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Baba – The Only Care Taker

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Anonymous Devotee from US says: Om Sai Ram. I would like to thank hetal ji for maintaining the blog and giving us the opportunity to share our experiences and restore our faith more and more in the divinity of Baba and His self less love towards us. I am a devotee of Baba since 2008. Baba entered my life and it has changed so much and has been amazing ever since. It’s been an amazing journey and now when I look back I know there were times when I was not aware but Baba with His divine love always protected me and my family and He continues to do so every single time. There are many experiences that I can share but I would like to start with the recent ones and the rest I will post in due course of time. So I am in the US for last 2 and half years married to a very good guy, all of course by the blessings of Baba. My husband initially was not aware of Baba as much but seeing my devotion and hearing my experiences, he too has been following Baba’s teachings and has faith on Him. We regularly visit Baba’s Temple here and it gives us immense peace of mind and strength. I have also completed Sai Satcharitra reading one chapter a day and then completed the same in 3 days. The peace, strength and the immense sense of spiritual elevation it gives is beyond words. I wish Baba showers His blessings on one and all here.

My first recent experience is when my husband was supposed to go through a minor surgery. I had prayed to Baba for everything to go smoothly and was pretty much confident about it. On the day of surgery, when he was hospitalized the nurses came and attended him for the medicines that are given prior surgery. Then came a junior doctor and said I would assist the main doctor, enquired a few things, cracked some jokes (just to keep the patient in a light mood) and went away. Then came an aged doctor, and we were startled to see him as he seemed very familiar. I immediately recalled that this is the same person whom we regularly see here in the Sai Mandir, New York & guess he is the main person who handles things in the Mandir, we have also seen him reciting Sai Satcharitra chapters in the Mandir premises. My husband was in a dizzy state because of the medication but he too asked me who was that person who just visited us and why does he look so familiar? I just smiled at him. I knew for sure it was Baba telling me I am with him during the surgery and there is nothing to worry. So this doctor comes in, inquires about his health and leaves. Neither me nor my husband saw him afterwards. So what are the chances of this happening? This was none other than Baba’s Presence just to calm me, since I was all alone during the whole process here. Needless to say everything went very smoothly and my husband recovered very soon. We went to the Temple and took Baba’s blessings soon after.

The second is a very recent one, where in I myself had developed a health condition and was tired of visiting the doctors here (Since appointments are not that easy nor is the testing procedure, everything takes too much time as well as it was stressful). I was continuously praying to Baba to making things alright as I was in pain and couldn’t concentrate on any other thing. We had some tests done and were waiting for the results and some other tests were to be done as well. Meanwhile, I had high temperature. On Tuesday, Wednesday I was on bed sleeping the whole day, On Thursday morning, it was still 102. I prayed to Baba & within an hour my body temperature was normal. So the temperature subsided but there was other health issues that were bothering me. I was praying hard to Baba, since I was scared for my health as well as tensed. I just said to Baba, please end my suffering & see to it that the tests are normal, and told Him I am very scared & tensed, literally cried and begged. So, one of the tests was to be done on my birthday, but my husband postponed it saying let’s do it 2/3 days later so we took an appointment accordingly.

My birthday arrived and that was the first day I was completely without pain. I myself was marvelled & surprised as the day before was not so good for me. So we decided to visit Baba in the Temple and were getting ready and lo behold out of nowhere the phone rang and it was our doctor stating all the tests were normal and we do not even have to undergo another tests as the doubts she had are been cleared with these tests only. It was such a sigh of relief for us, our joy knew no bounds. I would say it was a gift from Baba to me. I can and will never ever forget that day in my life. Whatever & wherever I am today it is only because of my dear Baba. I wish and pray He showers His blessings on us always. Thank You so much Baba for being there and taking care of us every single time. I would like to say please have Faith & Patience. Baba listens to every single thing of ours. He knows what is best for us. Also let us try to make this world a better place by donating food & clothes to the needy and let us always try to do some good in our own way whatever we can. Bow to His Lotus Feet. Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shree Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Sai Protects My Family

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hi All, I would like to share my experience after I started believing in Sai. I was introduced to Sai by my husband back in 2007. I used to pray to Sai, but I had lot of questions in my mind. Should I leave my God (Lord Ayyappa) and start praying to only Sai. I started reading Sai Satcharitra (Again I was introduced to this wonderful book by my Husband). I found a lot of my questions being answered in the book. Soon my devotion to Sai started to grow and I found lot of positive changes in my life. I started reading Satcharitra as and when possible, which gave me peace and happiness. My first experience was back in 2012. I had my first son (Sai’s gift) and I was staying at my mom’s home. In October 2012, I started seeing big blisters on my 7 month old son which were due to some sort of insect bite. I also had some bites and i started to worry so much about the bites on my son as they were very itchy. I went into sort of a depression and was constantly in fear. I kept praying to Sai to give us some solution and permanently relieve us from this situation. I then said to my Sai that I would start observing some of the traditional stuff that I hadn’t been following till then and asked Sai to protect us always. From that day till now, I have not seen even one single blister on my son.

My second experience was in September 2013. We were visiting a relatives place in another city for a family function. The day we went there, my son who was 1.5 years accidentally stepped on something and dislocated his arm. We immediately rushed him to a hospital nearby. He was in so much pain and crying constantly. I was very worried as he couldn’t move his arm and I could see that he was in a lot of pain. Doctors said that we had to take an x-ray to see if there in any fracture and took my son inside the x-ray room. My husband went with my son and I was waiting in the patient cabin. I was crying and praying to Sai to get my son out of pain as it was very tough for me to see my little one like that. Here again Sai protected my son. His dislocated hand got fixed as the nurse/doctors moved his hand around in the x-ray room. Although he suffered severe pain when they did that, it was only for a short time and I was happy to see him come out of the x-ray room and move his hand normally. My third experience was for myself, I conceived in 2014 august, but soon i found that there was no heartbeat for the baby. I went through a lot of pain, but prayed to Sai to give me whatever the best solution was. I had to go through this due to my karma. Finally in October, I had to go through a DNC to clear everything. Sai showed the right path and put an end to my sufferings. Sai is the saviour. I will always be devoted to Sai. He has constantly been with us and will always be with us. Thank You Sai for taking care of all Your children. I now suggest everyone to do a Saptah of Sai Satcharitra whenever you have any problem. You will definitely have your problem solved. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Blessed Me With Pregnancy

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I have been in USA since 12 years and been married for 3 years. Since my marriage i had lot of issues and problems with my husband and his family. Their family even forced my husband to divorce me. I strongly believed in Baba and I know there is no reason for divorce and I know my husband is just getting manipulated by his parents to divorce me. I was doing Sai Baba Parayanam and just believing in Him that things get better. Also i have done the Nav Guruvar Vrat at least 3 times. I used to cry a lot and went through lot of depression. But slowly after finishing my Vrats, my husband was talking to me and things were moving little clearly. Finally i was praying for a child so that my husband can concentrate on me and child instead of getting manipulated each and every time by his parents. I asked astrologers and everyone said that it will take at least 2 years until i can have kids. I was so disappointed.

I again started Sai Baba Parayanam and this time just surrendered myself to Baba just asking Him to change my fate and bless me with child. After 2 months of finishing Parayanam, I went to doctor as i was getting very tired each day and have no energy and feeling dizzy. I thought it was my thyroid hormones. I see doctor every 3 months for my thyroid and every time he does all thyroid tests. But this time somehow he just saw my face and did not even touch me and told why not we do pregnancy tests because doctor believed i am pregnant. During that time i was just praying Baba and closed my eyes to pray Him that I should be pregnant and please bless me with child. My eyes were filled with tears. And literally i saw Baba in red clothes standing and looking at me and blessing me. I was surprised and so happy that i could see Baba and prayed Him to please let the doctor’s words be true and i will be pregnant. After 2 days of giving tests at thyroid doctor, I got a call from them saying i got positive in pregnancy test. I could not control my tears and cried in front of Baba for making my wish come true and all astrologers’ words became false. I truly believe Sai Baba lives in hearts of believers.

Miracle Of Udi

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a girl from Assam, Dibrugarh. I am also a great devotee of our beloved Sai Baba. Baba is with me in each and every step of my life. Me along with my whole family members believe in Baba. Specially me, my sister and my aunt (Bua) believe in Him madly. I want to thank Hetal ji from bottom of my heart because you are doing a wonderful and great job. May Sai Baba bless you. Thank you. Om Sai Ram. Now coming to my experience, I still can’t believe my eyes that such a big Miracle happen with us. We don’t have any Shirdi Sai Baba Temple here in our town. So we pray to our beloved Baba in our home Temple only. My sister in law (Bhabi) brought a packet of Udi from Guwahati Sai Baba temple. The packet of Udi was placed in a container. When she gave me the container there was a very little amount of Udi in the container. Still we use to apply it from that little quantity at emergency case. But that day i.e. last Saturday, i thought of applying Udi at the evening time, so i went to the Pooja room, but at back of my mind i was thinking that Udi is almost finished, you may say that the container is empty. So i opened the container and what i saw i cannot believe my eyes till now, my Sai showed His Miracle. The container was full of Udi. I immediately asked my mother about it but she does not know anything. I was jumping with joy. I asked everyone at my family about the Udi but no has kept it. It is none other than our Sai Baba, Who has kept it. I gave the Udi to my aunty (Bua) and her daughter i.e. my sister, who are also mad devotee of Baba. We cannot thank Baba enough for His blessing on us. Thank You Deva. Please be with us till our last breathe. Thanks to all devotees for reading my experience. Thank you Hetal ji. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Saved My Mother

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hi, i have been Baba’s devotee from many years say like 15 years. I have experienced many Miracles of our sweet Baba many times. Without Him, i will not be the person whom i am now. Every day, He stood behind me and my family and saved us from all bad things. Sai Ram. My mother is suffering from horrible back pain from past 15-16 years. She was diagnosed with disc prolapsed, it is a condition, in which she should not bend and she has to be with belt. My mother is a very strong person and with many treatments and God’s Grace, she started living a normal life like other not straining much. Recently, she felt down inside the house and the next day she could not move but somehow with the help of pain killers she was fine after a week, and after two weeks she fell down again on the road in a small ditch but looks she fell down in a very bad way. I got very scared because i am very far away from my mother. Being very helpless, i prayed Baba, that other than You, i don’t know anybody, only You can cure anything and i promised Him if the pain goes away like how she fell down i will post my experience here and after one week my mom called and said that she can’t believe where her pain is. This is the recent miracle Baba showed in my life. Thanks Baba.

Love You My Baba Ji

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org

Sai Sister Rita from Fiji says: Jai Sai Ram. I am a devotee of Baba from 5 years. Earlier i did not believe in God. I was living very close to Baba’s Temple and pass it every day. My roommate was very religious. So I started to pray and started to go to Baba’s Temple. From then my life changed. Baba is always with me and my daughter. I sometimes lost hope had fight with Baba. Once I got very upset and threw Baba’s and other Gods statues. But still then Baba never left my hand. I am still going through hardships but Baba is always there. I am in a relationship. It was ended. Just last week my partner asked me to move in with him. He dropped his money. I kept saying to Baba. Please Baba, we can’t afford to lose money now, because I’m not working. My partner found his money. I love Baba. He is my Father. I know He will never abandon me. Jai Sai Ram. I love You Baba.

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    Blessed Blessed Blessed Experiences 🙂

    Third Devotee, Your experience brought tears to my eyes , especially when you say, "I truly believe Sai Baba lives in hearts of believers." & How Baba appeared to you in Red dress.

    Love & Peace 🙂

  2. Dear baba ji i disbelief in marriage concept in todays timenow u have fixed my sis wedding.please babaji there should not be any problems in her married life,i believe u only and u r the only care taker, u r the only truth.
    Vanish all our sins and bless us deva.
    Om Sai Nath
    Luv u Deva

  3. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  4. Nice experiences and I'm sure He has wonderful in store for all the devotees going through a tough time (not for long) 🙂

    O Sadguru, bless and accept us as we fall at Your Feet and surrender ourselves to You 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  5. He sai , he deva….you are the supreme power….bless us baba… help me to complete 11 days kakad aarti…. please be with me always…..please help me to fulfill my vows…and thank you very much for everything baba…always bless us baba…DAYA KARO KRIPA KARO KSHAMA KARO HE SAIRAM…..

  6. We had been searching a groom for my sister from past 3 years.something or the other was not matching. Now we found a suitable groom for my sister, everything is fine with the groom. But the horoscope is not matching. I was feeling low , so started reading the experiences here. When I saw the experience of a devotee here getting pregnant even when astrologers said it will take 2 years, I felt very happy. I feel Baba is suggesting us to go on with the marriage. My Sai devotee friends please suggest what should we do, should we carry on with the marriage or should we cancel it. We are very scared to take chance as my sister is divorced.
    I will take your suggestions as Baba words. Please help me to clear this confusion of whether to believe astrology or not.

    • Dear sister
      Pray whole heartedly to our sai and put chits infront of our baba. Pick it up or better go to sai mandir and put chits in sai baba's feet. Pick it one.. Definitely our sai will guide u

  7. Dear third Devotee ,
    Your experience gave me goosebumps. All these devotees are blessed. Baba is with you. Om Sai ram! Lucky people

  8. Om Sai Ram..

    Baba please help us sai nath. I hope you have got my letter which I had send to Shridi. Baba my husband is not getting his salary from last three months. Baba i have always prayed to you for everything and I Avery blessed with your grace.Baba i dont know what is heppening this time. I need your help. Shall I keep thrusday fasting. Why he is not getting his salary Sai nath. Please help us Sai nath. Please help to gain good career growth.

  9. Pls devotees help me.. Am 23 year old girl facing a serious time in my life.. My husband had all sorts of bad habits including extra maraital affair also so within three months my marriage life came to an end.. Now he applied divorce..am ready to give that too.. But I don't know why baba is not helping me 1% also.. While reading all ur experience crying loudly and speaking to baba ' is yr there sai pa if so wipe my tears out' am doing nav guruwar virat also..tomorrow is my 4th week.. My husband family is assassinating my character and said so cruel about me.. Am praying my sai to give mental peace and pls u should only take care of those people who played in my life at very young age itself.. Why my baba made me and m family to cry badly daily.. Am in need of job.. Pls suggest me brothers and sisters what I should do so that baba will show grace in me.. All relatives are smilingby seeing my condition. Pls baba kill me I don't have courage to commit suicide also.. Sisters and brothers say baba to consider meme am dieingdieing each moment

    • Dear Sister, so sorry to hear about your suffering in such an young age itself. But we cannot go against what is written in our fate. Please don't pay attention to what other people think about you. Truth will come out one day. Please don't lose patience. Just concentrate on yourself and try to find a job, so that you don't have to depend on anybody. As you have said yourself that your husband is a bad man, get rid of him. Don't feel sad because it's not your fault. Just pray to our beloved BABA to give you strength to face this difficult situation.

    • Dear Sai sister….i know you are going through a tough time but please have patience and faith….trust Baba's will…..just think that this is something that you had to suffer for your past life karmas….but its over now…be happy and thankful to Baba that he didnt keep you in this marriage for long time….so now you dont have to suffer…and do not worry about relatives and other people…you know how human beings are. They always gonna find something to talk about weather its you or somebody else..just ignore the..its so easy to laugh at somebody's situation but this is the time when you can recognize as who they are and see their real faces….forgive them and do not give any attention or importance to their comments. you are too young and you have all your life ahead…find a job…start tutoring if u like to teach..or jobs like they provide work from home for customer services for insurance and banks if i m not wrong…or do some volunteer work for old age people or orphanage…that will give you satisfaction and deviate your thoughts….be a library member….read books. Everything heals with time…you and your parents will be fine…..give some time….Baba is with you. you will get a wonderful life partner by Baba's grace. I will pray for you.. 🙂

    • Dear devotee, continue to have faith in Sai from the heart. Your condition will surely make u stronger with the help of Sai grace. You ll be relieved from this bad condition soon. Be calm. Your in laws may provoke you but u should be so calm and firm. Eat well and be happy with your parents so they will also be happy. Do some meditation. Everything will be alright soon. Baba will always be with you. Thanks.

    • Dear Sis, don't think of continuing with your husband who makes you cry every day. Just cone out n stand on your feet. Baba is with you. May God bless you.

    • Dear friend and sister . Don't worry. It is going to end. You are finally ending the relation . All I ask you is to be strong .Don't lose hopes. Baba helps those who help themselves.Dear I am your age ! And I can understand what exactly you must be going through.. Stay strong . Come out of it .And face the world confidently. ! And about job ! You will surely get it.. Stay strong . My prayers will be for you .

    • Read VISHNU SAHASRANAMAM everyday with complete faith.Everything will fall in place by Sai's blessings.Start immediately.
      Om Sai Ram

  10. Om Sai Meh Ma .. Meh Ma .. Baba pls help n bless all your devotees … Baba bless n help my daughter n son too .. Baba meri bhakti main kami ho sakti hai par aapki shakti main nahi .. Om Sai Ram

  11. Baba its very painful wen character gets bad due to that person with whom she hve to share her life…plzzz baba teach lesson to them who made her cry like hell… show ur presence to her and wipe her tears.. make her husband to love her and change his mind…that wil be her lifetime gift baba…

  12. Baba I cant forget my love baba..now he may another girl but in my heart he vl remain forever…I may get better person than him… but my happiness is complete only with his love towards mee… plzz baba change his mind..make him to love me as he did earlier… waiting fa ur miracle in my love life baba… om sairam

  13. BABA ji! In our life not even a tiny thing happens smoothly without struggle. I am not sure what bad karmas we did in our past life. Please take pity on us and help us . I understand that other people are suffering more, but sometimes I get vexed thinking why each and every small thing should be a struggle. Please give us patience and strength not to lose confidence. Thank you so much for being there for us.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Samardha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai

  14. He Maa SaiBaba thank you so much for blessing me with a wonderful job and completing 4 years in service today. Thank You so much Saiji. I am deeply grateful and thankful to you for blessing me with confidence, social skills and financial independence and regaining my faith in life. Thank You so much Sai Babaji. Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam
    Dear Babaji please bless me with a wonderful life partner also. I am waiting for happy married life Babaji. Please bless me with blissful marriage SaiBaba. Please Baba
    Please Saimaa forgive me for all sins committed by me in this life by mistake or knowingly and also sins of my past life. Baba you know everything. Please Baba get me married soon happily where I live happily and in love with my husband. Please saimaa forgive me for all my mistakes i do. Please Baba resist me from all temptations and bless me Baba.
    Thank You Baba so much for everything. Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam

  15. Baba I am sad…because today I lost my best friend. she does not have any more trust on me…sai I tried help her ..that I did it…what I got in return ….I lied to husband just because of her but when my husband came to know about that thing he did not say anything to me because he knows me…my intension was good…….I know my friend is not wrong but I am not wrong as well…may be feel like she wanted to get rid of me…that's why she created this drama…But I am so hurt….sai baba pls help me….I do not know last time u saved our friendship but this time…I don't feel like keeping this relationship because there is no trust exists……sai baba pls forgive..if I did anything wrong with my friend. Om Sai Ram

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