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Posting Sai Miracle From US

Anonymous Devotee from US says: I am MBA Finance professional, working in one of the prestigious company in a good position. I am posting my experience from USA. I was a good student in MBA, one of the lecturer failed me purposefully in one subject in final semester. Due to this, I took 2 months late to get out of the college. After that for 3 months I searched job and I didn’t get, and then I got a very good job in Bangalore, where my friends who passed out of the college before me didn’t get the job. Bangalore is near to my hometown so I was happy. After some days, later at the time of joining there was shocking news that I have to move to Pune branch due to some reason for that mom told me to go as Sai only may wants you stay near to Him and worship Him more! Before this I was not hard devotee of Sai. I decided to go to Pune. Luckily I got a good friend to stay with me and I used to visit Sai Temple all the time in Pune and my Bhakti got increased to higher level and i visited Shirdi twice.

In office, i had a problem with one of the manager right from starting. Because of Sai, I could able to manage the things. After one year, I started to search job in Bangalore to get out of my manager but I didn’t get job. I thought I should put down my papers and go back to Bangalore but my grandfather forced me to complete 2 years and make a good career. I obeyed him and stayed by praying to Sai. Then I was searching about Sai on Google, that time I got to know about this blog which I liked and showed to my colleagues. Since I had a problem with one of the manager I didn’t get good ratings on top of doing my job well. That time one of my colleague was going to Shirdi. I asked him to get Sai Satcharitra book from Shirdi. He told he would try. After returning from Shirdi, I asked him in the office that did you get book but he didn’t respond and I thought he might have not got. But to my surprise, he asked me to wait near exit gate without telling anything. I waited there. He came and gave me a book. I asked him the price and thanked him. But he didn’t hear also as it was late to catch the cabs and he told tomorrow he will speak (I was in notice period in my company, one more month I had to complete to go out of the company). I felt too happy by seeing that book. By seeing Sai Book and Sai Photo on it, I just got down from the office steps and got into the cab but I didn’t knew that it my last day in office but Sai knew it that’s why He gave His book and made me happy.

To my shock, next day morning I got a call from my manager saying that I need to go to other head office in Pune only to meet HR and I asked him why should I meet HR Sir but he said he doesn’t know. Another 6 of my team members also were there in that office. The thing was that they asked us not to come office from tomorrow onwards and told we would be getting two months salary, however I was eligible to get one month salary as I was in notice period and they took back the employee ID card from us. I couldn’t control my tears as I was already on a notice period and they should not have done like this as I had booked flight tickets from Bangalore to Pune so that we can visit to Shirdi on my last day of office but unfortunately I had to cancel it and go back to Bangalore. Then I realized Baba only is asking me to go away from this place by giving the book. I went to my native and started to read book. I completed reading Sai Satcharitra.

On one fine Thursday, the great Sai did a miracle. I got an offer letter to join in Bangalore from one of the big company with a very good position and good package! From childhood onwards, I had a wish to go US as many of my relatives stay there. After joining this company, they initiated my US visa and I had to go to Chennai for visa purpose and visited Sai temple there and asked Him to get visa and also read Sai Satcharitra book and devotee miracles as well in the hotel. I got US visa for 10 years validity. It’s been 6 months I am working in Bangalore. I am proud of Sai. Without my knowledge, I became so famous in my company and everyone right from the AVP to security level likes me and to my surprise company heads sent me US on Nov 23rd to get training from US. I am too happy in my life it’s all because of Sai only I could able go this much height. So many people criticized me in each and every failure when my family not but Sai showed them surprises by doing miracles in my life. It was my dream to post my experiences from US. Thanks a lot my lovely Sai for making my dream true. One last thing, if you believe strongly in Sai, He will not leave you and firstly He will make you cry and then He will give a full of happiness which your stomach can’t keep! Trust me because it happened in my life! Love You from core of my heart Sai. Soon I will come and visit Shirdi to get blessings from You Sai.

Sai Miracles

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Dear Hetal ji, You & your team are doing a wonderful job of maintaining this blog. I read the experiences daily. I am addicted to this blog. I am a small devotee of Baba. I would like to narrate 2 miracles which i experienced this year 2014.

Experience 1: We planned to go to Shirdi, but our tickets were in waiting list, as i had booked them just 15 days before the travel date. I prayed to Baba that my mother cannot travel by bus. I need to come to Shirdi at any cost. Please confirm our tickets, I do not want to postpone my Shirdi trip. Moreover my periods were also due. I was worried all the time, if we will go to Shirdi as per the plan. I promised Baba that I will Post these 2 experiences in this blog if our tickets gets confirmed and I get my periods on time. I got my periods and our Shirdi tickets also got confirmed at the last minute. I was very happy. This is nothing short of a miracle for us. We went to Shirdi and had nice Darshan. Journey was also comfortable. Thank You so much Baba. I am sorry Baba, I am posting these experiences very late. Please forgive me. Thank You Baba again.

Experience 2: I had once checked the Question & Answer website. I got an answer that “You will be saved from Fire”. I got scared and prayed Baba that nothing should happen to me or my Family members. We had given our house for renovation and were staying in a rented house temporarily. One day after returning from work, My mother told me how She was saved from an accident. My mother was as usual using the mixer in the kitchen. Our house owner Aunty was outside near the gate calling out to her. My Mother left the mixer On and went and opened the door. She and aunty kept talking & suddenly our electrician & a labour person who were then working at our own house turned up to take their payment. And they all heard a loud noise from the Kitchen. My Mother ran to the kitchen & saw that the mixer had suddenly caught fire & she immediately called out to the electrician to come to the kitchen. The electrician came & asked my Mother to go out of the kitchen & he switched off the mixer, removed it & threw it in the open space outside & poured water on it. The entire Mixer was burnt. My Mother was scared as it was a rented house & anything could have happened. The electrician said that the Mixer had some fault in it. The electrician came in the form of Sai & helped us. I am very thankful to Baba for His timely help. My mother was scared because of this incident & was not able to Sleep. I applied Udi to her forehead & asked her not to worry, Baba took care of us & nothing happened. I am sorry Baba out of Anger & Frustration I said many things to You. Please forgive me. Please look after me & my family members ever like this & Keep showering Your blessings on us. Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Sachidanand Sadguru Shri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Baba Helped Me In Passing My Driver Exam

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hello everyone and Hetal ji, this is my second blog experience. Thank you so much for making such a nice platform. My day starts with reading the experiences from this website. It’s a power booster for me. My experience starts from here, I am living in US and here to get the driver license is very tough. I was working here and it was tough for me to be dependent on my husband for my commute. I started looking for my license. My husband started teaching me for the license. At the very first, I found it interesting but suddenly my husband‘s behaviour started changing and to teach me driving was an irritation for him. We used to fight a lot and I started hated him. I used to pray to Baba, please give me license because this thing is now killing my personal life. I took the appointment but again I rescheduled it. I was crying and asked Baba to give me appointment on Thursday. I had a dream where I saw myself driving the car and saw that I am reading Shri Sai Satcharitra. I thought Baba wants me to read it and I started it from the next day Monday and finished on Wednesday. As by Baba‘s blessings I got my appointment on Thursday. When I went there for my practical test again my husband had said something to me and I cried. But Baba was watching me. I got very nice instructor who took my test. She was very calm and had yellow flower in her hair. (Yellow flower are Baba’s favourite flower). At that time, I thought Baba has sent her to me. And yes I cleared my exam with very good marks. I had only 4 small mistakes. Thank You Baba for this. I am sorry I am posting this experience late.

I have one more experience, My cell phone is not so good. (If battery is drained it will be of no use, we need to purchase new battery or phone then. When I newly came US, I was using my old phone along with new number as I did not have so much money to purchase new one. Suddenly I saw that my phone is totally drained and not starting at all, I saw that now I have to purchase new one. I prayed to Baba to do something. At that time, I was reading some experience on blog suddenly one experience came of phone. That girl had some issue and she applied Udi on the phone and that started working. I did the same, applied Udi and kept the phone in Baba‘s Feet and said that please help me. After few minutes, I charged my phone and it worked fine. It started well, from that day many times battery of my phone got drained, but it has never completely shut down. It‘s working always. I am so happy. I applied Udi on the battery and its working fine. Thank You Baba for helping me.

Baba Is My Father And Everything For Me

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I thank everyone who is working for this. I am happy to share my experience with all of devotees. Baba is everything for me. Baba is saving me and my family each and every minute. For every small thing i ask to Baba. I loved a guy for 7 years. We both loved each other a lot. We thought to marry last year December but don’t know why from past 1 and half year he is not talking to me. He is not giving me any response. He is highly educated and settled in USA. His parents were interested in money still he loved me. He solved all problems and settled our families. By sudden, he said, he don’t want to marry me. We both are not made for each other said. I love him a lot because my father also accepted him.

My father expired 6 years back so i want to marry a guy whom i loved and my father liked that person. That’s why i can’t even forget him. I told Baba everything and started 9 Thursdays. Miracle happens on 3rd Thursday. He messaged me and after that he called me. But still he is not accepting to marry me, but i strongly believe in Baba. He will definitely help me. I do have faith in my Baba and promised Baba that if he will talk with me or i get any positive response from his side, i will post my experience in this blog, so i am positing here. I am the only person for my family after my father. I have so many responsibilities because i am elder daughter. I don’t want luxury life but i want to marry whom i love. I have belief in Baba. He is always with me and my family. He will definitely give my love back. So I am happy to know that my Baba will solve all problems soon. From past 6 years, after leaving my dad, we are facing so many problems. Baba is there with us every second. Thank You so much Baba. You are always there for us when ever situations are beyond our control. Please pray dear Sai Baba devotees that we get back our love. Now I have completely left the matter in Baba’s Feet, the more I try to forget him the more I end up remembering him. I know Baba will bless my love. As I asked Baba to relieve my tensions and love problems and give strength to be with my mom and sister, i am the person to save them. Thank You Baba. Baba blesses all. Om Sai Ram.

Blessings Of Sai Baba-His Presence Is Always There

Sai Brother Chetan from India says: Sai Baba has always been around me, He is my belief. Whenever I want, He is there. Sometimes without even asking, I get so many things which make me feel that I am blessed by Baba. Since many years, I have many experiences which have really made me feel His presence. Recent example is of my Visa for the country which is liked by almost everyone and is considered the toughest of all. I had applied for the visa and in current situation, visa has became the most desired skill. Looking at the rejection rate which to my understanding the approvals are in single digit %, I was afraid. The process started and the tension increased. I somehow had a feeling that Baba’s devotee cannot be rejected. Having said that, the logical numbers were making me nervous and almost people of equal cadre were already rejected. I prayed and submitted the request.

When the interview date came my belief that Baba’s blessing are there on this approval increased-It was scheduled on Thursday! Then, me and my wife decided to visit the Temple a day before the scheduled date. She got late in afternoon, it was 12:05 PM when we started for temple in the city (we usually visit there). We were of the opinion that the temple gets closed by 12:00 noon after Aarti and hence were depressed as we were late. Then the thought came in mind, ‘If I get the Darshan today, I will get the Visa’. We reached temple at around 12:25 and to our surprise, we got the Aarti as well. What else do you want? I was so happy but still the actual interview was on next day. I reached the visa consulate on the day. You believe it or not, just as I stood in the queue, I saw Baba’s photo just across the lane and on the barricade. I felt really nice and as if like your parent’s blessings, Baba is actual present to bless you. I went in and after many minutes of interview, I got the most difficult visa type you can think of! Really speaking, it is not me – it is Him who gave that gift to me. Jai Sainath Maharaj. Thanks for blessing me.

Got Job With Baba’s Grace After Being Jobless For 2 Months

Sai Brother Madan from USA says: Dear Admin, I am Madan Kumar Mahalingam. I am a software engineer by profession. I live in the USA. I am married and my Wife is doing Masters (MS) here. I wanted to share my experience with all the Sai devotees. I am a devotee of Sai Baba for more than 10 years. Baba has always stood by me whenever I am in need, during my tough times. He had taught me to do charity, not to live a life only for ours, help others whenever you could, with whatever you have, without expecting anything in return. In order to teach this, He has made me go through many tough situations in my life. He also made me acquainted with a Person [Lakshmiah Garika Sir], who has a home for HIV kids. He is the most benevolent and selfless person I have ever come across. It takes such a big heart to do such a great Job, that he is doing, where even the relatives are neglecting these kids. He also arranged a meeting with him here in the US. I had the good fortune of being with this human being for three days. It was really an enlightening experience for me to be with Lakshmiah Sir’s company. I got a practical demonstration of Charity and the selfless love that he is radiating towards all human beings.

I believe everything that you go through in life is for a reason and it will be evident to us more clearly at a later point of time. We just need to stay hopeful and have faith in Him. [Shradha and Saburi]. During this period, I have been out of Job for 2 months. I sincerely do believe this is also His Leela to teach me something important in life. I have been patient, it is tough to survive without a job in US for 2 months. One Day later, I was in front of Sai Temple, just about to get down from the car for attending the evening Aarti, I got a call saying that I am selected for the Job. I seriously cannot comprehend, how His Leelas work, and that I got to hear the good news just in front of His Temple. The new place where I got the Job has 2 Sai Baba Temples and I am very happy for that. I would get to see Baba’s Aarti’s and Pooja’s very often. Bow to Shri Sai, Peace be to all. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Om sai ram!!
    Good news for all those who wants to send their prayers or thanks to shirdi..A temporary postman for this Guru Poornima has been appointed by baba for their loving devotees..For those who can't go to touch the lotus feet of Lord Sai Maharaj of Shirdi on dis guru poornima can touch it by their letters through his appointed postman (it is my interpretation).. I am leaving on 29th July of this month..Please feel free to send your letters at abhi.bittu16@gmail.com.
    Last time baba blessed me to do dis sewa in January 2015 and I recieved 100s of letters when I was about to leave for shirdi.. I did whatever devotees asked me to do on their behalf such as i offered coconut as requested by one, I also took their names at dwarka mayi, i stayed there for a week and everytime i carried their letters as if dey are themselves present there…so this can't be a matter of chance, it's only Sai baba jis wish and this time I am more eager to carry out prayers of sweet devotees of Lord Sainath. .let there be happiness and lot of diyas on this Guru poornima.

    Don't hesitate just send your prayers, pranam, thanks or love on this Guru poornima…Sai baba is waiting.
    Baba's Bittu.
    Allah Malik.

    • Bittu ji, i tried to mail you on your given mail address, but it says invalid address.. i wanted to send my letter to baba…. i am from mauritius..

    • Dear Sai Devotee,

      Most probably I hv recieved your prayer. If I m not wrong 'bumma' please confirm here.
      Om Sai Ram!
      Sri Sai Samarth!
      Sripad Sri Vallabh!
      Allah Malik.

    • It also happened with me because I copied paste the Id it has . at the end just remove that and u will be able to send it.

  2. Dear last devotee of today's experience, every word of yours is true in itself. Seems you had very high level of spritual experiences of baba's leela.
    Blessed are the soul who merges oneself in Sai.
    Sri Sai Samarth!
    Sripad Sri Vallabh!
    Allah Malik.

    • Dear Madanji,such a beautiful experience.Can u provide some details of Lakshmiahji so that we can also contribute to his selfless act.

  3. Dear sai sisters n brothers jai sai ram..from tomorrow im having my final year exams..plz pray for me:))

  4. Om sai ram it's my humble request to all sai devotees please pray for us.as my husband is jobless from last 9 months.we have 16 months twin babies by baba' s grace and mother in law to take care. Now all our savings are finished . my husband is trying so hard to get job but nothing is working out . He does't get a single call for interview .i have done one saptah parayan , both of usdid 9 Thursdays vrat twice and started again , last week my husband visited shirdi also. I hav full faith in baba he is alwas there for us and our time has not come yet . so please pary for my husband to get job asap.om sai ram

    • Dear Sainath,
      Please bless this devotee's husband with a good and permanent job very soon and solve all their problems

    • Sai ram sister please don't loose your hope in our Sai ma he always listen to you and do the best have patience

    • Dear Sai devotee, I can understand how hard on you and your family to be in the said situation. I pray BABA to bless your loving twins very happy environment where daddy has a good job and you all enjoy good family life.
      Jai Sai Ram.

    • Dear Sai devotee,
      Start reading Sai Kasta Nivarana Mantra – 9 times everyday
      Also do Sai SatCharitra Parayanam continuously for 4 Times .Place 2r s coin every time and tell your wish to Baba.Then after you complete 4 times Parayanam visit Sai Temple and put the money in hundi and also do Annadanam to poor people.Soon your husband will get a very good job beyond your expectation by the blessings of Sai Sadguru.
      Om Sai Ram

    • Thank you baba, you gave me the opportunity to come and see you in the temple yesterday with my husband and child. Koti Koti pranam to you my saiya.

      And now you have answered through your devotees here, I will do the satcharita prayan and read the kasth nivaran mantra 3 times every day.
      Thank you for your prayers to my Sai family

      Please forgive my sins and accept me as your child, baba.
      All i want is to be a dust particle under your feet.

  5. I am a regular reader of this site & I do not claim myself to be a very good & big sai devotee. I love & respect my sai in my own small way but feel that he has been indifferent to me. I see on this blog that devotees with various types of issues after coming & bowing to the lotus feet of Sai, get all their worries resolved & are happy that Sai is there in their life.

    I have done all that is required & still continuing but my faith has shaken as I feel in the name of Shhraddha & Saburi, I am fooled & denied of my basic rights & necessaties.

    I am suffering since 2000 & 15 years is a long period for anyone to bear & have patience to set things right in place.

    I would like to know from the Sai devotees of this blog whether they have ever experienced & suffered from a dreadful black magic of unemployment bandhis & Sai has come to their rescue & permenantly saved them from the fated dreaded black magic. If yes please share.

    Thanks With best Regards,

    • I have been suffering from black magic done by my mother's sister. She did it when I was a teenager and I have been suffering for more than 35 years. I will be 50 years old soon. I am unable to come out of it though I am a very spiritually inclined person.

    • Dear devotees above i would like to know how do u got to know that you are under the influence of BM .. Is it because things are not going fine For quiet some time So u guessed that this is due tk BM

    • Om Sai Ram
      I was also suffering from the bad effects of black magic done by my mil.Anyway after reading SAI KASTA NIVARANA MANTRA – 3 times everyday I am feeling like some thing is protecting me and I am seeing a lot of positive things in my life.I only would suggest both of you to start reading this mantra and experience miracles in your life.

    • I come across two versions of Sai kasht nivaran mantra Viz Kashton ki kali chaya dukhdayi hai, and Prathamam ….. while searching. Which one is correct. I shall be thankful. Om Sai ram

  6. Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  7. Beautiful experiences and I am sure by now He has made the wishes of the posters come true by now 🙂

    O Sai, Thank You for filling our lives with love, happiness and success and blessing us with friends and family who love us to bits 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  8. Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath MAharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath MAharaj Ki Jai

  9. Baba,
    I am going to test my husbands BP today. Please please let it be normal. Please bless him with good health. He has been out of job for 4 years now. You know the difficult times we are going through. You show us the way and guide us. Bless him with a good job, you know whats best for your children. Please forgive my mistakes and sins. Please shower your blessings on my family.
    This gurupoornima day, please remove all the negativies from our lives and shower your blessings on us. Hear this humble prayer of mine.
    I call out to you Baba, this daughter of yours really needs you to come and save us.

    Om Sai Ram

    • Praying to BABA to bless you and your family with happy life and financial stability. BABA will surely protect your husband from any harm may that be healthwise or financial issue. Be blessed ever.

    • Do parayana of Sai Satcharithra 4 times continuously for getting job by Sai babas blessings.Do with complete faith.
      Also read SAI KASTA NIVARANA MANTRA – 3 times everyday.
      I am 100% sure all your problems will vanish soon by Baba's grace.
      Om Sai Ram
      Mantra is – " Kasto ki Kali Chaya dukhdayi hai……"

  10. Om Jai Sainath! BABA Ji! By your grace , your child is going to take the test . Please be with him. Thank you Saima
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Samardha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai

    • Dear Anonymous ji, Jai Sai Ram. I feel so happy that , out there , there is somebody who thinks of me and anxiously looking forward for my posts. Many a times I feel like posting BABA's grace on me and my family as there are much ups and downs in my family and even though we face anxiety and helplessness, I find BABA is not letting us fall! I will post in near future some of them. Take care and wishing well for all Sai Devotees.
      Jai Sai Ram.

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