Sai Accepted The Offering Of Sweet Pongal In A Form Of Dog And Recovered Me From Ill Health

Sai Sister Lakshmi from India says: Many thanks to Hetal ji for having this blog where Sai devotees can share their experiences. By reading this blog, it awakens many souls that are sleeping in ignorance and I am one of them. I started the Sai Satcharitra Saptah on 14th Aug’14 and completed on 20th Aug’14. However, on 21st Aug’14 (Thursday), I and my mother after offering Sweet Pongal to Sai Baba at house, took the Sweet Pongal prepared my mother for Baba’s Naivadhya at Temple. I was not feeling well the whole day. I am allergic to dust and one day before, I was out of my house for an interview. I did not take enough precautions, due to which on Thursday, whole day, I was continuously sneezing. In the afternoon, I thought, I would take a Citrizine tablet at night after having my dinner and leaving my fast. That very moment, I got a thought, saying, “Don’t Take, I Will Make You Well”. For which, I thought, to be on safer side, I will buy the tablets and keep with me, if I do not get well that night, I will take that medicine, in the next day morning. Then again, one more thought crossed my mind, saying that “If You Do No Trust Me, Only Then You Need To Buy, Or Else Why Would You Buy ?”. Thinking that both these thought were Baba’s words to me, I neither bought the medicine nor took any in the night.

Now, read the wonder. As I, my mother and father were going to the temple in the evening to offer the Sweet Pongal as Naivadhya at temple, I happen to pass by a brown colour dog, and I felt, as though the dog is asking for the food and the dog Himself is Baba. For which, I said in my heart, “Even though you are Baba, you come to the temple and I would give you the Sweet Pongal after offering it to Baba’s idol” (I am afraid of dogs but really don’t know, how I had that conversation). In the temple, I prayed to Baba, that “I am irritated with this cold, allergy and ill health. Please make me healthy and when I step out of the temple, there should be no trace of cold, throat itching, etc. “After offering it to Baba at temple and giving all the Prasad to the temple people saying that give some for ourselves and all the remaining to be distributed among the devotees. The temple people took the whole Prasad, keeping some to us in our container. I and my parents came out of the temple, as soon as we came out, 2 dogs were looking at me, and we gave them the Upma that was given by the temple people as Prasad, both the dogs did not eat it. I started walking down after offering that to the dogs. The brown colour dog started following me, I said to my mom, give some Prasad that is sweet. She gave the sweet Prasad made of Rava, the dog ate it, but again started following, we thought, why is this dog following?

Then, suddenly a thought crossed my mother’s mind and she said let us offer the Sweet Pongal prepared at home. So, I opened the container, and out of the little that we had, we gave some to the dog and it ate very slowly, as though it was relishing each morsel of Sweet Pongal and we waited there seeing on how it was eating. Once it finished eating, we started walking but the dog did not follow us. Then I remember about my conversation that I had with the brown colour dog when I was coming to the temple. See, How Baba comes and takes that was promised to Him. I promised to offer but I forgot, but He did not forget me, He came to take that offering. I was so pleased with this and when I am typing, tears are flowing from my eyes and throat is getting choked. What a feeling it is? Sai is very sweet. Now, moving onto my ill health, as soon as I came out of the temple, there was no cold, no fever, no throat itching and I was getting the feeling of recovering from the ill health after taking the medicine. That night we all went back home very happily and thinking that Baba came and had our food. It was the greatest moment, my Sai had food prepared by my mom.

That night till 11.30 pm, we were discussing about this beautiful incident. I did not take any medicine as I was feeling better, that night I sweat a lot, maybe because of fever. This is the first time in my life that I recovered from this ill health. I am suffering from dust allergy, when I was a child of 6 months. The cold that I get is unbearable, and for which I need to get in touch with the doctor. This time, it was a wonderful experience, I experienced my Baba’s miracle done for me. Today I have recovered from this ill health and I pray to Sai that I should be completely alright of my ill health and often falling sick luck. And I have complete faith in Him, that, now I will not fall sick. He will grant me the boon of healthy life. He is great, wonderful, sweetest person on this earth. We will be short of words describing His greatness. Sai, You always be with my mother, my father, my brother and myself and show us Your presence. Now, I clearly know that our bad days have gone and we will experience good things in our life. Let us experience many more miracles Sai Baba, which I will post as and when it occurs, Millions and Millions and Tons and Tons of Thanks to my Sai Baba.

Baba Saved Us In Our Bad Days

Anonymous Devotee Singapore says: Jay Sai Ram to all the Sai Devotees. We are blessed that someone is there to guide us and save us whenever we need. I am a software Engineer by profession and residing in Singapore with my wife. Recently me and my family was going through lot of health issues and some other things where Baba saved us and blessed us to overcome this. I have couple of experience I want to share. I thought to share earlier but i could not do due to my laziness. Baba please forgive me!!! One year back, my mother was going through some gynecological issues where she consulted with a gynecologist. Doctor told to remove the uterus and before that doctor told to send some samples of uterus to Mumbai where they can test whether any cancerous virus are there. Initially they were suspecting something dangerous as the uterus was completely spoiled and it was swollen. We all family were completely disturbed and were shaken and were praying Baba. There is not a single day where i did not cry in front of Baba. I did 5 Thursday Vrat (fasting) and went to temple also. After few days, the operation was successful and the test report came out where doctor told nothing to worry and there is no cancerous substance found. My joy knew no bound and i thanked my Baba for helping and blessing my mother and our family. Baba, I know You are always with us.

My second Experience: In Singapore, One day my wife had fever and loose motion and vomiting. We went to hospital and took some medicine. After few days fever went off and the vomiting also but after couple of days again vomiting started and she was getting severe pain in stomach. I was very worried. It last for few hours then everything gone, we thought due to some food poisoning it might have happened. But the next day, i went to office, she suddenly called me and told me that she is not feeling well. Immediately i came from office and took her to hospital. Her condition became critical and doctor told due to dehydration her heartbeat is very fast also. They put some Saline solution but still the heartbeat was very fast. Doctor suggested admitting and they will start antibiotic treatment. As she has some viral fever in the past due to this it is happening. I was kept on praying Baba and crying a lot.

Every time i come out from the hospital and cry out side remembering my Baba. I prayed Baba and asked if this is something You wanted to happen please kill me also because i cannot see my wife dying. After 2 days of treatment the heartbeat came down but doctor told there is some issue with Liver. I was completely broke down and thought Baba please save my wife else kill me along with my wife, I do not want to go back without my wife. During the 2-3th day of treatment I never eat anything except bread and few juices. After 3 days Baba blessed us and doctor told due to viral it happened and everything sorted out slowly. Now she is very healthy due to my Baba. Apologies to all the devotees for the long post. I too have couple of more experiences to share, I will share in another post. I request to all my Sai Devotees through this post, Please keep faith on Him and everything He will sort out. Jay Sai Nath Sadguru Maharaj Ki Jay! My Sai My Saviour My Lord, You are Everything to me.

Baba Is My Saviour

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I would like to thank Admin for creating such a wonderful site to share our experiences with Baba. Baba has been my Mom, Dad, Friend, Philosopher, Teacher, siblings and every possible relation in my life. I have known Sai since 2012. I was in love with my colleague from a different religion. This created opposition from both our ends. Convincing our parents to accept our love was very difficult. I had lost all hopes. Finally I surrendered myself to Sai completely and started to pray every day for my wedding. I could feel Baba’s presence in my life from then on. He gave me all the confidence to stay strong throughout the tough times of convincing my parents. He gave me inner strength to overcome the problems. Finally because of His grace we are married happily with the support of our parents. Now, Baba is testing us by making me suffer from menstrual disorders. I know that He will not let me down. This is just a testing time and He is moulding me to a better shape. Baba, please hold me tight and save me from this calamity. I thank Baba for all the blessings He is showering upon us and pray for everyone’s well being.

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  1. OmSairam
    Nice experiences. Third devotee don't worry Baba will bless you soon. Keeping you in my prayers.
    Baba please bless us all and be with us always. Baba please forgive our mistakes.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

    • I want write about a big miracle happened in my life. I stay in us from past 5 years on h4 visa status. I suffered from health issues and personal problems in these 5 years. My in-laws are cause of my suffering to some extend. My husband never support me when its between in-laws and me. I happened to go to India with these circumstances without return ticket to us again. Only I believed in my husband and sai!!!. Tjat iwould be back in us some day. But In India I struggled with in-laws false Blames on me. Only hope I had was sai!!. Then I read sai sathcharithra 2 times in four months and had dreams of sai in pink and other 2 color dress. And surprised to see those color dresses in live aarthi on TV. Fortunately I came back to us with my kid. That was happiest moment in my life. But my struggle is still going on. But I believe one day with sais grace I will be free from problems. Om sai sri sai jai jai sai!!!

  2. Sai came in my dream last year after I did parayan and clearly wrote his message that my work will be done. I totally believed in him. An year later came to know that it did not happen.. Why would he do that? Why would he lie?????I have been praying for him for 7 years to make that happen.. Isn't this saburi not enough for him? I am losing all my faith in him..

  3. Please Sai Deva show mercy on me and make happy like others. I have to settle in life with family. Why every thing happens only to me. Please Deva bless us. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

  4. blessed experience!!!!dear first devotee-dear you are really lucky…..
    i love you saimaa your love for us can't be measured…you are my happiness

  5. Om sai shri sai jai jai sai…baba please bless my child… Forgive him for his mistake… Baba please always shower your blessings on us….Anantkoti Brahmandnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parbrahm Sachidanand Sadguru Shri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai….

  6. Wonderful experiences and I'm sure the 3rd devotee's prayers have already been heard by Him 🙂

    O Sadguru, Thank You for giving us such a beautiful life filled with Your miracles. Be with us O Deva as we traverse new grounds and bless that we meet success at every opportunity. Thank You O Sai for being with us, where ever we go 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  7. Jaisairam.. First devotee nice experience, i was touched with your lines….. , I clearly know that our bad days have gone and we will experience good things in our expecting the same from baba. Baba pls take my negative energy.. Be wid me make me as ur daughter… Pls

  8. 1st devotee you are blessed. Baba is antaryami.
    2nd devotee good to know you love your wife so much.
    3rd devotee nice experience. May baba bless you both.

  9. Very nice experiences … may sai baba keep his blessings on all like this.

    Baba pls help my teacher for Amarnath yatra.She is very depressed since everytime it gets cancelled.Pls help her book the helipad and also help her get the compulsary health certificate approved by doctor.Her blood pressure is little bit high.Pls cure her and help her for Amarnath yatra.She has very less time for booking everything.You know she cant afford package yatra.Help her get cheapest hotel.Pls help her Baba.

  10. Deva, I am not able to spend time with my family members even in son's school vacation as I stay alone. Please fulfil my wife's desire to stay together with good job at least here after. Please Devathi Deva bless me to settle well in this job so I take my family with me. Jai Sai Ram.

  11. Dear Baba, I am going through a lot at work and unable to focus and perform. Please help me and give me another job so I can move out of the Sai aram

  12. ya very true all is well when baba is there . He helps us in all ways . BABA I LOVE YOU DON'T LEAVE MY HAND I LOVE YOU BABA

  13. Wonderful experiences shared ….thank you for much Baba for giving us all a chance to read ur leelas. To the third experience ' This is just a testing time and He is moulding me to a better shape.' How wonderfully written that Baba tests us to make us a a better person so true and well said…..May Baba bless us all ……Om Sai Ram

  14. Om saima help all ur devotees. Baba please help me in my health issues. Om sairam sri sai ram jaya jaya sai ram.

  15. My dearest sai baba,
    Please please bless us with kids!!! Please baba show me your miracles!!
    Om sai,sri sai,jai sai ,jai jai sai!!!

  16. om sai ram , baba i want to live with my parents and my sister at my home town, but due to my job i am outside from home for the last 2 years. please baba tranfer me to my home town. jai sai ram

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