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Baba’s Grace On Us

A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1005

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. “Why Fear When I Am Here” Baba’s Words Became True. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai. First of all, I am Very much Thankful to all the members of this blog for doing this fantastic service to all Sai Devotees. ‘Om Sai Ram’ these 3 magical words made so many Miracles in my life. I have been attracted to Him since childhood, without Him I can’t imagine my life even a single second. He is my Guide, My Guru, My God, Mom, Dad, Friend, Well Wisher, Everything in my life. I shared everything with Baba because He is my Trusted Friend and I even discuss with Him all silly stuffs too. Sometimes I felt, I am eating His brain but He never discouraged me & rejected me. This is Baba for me. Every Sai devotee will experience the Miracle of Baba in their life time one or the other time. Sai shows His presence in my life in every situation and it is not possible here to share all Sai miracles in my life because it requires a Book.

Out of many more Sai Leelas I would like to narrate one of the most recent and important ones to me. My dream is to construct independent house but because of budget constraints I had purchased a Flat in Hyderabad in 2008, at that time in Hyderabad Real estate prices were at peak stage. After that it went into severe losses because:
We took Home Loan for almost 94% of the amount. Most of my husband’s salary goes as EMI every month.
We are not even getting 15% of EMI amount as Rent.
Other painful thing is, market value come down in Hyderabad. So the asking price of our Flat comes down to 25% of our purchase amount & moreover we are not staying in our own house because we are residing in Bangalore (due to job constraints).
Apart from that, till Flat purchase my hubby gave his whole salary to his Dad & Siblings. After that most of money paid as EMI and remaining for our house expenses. So his Dad and Siblings started showing their nature and torturing every time for money (even though they are very rich and having many houses & Acres of lands). When we traveled to our native (All times his Dad is beating my husband for money, for that I can’t do anything crying a lot and only pray to Baba). As he is younger in his family, everybody from family started blaming him for purchase of a flat.

When a tree is giving Fruits people around it people used to pour water and when it stops giving Fruits the same people cuts the leaves and branches of the tree. This is what happened to my husband till now. So all these made me mentally sick and I cried a lot daily in front of Baba asking “Why are You cursing me like this and why You are not listening my prayers, what mistake I did?” After that by Baba’s Grace, I decided to start my career again to meet financial needs. Finally by Baba’s grace, I got a Job in Bangalore with amazing salary. Things were going on like this but the desire in my mind had not lost “To have independent house”.

In 2011, we started searching to purchase an individual house in Bangalore. Initially we searched for plots but were not able to find suitable ones (Either plot was not in good location or documents will not be clear or price was more than my budget or will cancelled at the last moment due to some unforeseen reason), like this me and my husband roamed entire Bangalore for the past 4 years losing Time & Money & Hope. Now the current situation was that all the plots which we have seen became Triple cost which crossed our budget limits. So if we purchase plot with in a city, we had no budget to construct home. So to get individual house the only way was to look in outskirts of city for which I was really not interested for. My Friends & Relatives starting blaming us for not purchasing anything and searching for such a long time, but what we can do, we already went with severe loss (Purchasing a flat in HYD) again we don’t have guts to compromise and proceed further without satisfaction. Then we decided to purchase a Flat (which I really don’t want) because for individual house (Plot+Construction) my budget won’t suffice. Even we failed in doing this also. So I left this only to Baba and stopped searching and having complete faith & trust and surrendered to Him, simply waiting for Baba’s Grace on us.

Days were passing, I was totally depressed and thinking that Baba is not listening my prayers. During that time, I found this website and started reading Sai devotee’s experiences. When reading such experiences, my eyes were full of tears and it increases confidence on Baba and thinking that Baba is always with me & I should never leave my Baba’s Hand and thinking that definitely He will listen my prayer one or the other day. Now see Sai’s Leela once I left it to Him, I don’t know what to say & How to appreciate His Leelas, Baba showed His Grace on His daughter (me) by giving independent house with below features:
Plot with Building construction of Ground + 3.5 Floors.
It is just 300mts from Ring Road.
Rents from the house will cover 62% of the EMI amount, which we never & ever expected in our life.

I was totally dumbstruck & my joy had no bounds and my eyes fully filled with tears, I just can’t Thank Baba for this, because it won’t suffice. My Thanks are like “A Cotton Thread To Moon”. This was Baba’s wish and always fulfills their devotees wish without telling. He never lets us down. If He does not give what we want at a time, it means something more precious is awaiting us and He has something much better planned for us. This is the lesson I learnt and achieved by only Baba’s Grace. By Baba’s Grace we took lot of loans to purchase this house & all got approved. Now my sincere prayer to Him is please give us strength to pay all the EMIs because I know it’s only possible by His grace. He is my Father, my saviour Who understands all my struggles and gives me strength to face them. It is just the matter of how much you trust Him truly and then see how much more He gives you in return. My life revolves around Him. Sai is everything for me. It’s He who has blessed us with what we have now and what I am eating now.

I request to all Sai devotees please have faith and patience, some time you will feel that Baba is not listening to you but you never know when He will surprise you & will give you more than you ask for. Just have faith in Him, whatever situation you are in, you don’t lose hope. He is always with us in our good and bad days. He always cares for us but we people can’t see Him & always blame Him for our bad situation (sorry Baba). One Quote from Sai Satcharitra is ‘I will never leave My Devotees in the middle; I will take them to the end’. I love You Baba. I don’t know any other God except You in this life, I totally rely on You, please Baba always be with me because I am innocent daughter of You and without You I can’t imagine/survive in my life. I can’t live without You, so please never & ever leave my hand. I want Your Blessings in rest of my life. I want You to be my Sai (Maa) Baba (Paa) in all the births and keep guiding me into the right path. I want Him to stay in my soul by following His principles and teachings. Please forgive me for my mistakes. Let us all bow unto the great soul & Lotus Feet of Sai Baba and pray for strength to keep ourselves away from evil thoughts and deeds and to ever remain at the service of His Lotus Feet.

Bolo Sri Satchidhanandha Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!!!!

Got Job With My Sai’s Grace

A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1005

Sai Sister Kanchan from US says: Sai Ram, I am currently settled in NY, US with my beloved husband. I am a Clinical dietician by profession. I consider myself as a humble devotee of my Sai. It’s been 10 years since I have come to know Him. Life is beautiful, I thank my Sai for this wonderful gift and constantly pray for His blessings to live up to it as a good human being. Om Sai Ram. Om Shirdi Sai Nathaya Namaha Sai, with Your loving Grace and Mercy, please bestow upon me Your blessing as I share my heartfelt experience of You. I offer my humble salutations at Your Lotus Feet, before I began to pour my thoughts on paper. I request my Loving Sai to lead me as I express my gratitude to my almighty Sai. I take the privilege of knowing my Sai since 10 years. It was during this time, I started building this unwavering faith and wonderful relationship with my ever Loving Sai. I always remember Him during every occasion/moment in my life, be it good or bad. I believe He has constantly showered His Grace, Care and Protection on me where ever I went and always looked out for me like His dearest child. I have had my ups and downs in life but with my Sai beside me, I have always felt secured and taken care of at all times. I might not be very good at summarizing every little experience that I have had with my Sai as I cannot do enough justice to these experiences. However, there is one special experience which I like to share here.

With my Sai’s Grace and Blessings, I got married to my loving husband in May 2010. I moved to the US with my husband. When I came to this country, I wanted to pursue my career and for that I had to go to school here. I am a graduate from India but in order to work in US, I had to take up some course work. It took 2.5 years to complete. After that, God willingly, my husband and I got our Green Card, which is again Sai’s Grace. This was very important because a profession like mine (Paramedical) don’t get sponsored by any organizations/employers. So, it was very important for me to get a Green Card to be able to work or else, all my time/effort/money that I spent to study would have not been of any use. Thanks again to my dearest and loving Sai for clearing my path as always. I studied here to become a Clinical Dietician. It has always been my passion and interest to pursue this career. Today I am finally here with just one more step closer to my goal. All things fell in place. I began to search for a job. At first I thought, this should not be difficult, and I also got interview calls from many hospitals/organizations. I interviewed at many places but after that I did not hear from any of them. I waited forever but there was no answer from the other end. I did everything from preparing for my interview, reviewing my resume, listening to a lot of interview talks on you tube to prepare my-self better. Each time I interviewed, I always thought that I did a good job, but would never hear back from the employer at all.

Days went by, weeks passed by and now it was months. I started getting nervous and during this time I would talk to my Deva – my Sai during my Pooja, asking Him why this was happening and what has He in store for me. I would cry to Him to help me in my quest. I would convince my-self at the end of my prayer as I believed that He has special plans that were always best for me and decided to patiently wait for His direction. During this time, my dearest husband that Sai blessed me with was always by my side, providing me the support, care and instilling in me belief and hope every time I broke down. I deeply believe, most of the times, my Sai works through my husband who is like a strong pillar in my life. Thank You again Sai Maa. During this time, I decided that I should do my 9 days Sai Vrat – for the peace of mind and my heartfelt prayer to get a job. I started on July 24th 2014. I carried out my Pooja with devotion and love for my Sai. Between 2nd and 3rd week itself, I started seeing a lot of positive results regarding my job. I got an interview call from a very big teaching hospital in the same city that I am from. I attended the interview. It went very well. I felt like I was welcomed by the faculty/staff with love and respect and felt like I belonged there. I returned home, was happy the way things were panning out. I thanked my Sai for showing direction and building hope and confidence in me. I knew Sai would never leave my hand and that I was always in safe hands.

With His Grace, I got selected by the hospital and was supposed to join work whenever they would ask me to. I was a little worried as I wanted to complete my Sai Vrat completely and appropriately. I knew this would become a little difficult if I start working. This also was resolved as the hiring process took enough time that I could complete my Vrat peacefully before I joined work. When I was offered this job initially, it was by a contracting company which was ready to hire me at a very meagre pay rate. I went ahead and accepted it just to get a head start somewhere and to gain some work experience in the US. Even though I had 6 years of experience from India, it was quite surprising that I found it very difficult to find my first job here. I accepted this job but deep within my heart, I knew that I was being really underpaid with no benefits and packages. At such times, I used to constantly remind my -self that my Sai knows what is best for me at this time and whatever He gives is always worthwhile. So did not question a single thing and prepared myself to join work. During this time, one day, all of a sudden I got a call from the hospital, my manager asked me if I would like to be hired by the hospital directly. I was so glad to hear that and readily accepted, after a bit of negotiations, they accepted the pay rate I had requested for and was provided all the required perks and with a good package too. I was so happy, during my Pooja that day, I thought about the whole process and my beloved Sai’s Leela. My joy knew no bounds.

In front of my Sai, I was drenched in tears and couldn’t thank Him enough for not only giving me a good job but in a good place as a full time employee. I decided that this is something that is so precious and close to heart and wanted to share it with other devotees who would value and cherish such wonderful miracles of our beloved Sai. I must say, I am more than glad to experience this wonderful miracle of my Sai. My Koti Koti Pranam at Your Lotus Feet, my Dearest Lord, Sai. Be there with me, guide me and support me always like this. It has been three months in this hospital now and I thank my Sai to have given me this opportunity to write about this. Even during these three months He has constantly guided me, helped me understand my work, place and people around me. He has also strengthened my confidence, courage and belief in self. He is in my thoughts constantly right from the break of dawn to the end of my day. With Sai’s Grace and Blessings, I am sure that I will be successful at work and my personal life. I am forever indebted to this acquaintance in my life and would pray to my dearest Sai to always show me direction to live a happy, humble and fulfilling life with my husband as good human beings. Thank You, thank You and thank You so much Sai for this beautiful gift of Life. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Is With Us Always

A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1005

Sai Sister Shalini from Malaysia says: Dear Hetal ji, first of all thank you for posting my experiences here and thanks all dear Sai devotees. This is my second experience here. I love Baba so much and think Him as my Loving Dad. I posted my first experience in June 2013 and asked advice, because i was facing lot of problems in my life. Thanks you dear Sai devotees to encourage me a lot to be patient and not to lose faith in Baba. I thank to all those devotees who gave me advice. This is the link of my previous experience here

After two years of struggle, my life is getting better now. I am going to Sai Baba Mandir often and pray to Him. In these two years, i have learnt a lot about the people around me and their true characters. Thanks Baba. I prayed to Baba to give me government job. We all know Baba always have some other plan for us. Baba gave me another job with good salary. But this is temporary and for short time. I know although it’s a temporary job but Baba want me to get a good experience first and to forget all my problems, turn all my attention towards Him. Dear friends, in this time, Baba taught me to be independent and gave me a good and loving life partner. In the first experience, i posted that my ex-boyfriend cheated me. All Sai friends encouraged me not to lose faith in Baba, because Baba sure have some other plan for me. Yeah, now i realize it. With Baba’s Blessing, i met this guy. He is very loving and caring. I did not hide anything from him and he knows all about my past. My engagement is fixed in this year 2015. What Baba has done to me, is all for my good. I prayed to Baba that after my engagement, i will come to Shirdi with my hubby, because this life is given by Baba. But, i am worried about my career. I am waiting for government job. I applied for government job in 2013, but was rejected. I don’t know the problem. I cried to Baba that i have all the qualification, but why my application is getting rejected. I believe in Baba. He won’t leave my hand.

I wanted to do Nine Guruvar Sai Vrat. But i face so many problems whenever i start this Vrat. I started this Vrat for 3 times but never finished it. I always stop the Vrat halfway due to some problem. After some months, i again started the Vrat and finished it with all formalities. But still i did not get the job i applied. Dear Sai friends, today i am still alive because of Baba and you all. I followed all your advice when i posted the first experience and i got a loving life partner and good life .Your advice made me strong. I am waiting for job now. I can’t depend on my parents now. My hubby knew my situation so he agreed to fix the wedding after i got permanent job and he agreed to help me financially for wedding. This is all because of Baba blessing. Dear friends, although he agreed to help me, you all know i can’t depend on him for everything. What i am asking is about the Sai Vrat. I followed all the procedures done for Sai Vrat for 2 times but still i did not get the job. I have done Sai Satcharitra reading. What went wrong in my Sai Vrat? I only took meal once during fasting. Many times i skipped the Vrat. So may be because, i skipped the Vrat Baba did not accept my Vrat? What should i do? My engagement is fixed fir this year and no one in my family supports me financially. I really need the job. I waited for 2 years. Please advise me dear Sai friends. What can i do to get the job i want? I would like to thank some Sai devotee who advised me to read Sai Nath Kasht Nivaran Stotram. I am reading it daily and it gives me mental peace.

Sai Appa Saved My Dad

A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1005

Sai Sister Uma from Canada says: I am a small devotee of Sai Appa and i live in Canada. My Dad had a liver problem. When he was in Singapore, his problem aggravated very severely. He was in ICU for 1 week. That time, i was reading Sai Amritvani 7 times every day with faith. Sai Appa saved my dad and brought him to India by His Grace. After coming here, again he was admitted in hospital. By Sai’s Grace, my dad was discharged from hospital the same night. He lost his consciousness. He was again admitted in IMCU. His platelets count was going down and haemoglobin level was also going down. Doctor said that it is very critical because his liver was affected very badly and treatment was tough for him to give. Since i was in Canada, i had to rush to India. While going, i was reading Sai Kasht Nivaran mantra for 7 hours in flight and prayed for him. I was even reading Sai Stavan Manjari, Sai Satcharitra.

I reached India and when he saw me, he recognized me and was back to his consciousness. I got my dad back because of Sai Appa only. I distributed Sai Kasht Nivaran mantra and Sai Stavan Manjari to 11 people in Sai Temple. After he was shifted to general ward, i was reading Sai Satcharitra and when he was in IMCU, I was reading “Sai Baba Is Still Alive” and Everyone Should Read This Because Of That Book Only Now My Dad Is Alive. Now he is discharged from hospital and slowly his health is improving. Because of Sai Appa only, he is with us. Now i am back to Canada. I was there in India for 1 month and was going to Sai Temple every day. I also applied Udi on his forehead and stomach and kept Sai 9 weeks Vrat Book under his pillow in hospital and at home too. In Mylapore Sai temple, Sai Baba Is Still Alive And Sai Stavan Manjari Is Available. I pray to Sai all should have good health and peaceful life. I am extremely sorry Sai Appa for delay in posting my experience.

My Brother Went To Abroad With Baba’s Grace

A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1005

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am studying hospitality management with Baba’s Grace. Whatever i am today is only because of my Sai Baba. First of all, lots of thanks to hetal ji, who is doing a great job to increase faith in our Beloved Sai Baba. I am an ardent devotee of Sai Baba from last 2 years and i have number of experiences. I had gone to Shirdi with my brother in 2012. From then, i became a devotee of Sai Baba. I am going to share one of the most important experience regarding my brother. My brother is a software engineer and he wants to go to abroad. He got many opportunities to go, but in each and every last moment, he was ignored due to different reasons. Last time i heard that again his company is giving him opportunity to go to abroad and by hearing this, my brother was so much happy. But he was scared from inside. On Sunday, i visited Sai Baba Mandir in Sodhpur and i prayed to Baba that please help my brother, now this time send him abroad. Finally day after i prayed, on Monday, company confirmed that my brother is going to abroad and gave him ticket. Sorry Sai Baba for posting late. Sai Baba please shower Your Blessings on my family. Baba, You know all the problems which we are facing and we know that You will solve it in correct time. Koti Koti Pranam Baba ji.

Sai Maa Healed Me

A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1005

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi, all Sai devotees. I would like to share the miracle I experienced recently. I have become a devotee of Baba recently. But in this one year, i have experienced many Miracles. I am a single mother of a 9 year old. Also I have to take care of my old father. It is very hectic for me to deal with everything alone. I was experiencing chest pain for some time. I was not feeling well. I have developed hyper tension which i was not aware. But Sai knows everything. All of a sudden, my cook or even when I am cooking I have started putting less salt. It is not planned but somehow all my food has less salt. Sai Maa knows that salt is not good for health. But the Real Miracle is, I was having chest pain for quite some time. I was scared but this has happened to me before so I did not go to the doctor. One day at night, I was experiencing acute pain. I started chanting and meditating. Then i had a clove of garlic. I kept praying. Then I fell asleep. Next morning the pain was gone. Now there is no pain at all. Sai Maa had helped me on numerous occasions. Thank You Baba. Please be with us all the time. I am going through lot of problems but You will surely help me. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
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    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Sai we r totally broken please help us .show us a way how my husband will get a job no phone calls for interviews .if there is call no result only dead end .baba i am doing every thing twice navguruwar vrat .third time it is going on, one saptah parayan and three times reading one chapter daily.Daily i read kasth nivaran mantra three times but no result what mistake i am doing . yes some time i foght with sai out of disappointment or when i see we are not able to do anything for my twins, sorry for that baba.but you are my every thing paa,maa , friend so i share every thing to you and fight with you. Please help me baba .its matter of our bread and butter .om sai ram.

  2. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai : Shalini : Surrender completely to Baba Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

  3. sai please help me…i am completely drained out…my husband left us…i am dealing with everything alone…doing every possible thing for my child…me and my little child is going into a very lowww state emotionally and physically….my husband has done lot of bad things to us…but i and my daughter still love him…please make him understand how wrong is he doing to me and my little child….my job also has sooo many problems…u know what the doctor said for my little child…..what i will do….please help me and my child…whoever troubled us are very happy today….the mistake me and my daughter did was to love him entirely with pure heart…but he never understood our love….please bring him back…we are in really bad situation…….

  4. Nice experiences and I am sure the heartfelt requests of the devotees have already been addressed by His ever loving grace 🙂

    O Sai, Thank You for filling our lives with love, success and happiness 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  5. Om sai shri sai jai jai sai..baba please shower your blessings on us . we are your children. Please don't disappoint us. We are dependent on you baba.. Be with us always.

  6. love you saimaa …today baba told us that like a mother he is protecting us…last night main gate of my house was open and we did not notice…but it is grace of saimaa that nothing happened baba i love you!!!!!!!

  7. baba you know what is going on in my life and how people are around me please save me baba please bless me shower your grace on us baba sai baba please be with us

  8. om sai ram pls guide me baba iam planning to meet jagtap babaji pls guide dont know iam right or wrong

  9. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram BABA ji! You are everything to us. Without you we are nothing. Thank you so much for blessing us always.

  10. Dear Hetalji!
    Om Sai Ram. I wish to compliment you on the big and prominent pictures that you are now adding to your blog. However, I request you to reply to my query: I could not find the inscriptions on the pictures in SSSSC. Are they the actual quotes of Lord Sainath?? They appear to be very bold and direct. If these are His words spoken at different times during His Incarnation pl let me know. I am waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance for your response.

    • Sai Ramji

      Thanks for compliment and it will surely boost moral of Sai Sister Kriti who is editing all pictures. She is taking messages from Bible, Guru Granth Sahib and all Spiritual Sources. Some messages are from daily quotes of mysai.org

      We are just following simplest teaching which Lord Sai Baba gave us of "Sabka Malik Ek". Kriti is really helpful in giving us spiritual messages from all possible religious books. I thank her for her selfless and untiring efforts.

      Sabka Malik Ek

  11. Dear sai family, I want to share a miracle that happened to me just now.. My husband was having severe hiccups and I gave him a little sugar with udi mixed and asked him to drink water… Due to Babaji's grace hiccups stopped and he slept… Thank you deva.

  12. Devotee 3 please do not loose faith in baba, i have done 5 times same vrat for my son & still waiting for saimas reply i know baba will bless all of us, keep faith & wait. sairam.

  13. Om Sai Meh Ma .. Meh Ma … Baba bless all your devotees …. Baba bless my daughter n fulfill all her wishes .. Baba help my son to get promotion in d office .. Baba you always take care of us .. Thank you so much Baba for all your blessings .. N thank you in advance for d blessings coming on my way .. Be with us always Baba .. Om Sai Ram .. Madhu

  14. Sai baba plz help me I don't know what should I do iam not lived with my husbnd from years ago he take drugs many more thing now every one says to give him divorce and do 2nd marriage ��sai baba I wait him from 9 years now that u will bless us but he will become good person and we live happily again but I don't know what will happened in my life sai baba ans me plz help me

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