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Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Sai Baba from last 1 year and in this short span of time i have seen many of His miracles. One of them i am going to narrate now. Sai Baba please take care of my words and help me. I have a pet dog and me and my family is too attached to him. He is like my 2nd brother. My papa is so addicted to him that in spite of being tired from hectic schedule of whole day, when he comes back home from office he used to take amigo(my pet’s name) to the park and leave him open without chains so that he can run and play. At night no one used to be in park so it’s easy to leave him open and let him play. One day my dad took him to park as per his routine and i and my mom went to my uncle place. After two three hours my dad called us and told us that amigo is missing as he did not realised that the second gate of park was open that day and when he left him to play he went somewhere from that gate.

We all were so tensed and started searching him all around. Amigo was a pet dog so he was not familiar with roads and vehicles, what makes us more tensed. I was praying continuously to my Baba that please help us to get him back as my dad was crying loudly and continuously and thinking that it was his mistake. After searching for sometime my mom asked my dad to leave the car and search for him nearby the park and suddenly she heard bark and said that this is our amigo. My mom and dad went running in the direction of the sound and found that in the next society, some of the guards are having sticks in hand and they were trying to scare a dog and yes it was our amigo. After that my papa went to them and told them everything what happened and by the grace of Sai my amigo came back safely. Thank You Sai. Thank You Baba. Please take care of my family and everyone. I need You Sai. I need You please help me. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram.

Yet To Experience

Sai Sister Rekha from India says: I am married for 2.5 years now and facing issues with my husband. I am writing here to seek help from people who have seen miracles of Baba. Currently I am in a depression stage where I am insecure that when my husband will leave me. Though we are married for just 2.5 years now, we had enough of fights which has put me in bad shape. I do not know whether my husband is good or bad, whether he loves me or not, I am in a serious confusion. For our happy marriage, I even sacrificed my career, which I always dreamt off. My husband never understands my sensitiveness, he always blames me for each and everything, he never respects me. He never shares anything with me accept my body. He has never taken me anywhere outside, he just behaves that he is still bachelor and never take my responsibility.

Before marriage i was the happiest girl, but now I am just living for the heck of living. Many times I have thoughts, as if, for ending my life but i don’t have that much guts. Now I am pregnant but still we have fights. I am suffering severely from depression and loneliness. I had so much of dreams with my husband, but except fights nothing is happening in our lives. I remember Baba each and every minute, but nothing has changed in my life. Every day it is going very worse. I just want your feedback that what mistake am I doing in praying. I always believed that if we ask from pure heart we get everything, but nothing is happening in my life. So I request people who read this to help me out. I want a joy full life with my husband. Why God is not helping me. I want Baba’s miracle to happen in my life. I love my husband a lot. Waiting for the reply.

Baba Saved My Life

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I am a Sai Baba’s devotee for past few years and Baba saved my life. I have a request to Baba and waiting for His blessing. Please pray for me. Thank You very much for having such a wonderful blog which gives so much confidence to every devotee who reads the experiences of the others. I think that Sai Baba in the form of you helping His devotees. Last year when I was driving in a highway at the speed of 75mph two tires of my car got burst and due to that my car was pulled to the herb. My car made a 360 degree turn and stopped. It was only Baba Who was holding my hands at that time. I have survived because there was sand in the herb side otherwise it would have been a different story. Thank You very much Baba for saving my life and I will continue to do service to You. My humble request to Baba is that please grant me a child. I may have been a great sinner in my past birth but I take refuge in Your feet in this birth, please help me. I do humble request to all devotees to pray for me. Thanks a lot. Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Sai Ram

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  1. 2nd devotee,I had also gone through this for 3 yrs in married life including pregnancy, baba is there.pls have shraddha& saburi, baba will definitely help you in the form of your baby, it vl bond both of you.

  2. Dear second & third devotees continue to have firm faith on our beloved Baba, he will definetely fulfil your wishes at the right time. Om Sairam.

  3. Dear devotee 1, good experience. Sainatha always protects all especially dogs are his favs.
    Dear devotee 2, I really am not sure how to react but it is very painful to be in a bad relationship and hope you get solace in Sainatha's arms. Now that you have a baby to take care of, please be happy for your baby and take care of yourself and baby. Try to read Sai Satcharitha as much as possible, will give you so much peace.
    Dear devotee 3, may Baba bless you soon and all others who are waiting to enjoy motherhood..

  4. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  5. For second deovotee,he will definately help u..Trust him blindly ..Dont ask why,waht ,when..Focus on your child and live for your baby…

  6. OmSairam
    First devotee nice experience. Second and third devotee keeping you in my prayers. Don't worry our beloved Baba will help you.
    Baba please be with us all the time and bless us. Baba please forgive our mistakes.
    Anandakoti Brahmananda Nayaka Rajathiraja Yogiraja ParaBrahma ShriSachiananda Samaratha Sadguru ShriShirdi Sainath Maharaj ki Jai !!!
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

  7. Touching experiences and prayers go out to all 3 devotees. To the 2nd devotee, I would suggest you seek counseling where your husband is also involved and see if things can work out. I am sure He has already shown you a way by now though.

    O Deva, forgive us our sins and let them be destroyed by just uttering Your name.

    Jai Sairam

  8. saibaba bless all baba…please bless my mother with good health baba..Her sugar levels should be normal baba…she is suffering because of me baba…please forgive me for my mistakes baba…i dont want to hurt her baba…please guide me baba…i want to clear my net exam baba…please help me baba…bless my sister life and her kids baba…bless my brother ot score good marks in his exams and get medical seat baba…soon ishould get married to the person i love with all blessings baba….bless all baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram


  10. Jai Sai Ram dear Saimaa's children! Second devotee, please read twice in a day Shri Sai Chalisa for 5 days. Make sure that you eat before reading. You will definitely be relived from your bad karmas as our Saimaa destroys karma itself. Jai Jai Jai Shri Samartha SadGuru Sai Ram!

    • Dear devotee how are you so sure that reading chalisa for 5 days would destroy the bad karmas and solve everything

  11. dear second devotee
    Pl don't worry.I am also in the same state.Whenever I am depressed I read the exp posted on june 23,2014.Its abt a lady living in UAE who had problems with her husband because of her inlaws.Atlast baba came in the form of a taxi driver,advised her hubby and made her life peaceful.This is not a just story.a real incident.that too this has happened in the same place where I live.So I read this exp and console myself that one day baba will help me.i donate food on Thursdays.i try to do good things to others as much as don't worry.many people r in tough times.not only u.u shud be happy at this stage as u r carrying a baby in ur womb.the baby should be healthy.thats always pray to baba…chant his name as much as possible.all the best to ur delivery.

  12. Dear 2nd devotee. Sai baba will surely help you. Everything is given at the right time. In the meantime read sai charitra to give you peace of mind.Om Sai Ram 🙏🏽

  13. Sai baba deva i wish to see you and grant your blessings on me baba you have seen me struggling and suffring through this pain and anxiety now i m at ur holly feet please bless me and save me sairam jai jai sai

  14. to sai sister Rekha i would suggest you to read Sai Satcharita and do 9 week guruvaar vrat and surrender your self at the holy feer of Baba.he is going to care of everything.Sai…Sai,,

  15. 2nd devotee
    Talk to your husband. Ask him why he is doing this.. speak out what bothers you and what you want. Tell him that you want to continue your career.
    Read sai satcharitra
    Visit shirdi if you can.

  16. Sai Sai Dear 2nd Devotee 2 commentator and 3 rd – With Baba's inspiration I request you to complete Shri Sai Satcharita Parayan in a week startin from Thuraday and ending on Wednesday also Nav Guruvar Vrat – Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

  17. Dear baba,thank you very much for everything. You are the best.. I love you.. Anantkoti brahmandnayak rajadhiraj yogiraj parbrahm shri sachidanand sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai..


  19. Dear first devotee
    Just like you I also love my dogs more than anything in this world.I have two dogs one's name is tonka and Little one is leo.I constantly pray to sai baba for their well being.the kind on love dogs give you, is what I believe that God our Sai baba himself is giving in their form.bless all the dogs and creatures sai baba.don't let any dog be ever hungry.
    Lot of love to amigo.
    Sai baba bless all your devotees,put them on the path of love peace and kindness.ever bestow your blessings on them.
    Take care of all.

  20. I am a regular reader of this block since its beginning. I really appreciate the efforts Hetal ji have shown and gave us a platform where all sai devotee can read sai experience.

    But one question comes in mind again and again. Dear Hetal Ji, when you started this website their was not advertisements on this site and we use to feel that you have been doing this just for our beloved sai out of your love, devotion for him.

    But now we can see so many advertisements coming on this page and now it looks like a earning factor then a social help you are giving to sai devotees.

    We wish that we should stop thinking of earning with name of sai and should give all this services in name of baba. It should be true and pure keeping in mind only our true love for sai.

    This site should look true to all. There are people who doesn’t believe on the experiences given above as they think these are fake and are just to earn money. Because we have so many such sites.

    Hetal Ji; you kind attention is required and kindly think over it.


    • Sai Ramji Anonymous ji,

      Glad to know that you have been visiting this blog since its beginning. The thought and aim behind it is the same even today, that's why it is still fresh and no day goes without a post. This requires dedication of lot of time apart from devotion, love and faith towards Lord Sai Baba, Yes He is the Doer behind everything i am just a medium.

      I am MBA graduate, still i am not working anywhere, instead i carry a tag of "a Housewife". Reason behind this is that i devote most of my time on this blog and now since i am having a two year old kid to be taken care of, it is getting more difficult to manage. Apart from this virtual family i have a worldly family and duties towards family members. As per my qualification and previous work experience of over five years (after starting this blog in 2008, i left my well paid job to do this full time job given by my dear Lord Sai Baba) i would have easily earned over 30k per month. But this is not the scene. With these advertisements (which seems annoying to you and many) only running costs of this blog are covered and sometimes residue comes to nearly 5k per month. Readers out here praying for good jobs, career and many are working on high posts to support their family to live a decent life, so i am also doing the same (with permission of my boss Lord Baba, i think i am a salaried person to Him).

      For eg: We see bhajan singers asking for handsome compensation for their performances, do you think they are earning in the name of Lord Baba and that is not good? Instead we all feel lucky to take name of Lord Baba in the job we do and our professional and spiritual lives are not different, they go hand in hand.

      I agree few things need to be corrected and attended to, that will be taken care of soon. Hope you and everyone else here understand me and co-operate.

      I wish Lord Baba bestows good health to all and bless all.

    • Hi Hetalji..Omm Sai Ram..
      If you want, I am ready to help you in mainaining this blog..I have a good experience in handling blogs. I will never ask for money.

    • Sai Ramji Anonymous ji,

      Thanks for extending your helping hand. Right now we are in stable condition and blog work is running smoothly with grace of Lord. If needed we will certainly contact you. Kindly leave us an email regarding your interest on shirdisaibabaexperiences(@)gmail(dot)com

  21. Jai sai ram to my sai family…. Second experience dont feel depresstion baba give u hope in ur ….. Listen or read about art of living by shree shree ravi shankar…… Bcs i was also feeling depresstion … It will help u a lot pls read it or listen his pravachan

  22. Om sairam 2nd devotee. I am from Mauritius. Just read about your problem.
    As per my experience, i would advise you the following to solve your problem:-
    (i) Rise early, after a bath do "surya (sun) pooja",
    (ii) Ask your in-laws who is their "kool diety", meaning the god they pray most,
    and again know the day most convenient to pray the diety. Seek a pandit's advice
    about what to do when you fast for the family diety,
    (iii) Always keep your fast for Baba and read your "saicharitra" everyday
    You will surely obtain peace for your, your husband and child.
    Om sairam,

  23. sairam Hettal ji,
    I absolutely agree with you, this is baba's site and you and your team are doing selfless service as ordered by baba, So many lives are saved, are continue to live in hope and patience by reading others experience, it is like a life saving machine for most of us who are in horrible calamities, waiting to be saved by our master. So there is not at all a problem if you allow advertisements, even that is planned by baba, he himself tells not a leaf moves without his command, and even this arrangement is also done by him and moreover there is no vulgerness in any of the advertisements so what is the problem now?its upon us to click on the particular website or not. So I advise the devotee who raised objection to kindly ignore this small issue. Its not doing any harm nor sending any bad message to anyone. We just have to concentrate on baba's leelas not these trivial things. I feel this site as satcharitra, i know how much this website saved me when i am in losing my life when i am in calamity struck in a death chocking situation, it is this website which had given me baba's protection and hope. Hetal ji, plz dont be upset due to the devotee's comment. May be just a misunderstanding. plz cheer up and we all know, mordern hemadpanth has to fulfill her job till she is there. Wishing you all the best and may baba give you tremendous courage,strength and support to carry on this divine mission .

    • Sai Ramji Anonymous ji,

      It feels so great and to be honoured with title "Modern Hemadpanth" and showing confidence that i will be doing my spiritual duty till i am alive. I pray Lord Baba to bestow such health and strength in me to carry on this work till my end and hence i do not want long life.

      I would like to share something here, though it only shows my childish nature i am sharing.

      I have a habit of planning next day's blog work at night. May be its like discussing with bossy Lord Baba and go to sleep. Sleeping is an act of hope that our Lord will wake us up in morning for sure. But one day i felt if i die in sleep, then what will be the consequences. The first thing came in my mind was, who will carry on blog work after me, my kid is small i could not even teach him basic ABCD, so blogging is a out of question, then who will take care of my kid like blogs. Thoughts were running faster than light speed, i started listing down people who can take this charge after my death!!! 🙂

      So may be Lord Baba has planned very well in advance the person who will be carry forwarding this holy task!

      Good night Lord Baba and His Lovely Devotee Readers

    • sairam Hetal ji,
      Nothing will happen to you,, he will not allow anything befall you, till you complete his mission.This is a very very blessed toughest task and he chose you for it, so you have so much still to do. You have to see your baby bud grow into a handsome flower, whichis adoring baba's feet. Plz continue with full faith and confidence. Remember well my dear sister, until you mission is complete you will not be relieved from your duty. You are in safe hands.

    • jAI SAI RAM HETLAJI, I absolutely agree with the devotee , you are creating modern SAI SATCHARIT …..everyday we are waiting to read this blog…the first thing to do after baba's live darshan….and you are maintaining it with a great care…..thank you…may baba bless you with everything you wish..

  24. baba help me to solve this problem bless our family and all
    please help those who suffered in the earthquake baba pls

  25. Sai Baba please solve immigration problems which my husband is facing .
    Please forgive us .
    waiting for Ur blessing
    Om Sri sai ram
    Allah malik

  26. Dear Hetal ji,
    I appreciate your prompt response. It shows your hard-word towards this blog.
    Whatever you have written above is absolutely right. May be I took you wrong.

    Actually I would like to share what actually happened. One of my friend who doesn’t believe in baba but he is nice person. I was sharing with him about your site that I often visit this site and whenever I read any post; I feel energetic and peace within. But when he saw the site; he said "this is all fake and see the advertisement coming this shows this is meant to earn money and may be these experiences are not that true." I told him its not like that you read the experiences then you will get to know. Then in one corner of my mind whatever he said was revolving and I was getting confused what to do and should I speak to you or what. And then today when i visited this site I felt like writing to you once. My inner self was saying that this is wrong to raise the figure at anyone'S profession OR work. We never know what is going on in once life. But i thought to write to clear my doubts.

    And now I am feeling so good that I Wrote you and my doubts are clear now about this site.
    You are really doing a great job and I trust your work wholeheartedly. Sorry if any of my words hurt your sentiments towards SAI NATH. Afterall we all are Sai children.


    One question: How can i post my experiences on this site. Please share your Mail Id. Or you can mail me on

    • Sai Ramji Dear Anonymous,

      Sometimes Lord Sai Baba wants us to act like a "Postman" just deliver the message and leave to the messenger and recipient to deal with each other. I hope you understood what i mean to say.

      It's great that Lord Baba has blessed you and you wish to share your experience with all (h). You can do so by submitting your experience here.

      You have not hurt me in any way, instead it was an opportunity by my Lord Baba to make me clarify doubts of my readers.

      Be blessed 🙂

  27. Dear 2nd devotee.. To solve your problem.. I will recommend a book "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne. It is just all about how can you change your life by thinking positive which you should do right now. I can guarantee that your life will turn around once you follow the positive practices thinking given in this book.

    • Dear Second Devotee

      Please listen to GOING BEYOND & Being Bliss By Brahm KUmari Sister Shivani- It will really teach you how to live 🙂

      Lots of Blessings for Sister Hetal, I always feel that I know you for ages, Loads Love and Blessings:)

  28. 2nd devotee.
    I am married for 12 yrs and my husband wants divorce. He stopped talking to me for 7 months, September 2014 , and last month, March 2015, I decided I cannot continue living like this, esp with my 9 yrs old daughter. So, we are selling our home and moving separately. Anyways, OUR Baba, he walked with me for all this 7 months, I would say more, 7 YEARS my husband was harassing me, BABA was here, and is still here, walking with me on thorns, my feet were bleeding, Baba held my hand tight. I surrendered to Baba, I read Sai Sacharitra everyday. Surrendering is the only way for Baba to stop your suffering. Its your Karma my dear. it will stop only if you surrender. this is what I did. today, I feel better, no depression , no suicidal ideas, and am happy. Human beings, will do nothing for you, but Baba is always here for you, so please go to shelter of our Baba, and see his miracles, ask Sai to give you what He thinks is the best, and concentrate on Baba ONLY.

  29. I completely agree with Hetal ji's reply.
    Also Baba has said that our duties are our 1st priority and we should not neglect them.This will not please God.
    Dear 2nd Devotee,
    Baba will definitely bless you. Miracles happen only after a long period of testing our faith and patience. Am also undergoing a very stressful period in terms of getting settled and their are lot of problems around me. My only hope is that Baba will never let his children down. He would have already set things for you, Baba is just waiting for the right time.So kindly keep praying. And please do not worry about anything as of now (this will affect your baby). So think of your Baby and be happy. Your baby will smile only if you smile.

  30. Sai Ram! Please help your humble devotees to get rid of their bad karma and give us courage to face our problems.
    Anantha koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Sri Satchidananda Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai

  31. Dear second devotee, please keep yourself happy. I was crying all throughout my pregnancy because of financial problems and problems between my husband and me. Now my baby is twenty days old and he keeps crying all the time. He doesnt know to suck milk. And there are lot more problems going on with him. My mother is now blaming me its all because i cried all the time when i was pregnant my son is now like this. I dont know whether to belive this or not. But i know unless you stay happy your baby wont be healthy.

  32. Sai Deva Please protect all in this universe. I am going to meet my family members. Please bless me and family members for happy journey. .. Please Deva make my family members happy. Please bless to get train tickets. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

  33. Thank you thank you soo so much my Sai Maa. You know what i am talking about. I am truly truly sorry for my mistakes and the sins i have committed both knowingly and unknowingly. But you came into my life and held my hand, showed me where i was going wrong.
    I know i am a wretched soul and only you can save me. May you blessings be upon all your children especially the people in Nepal and the tragedy they are going through at this point.

    Please show us the way forward and never leave my hand.

    Love you sooo much

  34. Pls listen to me Baba.. m really Sorry pls bless me and send me back to my husband falling at your lotus feet

  35. Dear Sai,

    I need one help from you. Sai baba you are my only mine and i feel i am alive just because of you today. you support have always given me strength to live. Baba today I am married with all your grace and you know how many difficulties we faced and how my parents managed funds for my marriage. My family is good and my in-laws are also good. Baba my wish is very small but it is effecting me alot. I born and bought up in Delhi and today we are living in 21sr century where are girls are working and can wear jeans. My parents were like my friend always and whatever i use to waer or do my parents were aware of everything and they never stopped me accuse we knew our limits and we never did wrong.Today i got married to a family where there is o girl in the house. I ahve only one bother-in-law and no sister-in-law.

    The main issue is that I am not allowed to wear jeans where each girl in Delhi/NCR wear this and I bought up in this culture. I am Indian but we are living in this social life where we meet people and we have interact we so many different people. I am working women i can not bound myself wearing suit always. I have to visit my clients for meeting and all. I cant wear without sleeves also.

    Though my mother-in-law is open minded lady but I don’t know why they have issue with jeans and without sleeves. I can manage with without sleeves. But wearing jeans always not possible.

    Baba please help me in this. I love wearing suits but i also need a change sometime. Baba you can do anything. I just want that you change the mind set of my in-laws. They also start thinking in broader way and can understand mt situations. Baba I want they accept my wearing of jeans happly. I dont wanna anything against them. I want them happy. Baba please help me. I am not allowed to wear lowers with top at home. I can wear them only at time of sleeping. When i reach home I feel so hot and feel like wear normal home cloths but then also I wear suit.

    Please baba I am compromising in all terms and I want one wish of mine to be fulfilled. Baba please help me in this.


  36. OM SAI RAM…Baba I had applied at Canadian embassy for job. And i received call from there but due to sad mood I couldn’t take the call and i missed the opportunity. PLease bless me that I receive the call again. Please sai. OM SAI RAM.


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