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Sai Baba Reunited Me With My Fiancée

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am working as a Software Professional from Texas. My native is Andhra Pradesh and i moved to Texas 2 years ago. Om Sri Sai Ram. Om Sai Shree Sai Jaya Jaya Sai. I started writing this with the blessings of Sai Baba. I am so sorry Baba for delaying this. During my childhood, I was a great devotee of Sai Baba and it continued until the time I reached Chennai for my Job. During the days I stayed in Chennai, I did not say, I forgot Baba, but very rarely i got a chance to visit Baba. But Baba always stayed as my Best Buddy in my heart. Later due to Sai Baba’s grace, I got an opportunity to work in US through H1B. Due to our financial commitments, I decided to move to US but my fiancée was working in India and did not get an opportunity to travel with me. With great sadness and with a huge heart, I traveled to US.

Days passed by. In the mean-while, our parents agreed for our marriage and it’s been 1 year since I moved to US. During my visit in US, I visited Sai Baba Temple thrice and whenever I visited Him, I used to pray Him to join me with my fiancée, since I can’t stay without him. My fiancée started processing his visa this year through a consultancy and due to Sai Baba’s & Gaytri Mata’s Grace, he received his Visa and traveled to US, but for a different location than mine which is 6 hours away from my place. After coming to US, my fiancée started looking for a Job and as I already told we have lot of financial commitments, we were worried about his Job. In the mean-while, he got a job but with less pay and he needs to travel for around 3 hours daily with a very cold climate. During this time they opened a Baba Temple near to my living place and my joy knew no bounds.

During this time, I used to fast on every Thursdays and used to visit His Temple and prayed to reunite me with my fiancée. My fiancée called his cousin one day and during their conversation his cousin who is also a great devotee of Baba advised him to read a chapter in Sai Satcharitra. My fiancée is not a great devotee of Baba but he used to believe in God and he started reading chapter. The very next day, he received a call from 2 companies among which 1 call he received from my client from the same location where I am staying. To our surprise, the day he received the call was Guru Pournima. We were so blessed. Love You Baba, Love You loads. My joy knew no bounds. With a lot of struggle, he cracked the interviews and he left his current job and moved to my location. After moving here, we got to know that his requirement got postponed for 3 weeks. Again we landed in a great pressure because he left his current job and was waiting for his new offer. During this time, I never ever lost hope on Baba and I started doing Sai Baba 9 week Vrat and we visited Baba Temple together. Due to Sai Baba’s grace, his requirement got preponed and he joined in his new job. Thank You Baba for all Your love and support showered towards us.

Realization Of True Meaning Of Being A Human By Sai Baba’s Blessings

Anonymous Devotee from UAE says: I am working with a multinational bank in Dubai and staying with my family, had been religious since my young age. I and my wife do respect all religions and pay respect to all people from any race, gender, religion or nationality. My wife is a saintly lady who believes in values, morals, humanity, love, affection since her childhood. By Baba’s grace we have wonderful daughter. As I said that I always believed in God and all religions I had made friends belonging to various different religions. I had seen people praying to Sai Baba for many years but i  had never prayed to Him but always bowed in front of His Idol. For many years, I didn’t have peace at my heart, mind and in life though by Baba’s grace, I had all means of living my life well since beginning. I used to follow many Vrats and Pooja for getting inner peace but to no avail. One day my wife who has actually believed in being a true human since her childhood she told me that people find peace and their wants are fulfilled by praying to Shree Sai Samarth, I also started doing Nav Vrat of Sai Baba. With that moment, Baba pulled me towards Him like if I wasn’t a distinguished soul or had not been part of His kingdom or embodiment.

I bought one Sai Satcharitra and started reading it. Trust me, I had many queries in my mind related to human duties behaviour and fundamentals of how to lead life. Not to forget to mention that like everyone me and my wife had gone through hell like phase in beginning of our marital life hence I wasn’t at peace. To my surprise, whenever I had any specific query Sai Baba started giving answers through His Leelas. He actually transformed me into a real human who needs to love people help poor & needy ones. He showed me that He is present everywhere, He is one in all forms. I have started feeling His presence in temples, mosques, churches and at many places. Above all I can feel His presence inside me and good people around me. He has said let people come to me for what they want until they want what I want to give them. I am 40 years old and I feel that I should get what He wants to give. Many miracles have happened in my life since the time I started praying to Sai but the best miracle is that He has instilled a feeling in me that I should spend my life in His devotion and charity towards poor, old and children which was my wife’s dream since her childhood and now it’s mine too. I would request every Sai devotee to never lose faith in Baba and always try to see Him in every human every religion as Sai only wanted this from all of us. Jai Sai Nath.

Sai-My Beloved Guru

Anonymous Devotee from Canada says: I am a very ardent devotee of Baba for the past 18 years. All my family and extended members are devotees of Baba. I am very thankful to Hetal ji for doing this kind service. Everything to me is Baba. Though I don’t always say it aloud, I live with Him 24/7. I am a Psychotherapist by profession and my Guru guides me with every session i do and my clients are very happy with my service and I dedicate it only to Baba. Without Him, I would not have an identity. All is possible because of my merciful Guru. Just an example of it i wanted to share with the readers that I wanted to post long back which was delayed. Again I would leave it to Him as He decides when, where and how things should be done.

One of my client who visited my office with marital problems forced by her husband to visit me was very reluctant to see me as they had huge marital problems, if had gone to any other therapist would have ended in a divorce. Things moved so well during the sessions and just to make it short, I talk a lot about spiritual not mentioning any particular God and would describe “God is Love” and would fit very well to all religion people and many were thankful that I helped to revive their spirituality. And with this particular family, once I mentioned after seeing them, I was visiting Baba temple and the lady was curious and asked for details and explained the Temple and about Baba. She was failing in the citizenship exam for more than 5 times and her husband was calling her dumb. I motivated her to take it with confidence. Just before the exam, her husband brought a Baba’s Picture from their mail box and I was surprised and she passed the test. Also she heard from me about Nava Guruvar Vrat and started to do the Nav Guruvar Vrat. She had no hopes to get a job and fortunately she got a job. All the marital problems were solved and they live a very happy and peaceful life now. For me everything is my Guru and as i think of Him, tears pass down my eyes irrespective of where I am. I just want to always think about Him and blessed are the people who live in India who get a chance to visit Him when possible. Jai Sai Ram.

Baba Never Leaves In Middle

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba since 2007. I came to know about Baba through TV serial, but i did not know ultimate power of Baba at that time. After my schooling in my native, i moved to college and stayed in hostel. By one of my college friend, i came to know about Sai Baba. I have many experiences to say, but i don’t know which one to say and which one to leave. In one of my Semester Practical Exam (C++), i got a program which my Mam itself gave wrong program in our notes. I am basically from business maths student and i don’t know more about C++. I don’t know what to do. It was easy part in scoring percentage in college exams. If i did wrong in exam, i would lose 100 Marks. I tried many times, but i was helpless. I just sat simply before my system. I closed my eyes. I prayed to Baba to help me else i would lose 100 marks. I opened my eyes. I don’t know, what correction i did, when i clicked Enter button, my program got executed and result came. I showed it to my external invigilator and submitted my paper. Thanks Baba. Before few days, my father planned to get new home. Due to some problem, it was delaying and i told my father to come with me to Sai Baba Temple and offer coconut and then see Miracle of Baba. My father did the same. Next day, my Appa booked that home giving advance and agreed to settle within 3 months. After giving advance also, so many problems occurred but Baba did not leave us in middle. Now we shifted to our new home. All because of one and only Baba.

Prayer To Baba

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a Sai devotee from long time. I have always believed that He is going to be with all His devotees always and fulfil their wishes. Baba has given me innumerable experiences. He has showed me that He is with me always. But now i am in a dilemma. Myself and my best friend fell in love with each other, but he wanted to end the relation after 3 months. I asked him many times to give it a chance but he never agreed. I know we can live happily together. He broke up with me because he was muddled up with a lot of tension about other things. I was very worried. I asked Baba for a solution for this and put chits in front of Him for either letting him go or to stick on to him. When i picked up the chit, it came as let him go. But in my day to day life, Baba keeps my hopes high that he will come back by telling me to keep patience. As i am not very intelligent to understand His moves, i told Baba that i have left it to You. I still wish, he comes back to me and we get married. Baba, i need Your blessings. I know this is like a patience test for me. I know You are only trying to teach me the right way of leading life. Please help me pass this test. I am Your child Baba. You know what is right for me. Keep Your hands always on me and never let go of me ever. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Is Everything For Me

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a great devotee of Sai Baba. I believe Him that He is next to me and takes care of me always. I am married and living in abroad with my husband. Three months before my marriage, i had an eye infection and got swells in my eye. I was software professional. Due to that eye infection, i was not able to work. I prayed Sai Baba to cure my swells and i will visit Shiridi once cured. With Baba’s grace, i happened to get treatment from good doctor. But i was married and moved to abroad and i was not able to visit Shiridi. I always prayed Baba to take me to Shiridi. Due to financial problem and other stuffs, i was not able to visit Shiridi. I used Sai Baba questions and answers website and got a reply that i would be traveling and visiting Saint on Krishna Jyanti which is on august 17th. At last my husband got leave in June and we planned to visit Shiridi. My husband was about to book the flight tickets. I ignored about the reply i got and i was happy about visiting Shiridi. Suddenly my mom called and told that this is not right time to travel and she asked me to come after August 15th. I was surprised. With Baba’s grace, i saw Baba on August 17th on Krishna Jyanti. Baba knows everything. Without Him nothing can happen. Believe Him. Om Sri Sai Baba.

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  1. @ love & peace

    You posted the link to ranaji's song a few days back…i thanku…i am in love with the song…ill be very grateful to you if you cud translate it in hindi…as i am not able to understand the complete song…thanku….aumsaishrisaijayajayasai!!!

    • OM SAI RAM
      It was very hard to comprehend Rana'ji's song- I have tried what i could understand-Here you go my dear Sai Devotee

      Behke Shirdi Ch Sai dekh lende Tirloki-Sai Sitting in Shirdi is looking at the 3 worlds
      Sai da naam dhiyunda ja, used charni sees jukanda ja- you keep on chanting Name of Sai & keep on bowing your head down to those lotus feet.
      Har sah de ik ik manke nu Sai de lekhe launda ja- keep on surrendering your each breath to Sai(Sason ki Maala- manka means bead)
      Kite jit mile ya haar mile te kade nafrat ya phir pyar mile, Sai di Raza vich raaji reh, uhda lakh lakh shukar manada ya -either you win or lose, you get hatred or love, live in the command (RAZA- emotion of living in Surrender of GOD) of SAI by saying millions Thanks to SAI.
      Sab rishte-naate, rasma nu, na purian hoyian kasma nu, chedi na alle Zakhma nu, bas apna Faraz nibanda ja-BE de-attached from all relations, rituals, even unfulfilled promises and keep on doing your duty without complaining about all these hurtfull worldly affairs.
      Usdi bakhsish Jad hankar bane te sir tere da bhar bane- when you starts to THINK SAI’s Grace as your own achievement & starts being egoistic thinking of your own doing and such ego starts to get on your head…
      Sai de dart e Bhul Baksha- Seek forgiveness at the door of SAI
      Te uhdi rehmat da phal paunda ya- by doing this, keep of getting the fruit of HIS Grace
      Behke Shirdi Ch Sai dekh lende Tirloki-Sai Sitting in Shirdi is looking at the 3 worlds
      Kare mittin nu jo sona, uhdi Naza anokhi- HIS graceful divine look is turning dust into Gold
      Rabb dharti te aya, usne roop vatayia- GOD HIMSELF has come to earth in Disguise of SAI
      Jo bhi karde dars, sab akhde ne loki- the whole world who has gone for Darshan of SAI is saying the same that (Following line)
      Behke Shirdi Ch Sai dekh lende Tirloki-Sai Sitting in Shirdi is looking at the 3 worlds
      Kon rakh lau chuppa ke, oh ta Dillan diyan bujhe- Who can hide his emotions from SAI, As SAI knows all whats in our hearts
      Saari duniyan de raaz SAI, jaan lnda Guhje- SAI knows all the hidden SECRETs of the whole world
      Uhde kolo lukdi na, gal koi madi-moti- No one can even hide finest details from SAI
      Rakh sir ute hath, ohoe kar dinda khare-When SAI places HIS hand on our head, He Turns KHOTA SIKKA into KHARA SIKKA (means Just like turning dust in GOLD)
      Uhde dar jo bhi vade, Bhalla sab da he kare- Whosoever enters HIS door, everybody benefits
      Dinda pallan ch badal,taqdeer jihdi khoti- in moment SAI turns bad luck (Khoti taqdeer- Khoti comes from just like Khota sikka) in good one.
      Behke Shirdi Ch Sai dekh lende Tirloki-Sai Sitting in Shirdi is looking at the 3 worlds
      Chad mann da garur, paar lagna je chave- leave ego of your mind, if you want to self-realize
      Aaja sai de duare, kahto waqt gavave- come on the dorr of SAI, why you are wasting time
      Jaal dukhan da hai lamba,Teri zindgi hai choti-the vicious circle of pains is very long, but your life is very short.
      Rabb dharti te aya, usne roop vatayia- GOD HIMSELF has come to earth in Disguise of SAI
      Jo bhi karde dars, sab akhde ne loki- the whole world who has gone for Darshan of SAI is saying the same that (Following line)
      Behke Shirdi Ch Sai dekh lende Tirloki-Sai Sitting in Shirdi is looking at the 3 worlds

      Love & Peace

  2. Om sai ram!!
    Good news for all those who wants to send their prayers or thanks to shirdi..A temporary postman for this Guru Poornima has been appointed by baba for their loving devotees..For those who can't go to touch the lotus feet of Lord Sai Maharaj of Shirdi on dis guru poornima can touch it by their letters through his appointed postman (it is my interpretation).. I am leaving on 29th of this month..Please feel free to send your letters at abhi.bittu16@gmail.com.
    Last time baba blessed me to do dis sewa in January 2015 and I recieved 100s of letters when I was about to leave for shirdi.. I did whatever devotees asked me to do on their behalf such as i offered coconut as requested by one, I also took their names at dwarka mayi, i stayed there for a week and everytime i carried their letters as if dey are themselves present there…so this can't be a matter of chance, it's only Sai baba jis wish..let there be happiness and lot of diyas on this Guru poornima.

    Don't hesitate just send your prayers, pranam, thanks or love on this Guru poornima…Sai baba is waiting.
    Baba's Bittu.
    Allah Malik.

    • Namasty bittuji,
      Can you please carry my prayers to our beloved sai to bless me with an issue. I have been waiting for long to get his blessing. Sorry I can't email you. I would be very grateful if you can take my prayers to him. Please respond with comment that you saw my message
      Sai ki Beti

    • Namaste Bittu ji
      Please pray for all of us. Everyone should be happy. I need a job please pray for me. Koti koti pranam to our beloved Baba.
      Thank you
      Baba's servant


    Baba Loves all- these days I am loving all the new pictures of baba with new messages, very well done job. 🙂

    I love you all- Happy to see Meera auntie is back in comments section.

    Baba thanks for beautiful life 🙂

    Love & Peace.

  4. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  5. Om sai ram, we are waiting for your blessing baba . please guide us what to do. Please healp baba . we are not able to understant your leelas .om sai ram.

  6. Sir/Madam,

    The post which is from Canada, the Psychotherapist , can i have ur mailid.
    Thanks a lot,
    looking for your help

  7. Baba like you help your many other devotees . Please help me also baba ….baba cure my anxiety and dizziness. Please make me normal like I was before 3 years back . Plz baba I want to live a normal healthy life and I have to take care of my daughter and husband . Om Sai Shri Sai Jai jai Sai

    • You will be alright soon with grace of our beloved Baba !!!
      Dont Worry, he is taking care of us..

      Aum Shree Sai Ram

  8. Very nice experiences and I'm sure the prayers have been heard by Him already 🙂

    O Sai, help us control our emotions and take everything that happens as Your decree 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  9. OmSairam
    OmSai Namoh Namah
    ShriSai Namoh Namah
    JaiJaiSai Namoh Namah
    Shri Shridi Sai Namoh Namah
    Shri Satya Sai Namoh Namah
    Shri Sadguru Sai Namoh Namah

    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

  10. OMSAIRAM. Thank you baba for all your blessings. You have shown me a way in my career. Thank u baba. I love you so much baba. Prayers for all those who are in need of you. OMSAIRAM.


  12. Baba ji i just want to tell u i m in deeply luv with u…..pls never leave me..pls guide me all d way…….shower ur blessing on us.
    without u i m nothing and cant think of my life without ur love and support.

  13. bless everyone baba… we are your children , we are nothing without you….help my son baba… please make everything alright baba…. with shraddha and saburi we are passing these days….. we know you will never let your children down…..you are always there to help us…please bless us so we recite only your name in our every breath …OM SAI SHRI SAI JAI JAI SAI…

  14. Dear 5th devotee I was so shocked by seeing ur prayer rqst. Even I m facing the same situation. Me too waiting for her to come back. But before 2 days she called and said that she is in love wit some other guy. I have left my life to Baba. I know Baba will tc of me. I was so shocked to see ur experience the same as mine. Its Baba's miracle. Sachidanand Sathguru Sainath Maharaja ki Jai

  15. Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Samardha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    BABA ji ! Please stay with your child during his test. Thank you Saima
    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

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