A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 986

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Sai Baba-A Real Saviour

Sai Brother Rajesh from UK says: My Pranam to Sai, He’s been a real saviour over the last 10 years from the time I was enrolled in Sai’s Darbar. I would also like to thank Hetal ji and her team for this wonderful work wherein all the devotees share their wonderful experiences which gives immense pleasure, joy, faith, and devotion in Sai. I am Rajesh Kassa from UK and would like to share couple of experiences in the past few months.

Sai Baba solving our health issues: As most of them might be aware that the transition period between autumn and winter in UK is always challenging in terms of various health issues like cold, cough, flu etc. They get transferred easily among people of different ages. In November, I myself caught with flu at work place and as a result was coughing very badly. Unfortunately it spread to my younger son very quickly as he is just 11 months old (less immunity) and enjoys playing with me after work. Coincidentally, my elder son who just started his nursery also caught flu from his mates in the school. So at one point, except my wife the whole of the family was suffering from severe cold and cough. I could tolerate myself but felt very sad looking at both children suffering from running nose, and cough. We literally prayed to Sai Baba to somehow save us from these sufferings. By Baba’s grace, after few days I was completely recovered. But unfortunately both of the children were still suffering a lot. At last Sai Baba cured even them and we are very thankful as He saved us from this terrible suffer.

Sai Baba helping to buy a new house: We are living in UK for almost seven years now and we had a strong desire to buy a new house in the last two years because of various limitations in a rented house. More over the rents in London are rocket high and surprisingly we can buy a house on mortgage for the same rent that we pay monthly. We been seriously hunting for a new house but couldn’t find a decent one. Luckily, just before my wife gave birth to a second baby, Baba moved us to a nice newly built rented flat in a good community having planned something good for us in future. Coincidently, the flat number was 19 (with Baba’s number 9 in it) and we enjoyed staying in this new rented flat and the pregnancy too went fine by Baba’s grace. In the meantime we were still looking for buying a nice house. But unfortunately after staying for nearly 10 months, the property owner decided to sell our flat (which he never had in mind). It was like blessing in disguise for us and we expressed interest in buying the same and made an offer which the owner thought was too less and he decided to put the flat for sale in open market for around 2 months.

Every week, the interested parties used to come to view the flat and we were really tensed thinking what if someone likes it and offers more and we need to vacate the flat. Moving to a new rented flat is tougher with two little children and more over the new property may not be as good as this. Luckily, after two months of viewings the landlord didn’t find any potential buyer and he came back to us with a reduced price. We were really happy thinking the way Baba worked this out for us and testing our faith and patience. The most important thing here is that, as soon as the landlord decided to sell us for reduced price the other similar flats in our area were put for sale for higher price than our flat because of the popularity of the area. We again thank Baba for saving us in terms of price. By Baba’s grace we got a good mortgage offer from the bank and we are doing house warming ceremony this month coinciding my younger child’s first birthday as well. The blessing doesn’t end here. Baba so skilfully arranged that this even house warming ceremony turned out to be on Thursday (Baba’s day) and on 18th (1+8=9, Baba’s number). Thank You very much Baba.

Sai Baba helping financially: This is another real blessing from Baba. Our budget was really tight in housing buying process and top of this there was a real need to buy a high specifications desktop computer which was costing nearly 1029 pounds (Dell) and we could afford around 700 pounds. I still can’t believe how this happened but the price on Dell website suddenly dropped to 729 for the same speciation’s which I was looking for. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I double checked again and again to see if there was any pricing error but it still showed the reduced price. Moreover, the website was showing two different prices for the same model one for 729 and other 1029. This was a real surprise as this generally doesn’t happen. I immediately purchased it without any delay and received it in two days which generally takes nearly a week to be delivered. Again the miracle doesn’t end here. The online prices which were showing wrong were later corrected by Dell after couple of hours of my purchase. I really thank Baba for this wonder of wonders and helping us with our tight budgets. On top of above, the government of UK decided to reduce the stamp duty on house buying’s just before our housing buying contract was exchanged (between my solicitor and sellers solicitors). According to the new rates, the stamp duty that I was originally supposed to pay got reduced by another 300 pounds which was a real blessing from Baba. Thank You Baba for helping us through these tough times. Finally, I would like to request one and all to be more faithful, and have enough patience towards Baba. The more you have these, the more closely you come to Baba and finally reach Baba’s abode.

Om Akhilananda Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma Samartha Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.

The Reason For Me Living Now

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a normal person who just sees God as my mother insist. I came to know about our dearest Baba and His miracles in 2004. But i became His devotee only in 2011. My life was never easy for me. Even silly things reached me only after great struggle. I was cheated by few, criticized by many yet understood by none. When i felt that my life was just like hell and when i decided to end my life, it’s at that time when i got my dearest Baba’s presence. I did my engineering with good percentage and had to wait for 2 years to get job in MNC. Days passed on with loads of struggle. I got placed in good company and many miracles happened because of You Baba. Whenever i am low, i visit Your Temple, felt positive vibration. No words to explain that wonderful moment. I silently pray within me that “Baba either wipe away my problems, if not give me the strength to face it. Otherwise end my life. There are loads of Experience and i would like share two of my experience now.

During my 3rd year Engineering, i was not able to study well for one subject and couldn’t perform well in exam. So i was very tensed and i was crying in front of Baba every day. To my surprise my friend called me and told, i am topper of the class which was my dream when i joined college. At the moment, i thanked Baba and tears were rolling down from my eyes. That was the best moment in my life.

Many times, i planned to take vehicle. Once i booked vehicle but due to some problems, i could not buy it. Suddenly on Saturday, i went to showroom and booked the Vehicle praying Baba. Within a week, i was able to arrange the money and got my vehicle on Varma Lakshmi festival and my Vehicle number is the best. It was all possible because of Baba. My parents are forcing me to get married to person whom I am really not interested. To come out of this problem, I started doing Satcharitra Parayanam. On my last day, I tried my best to complete it but i couldn’t. I know it is not positive sign but I still believe You Baba. I have problems regarding my marriage, my work and so on. But still a thought about my Baba is enough for me to regain all my lost energy. Whatever happens, Baba is there. I keep telling this every time when I go down physically and mentally. Now each and every second irrespective of the time or place I am, I just keep saying His name within me and I get a feel that He is sitting next to me and listening to me. My dear Baba, even my parents didn’t understand me, but You did. My marriage is under a big confusion right now. I am very much worried about it. But I trust You completely. I know Baba, You will take care of me. You will bless me with a wonderful life at the correct time. I am surrendering my life to You. Whatever happens in my life I owe everything to You. You are my world. I hope You will finalise my marriage at the earliest Baba. I am waiting to post about that in this blog soon. Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Ram Maharaj Ki Jai.

My Husband Got Job By Baba’s Grace

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear all Sai devotees, I prayed to Sai Baba That I will post my experience when it happens, Sorry it got a little delayed my Sai. I thank the Management for letting us share our thoughts and Experience. Please share this post as it is my thanks to Baba. My kids and I moved to India after my husband and i lived in US for 15 years. My kids were born there. My husband was looking for a job. He came for vacation to try for work, but nothing worked out. At that time, i started nine weeks Vrat. My husband went back to US, till about 5 weeks he didn’t have even one interview, but i was very confident on Baba and felt it in my heart that he will get job within 9 weeks. My husband was very depressed. He was in US and we were in India. It was a very hard period. Everyone kept asking me, how come i was so confident about him getting job within 9 weeks since it was already 6 weeks passed.

Every Thursday i went to the Sai Temple. I had a feeling that Baba is looking at me and telling, Why worry, I will get the work done. He finally got interview from CTS and he went through gruelling interview process and was unofficially offered the job on the 8th week. Again for a week, there was no news from them and no offer letter. It was my last week. I finished my Vrat. My husband sounded so dull. I told him, here it’s Thursday, in US, it was still Wednesday, you will get the letter tomorrow. When i was at the Temple in the evening, my husband called me and informed that he got the offer letter and good salary package. It is nothing short of a miracle. I cried the whole day thinking how Baba kept me in His embrace affectionately and how He kept reassuring me and interacting with me. My husband is here with us and loves his work. I love You Sai Maa, please be with us and guide us always. I am not perfect Baba but thank You for accepting me with my flaws and make me want to work to be a better person. Anantha Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhi Raja Yogiraj Para Brahma Sachidanand Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Thank You My Sai Nath.

Faith And Perseverance

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Baba gave me the real meaning of Shradha and Saburi. Om Sai Ram to all. My warm wishes to the one who gave us a platform to share Sai Leelas. I don’t have any experiences to share but a small thing happened some time before which i thought of sharing immediately. While going through my FB wall, i read some miracles which stated that a particular devotee got Darshan of Baba in many ways. With my anxiety, i too have prayed Baba that i want to see Your photo in a blue dress right at this moment. I knew that i was testing Baba’s presence with my foolish mind. After that i did not see any picture of my desire as expected. As i came through this page, i read some miracles and yes to my surprise, i saw Baba’s Photo in blue dress posted by a devotee. At that time i was dumbstruck without any emotion on my face. The only thought running in my mind was, Baba never disappoints His devotees even though he tests Him. Baba gives answer in some or other way but never let His devotees down. Saying in Sai Satcharitra goes like this: ‘Have Shradha and Saburi and your prayers will be answered’. I came to know the complete meaning of this now. Sorry Baba as i have tested You and forgive me for my mistakes. I completely surrender to You and pray to Your Lotus Feet and Baba please bless my parents with happiness. I know You will be there on my side Baba but please forgive me if i have mistaken You anytime in my life. To all devotees: ‘Trust in Sai and keep saying His name, Your prayers and wishes will come true one day. Know that Baba is formless and He is present at every corner observing you. Have faith and peace be to all. Om Sri Sai Ram.

Sai Is My Guardian

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a doctor by profession and have been an ardent Sai devotee since last 2 years. I had visited Shirdi many times before. There are many experiences I have to quote I will just go short on all. For me Sai Baba is everything. He is my Guide, Guru and my Guardian. He has always been there guiding and blessing me. I was trying to conceive three years back and even after showing to the best doctors in the field nothing happened. Then once my friend visited me and told me to do Sai 9 Vrat of Thursday, it’s unbelievable, after the second Vrat I conceived. He had listened to my prayers and had my treatment successful. Whenever I am in trouble I just remember Sai Baba and He surely comes for my help in any form. After my son’s birth, he was very ill. Doctors had given up hope and I just thought to apply Udi on my babies head and my baby’s health started improving and today he is a healthy 18 months child. Then I was also again in some trouble and I asked Sai Baba for help and He miraculously helped me again. I have been continuously doing Sai 9 Vrat and will be doing Sai Vrat throughout my life. I am so blessed to have Sai Baba in my life. All we need is patience and faith in Sai Baba and He will surely help us out. Thank You Sai Baba.

Baba Please Make Our Parents Accept Our Love By Your Grac

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Baba please make our parents understand us and accept our love. Baba, I surrender to Your Lotus Feet. I have been asking You to make my parents and his parents accept our love. I have been waiting for that guy since 3 years and now his parents are against our love. Please Baba, I beg You to make their mind change and accept me in their family. I cannot live without him Baba. Please make my wish fulfil Baba. I kept 9 Guruvar Vrat also but You did not fulfil my wish. I ask everyone who is reading to please pray for me. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. OMSAIRAM. Blissfull experiences. Dear baba help all those who are suffering from mental as well as physical issues. Give the strength to face them. OMSAIRAM.

  2. Om Sai Ram.
    As you are aware Baba I m passing through a void phase in my life with no direction. I m nothing without you. My left eye is lazy eye and I can never get it cured. But atleast you save my other eye for the rest of my life. Being partially blind is so painful sometimes Baba. I love you.
    Please bless everyone.

    • Dear devotee I will keep u in my prayer.. I really understand ur feeling… Pls take UDI regularly in ur eyes while sleeping.. Yesterday I was suffering from heavy cold and fever.. Trust me I take udi with water.. From today morning without any medicine my cough completely stopped and cold is reduced maximum.. Don't lost hope.. I will pray for u… Om sai ram…

    • Om Sai Ram
      As suggested by the other Sai devotee please apply UDI to your affected eye on the eyelid and not internally and also drink UDI WATER.
      Also read SAI KASTA NIVARANA MANTRA 3 times everyday.
      And do take sankalpa and read Sa Satcharithra 5 times continuously .I am sure you Baba's blessings your eyesight will be normal soon.Just do with 100% faith.

    • Dear Devotee,
      Along with applying Udi to your eyes, please offer water to sun god every morning. If you can read atleast one Vishnu sahasra namam every day, you can also listen to it. Your eye sight will be 100% better. Have faith in baba.

  3. OmSairam
    Blessed experiences. Baba, please forgive our mistakes and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to al


  5. Today is my birthday… thank u so much BABA for the surprise really very happy… thank u so much BABA.. please shower your blessings on us and give us good health, make me study well and pass the upcoming examination and your my heart's desire please bless us BABA

  6. Pls devotees say me the procedure for nav guruwar virat.. From this week am going to perform.. Pls kindly say me sis and bro.. Om sai ram

  7. Baba,

    Please do not leave me. I am going to get my test results today, my test results should be fine.


  8. Baba I can see your presence everywhere in this journey.. Please always be with us and make everything alright…

  9. Baba,

    Thank you soooooooooooooo………much for my CT scan results to be negative and everything fine. Also, thank you for letting me complete Satcharitra successfully on Saturday in the temple.

    Please Baba, never leave my hand and let me not leave your hand for ever. I LOVE YOU BABA.


  10. Nice experiences and all the devotees praying for help I am sure He has answered you by now 🙂

    O Sai, Thank You for coming into our lives and making it cheerful and brighter 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  11. dear 6th devotee i wish,pray and hope that your parents will accept your love with BABA's grace.. may BABA shower HIS blessings on you.. may your love be a success.

  12. Om sai ram!!
    Good news for all those who wants to send their prayers or thanks to shirdi..A temporary postman for this Guru Poornima has been appointed by baba for their loving devotees..For those who can't go to touch the lotus feet of Lord Sai Maharaj of Shirdi on dis guru poornima can touch it by their letters through his appointed postman (it is my interpretation).. I am leaving on 29th July of this month..Please feel free to send your letters at abhi.bittu16@gmail.com.
    Last time baba blessed me to do dis sewa in January 2015 and I recieved 100s of letters when I was about to leave for shirdi.. I did whatever devotees asked me to do on their behalf such as i offered coconut as requested by one, I also took their names at dwarka mayi, i stayed there for a week and everytime i carried their letters as if dey are themselves present there…so this can't be a matter of chance, it's only Sai baba jis wish and this time I am more eager to carry out prayers of sweet devotees of Lord Sainath. .let there be happiness lots of diya on this Guru poornima.

    Don't hesitate just send your prayers, pranam, thanks or love on this Guru poornima…Sai baba is waiting.
    Baba's Bittu.
    Allah Malik.

  13. Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Samardha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!
    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram

  14. Baba please forgive my son for his mistake, he is very much disturbed by the result .please help him baba I beg of you baba,please help him to clear both the subjects now.you only can do this baba..help us baba..please baba.

  15. Baba please forgive my son for his mistake, he is very much disturbed by the result .please help him baba I beg of you baba,please help him to clear both the subjects now.you only can do this baba..help us baba..please baba.

  16. Thank you devotee.. Thanks for those members who created blg which is very clear and useful.. Om sai ram

  17. Om Sai Ram,

    Baba, thanks for all you have done in my life, which would not have been possible without your blessings.

    Baba, please let me be at your holy feet forever.

    Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma,
    Sri Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  18. Nice experiences… OM SAI RAM…..BABA I've always felt your presence n your miracles…BABA you've blessed my son n now pls bless my daughter n fulfill all her wishes…. Be with us always BABA… OM SAI RAM…Sab ka bhala karo Sai ram…Sab par kripa karo Sai ram

  19. OM Sai Ram to all devotees…Baba knows what is right and what not for us…he'll give us what is best for us…Keep Faith & Patience …our SAI MAA will surely answer everybody's prayers…He is the best Father,Mother,Guru ,Eshwar,Friend ,Guide…..Everything….Sai Mera Sai Sabka…Love you alottt Baba…I am Sorry if i made mistake but pls dont leave my hand ever…OM SAI RAM …

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