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Baba Gave Me This Job

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from New Zealand says: Om Sai Ram, I am a computer engineer living overseas. I have completed Phd and worked as research engineer for a start up company. Even though I liked that job, I didn’t like the environment where there is no appreciation at all. I also didn’t know whether this is the career direction which I wanted to heading to. I asked Baba to show me a career path for me. At the mean time, the situation in the company got worsens and one of my colleagues forced to resign for no reason. That time, I had a dream that somebody is coming to attack me and there were 3 soldiers volunteered themselves to protect me. In that dream, there was a man who came on a motorbike to witness everything and I only recalled his face after that dream. The situation in that job becomes more unstable and they have appointed IT system manager, whose face exactly looks like the man whom I saw in the dream. I was so shocked and there were 3 people got redundant as well. Then that IT manager resigned as well. That point of time, I have decided that I have to sincerely look out for a job. I prayed Baba dearly for the career path and direction.

One day out of the blue, I got an email from one of the recruiters which was very unique – not like normal recruitment emails. The content of that email attracts me, so I responded. That recruiter asked me to meet him for a coffee. When I called him, I found out that his daughter and my daughters go to same school, so we decided to meet at the cafe closer to the school. He asked me few questions and gave me some insight about what I supposed to look at my career growth. Finally he asked me if I happen to get a chance whether I could go back to one of my old employer. I only worked for that employer for a year and the work over there was very hard, but the manager was very nice and supportive. So I told him I would consider. Then my recruiter asked me to forward my CV, which he forwarded to few other people including my former employer. My former employer wanted me to go for an interview. I went there and manager liked me coming back, but the interview process was in 3 stages. So manager asked me to face other interviews, which was meeting with few team members (First stage was meeting manager and this is the second stage one). I went and attended that one. It was tough one, since this role is bit higher position.

After that interview, I wasn’t sure whether that position is which I was looking for. That was bit different area which I wanted to heading to. Also I have told the team that I haven’t done that type of role in my career journey. So I have told this to my recruiter after that interview to tell this before they were planning for the 3rd round – which is to meet the CTO. He said that he would wait for my manager to come back to him. The manager also felt the same since I haven’t done these types of role before, she wasn’t sure whether I would enjoy and she passed the team comments to recruiter. However she really didn’t want to lose me, so she has suggested for another opening in this company. That was the role which one of my senior colleagues was doing. So I told that to my recruiter why all of the sudden they were asking me for that role. However, that role is the kind of role which I am looking for. Then I asked for some time to think about this. In between, my manager called the recruiter and he told her that I have asked for some time to think about it. Then manager told recruiter that if I agree to accept this role I shouldn’t need to face the 3rd round interview process, because they knew I could do well for this role. Recruiter came back to me with this request and told me the salary band for that role as well. Also he said that there is a high chance to move up as manager, which they will train. Even that point in time I wasn’t sure. Then I asked Baba to show me whether I should accept this or not. I didn’t get any answer from Baba directly. However, when I think about the whole process, I felt all of them happen without any part from me. So I thought it is all Baba’s doing. So I have accepted that role. I gave resignation and joined that company, where team received me with both hands. In that point, I came to know that the senior colleague has resigned his position. This is the proof of Baba’s doing. I am here in this company working for more than 6 months now. After I joined there only I found out there was another motive why Baba made me to accept that position. I will write about that experience later when everything works out well. Why Fear When Baba Is Here With Us. Om Sai Ram.

Keeping My Faith On Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Malaysia says: Hi, I am a devotee of Baba since the age of 16, now it has been almost 7 years since I am praying to Him. All the way from the age of 16, I am facing obstacles after obstacles. At first, I fell in love with a guy who actually cheated me just for money. Somehow, I got to know his true side after praying to Baba. While praying, I used to ask Baba if the love is meant then only please unite us in future in the bond of marriage. I took the love as a source of inspiration but somehow Baba showed me his true colour. I got to know his real intention was only for money not for real companionship. I shattered down totally, because I started living a new life by striving hard and excelling in studies. But when I got to know the real motive hidden behind it I just couldn’t take it. Since then my life had gone haywire.

I had hard time in rebuilding everything and come to this stage where I am standing now. I would say it is because Baba. Even He never give what I always wanted in life, but He never fail to hint me out if things are going in the wrong way. It had happened to me so many times earlier. In addition to that, I have always been looking down on myself because I am dark skinned, so that should be the reason why I can’t get a proper love of mine. It makes me down whenever looking at my friends around. The feel of getting rejected is something which breaks one’s confidence level. All now I am asking for Baba is to set back my life back in path and shower me with peace and happiness. I just want to excel in my studies make my family proud. Besides, I would really want to be in a true relationship where the guy is someone as per my desirable showers me true love and care, accepts me for who I am. Om Sai Ram.

Experience With Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Hemamalani from Bahrain says: I would like to share my experience which I have promised Baba that I will post. Om Sai Ram. Initially I did not have much belief on Sai Baba. All of a sudden, I started hearing about Him and visited a Temple here in Bahrain every week Thursday whenever possible and started believing on Him. Whatever we pray wholeheartedly it definitely happens and if it doesn’t happen there will be a reason for the same which only Sai knows. Last year during the month of November, my husband was in India and I was staying alone in Bahrain due to work. All of a sudden, one day I had severe fever and severe ear pain. I was not able to tolerate and I was crying and praying Sai to get recovered as I did not want to go to hospital. From next day the pain slowed down gradually and I promised that I will post my experience if I am relieved from my pain. But I did not do it immediately, forgive me Baba. Then after two weeks again there was some discharge from my ears. I went to the doctor. Doctor gave me antibiotics and said I have some severe infection in my ears and if antibiotics don’t work, I have to undergo for a surgery which made me scared. Then I realized my mistake and again seeked Baba’s help and started praying to Baba. I felt that only with Sai Baba Miracle this can be cured. Now I am feeling much better and relaxed and I stopped my antibiotic doses as well and truly believe on Sai Baba. I wanted to start my Sai Vrat very soon with the blessing of Sai Baba. Thank you all for reading my experience. Hope and wish to write more experience on Sai’s Blessing as I believe that He is the only one leading me in my life. Om Sai Ram.

My Hand Phone Found

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Malaysia says: I thank the admin for doing this beautiful page of experience of Sai Baba. I always wish, I will write here someday and now I will write it up. It may not be big to some but to me it was very grateful. This happened last week as I was rushing to send my son to school. Before that, I stop at a shop to buy name tag holder for my son. Then i came out to send my son to school. In the car, I realised that I could not find my hand phone. I was panic as all my personal and business contacts were all there. I send my son and drove fast. All I could do was pray to Baba that please my hand phone must be in that shop where I stop. I was crying of fear, that my husband will scold me as he is a bad temper man. Finally I reach the shop and I ask the lady at the shop and she said yes she was keeping it for me. I thank Baba for this as He heard my worries. I Thank Him so much. Now I also want financial worries to go off. I always pray that my burden go away. Baba please help me. I have been suffering this burden from past 1 year. I would post if my entire problem settle as I want people to know who have faith on Baba that He listen to our prayers. I love My Baba, My Appa.

Baba Fulfilled My Wish

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I am a small devotee of Sai Baba for the past 2 years. I want to share one of my experience with you all. My lover broke up with me last year. I don’t know the reason and I do all the possible ways to get him back but nothing worked. When I came to know about Baba I started praying to Him. I completed reading the Sai Satcharitra in one week. I also do the 40 days sugar candy Pooja and I pray to Baba that I love my lover truly and I don’t know whether he come back to me or not, I asked Baba to show me some positive sign like he talks to me or just ask me to wait for him before I completed my 40 days Pooja. In the 10th day of my Pooja by Baba’s Grace, my lover talked to me after 1 year gap. He used the same words as I asked Baba in my prayer. Baba fulfilled my wish without a change in single word I prayed to Him. Thanks a lot Baba. Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Baba Answered My Prayers

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Thank you to the person who started up this page. Reading the experiences of people from all around the world makes me feel very much relieved. My sister was in love. When my parents came to know about this, they were very upset. They didn’t want her to do this. They tried convincing her but she was not listening to them. Me and her friends also tried explaining her but she was not ready to do what we said. I started praying to Baba to somehow sort out this. One after the other problem was coming. There was no peace at home. Finally one day my sister accepted and everyone at home was happy. It is all Baba’s Grace. Now the concern is about the boy. I wish that Baba keeps the boy happy and give him the strength to stay strong towards life. Baba will definitely bless everyone. Love You as always Baba.

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  1. Om Sai Ram! Beautiful experiences. Dear devotees, could you share with me about 40 days sugar candy pooja? How it is performed and any one got benefited from doing it?
    Thank you very much!
    May baba bless you all and burn down our pain and past bad karma. Om sai ram.

  2. Dear devotees,

    Please see if anyone can answer this … In his time when he was alive How strangly baba cured sickness and diseases of people coming to him … But how could he not cure his closest devotee of the leporacy … Bhagogi shinde was his closest devotee yet he suffered all through life with the disease beside being so close to baba .. Why ???

    • Frm eht i understand frm the book i read,the disease was cure by baba slowly..n he was nt suffering afta tht frnt that particular disease..

    • Dear devotee, I too had same question in my mind while i was reading SS in the beginning….after few parayan i started getting answer for my doubt….the answer what i got and i had accepted was inner peace and happiness is more important than anything. In holy satcharithra it was explained that how happy devotee shinde being with lord sai he was so content & happy serving lord sai. I am very sure even though he was leprosy patient he may not have felt that pain & suffering being with lord sai…may be he had to give his account to god due to his past karma and being under holy shadow of our lord sai he might have had enough strength to bear his pain….moreover i feel he was the blessed soul being with lord sai. We too have sufferings with different problems(mentally or physically) in our life what we need is lord sai's blessings to have capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious but most of the time we fail…i myself fail thinking why no miracle in my life ? Lord Sai bless all your children.. be with us… guide us and protect us… sai sri sai jai jai sai!!

    • I Also read it some where that bagojis disease got cured by baba but in satcharitra it ds not mention that rather it is said that beside being unfortunate he was close to baba so had eternal peace and happiness … Well i m not sure which version is correct … But this question has always been in my mind too.. Also if we say it was because of his past karmas then in that case being so close to baba his bad karmas should have been washed and he should have been cured .. Like baba did for some others …. It is a very tough one to explain …

    • i think baba wants him to suffer his bad karmas in that birth only and then gave him mukti instead of going through the process of birth and death.its same like its said in the SS that mahalaspati lived all his life in poverty and baba never gave him money from his dakshina and never let mahalspati take money from anyone.

      and who knows what bhagoji shinde's feelings were.for us getting cured is blessing but may be he never wished for that from baba..may be instead of that he asked baba to let him serve baba.we cant judge anything.only baba knows what he does and why he does..we think according to our point of view but everybody has different priorities and wishes.some wish for health,some for money,some for love and some for only for god's love.

    • Dear Devotees, Om Sai Ram-My personal thought on this is that there are lot of things/issues/situations which is beyond our understanding or logical explanation.Egs-Sai Baba never allowed Mhalsapatiji to accumulate wealth in spite of Mhalsapatiji's poor financial condition.we have always heard/read that baba used to distribute all the wealth donated to him to his followers but perhaps never gave it to Mhalsapatiji or did not allow others to donate money to Mhalsapatiji.All we can say is HIS ways are mysterious(or not easily understood by a common man/mind) but undoubtedly the intentions are always for the benefit of HIS devotees.Only Baba knows why Bhagoji was not cured of his ailment(or if cured why did he have to wait so long) but as explained by the above devotee we are sure that Bhagoji's pain and sufferings would have been reduced drastically just by being in Baba's company😊

  3. Really fed up today as trying for Internet connection to my flat for a long time. I spent so much money for this flat. I am waiting for good things from Sai. Why are You silent Baba by seeing Your devotee's difficulties.

  4. Oh baba please response… us deva….without u we cant take any decision.
    Pls make us stressfree as u says give all ur burden to me.
    Bless us all
    Om Sai Ram
    Jai sai ram
    Luv u deva

  5. Om Sai Ram
    Want to ask one thing as i am not able to sort that out myself.

    I saw a dream in which i took baba's idol ( idol of which i do puja daily) from his aasan and kept in my hand before going to some function. I forget about the idol in function. And after coming home i see empty aasan and realize that i lost my baba's idol.

    Can someone plz tell me meaning of this dream as i am worried since i saw this dream. Will baba leave me and not look upon me and my family? Anyone plz..

  6. Nice experiences and some heartfelt please which I am sure He has already addressed by now 🙂

    O Sai, Thank You 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  7. Thank you so much baba for everything…you are always there with us, we can feel your presence….. Always shower your blessings on us deva….
    Dear devotees, today I want to share my experience…I took vow to do 11 days kakad arti at home… So I light diya and dhup near baba's idol at my home and watch live telecast of kakad arti …yesterday when I woke up it was already 4:15 so I did not have time to take bath. I started arti but whole day I was feeling bad about the thing that I did arti without taking bath…at night when I was reading some experience from saileelamrut, I was just scrolling the page up and down. Suddenly it stopped at one experience. So I started reading it…it was an experience from a sai devotee who traveled to shirdi from Mumbai..they reached early in the morning at the time of kakad arti. But they don't have time to take bath and attend the arti…uncle ( he was an army man) asked aunty to go for arti but aunty said, before arti you should take bath…uncle replied that , i am doing arti from my heart and my heart is it's OK if I will go to attend the arti…….reading this experience I was so was an answer to my regret of unable to take bath before arti…i felt so happy… I used to read sai satcharit one chapter every day before going to sleep… Yesterday somehow I forgot.. And today I saw the quote ."whenever you undertake to do something, do thoroughly or not at all" then I realised that I forgot yesterday reading… Sorry baba….please forgive me…One day the same way baba reminded me that you forgot some ritual you were doing previously… I could not recollect it for some time.. Then suddenly I realised what I forgot… Thank you baba….thank you very much for everything.. Always keep your hand on our head and keep us at your lotus feet…

    • Dear Devotee, i know how difficult it is to get up in the morning and do kakad aarti. Even i had thought i wiould do it today but overslept. Baba please be with us and help us complete our vow.Jai Sai Ram

  8. Dear sai devotees.. Am in great trouble.. My husband family is tortured me a lot.. They expel me out of home.. Only three months I stayed with them.. Again and again they are filing case against my family… I'm dieing every moment.. Y my baba is dumb only towards me.. As they also did black magic to me am continue fallen to some disease.. Today I cried that much to sai.. I'm doing nav guruwar virat.. I decided am going to quit my life tomorrow on baba day itself.. Being 23 year old girl sufferered and suffering lot because of me my family facing much financial crisis also.. Tomorrow is last day of my life.. Pls within that say about me to baba and consider me.. Thank u

    • dont worry sis… hold baba tightly…. never leave him…. he is there watching you…. keep faith on him… om sai… chant his name… he will come running towards you… he will bless you…. believe him… love him immensely… he will never leave u dear sister… take some job if ur not working… do something… rest he will take care…. dont worry baba bless u… jai sai ram jai jai sai ram…

    • Thank u sai devotees.. Am really fed up ya am in need of job for that also am praying baba continuously I haven't seen positive sign also why is this happening for me.. Why baba is not listening me this only am asking

  9. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, OM Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram
    BABAji! You know our situation. Please help us get out of this soon. Please forgive our mistakes, I beg you sincerely Saima. You are our Mother, Father, Guru and God. Without you we are nothing. Please keep us near your feet and bless us always. Thank you for everything you gave us.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Samardha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai








    You can do this either in the morning or in the evening.

    Ladies, do not do it on the forbidden days, continue thereafter.

    Usual procedures like lighting lamps, incense sticks, telling slokas, offering flowers, abhishekam, archana-

    Do everything according to your practice & convenience. But, nothing forms part of this Pooja.

    Sometimes, Sai comes even on the second day & takes the Prasad.

    Sometimes on the 40th day or even after that, do not worry.

    Have complete faith.


  11. Om Sai Meh Ma .. Meh Ma .. Baba pls help n bless all your devotees .. Baba b with us always n help my children .. Om Sai Ram

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