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No Signs-Only Belief

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Hi to all and thanks to hetal ji and other group members. I would like to share my experience and this would be my 3rd experience in this blog. I am a graduate trying for software, government jobs, competitive exams at the same time. One day, i attended a competitive exam by taking Baba’s Name and was very sure that i would get this job. But unfortunately, I failed in exam with 1 mark. I heard about Q&A book site and I tried it. Answer was “Work will be completed around Ramanavami”. Later I got a call letter from a company and the interview 1st round was 2 days before Ramanavami. I was very tensed as there were thousands of candidates who attended the 1st round. I checked the Q&A site and the answer was “Offer coconut to Sai Baba and your work will be done”. I forgot about the answer but was very tensed that I did not get 1st round results. One day I went to Sai Baba Temple and offered coconut. After coming home, I checked my mails casually. To my surprise, I got my results and I got through the 1st round. I had seen many Baba’s Photos in the place of interview conducted in all the rounds. I got through all the rounds and last reached final round in which there were only few candidates. I was very confident that I would get this as I got many positive signs, but I did not get this job.

Later I got another call letter for an interview and I was supposed to be there at sharp 9 am. As i was new to that place, I could not get the office address and time was around 8.50 am. I had tears in my eyes and starting saying “Baba please don’t waste Your time watching me, go and solve the problems of Your dear devotees”. After a long search, I got the address and when looked at my watch it was exactly 9 am. I thanked God. To my surprise, there was a board written “Sai Kripa” on it. I said sorry to Baba and went inside. Even inside the office, I had seen many Baba pictures. Taking Baba’s name, I had cleared all the rounds. I was sure that I would get this job as I got through all the rounds and also had a high level reference and many positive signs from Baba. Still I did not get any news from the company and no response from them when I tried to contact them.

One more time, Me and my friend stopped to a place as we are not getting the office address where the interviews were going on. We kept on calling the office people but they were not responding to our calls. Suddenly a man from nowhere came to us saying that there are some interviews going on at some place and is asking us to join him. In between, he was saying that he is a Baba devotee and he like helping people. We were surprised to hear those words from him as we didn’t even utter a word of Baba or interview in front of him. He was pretending as if he is getting calls and forcing us to come with him and asking for numbers. We escaped from him but I just wanted to say that-Don’t believe everyone who utters Baba’s Name and don’t take them as positive signs and follow them blindly.

Another day, I had a interview and while I was getting ready, I switched on the TV. I felt very happy to see Baba’s movie coming in the TV and thought Baba came to bless me. I came out of my house and there was a Baba’s vehicle which I felt to be blessing again. My interview was at 2 pm and I reached the place at 1 pm. After a long wait interview process started at 6.30 pm. I did not clear my interview and came out of the office at 9:00 pm. It was dark night, no bus stop near to the place, low battery, burning stomach with pain and hunger, you can imagine my situation. I got all those positive Signs but still I returned empty handed.

I started doing Nav Guruvar Vrat to pass a competitive exam but was failed in it. I was sure that I would clear the exam as I had written well and was also doing the Vrat. But after finishing my Vrat I got a part time job. Again I started Nav Guruvar Vrat and in between attended another competitive exam. There was a big photo of Baba on the entrance room which I was supposed to enter. I felt it as positive sign and wrote my exam but could not clear it. I got tired of these attempts (I had mentioned only a few here) even after attempting them to my best, even after getting so many positive Signs I am not getting any job. At last I came to a conclusion that Baba is coming to help some other devotees but by mistake I saw and felt that He came for me. I did not even understand why this is happening and one day I came across a comment in this blog about Signs from Baba. She said if You keep on asking Baba for signs, Baba will be busy in just showing you them. Let us give Him time so that He will focus on our problems. Keeping them in mind, I stopped searching for signs and continued my Vrat with more faith. In between the Vrat, I got a call from a company and I had attended it and cleared all interviews and got the job with Baba blessings. To my happiness, interview was on Thursday and offer letter also came on Thursday. I never even imagined that I would get a job in such a big company. Thanks Baba. At last I came to understand that-Baba showed His presence in the form of Photos, movies etc saying me that I Am With You and everywhere. But I took them as Signs and failed to recognize Him. May my experience help you to focus on Baba rather than on signs.

Baba’s Presence

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Om Sai Ram! I am here to share one of the miracles out of so many miracles that dear Baba has done in my life since 2010. I am sharing first time on this page. I really want Baba’s devotees to read and have firm faith and love for Baba. He is very compassionate. Don’t lose heart if you are going through hard time. All you have to do is connect with Him and start praying for others. Baba will love you so much. It’s like better the connection, faster the internet. So better connection with Baba means better strength to face odds of life. Sometimes i do think that is Baba real? or Is it just eye illusion? But when I look at the Miracles that has happened in my life, I firmly believe that Baba is real and loving and always around us if we connect with Him or call Him lovingly. I wish I could write all the Miracles done by Baba in my life. It’s there in my mind but one day I would like to write a book on my connection with Baba. No doubt Baba is real and omnipresent and all powerful. Sometimes i do feel that Oh Baba is not listening to my prayers. Baba has left me. I am so unfortunate that i am going through hard time but soon then I realise who can be more fortunate than me. As Baba Himself came into my life in 2010 and saved me lots and lots of time through hard times. So how can I be unfortunate? Today, I am going to write a small experience that happened today and I felt in my mind that tonight I have to write my Miracle in Sai Baba Miracles page, which i have been thinking of doing since few months.

I live in Australia with my family. I go to Baba’s Temple on every Thursdays. But me and my husband being from Punjab, also like to go to Gurudwara once a week. Whenever I go to Gurudwara I always look for Baba’s presence. I feel from inside that He is present in Gurudwara too. He is everywhere. As soon as I think in my mind that Baba are You around? Please show me Your presence in some way. And to my surprise He shows up immediately. For instance, as soon as I enter Gurudwara, this beautiful Shabad is being sung which has name Sai in it lot of times. Sometimes before entering Gurudwara, I feel that Baba if You are around then there should be Kadi Pakoda in Langar. And there you go, its Kadi Pakoda, as it is of Baba’s favourite colour, yellow. One day my happiness knew no bounds. As soon as i got down from my car, the car parked right in front of our car had this number plate named ‘LuvUSai’. I was so happy. This was such strong signal of Baba.

Today again I went to Gurudwara with my family. Since few days I wasn’t feeling Baba’s presence. Today while sitting in Gurudwara I asked Baba where are You? Before I leave Gurudwara can I hear Your name in the Shabad that is being sung. We were about to leave but Sai word didn’t come in the Shabad. I felt Oh Baba You don’t love Your this daughter anymore. We were about to get up and leave. But then suddenly I saw something which was not normal. I saw my son was playing games on my phone but suddenly he started playing Sai Baba’s virtual Aarti and he kept playing and was enjoying too and trying to sing too, which was very unusual. He would never stop his video game to play Baba’s Aarti. It wasn’t by mistake that he played Baba’s Aarti. Oh Baba, You are here. We human beings can doubt You but once You have held Your devotees hand, You can never ever leave him/her. All we have to ask from Baba is that may our faith on You never weakens and May Your Aashirwad stay with us and our family forever. My prayers are with you all dear devotes. May Baba bless you always. Om Shree Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai, Sai Nath Ki Jai.

My First Shiridi Trip

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. This is my first post that I am going to share with everyone. Hetal ji, Thank You very much for providing such a wonderful platform for sharing our experiences with everyone. I am a regular reader of this blog and while reading it makes me feel like Baba Is listening to us and we all together singing His Leela by sharing our experiences. I am 25 year old girl working as a Research Associate in Bangalore. Baba is watching me from the day, I came into this world but as per my knowledge, He entered into my life in 2010. Heaps of experiences are there to share but don’t have words to express. But I will try my best to describe my experience. This experience is about my first Shiridi trip.

On 23rd November 2014, Baba called me to Shirdi and gave a opportunity to meet Him. Along with my parents I reached Shiridi around 9 0′ clock in the morning and around 11:00 am, we all left for Baba’s Darshan. So Before entering inside temple, we need to deposit our mobile phone in the counter and in return they gave a slip. I kept that slip in my purse, I remembered very well. Then we bought sweets for Baba and went inside the Temple. After standing for long time in queue, I got Baba Darshan. I feel blessed. As the queue was long, We were not allowed to stand there for long time. After taking Darshan, We came out of the temple and thought to take the mobile phones which we deposited in the counter. My Dad was asking for slip. I searched in my purse, it was not there. I got scared. I don’t know what to do? I thought I will get scolding for being such an irresponsible girl. I informed Dad that I lost slip somewhere. But to my astonished Dad didn’t scold me But he was little Upset. Then I turned back for some reason I saw written ‘Why to Fear, If I am here’. I became little relaxed, thinking that we will get back all phones without slip If we request in the counter.

When we reached in the counter, enquired about our mobiles and informed about the loss of slip. Immediately that fellow said that, Your mobiles were taken by someone else who got your slip. We were tensed. First of all sensitive information was there in mobiles and it was costly too. We thought may be he is lying and wants to keep our phones for his purpose. Dad went inside the counter and checked each and every pouch but seriously mobiles were not there. All my family was tensed. One fellow gave his phone, So that we can contact to our numbers. But all were in vain. Nobody was picking the call. Don’t know how my dad forgot his phone in hotel itself. Later I keep on trying my number from my Dad phone. Inside I was crying. I was blaming Baba, why You called me. Why You put me in trouble. But after 1 hour, finally the person picked my call who took our phones. See the miracle of Baba, He said ‘He wants to return all the mobiles’. He left Shiridi along with our phones but Baba sent him back So that he can return our mobiles. Our Hotel people also helped us a lot to communicate with the person in Marathi though he understands Hindi. Finally that fellow reached by 6:00 PM in the evening and returned all phones. It was a very difficult time for us. Each and every second was unbearable. But with Baba’s grace, we were able to get back the things which we lost and face the situation that we went through. Last but not least, Have Faith and Patience. Things will be alright automatically. Baba’s blessings are with everyone.

Health And Permanent Residency

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Om Sai Ram. First of all thank you so much for creating this blog. Every day I visit this site to read experiences of different people with Baba which gives me positive energy. I am Baba devotee from Dec 2014. I came to know about Baba from Facebook page of Sai Baba Miracles. From then, I started reading all the Miracles and tears came from my eyes. I thought Baba will help me solving all my problems and Baba really started helping me in just few days.

I started praying Baba to just show me the right path for my husband’s health. My husband was having pain from last 5 months. We tried to get appointment for specialist doctor but we were not getting any early appointment. Baba showed us the way for consulting private doctor and helped me getting the appointment also. Now my husband is better. I hope very soon he will be completely fine. Thanks Baba for helping us. I live in United Kingdom. My husband applied for Permanent residence on January 2015 and we were very much worried because our visa was about to expire in just a month. We both were worried whether we will get the permanent residence or not. Baba helped me in getting all the information and all the documents for our visa in every possible way.

I want to share Baba’s Leela. A day before our permanent residency appointment, I was sleeping and before that I kept Sai Baba Photograph above my bed closet. In my sleep, I was thinking to keep the Photograph next to my head so that I will be relaxed. With a miracle at the same time the Photo came down from the closet to my bed besides my head and tears came in my eyes. I felt so blessed and at that time I thought Baba is with me and Baba is telling me ‘’Why fear when I am here’’ and then I slept. Sai Baba Question and Answer page help me a lot during my difficult and tough times to give me the right direction and guiding me in my path. I ordered Udi online and got it just day after my husband got his permanent residence. I felt so blessed. Thanks Sai Baba Om Sai Ram. We devotees have to love Baba endlessly and have faith and patience on Him. Whenever, we have problem, just think it’s our bad karma and He is working out in our karma and Baba is looking at you just have faith and patience. Bolo Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shree Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Om Sai Ram

Sai Brother Amit from India says: Om Sai Ram. I have been getting Sai Baba dreams on regular occasions. Sometime I am in a very old Shirdi Temple with my family. Sometimes following Baba while He was serving food to His Bhaktas. Sometimes being in Shirdi Temple alone and Baba’s Statue coming alive and putting Udi on me and my son’s head. I have a real life experience where Baba Himself appeared when I saw myself in trouble and rescued me. I still get my hair standing when I remember that incident it happened in 2006. Yesterday early morning I got a dream, I am in the old Shirdi Temple in front of Baba’s Samadhi Murti and seeing His Holy Feet. While suddenly I open my eyes after praying and see a black huge Statue of Baba. His Feet are moving and I want to touch them. Suddenly its Aarti time and all Bhaktas are asked to leave the Temple accept me and 2 Brahmins and Baba. There is no one in the Temple. I pray and request the Brahmin not to ask me to leave the Temple and stand in line to re-enter the Temple to be a part of the Aarti as the line is quiet big. The Brahmin agree and gives me a flower from Baba’s Statue and lets the other Bhaktas enter the Temple. Suddenly the Temple gets crowded and the Aarti begins and post the Aarti I have to leave the Temple but in my mind the Darshan is not enough and I want to stand in the line again to enter and take Darshan. As said, I had a lot of dreams of Baba by His Grace. But this one appearing as a black moving statue is a very different one. Any significance of Baba appearing as a black Statue. What’s the message from Baba, any one can interpret please.

Got Visa With Baba’s Blessings

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I am 33 year old Sai Baba devotee from India staying in USA. Firstly, i want to thanks to all who is maintaining this blog. I am Sai devotee from 2004. I am very small to describe Sai Leelas, but i want to share my few experiences that happened in my life. After my marriage, i went through many ups and downs but Sai saved me all the time. In 2011, i was diagnosed with major health problem. I cried in-front of Baba and prayed to Baba. Miracle happened and doctor said, nothing is major. By Baba’s Grace, everything was fine and Baba blessed me with a baby girl. In 2013, we were in India we visited Shirdi. It was my second visit to Shirdi. In 2014, we wanted to come to USA, my husband and myself prayed Baba whole heartedly, VISA interview went fine. We got VISA and we were waiting for project. 1st May 2014, Thursday, company confirmed our project. Thank You so much Baba for Your blessings. I wanted to learn driving the car but i was very scared to drive. Somehow i learned. On road test day, i prayed Baba. Miracle happened and i passed the test. I was so excited, thank You so much Baba for guiding me all the time. Baba gave me all the happiness but I have one sincere prayer to Baba, please bless me Baba. Baba bless all the Sai devotees and fulfil their wishes, i request all the Sai devotees to have firm faith and patience. Baba is always with us.

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  1. omsairam. today is my father birthday. baba please bless him with good health. baba please bless me baba. please baba. omsairam.

  2. Omsairam! lord sainath bless all your children who are depressed & in agony, be with them guide them and protect them oh deva!!! omsaisrisaijaijaisai.

  3. Dear first devotee..reading ur experience is like reading my own life experience n same answers do i get frm Q n A site ..ur work is done on ramnahavi day..I too did nav guru var vary..same thing trying for govt job.. just difference is that u got a job n I didn't hope this year.. Sai baba bless me with good job.. I have faith in my sai baba.. I'll never quit n completely surrender to holy feet of sai..!

    • Baba bless you …I think there is no govt. job for general catageroy ppl .. My daughter is also trying for last two years.. Only baba can create quota for us .. Om Sai Ram

    • Hi iam the first devotee who posted the experience…it took a long time to get job I could still rember those I was going.I used to read stories of baba and akalkota swamyy(posted in comment sessions daily).by doing all these got close to baba and at last he heard me.keep stuck to him.. he will not leave you empty handef

  4. Baba please help us..shower your blessings on us deva…please fulfill our wish deva…we are your children baba.please don't disappoint us maa….

  5. Om sai ram, BABA in dreams whatever form,colour,time of day is auspicious and real…its not at all a dream….Even our doubting mind is convinced if see SAI in our dreams…as He only has the power to manifest Himself in our dreams and our small minds cannot create BABA as it usually happens with our regular dreams…
    any Sai devotee can prove this

  6. Om Sai Ram.todqy my parents and sister got their visa due to baba's grace..thanks a lot Baba for fulfilling my wish.please be there with me always..bless all ..U r d best…I Luv u Baba..:)

  7. I came to know baba in 1990 but maybe I am doing something wrong or not appreciating my life but I feel that I have been through so much hardship and possibly baba is doing all he can but I feel incomplete. Unable to feel baba presence in my life. I am so confused. I do everything, read praynan sai kasht mantra etc but feel helpless. I beginning to doubt that baba is here as my life is still unhappy deep down. What shall I do?


  9. Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Prabrahma Sri Satchidananda Samardha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai
    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram
    BABA ji! Please solve our problems. Saima, Daya karo, Kripa Karo, Kshama Karo. Please keep us near your feet always. Thank you for everything you gave us and giving us.

  10. Om Sai Ram

    I am hoping to get some guidance from all of Sai Bhakta's here. I am doing the Sai Satcharita parayan and while reading chapter 25 – story about Damu Anna and baba's Amra Leela . Damu Anna has the question in his mind
    There are so many crowding to Sai Baba. Do they all get benefit from Him?
    To this, Baba replied orally – "Look at the mango tree in blossom. If all the flowers brought fruit, what a splendid crop it would be. But do they? Most fall off (either as flowers or as unripe fruits) by wind etc. Very few remain".

    Would any of you Baba's kind devotees explain what baba means by this line. I have read the Sat charita a few times but how to interpret this answer of baba, it always confuses me. If you can please shed some light on it.

    Thanking in advance
    Om Sai Ram.

    • Aum Sai Ram. Answer to your query as I interpret it: Not all who come to Shirdi stick on to following Baba or have enormous faith. Thank You

  11. Om Sai Meh Ma .. Meh Ma… Baba pls help n bless all your devotees .. Baba pls help my daughter to reach her destination … Baba b with us n bless us .. today I am waiting for some miracle Baba … Om Sai Ram

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