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Sai Maa-My Lifeline

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello, I am Sai Baba’s daughter from India. I am regular reader of this website from 1 year. This is my second time of posting my experience. I am going to tell you how Baba blessed my family, when we were in crisis after death of my father. Hetal ji, thank you for your service. This website has given me life. It pulled me back from the door of death. Sorry Baba for posting my experience very late. I belong to family of 5. Myself, mother, one elder and one younger sister and one younger brother. Well, Baba came in my life from 2013. One day my father called Astrologer. He told me to visit Shirdi at once. I was planning to go with my family from long time. But could not go due to some or the other reason. I started worshipping Baba. My faith on Baba was slowly increasing. Everything was going smoothly. Suddenly in mid of 2013, my father got expired. He was murdered by unknown person. They stole our big car also. It was Thursday. My relative just told us that my father is in hospital. I was praying Baba from my heart, please save my dad, i will come to Shirdi and i lighted the lamp in front of Baba. But unfortunately my dad had  already passed away. In late night, after listening about this incident i collapsed. Why Baba could not saved my father? I got angry on Baba. My father never ate non-vegetarian throughout his life neither he did any sin then why this kind of death? He always helped poor people. I often felt to end this life but i am alive just to take care of my mother and my siblings. As none is as strong as me in my family.

Dear Sai devotees, i know no one cannot avoid his death but if it would have been an heart attack or any disease then i have accepted that dad has this much life only. But can you imagine my father was killed by someone. This feeling itself was horrible for me. My father was very hardworking man. We are 3 sisters who are highly educated. My dad was searching groom for my elder sister. Now who will marry with us? My mom was broken completely. My younger brother lost his concentration from his study. (He was topper in 10th CBSE Board). I stopped worshipping Baba. Relative tuned started troubling us for property issue. No one was helping my mom to search groom for my elder sister except my Mama. My sister was reaching to age 30s. Life was becoming hell. Police failed to arrest the culprits. We did not have any support. How to punish the cheap person, who killed my dad. Once i came across this website and started reading devotee’s experience. This slowly pulled me towards Baba. I decided to go in Shirdi. Baba came in my dream and blinked His eyes. I could not understand the meaning of this dream. I forced my mom to go in Shirdi. As soon as i saw Baba in Samadhi Temple tears rolled down from my eyes. I felt, i did wrong thing. I did mistake by blaming Baba. After returning from Shirdi, i started reading Sai Satcharitra and i got all the answers of my questions. Whatever bad happen with us is due to bad karmas accumulated in last birth. I started worshiping Baba. I started going in Sai Baba Temple every Thursday. I am the only Sai devotee in my home. I started praying Baba to protect and bless my whole family. Here comes Baba’s Miracles in my life.

Experience 1: As we all know Shraddha and Saburi is must to be Baba’s devotee. My mom was worrying and started searching guy for me also. Within one year after visiting Shirdi, My elder sister’s marriage got fixed due to Baba’s blessing. Believe me, we tried hard for her marriage. I must say it’s just a miracle. She got very well educated, rich guy and loving family. Love You Baba.

Experience 2: Once in the bank matter, we were about to lose huge amount. I prayed Baba. After going in the bank, Sai live Darshan app from my mobile suddenly got opened. I got confirmed Baba is with me and we will get our amount. Yes, Baba showed His Miracle. We got our amount.

Experience 3: Once I had scanty menses. Doctor asked me to go for ultrasound scan. It was Polycystic Ovary, i was diagnosed with PCOS. I was tensed as it was affecting my whole body. I was crying in front of Baba and praying Him to call me in Shirdi. In the night, i had dream in which Baba gave me Darshan. I touched His Samadhi. From that time, i got slowly improvement. Doctor asked me to take birth control pills to regulate my periods. But i was afraid of side effects. So, i went to another doctor to show my reports. When i entered in clinic, Shirdi Sai live Darshan app got automatically opened and i could hear Baba’s Bhajan. It hardly happened before. This confirmed me that this doctor is going to give me good solution for my disease. And yes he gave me Ayurvedic medicines. I daily keep a glass full of water in front of Baba. I am sure Baba will cure me.

Experience 4: Our commercial office was given on rent. Tenant took advantage and he did not give deposit. When we asked for rent, he used to avoid us. Being girl, i was helpless to handle this matter. I prayed Baba. Within a month, he cleared all the rent and left office peacefully.

Experience 5: Once i was going to restaurant. I saw a fakir. I gave him 10 Rupee. He said “You have Baba’s blessing. You will get married soon.” Dear Sai Devotees, after my father’s death Baba is standing with me in each and every problem. There are number of miracles in my life. I will keep posting in my next blog. Always donate food to poor people and have Shraddha and Saburi. Baba bless all devotees with good health and peaceful life. Anantkoti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sadguru Sachidanand Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Sai Naman

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: I am very small and very humble devotee of Shri Sai Baba. I don’t know whether I should call myself a devotee even as I feel I have not been able to completely follow the teachings of our Sadguru, the divine master Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. My heartfelt thanks to the admin of this website, who have been showing me ray of hope whenever I am down since 2010. I have tried posting my experience before in 2011. I am not very sure whether it got posted or not. I have been a follower of Sai Baba’s Teachings since my childhood as my parents have been Sai Baba devotees. My whole life has been full of Sai’s Grace. I can very easily say that whatever good I have ever achieved in my life, it’s all due to Baba’s blessings. Also As I sit here to pen down my experiences with Sai Baba, I feel bit ashamed of myself as well. Because I can see how I kept on making mistakes in my life but Baba never left me. He was always there when I needed Him the most. Whenever it seemed that there was no way out, the divine help did arrive and at a very precise time to get me out of the problem. My Life is filled with the Sai Baba’s experiences, and that I say very humbly because I am not a very true devotee. As Baba tells in Satcharitra about the types of devotees, I am third one, who has kept on making blunders in life.

Now coming to my experience, Me and my wife always wanted to have a daughter and also a son, one of each basically. Initially even to have even a single child was out of question because of my wife’s medical condition (That is another experience). In year 2012, My wife gave birth to our daughter and we were really very happy and content that at least we have got a child. Then to our surprise, we found that my wife was expecting in 2013 again. We were elated. Sadly, that pregnancy ended up as a miscarriage. We were heartbroken. I kind of knew that because of my wife’s condition it will be really difficult for us to have another child. So I kept that to myself and did not really share that with my wife. My wife went through a phase of depression as well. Then in year 2014, my wife was expecting again, but this time we were very cautious. Me being a very negative person, was not having high hopes. We had a really tough time during the whole 2014. There was no one to support us. My wife had to leave her work. Being on just one salary we were struggling financially as well. How Baba just in nick of time helped me and my wife at numerous occasions it is beyond any explanation. Then on 16/12/2014, Baba gave us another beautiful gift of our life, as my wife gave birth to our son. We were just so much content on that night. I will never be able to forget that. We had faced so many problems by then, it was just absolute peace.

Then came the shock, when the next day, my son was not able to pass the hearing test. It got us really worried. The repeat test was in three weeks time. I was not able to sleep peacefully at all. I could not believe that our sorrows were still not over. More than us I was feeling very sad for my son. I got myself mentally prepared for the worse. But perhaps Baba felt pity on us again. In the repeat test, my son passed the hearing test. It is so unbelievable, as till that date, whenever I tried to test the hearing of my son myself by clapping or putting a high volume, he never used to respond at all. As if he started hearing from that day itself. Well I can say my tests are still not over as I am struggling in some other aspects of life. But I can only hope that as Baba has always helped me till now, He will never let go of my hand. I read these experiences every day, and they give me hope. I hope that my experience give someone confidence that our sole protector will always be there and He knows when to reveal Himself to take us out of our miseries. Bow to Shri Sai and peace be to all. Om Shri Sai Nathaya Namah.

Trust Worthy Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am 25. Me and him are in love for around 6 years now. After our under graduation, he was placed in campus interview. But me being in life science field, I always wanted to do masters in abroad. So he wanted to accompany me yet his dad was so against it and he wanted him to work. But he applied anyway and our plan was to go abroad if we get a scholarship. He is a serious Sai Baba devotee. He used to tell me if Sai Baba wishes me to go abroad he might give me a scholarship. We wrote all exams and tried hard. I got 100% tuition fee scholarship and he got 50% scholarship. We did our masters in UK in two different states. His father eventually agreed after he got a scholarship. So he still took a risk of paying the remaining fee (5lakh) disregarding the campus placements. After doing part times and surviving to complete our studies, then came this announcement. UK government took out the post study visa which means it is difficult to find a job as an international student in UK. So we returned back to India. But he still believed in Sai Baba that all should be for a purpose.

My family was not so worried as they did not invest anything on me. Also our family has a shop in which I have so much interest on. (That’s again a different story-I am so into building up that shop business from my 10th grade). I searched for jobs but people know how pathetic life science situation is in India. The maximum salary I got is Rs 9000 after all searches. So I decided to apply for jobs only in abroad. May be I got that confidence from me taking care of our own business till then. However, he experienced very hard situations. His dad kept on mocking him for his decision. Recurrent fights among his parents as his mom supports him. Seeing all that, he took a job as assistant professor in very small college in a rural area. It was not well paid. He travelled 3 hours everyday for that job. Well, you know about our society, people ask me ‘You are taking care of this shop after masters from UK’, Same questions to him. He trusted Sai Baba so much and clearly knows there will be a change. We were so devastated and we really wanted to prove ourselves. So we applied to jobs in US, wrote all the other exams again, worked so hard and I ended up with a job in US as research associate. But all his applications went in vain. He was so broken. I asked him to come as my dependent. We were so scared to take this decision again but we did anyway as we did not have choice, because his college closed the department that he worked on.

We did all paper works and our family had no idea of all this. He said his family that he got an unpaid internship here in US. Finally we came here. My job was so stressful and required a lot of knowledge. So I was working so hard on it. Whereas he was trying all possible ways to find a job, but yes he was not allowed to work as a dependent. During when I got to believe Sai Baba too and we were praying. After all our prayers we decided and he spoke with his mom about joining a MBA course after which he could work and repay the fee. Suddenly his mom’s relatives agreed to pay the initial fee yet we were struggling to find a financial document for Rs 25 lakh for visa. But we heard about an agency and after a lot of stress, the financial document was ready and i paid my month salary for his flight ticket. I was just crying and praying to Sai Baba when he was inside the visa interview. Finally he got the visa. No questions of who gave the financial document, why second masters. We just believe it’s all because of Sai Baba. Yes, he owes a sum of money to this relatives now. But we firmly believe he will soon find a job when his visa status changes after study. Firmly trust Sai Baba and be nice to other fellow human beings.

Baba Cured My Daughter

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a staunch devotee of our Beloved Sai Maa. I am actually travelling to US and Singapore from India often. Now I am in Singapore with my daughter, son-in-law and Grandson. My daughter is also a Devotee of Sai Maa and also a staunch devotee of Shri Annai and Shri Aurobindo. We both believe Sai Maa, and Shri Annai are one and same. We used to visit Sai Temple in Singapore. Whenever I come to Singapore, I used to visit Sai Temple Regularly. I am a regular reader of this blog. Every day I used to read all the experiences of our Sai devotees which actually boost my energy and increased my devotion and Faith. There is no doubt that the entire team is really doing great job. Thank You Sai Maa and I wish and pray that You should be always give them the strength and energy to continue their work and always Be with them and shower Your Grace upon them and also Upon all the Sai devotees.

I want to share an experience which is actually a proof that Baba Always listen to our prayers and do the needful and solve the problem. I already shared an experience about Udi miracle which cured my granddaughter when I was in US. That was already published in this blog. Another experience which I shared is yet to be published. Here in Singapore, my daughter bought a new House and fixed the date for house warming function on 8th February 2015. It was on Sunday. Seven days before the function on Monday she had a high Temperature along with severe cold and caugh. That night she took some medicine for fever and cold. The next day also, she continued the medicine but it doesn’t work. She went to the doctor in the evening and the doctor gave antibiotics and some other medicine but that also didn’t work. She was not even able to sit for some time. On Friday 6th February evening, she went to the hospital and they advised her to get admitted in the hospital. I was praying Sai Maa to do the needful because the house warming function was on 8th February.

Suddenly the doctor prescribed medicines and did Blood test. My Daughter and Son-in-law were waiting there for some time. This was on 7th February. When they were waiting there they have decided to postpone the function for another two weeks. They called me over the phone and informed me about this. As soon as I heard this, I prayed to Sai Maa and asked Him to be Doctor and cure my daughter and also asked our Beloved Sai to take the responsibility to perform the function on the said date that is the next day. To my surprise, the doctor didn’t admit her saying we have to wait for the blood test report. He gave one tablet for that night. I believe the doctor didn’t give it was really our beloved Sai Maa only gave that tablet. After taking that she slept. I woke her up around 3.30 am to know whether she is alright to go for the function or not. To my surprise, the Fever completely reduced and we got ready and reached the New house around at around 4.45. At the same time the Priest also came to perform the function. I believe the Doctor and the Priest was none other than Sai Maa. Everything went on well by Sai’s Grace. Sai really tested our patience and Devotion. If we surrender everything to Him and have full faith and patience then He will look after everything. No doubt about it. Thank You Sai Ram. Om Sai, Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai Om Sai.

Baba Helped Me In Finding My Gold Jewellery

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Shree Sai Ram. I had a wonderful experience with Baba. I am a Sai Baba devotes since i was a kid. I had a so many experiences, but i have promised to Baba that if i will find my jewellery, i will post this experience. I visited India recently. I gave my jewellery to my dad to look after it. Then my dad gave me back for the wedding. After that, i forgot where I put it. I was in so much tension. I used to pray Baba every day. Then one day, i checked another closet drawer and I found my jewellery. I was so happy. Thanks so much Baba. I knew it that my jewellery was in safe hands. Thanks so much. Om Sai Ram.

Udi Miracle

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am Baba’s devotee since childhood. He is my Everything. I was suffering from pain below my chest. While I was doing Baba’s Aarti, I prayed Baba that if my pain goes out after eating Udi, I will post this experience. Within few minutes, pain was gone after having Udi. But I forgot to post this experience. After 2 days, I suddenly caught fever and throat infection. I kept taking Udi. Then I realized, I didn’t post Udi Miracle. I apologized Baba that if I get well, I will post two Udi experience. The very next day evening, I started feeling better. It’s all because of Udi.

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  1. Wonderful experiences all 🙂

    O Deva, forgive me for my indiscretions and wrongdoings as I lay down myself at Your Lotus Feet.

    Jai Sairam

  2. Baba please am i asking for too much? Of all the miracles that u do and all the diseases that u cure..why are u ignoring my problems baba..PLEASE…it takes a toll on me Saima please please..Udi is also not working..please have mercy. Loving u always, Om Sai Ram

  3. Om sai ram .I wana post my experience.pls make me understand how to post.hetal di om sai ram.pls guide to submit experiences

  4. baba i have many problems, even though am eagerly waiting to go shiridi by today night, when u dissoppinted me 3days back for the fruit am waiting for 4years along with extra loss even though your presence is there, ok any way baba am ready to start today by 6 o'clock, please bless me i will have good darshan n chances of visiting all Aaathis and should concentrate on you with 1lackh % from my heart, after the darshan please vanish my problems and show the path to my life,please baba .and am going to give i completed one book with srisairam names, please bless me baba
    om sairam

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  6. Om Sri Sai Ram, Om Sri Sai Ram, Om Sri Sai Ram, Om Sri Sai Ram, Om Sri Sai Ram
    BABA ji! Please show us a way to choose the correct opportunity. We are your ignorant children. Please forgive our sins and keep us near your feet. Thank you for everything you gave us Saima
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Samardha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai

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