Baba Cured My Chest Pain

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal ji, I have posted my experience previously also. This is my second one. Please post this. Thank you so much for such a wonderful site. Whenever i read experience of this blog, tears started coming from my eyes unknowingly. In my last post I said I was not well as i was having so much chest pain and some other health problems. By My Sai Ma’s blessing my all health issued vanished away. Now i am posting this experience. I visited Baba’s question and answers site, Baba replied me, saying “Work will start from tomorrow and will be end within 8 days.” Next day morning I saw Baba in my dream and that day I applied for leave to office as I was not at all well. The dream was like this: Me, my Mother in law, father in law were sitting in our home. Suddenly Baba came to our home and entered inside the kitchen asking for my husband as where is Ishu (My Husband’s Nick name). My father in law said, he had been to college. After that He came out and sat as how He sits usually. I had made Rangoli of “Welcome” outside my home. Baba asked me to get that welcome Rangoli written and He break that into 2 parts one part He gave “WEL” and another part He gave to me “COME” and asked me to give it to my hubby. Suddenly He disappeared.

I suddenly got up and said to my hubby about this dream. I was so much happy that tears started coming from my eyes. That time I didn’t understand why Baba broke that welcome and gave Wel to me??? Later I realized Baba is telling me that you are well, nothing to worry. Actually before that day, in night I prayed to Baba that if I am well and there is nothing serious happened to me, please come into my dream and bless me. Baba showed His blessing on me. Devotees please keep Shradha and Saburi, Baba will surely bless us all. I became perfectly alright within 8 days. Now I am perfectly alright. Whenever I recall that dream, my eyes started filling with tears. Baba really blessed His daughter. Baba please don’t leave me alone, You are everything for me. I can’t express in words how Baba helped and helping in my all situations. Please Baba always keeps Your hand on my head. I love You so much Baba. Please forgive my mistakes done knowingly or unknowingly. Please bless me and my family with mental peace, good health, wealth. Don’t leave Your poor daughter’s hand Baba. Sada Nimbha Vrukshashya Mooladi Vasath Sudha Sravinam Thiktha Mapyam Priyantham Tharum Kalpa Vrukshadikam Sadayantham Namamishwaram Sadguru Sainatham

Baba Please Solve My Problems

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I believe You Baba. Please save me from all troubles. I don’t know why I am not happy. I am blessed with the lovable parents. My parents are depressed due to my sister. She is physically challenged from birth. Now she is 24 years old. She is with my parents. I have hurt my parents a lot. I am married and now its 6.5 years. My hubby is so caring to me. I have been in relation with him before marriage. There was lot of problems in my family and his family for our marriage. That time I didn’t remember my sister too. I feel that it’s a sin now. My father had plans for my career as he says that my sister cannot study. But I did continue with my studies and married him. But it was arranged marriage only. Real life started after that. I faced lot of problems in that house. My husband’s family ill treated me and my family. My husband also faced lot of problems. But we understand each other.

Now we are living in another house. I don’t want to share what his family have done to me. When we were send out of house, I was pregnant too. Baba please teach them a lesson. My husband was sent out of house and the shop which he was running. We are running the family in my salary. I have a kid too. I am facing lot of financial problems. Now people have started saying that since we didn’t follow our parents words we are suffering a lot. We don’t have money to start a business. My problem is that I cannot forget what they have done to me. I feel unhappy thinking all these. I am not able to concentrate in office also. I am facing lot of health issues too. Please Baba help me to solve all the problems. You have to take care of my sister. I am not able to concentrate in anything. Baba came to me last year. I am doing Nav Vrat now and i have also started to read Sai Satcharitra. Please Baba I believe You. Please teach a lesson to all those who hurt me. Baba please understand my pains. We have to show others that we are happy. My husband is trying to do all stuffs. Where ever we go we are losers. Please God save me. I believe that after my Nav Vrat Baba will answer for my pains. I want to see You God.

Baba Is Always With Us

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: My husband has a very bad experience with his boss. She took undue advantage of power and never gave any credit to my husband’s work. She always said what he did was not enough and complained about him to her superiors. We were very disturbed for those 8 months. I started doing Nava Guru Vrat along with Parayanam. First, our minds became calm, we thought instead of worrying we should look for another way out. He looked for jobs in the same company and somehow, miraculously he got a job in the same location without being interviewed. Getting a job without interview was something very amazing (Of course it’s a miracle by Baba) He joined his new position but his vengeful boss put in her horrible words into the mind of his new boss. But here is another miracle which we experienced, while all this was happening he got another good offer from a company where we live. First he hesitated to take, but then he thought about it and accepted the new offer. He is doing well with Sai’s Grace in his new job. Baba will always be with us. You will get answers to all your questions, just keep your mind aware, half the answers to your questions are in Baba’s Satcharitra itself. Thank You Sai for being with us always. Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

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  1. Very nice experiences. Baba please bless me and my husband.please bless us a baby.please help me in completing PhD.please cure all diseases that am suffering.please bless my husband to leave tobacco.

  2. om sai ram baba i love you/you are my deva thank you very much for all we get this is my request to belive sai live in sai love sai i want sai to come in my fulfill my desire om sai ram baba


    Amazing first experience, Great Leela :))

    Second Devotee, Why you comparing yourself with others? WHy you need to show others that you are happy? Until and unless you understand that you have to be happy for yourself, you can not be be happy- Comparison is biggest ailment- BE HAPPY BUT FOR YOURSELF.

    Yes indeed, 3rd devotee, Baba is full of mercy.

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  4. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  5. Dear second devotee, continue to have firm faith on our beloved Baba, he will definitely put you out of all the problems. Om Sairam.

  6. Dear sai devotee for the second experience I want to suggest you something…please don't take otherwise it's all about perception..I am having the same problem you have but your husband is with you in my case my husband is involved with my in laws and he is the main culprit of hurting me to the extent but I had a purely arranged marriage as per my parent's wish…Please don't do the vrat keeping in mind that Sai baba will punish them…try and forgive those people see the image of baba in them whenever those stuffs come in your mind because we aren't here to decide who is right and wrong whom should baba punish or not it's totally baba's job because he is the only doer of all actions of every single life on this earth…take things positively your child is born in a healthy environment if they wouldn't throw you out of your house your child wouldn't see their actions and might have a bad impression…you wouldn't know how loving your husband is to support you because he left his family only for you…Just try and forgive your inlaws and pray good for them and Sai Baba will do the rest…leave everything to him…I know it's very difficult to forgive them but just ask baba to help you and see how you gain peace of mind.I am sorry if I said anything wrong I had no intentions to hurt your feelings…don't worry everything will be alright stay happy for your small kid…OM SAI RAM


  8. Aum Shree Sai Ram
    Baba g please keep your hand on our heads always. Please bless me and my husband and entire universe with hapiness.

    Bless my all family members with a good health..

    Bow to Shree Sai .. Peace be to all… 🙂

    Jai Shree Sai Ram… Jai Shree Ram

  9. saibaba bless all baba…bless my amma with good health baba…her sugar levels should be normal baba..please give her peaceful mind baba…help my brother to get jipmer medical seat baba…he is really working hard baba…please help him baba…he should clear the jipmer entrance exam baba….please bless my sister's life and her kids baba…soon she should get government job in her hometown baba…please bless her baba…please forgive me for my mistakes baba…i am really sorry baba…please help me to get job soon in my hometown baba…please help me baba…bless all baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  10. Very good experiences. To the 2nd devotee, Baba loves those who turn the other cheek so I would suggest that you put your Faith in him and not worry about the people who hurt you and what punishment they get. Be positive and just think about all the good (Him) in your life and He will set it right 🙂

    O Deva, forgive us our misdeeds and help us walk the right path 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  11. Aum Sai Ram. By BABA's grace we are going to Shirdi in June and i am eager to take prayers of Devotees. Please send in your prayers to [email protected]. Prayers should reach me before June 15th.

    BABA bless us all always.

  12. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Today is my Birthday ( I am accessing it from my father's account) an my nickname is Ishu and Baba has gifted me on my Birthday by taking my name and showing it to me here – yesterday my experience got published – and Baba increased my Salary too – Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

  13. Blessed r those people who see Baba in their dreams n also interact with Him.i never see Him live in dreams .only statues or photos I get to see.but Baba is too sweet.has always helped me in so many ways that I have no words to thank HIM.

  14. Om sai ram.dear2nd devotee I'm in also in same and my family insulted by the worst thing is I dint have even husband support also.henis very good person changed by the influence of situations.pls baba change my husband mind and show him the truth as it is my life time wish.baba I'm asking for my baby sake.pls give us a happy life by showing ur blessings on us.

  15. OM SAI SHRI SAI JAI JAI SAI LOVE YOU SAI…Bless everyone baba…..keep me in your lotus feet baba….I am nothing without you baba……always be with me baba…..bless my son with good marks baba…we are dependent on you baba..please help us baba…ANANTKOTI BRAHMANDNAYAK RAJADHIRAJ YOGIRAJ PARBRAHM SHRI SACHIDANAND SADGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI.

  16. Baba I know Saturday I hurt you,I hurt all gods and I hurt my beloved husband :(:(but you know baba I am going through a deep depression !!!everytime I see any pregnant woman or got anyone pregnancy news I loose my cool and burst out in anger!!!but baba you know I am not a bad girl,I love you and ove all gods from core of my heart!!!forgive me baba.please bless us with kids and bless me with sound mnd!!!i am loosing hopes baba.please hold my hands tight and let me reach my dreams asap.please baba forgive your this emotional darters outburst:(:( I am not bad baba,just last five years TTC make me different person :(:(baba please baba!!!
    Om Sai ,sri sai,jai sai,jai jai sai.

    • Thank you so much dear devotee!!! I have complted six times sai satcharitra reading!!!now doing seventh time and I have completed nav guruvar rat twice this year.i know baba will bless us ,but there are some times when I can not keep any more patience :(:(I know I should not do this but I am unable to keep my cool:(:(
      Please pray for us ,so that we can hold our babies too!!
      Thank you once again.
      Om sai raam!!!

  17. Sai Deva Please solve my problems in office. I got bad name here. Please bless me to complete my work with out any issue

  18. I have been a Sai devotee since past 8 years. My grandfather and father were sai devotees. I have been gone though lot of troubles in life, like divorce ( my husband was abusive and left me my daughter alone and went to USA). My daughter was 1 month old, I struggled a lot, I was not a sai devotee that time, but baba was there with us and I do remember during all the important moments I saw his photo or temple just near by. But I never realized. In 2005 I came to USA due to my job and in 2007 I was dragged to baba some how after reading sai satcharitra and since then have been reading it daily. By baba's grace I got married again and found a very nice person who takes care of me and my daughter but he also cares for my mother who lives now in India alone. At present we are in USA, but recently we are in huge problem as his job is in trouble. If something happens to his job my daughter who is in highschool now, will face issues with his education. I am extremely worried and in lot of trouble since past two months ! Really calling baba for his help for my daughter !

  19. Sairam everyone. Wonderful experiences…
    Dear first experience devotee, you are lucky to have baba in your dream. Some how i feel baba gave 'come' to your husband asking for your family to come to shirdi. Have a great darshan by baba's grace.
    Baba blessings to everyone. Thanks for everything baba.

  20. Baba help me.. Apne antaryami se yahi chahati hu meri bhi arji sweakar kare mere baba plz baba.. Kahan ho mere baba sun lijiye meri pukar baba plz

    • Thank you so much for praying to baba for all ttc sisters .may baba give you all kind of happiness.i really need all your prayers.please remmember us in your prayers.
      Om sai ram!!!

    • Sure sister…i really wisk ki babaji bless our sins in his dhuni & bless all the women wid his kripa prasad…try to smear baba udi on stomach on daily basis and sincerely pray abt eliminating our…physical weakness & issues..u may get ample udi from any sai temple near ur residence..

  21. Om sai namoh namah shri sai namoh namah jai jai sai namoh namah sadguru sai namoh sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  22. Om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram,,,
    Jai jai sai ram
    Baba plz help me plz baba

  23. OmSairam
    Anandakoti Bramhananda Nayaka Rajathiraja Yogiraja ParaBramha ShriSachiananda Samratha Sadguru ShriShirdi Sainath Maharaj ki Jai !!!
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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