Baba’s Miracle – Got A Job

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: I am a Sai Devotee since 2005, every day I chant His name at least once and i regularly do Sai Parayanam (7 Days). I am married and have 1 son, they are also devotees of Baba. I am living in UK since last 3 months. Jai Sai Ram, Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. These lines have changed my life entirely since I started believing in Baba. As I cannot cover all of my experiences here, I would like to share the below recent experience with all of you.

After working in a top MNC for almost 9 years in India, we (me & my wife) took a decision to settle down in London, and we started praying Baba to fulfill our wish, and started 7 days Saptah Parayanam. Within 7 weeks, we have our Work Visa in our hand. To our surprise money has accommodated in no time, so all happened very quickly. I resigned from the company, booked flight and finally reached to London, and then i started searching for Job. Actual problem has started here, because of some work restrictions and also because of not being a citizen of UK most of the companies did not finalised the job offer, even though my profile and skills suit the job and i did well in most of the interviews. I did not left the hope and kept on trying with the confidence on Baba, and motivated by my wife, friends and well-wishers.

Several days, weeks and months were passing, and i could not get the job, and started feeling depression, and also I came into a situation of being running out of money. I started questioning to myself, whether I have took right decision, and started praying Baba to fulfil my wish. I have not told many of my friends and relatives that I have left the job and came to settle down in UK. I was worrying a lot. At this point of time, I decided to do Saptah Parayanam (7 days Vrat), but I did not had my Parayanam book with me. To my surprise I could get a copy from online, downloaded PDF version and started doing it. Immediately on the next day of Vrat completion, I received a call from a company for an interview, but I decided not to go for that interview as I have some other interview lined up and my skills does not suits to that job. But later that company has understood and rescheduled the interview. I did decently in the interview. Here I was worried whether I will get this Job as my profile is not matching and certain skills are not known to me and also due to other above mentioned restrictions.

On that night, I was worried and thinking what is going to happen. I was sitting in front of the laptop, typed Baba protect me on the browser and suddenly Google has shown me the site “” as the first search result. When I opened and randomly read some experiences of the other devotees, my eyes filled with tears, there I saw somebody saying if you trust Baba just leave all your problems to Him and stop worrying about them. Then I decided to do what is being said over there, and also thought if I get the job then I would also post my experience here in this forum. Next day morning (Thursday) I did Pooja, sent a mail and relevant documents to the interviewed company and asked them to come back to me if they are interested and stopped thinking about it, and prayed Baba to handle my problem.

In the evening just before Sandhya Aarti (Evening Pooja) Indian time, I received offer from the company and they were ready to sign long term deal with me. I called my wife back in India to inform about this, she was in Baba’s Temple attending Sandhya Aarti, her sister attended the call, and I could hear the Sandhya Aarti. Immediately i opened Sandhya Aarti on YouTube and completed it with tears in my eyes which continued for more than an hour. In the first week of my job, company has started training me on the new skills, and company was happy to be associated with me. This is really a Baba’s miracle and our prayers since when I don’t have some of the needed skills for that job, still I got the Job and company has decided to train and utilise me. Who else can do this in our life apart from Baba. Baba has blessed me and listened to our prayers. Easiest way to get the blessings of Baba is to trust Him, worship Him with Patience (Saburi) and Interest/Faith (Shradda). Jai Sai Ram, Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Om Sai Ram

Sai Brother Ritwik from India says: Om Sai Ram. This is my 8th experience here with Baba’s grace. This is about how my family got the trains tickets confirmed amidst heavy rush. Om Sai Ram. My Mom, and my younger sister had to travel from Lucknow to my hometown all on their own and that too during Diwali. I was highly anxious about their travel as no one of them had travelled by herself before and to the top of it tickets were also not available and when finally we got the tickets they were all in waiting bit. Deep inside I had faith in Baba that Baba please arrange a comfortable travel for all of them. I had never begged Baba for train tickets for my family but that day when I was with Baba at Baba’s temple, I lovingly begged to my Bhole Baba and Yes They listened to me. I can’t use He for Baba, I only use They.

The significance of 9: today that is on 21-10-2014, I had tried ticket for myself as well though according to my agent the chances were utterly bleak but I had faith in Baba and fortunately Baba has their Kripa on that agent as well. I was wondering as per his words that whether he would be able to book a seat for me as well or not. Super Stupid me. I got the ticket message at 1:52 pm but remembering and thus honouring number 9, I waited for a while and checked the message at 1:53 and Om Sai Ram here I had the ticket message which was waiting but I was sure that Baba will get it confirmed and Om Sai Ram as I am typing this Baba has got it confirmed only a few hours after I got the ticket message. Baba is always there for us, Love Baba, Believe in Baba, as Baba says: Apply Vibhuti on your forehead and drink it every day with faith and all your desires will be fulfilled. And gradually if Baba Blesses, you will move towards Baba’s heavenly abode. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram.

Blessed With A Job

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Thanks to the admin for creating this wonderful platform. A happy day to all my fellow Sai children. Today in this post I am sharing my first job experience. I tried almost for a year in all big MNC’s. I didn’t get through in any of those. I waited without losing my patience and finally I had got an opportunity to give interview in a very big MNC. I actually never expected I would get through the interview. My interview being tomorrow, I asked a question to Sai on Sai Baba answers site. I got the answer as you’ll get the job which I had not got since a year. The next day I was so happy to hear my name in the shortlisted candidates. Never lose faith my friends. Sai is there and He will surely answer our prayers at the right time.

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  1. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Baba bless all.


    Blessed experiences :))

    Interesting Second Sai Devotee- I am a person who will respects everybody equally & say ' aap' to elders/youngers/rich/poor, But for Baba (WIth whom I talk the most during my day, in car-whenever I am alone), But I could never use word aap for Baba- Its always like Tum Tum Tum, or tu tu tu- sometime I think I am not being respectable to Baba, but He is the only Best friend I have and He is the closest person to me- Its like Tum mere ho , Tum Mere ho, sadiyaon se mere ho… 🙂

    Love & Peace (f)


    • Yes Dear

      You are bound to be happy-

      " The less number of people you chill out with, less ***t you deal with"

      People increase the problems around us- Stay Happy with Baba, I am doing the same.

      Love & Peace.

    • My undeserving social life has drastically narrowed down since i have been with sairam…and i am happy n content….it gives time to be with the divine and myself….aumsaishrisaijayajayasai!

  3. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  4. Very nice experiences 🙂

    O Deva, keep us, who have surrendered to You, forever at Your Lotus Feet 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  5. Aum Shree Sai Ram
    Jai Shree Ram

    Baba g please forgive me, i fight with you when depressed or dejected
    Please baba forgive me for my stupidities.

    Aum Shree Sai Ram…

  6. OmSairam
    Anandakoti Bramhananda Nayaka Rajathiraja Yogiraja ParaBramha ShriSachiananda Sadguru ShriShirdi Sainath Maharaj ki Jai !!!

    Blessed experiences..

    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all


    Dear Sai Devotees ,

    Baba always said ask for it and you shall get it with Faith . But you all say that you have shown faith in baba. By going through various treatments and processes and hampering your body so much and getting obsessed with a child and then blaming baba with questions that why like this? Sorry to say devotees thats not real devotion .

    I dont want to hurt your feelings but I would like to share my personal experience so that you all could have a true faith in BABA. This is about my sister who got married at the age of 21 years and she had her first child at 31 she was issue less till 10 yrs.
    I will keep it short she never went under any treatment she only said each day in her prayer that baba you are the giver so i claim the child from you not through any process. She prayed each day but never complained or questioned baba. She went through the same family and society pressure like you all are going through I can say this because she is my sister and sisters always are very close so she shared all her emotions with me. I always use to tell her that go for IVF or some treatment she said "god is the giver he will give more than what i have asked for you cant see it now but soon you will see ". and I use to get scared with her undoubting faith that what if it dsnt happen …..
    But 10 years later at the age of 31 she and the family decided to go for adoption (this is also a story how baba indicated them for adoption which i will share soon)
    So the day she filed for adoption papers and came home she was feeling very tired and uneasy she went to the doctor and lo doctor said you are 2 months pregnant . And she just could not believe. Soon She gave birth to a cute baby boy and later adopted a baby girl which they had already filed in for. Though the adoption got delayed due to her becoming pregnant. So the end result was she was asking baba for 1 child baba gave her 2 and completed her family.
    Her faith in baba proved unconditional .
    Devotees I just told you all this so that you understand the power of faith in Sai and moreover what Faith really means.
    Hope this helps you all in being motivated in your devotion Sairam

    • Thank you for telling us that we do not have faith in baba and we are not babas true devotee!!!
      Thank you.
      May baba give you all the happiness.
      I know my love,faith and devotion for baba. Hope baba watching and reading everything right now.i do not need to prove it to you or anybody else.
      Your sister is very big devotee and we are not and this why we are childless.right???
      Om sai,sri sai ,jai sai,jai jai sai.
      Baba hope you are listening!!!!

    • Please I request you not to hurt anybody's felling!! You hurt my emotions badly.sharing experience ,giving moral boost up is a huge thing but showing others in a low light is not good.who we are to judge others faith,devotions,loves for baba???????
      Do you know how I worship or what I do everyday???thousands of sisters TTC and one small inspirational story helps us to boost up our spirit and all ttc sister help each other.but I think you actualy didi not satcharitra are full of ego(I,my,mine)how can you say your sister is superior and we all are not???
      Read yesterday others devotees reply ,how nicely they said me to keep my faith ,patience and devotion up.and baba will listen.but you rudely hurt our fellings.
      Om sai ram.

    • Dear sai sister pls dnt feel like this. She didnt hurt you and never said her sister is great. She just shared to increase ur faith n patience. She asking u too have patience and wait
      if u feel she hurts u… On behalf of her i wil ask sorry. Now u r n deep depression sister i can understand ur feel, stay calm. Wont u think that baba is testing ur faith n patience. Come on sister be positive, baba gng to give u diamond(kids) dats y dis much ddelay… Y i meant diamond means u knw sister reason. Sit n pray calm have strong belief on him. Look at him n any photo he smile u mischevious. It means cnt wait my daughter. Im gttng ready for being gud grand pa.. So give me tym dear.

    • Dear Devotee

      The above devotee did not mean to hurt you. No devotee can hurt another devotee. What she meant was that there are people whose faith is rock solid and there are some who sometimes question god. See for god we all are his children. Not every child is same. Shree Ram and Laxman were brothers but in their nature they were poles apart but still were very close. Same is the case with all devotees. Not all devotees are same. And the above devotee did not try to pull you down. She just shared her sister's experience and how unwavering her faith was. You do seem hurt but do not talk like this about any one. Devotees do not get angry like this. Kindly read Sripada Srivallabha charitamrutam. It will give you peace of mind. It will tell you what real devotion is. May god bless you.

    • Dear Sri Sai ,

      I think you did not read my full comment properly. I request you to re read it again. I did not hurt your feelings as this was not specifically addressed to you. I did not even use any mean words towards anyone in specific unlike how you did in your second comment. If i was selfish i would have never shared this message here. All i was telling everyone is one experience where baba truly helped and how he helped my sister with her faith. It is completely up to you to either learn something out of it or make it a whole big issue out of it.
      If you still feel hurt then i m sorry you can ignore my message.
      Sairam 🙂

    • Dear brother, we are also your sisters… Everything is circumstantial… So please do not be judgemental about others… Nobody gives anybody the right to hurt the sentiments of other persons… So brother restrain your words… Sorry if I have hurt you… And please no comparisons… It's disturbing

    • I am so surprised to read your comment!!so accoreroding to you those who are going for ivf,icsi or any medical treatment to get their babies they all are spoiling their bodies and they are not pure person??thousands of unfortunate woman who are unable to conceive and seeking medical help they do not believe in God or sadguru sainath????really???10000 couples are blessed with kids through medical treatments and that also possible because omnipotent and omnipresent Gods and sai nath blessings with them.i can not belive inspite of giving ttc couple mental strength you are telling them them that they are not true devotees,they do not belive sai nath just because they are venting their pains here and because many of them seeking medical guidance???/?
      how could you say that??just because your sister did not go for medical help she is the only true devotee of baba,and thousands other going for medical help so they are not babas devotee???this is you thik sai nath can discriminate between his own devotees???
      may baba give you,your sister and whole family true happiness and hope baba give you a pure heart.
      all ttc sister wish you all the stickest baby dust.baba know everything.he is the greatest avatara.he will bless you all with beautiful kids.(naturally or with medical help does not matter)
      om sai raam.

    • Dear Sri Sai and the Anonymous devotee above,

      I am a Sai devotee for 3rd generation now and in my entire life i have never seen such horrible interpretation on a simple straight and motivational message. the sister above in her experience no where hurted anyones sentiments she did not use any abusive words and never called anyone impure if you read carefully she her self suggested her sister to go for the treatments but she refused. She was trying to convey a simple message that if you all have given so many chances to various painful medical treatments now is the chance to give Sai deva a chance and how her sister had so undoubting faith in baba. It is a pure miracle …. I will certainly sent this experience in sai leela patraka….
      I m SHOCKED to read such comments on a simple experience. You all should be Sorry for speaking such horrible words for her and her family…. It is a shame if you call yourself baba 's devotees and do such things. I feel so disappointed to see you devotees write such comments on a simple experience
      Now you have made one thing clear that you all TTC sisters only need sugar coated messages.
      To the Sister who has shared the experience ,
      I m totally motivated by your message and inspired …. Baba will certainly Bless you with your Desires and happiness in life … He knows your heart .. 🙂
      Lots of love
      Jai Sai Ram

    • sister your sister is defiantly an inspiration to lot of us . I feel so inspired with your experience … One thing is for sure where nothing works not ever doctors thats where God 's power takes place…. Thank you for sharing such experience … May Baba bless you ….

    • Sai Ramji

      I request all readers to please stop discussing. Firstly the original commenter did not show any disbelief in medical practices, just tried to show us an example to be calm and fervent prayers to Lord Sai Baba can make impossible possible.

      Secondly it is a faith boosting experiences and lesson for all. Faith and Patience in this lady is in abundance and we should respect that. Moreover i am very happy that she adopted a girl child, many few have heart to do so after having her own kid and that too a boy.

      Let us pray to Lord Baba to fill up incompleteness of our lives and be calm to watch His show and end results. Our duty is only to ask rest is in Hands.

      Jai Sai Ramji

    • Dea hetalji,
      How can someone call other devotee so mean things??? How can he/she say that we are shame as babas devotee??? How can someone say that we are not babas devotee??? I do not know about other anonymous devotee but this kind of mean statement made me deverstrated and I am going through depression.this is called kind of cyber bully right ??? Everyday last one year I read all experience to gain moral support and last two days it is uneccepted.first of all the person who shared his sis experience clearly in 1st. Paragraph mentioned that we are not babas can someone say that??? And now all ganged up and attacking us(me and anonymous devotee) with mean words!!!is it good??? I really want an answer!!! How can anybody hurt someone's felling so badly!!!! I need an answer.this not good,it is impacting my health and mind and last two days I am felling utter depressed.i hope I will get a proper answer from you.this is virtual world and anybody can say anything but nobody can bully someone!!!
      I need an answer that how can somebody say that we are shame as babas devotee???? I really wat to know.

    • Dear Loving sister,

      thanks a lot for sharing your sisters experience.this is really a kalyug dear so even if we speak in good notions,people might mistake has happened so many times with me too.
      I am married for 8 years with no issues,tried everything in vain but believe me your words have given me such a good feeling (cant describe,better i don't :-)).
      Dear friends at the end of the day its only god who blesses us.No matter what ever treatment,fasting you do,nothing comes to us unless and until god blesses and this is what commentator MEANT.

    • very well said above devotee and the comment made by 1st devotee your sisters experience is really an inspiring one. Sri Sai devotee please don't be offended .The other devotee is just trying to boost up your faith.Take it in positive way and as baba's blessing's.

    • Dear Sister Sri sai,
      Please don't dwell much on the comment.
      There is no prescribed way of loving, having your faith and devotion towards baba/or any God. It is a very personal thing between you and your baba.
      He may give some people the strength to stand still during difficult times, some may not have that strength. But both are dear to him.

      I can sense your anguish in your words and trust me Baba is seeing your pain and knows all your deepest desires.
      His ways of blessing his devotees are unique.
      You may be at the lowest point in your life but that doesn't mean you will stay there forever nor that he has left you.
      You will rise from this and will be happy again. Your desire will be fulfilled by baba's grace.
      Please have faith, everyone has to go through some bad times to see good days.
      And it is not that baba has more love towards one or less towards others, his love is same towards everyone. But our Karma runs our life, devotion and faith on sadguru/god reduces the impacts of Karma.

      Ramana Maharshi said, "Be as you are". You don't have to make a conscious effort to change the person you are by being more devotional, copying others or doing things in a certain way. Just do the right thing at the moment in own your way and have faith in your guru. He will mold you, it is his job.

      Please read Jaya Wahi's book, "Sai Baba is still Alive". And to your capacity please donate, whether it is time, physical help, money or food.
      Donation doesn't have to be grand, it can be anything you do with pure heart. Make a little extra rice or chapatis and give it to small kids or hungry people around you.

      God bless you. I will pray for you along with my sister who is also dealing currently with infertility.

  8. Sainath,
    I have been suffering a lot my entire life and I have been requesting you to give me peace in life. I also wanted to see you in my dream. Nothing has happened. Hence please bless me with a natural death for me. I am fed up.

  9. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sexond experience is mine that too 954th one total being 9 , an earlier experience of mine was published a few days back – in the last 17 days 3 experiences of mine got published love you lot Babajaan Yesterday and today were really testing days were for me and Baba rewarded and loved me and is still lovin me this way sumptuously Baba I also visited Khandoba Temple as directed

  10. Om Sai Ram, Om sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram,Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.
    BABA ! We are going through lot of confusions. Please guide us and show us away to deal with these problems. Saima ! You are my Saviour, My Lord and My Guru. Please bless me with your divya darshan. Thank you for all that you have given me.

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