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Baba Has Turned Out My Life Beautiful, With His Lovable Blessings

Sai sister Arkala from India says: I am Sai devotee from Hyderabad, India. Love You Sai Nath. First of all Thanks to Hetal ji for providing this great opportunity for sharing our experiences. Sai Ram blesses you and your family with His all love and affection on you. Please post my experience and I will be eagerly waiting to see my experience on our blog. I have experienced many Leelas of our loving father Baba and today I want to share some of them, with His blessings. Really Sai Nath, You have changed my life a lot! I have never thought that such sort of blessings, love and affection would shower on me from You. I really might have done some worth full things for which i am so lucky to have Your affection Baba. This is the ever and ever best thing happened in my life that is having Your showers of love on me. You are everything for me.

Experience 1: I am doing my engineering at present. There was a seminar section for all the students to present about their project. The entire faculty is so strict and I was so worried about their queries for which it is so tough to satisfy them with our answers. I also heard that they would scold us if our performance is not good. That was a day where the timings of seminar were announced for each batch. I prayed our Baba that our batch timings must be somewhere at the middle of seminar session, so that we feel some better. But my timings were declared opposite to my prayer. We were the batch members where the seminar session starts with our seminar first. I was so worried and asked Baba why He had done this to me. I left everything to Baba and went to seminar hall. As our batch was the first one to give the seminar, there was only one faculty to ask the queries that too he was our project guide and had not asked any queries to us. I felt so happy for Baba’s planning. As soon as our seminar was completed the entire faculty entered in to the seminar hall. The next batch students were asked with lot of queries for which they couldn’t answer properly, even though some people answered but couldn’t satisfy the faculty were severely insulted. I would like to say from this experience that whatever Baba does it’s only for our good sake. If I was not the first to give seminar, really I would have cried for the criticizing of faculty where they were not present at my seminar timings. Never lose hope on Baba if your prayers were not answered as Baba plans are unpredictable, which gives you best result than you actually expect.

Experience 2: I was topper of college by Baba’s blessings. But in my last semester I failed in one subject. It was not only shocking news to me but also to my parents, my friends, my lecturers also. I have written well but don’t know how it had happened. I cried a lot in front of Baba and applied to revaluation. Generally we get our revaluations results within a month but it took 2 and half months to get our result, I lost my patience in waiting for results, but remembering Baba’s principle Saburi, I kept waiting for my results. It was Thursday and I prayed to Baba that please I have to get good result on Your day, please bless me that today I have to get result. I went to college as usual. I was said by one of my friend that our senior’s results were declared today and it will take at least 1 week to get your results. I too thought the same but somewhere in the mind, I was hoping that Baba will listen to my prayers and my results will be declared today.

In the evening, I was doing my Pooja to Baba, my mobile was ringing but I ignored the call as I was in Pooja at that time. As soon as I completed my Pooja I took Baba Prasad and saw at my mobile where I saw a message that my results were declared. I passed in the subject for which I have applied revaluation, that too with a very good score. It was really a miracle as the other students who have applied for revaluation were not passed and I am the only student who passed that too with a very good result. I was really sad at the time I have failed as I am very serious about my studies, I listen to all my classes and even I have written that exam well. Before to this happening of this failure in my semester, I prayed normally to Baba but when this incident happened, I was so emotionally attached to Baba by which my love towards Baba is still increasing. May be Baba wanted me to come very nearer to Him by this failure. Never lose your hope when Baba doesn’t answer your prayers, have patience and you must surrender to Him completely. To me Baba is the only one in this world Who never expects anything from His devotees except Shradha and Saburi and I am still remembering His principles.

Now I am having my life problem. I am in love with a very good person, I think him as Baba’s gift to me. Though there were no problems at his home, my parents are not accepting my marriage with him. My parents are warning to me that they will commit suicide if I marry him. They are not accepting our marriage just because of the status variation and my parents are planning for other marriage proposals. The one whom I do love never needs even a single rupee of our parents. I love him so much. I don’t want to marry him in the absence of our parents. I know that as my parents are illiterate they do not understand our relationship. Please Baba bless me that I get marry to the one whom I am loving with my parent’s acceptance. You know that I never imagine other person as my life partner. I know that our coupling has been done by You, but please change my father’s opinion. Let him come to know that love and understanding is enough than the money to be happy. Please all the Baba’s devotees pray for my father’s acceptance for our marriage.

aba Has Accepted Me And Is Always Around Me

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Thanks Hetal Ji for creating this page and helping so many Sai devotees to experience the Leela’s of Baba. I have been following this page from quite some time and do not miss out on reading any of the devotee’s post. Reading these experiences is no lesser than reading Sai Satcharitra. I am glad Baba has drawn me towards Him, It was my last birthday (Dec 26 2013, Thursday) that I first attended Madhayana Aarti and I did not know what people were singing around me, I couldn’t stop my tears looking at Baba. Probably I was feeling bad for all what has happened in my past. I have started doing Sai Satcharitra Parayan and within 3 months Baba has drawn me to Shirdi and gave His Darshan. I was very lucky to be able to attend His afternoon Aarti (which I earnestly wished for standing in the queue) as our batch was the last one to be sent in before Aarti started. My joy knew no bounds. Thanks Deva. I have had small experiences of Baba in my life. I love Him very much and I feel He is always around me.

I was in a relationship with a guy for closely 6 years and we had 2 break up’s in between and this would happen only because of decisive nature (delay in taking decision about our relation). I wanted commitment in the form of marriage and he wanted time to settle his responsibilities back home. I have given him closely 3 years of time after my graduation to settle things and he could not. My family spoke to him they liked him. He does not belong to our caste but still as it is my choice, my family approved of it. However, his family is quite reluctant to accept this relation and I have faced lots of up’s and down’s in my relation. All this happened when Baba was not there in my life. After I had Baba in my life, I asked Him to please show me direction as to what I have in life and I pleaded Him to guide me through. Behind my family started looking out for proposals and none of them were appropriate for me.

One of my friend suggested me to approach my guy and this time she suggested me to deal things with love and I felt probably Baba is showing me the direction and I approached him. He couldn’t say no to me and we are trying to work this relation with Baba’s grace. I wish I get married to him soon, my wait for this relation should come to an end soon. Sai Ram. I have started doing Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat and completed 7 Thursdays and I attend Baba’s Aarti whenever possible mostly on Thursdays. Deva, I know You listen to me and have accepted me as Your child and You have set a time for everything in life. I shall wait until You feel it’s right time, However please give me strength and patience to reach that right time. Bless me and my family and all Sai devotees Deva, Let our love and faith on You keep multiplying every day and let all of us come very close to Your Lotus Feet. Let all of us see You in all beings and help people around to the maximum. Let we practice Shraddha and Saburi and let You always bestow Your love and blessings on us. Om Sai Ram. I wish I write and share another experience about my marriage very soon on this page. Om Sai Nathaya Namah.

Sai Baba Fulfilled My Wish

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all. I am a small devotee of Sai Baba. I know Baba since last 8 years but starting following Him strongly since last 2 years. In last one year my life has been full of ups and downs and it is only because of Baba that i am alive and fit and fine as in today. I am into an insurance industry and taking care of entire north and east zone and sometimes needs to travel in between also. I was planning to go to Shirdi since last 1 year but due to one thing or another it kept on delaying. Finally in July, i got my tickets booked for Shirdi. I was damn excited to go to the Holy Place. I had earlier bought a Chola for Baba which i wanted to offer Him on my Udyapan of Nav Guruvar Vrat but somehow it was not done. Hence i thought to take this Chola to Shirdi and offer the same to Baba. My heartiest desire was to see Baba wearing the same but i knew that same was not possible. Secondly i was not aware that we need to take 2 Vastra, one for Baba’s Idol and another one for Samadhi.

Anyhow, we reached temple and i stand in queue waiting for our turn. I can’t explain the feel when i saw Baba sitting there and smiling on seeing all His devotees. Baba was wearing a yellow coloured dress. The moment my turn came and i was standing close to Baba, my joy had no boundaries. Baba was wearing exactly the same dress in same colour and design which i carried with me to offer Him. Tears started to flow through my eyes. Secondly my worry that i have not carried another dress for His Samadhi was also resolved. The Temple was having the same set of dress with them, so my dress can also be used along with the same. If Baba takes care of such small wishes of His children, we should never ever doubt on His intentions. May be He will take some time to fulfil what He wants but He will give us what is best for us. I know Baba You are there with us and listening to each and every unspoken word as well. Love You Baba! Om Sai Ram.

Missing My Job

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Thank You Baba for coming in my life about 5 years back. I am married with 2 children, my son who is 6 years and a daughter who is 3 years. I lost my job in May 2013. I have experienced many miracles of Sai Maa in my life and have come out of my problems successfully. Now I am in a very grave situation as I do not have my job for the past 1.5 years. All my savings are depleting and I have to depend on my parents’ savings for my livelihood. I tried all means to search for a job but all my efforts have gone in vain. Due to this I have become very restless and there is a lot of tension at home. I have asked questions relating to my problem in the question and answers site too and Baba ji has answered to wait for some more time. I know that there are people with other grave problems which are more important than mine. But whenever I think of my previous job or prior jobs I get dejected a lot.

My wife complains that all this is happening because of my foolishness. I agree to her to some extent, but I did not have any serious issue in my previous job that the company would take a decision to ask me to leave my job. This is my last hope and i request Baba ji from this site to provide me with a decent job through which I can at least take care of my family. Baba ji, You are my only hope and I know I have made some mistakes in the past and never had a thinking that I have to suffer like this because of my mistakes. Sai Maa, I request You to please help me in finding a decent job where in I can also share a good experience like all other devotees. I am sure that this is just a passing phase and Baba ji will lift me up as I am falling down day by day. But the question remains when Baba ji will open His eyes on me. Every morning when I get up I open my eyes with a lot of tension about my job. Hopefully Baba ji listens to me and my worries and will help me. I request Sai Maa to please forgive me if I have posted anything wrong and also request not to give the same situation as mine to any other devotee. I am sure I will post a miracle in a few days’ time. Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Please Pray For My Relationship

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I need Your help so much Sai Ram. Please help me. I was in relationship with a girl for 3 years. Due to disputes between us, she left me. I realised my mistakes and asked her a lot to come back. She decided to move on and started hating me. I am in deep depression. I love that girl truly equal to my family. I prayed a lot so that Baba will bring her back again. It’s already a month passed away but I am waiting for Baba’s miracle to happen. Only crying is left for me. Please Baba help me. I need Your help very badly, understand my pain. I request all of you to pray for me so that we will live life long together. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Please Listen My Prayer

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi, i am from India. My whole family is a devotee of Baba. I am without job. Baba please help me. Jai Sai Ram. I would like to thank each and every one who is maintaining this site. You guys are doing great work. Baba please listen to us as before. Baba now we are facing so many problems in life. My family is in worst financial stage. I don’t have job for past 3 years and now my age is 29. How i will get marry without money Baba? My brother is of 25 years, still he did not settle in his life. Life is full with so much of pain Baba. Please take care of Your kids.

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  1. OmSairam
    Baba please forgive our mistakes and bless us all. We need you Baba.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

  2. Sainath,
    Please unite devotee 1 with the person she loves in marriage. Please bless them with a happy married life.

  3. Sainath,
    Please unite devotee 5 and the person he loves in marriage. Please bless them with a good married life.

  4. Baba,

    Thank you very much for the doctor visit going well. Please hold my hand and stay with me for my CT scan tomorrow. Please Baba, the scan results should be fine. Please bless my SIL with good health. Nothing should be serious with her health. Please bless her and save her.


  5. Dear sai devotees..I want to share something about my life so that you can show me the right path and help me.i m sharing all this to relieve myself as I m very stressed and stressing my unborn daughter too as I m expecting.sharing may help me to relieve myself in this phase.i m 30 year old.my life is full of struggles right from the time I gained conscious.in a concise way I can say that what ever I get in my life is after lots of struggles(wen I lose the charm of that thing) whether it's studies,little happiness,marriage,career,everything.i lost my father after his prolonged illness and bear all emotional and financial stresses.my all works are pending from so long and I m in unsettled phase.i m not materialistic that I m asking for money,all I m asking for is happiness.even after all this,I tried keeping me and family happy and taking things easier.but now I m broke.even i m normal human,till how long my heart will be ripped again n again.few months back I started praying lord sai.asked for a wish but unfortunately not fulfilled.my mother showed my horoscope to many many people,all say she has lots of struggle in life.earlier I never believed and made fun ,but now somewhere in my heart I started accepting this thing.even at this crucial time wen I m expecting lots of troubles and stresses coming which I m not able to handle.so tell me wat should I do.i want to leave everything on sai Ji but my mind is flickering thinking about my struggles.i m tired of that.i cannot even share my stress with anyone as I always pretend to be easy goin person.please frend's guide me,help me coming out of this sadness of my life.its my 6th month and sadness is torturing me inside.please say something to relieve me.will sai Ji break all my struggles of life..wat shall I do.please i need great help.help me
    Thank you

    • Everything ill be fine..don't worry ! just hold on to holy feet of our baba. He never leaves his children hand..just have patient n faith in him ! Go through sai baba holy book sai satcharitra..it will relieve you from stress..just believe in him..he is always near to his devotees..om sai ram

    • Please try to repeatedly utter babas name and gradually your stress will be reduced. Have a blessed life.OMSAIRAM.

    • Dear devotee,
      Life is not easy for anyone on this earth it is law of nature if there is up there is down and then up again and then down .. Thats how cycle goes. Similar is life who is born has to die one day .. these are non avoidable..Everyone struggle in there life for things thy want one cant avoid the troubles but suffering is in our hands or rather in our brain .. We can either sit and vent over it or work towards it and see the positives ..
      A very wise man said as long as you have health there are no troubles in life … And that is very true if you have good health you can over come any trouble in life … And i see u have alot to thank god for you are married having a baby , a family a house to live in enough food to eat … If you sit and think you will realiize so much god has given .. I would say dont get tired of these small struggles or troubles of life and make them your suffering .. Rather stand and face it and know within you that sai will help you with every problem of life … Like he is being doing so far .. I hope you understand what i m trying to tell and be a more positive and happy person om sai ram

    • Dear sister,
      you are of my sister,s age so called u sister.Even i have suffered since childhood,we are a family of 6 (4 sisters & 2 brothers).My father was a sole bread winner for the family.my parents are not bothered for us much.After getting into sai fold issues are still same but I have gained mental strength to face them boldly.Even after marriage my MIL made my life hell and to add ghee to the existing problems I am still issue less (8 years of marriage).My little sister (she is 30) is still unmarried :-(.Another younger sister is issue less even after 4 years of marriage.
      our parents always ask us to pay for their expenditure :-(.this is life dear.Don,t think I am disappointing you,just wanted to convey that there are people who are in worst situation than you.
      Please enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy your MOTHERHOOD atleast for your child sake.

    • Sairam. May baba bless you and your child. Do not worry about anything at this stage as worrying can not help you in solving things. Remember baba blessings can change your horoscope. Do not think about struggle but feel happy for the result you got at the end and feel the result. If you can not share your sorrows with anyone then write them on a paper and put it in baba's hundi. You feel lot better. Listne to music and sing. It opens your heart. As you are a easygoing person mothing id difficult for you. Keep yourself busy with some creative activities. Even if they are small you feel happy when you see the outcome. Don't worry about anything at this stage. If you are happy then your baby will be happy. Go to temples. Dream about your life with your baby . Every thing will be fine as you are under baba's shelter. Be happy if possible meditate. Om sairam

    • Om Sairam, Baba please bless my sister. Please break her no more. Give her happiness and more happiness…forever.

    • I am issueless after 17 years of married life.Lot of issues from my in laws side. Lost my healthy father recently. So dear see all the problems others are facing and think how kind Sai Baba is to you who is giving you a precious gift of a child.So cherish every moment of motherhood and think once you give birth to a child he or she will give you company throughout your life.Nobody will come between a mother and child.So please get rid of your stress mediate on Sai more,visit Sai temple if possible everyday,read Sai Satcharithra everyday and light at least 2 Diya in front of Sai.All these activities will not only give peace to your mind but also the benefit will reach your child in your womb.So start your life fresh with positivity and prayer to Sai Deva.
      I pray that you deliver a happy healthy cute baby soon by Sai's blessings.
      Om Sai Ram

    • Pls compare urself with others who r down than u..pls dnt stress urself..if any problem is cuming means ..just let go to the universe..surrender to universe..be happy ..easy to say but ..no other go dr..we should let go..co wrrying is waste..utter waste..so read satcharita daily one chap..attend aarti..keep urself busy..say sai sai sai sai..simply say instead worrying.. Om sairam..

    • Thank you my brothers and sisters.feeling lot better after reading all of yours guidance and support.will devote my every minute to my sai. Sai Ji bless you all,and I ll pray for you to bless with motherhood dear sisters.you all are my family .please all,keep in touch with me and never leave my hand.thank you for kind words.i ll try to keep my heart and mind happy.feeling better.i wish Sai Ji bless you all from the core of my heart.

    • Dear sai devotee,
      Let me share you my experience. You are so fortunate that you are in the folds of baba during this very important phase of your life. I am a mother of two kids. Trust me my life is also not been easy for me. Fortunately I have a very loving and caring husband. But i had been through a lot of torture physical and mental from my childhood. My mother never treated me properly. During my pregnancy my pregnancy my mother never spoke to me. Even my husband is very nice, but was holding on to the fact what my mother was doing & what she did for me from my birth. I was very restless during my pregnancy. But when my second child is 2.5 years when I look back, & I feel how stupid I was because the period which I lost in depression will never come back. By gods grace I have 2 beautiful and healthy and intelligent kids. The period of pregnancy is very precious period. Pls connect with your kid emotionally. If you are depress

    • If you are depressed your baby will not receive good emotions.
      For me I was not even knowing baba at that time.
      Do baba Nama japa, and meditation , always think abt positive things. In future if you want to change also you can't get back your phase, again you will regret & nothing can be done.
      So think and act wisely. May baba bless you with a healthy baby.
      Om sai ram.

  6. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  7. saibaba bless all baba…bless my amma with good health baba…her sugar levels should be normal baba..help my brother for a great career path baba…bless him with good course to join baba…bless my sister's life and her kids baba…soon she should get government job in her hometown baba…please forgive me for my mistakes baba…bless me and guide me for a peaceful career path baba..soon my marriage should happen with the person i love with all blessings baba…bless all baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  8. I wanted to share my experience today. My 3yr old son lost the house keys. My husband started singing his music that i have to watch him closely when he is playing otherwise these things will happen. After 1 hr of search, we dint find the keys and it was concluded that mistake was on me.i prayed to baba to help me find it otherwise my husband will hurt me with his talks. Immediately i found it in the garden , previously we searched there 3 – 4 times but those times it was not visible. Thank you so much baba….

  9. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai : All the job seeking devotees above – please start doing 1 week Sri sai Satcharita Parayan – I also did the same and not one but 2 job offers within a week Sai Sai Sai Sai

  10. Om Sai Ram,

    Baba, please forgive us for all our mistakes and keep us blessed forever.

    Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma,
    Sri Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  11. I am sorry Sai ma, please put my life in order please. I cannot do this anymore. Please i'm begging you. Don't leave me like this. I need your guidance and strength the most right now. This turmoil and storm that i'm facing..i can't share it with anyone but you. Only you can understand and only you can show the way. Please Ma, come back to us. I beg you. Om Sai Ram.

  12. dear 1st devotee very nice experience showing us the reward for trusting and believing in SAI BABA.I wish and pray that your parents accepts your love and you'll be happy with your loved one. JAI SAI RAM OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI

  13. may baba unite the ones who love each other and bless them with happy married life with their loved life partners

  14. Heartfelt pleas by most of the devotees which I am sure our kind-hearted Deva has already solved and brought a smile to their faces by now 🙂

    O Sadguru, Thank You for accepting us into Your fold and blessing us with love and happiness 🙂

    Jai Sairam


    • Om Sai Ram
      Apply UDI and drink UDI water everyday by taking Sai's name .Read Sai Satcharithra. 5 times continuously by taking sankalpa to Sai to please cure your health issues.
      By Saibaba's blessing your health will be perfectly all right soon.

    • Thank you sai devotee I am reading sai charities little but do you mean read full sai charitra 5 times but I am working so it's difficult to do in 7 days but I can finish it and start again and do like that 5 times is that ok please can you reply and please pray for me sometimes baba listens to someone's prayer thank you

  16. O Merciful Father! Please bless your children to get rid of their bad karmas and attain peace in their lives. Our faith and devotion should never waver. We should always take your name day and night. Thank you so much for everything you gave us. Jai Sai Ram.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Sainath Maharaj ki Jai

  17. Om Sai Ram Hetalji…… Ealier u were sending SMS related to Sai everyone who were interested in receiving. but later on it was stopped due to Govt restrictions. Please advise if u have created whatsap group so that we can receive such devotional Sai msgs. Waitig to hear from u soon

  18. Om sai ram
    baba thank u for everything all good and bad which is giving me lesson of life,helping me for realising my mistakes and making me better person.forgive my mistakes sai and dont leave my hand in my bad phase,always be my strength and guide me and show me right path.I m worried about my marriage I dont know what decisions I my taking very confused.good proposals are coming but why my heart is not accepting my parents are not liking my decision.help me sai give me what u want to give ,u know everything show me right guy.

  19. Om Sairam! Baba please help the devotee with 2 chidren with a very good job. I know the pain of joblesness and it is the worst of all pains. Please bring income to his house. Guide him and bring confidence in him. Give him a fresh start with his new job. Om Sairam!

  20. Sai pa am reading sai satcharitra, I will finish soon. You only know my situation completely dear sai. Please remove evil spirit and negative energy surrounds me. You know am in need of job please please I beg you to show your presence my dear sai.

  21. Dear sai sister.. I prayed for you and I will pray for u.. Your right our sai will listen our prayers for others soon compared to ourselves.. Am in need of job.. Pls my brothers and sister pray for me.. I am so happy to see the response for my comments.. Thank u sai pa

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