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Sai Baba’s Miracle

Sai Brother Prateek from India says: It was on year 2007, when I first witnessed Sai Baba’s blessings on me. That year I gave my HSE exams and the result was very poor, my parents were very sad. Somehow, I managed myself and started preparing for competitive exams in order to get a good college, so that we all could overcome from the HSE results tension. But the luck was not with me, in almost all the competitive exams that I appeared I didn’t had a good rank. Again the environment at our home was full of tension and sadness. One day I and my parents were filling up the list of colleges for counseling and suddenly, we thought of the college which I was aiming to get an admission but due to poor HSE results didn’t have qualified for the counseling. The college comes under India’s Top 15 colleges. My father asked my mother to make a call to that college and ask if there were any other sessions of counseling and to our surprise they told us that the next day they were conducting a counseling session and if we could attend the same.

We live in Rajasthan and the college is in Mumbai, and it was around 3 PM when we made a call. We called to travel agency to enquire if there was any bus available for Mumbai and the travel agency told us that at 5 PM there was 1 bus and the seats were available. We reached Mumbai the next day and went to the auditorium premises where the counseling was going on. I filled up the form and after nearly 2 hours of waiting, my name got announced that I got selected but in the different branch of college which was not in Mumbai. It was my dream to get an admission in that college, I was happy though I got selected in the other branch of that college. Till this time I was not aware that it was all Sai’s Leela. In the next month, the college was getting started and I went 7 days before to the college so that I could make friends and get used to the environment of different city. I was very excited but at the same time was very nervous also. On the 2nd day itself, my mind was continuously telling me to leave this college and went to my hometown. I called my parents and told them that I am getting nervous and I want to leave this college and want to come to our hometown. Hearing this, my parents were shocked and they somehow made me understand that this happens and you will get adjusted in few days.

Days passed, but still I was not able to adjust there and almost daily I called my parents and told them that I want to come home. My parents visited to my college and stayed for a week in a nearby hotel, they again made me understand that this happens and you will get adjusted, even they told me that they would send me to foreign as the college offers a semester study in United States with an extra fees. 2 months passed but still I could not adjust and finally I left my dream college and came back to my hometown, knowing that I won’t get admission now to any other college as already other colleges had started and it was the month of October and have to waste 1 year of my life. None of my family members were happy about my decision. We were knowing that a very renowned person of India was opening a University in our hometown (40 KMs away from our city) and to our surprise one day in the newspaper we came to know that the University will start in October only. I took the admission in that University and graduated from that University. This was all Sai Baba’s Leela and I understand that what He does, He does best for His children.

Second Miracle, It was in year 2011, I got placed from my University placements with a handsome package before my final semester and the posting was in Gurgaon as mentioned in the Offer letter. I thanked Sai Baba for His blessings on me. All my family members were very happy but Sai Baba had different plans for me. My final semester completed in May and I was expecting the joining letter in June mid. 2 months had passed but I didn’t receive the joining letter, I contacted the Company and my University and they always assured me that I would soon receive it. I started applying to other companies as I had a fear that if I didn’t receive the joining letter then what will happen. To my surprise, 1 day my father told me that in his company which is in our hometown only had a vacancy and I applied to it and started preparing for the Written and GD/PI. I got selected and received a package which was more than the one from the other company in which I got selected from my University. Sai Baba showed His miracle once again and i felt His presence.

Third Miracle, From the last few months, my life is going through a bad phase, it was in September, 2014 I told my parents that I want to go Shirdi and Siddhi Vinayak Ji (Mumbai) as soon as possible, they also want to come with me but somehow my parents professional life was not allowing them to come with me. Finally, we planned to start our journey to Shirdi on 1st October, 2014 and reaching there on 2nd October, 2014. I had booked the tickets and applied for the leaves also. My father’s friend told him that on 2nd October, 2014 it is Dussehra and is Thursday i.e. Sai Baba’s day there will be a huge rush, so he advised him to book the hotel prior. We called to one of the hotel in Shirdi where we stayed 3 years back. He told that all the hotels in Shirdi are booked and there is no space. My parents were in confusion whether to go or plan to visit next month. But I want to go this time only as I could not wait anymore minute now. Finally, we started our journey from bus on 1st October, 2014, though my parents had some tension where will we stay if we didn’t found any hotel but I was not thinking about all this my mind was continuously praying to Sai Baba to give Darshan to me.

We entered the Paawan Bhoomi (Holy Land) of Shirdi on 2nd October, 2014 still the Mandir was nearly 10 KMs away, my father was enquiring some details with the bus driver in the bus and the bus driver told that he was having some contacts with one of the Hotel in Shirdi and he would try to a get a room for us. The bus driver helped us a lot, and we got a room. My father thanked the bus driver for helping us. We all took bath and went for afternoon’s Aarti. We stood in the queue and after 3 hours we got a Darshan. I was crying looking at Sai Baba and was praying to please remove this bad phase as soon as possible from my life. After the Darshan, we had a lunch and decided to again stand in queue so that we could have an evening Aarti. This time I had a very good Darshan as if Sai Baba was standing in front of me. I was very happy. We reached the Hotel at 8 PM and enquired about the bus for Mumbai so that we could have a Darshan of Siddhi Vinayak Ji. The travel agency told that at 10 PM there is a last bus for Mumbai. We booked the tickets and started our journey for Siddhi Vinayak Ji in Mumbai. We reached Mumbai the next morning and stayed in Dharamshala. We went to Siddhi Vinayak Ji temple and there also I had a very good Darshan as if Siddhi Vinayak Ji was standing in front of me. These are just few of the miracles which I have quoted against the number of miracles which Sai Baba does every second. I thank You Sai Baba for all that You have given to me. I am sure You will remove this bad phase of my life sooner. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Helped Me In Finding Right Job

Anonymous devotee from India says: I am Sai devotee since my childhood. I always pray Him a lot, because of His blessings I am able to complete my professional studies at very young age. Thanks a lot for being with me all the time and i request You Baba to be with me every time, guide me and bless me Baba. Sai helped me in many ways. Here I will share one of my wonderful experience. I am a qualified CA at very young age only because of Sai blessings only I could do that. I know without Him it would not be possible. But the moment I came out there was huge recession and I could not find suitable job. I found a one in which I joined, but after 3 months that company closed, immediately I found job in Bangalore. Many of my colleagues don’t have offers that time. But I immediately got an offer with the blessings of Baba ji.

For some personal reasons, I decided to move abroad and I left the job and moved abroad. There I started searching for job. I don’t know what was there in Baba’s mind I could not find job there and after 5 months I returned India and within 15 days I found job here. But that was not a very good job and life settling one. But I don’t have option and i joined. That office doesn’t have any system in place. I worked very hard but i got no increments for 2 years. Earlier I was praying every minute. But after marriage I forgot Baba literally. I thought that is the reason Baba is testing me and immediately I started praying Him like earlier. I have done 108 Pardakshinas in Temple seeking help from Baba to give me a good job. Then I got an offer from one company and I left the job. Then I came to know that the other company is also not good and that is also in sinking stage and is not able to give salaries to existing employees for months. Then I have not joined there and started searching for another job. I don’t know what Baba wanted to give me that time but I was in full tears and depressed.

Later I got a job in a Pharmacy company, which has been acquired by an Australian company. So I thought this is very good opportunity. I have 15 days time to join and I went to my mother’s place and before 2 days of joining, I received an email from the company that due to some reasons my offer got cancelled. I was in full tears I can’t say this to my parents and immediately I came to the city. Then I was praying Baba very sincerely that You were there with me all the time from childhood, because of You only I am here now and You left me like this. I started applying for other jobs. On Thursday, I got a call from reputed company and scheduled an interview. Interview was very well and I thought Baba Himself was there in my place and answered very well. But I didn’t hear from them for almost 10 days. Then my husband suggested to give them a call and again on Thursday which I feel lucky day for me, i called HR and asked for the status. They said they will let me know by weekend. I received call in next week that I got the offer and they asked me to join immediately.

Then I took a week time and visited Shirdi to thank Him and then joined there. Baba tests us a lot but gives us very good thing after that. That I will explain you why Baba chosen this office for me. After 6 months, I was pregnant and this office is more convenient. I can take leave any time and there are no timing restrictions. It’s really very cool job which is very much required during pregnancy. We had medical facility in office (don’t have such facility in previous jobs). We can update either in-laws or parents. At the time of joining I have given my parents details but we were incurring major expenses for my father In law. So in august 13 we have renewal. So I thought of changing dependency details to my in laws, where this miracle happened. My father was suffering from severe throat pain from past 6 years, but he avoids getting it checked at hospital. He always says this is seasonal, during winter I am getting like this etc and he avoided going to hospital. His pain was very severe and he was not able to talk also.

In July 2013, my parents came to see me as I was pregnant and my in-laws went for other function. Then we forced my father to go to the hospital and then we came to know that it is cancer and also in final stage. My mother is also devotee of Sai and we left everything to Baba and asked doctors to do the surgery immediately. Doctor said I can’t give 40% guarantee also that he can talk again. But we were praying Baba sincerely that He will take care of everything. Baba appeared in my sister’s dream and He said why all of you are worrying? I am there to take care of everything. Here I need to mention how the insurance helped us. The surgery cost was almost 4 Lakhs and everything was covered under insurance. If the same is not there I am sure i couldn’t able to get him operated immediately. Operation was successful (6hrs), they have removed the vocal guard but a machine has been fixed instead and doctor said he can speak after 2 months. Really Baba is always there to take care and bless.

After that chemotherapy and radiotherapy were required and my insurance was renewed in august and we had another 5 Lakhs. The chemotherapy and radiotherapy cost was of 3 Lakhs also covered in insurance. If the insurance is not there, as we are from very poor family it’s very difficult for us to get these expenses out of our pocket. With Baba’s blessings my father recovered and he is able to talk now. Baba blessed me with a baby boy with normal delivery. My in laws got angry and they were not like earlier I don’t know the reason. So my mother can’t take care of my kid because my father is there. So it’s again a problem how to join back to office after maternity leave. I understood that Baba showed me very good office by keeping all the future in view. He knew everything. We have a crèche facility inside the office and I joined back when he is 4 months old. As I informed its very convenient job, I used to go to him for every hour and feed him. I was not dependent on formula or outside milk even I was working. Really Baba tests a lot but He will bless us. He knows our future well in advance and He will show path. Baba forgive me for not praying You for some period and please be with us and bless us. Please Baba. Now we are going through very tough phase in my husband’s career. Please take care of it as You have done for mine. Please Baba. Bless us. Thank you hetal ji for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to share Sai miracles. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Baba Set My Life And Carved A Path For My Career

Sai Sister Swetha from Australia says: I am a dentist trained in India and currently residing in Australia. I have known Baba since my childhood, as my family worships Him, but I personally got drawn to Baba since this May. 2013 and the start of 2014 was not a very favourable period for me. Baba came into my life since May this year and set things straight. I started believing Baba truly with devotion and it got strengthened by the posts that I read on your Facebook page. These make us believe that our beloved Baba is forever with us, always protecting us and taking care of us.

My experience is follows-As I previously mentioned, I am a dentist, and as any person from the medical field, we have to sit for examinations and clear them before practicing here. I had cleared the theory component quite easily in the first attempt. However, for the clinical component, though I took coaching which was expensive, I could not clear the examination. Little did I know, that I had applied quite prematurely without adequate preparation. However, my morale was down, and though I prepared for the second time, I was not satisfied with my preparation as there was very little time and the material to cover could include any part of dentistry at random. I got extremely stressed during the examination where we have vivas, and my mind played all sorts of games and I couldn’t answer well, though I had known the answers to those questions. I hadn’t fully trusted Baba then and was praying like I pray to any other God. As expected, I couldn’t clear the part where I had not done well. Though I knew it was because of my incapability, I could not accept failure. I went into an abyss of depression. I felt lost in a foreign land and, knew not what to do.

At the same time, my husband had a transfer as his project changed and we moved to another city. The change of place did distract my mind a little, but negative thoughts still crept my mind. At times I did want to end my life unable to accept failure. However, due to Baba’s grace, I did get a job as a dental assistant for a short period of one month, but that job did wonders for me. The people I worked for, were absolutely a Godsend!! By working there, I knew how different the practice is from India. I started noticing the smallest of details from communication with patient to how the procedure is carried out and all the information that is recorded. Equipped with this new found positivity, I remembered that I had promised to do Parayan of Guru Charitra which I had postponed, for a very long time. By the time, I finished the Parayan, I felt like a different person from inside. I could not visit the temple on the Thursday when I completed. So I visited the next Thursday, to Sai Baba temple which also happened to be my birthday. I was having a Darshan of Sai Baba, after a very long time at a temple. I felt tears rolling down my eyes while I prayed, and felt as if I had reached home. Since that day, my devotion to Baba increased.

Slowly, I started reading Baba’s Satcharitra from an i-Phone app each day. The more I read the chapters, the more I was drawn close to Him. Baba says that He calls His devotees when their time comes, I felt I had received my call. And He has been with me since. Through Baba’s grace, I got through my friend, a contact of a dentist who agreed to check my work. Slowly by assistance, my work improved and I started studying in a systematic manner, and believing in Sai Baba all the while. Whenever I would have a doubt regarding my result, I used to get “Believe in Shree Sai” in the question and answer website. Towards the end, I felt I did everything that I could and left everything on Baba. I was more relaxed during the exam, as I cast my burden on Him. I wanted to have a Darshan of Baba at our temple before my result came. I went at a slightly late hour after Madhayana Aarti got over and the Temple was closed. But on seeing me, the person taking care of the Temple opened the doors and allowed me to have Darshan. I prayed to Baba to clear me if He felt I deserved it. Within an hour, I received my result and I cleared and it was possible, entirely because of Baba’s grace. It would not have been possible if not for Him. I felt He was with me the entire time. I am very happy now and forever indebted to Baba as I can now start thinking of pursuing my career here and starting life afresh. Thank You Baba, for saving me! Om Sai Ram.

Baba Is Our Saviour

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi all, first of all, i would like to thank the admin of this page for doing a wonderful job. May Sai bless him/her and their family immensely. I am a doctor in USA and i am writing my second experience and i am waiting for my first post to be published. I did my medical school in India and came to USA to do Post Graduation. I am right now attending interviews for my PG and hopefully i will get a PG this year. After finishing my medical school, i wanted to pursue PG in USA and though my parents did not like the idea, they did allow me to proceed further. They did not want to break my dreams. They were so supportive that I would not have survived the stress of exams and travel without them. After finishing all my exams, I traveled to USA to attend interviews.

Few days before my departure, my father had mild chest discomfort and i asked him to see a cardiologist and do a TMT test for his heart. He kept postponing. After i came to USA, he found time to do TMT and he could not even proceed to stage 1 of the test as he started to have abnormal heart beats as soon as he was put on monitor. The doctor terminated the test and tried again but still my father’s heart was beating abnormally so she did not proceed further. The doctor advised my dad to do angiography as soon as possible. Because my parents are alone (My brother is working in Singapore), they were very anxious. My mom was very upset and almost crying. She was praying Sai every second for my father. My father pretended like he is good. I felt very bad that i abandoned my parents for my own selfishness. And very bad because i am a doctor and i could not even take care of my dad in a crisis. I kept praying Sai that my dad should live long and there should not be any serious condition associated with his heart. I asked him to see another cardiologist to get a second opinion. I kept praying Sai with tears.

My dad saw another cardiologist in 2 days and he repeated TMT, this time he was able to finish the TMT without any difficulty. The doctor said that the earlier abnormal TMT might be due to machine error and no need to do angiography at this point as the test is normal. We were so happy after hearing this. Our joy was out of bounds. We knew its Baba’s grace and blessings that saved us from an invasive procedure. My mom would not have tolerated it all alone and now she is very happy and grateful to Sai for everything. I am very thankful to Sai for giving a wonderful mother in law to be (She is also a doctor). She supported my parents very well, made sure they don’t feel abandoned. My mother used to fast every Thursday and I can’t thank You enough Baba for everything You gave me. I don’t think i can live a life without Your guidance and blessings. I owe everything to You Baba. I promise You Sai Ram that after i finish my PG, I will do free medical service as much as i can. Please continue to support, guide and bless us Baba. We need You Baba. I know that with Your blessings, I will get a PG here in a good university. Take care of all Your devotees Baba.

Power Of Baba Ji

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai Ram to all Baba devotees. Firstly I would like to thank to the admin of this page for giving me this wonderful page to share what I feel. It all began when I was 16 years old where my father had to go for bypass surgery. During his recovery period, he had a lot of trouble due to his weak health and some jealous people who had done black magic towards him, so this made his time more worst then we thought. There was where, I and my family get to know the miracle of Baba. We are truly blessed and happy for inviting Baba to our family. Since then everything went smooth. All the curse and sin has been moved. Now I am already 19 years old, the only concern is that my parents had no money to send me for further education. I have to work by myself and study. Unfortunately, the timing was against me. At the Start of 2014, I was jobless till now. More over I have a boyfriend name Jaya. He studied electrical engineer for degree, the only problem we have is, he is jobless. He had given several interview that end up failed. The amount of effort he put was uncountable. Now, he is giving interview for government job in this December. Please pray to Baba for us to get the job he wanted. We are looking forward to build our life. I had completed my interview section. Currently, i am waiting for the result too. Hopefully both of us get the job we wanted, so that we can support each other without burden on our parents. Please pray for our job. I will post again, once both of us get the job as my wish to Baba. Soon, I will be starting my Sai Vrat for 9 week. Sai Ram.

I Love My Baba So Much

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a student doing M.E. I had faith in God but it completely had a drastic increase after I started trusting my Baba. It was my father’s dream to build a house. After so many years of hard work last year we built. While it was under construction there was a need for more money than expected budget. My family members were fully disappointed. We were all praying and didn’t know what to do except for praying. In a few days my mother received a message in her phone regarding loan. I usually ignore such messages but the minute we called the bank there was only few personal details questions and it was sanctioned. The next week we received check through courier with no enquiry. This was a real miracle we experienced. Then after construction got over we got ready for house warming function. I wished Baba to be among the day through out with us. 1 week before that Baba came into my dream like He was walking on the terrace of our new house. Baba was wearing orange coloured Kafni. Finally our function went on well. My uncle from Mumbai came to visit us. He was wearing the same coloured shirt as Baba was wearing in my dream. I realised that was Baba’s presence in my uncle’s form. I was really happy to the core. Thank You Sai Ram for being with us. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Om sainathaya namah. Baba today is my marriage anniversary. Plz bless us. Baba me and my husband are suffering from various health issues which has taken away all the peace from our life.plz baba give us the gift of good health because life is miserable with these health problems. Begging at ur lotus feet. Plz answer my prayers. OM SAI .

    • Dear Devotee,
      May Sai bless you with good health and lots of happiness.
      Please start reading Sai Kasta Nivarana Mantra 3 times everyday and Baba will surely bless you with good health
      Also do Sai Satcharithra Parayana continuously for 5 times.
      Om Sai Ram

  2. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai – FIrst devotess and the father's one devotee really moved with your experiences-also the pictures by 4th and 5th devotess are simply speechless Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

  3. All sai devotees and hetalji I found the no for jagtapbaba babas But before calling I thought I will find out from someone who has gone to him I tried to call few testimonial no which I read in his web site but none of them talked to me I am from UK so hetalji can you please find more about him he is sai baba devotee I am having health problems so if someone can help me on sai ram

    • Om Sai ram
      Even I wanted to approach Jagatabbaba but fearing whether he is a genuine person or not. Nowadays there are lot of fraud cases in the name of healing. So it better to be careful .please collect proper info and then seek his help.All the best dear.

    • Dear devotee i contacted him once spoke to him .. He said he is blessed by sai to help people cure their illness.. For that i will have to visit him in shirdi in person .. I asked about money he charges he said you can give any thing you like in donation if you dont want do not give .. I dnt charge its a free healing service ..
      But unfortunately i never got a chance to visit shirdi since thn so i dont know if he realy ds cure or just making this all up ….
      I just pray to sairam to show us devotees the right way …

    • Sai Ram,

      I don't know about Jagtap babaji, so can't help you with that.But i do know that Jaya Wahi ji, who is the author of the Book "Sai Baba is still alive" is also doing healing. She has a facebook page by the name of her book Saibabaisstillalive and her contact number given is +91 98184 65473.
      Check it out, you will find a lot of people have been helped by her healing. She also has devotees in overseas location who can help.

      Hope this will help you in some way. May baba's blessings be upon on and be blessed with good health.

      Om Sai Ram

    • Sairam ji , i have contacted jaya wahi ji after reading her book .. We exchanged few emails and she said she. Will send me babas udi .. Since then i have neither received udi nor she is replying to mails .. :((

  4. Dear devotees sairamji, can anyone suggest how to go to shirdi from delhi what is the easiest way flight or train please suggest the name also ??

    • Om Sai Ram
      I would suggest you to book flight to Poona and from there book a taxi to Shirdi.This would be very comfortable as you will be traveling from Delhi which is far off from Shirdi.
      Other devotees can help you know about the train journey as I am not aware about it.
      May Sai bless you with a blissful darshan soon.Happy Journey.

    • Great thank you devotee … I would consider this … Can any devotee helpp me with the train how many hours would it take etc ..


  6. Wonderful experiences and I am sure the prayers of the devotees who posted have already been answered by His Grace 🙂

    O Sai, Thank You for filling our lives with love, light and laughter 🙂

    Jai Sairam


  8. Anantha koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajdhi Raja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai

  9. STAY AWAY FROM THIS FRAUD JAGTAP SAI. He gave me a remedy to drink UDI which I did for 2 months ask asked, nothing happened. I thought I needed to keep saburi so did one extra month. Nothing happened he had also asked me to goto sai temple. Sai temple is 100 kms away back and forth distance. I did it. but nothing changed,things got worst. Then I called him to complaint. He informed me he is the biggest doctor in this world,that no other person in world can cure me except him and that a patient has to come to doctor to get treated. I objected to his wordings saying and asking whether he thinks he is even bigger doctor than sai baba himself as I went to SAIBABA as asked by JAGTAP baba. If sai is in him, how can a remedy told by SAI BABA fail? He kept saying no I need to come to him and no other peson in world can cure me. I booked extremely expensive tickets. Then he touched me, asked me to do udi therapy again for 1 month saying I will be ok. But actually, after This JAGTAP touch, instead of my health issue disappearing, I found something that I may have and this 2nd thing is rather more life threatening. And my situation got worst. When asked, this JAGTAP who earlier claimed no one on earth can treat cure me except his touch, now claims that he is nothing, and he never claimed he can guarunteed treat me. So I have a negative experience. I had thought even if JAGTAP is not real,atleast UDI is real and SAI baba knows all, but unfortunately no miracles happened.

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