Sai’s Birthday Gift

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a Housewife running a part time Business with Sai’s Grace. This is submission of my second experience. The First experience which was submitted couple of days back. I understand there are many devotees who have been sending the experiences so, there is a big queue. Thank you Hetal ji for this wonderful work. Sai Ram. I have had too many Sai miracles happened in my life. So, this is one of the cutest one which happened recently. While watching a T.V show, I saw the heroine wearing Sai finger ring on the smallest finger, which I liked so much and wished to get a similar one for myself. It was a silver one with Sai in white dress that is with an enamel finishing. Since, my birthday was approaching, my husband asked what gift I wanted so, I told that I don’t need anything but only a Sai silver finger ring. He took my brother along with him and searched in all jewellery shops but didn’t find one of my size. I was little sad about it, because I had wished only a ring but could not get it.

The next day I, I went along with him to another area, but there none of the jewellery shops had a single Sai ring. I was sad again and asked Sai that why is He not helping me to get His ring on my finger. Third day, also we searched but this time I had decided to buy whichever Sai silver ring I get, and not be choosy about enamel one. In the first 2 shops I didn’t get of my size and in the 3rd shop the jewellery person told that he doesn’t have one but will definitely do one in enamel if I wished for. So, I had a Sai ring on my finger (in Orange cloth, even though I liked white cloth) I gave that and told him to do that in enamel finishing. I asked the jewellery person whether he can get one picture of Sai in white cloth and fix that on ring. He told yes, and quoted a bigger price as making charge plus getting the white cloth Sai which made me upset. But still, I and husband agreed for that price. Along with the that, the jewellery person told that there are 2 Sai temples in N.R Colony and 9th Block, if we needed then we can give a try in getting whatever picture we wanted and then give to the jewellery person. So, we told him that it should be better and went in search of the temple in N.R colony, it was little far than 9th block.

On the way I was telling my husband that we should have gone to 9th block, because it was too much near, than the one which we were searching for. Finally, when we reached the place we found the temple so beautiful one. And there was only one bigger shop near to it, as soon as we entered and asked for the ring, the lady there showed the finger rings. The Miracle was: The same ring which I had seen in the T.V show, the same size which fitted my small finger, at 20% money which the jewellery person had quoted and finally it was a silver piece. My happiness had no bound. First thing- It was the T.V show ring. Second- My size rings were impossible to get. Third-lesser reasonable price which made me happy, so we bought two, one for me and other one for my husband. (I don’t know whether even my husband had wished to wear Sai ring like me, but looking at the previous jewellery person’s price he kept quite.) Fourth- Usually you don’t find those shops outside Sai temple selling silver rings. Lastly- It was the shop closing time she was about to close the shop, we had reached on time. Believe in Sai. He is always there. Om Sai Ram. So happily we returned home with Sai gift.

Baba Blessings On My Brother

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram, I would like to thank the almighty Sai Baba for blessing my brother. I would also like to thank hetal ji and her team for creating a wonderful platform which increases the faith on Sai Baba to a peak level. This is my first experience writing down for the blog. I did not believe in Baba’s or saints till my college level. After graduation I joined in my post graduation course. At that time, I started believing in Baba but don’t know how it happened and afterwards i started believing in Baba firmly and started going to the temple alone on Thursdays. The devotion for Baba in me increased very much. I became His staunch devotee and He has showed several miracles on me and helped me many times. I and my family visited Shirdi and we had great Darshan of Baba. When I entered there for Aarti and on seeing Baba tears rolled down from my eyes till the Aarti had completed, this was the first time that I had such a great feeling when I am seeing an Idol.

I had done Nav Guruvar fast for my brother as he is very weak in his studies and doesn’t concentrate on it at all. As he was detained for one year and I was praying at least in the second year he should be passed so that he could complete his studies. He attended for the exams but he again started failing due to less marks and I cried for him and was waiting for the miracle to happen. He also lost the hope. He again didn’t get enough credits and lost complete hope and lost hope in Baba also. I thought that if mother doesn’t know the pain of his children then who will understand and left hope on my brother and cursed myself as I made mistakes, that is why Baba is not helping us and if it is His decision, we have to obey it. I used to go through the question and answers websites praying for my brother and most of the answers given by Baba are positive. One day when I asked question, I thought in my mind that whatever Baba is saying, nothing is happening. Then the answer came like, I know what to, do believe in me and I was stunned. Days were passing away. Suddenly a ray of hope came that there is a provision for some students to go for the final year if they satisfy some conditions. On Thursday we meet principal for it. He allowed my brother to promote for final year, that day was miraculous Thursday. I would like to thank Baba for this miracle happened for my brother please shower Your blessings on all. Jai Sai Deva Jai Jai Sai Natha.

Shradha And Saburi

Sai Brother Bibhu from India says: What Baba expects from all of us faith, belief and patience. We should feel the presence of Baba in all our activities. Baba says that one should not pray Him neglecting his duty. One will be close to Him by performing his duty and selflessly praying Him. I have been with Baba since last so many years. It is not that I came to Baba’s feet during my difficult period. Few years back when I was in a government job, I was attracted to Him. Then I became more close to Him when I read Sai Satcharitra. The more I read it, the more close I came to Baba. Life is full of ups and downs. I have experienced many problems, some of the problems were so intense that without Baba’s blessings I would not have survived today. Sometimes I have felt that this life has no meaning and should be ended but at that time Baba has appeared and saved me. Recently, being upset with the attitude of my present employer I applied for a job switch being advised by Baba. I am sure Baba will help me get one where my experience in related areas and honesty will be recognised. Once I get the job switch, my first thing will be to visit Shiridi and pray Baba for His eternal blessings. I hope all will pray Baba for my success.

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  1. baba you know i m shy person..i keep thing in myself..i visit this site ur miracles..n devotees experience daily..n wish that i too blessed with ur holy feet..i usually don't write or comment but today i feel to express my feeling.. baba please help me to get a job this year..please please bless with a good know all the things happening in my life i have been trying for the govt job from last two years..till not successed.. some time i even fail for 1 or 2 marks…my father has got reiterd n still i m living on him pension..i feel very bad u know that..sometime feel to commit suicide…but i know it wrong..i want my life as any other person..but my life is not as easy..i just want a Job to support my family and take care of my old parents..i have only 1 year left you know baba very well..sorry if i done any thing wrong or or did any bad deeds in my previous or in this life… i don't know…i requested to all devotees to pray for me so that i will bless with a good job this year.. i promise if i will bless with a good job this year i will write my experience here..may baba bless all of us!!! om sai ram

    • Just curious, why you want to restrict yourself to government jobs; time has changed a lot, why not work with private companies, most of them are good.

      May Baba bless you with your desired job soon!

    • Dear sai devotee..
      I am also preparing for gov exams for last one year…jjust want to say have faith on our sai maa and give your best..baba soon will bless u with the desired job

    • keep preparing for govt job but take any private job for the time being..may b u like that..these days there so many good private companies with good pay ,good work culture and good growth..may b baba wants u to explore more..there is no use of sitting home and getting upset,be confident and go for of sai naathaye namah.(sorry if I hurt u but may b this is wat baba wants to tell u)

  2. Hello all has anyone heard about dh jagtap babaji who cure people by sai baba blessing . Can any one tell me about him is he true

  3. If anyone wish to share their problems / issues please do so at [email protected] and we will try to solve it in best possible way by baba"s grace . This is completely anonymous and would not be disclosed sairam


  5. om sai shri sai jai jai sai…..baba thank you for everything you are doing for me…..please baba show me right path of the life and be with me in each and every moment of my life…keep me in your lotus feet and bless me..ANANTKOTI BRAHMANDNAYAK RAJADHIRAJ YOGIRAJ PARBRAHM SHRI SACHDANAND SADGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI.

  6. Baba…this week for 2 days u showed 3 experiences related to motherhood….its ur grace baba….bless every childless ciuple wid ur kripa prasad…..u r tge only hope which can bring hapiness in lives…burn all our bad past karmas

    • Thank you for your kind words and wishes!!!we (all ttc sisters )need lots of prayers!!!
      Please pray for me and all ttc ladies ,so we can hold our lo ASAP!!
      Baba bless us with kids and show your leela!!only you can do that baba.
      Om sai,Sri sai,jai sai,jai jai sai.

  7. OmSairam
    Nice experiences.
    Anandakoti Brahamananda Nayaka Rajathiraja Yogiraja ParaBrahama ShriSachiananda Samratha ShriShirdi Sainath Maharaj ki Jai !!!
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

  8. Om sai ram
    Dear first devotee,what a wonderfull experience u had…wow.baba blessed u on ur birthday…congratulations
    dear second devotee may baba bless ur brother with consentrate on his mind n bless with nice job.
    dear third devotee baba is hearing his child desire ..he will give u job.
    baba bless all

  9. Good experiences and I am sure Bhibu Ji has been blessed with a dream job by our merciful Deva 🙂

    Thank You O Sai for bringing back the smiles and joy back in to our lives 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  10. Baba you are so heartless.i think only destiny is real .there is nothing called blessings.allyou gods are fraud or it is only our mind that says gods exist.i have been crying at your feet to give a child for do long but great you kept me at this age I know it is not possible.i said give me death.but you made a food of my feeling and you killed my worldy father whom you want to kill next my mother my sister or my husband .you are a killer for sure.

    • Dear Sister,
      Sai Ram
      If Baba is heartless, then how he is living in millions of heart . May your father soul rest in peace.Plz be humble to Sai He will definitely show you good life.
      Jai Sai Ram

    • we get angry with the someone we love..ur anger shows how much u love baba,how much u trusted baba,baba said himself that birth and death is not his/God control.its eternal truth.we have to bear our karma..i knw its easy to say all these things but to bear..i knw u r in great pain at the moment..its ok to get angry and take out ur emotions out sometimes.may baba heal u and vanish ur sai naathaye namah.

  11. sai baba me bi apna experience share karna chahti hoon .mene apko bachpan se mana hai .apne har zarroori kaam me apne hone ki feeling di par sai baba har baar haarti aa rahi hoon .aisa lagta hai ki ab aap meri nahi sunte,ummid hai aap jald hi answer denge taki me bi apna ek sundar sa experience share kar sakoon…………..

  12. Saibaba please save the child who got dropped inside a hole baba…he is struggling for his life…please save that kid baba….Om Sai Ram

  13. baba whether you give me something or not you decide as i know sai you are deciding best for me i don't have to think whether its right or wrong i only know that what happen because my saimaa is making best way out…just keep me in your feet that's it

  14. Om saima bless my husband and children be with us. 1st experience was very nice and I liked it very much. I like to hear baba s bajans very much. In my cell phone there are many bajans. I hear bajans while iam working in kitchen I love sai I completely surrenderd to him my koti koti pranmas to his louts feet

  15. Baba, u know all what happens in my marriage life. My husband has previously cheated me n betrayed me so many times. Although now he has changed but the pain and hurt still haunting me. Whenever now he close to any girl although its our relative I feel suspicious n this cause a great misunderstand between me n him. Baba, I just don't know how to forget the bitter incident in my life. The more I try the more its haunting me. Every day I'm crying in silence. I just don't know how to forget and live with him happily. I'm living a half hearted marriage life Baba. Only you can clear my confusion and doubt. Please help me Baba. I want to live a happy life with my husband but whenever I think back what he did, I really can't take it. i welcome any advise from devotees out there as I will take it as Baba's message.

  16. Om sai ram. Baba from morning till nigth i keep saying sai ram, but ur not showing ur blessings on my health problem. Please baba help me to sovle my problem. My brother must go to job within 3 days baba, please change his mind and give him good career. Om sai ram sri sai ram jaya jaya sairam…

  17. Om Sai Ram,

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences. To all Sai devotees, please have full Shraddha & Saburi on him and he will definitely bless you.

    Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parah Brahma,
    Sri Sachidanand .Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  18. Om Sai Ram! BABA, you saved my grandpa. Thank you so much. My other wish did not come true BABA. Please show your son something good for summer. Please BABA!

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