I Feel Baba’s Presence

Anonymous devotee from Australia says: Before start writing my experience, I have to bow my head to you for the great service you are doing. There are no words to express my gratitude. Baba bless you and your family. I am a devotee of Baba. I believe in Baba’s teachings. I always feel Baba’s presence and daily experience His miracles. Daily I read Sai Satcharitra a paragraph. I am so blessed that my family and friends believe in Baba. So many times I wanted to share my experiences and never had the confident to put in writing. Today I got the confident because it is Baba Who gave me the courage. It is tax time in Australia. Cut-off date is 30th of October. I waited till the last minute and completed all our schedules and completed the tax returns and went to bed around 2 am planning to send that in the morning.

In morning i finished my prayers and came to the study to lodge the tax returns. Guess what!! Message came “data corrupt” and expected me to redo the entire work again. I was frozen and did not know how to handle the situation. If I have told this to my husband, as most husbands, he would have sung the tune “I always tell you to take backup, Don’t leave it till last minute” etc. I was almost in tears and told “Baba Please Help Me Baba As You Know It Is So Many Weeks Effort. Please Baba”. Immediately I had a feeling and i refreshed the screen and everything was back on with every detail. I could not still believe from where the corrupt data turned to be original data. It may be a very minor incident for others but for me and those who have lost their work on computer while doing assignments and important documents will know how desperate we will be at the situation. It was my Baba Who was listening to me and came running to help me. What else I could say about my feelings. I thank Baba for showing immense kindness and always request Baba to shower His grace on all His devotees like us and always keep His blessing hands on all His devotees. Jai Sai Ram.

Om Sai Ram-Baba’s Diwali Gift

Sai Brother Ritwik From India says: Om Sai Ram. May God bless all and May Hetal ji and Team keep rocking with their stupendous work. I love Baba and this is my 9th experience here all due to grace of our Lovely Baba. Today is 24-10-2014, Govardhan Pooja when I had got the opportunity to post this experience of mine from Baba’s infinite lovable Leelas. This is about how Baba helped me well in time monetarily through giving me a gift which only They (Baba) can. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. I love being with Baba, watching Him, thinking about Him, Repeating these 5 lines as and when I got to: 1. Kaa Yaavein Ji 2. Allah Achcha Karega 3. Allah Malik 4. Ramte Ram aaoji aaoji, Udiya ki Goniyan laoji laoji 5. Aadha Ghanta ther jav. I read the English version of Sri Sai Satcharitra – though I believe that Baba used to speak in Marathi with most of His Marathi Bhaktas or whichever language They wanted to speak, but this is my narrow understanding to be able to catch these 5 Hindi/Marathi lines from Sri Sai Satcharitra.

Diwali was approaching and I just like a child ask/expects/thinks of a gift from his parents. I too asked Baba that I too need a gift from you – a real live gift (Stupid & Greedy me). And lo behold, the next day, I got the call from my former landlord that he will deposit the residual INR 9000 to my account on Chhoti Diwali(A day before Diwali which is Narak Choudas) and Poor me didn’t realize it that time but the figure I was getting into my account sums up to 9. I really needed this at that point of time and Baba just loved it that way. Wow, Om Sai Ram. I have no words to express, it’s so lovely, Baba loves me the most. While returning to my native place on Diwali, when I entered my Native which is Jhalawar in Rajasthan, the Pujari/Caretaker inside asked me if I could install CFL light inside the temple. My joy knew no bounds. He also told me that he wanted to tell the same to my father too who is recently promoted to Joint Director in the Govt. of Rajasthan and it was Diwali and Yes Om Sai Ram guys as we all Know it was a Thursday, Balle Balle. Getting the CFL installed was also a challenge as I didn’t have much petrol, was difficult to find such a shop at Diwali night. All done in a nick of time with a galloping race against time. I kept saying “Sai Sai” all the time – and it finally became a possibility all due to Baba and Baba only -Baba choose previously at my nearby Temple in Mumbai also to get a bulb installed. Hail to Sri Sai, Hail to Baba. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram.

My Experience With Baba

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Sai and I totally surrender to Him and believe that whatever is happening and has happened is all about what He wants to give. I am very sure that His blessings are always there for me. I would like to share my experience that how He saved me. I trusted a person in my life and had plans to spend rest of my life with that person without knowing that he was not true to me. I always used to pray to Lord Sai for a good partner and my wishes to go and take blessings from Shirdi. At last I got an opportunity to visit Shirdi. I was very lucky that the crowd there was very less and I was able to have Darshan of my beloved Lord four times in just less than 24 hours of stay. And throughout I was only uttering His name and for a good life.

Then I returned home hoping that everything will be fine. But within two days someone from nowhere told me about this person saying that he is married. Then I actually recognized the true colour of the person with whom I had plans to spend my entire life. For the past 10 years I was not able to identify but as told ‘come to Dwarkamai and all your sorrows will be cleared’ that actually happened. I now totally withdrew from this relation and I thank Sai for opening my eyes and prevented me from falling as a prey. True colour of that person was revealed and i also came to know that all he wanted was my money I am earning. Now I am very happy that this to be relationship has been broken and I am in peace now. Thanks to Lord Sai. I would like to visit Shirdi again and take Darshan of Sai and get His blessing. As I said I totally surrender to my Sai. Om Sai Ram.

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    Dear Sister (who felt Insulted yesterday, when other sister told story of her sister)

    Do not get angry, listen what Baba is trying to convey to you.

    Its all Baba-no one except HIM.

    To me the other sister did not insult you- if you think she insulted you, Baba says whosoever takes insults happily, such devotee is very dear to me. (h)

    I am also childless for last 6 years, But I think its Baba's grace, I can sit quietly, meditate morning-evening, read my books & INFACT I LOVE MY LIFE, excelling in business like anything, excelling in spirituality, loving life, living life, touring the world- on top of that NEVER ASKED FROM BABA for CHILD- DOES HE NOT KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR ME?? HE is my best inner friend, who eats with me, sleeps with me, wander with me.
    Its HIM, HIM & HIM ONLY, ME & HIM ARE ONE- HE IS FULL OF GRACE- given me everything without even asking.
    DONT want to be stupid, who asks wrong thing & suffer for the life.
    HE can raise the dead & I know the day i ask for child i will get it too, But WHY? WHY not trust HIM, who knows our ultimate best? cheer

    Baba is full of Kripa, grace, love and when you never ask HIM anything, HE gives what you never ever dreamt in life.

    I really can not put in words the GRACE you avail when you never pester HIM.

    Love you life devotees, Life your life, surrender at THOSE lotus feet 🙂

    Meditate without asking for anything- love the stillness, solitude and company of Baba that comes with it x-)

    if you think I am too egoistic (its all about me, me & me :d)- then you are okay to think so- as ME AND MY BABA are ONE & Only One—- NOT A single stupid wordly desire can separate US- ME and MY BABA- there is NONE me, its all BABA, BABA, BABA. (o)

    In fact, when you worship Baba without any desire, the whole WORLD falls at your feet. $-)

    Love & Peace 🙂


    Lovely experience :))

    Must be feeling great Ritwik after having 2 back to back experiences published :-d

    Love & Peace (o)

  3. Aum Shree Sai Ram
    Jai Shree Ram

    Baba g please listen to my prayers baba g plssss…. Give me what i want plsssssssssssssss baba g…

  4. Wonderful experiences.

    O Sai, we surrender our lives to You in the hope that You will give us what is best for us, do with as You please 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  5. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai. I am going to school for my son's admission. Please bless me Deva as I have to spend rest of my life with family. Anantha Kodi Brahmanda Nayaga Rajathi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Sri Satchidananda Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  6. saibaba bless all baba…bless my amma with good health baba…bless my brother to get medical seat baba…please bless him with bright future baba…bless my sister's life and her kids baba…soon she should get government job in her hometown baba…please bless me with a job in my hometown within this month baba…please help me baba…soon my marriage should happen with raji baba with all blessings baba…please forgive me for my mistakes baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  7. OM SAI RAM. Baba bless our married life. we almost spent 15yrs of life but past 2yrs we are seperated inside house itself. I love my wife very much. Please baba shower ur blessings on us. Please forgive our sins. We love u very much.

  8. OmSairam
    Nice experiences. Third devotee may our Beloved Baba bless you with a very happy and best married life.
    Anandakoti Bramhananda Nayaka Rajathiraja Yogiraja ParaBramha ShriSachiananda Samartha Sadguru ShriShirdi Sainath Maharaj ki Jai !!!
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

  9. Baba Iam very scared and nervous please save me from all types of embracement baba please

  10. sai ram i feel happy you made my desire. with your blessings we got visa. after 10years we are going to london. with his blessings only. be with usin the journey.give courage to us. thank you baba once again

  11. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Koti Koti Pranaam Baba Thanks a million zillion trillion Back to Back experiences (Ritwik here) Chak de Phattey Balley Balley I have started Weekly Parayan today and had hot my experience published in the 954th experiences list , today too I had prayed earnestly to Baba looking at my own experience Baba's pic and lo Behold ! That very experience was mine , my 9th experience that too on A Thursday Om Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram Sri Sai Ram

  12. Om sai ram,
    Baba pls forgive my all sins and my mistakes done knowingly or unknowingly. I have started nav guruvar vrat, please help me to complete that without any interruption. I am at your lotus feet. You know what is best for me. Pls show me the right direction and path & lead me. You are my everything. Bless me and my family baba. Bless everyone.

  13. Baba I dnt knw why I keep vrat because I am in love with you saimaa and i will keep it life long I don't need anything only your hand to walk with me

  14. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  15. Om Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai, Sukh Kari Teri mahima sari.
    Jai Sainath Maharaj ki!
    BABA! Please hear my Prardhana. Keep us near your holy feet and bless us to get through life's problems. Bless us with your divya darshan Saima and forgive our sins. Thank you BABA for everything you have given us.
    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram

  16. Sainath,
    A strange thing is happening. For the past couple of days whenever I come to this blog, I always come across experiences by devotees who have got good jobs. I have been praying for years for getting a good job. Now I have given up the hope. Am I assuming that this is an indication that I will get a good job?

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