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Sai’s Help All The Way To Sonda And Back


A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1006

Sai Sister Seema from India says: This post is a promise I made to Sai in my distress, but I postponed fulfilling it. Lately Sai has been sending me gentle reminders to fulfill my promise and so here it is. Forgive the delay Baba and smile at me as You always do, thank You for showing in every little way that You are listening to my thoughts, fears and desires. Thank You for letting me know that it is a conversation between me and You and not my imagination. I still remember my first real conversation with Sai. My life was going through so many tough changes which now I feel I could not have handled on my own, if not for Him coming into my life at the right time. My childhood friend Kalyani, kept asking me to read Sai Satcharitra since she felt it would help me. “Just trust Him once and read it. Just try it once” were her words then. I have trusted a clairvoyant psychic counselor whom I look up to as a Guru and a mother. I call her “Amma”. She never had failed me till then. But I was in a stage in life when I felt just that was no longer enough, there were so many unanswered questions that were troubling my mind. I had a feeling letting Sai into my life would mean setting aside and realigning all my beliefs till then. A major change I was not mentally and spiritually prepared for because I knew it was going to be very tough. But when Sai chooses to take you under His Fold, He knows how to break your defences, He only lets you feel the final decision is yours, whereas He has already made up His mind you are His in every way from then on.

I remember the day when I felt I could no longer cope with my turmoil and the help I had on hand was inadequate. I decided to visit Sai in His temple. I stood on the last step of His Mandir, facing Him and looking Him in the eye I had asked Him “Promise me, You will not ask me to distance myself from Amma, if You come into my life!” The first time I felt the warmth in His eyes pour all over me when He said “I promise! I will never stand between you both!” This is one promise He has maintained till date. Many a times out of protective instincts when Amma says “There is this situation you must avoid in your best interest”, Sai says “No, your best interest is my priority, don’t avoid any situation, face it head on and grow. You are needed in that situation you cannot turn your back on it” but He never says “Don’t go to her” He just smiles and says “She is naive, I can see farther than that”. Today even Amma realizes I am an ardent follower of Sai, especially after I got a huge Idol of Sai from Shirdi and worship Him regularly at home. During a crisis the first thing she says is “When Sai has come home from so far, it is with a purpose of protecting you and nurturing you. Nothing evil can even touch you”.

Two months ago, I had planned a pilgrimage trip out of the blue. This is a trip that was at the back of my mind for many months. A mutt I used to visit regularly before I started conversing with Sai, Shri Vadiraja Mutt, Sonda. I was not sure it would happen as I had too many logistic issues to take care when leaving home even for two days. My daughter being a little used to comforts, I wasn’t sure she would be comfortable traveling by bus, which was the only means of transport. My mother in law who never initiates any travel also expressed a desire to travel with me. I did not want to say ‘No’ to her but I wasn’t sure I would manage the two of them on an overnight travel. I prayed to Sai as usual and He gave me the go ahead. I wasn’t sure as usual if it was my imagination or if He was really asking me to go ahead. My logical mind always doubts my intuitions and conversations with Sai. I went to book for the tickets, the availability was very doubtful as it was Diwali holidays and an auspicious time for travel to the destination I had chosen. I asked the executive at the desk to check for the seats availability and as I waited for his response, I raised my head to see an original Picture of Sai on the wall. He was laughing at me saying “Did you doubt the availability? I gave you the go ahead didn’t I?” Then in a few seconds the executive confirmed the availability and the tickets got booked. Everybody at home was thrilled at the news.

We were to travel the following night. I was still very restless because my co-travellers were completely dependent on me during this trip. Next morning when I woke up my sciatic pain was so aggravated and I was sure there is no way I would be able to sit the whole night in the bus. I conveyed this to my MIL and she understood and said, you cancel if you aren’t feeling good about the whole thing. We will consider it at another time. But my daughter was adamant. “Baba has promised you, He will take care of everything what more do you want?” was her argument. Even as I was explaining to her, I was preparing for the Pooja of the day and I was opening the door to the Pooja room and looking at Sai. I got a call on my cell. It was from the executive from the booking office saying we are unable to give you the seats in the bus you booked for as the bus hasn’t returned from Sonda, instead we are giving you a sleeper coach bus at the same cost, so please report at an early time instead” So there, my worries about my Sciatic pain was taken care of. When I revealed this news to both my MIL and daughter, there was a whooping excited cry from both of them. The air was so charged with excitement and optimism. After this, I finished my usual ritual of bathing and decorating Sai’s Idol and offered Naivadhya. My MIL who is a total skeptic came and stood behind me and said “My God! there must be something in all this, see the wonderful smile on His face like as if He is saying – See? I am there, you have nothing to worry”.

We travelled that night as planned the bus was most comfortable, my hubby saw us off and returned home. The bus was too slow for comfort, I knew there was some problem, but I kept it to myself as I didn’t want to raise an alarm for no logical reason. But my fears were soothed even before anything could go wrong, a few kilometres from our boarding point, we were asked get off the bus with our luggage and get off to another bus waiting just ahead of this one as the bus we had boarded had problems with the brakes. We boarded the final bus and it started, once the lights went off, I prayed to Sai as usual asking Him to take care of my two kids (my MIL is as good as my child to me now) and everybody else in the bus. My loving Sai gave a prompt reply “I will take care of them and you too. Now go to sleep in peace, I am at the steering wheel. I will reach you there in spite of the hurdles” At that time, I was puzzled at two things He mentioned in His reply to me one was “I am at the steering wheel” the other was “in spite of the hurdles”. Later in the early morning when I woke up I saw my MIL’s health was really upset and she had puked on the bed sheet as the window was not open. I gave her a plastic bag she could use and tried my best to comfort her. The door to the driver’s cabin opened and in the light of the day, for the first time I saw, there was a small Idol of Sai right in front of the driver. At this stage it was finally confirmed to me that my conversations with Sai was never my imagination. It was real, unlike with humans, Sai never leaves an element of doubt in your mind about His replies.

When we reached the mutt, rain was pouring. We doubted we would get a room as the place was packed with people who had come four days before us. But when Sai had assured there was no reason to doubt, albeit rustic, we found a room. My MIL and daughter rested for a while and then I ensured they had breakfast and coffee and we set out for Darshan and Mangal Aarti. Now, was my biggest test. The only place food is served in Sonda is in the mutt. The food is considered the Prasad of the saint Vadiraja and cannot be refused once you are there. I had in the beginning of 2014 given up eating rice to Sai with a promise that He will tell me when He will fulfil my wish and when I can eat rice again. Rice is my favourite food and also the only food served for Prasad. I was sitting before a huge picture of Saint Vadiraja, feeling terribly worried and asking Sai’s help about what to do next, When I felt the saint say “You have travelled so far in spite of all hurdles to see me and here too you talk to Him? We are all the same light, just like before you can tell me too as to what your worries are, Sai will not mind” I was Shocked. I said to him “You say you are the same light, then don’t you know what my worry is? I cannot eat rice, but to serve everyone here a food that is not made of rice, is not something I can expect you to do for me is it?” for which pat came the reply “Expect it and see what happens” I am sure all you readers will think I am crazy by now.

But, right next to the picture is a doorway that all attendants of the mutt use for serving food. And as I heard this reply within two seconds came two attendants carrying dishes made from Poha followed by chutney and then cooked wheat. This is something totally unheard of in the place I was visiting. Now, how do you call this my imagination or fancy? Although rice too was served after all this, I didn’t need it at all. Sai was smiling at me saying “Are you happy that your vow is not broken?” We had Sai’s assurance that there would be no sickness on the return journey. Although we were seated this time instead of sleeper coach, we slept like babies till we reached Bangalore. Rain was pouring in Bangalore too. As we entered Bangalore, as if in cue, my hubby who never wakes up early, called at 6 in the morning saying he would pick us up from the departure point. I was worried as to how I would get an auto in this rain and the last of my worries too were taken care of. I thank Sai for all His Grace and Blessings. This is just one of the incidents that He has been there with me and assured me in so many ways. If I am given the opportunity, I would share all of those big and small experiences with all the ardent readers of this page. I thank the one who has given me an opportunity to share this with all the readers. God Bless!

Miracle Of Sai Baba In Solving My Office Problem

A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1006

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Sai from childhood (8th standard), where there was a Baba Temple in near to our hostel. Baba helped me in every step of my life. He is only driving me. I am from a lower middle class village family, but still i am able to complete a professional degree and working with a reputed company, all because of Sai’s blessings. I know for sure without His Blessings, i may not reach here. Thanks a lot Baba for everything. Forgive me Baba for forgetting You for some time. Please forgive me and accept me as Your child. Om Sai Ram. First of all, i would like to thank the people who ever involved in this blog creation and maintain this site. Every day, i am reading the stories and i am getting answers for many of my questions or problems from these Miracles. Really this will be definitely another Sai Satcharitra. I had experienced many Miracles. Now, i will narrate one which happened today.

I am working in a reputed company and in a finance department. This January month is very hectic for me as I need to do so many reports for 9 months closing, new budgets etc. So, i had made some templates and kept them ready. So that i can do it fast in Jan. On 31st Dec 14, my laptop got crashed and i don’t have any back up. My boss was suggesting me to take back up from last 2 months, somehow my IT team has not done and i also not followed up. So IT engineer said, the problem is there with Fan not the hard disk, but you may get the data, but i am not sure it depends on your luck. In the last 2 weeks, i have seen 2, 3 people, who lost their data completely. So, i was very tensed, how can i manage things without back up and how can i submit the reports on time. I may need to work 24/7 for 3-4 weeks. But how can it be possible with 15 months old kid at home. I was praying Baba. Please help me to come out of the problem, You only can do Miracle and please get back my back up.

I send the laptop to the IT helpdesk and they said we can’t do anything, we need to send to external vendor. I have seen that mail on 1st Jan 15. Then immediately i have taken the question and answer site and asked Baba for the help. I have got the reply that “Obstacles will be removed. Remember Sai. Work will be done in 5 days”. Then I said Baba please help me immediately, 5 days will be very long. On 3rd, i got a mail that even the registered vendor is not able to do it and we need to search for a person who can do it. I asked Baba what is this. Then i got a reply that “My words will not go wrong, keep faith remember Sai”. Then I was praying sincerely and i promised Him, i will post it in this site and also i will do 108 Pardakshinas. We have a Temple just beside our home and i went to temple on 4th evening and on 5th while coming to office, i went to Temple and had Baba Darshan and reached office. Now the Miracle happened. As soon as I reached office, that IT engineer told me that your data is recovered. I was like very happy and my biggest tension of the year was solved. Thanks a lot Baba. Really if we pray Baba with Shradha and Saburi, He will always help us. Thanks a lot Baba. Please accept my Pranam to the Lotus Feet of Baba. Baba, i am facing problem in other issues too. Please Baba, Sai, please help us to come out of all these issues. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai Omsai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Baba Will Help Me Always

A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1006

Anonymous Devotee from India says: First of all, I thank Baba for giving me this opportunity to share my experience. This is the first time I am sharing my experience. I started praying Baba from last year and this luck happened to me through my friend. Last year my daughter’s tenth public exams were going on and the previous day to her science exam, we family members-my husband, me and my daughter were chatting on some topic and suddenly there was an argument between my husband and my daughter and it took them to severe fight and totally our mood was collapsed and full night my daughter was crying and did not sleep. I was so restless next morning and was very much worried about her science exam. In morning first thing i do, i got up and called my friend and he suggested me to go to Baba Temple and asked me to leave everything on His Feet. I too went to Temple and literally, i was crying inside the Temple and asked Baba to guide my daughter in her exam and to my surprise my phone rang and it was my husband’s call. He felt very bad for his mistake and my joy knew no bound. He himself went to school to pick back my daughter and she scored 99 percent in her science exam. Thanks Baba for Your love. I was so much excited on my first visit to my Baba Temple. I saw His love and felt His presence.

From then onwards, i visit Baba Temple whenever i get chance. Now again i am experiencing a tough time from which i am sure my Baba will help me to come out. For past 15 days, i couldn’t eat and sleep properly due to some sort of fear in my inner mind. I don’t know what to tell and what affected me but i am very restless and getting some sorts of bad thoughts and bad incidents running in my mind. I am praying my Baba to help me to come out of my depression. This may look very silly but due to that fear, i couldn’t eat at all and my health is getting spoiled. But now i can feel getting relaxed due to Baba’s Grace. Last week because of this mood, i went to His Temple and just sat leaning on the pillar inside the Temple. I know my Baba won’t leave His devotee’s hands. Please Baba help me to completely come out of this mental depression and also help me to visit Shirdi soon. Love You my Baba and Thanks a lot for Your help and I want Your love and support throughout my life. Om Sai Ram. I am gifted to be Your devotee and thanks a lot to my friend, because of whom i started praying You. My daughter too is now coming in this path of trusting Sai Maa. Om Sai Ram.

How We Become Sai Baba’s Devotee

A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1006

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Jai Sai Ram. Hello, First of all thousands thanks for this wonderful site. You are truly Baba’s Messenger. From last three months, every day and night, I am reading devotee’s Miracles and it is giving me immense strength. We (I and my husband) are very new devotee of Sri Sai Baba. From last two years, we were going through lots and lots of problems in our life. One respected astrologer told us to visit Sai Temple every Thursday and offer yellow flowers to Sai Baba. So basically he introduced us to Sai Baba. Since July 2014, we have started to visit local Sai Temple almost every Thursday and offering yellow flower and biscuits to Baba. But very honestly that time also, we can’t call our self a blind devotee of Sai. Slowly, our love and faith started increasing for our Beloved Baba and each Thursday we can’t stop ourselves to visit Baba’s Temple and it started to give us immense pleasure.

On the day of Vijayadashami, without knowing anything (That it’s Baba’s Samadhi Divas) in morning, I prepared Simai Payasham (Kind of Indian sweet) for Baba (1st time I prepared something for Sai Nath) and we visited local Temple. We were surprised to see that in Temple, there were huge preparations going on. You can’t believe Priest of the Temple offered my Semai Payasham as the first Naivadhya (It was Morning 8 am) of the day and he feed Baba in front of us and said this is today’s first cooked food Baba had. We were just speechless. That was the day, we felt Baba gave us shelter under His wings. He is truly Antharyami. He only wants me to prepare sweets for Him. After that, we witnessed so many Miracles in our life. In my next post, i will write all the Miracles happened in last two months. Only one thing I can say that Baba knows everything and He knows what we deserve and when should we get the results. Dear Sai Baba first time I am writing about You. if I had made any mistakes please forgive me. Please always hold our hands and help us to reach our destinations. You are everything Baba. Bless us and I promise You I will write all the miracles within few days (I know I am already late. Please forgive me) and will tell the world about Your Leelas. Om Sai, Sri Sai, Jai Sai, Jai Jai Sai.

Baba Took Care Of Me Overnight

A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1006

Sai Brother Senthil from India says: I am from India (Chennai). Dear hetal ji, thanks a lot for creating this blog. This is my 3rd post, 1st one got published but second one is still pending, I think Baba put me on wait list and will publish it at right time. On Jan 2nd, I slipped from stairs and my right ankle got swollen. I had a severe pain which was totally unbearable. That night, I prayed to Baba to please take care of this as I was unable to walk. I told Him that i will post this Miracle immediately, if i will get relief till next morning and also donate some food on Thursday in Baba Temple. On next day morning, it was really a Baba Miracle that my Pain had vanished. I felt very happy, even though it was swollen. I don’t felt any pain. Baba is there for us. He really takes care of all His devotees. Sai Samarth Maharaja Ki Jai.

Sai Baba’s Help To Get Job Interview Calls

A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1006

Sai Brother Mohan from India says: Om Sai Ram to all Sai devotees. I completed my software diploma. After that, i was not getting any offer from any company. One day, i was praying to God at my home. Suddenly, i saw a book of Sai Nine Guruvar Vrat. I decided to keep the Vrat. Now i have completed my few weeks Vrat and i am getting many calls from companies for interview. Thanks to Sai Baba. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Om sai ram . sai maa please bless my husband with a good job .i know you are with us .and our difficult test is going to end soon now.please be with us and shower your love and care as always. From today i am starting sai satcharit reading again so please fulfill my wish this time baba .om sai ram.

  2. Om sai ram baba please help me…Hetalji you are blessed devotee of sai please pray for me. I am a small devotee of sai. I am 16 weeks pregnant iam suffering from fever since 5 days I am praying sai day and night to help me from this situation.please devotees pray for me….

    • Apply udi and drink it with water if don't have udi drink plain water taking Sai name u will be fine all the best

  3. Today i have got my license due to sai grace. I failed in the exam at first but the examiner told me to take another time and i cleared second time. Thank you sai.

  4. Baba didnt help me yet.i begged him a lot more than a year.i dont beleive him further.all of these r false.all of the people in this world cheated me a lot.eventhough i begged from baba but now i understood baba also cheated me a lot.because all of these cheating now i hate a lot my life.i dont like to live further more,even all of wealth he gave me in at this moment.i love only death.i want it only.but i will not ask this from baba-who is the biggest cheater for me.i can get it in my own.

    • Dear devotee please look things that r positive even though things appear wrong there is always a meaning to it be patient as death is not at all a solution face ur problem with courage taking sai's name surely he will help u

  5. Beautiful experiences, especially Seema ji, the way you have described your experiences is so simple, sweet and will be remembered by the majority and surely will hope it gets published in the book the SSBE team is thinking to publish 🙂

    O Deva, help us remain calm and spread peace and love only 🙂

    Jai Sairam

    • Sai ramji

      Surely it is one of the well drafted experience. Lord Baba willing it will be certainty included in our book.

    • Sai ramji

      Surely it is one of the well drafted experience. Lord Baba willing it will be certainty included in our book.

  6. Baba I feel helpless give me job to live respectful life.bright light and direction in my life.I dont want to live like animals pls sai help me.

  7. baba that astrologer said i am thinking all wrong my mind is in wrong way all are scolding me that i did not pass the exams due to my love problem baba my health is not good you know what i went through due to that pcos and ocp tablets i had very tough time baba those tablets showed so much of side effects on me but no one is listening to that they are just blaming me as they wish baba you said all will accept our love and make me marry to my love baba but at present everyone is negative no one is supporting me what to do baba please baba shower our blessing on us please bless us please be with us

  8. Om sai shri sai jai jai sai.. Baba shower your blessings on us..we are your children ,at your lotus feet totally surrendered to you deva… shower your blessings on us deva. Remove all the obstacles and make everything alright baba.. you only can do this baba..please baba….sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai…

  9. Dear Devotee 1,
    Your miraculous experience is beautiful. Indeed Baba listens to you and talks to you. You are blessed and lucky. I myself worship both Sai Baba and Shri Guru Raghavendra Swamy. Baba had given me messages that he and Rayaru are one and the same. He has even given me messages in my dreams. You are fortunate to have Darshan of Svadi / Sodhe Vadirajaru.

    Jai Sai Ram

    • Oh its so nice to see someone like me here. Even I do feel Raghavendra Swamy and Sai Baba are one and the same. I like Sai Baba in Safforn color dress. Om Sri Raghavendra Namaha , Om Sri Sai Nathaya Namaha.


  11. Baba..plz marry me soon..I couldn't handle my mental pressure anymore…I want to keep my self respect..I don't want to beg anything for anyone…you know very well about me baba.. I'm not that much bad at my behaviour baba…I'm trying to follow your words baba…plz forgive me my past deeds Sai maa….plz plz plz give me good truthful and loving soulmate….Om sai ram….

  12. Jai Sai ram…baba always be with us make us calmer day by day….please remove negativity in me…thank you deva for everything

  13. Om Sai Meh Ma .. Meh Ma .. Om Sai Ram..Baba pls bless all your devotees … First experience is very well written .. I wish I can write like that … One day with Baba's blessings I will write my experience too … Baba my daughter's exam is going on .. Pls help her to reach her destination where you want her to be .. Om Sai Ram .. Sabka bhala karo Sai Ram .. Sab par kripa karo Sai Ram .. Madhu

    • Dear Anonymous,
      Om Sai Meh Ma .. Meh Ma —–what does this mean???? is it a mantra in some language other than English? Pl reply. Thanks

  14. Wonderful experiences.
    BABA ji! Please bless me also and give me your divya darshan. Please talk to me. You help me always, but I am waiting for so long to see you and talk to you. Please bless your child as you blessed others. Thank you so much for everything you gave me Saima.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Samardha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai

  15. Om sai ram
    Baba I know you are always with me but help me baba fot this situation my husband don't have job and he is not getting any interview call please help him and support him to get suitable job for him. Baba my son going to give exam this Tuesday please bless him and give him high distinction this time…
    Om sai ram

  16. Baba bless me and my family so that we are loving towards each other and respect family values . Please bless my children to be good abiding persons and be devoted. Let them not be carried away with distractions

  17. Om Sri sai ram . Sai Baba please forgive me . Thanks for this beautiful life. Please bless us .
    Please be with us. I should bring up my kid as Ur devotee .
    Baba please bless me with good project . Please Baba .
    Om Sri sai ram
    Allah Malik

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