Sai Brother Samarth from India says: Om Sai Ram. Prostrating before Sadguru Sai Baba with an appeal to help me share His blessings with all Sai brothers and sisters. I am Samarth. I have known Shree Sai Baba from a very tender age as my dad is Baba’s devotee (or “Maalik” as he calls Him- my dad is an ardent Baba devotee all he has in life right now is due to Baba’s grace as per his firm belief). I still remember the first time i entered the Samadhi Mandir as a kid not knowing much about Shree Sai taking Shirdi to be just another trip with my family, my eyes welled up just seeing Him. My throat choked at His first sight.

<h4>He’s Always There</h4> As a child in class 6, 7 and 8th i was harassed badly by my classmates over my physical attributes. I suffered every day, cried every day, didn’t want to go to school, lived in great anxiety and fear. I didn’t know Baba well back then. I was a mediocre student and wanted to perform well in class 10th board exams. Some time before the exams i went to His temple in my city with my family on the way i told my dad that please you pray to Sai for me as you are His devotee and He will definitely listen to you. In the Mandir as i went to bow before Baba’s Idol and pray to Him the Pandit ji on his own gave me flowers, garland, Dhoop Batti, Prasad etc. Only i was given these things out of so many present there. It was as if Baba had heard what i told my dad and He made me realize it and suppressed my wrong thoughts. That day i realized Sai’s omnipresence. I passed the exams with flying colours and shocked all my friends who never took me seriously.

<h4>He Gives More Than You Deserve</h4> During my class 12th board exams I was targeting 90%+ to get into a good college. I messed up my accounts paper. I returned home and cried endlessly before Sai praying to Him to save me. He came to my rescue again and shockingly i got highest marks in that paper. Another Sai miracle had happened surprising all. I got into a not so good law school in Delhi. I felt very lonely there as i could hardly make 1 or 2 friends and they were not so nice people. I started preparing for National Law University entrance exam in Delhi. All throughout 2010 and early 2011 i prepared living in Delhi in a single room away from family with Sai as only support. Every day went in great anxiety. I used to keep Thursday fast not drinking water and eating anything all throughout the day (i now realize this kind of fasting is wrong not something Baba would like). Finally after a year the day of the exam came with thousands of prayers and wishes i sat for the exam and went blank while doing the paper. I could not do even 25% of the paper. I knew i had no chance. On my way back to my room in my cab i cried miserably and with folded hands told Sai that ‘even though this has happened to me i still bow down to You’. Till then from the date of declaration of results this was the worst time of my life. I had a year back in my current college and i was expecting nothing from this exam. Then came the results and biggest miracle in my life till that point in time. A paper that i didn’t even solve, questions that i didn’t even read but just marked the answers taking His name i secured good marks in it taking me to a National Law University. I prayed to Baba to give me good friends in my new college as in my previous college i didn’t have even 1 person to rely upon. On the day i came to my new college for admission i met this boy who later became my roommate. He loves me, looks after me and cares for me like a brother. He is Baba’s blessing.

<h4>Baba Makes Me His Own (takes complete charge of my life)</h4> Even though i prayed to Baba and He responded beautifully always i never worshiped Him ardently, never had an attachment or earnest love towards Him as i saw in my father’s eyes. I was in my second year. I had completely forgotten Baba. Life was in pieces. Nobody respected me in my college. People ignored me and didn’t want to talk to me for no reason at all. I think i was repaying for past karmas. I was not performing well in my academics and extracurricular and was becoming an introvert personality. I sincerely fell in love with my friend batch mate and proposed her but she rejected my proposal. This further broke my heart. Back at home everything was in a very bad shape due to various reasons one of them being that many astrologers had told my dad that this year might take him away. We all knew of this. We feared for his life every moment. Every night i used to sleep in fear and wake up in great anxiety, tears, anger, frustration and helplessness. I didn’t want to live anymore. In all of this tension one day i broke and sobbed and prayed to Sai with my eyes closed and said “Sai save me please”. And then Baba heard this earnest appeal and decided to enter into my life with full force. He invaded my life.

It was 14th January 2013 Makar Sankranti day i started Sai Satcharitra Parayan on His inspiration (He chose the day). Every moment of the Parayan i felt His presence in my hostel room. One night while reading the book i was falling asleep somebody shook me and something vibrated in my body as to wake me up. (It was Baba telling me to keep reading). I started seeing Baba in my dreams. He started responding to my questions in various ways or the other every time making me realize He’s there. I visited Shirdi during this time period where He gave me the most amazing vision of His in Dwarkamai during the evening Aarti. I was crying and singing the Aarti calling Baba with full force to come and help me and He came, i could see Him crystal clear with my eyes closed. His figure seated on the stone for more than 10 minutes. I went in a trance. I came to college. My attitude had completely changed i remembered Baba all the time, read His books, left all bad habits like drinking, abusing etc, remembered Him before my meals, said Sai, Sai on hearing bad. I visited Shibpur temple, Gajanan Maharaj at Shegaon (before i even planned a visit to Shegaon Baba had told me you would visit Gajanan Maharaj soon), Swami Samarth Maharaj at Akkalkot, read about their lives, read Guru Charitra, visited Lord Vitthal at Pandharpur, love for Baba was now automatically overflowing in my heart and faith and devotion in Him grew leaps and bounds. Sai prompted me to do all this i could have never done all of this on my own. My family and friends were astonished at my changed attitude. My Parayan ended unknowingly on a Thursday. During this time period Baba saved my father’s life twice once in a road accident and the other time when he was just about to drown in Ganga while taking a dip during Maha Kumbh. He made me come to His temple every Thursday (a Sai temple was just behind my college i went to that area so many times during last two years but amazingly never noticed the temple) and sing His Aarti. He made me perform exceedingly well in academics (i topped my batch) and helped me win an award at a national level competition in a law school.

<h4>All Throughout He Has Guided Me</h4> Before the competition i prayed to Him emotionally to help me win it. I went to His temple to seek His blessing before leaving for the competition. Just at the entrance of the temple i heard the Bhajan “guru Kripanjan Payo Mere Bhai”. He gave me dreams intimating me i would succeed. I was struggling at the competition and took His Udi before one of the rounds and i spoke like a dream. I couldn’t believe it was me speaking. All at the venue were astonished. My team was shocked (it was Baba Who spoke for me and saved my reputation). I won the best speaker award at the event.

<h4>Sai Is All-All Is Sai</h4> The most dangerous year of my dad’s life has now passed and he is unharmed due to Sai’s grace. I am much more stable in my life. Actually Sai is sailing my boat through all miseries of life. He has literally picked me up in His arms. I have had more spiritual gain from Baba than material gain. My growth is very well due to His grace. I can feel changes in my outlook towards life. Now Sai is the most important thing and all the wishes in life fall secondary. I am often hit by a wave of non attachment and discrimination between the unreal and real. The love and devotion towards Baba’s feet is also growing. I have become far sighted in my vision of life knowing everything will end one day and the body as Sai says will fall and be dust one day. So try to achieve Sai every day. Live life at His bidding, do good to His men so He is pleased, serve Him, He will take care of you, it’s a promise He has taken and He never breaks His promises trust me not a word He has said is untrue. He has made me realize all of them one by one. Believe Me No Wish In Life Is Worth It As Is Sai Baba Of Shirdi. Take Shelter In His Dwarkamai. The Father Awaits With Open Arms To Hug You And Sail Your Boat Through Pits And Falls And Take You To Your Destination. Om Shri Sai Ram.

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  1. beautiful narration …………..
    Baba love u…………..pls dont leave my hand…..i want to feel u every minute………i want the same exp and feeling as before with u baba..pls help..iam unable to feel u and pray u


  3. What an amazing leelas of Baba…You r truly blessed. Thanks for posting such a wonderful experience……Sai bless you…Om Sai Ram

  4. Om Sai ram blessed are your experience really increases our faith . Please baba bless my daughter to have Normal reports please

    sai bab still 42 days to go,
    Saima baby should be born in full term and healthy .
    Please bless me with a healthy and good natured and ur deveotee baby. i will tel ur stories .
    please forgive my sins
    please protect the baby .
    baba make baby move. Bany is not moving much today . i am getting scared.
    Please baba.
    Baba i should not have any pain or complications. please be with me .
    Please protect my family.
    Om sri sai ram
    Allah Malik

  6. Sai baba,

    Please help my family and parents in all aspects..Please help my parents in every thing their life….
    Please baba,help my husband to get a good job with good salary…Please baba always save my parents,my kids,my husband and me(all my family)…
    please show us a right path to success in our life…
    please show my daughter a right path to overcome her situation with her neck….
    please help her ,baba..please save my son and daughter always..

    Baba, please never ever leave our hand and keep us blessed for ever…..
    thanks baba for every thing…
    Baba i have full faith in u…..

    Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parahbrahma,
    Sri Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj K Jai.

    love you baba
    om sai namo namah

  7. What a wonderful experience. Dear Devotee! you are truly blessed by HIM.
    BABA! I beg you to grant my humble wishes. We are nothing without you.
    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, OM Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram

  8. Extraordinary experience….beautifully narrated…..felt so happy reading…May Baba continue his blessings on you and your family….May Sai Bless us all …..Om Sai Ram

  9. I am indeed in tears… Love u soo much sai baba… M having similar experiences… N dis strengthens my faith in baba all the more.. Bless all baba.. We all need u to guide us on the right path.. we fall astray.. Take care of us baba.. Bless us..

  10. OmSairam
    Blessed experience. Beautifully narrated.
    Baba, please remove my fear. Baba, please be with us and bless us.
    Anandakoti Brahamananda Nayaka Rajathiraja Yogiraja ParaBrahama ShriSachiananda Samaratha ShriShirdi Sainath Maharaj ki Jai !!!
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

  11. One of the most amazing experiences that has been posted here. You are blessed by Him, Samarth!

    O Sai, we surrender to You and Thank You for for coming in to our lives and making it so amazing 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  12. saibaba bless all baba…please forgive me for my mistakes baba…bless my mother with good health baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  13. OmSairam
    Anandakoti Bramahananda Nayaka Rajathiraja Yogiraja ParaBrahama ShriSachiananda Samaratha Sadguru ShriShirdi Sainath Maharaj ki Jai !!!
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

  14. Such a wonderful experience. May baba bless u. My dear sai family i kindly request u to pray for me pls. Im a fatherless child, my mom struggled al these years to brought us. Im 30 rite now. Im not getting d rite match til now.. For my marriage expense we wants sale d land. But my parental uncle didnt gives our share n making trouble for us. Baba i beg u pls help me to overcome dis. My dear sai family pls pray for me coz pure hearted prayers wil answer soon pls…….

  15. Sai Sai Very Amazing experience , very much like my own Samarth if Baba wishes you may contact me at 08879186425- Ritwik here. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

  16. Very beautiful narration samarth….u are indeed babas child. …God bless you n ur family. ….u have made my day. …im feeling very happy. ….om sai ram….baba bless everyone who is in need. …love you baba..

  17. My dear baba is 8th Thursday of my navguruvar vrat…i am really sorry if I have done any mistake in my vrat….thank you very much for fulfilling my wish..baba please always shower your blessings on us…I am nothing without you… Please always hold my hand..never leave me alone baba….om sai shri sai jai jai sai love you sai….anantkoti brahmandnayak rajadhiraj yogiraj parbrahm shri sachidanand sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai….

  18. Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    OM sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram

    loveu baba.Now words to say.Very well narrated.Got Tears and Gossebumps when reading it.
    Thank u baba for everything.Please mould me into a good humanbeing Baba.

    Baba pls bless her with goodlife partner and with marriage expenses and take care of their family.

    pls take care of everyone baba and be with us all the time.

  19. Om sairam. Devotees plz solve my query.i am doing nav guruvar vrat. Today is my5th thurshday vrat. But on 3rd and 4th thursday i offer baba motichoor ladoo as prasad and took the same myself . My confusion is is it allowed to eat ladoo in fasting? Or should i count those thursday vrat or not.plz clarify if any one knows.l do not know much about allowed foods in fasting.

  20. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  21. Beautiful and soul stirring account..thank you so much for deepening our faith further and also making us feel Babas presence while reading it. Om Sai Ram.

  22. Beautifully narrated experience. Baba wades us through every difficult ocean. Om Sai Ram. Please bless all childless couple wiyh children Babaji

  23. Today I perfoamed pooja to sai.sahasra namavali to baba. To bless us london visa for us this is my dream.baba please give us visa. Om sai baba make it easy

  24. *** OM Sri Sainathay Namah,****

    Sai Baba, Please listen to my prayers.
    It has been seven years to my marriage, and still no child. I also do not have job, and my own house.
    I have been waiting for your blessings patiently.
    Please forgive all my sins in this and past life. I cry to you every time I do Parayan.
    Please bless all for prosperity, child and good health,
    Please bless me Baba and fulfill my wishes…….


  25. Om Sai Ram – Beautiful experiences. Baba – you are holding the strings in the lives of all your devotees, and you bless them with your grace. I see your miracles – big and small all around me. I know you pervade everywhere, in everything and you listen to everyone. Please forgive us for the mistakes we have made in life. In your lotus feet those sins will get washed our bad karma get burned.
    I pray to you to accept our Bhakti – Bless my husband and me with another healthy baby, your beloved form. Bless our parents so that all their health and money problems get resolved. Bless our families so that all can live a peaceful, healthy and happy life. Baba let us stay in your lotus feet and never leave our hands. Deva please bless us…Bless all devotees with what they have wished for. Om Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram!

  26. Sai baba,

    happy to be your devotee…please help my family and parents in all aspects of our life..

    Thanks baba for everything…please always save us..

    love you baba,
    om sai namo namah

  27. Baba please help me and my family.Plz forgive all my mistakes and help me get admission in a good medical college without any fee burden on my parents.I only want results for the actual amount of hard work that I have done all these years.plz be with me during my exams and guide me.That is all that my heart wants right now.Please help me keep my parents happy..I donot want to disappoint them again and again.My mom has great faith in you.Both my father and mother have always done so much for others.Please alwayss keep them happy.Always keep your hand on our heads baba….please.

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