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Sai Our Saviour

A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1015

Anonymous Devotee from US says: I am silent reader of this blog. I feel positive and more close to Sai each time I read through this blog. Hello Everyone, I am very much pleased to share my recent experience, where Baba saved our family from dangerous calamity. I am Sai devotee since I was 8 years old. I felt His presence with me many times, but because of my ignorance, I could not be in right path many times, In spite of that Shiridi Sai saved me many times. I want to share two great experiences with Baba in my life.

I had a troublesome marriage and could not conceive till 7 years of my marriage. I had lot of pressure because of that, but I conceived after 7 years and was extremely happy and in high spirits when I knew I had baby gender of my choice. But unfortunately, I delivered the baby preterm and baby’s condition was very unstable. I was sent home after 3 days of delivering the baby and my baby was in NICU. That period was the most rocking period of my life. I was alone in this country (USA) with no help, my husband was with me, but he had to go to work as he changed his job just before my pregnancy. But since my baby had to stay in hospital for almost 40 days, each day, I used to see my baby at hospital, spend whole day there and return home with heavy heart as hospital will not allow us to stay there overnight. Those 40 days were most dreadful moments of my life and I went to so much trauma that I started praying Sai Baba that please take my baby into You Sai, if she has to suffer so much.

For 10 days after birth, doctors were telling all the possible complications that can happen because of baby’s early birth. It was so scary at that moment that I started to pray Sai Baba continuously that my baby should pass away rather than taking all that suffering. My baby was in that condition only because of my ignorance and she became victim of that. Assume my condition as a mother, I spent every day for 5 years praying to have a baby and now i am praying to take that baby. I was in severe guilt, anger and sense of slipping into this situation. In spite of all this, I was doing Nama Japam continuously. I was eager to go to Sai Baba Temple, but according to our tradition after delivery we cannot go to temple for 21 days. My baby’s condition was completely up and down all through these 21 days. On 21st day, I went to Sai Baba Temple and could not control my tears and was crying a lot. Soon after my visit to Temple, my baby’s condition started getting better that even doctors and NICU staff were surprised. My baby came home earlier than what doctors said. I thank Shri Sai Nath Maharaj for that situation. My baby taught me to slow down in life, be content. My baby is still delayed in some aspects but proved to be a Miracle. I pray Sai Nath Maharaj to be with my child and help her get through the delays and disturbances because of the rough start.

Here is my second experience, recently my husband met with road accident where his car was hit by a container on an interstate. Car was so badly damaged that cops inspected said that he is so lucky that he survived with some minor injuries. I give the entire credit to Shri Sainath Maharaj. During that time, I was doing Sai Baba Parayan and had a Sai Baba Picture in a frame with me by my bed side. That night around the time of accident, i saw the frame intact but the picture fell down. I was surprised how could that happen but when my husband told me the details of the accident, I felt that Sai Himself took the pressure from the accident and left my husband harmless. It may seem foolish to some readers, but I know and i can feel how Sai saved us from such a great calamity. Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Sai Ram, please don’t leave us and always keep us under Your wings. Please forgive me for all my mistakes and I am grateful to You throughout my life for saving us from this calamities. Please give me Your Darshan at the earliest. Sai Ram is just like a Mother, Who is ready to attend to His kids all the time day or night. Matru Sai Ki Jai.

Sai Fulfilled Our Dream With His Blessings

A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1015

Sai Sister Iswarya from India says: He helped us throughout our dream project with His surprised blessings all around. I am not a best writer to write the experience and this will be a big article and it will surely help other devotees to believe Sai Nath is there everywhere around us. I am from Hyderabad. Me and my Hubby have a long term dream to buy a flat. So Me and My spouse decided to purchase a property at Chennai (Our native). After repeated searches for close to a month, we ended up in finding a property in Chennai. I thought that this is the one, we have been longing for some time and what should have been ours even much before. I was the only lady who roamed around to find a property without anyone’s support. So i completely believed on Baba. I called my hubby who all the way came from Hyderabad for site visit. The very first sight of it caught attention of me and my spouse. We did series of discussions with the owner and settled finally for an agreement to pay 5 Lakhs to the owner.

Just a day before an agreement, the clock past midnight, I wasn’t getting sleep and started reading property related articles, market value. I was fortunate enough to have the plan of my dream house because it went to legal clearance and the document was very clear. Finally, I found an article about the building FSI and i started assessing the building plan with the facts as provided in the article. I don’t know, what went on my mind, I started analyzing the plan in detail against the dimensions approved and realized that, there was more than 60% deviation to what must have been provided as a Pukka plan to us. I started praying and thanking God for what could have been a disaster investment. Suddenly I saw the name who posted the article was “K. Sainath” and i was completely out of control and busted into tears. I was completely dumbstruck with this. He saved me from a big disaster, but the same time i lost my hope. Fear gloomed large. I thought not to go for anymore. But my mom convinced me so much. I stayed back in Chennai to look more with concern. One fine evening, a property caught my attention through a website and it was on the main road but the rate was very high (6 Lakhs more on the budget). I prayed Sainath and just called up the owner, while talking, the owner reduced the property rate by 6 Lakhs without holding discussion with us due to his daughter marriage. It was completely shocking surprise to me and it’s only because of Sainath.

On the same week on Thursday, we went to owners house to discuss about the property. Checked the property document and felt very happy after seeing the house number 27, which has considered with Baba’s lucky number 9. We applied for a housing loan, loan manager’s name was Prabhu (I felt like “Sai Prabhu”). We went for register valuation, the engineer was a Sai devotee. His house was filled with Baba. From then on, each and every instance coincided with either on Thursday or whenever i attended Sai Aarti at His Temple. Even the loan sanctioned message that i got was after attending Baba Aarti on 10th December. The very next day bank officials called us for loan disbursement (Thursday) on 12th December. We completed the registration with His blessings. On the same day, we named out flat as “Sai Nilayam” and pasted with the name board. In January end we have planned for Shiridi trip and we went to Sai Sansthan to book tickets for accommodation. There was only one room available for us with no 27, that coincided with our house number and Baba’s lucky number 9. Thanks to Sai for being everywhere and wishing us in all walks of life and providing us confidence. We will pray Sai for rest of our life. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai. I told to Baba that i am going to post this experience in Miracles of Baba.

Baba’s Will For Us

A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1015

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Om Sai Ram Hetal ji, your work could not be described in words. May God Bless You and my humble gratitude. My home town is Warangal and we moved to Hyderabad and I am currently working in United States as financial advisor. My job has lot of fluctuations and lot of pressure, but Baba has been holding my hand and sailing me through this life. I am a devotee of Jai Santoshi Mata and I think Sai Ma is like my Santoshi Mata. I became a student to my Guru (Sai Maharaj) since I met my wife none other than my girl friend since 2005. She is an ardent devotee of Baba. For her, He is Everything. We got married in March 2012 after a lot of struggles from my family and my career, but it’s Baba’s Grace made it happen in the presence of Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy in Tirupathi. I made a custom to visit Tirupathi, Srisailam, Shiridi and other holy places, whenever I come to India.

After my marriage in the month of March, we planned to go to Shirdi to seek Baba’s blessings. We (Me, my Wife and my Mother) made our reservations which were not confirmed to and fro but my sister who works for railways could able to confirm them on the way to Shiridi. We assumed return could also be confirmed. But when we booked our tickets, we do not know what was the day or anything guess what it happen to be Baba’s most special day of the year “Sri Rama Navami”. This happened because as it said by Anna Saheb (Hemadpant) in Sri Sai Satcharitra, no one can come or return from Shiridi without Baba’s Permission and I think it is just one of many experiences in my life occurred by His Grace. In the continuity of this trip as said earlier our return tickets were not confirmed. The day we arrived was prior day of Sri Rama Navami and we three took Baba’s Darshan and the Next day was the festival. My wife fell sick and she could not come to take Darshan this time. Me and my mother went and were fortune to have afternoon Aarti by His Divine Will.

We decided to return to Hyderabad on the same day, where our tickets were not confirmed. We went to catch train, Manmad Express but Ticket Collector did not allow us to travel without confirmation. I felt disappointed and had some arguments with my wife and mother and we came back to Shiridi to stay that night all the way back to Shiridi. I was feeling dejected that I missed the train but Baba had something else for me. I have not realized until I went back, took a hotel near Temple. Both me and my wife decided to go and take Darshan and we were almost there after Shej Aarti. Then I started recollecting what exactly happened that day “It is Sri Rama Navami only me and my mother had His holy Darshan, my wife couldn’t seek His blessings and we tried to go back to Hyderabad. How come He could allow us to leave without my wife taking Darshan that too she was in Shiridi. That’s the time, I realized it is not we who decides to come or to leave Shiridi, it is only His Will or His Permission lets us”. It is only a drop in ocean to express my experience. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Helped Me

A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1015

Sai Sister Anita from India says: I came to Gujarat in vacation for an Utsav. But my purse got stolen in the Utsav, Baba’s Udi, my cards, money, pen drives and my id cards were all there. I prayed to Baba, why He did this to me and I said I will do Nav Guruvar fast and will visit Baba’s Temple. Next Morning, I got a call saying, my purse is found and my id cards are there. I lost everything else. But I take this as a sign, since I was due for Shiridi and I had not gone yet and Baba took away the Udi, yet returned the purse and id cards to avoid further trouble on my journey back and I am sure it’s His way of reminding me, I have to come to Shiridi now. All I ask is, Sai Paa, You know how crazy I was about that pen drive and i had saved all my pictures and data in that and it’s lost now. It’s in Your Hands that You will protect me from harm. I know, You exist and You will protect me. I will come to Shiridi and take the Udi from You again and also the Neem leave. Baba I request You to please destroy the pen drive and not make any misuse of the same. Now I will come to yoga class at Baba Mandir and also visit Shiridi.

You Are My Everything Baba

A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1015

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Shri Sai Ram. Hello all, I am a devotee of Sai Ram from a very short period. From the time, I became His devotee, many good things and signs have been happening to me. I have learnt to do Sai Baba Vrat from Facebook. I am sincerely doing it for the past 3 weeks. The first week, I started my Vrat on Christmas. I felt so happy. I have been getting so many Pictures of Sai Baba and also Idol of Baba. Now I have my target for doing PG. I am sincerely working out for it. I pray Baba for everything. He is my Everything. I want everyone to be happy because of me and I wish Lord Baba will fulfil everything which I wish. Not only for me, He will do the best for everyone who is believing Him. So people please believe Him and also pray for my PG. I love You so much Baba. You are my Everything. Guys please trust Him. Though Sai Baba makes us wait. He will give us only the best. All the best to all of you.

Miracles Of Baba

A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1015

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: I have lots of experiences from Baba in life. I would like to share some of them as follows. Last year, I was buying a business with less capital from me, not enough to meet the bank deposit agreed with. We run out of money accumulation methods, but by Sai’s Grace, all my family members and friends helped me to accumulate the deposit and in the process, all the hurdles from the seller threats of pulling out was nullified by Baba Miracles. I have a daughter of 5 years old who would like to have a baby brother/sister. I hope Sai would listen to My daughter’s wish. I am always indebted to Baba for showering His love and affection always on my family. Thanks so much for the blogger for maintaining this and hope the positive message will spread over the world constantly.

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    Jai Sai Ram
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    Jai Sai Ram


    Baba you miracles are unbelievable 🙂 I have fallen in love with the picture of second experience- Baba looks so alive.

    Love & Peace 🙂

    • Om Sai Ram. Me too fallen for the lively picture of baba. Pocketed it for my album. I visited Shridi during 1983. Lots of ups and down in life. Last four years it is terirble. I too wish to write my experience and once a draft was also prepared. As usual Sai Ram has his own plan. I am waiting Sai. Om Sainathaya namaha:

    • yes the picture is from the house of jaya wahi, saibaba is still alive's author. There are so many pictures on the facebook page of saibaba is still alive. om sairam.

  3. Very nice experiences and I am sure He has already answered the prayers of the devotees who have posted here 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for blessing us to progress in our lives, both professionally and personally and be better human beings 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. Oh baba how i would hv survived without you…..we r nothing without u.plz vanish our bad karmas and be with alws.
    U r everything to me.
    Luv u deva
    Om Sai Ram


  6. om sai ram…all are very blissful experiences to read. Hetal ji, i really appreciate the effort you put in sai baba's pictures with beautiful wordings. please keep up the good work and am looking forward each day to read and see Baba's divine pictures with his faith motivating messages..om sai ram

    I have recently diagnosed with ovarian cyst in both ovaries…I am very scared to undergo operation as cyst is increasing day by day…can any devotee who has had cysts recommend Ayurvedic/natural remedies which has cured their problem….please help as I am married since 2 years and no child..Jai Sai ram…may baba bless all

    • Om sai ram
      Pl take ayurvedic medicine.i knw one doctor .wher r u from ??
      Pl do 30 minits walking daily .so that ur harmones ll get balanced

    • I dont know who you are but keep faith in baba .Even i had problem of ovarian cyst I thought i may not be pregnant.I prayed baba to give his blessing to get pregnancy . I prayed him wholeheartedly last month ie., July and my test came postive today . Please dont loose your hope and trust on baba ,He will definitely makes miracles .

    • Om Sai ram….yes, try homeopathy and keep the faith on baba….Baba will bless you soon with a healthy baby…om Sai ram

    • Dear sai devotees thank you for your suggestion…i know the root cause of this cyst problem ig mine it is hormonal imbalance….i have full faith in baba…whatever decision he will take for me that will be for my own good…it would be of great help if you could tell me the name of homeopathic medicine which cured you…jai sai ram…may baba bless all

  8. Dear Baba. Please hear my prayer. I have done prayan. I have tried positive thinking. Mantras and everything I can think of. Still I can't find an answer. Please help. I am so confused.

  9. BABA thanks for making him talk to me after 4 days. Dear devotees, i would like to share my experience with you all. My husband was mad on me just a day before my birthday. On my bday he came to me and wished but not whole heartedly. I didnt want to talk to him and even he didnt talk after that. He knew i will be crying but didnt care. Generally even if its his mistake i myself ask to forgive me. There are times when i begged him holding his feet to forgive me though mistakes were from his side. I got used to it. But this time i didnt want to talk to him. But i was not comfortable with the situation. I was asking BABA everyday through chits will he talk to me or no. I was getting NO daily. But yesterday I got Yes, he will talk to you today. I broke the silence and as usual talked to him but he was not willing to talk to me. When ever he is angry he will show me hell. After i cry, beg him he will cool down. I thought BABA's word came untrue and i lost hope as it was already 11pm. After 10mins around 11:30 pm he spoke to me and BABA's words came true. Thanks BABA. But why he always blames me for no reason BABA. Why only I have to talk to him first?

    • Please dont beg to your husband by holding feet.
      He wants that only from you thats why he does these things to you. please stop. dont chase after him.
      Let it be if he doesnt speak. You keep quiet.

  10. RNSAI
    Jai sai ram
    Namastey hetalji. I'm 25 yr old frustrated jobless. I've did BE in 6 yrs, kuch banta hi nhi tha, sab bhul jata tha. But i'nt stupid guy, my fellows belived that i should be among toppers of my class. At times i usually get depressed due to situation of home. I've no healthy realtion with any one. Since ever i've no relationship. It is told by some knowers that someone has did some black magic on our home. Every being at home fight each other for no cause. Bahut jhulsa hue hai hum sab. Bas kaise madad mil kaye yahi umeed rehti hai. Aap kripa kar prarthna kare ki baba koi rasta dikhayein.
    Mujhe koi rasta nhi dikhta hai. Kundli se to lagta h ki jivan bahut kathin hoga. Bas sai baba se ummed hai..!!

    • Read Sai kashta nivaran mantra.
      Make a promise of giving up something you like the most. Do vrat. Pray to Sai baba do naamjap. Visit Shirdi. Though Baba is everywhere.

  11. Baba please save me…Please Baba arrange my marriage..I cant take it anymore..You know that..
    I have died internally…please do something.. its 7 years since then.. I cant take it anymore..
    please do something.. i dont have dreams anymore.. please baba listen me.. please..

    • Dear Sai Devotee,
      Start reading "SAI KASTA NIVARANA MANTRA " with complete faith at least 3 times morning evening and night.Baba will surely help you and solve all your problems.
      Also start doing SAI SATCHARITHRA PARAYANA continuously for 14 times and your wish will be fulfilled soon.
      Om Sai Ram

  12. Om Sai ram..I put chits in front u..u always gave positive reply(yes)…waiting the day your words will become true…u always says your words stands forever…hope baba have been exist..

  13. baba my brother is taking every opportunity to scold me and hurt me because i love a guy from other caste baba you said everyone will accept our love and marry me to my love but baba things are so difficult here please be with me please save me baba please show me the right path baba please be with me

  14. Om Sai Meh Ma .. Meh Ma .. Prabhu bahut bahut shukriua for your blessings .. Saayeeyan be with us always .. Deva help my daughter n bless her to reach her destination where you want her to be .. N help my son to get promotion … Sab ka bhala karo Sai Ram .. Sab par kripa karo Sai Ram .. Om Sai Ram .. Madhu

  15. Saibaba I beg u… I want to fall on your feet… plzzzz baba I was vry true to him and I will be.. but wat is the reason u r not responding me..I cant bare this situation baba.. since 2yrs I was crying like hell but why r u doing dis to me… u know I was vry true to him..my only hope is u baba… ters are rolling in my eyes even now… forgive me baba change his attitude… I love u baba ji… plzzz do some miracle baba plzzz

  16. Baba why u dont listen to me ……u listen all why not me baba………baba plzzz listen to me …get me marry me with my bf……he is not talk with me properly……baba plzzzz make some miracel he talk with me like before n love me before baba listen my prayer

  17. Jai Sai Ram,
    our family decided togoto shride for Baba's darshan .We reserved tickets for17th august. But for some &reason we cancelled tickets twice.Ifelt very bad&i even quarlled with my family, &Baba also.Today i should be in shride. But todayon 18th of august Babasent me poha prasad&few rasins through myfriend. Atleast hesent me prasad to wipe my tears.May be it is Baba's wish. Many many pranams to Baba for his blessings in theform of prasad.

  18. om sai ram i dont know what is going on in my life iam going through very depression sometimes i feel i dont deserve your love and i started hating myself for being ignoring you sometimes,i noticed change in my behaviour i couldnot do any prayer wholeheartedly like before but one day i hope you will draw me to you from this materialistic desires

    • Read SAI KASTA NIVARANA MANTRA 3 times everyday with utmost faith and you will surely get blessed by our Deva.
      Om Sai Ram

  19. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram
    BABA ji! Please bless us with your divya darshan. I left everything on you. Please be our guiding light and show us the correct path. Thank you for everything you gave us.

  20. Baba i have lost my sense of purpose, my direction, my fire, my will and determination. I feel lost and leftout..i have alienated almost everyone i love..what is the purpose of such an existance..i just keep disappointing everyone and myself and i know i have let u down..call me to Shirdi Saima..please

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