too important to me,more than my life,you know that,I was not well,i had health issues,you know that too,than y are you soo rude to me,i dont have anyone except you to take help,you are the one who can save me now,please postpone Baba,eagerly waiting for your miracle,i promise you to submit in your lotus feet and do what i have promised to do,om sai ram…………………..

  14. Nice experiences and I am sure He has bless you already and all the others who have surrendered to Him 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for being with us each and every through thick and thin 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  15. Omsairam! lord sai bless all your children save us at the right time ….we all are depending on you deva!! omsaisrisaijaijaisai!

  16. Please pray for me …I have a lot of faith in Sai Baba ji n hv patience alw too but still I am suffering from so many many years…I and my parents want I settle in my life …I m too much upset in my life due to health my eyes problem love relationship and business …Please pray baba bless me with happy married life with my love and bless us with good health n business ..Please pray to baba ji ..I beleive baba listen to others prayer more then our own..I had seen in my life too when I pray for others baba do listen for them but when it comes to me he dnt answer …Please pray to baba I surrender him in his lotus feet … …Please pray …Thanks…Om Sai Ram

  17. Baba I am unable to concentrate on my studies . Please help or else I will fail. Only if you bless me , will I be able to concentrate and work hard. Only 13 data remaining for the exams. I want to solve all the paper's through my. Help me to understand the matter. My parents have spend lots of money on my studies. Babe please bless me.My dad is working hard for me. My mother has a lot of faith in me. I feel I am cheating her. Baba please help me.

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