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Sai Brother T. Krishna from Cambodia says: Sai Ram, my name is Krishna, i came to Royal Kingdom of Cambodia for employment in 2011. During my stay I got familiar with a couple of Indian families residing at Phnom Penh (Capital city). Before going into the actual happenings –Sai Leela, let me give whole picture so the readers understand better. I come from a Sai family, my father is a senior Sai Volunteer, I had very less belief but i just pretend to be devotional. I had attended Sai Bhajans, Pooja but not from the real inside me. Following happenings at Cambodia with my family (wife, son and daughter) made me experience the real godliness of Shiridi Sai Baba. We had gone on a holiday trip to beach side (KEP), with friends. Once we got there, all male members gathered for a drink, female members and kids gathered and had their usual entertainment of singing, dancing, cooking, etc. There was a nearby island where it was risky to go. Because of small boats, earlier plans were to avoid visiting that island, but as time went and during the dinner all started thinking why we should not go to visit that island.

Everything went well until we went up to Island, we were having fun, children really loved the place, Fine trip until then. While returning to our hotel from Island, the sea got really rough, unfortunately the life jacket for kids were not available, there were three kids on board, including my friends who were good swimmers. I was really terrified holding my two and half year old daughter. I was sure that time any next wave would turn our boat upside down, and we are in serious trouble. At that point I prayed to Shiridi Sai Baba, that if we reached safe from the rough sea, I will give up my drinking habit. From that point I got some confidence that Sai Baba will definitely help us to get out of that situation, slowly we were able to reach the shore. Thank fully I prayed Baba, but my desire for drinking made me think, in a day how many tourists come and visit this Island, it’s quite natural that sea get rough at times and boat would have some problem to travel. The minute I started justifying, I began to drink that evening with my friend.

We were back to home, my daughter was dull, i thought she would be tired and all right. I had never told anyone about my prayers to Baba, even to my wife. Following next few days my daughter was not well, we took her to hospital, she got better but her face was not clear as it was before. My wife was worried and started talking to me about that. All I was thinking about, was the next gathering with friends. Two weeks later, day of gathering came. We all had fun, drinking, dinner, etc. I was little hesitant, something strike me about my prayers to Baba on boat, I pushed aside and continued enjoying the party. Next day morning when we were at home accidentally my daughter got her fingers jammed on door when it slammed by rough wind. We were shocked to see her crying helplessly with blood all over the place, we rushed to hospital. Doctors were struggling to treat her as she was suffering a lot, shouting. Doctors could not put sutures on the fingers, they look confused. At that point I really felt I am responsible for her suffering as a result of not keeping my promise prayers. Again I started praying Baba, sincerely apologized for my behaviour, this time I was sincere and really meant my prayers, I prayed Baba, if doctors were able to treat my daughter, I will definitely stop drinking. I saw one of the doctor coming forward and started initiating to put sutures, after 45 minutes it was done and my daughter was out of danger. I realised my mistake and from then I stopped drinking.

After that day, I gave up this bad habit, something made me feel that things whatever not right with me are to be corrected, as next step I stopped Non-veg and smoking. This brought me an opportunity to read Sai Satcharitra regularly, thereby came to know my ignorance that had haunted me. From that point I was clear what was happening around me and what all should I do to come out of ignorance, Yes Sadguru Sainath adopted me and started guiding through my instincts. I strongly believe He is the precipitator Who leads me this journey to oneness of God, I can feel I am getting better day by day, the most of all I am Peaceful, Happy and my soul knows that surrender to His Lotus Feet will give us the Mukti, the ultimate goal. Many small happenings, I would say them miracles had transformed my life path from a wired situation to a heavenly one. Please forgive me if any mistakes, I just intended to share my Sai experience, hoping to help others know about Divine God Shiridi Sai Baba. I saw Darshan of Sai Nath on wall in my house, when I was sincerely praying to Him, formed when hanging my towel. That was really a miracle, signifying His blessings. Jai Sai Ram.

Sai’s Miracle In My Life

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi everyone, i just want to share two of my experiences of Sai with you all. Me & my husband were on official trip to Switzerland in 2012. Wherein we planned for a Paris trip and we were waiting for the bus. Suddenly a man sat nearby and took my bag and ran away which contained our passports, mobiles and money. Losing a passport in a foreign country is losing your life. We don’t know where he went and when we complained to police they said they can’t come for a search now as it was midnight, finally with a help of French speaking friend we made a complaint & reported the same in embassy. Embassy people told that these thefts happen here every day, so there is no guarantee that we will get back our passports. They told us to apply for a new passport as our assignment will get finish off in couple of weeks. I cried a lot to Baba that why He is testing us always from the time we got married. I begged to Baba to return back our passports at least. Finally after 4 days suddenly i received the call from police that our passports have been found without any damage. I was really shocked for a moment. I don’t know how to react. Is this all possible without Our Baba. I thanked Him for showing mercy on us.

My next experience happened few weeks back. My sister’s son whom i love a lot was affected by dengue fever. I love him and from first day i only used to do everything for him. I feel he is my baby always. He was admitted in hospital as dengue was severe on him. Day by day his condition went bad and doctors shifted him to ICU. The entire family was worried and all of us were praying Baba to bring him back to us. I told Baba that please give him us back, i will do Vrat till my life time. You won’t believe the next day i got call from my sister that doctor said he is recovering slowly and he has crossed the danger zone. I am always thankful to Baba for whatever He has done to me. I know He is testing my patience in my life. Baba i will keep Shraddha & Saburi. Please bless us for our happily life ahead. Jai Sai Ram.

Prayer To Baba

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Here i am not posting any miracles. It is my prayer to Baba. I am a Sai devotee from Karnataka. I am not posting anything regarding miracles. I am posting my problems here. Me and my family members are Sai devotees from past so many years. My problem is that i have got a severe psychological problem which i am not able to express anyone around me. My parents even took me to a known psychiatrist. But still i am not able to come out of it. My studies are hampered because of this. I am a second year MBBS student. If i did not come to right track as early as possible, i can’t even imagine the situations that i will be facing in the future. I am suffering from this disorder since 10 months. I even did not do well in my internal exams and suffered too much humiliation. My professors even scolded me in front of the whole class for this reason which made me even more depressed. I am a sincere student since my school days, and i don’t know what to do next. Please Sai Baba help me to come out of this problem and save me please. I am a strong believer of our Sai and i don’t know when He is going to take me out of this problem. I do read Sai Satcharitra everyday and i know that Baba is not unaware of these things. But still i don’t know why all these things are happening with me. I nearly suffered from this for past several months. But now my university exams are approaching fast and if this will be the case, i am sure that i cannot do anything. My parents are also very humble devotee of Baba and even they prayed Baba a lot regarding this. Several times i thought of ending my life, but i am aware that Suicide is a big Sin. So my humble request to you all is, pray Baba regarding this and help me come out of the problem.

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  1. Awesome experience 1 st devotee.. A beautiful life is indeed meant for you.. Keep that faith alive always.. Baba has transformed me too.. Love you alot baba.. Bless us all… Direct us all

  2. om sai ram 3 experiences are very nice.sai helps us in time when we thrust him.many times he helped me.thank you with your blessings only we got visa. i want your darshan in my dreams. this is my desire fulfil it om sai ram om sai baba om saimaa

  3. Om Sai Ram. @3rd Devotee: pls don't loose patience. Look at Sai Baba pic and study hard. Shraddha and Saburi

  4. dear devotee 3-please trust on baba fully feel baba everywhere make your priorty our saimaa i know he will bestow at the correct time please involve in activities which are related to our baba keep suicide word out of your mind help poor totally surrender to baba i am sure your marks will be best this semester please keep faith when you love sai you can't think anything else

  5. Sairam 3rd devotee first remember you are in divine protection, baba will never make you fall, and 2nd is you are a medical student and that itself is a blessing from baba to make you good in your studies, and make you a good doctor, its his responsibility. 3rd, is you might be suffering so much may be due to past psychologigal trauma, or fear.So i opine could you please consult any psychologist rather then psychiatrist? you will certainly find a solution for your problem, why because many problems have solutions, only we have to get person to deal. Just consult any professor from dept of psychology. baba will tainly show you the way to your problem. have faith in prayers are with you

  6. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai 3rd devotee – Pleaee start Sri Sai Satcharitra Weekly Parayan immediately – you will find it available online – 1st devotee amazingly well done – May Baba Bless , Second devotee – hats off to your devotion and love Sai Sai Sai Sai

  7. Dear sai devotees ,
    I would like to share one of my recent experience where i felt that baba do listen to our prayers . Since it is going to take very long to load it on this blog i would like to post it in the comments so that you all read it …
    Recently in my prayers to sai i started reading kasht nivaran mantra i didnt had the book i use to go online and read . It became difficult as i wanted to read it 2 3 times a day and everytime had to go online to do it . I was thinking this for sometime and yesterday while praying i asked baba that how nice it will be if i get the book of kasht nivaran mantra it will be easy to read it more than once a day . And lo deva heard today morning when i got up i saw my grandmother scribbling on a book sitting on table . My grandmother is very old and has alzheimer ( memory loss) problem so when i went never her to see the book it was sai kasht nivaran mantra book .. I was so shocked where she got. the book from as we didnt had that in our pooja place or anywhere else .. Then i realised sai must have been hearing me when i asked him for this … This experience has certainly raised my faith in baba hope it inspires you all too keep believing Jai sai sri sai jai jai sai

  8. Saibaba I pray at your feet for the 3rd devotee show your mercy on her baba,kindly relieve her of the psychological problem and give her to complete her studies baba.only you can help her nobody else ,I hearfully pray for her baba kindly help her:-)

  9. SAI RAM, All 3 expereances were amazing, these experiances ( reading) gives the reader more faith & trust in baba. Also reading the experiance of the kashta nivarana was awesome. I too was searching for this mantra last year for a long time & suddenly i found it on the internet in english, No 3 please read stevan mangari this is in most of the languges. Baba will definitely bless you, please talk to baba. sai ram.

  10. Very nice experiences and a heartfelt plea that I am sure our Dear Deva has a path to the 3rd devotee 🙂

    O Sai, Thank You for surrounding us with family and friends who love us and bring joy into our lives 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  11. saibaba bless all is important day in my brother life baba…please guide him and be with him baba…he should succeed baba..bless him baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  12. Brother you are with great support of sai baba ,I hope the miracle of baba is very near to you so that you posted your problem. My prayers are with you. I will pray for you. I am also a person like you with depression. But I handed over my problem to sai baba,am sure that he will cure the problem. Jai sai sai samrnath

  13. Amazing experiences all.. Thanks for the information on Sai Kasth Nivaran Mantra.. Will surely pick this up, also could some pls guide me the rules and regulationsnwhile reading this.. Thanks in advance Om Sai

  14. Dear 3rd devotee,
    I can understand your problem as even I had this issues sometime back. Please don't do lots of rituals because it will eventually it will lead you to confusion and lack of faith later.
    My humble request is to chant "HANUMAN CHALISA" which is a ramban medicine for such problems.I have personally experienced this in my life.

    Daily chant at least 1 time mostly before sleeping at night. continue doing it till u get rid of ur issues. make sure to maintain personal hygiene while doing prayers.


  15. Nice experiences. I got goose bumps while reading the first devotee's experience. I am sure the third devotee's problems must have been solved by our beloved BABA already.
    Saima! Please forgive our sins and bless us with your divya darshan. Keep us near your holy feet forever. Please help your child to get good marks in his exams. Thank you so much for everything you have given us.

  16. For the 3rd devotee Sai Baba knows everything, I know what you are going thru, but strong Faith is required. Please put a pinch of vibuti in water and drink everyday, apply vibuti..
    Baba please listen to your child, please forgive her for any wrong doings she has done and help her recover and become a strong and healthy child of yours..Sai Ram.Thank you Baba
    for listening to our prayers..Love you Sai

  17. OmSairam
    Anandakoti Bramhananda Nayaka Rajathiraja Yogiraja ParaBramha ShriSachiananda Samratha Sadguru ShriShirdi Sainath Maharaj ki Jai !!!
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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