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Baba Saved Us In Our Bad Days

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: Hi, I am one of devotees of dear Sai Baba and living in Singapore with my wife. Thanks Hetal ji for this beautiful work you are doing. I am sure Baba is with you and will be with you forever. May Baba Bless you for the work you are doing. Recently me and my family was going through lot of health issues and some other things where Baba saved us and blessed us to overcome this. I have couple of experience I want to share. I thought to share earlier but could not do due to my laziness. Baba please forgive me!

One year back, my mother was going through some gynaecological issues where she consulted with a gynaecologist. Doctor told to remove the uterus and before that doctor told to send some samples of uterus to Mumbai where they can test whether any cancerous virus are there. Initially they were suspecting something dangerous as the uterus was completely spoiled and it was swollen. We all family were completely disturbed and was shaken and were praying Baba. There was not a single day where i did not cry in front of Baba. I did 5 Thursday Vrat and went to Temple also. After few days, the operation was successful and the test report came out where doctor told that there is nothing to worry and there is no cancerous substance found. My joy knew no bound and i thanked my Baba for helping and blessing my mother and our family. Baba, I know You are always with us!

My second Experience, In Singapore, One day my wife had fever and loose motion and vomiting. We went to hospital and took some medicine. After few days fever went off and the vomiting also but after couple of days again vomiting started and she was getting severe pain in stomach. I was very worried. It lasted for few hours then everything gone, we thought due to some food poisoning it might have happened. But the next day, i went to office, she suddenly called me and told me that she is not feeling well. Immediately i came from office and took her to hospital. Her condition became critical and doctor told me due to dehydration, her heartbeat is very fast also. They put some Saline solution, but still the heartbeat was very fast. Doctors suggested to admit her and they will start antibiotic treatment. As she had some viral fever in the past due to this it is happening. I kept on praying Baba and crying a lot. Every time, i come out from the hospital and cry out side remembering my Baba. I prayed Baba and asked if there is something, You wanted to happen please kill me also because i cannot see my wife dying.

After 2 days of treatment, the heartbeat came down but doctor told there is some issue with Liver. I was completely broke down and thought Baba please save my wife else kill me along with my wife, I do not want to go back without my wife. During the 2-3th day of treatment I did not eat anything except bread and few juices. After 3 days, Baba blessed us and doctor told due to viral it happened and everything will be sorted out slowly. Now she is very healthy due to my Baba. I too have couple of more experiences to share, I will share in another post. I request to all my Sai Devotees through this post, Please keep faith on Him and everything He will sort out. Jay Sainath Sadguru Maharaj Ki Jai! My Sai, My Saviour, My Lord, You are Everything to me! Jay Sai Ram to all the Sai Devotees. We are blessed that someone is there to guide us and save us whenever we need.

Baba’s Unconditional Love

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all Sai brothers, sisters and special thanks to Hetal ji and team for rendering such selfless loving service. I am a small devotee of our beloved Sai. I invoke Baba’s aid in order to narrate this wonderful Leela of our beloved Baba. I am a student currently pursuing B.Sc degree from Mumbai. I had miserable times in my academies and one could say, i am a below average student.

Coming to the experience, i have very few friends. In fact, Baba is my Best Friend. Baba knows i am weak in studies. I prayed to Baba to bless me to pass my First Semester Exams in one attempt. I prayed to Baba thus-Baba You helped Mr. Shevde to pass lawyers exam, with Your blessings and grace Mr. Babu Tendulkar passed his medical examination. Innumerable devotees of You have passed and are successful in their careers. Baba nothing can ever be accomplished without Your blessings and grace. Please Baba bless me to pass First Semester Exams in one attempt as i am sick and tired of failing. It had been 4 Excruciating years of my life where all i did was failed and sometimes so miserable that at times, i use to get suicidal.

But then my bad days come to an end, Baba took me under His protection, love and care. I use to apply Udi on my answer sheets just before exams. Also i had kept Baba’s Picture and Lord Ganesha’s Picture in my Geometry. There is a Baba’s Temple just next to my college. Daily before and after exam, i use to go to Baba’s Temple and pray to Baba to bless me pass the exam. I took a vow that if i pass my exam, i would offer 9 fruits at Baba’s Feet and also would dedicate my result at Baba’s Lotus Feet. Also that i will read Shree Sai Satcharitra regularly along with Shree Sainath Stavan Manjari. During vacations after exams, i daily read Shree Sai Satcharitra and Shree Sainath Stavan Manjari. The day of result arrived. Just before the result, i was seeing Baba’s Picture in my phone. Wherein i saw a photo of Baba saying ‘Don’t worry, I am always with you.’ Then wonders of wonders, I passed in exams that too with 64.9%. Thanks a million ton to my beloved Baba. I know no matter how much ever I thank my Baba, it just cannot be enough for Baba has showered unconditional love on me and my family.

I promised Baba, I would come to Baba’s Temple bare foot and take Baba’s Darshan and offer 9 fruits at Baba’s Lotus Feet. I owe every heartbeat every breath to my Sai Maa. Thanks a million ton Sai Maa. Sorry for the delay in the post Baba. Please forgive me for all my mistakes and sins. You are my sole refugee Baba. Love You a lot my Sai. Once again sorry Baba and thank You Baba. Love You my Sai Maa. I promised Baba, i will share the experience with all fellow devotees. Sorry for the delay Baba. Thanks a lot to all readers for devoting their precious time and reading the post. Thanks to hetal ji and team for posting the experience. Love You Sai Maa. Thanks a million ton my Sai Maa. Om Sai Ram. Sai Ram Krishna Hari. Hari Om Namo Narayan. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai. Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Para Brahma Shree Sachidanand Sadguru Shree Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Om Sai Ram

Anonymous Devotee from India says: My heartiest gratitude to the makers of this blog. This is wonderful and makes me feel so connected to Baba. Om Sai Ram. Before I begin, I must inform you all that I never actually thought of posting this experience but it’s as if Baba is my Guiding Star tonight. It’s perhaps His wish that I share this small yet very significant experience of my life with other Sai brothers and sisters. I don’t remember the exact date or year when I came across Baba for the first time. I just know that I am connected to Him today like all His children. Baba has been very kind enough to fill my life with the essence of true love and I feel it’s His grace that I have a perfect lover. No, I must say him my husband as we both truly have been connected in the unsnapped emotional bond of true love and we definitely want to marry each other at the earliest.

It was just last year that my puchu (I call him that with affection) was operated due to severe appendicitis problem. However he had gone through the pain several times before for almost a year or two. During one of those hard times of his, I was so upset and disturbed that I couldn’t control my tears. I was constantly praying Baba to take care of my puchu as I couldn’t meet him because we haven’t disclosed about our relation to our families. Late during the night when my parents were asleep I went into the Pooja room and cried thinking about my puchu’s condition. I wished to send him some Udi of Baba but it was not possible as Udi was completely over at our place! However keeping my hopes intact I tried to check in the Udi box if some Udi would be left so that I could send him some. To my disbelief and joy, I found a whole new packet full of Udi near the box and couldn’t believe what was happening as I never had much of miracles happening with me. However finding the Udi at its place in such a time of adversity made me believe in the presence of Baba always around us, no matter what. After that day my puchu never had much of problem because of appendix until last year when finally he had to undergo an operation.

I am not among those blessed devotees of Baba who had the opportunity of visiting Shirdi or have dreams of Baba, but I know this is because of my own inabilities as a devotee. But I hope Sai Baba will forgive all my mistakes and call me to His Sai Dham soon. I wish to seek the blessings of all Sai brothers and sisters for me and my puchu’s upcoming exams and may Sai help both of us to get good percentage and make everyone proud of us. Please all of you pray for my puchu’s good health as he is attacked by many diseases every now and then. Please do also pray that we both get married soon and who knows may be Baba wants me to visit His Shirdi with my husband post our marriage. May Sai hold our hands and guide us in the right ways of life. May all of the virtuous Sai Baba believers be showered with good health and life. Thanks all for being such patient readers. Om Sai Ram. ‘Reham Nazar Karo Ab More Sai.’ Sai Baba doesn’t ever leave our side.

My Experiences With Baba Ji

Sai Brother Gautham from US says: Om Sai Ram. When I was at the age of 12, my routine was to play cricket in our village, which is in East Godavari district. One day we started playing from morning 8.00 am and we continued the session for more than 4 and half hours. We ended at 12.30 and were exhausted completely. I was totally dehydrated. To my bad luck, we don’t had enough bicycles as some of them left, we had to walk for another 2-3 Kms to catch a bus or an auto rickshaw. I took all my strength and started walking at the middle. I felt hungry and thirsty. I prayed to God (Not Baba ji) and asked to help me. To my surprise, I reached near Baba Temple and it was afternoon Aarti time. I heard the bells ringing and to my surprise priest came outside of the temple and gave us Sai Prasad. We ate the Prasad and drank the water inside the temple. I felt this was the miracle of Baba. Even I didn’t ask Him for help, He Himself helped me in disguise. From this incidence, I came to believe that God is one (Sabka Malik Ek Hai). He is omnipresent. He lies in every heart and in every human being.

Another experience with Almighty Sai Baba, I was once a rash driver and minimum speed was 80 Kmph for me. One day I went to market and while returning home I was at full speed and wanted to overtake the van. Whenever I tried to overtake, I couldn’t do it. At last, I beat the van and now it was a Maruti car. They were giving me way even I horned at them. They suddenly stopped their vehicle because of a herd of goats. I couldn’t realize it. Unfortunately, my engine stopped and brakes failed. I tried to stop with my foot but, everything went in vain and I hit the car. Because of Baba’s grace nothing happened to me and even to the car. Even the car owner didn’t take it personally and left me and said one thing be careful with the speed. This is only because of Your grace Baba.

One more experience with Sai Baba, When I was in my under graduation, I used to work hard. I don’t want to repeat the bad experience I had in my intermediate. So every day my routine was to have a glance of the topic and revise them at every time. I was good at all exams because of hard work. When I was in my final year, I was not in a state to study because I left the college hostel and was living with friends and there was not enough time for us to study. I was scared about my exams. I asked Baba a wish “Baba, please help me, I will do 108 rounds”. You know what, I passed my exams. This is all because of Baba ji. I know He exists and He helps us every time. If we are in deep sorrow or depressed, we cannot take anything into our heart. That’s what I was facing. I have His grace and love. But, my heart is in despair. Please my fellow devotees pray for me to get my faith and ultimate love on Baba ji again. Thank you for reading. God bless you all. Om Sai Ram.

My Appointment Got Extended

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I am a scientist by profession. I work in USA in a renowned institute. I am married with one child. I lost a premature baby. From last year, both me and my husband were having job problem. Because of Baba’s grace, my husband got a job. My contract is also extended. This is the way, I acknowledge His kindness. I am sure without His grace it is not possible. I am very impatient person. I think that is the reason Baba is giving me trouble to teach “Saburi”. My mom always taught me to be patient and ask God to give me the strength when life brings you in difficult situation. I am trying to learn. I have a blessed life overall but this situation makes me restless, less focused, depressed. Baba takes away my depression, help me focus in my job so I can continue. Pranam Baba! I am thankful what You gave me already! Baba bless my child. Baba bless all my friends and family. Love You Baba.

Baba’s Grace

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi, respected Hetal ji. I am from Shirdi. I strongly believe in Baba. You are doing nice work just like Hemadpant in this century. You created good platform to so many devotees to share their experiences. I hope Baba will always shower His blessings to you and your family. This blogs increases my faith on Baba. Here I am putting me and my friend’s experience.

This is my own experience at last year in 2013. I was under treatment of heart disease. I had bacterial infection inside heart on valve called as vegetation. I took the high doses of medicine for three months. My body was not responding well and hence doctor advised to do the operation. Doctors lost hope and told that there was less possibility that i can come to normal life and live. I used to read Sai Dainandini (Marathi conversion of Sai Satcharitra) daily before hospitalised. My friend always advised me to read Stavan Manjari before i was ill. But i never used to read it. But 4-5 days before my operation, i started to read. My operation was on 8 July. All family members were tensed. But due to some financial adjustment, it was postponed by two days. It held on 10 July. When my big brother looked at the calendar, he thanked to God as it was Amavasya on 8 July. I was operated on 10 July and operation was succeeded. I was discharged after 8 days. Now i am fine with Baba’s Grace. Om Sai Ram.

This is my friend’s experience. His aunt was pregnant and delivery date came near. Some days before delivery, she went to hospital for check up. Doctor checked and told “Baby have no heartbeats, you lost the baby”. His uncle informed his father. As his father was working at Shirdi and have faith on Baba. His father told to his uncle that “I am at Baba’s Darbar, i believe in Baba. Nothing will happen to baby. Baby will be alright”. He told to Baba “If baby and mother will be fine, i will distribute sweets exactly the weight of baby”. Early morning, my friend went to his uncle’s town along with money and got news when reached the hospital that his aunt delivered baby normally. Both baby and mother were fine. Then his father distributed sweets in Sai Mandir at Shirdi. Now that baby is 12 year old and has no problem. Navsas Majhi Pavel Samadhi, Dhara Drudh Buddhi Majhya Thayi! Om Sai Ram.

In 2003, one couple from US came to Sai Samadhi Mandir & was crying. Other devotees asked them about what happened. She replied “This is my husband, he had critical heart surgery. We lost the hope that he can come out of that easily. But during that period somebody told me to read Sai-Satcharitra. I started reading. I was reading it during operation. After operation, lady nurse came out of operation theatre & saw the Sai Baba’s Picture in that holy book. Lady Nurse asked me, who is this? I replied, ‘This is Indian God’. Then nurse told me ‘This doctor operated on your husband few minutes ago in OT.” Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Om sai ram!!
    Good news for all those who wants to send their prayers or thanks to shirdi..A temporary postman for this Guru Poornima has been appointed by baba for their loving devotees..For those who can't go to touch the lotus feet of Lord Sai Maharaj of Shirdi on dis guru poornima can touch it by their letters through his appointed postman (it is my interpretation).. I am leaving on 29th July of this month..Please feel free to send your letters at abhi.bittu16@gmail.com.
    Last time baba blessed me to do dis sewa in January 2015 and I recieved 100s of letters when I was about to leave for shirdi.. I did whatever devotees asked me to do on their behalf such as i offered coconut as requested by one, I also took their names at dwarka mayi, i stayed there for a week and everytime i carried their letters as if dey are themselves present there…so this can't be a matter of chance, it's only Sai baba jis wish and this time I am more eager to carry out prayers of sweet devotees of Lord Sainath. .let there be happiness and lot of diyas on this Guru poornima.

    Don't hesitate just send your prayers, pranam, thanks or love on this Guru poornima…Sai baba is waiting.
    Baba's Bittu.
    Allah Malik.

    • Really the last experience was awesome I had to control my tears as I am in my office while reading this experience

    • last experience is really awesome BABA is great hope BABA will save me always BABA tomorrow the reports regarding my health will be given.. BABA everything is at your feet bless me BABA

  2. I would like to share a wonderful experience that happened to me last night. I am a girl living in US all by myself. I have no friends and family here. I do everything by myself and you know the only person I have in my apartment and the only person I speak to, is GOD. I sometimes call him Shiva, sometimes Srimannarayana, sometimes SaiBaba. I love him so much. I don't want anything in life, I just want his love and blessings. I want him to increase my love and devotion towards to him.
    Last night I went to sleep around 10:30 and woke up around 12:30 as I was having a very bad stomach ache. I cried to Shiva to help me as there was no one to take care of me here. I mixed saibaba's udi in water and said to baba that I am taking this as a medicine, you take care of me. I went to bed after drinking the water but I still had the pain, by the time I woke up,it's the usual time I wake up to get ready to office. I don't know when I slept but I had a nice sleep without pain and was perfectly fine when I woke up. I am very thankful for him for taking care of me. I am not alone I know he will alwAys be with me and take care of me.
    My most Favourite part in the day is to get back to my apartment and spend sometime talking to him, praising him and singing some stotras! Please be with me and increase my love and devotion to you Shiva! I love you so much

  3. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai – the last two miracles are really divine – Baba himself operated oh My Baba!!!!!!! As is the B.Sc. Student's above – Baba will make me succeed too in my IAS Exam this year Sai Sai Sai Sai

  4. Sai Deva, I came to my home town for vacation to meet my wife and child. Here I came to know that I have health issues. Please bless me Deva to cure my health problems with out any surgery. Please Deva I have to work very hard to settle in life. Deva please Deva bless me

  5. Om sai ram , plz baba bless my husband with a good job baba , i will post my experiance on this blog .Thanks baba for all that you have given me baba.please forgive my sins and mistakes baba .om sai ram .

    • Om Sai Ram
      Do parayana of Sai satcharithra 4 times continuously and Sai will surely bless your husband with a very good job
      Specially read chapter 15 everyday before going to sleep.
      If possible ask your husband to do this personally with full faith on Saibaba.
      May Sai bless you soon.

  6. Wonderful experiences, especially the last one which is truly miraculous and I'm sure all the prayers of the posters have been answered by Him 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for being with us in times of need and helping us to overcome them 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  7. Om Sai Ram. Baba pl forgive me if I am doing any mistakes . Thanks baba Ji for everything . Baba Ji pl help me give me Shradha and Saburi. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai

  8. Baba thank you very much for the wonderful kakad aarti and mangalsnan darshan today. I am really feeling so happy and blessed. Really it was awesome…. Thank you so much baba… Please always be with us and shower your blessings on us. Baba please show a right path of career to my son.. Bless him with good result babaa..you are our only hope. Baba please help us baba.

  9. last experience is fabulous..its truly a miracle..please make me pass in all my subjects sai baba..om sai ram..

  10. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  11. Om sai ram please be with my son while driving the car.take care of him. Bless him with long life. Thank you sai you came in my dream and bless ed me.i am happy. I waited long time. Please reduse my fear and tensions. I love you sai.

  12. Aaj subah Maine socha ki agar baba meri wish puri karenge to sham ko temple me mujhe orange dress me baba ke darshan honge aur mujhe orange dress me hi darshan hue Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai Baba please fulfil my wish

  13. Jai sai ram Hetal ji,

    U r worlds best person , u r doing such a wonderful work for all sai devotees, humble thanx from my side hetal ji, from last so many days i was thinking to post this but today by baba's grace i post my thanx to u, baba will gv u evrythng in ur lyf, lots of blessings , love u frm d core of my heart hetal ji

    Baba's daughter

  14. Om Sai Ram ..jai jai Sainath. Please relieve us from health issues and always be with me and my family.

  15. Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Samardha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai. Thank you for everything you blessed us with BABA ji.

  16. Thank you Baba for always be with us …. I also want to write my experience…. n I will… Baba pls help my daughter to get what she wants …Prabhu …pls this time fulfill her wish n open d door for her…OM SAI RAM…OM SAI Meh Ma Meh Ma

  17. Om Sai Ram…. Baba please protect and safeguard my husband and children. Baba shower their lives with good health, good company and friends, happiness, laughter, inner peace and joy, courage, strength, wisdom, knowledge, devotion and dedication with lots of prosperity in everything they undertake to do. Baba please be with my husband and children keep them healthy always baba this is the greatest wealth. baba hubby works so hard but so many people are taking advantage of his dedication and hard work. Please support him Baba and remove all those negatives vibrations affecting the work environment. Please help him get a good team that can help him progress. Too many notices and obstructions which I place my faith in you adn Lord siddhivinayak that you will remove all obstacles at work and home. Baba please be with my chidren as their best friend and mentor. Please take care of my little family Baba. Om Sai rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om Sri siddhivinayaka namo namah🙏 I hope you will resolve all our problems Baba… please show us your miracles. Thank you so much 🙏

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