A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 882

Saw Sai Baba In My Dream

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Thank you, Hetal Ji and all the crew members for maintaining such a devotional and divine blog. Reading this blog makes my day. Everyday new experiences of devotee’s make me to think that Baba is there with all of us in different forms and He will definitely be there to hold our hands, at times of distress. I would like to share one such experience of mine here.

Experience 1:- When i went my college hostel, I really do not know what happened, I had nightmares while i went to sleep. It was somewhere like nightmares of coffins, bad time of me, my family. I started crying. And i found that whenever i went to sleep in my room, I felt in the mid night as some bad soul is also there, which is not allowing me to sleep. I felt something is dragging me, some bad soul is irritating me while i sleep. I got very much scared. I consulted this thing with my Paying guest owner aunty. At that time I was never aware about Sai Baba. I have never ever prayed to Him, never went His temple. My Aunt said that daily she went Sai temple, I can go with her. First time i visit Sai Temple with her and once i entered the temple i felt so relaxed, I can’t say. I purchased a book (Sai Kasht Nivaran Mantra) from there so that i wont had any nightmares and to avoid those tensions when i went to sleep. I came back home, and I read that book around 5 to 11 times, I crammed that. When i went to sleep i read that suddenly i found that from the same day there are no nightmares, no bad soul troubled me when i went to sleep. I felt so relaxed. I am so happy that Baba helped me and saved my life. Otherwise I would have been mad or died. Afterwards I started doing Baba’s 9 Thursday fasting. And I gave book to my friends too in my college. It was a miracle which Baba did with me.

Experience 2:- Although I started doing fasting for Baba, but i was never aware about the Sai Parayan. Just before few months I got to know about Sai Parayan from my bhabhi when i went India in my cousin’s marriage. She told me that once we do Parayan Baba gives you His Darshan. I was mad enough to do Parayan for Baba’s Darshan. But in India I did not find a chance to purchase Parayan or I totally forget. When i returned USA, it was Thursday and once I reached home, I thought about to go temple after taking bath, My husband and one of a his friend, friend’s wife and his son along with these I went temple. Suddenly i told about my wish to read Sai Parayan in Hindi language to my husband’s friend. When i was coming back from the temple, he took the book from the staff and gave me. I was surprised that i was thinking about Parayan and so soon, I got Parayan after my just landing to US, the book which i forgot to bring. I was so happy there were tears in my eyes. And it was the time of second magic. I was thinking that once I will finish my Parayan I will return it to the Temple, but i was so happy that i got the news that this book is given to me personally, no returning at all. All mine. First time, I did Parayan completion in one day but i was not happy so again i did Parayan and completed in 7 days. And after 7 days i was thinking that If Baba can give me Darshan (If i am so lucky) and I went to sleep. I saw exact Baba in my dream with long fire ashes Udi in my home’s courtyard and He asked me to come to Him and tell Him what i wishes from Him, I saw He was noting down with Pen and Paper. When I woke up I was very much happy that He accepted my Parayan. Thank You Baba for always being there with me. Please Baba bless me and my family.

Baba Cured My Health Pain

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi i am based in Mumbai and completed my MBA by Baba’s grace. Currently i am working in an MNC. My birth itself is biggest Miracle for my Family. To begin with my birth itself was a miracle for doctors and Family. I was a Premature Baby born at the end of Sixth Month of Pregnancy. Doctors informed my family that they can’t guarantee the Baby’s birth and they can take me home if they wish to but it is of no use. Food was supplied to me by pipes from all over body. My mummy is devotee of Baba, as soon as she came home she kept me in front of Big Baba Photo which we had several years at our home and told Him that whatever is your decision please she is in Your hand. After 1 month, when my mother went for check up, doctors were surprised to see me alive, on that, very healthy. Yes Baba saved me. He wanted me to be alive in this world.

A recent experience of mine. I had kept fast during Gokul Asthami without water, but afternoon i couldn’t control hence i asked for forgiveness and drank water. In the evening my fast was about to over by mid night but suddenly i started vomiting and i had severe headache. Everybody told me to break the fast but i wanted to complete it. I took water and Baba’s Udi and drank, it was a miracle that within 15 minutes everything was alright. Thank You Baba. I am also waiting for biggest miracle in my life and Baba knows it. Hope He will make that miracle happen at specific time, everybody has lost hope but i trust Baba. He will never let me fail. Sorry Baba, if any mistake in my experience and sure i will post that miracle here. Please forgive everybody for their mistakes and guide them to correct way. Please bless everybody. Let Your blessing be with every alive animal in the world.

Baba Listen To My Request

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hello, I am a Baba devotee for a long time. Now and then Baba fulfilled my requests. I always enjoy reading other devotees experiences. They make me feel energized. This small incident happened to me yesterday (Thursday). I try to visit nearby Baba temple every Thursday. After the Aarti, priest gives sacred water and Prasadam. Two times in the past a relative of the temple owner, gave the sacred water. Somehow I didn’t like it. I do not mind taking the Prasadam from anybody but not sacred water. I expect it to be from the priest only. So yesterday at the end of the Aarti the relative showed up. Upon seeing the relative, I started begging Baba, “Please Baba, I want the sacred water from the priest not from the relative”. Although it was crowded than usual, the priest gave Sacred water and Prasadam to everyone. Isn’t it amazing how Baba listens to you. Baba bless us all and be with us all the time. Jai Sai Ram.

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  1. Dear Devotees those who are seen Sai Baba in dreams are very lucky as He doesn't give Darshan to all. I am expecting Darshan from Baba every day in dream. Please Deva give Darshan to me also so that I will be happy. …… still I am searching for good accommodation near by office. Please Deva arrange me as I have language problem. Please Deva forgive my sins. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai. Anantha Kodi Brahmanda Nayaga Rajathi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Sri Satchidananda Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  2. My baby's actual due date is April 21. But my blood glucose level is high and the amniotic fluid is not adequate. So my delivery is fixed on April 6. I still struggle from financial problems. Also there are problems between my mother and husband regarding money. I can't keep on supporting both of them at the same time. It's making me depressed and tensed and stressed. All the problems we have now are because we don't have money. I read that in Sai devotees' houses, there won't be scarcity of money. I don't want any luxury. I just want to be without debts and poverty. I now urgently in need of money for my delivery. I say this openly in this forum because I got fed up and on the verge of giving up any kind of hope. I till now waited with patience and faith that Sai will help me. But I can't keep on balancing between my mother and husband. My husband and his family members are so careless about this and it hurts me and worries me. Baba, not even the joy of motherhood is in my heart. It's not even around me anywhere. I am ready to accept death than facing these problems. I can't take it anymore. Enough of this. As I pray to you these days, please take away my life and keep my soul with you. At least give me peace after death. Please do this for my sake. Your daughter is asking this favor from you. Please, I beg you.

    • Dear Sai Devotee,
      Money can come to any person at any time ,make them so rich and vanish from them in less than a second. Please be happy. If you are disturbed or stressed it will affect your babys health. Leave the money problem .Dont ever think about your financial problem and never feel that you suffer in poverty. Just chant Sai Baba name every day and see how safely Sai Baba makes you to deliver your baby. Sai will take care of your hospital expenses.Each and every one in this world face financial crisis at some point of time. Sai is ready to give a new born but you ask him to take away two lives. We need to live till our last breath to attain freedom of our soul. Please dont ask Sai to take away your life. He has not done this to anybody. Sai knows only to save life and not to take anyones life. He will definitely save you and be with your child always and look at your child , How lucky is your child to be born to a Sai Baba devotee. The real life starts only after a women attains motherhood. There are so many devotees still crying and begging to Sai to give them baby. But Sai blessed you to carry your baby. Aren't you feel blessed. Be supportive to your husband. Avoid arguements at this time. Simple chant Sai name He will run to you when you completely surrender yourself to His feet. Have a nice Day ma.
      Jai Sai Ram

    • Dear Sai devotee,

      Do not worry or Panic. Baba is with you and He will definitely help you to get the required money for your delivery. Sometimes, Baba takes our test, but we have to hold on tightly. He will be with you while your delivery, and required money will be arranged without any trouble.

      Love and best wishes,
      Baba's daughter

    • dear devotee i know this must be a very tuff situation but don't forget that baba is always there and this is biggest peace…please don't say peace after death as there is new life inside you…just thanks baba for being a mother nomatter what the situation is you just have to love saimaa thats it and i am sure you will see that how saimaa will protect your baby's life future faith don't have any end trust and love baba more than anything..baba will bless you !!!!

    • Thank you dear devotees for your wonderful moral support. I take all your support as if Baba himself giving for me. Thanks a lot. May Baba bless you all.

    • Dear devotee first of all congratulations!!! You are already blessed one!!baba blessed you with the biggest gift of the world ,he blessed you with babay!!!
      Trust me we are waiting for babies last five years and everyday I cry ,I pray to baba.definateltly baba loves you and trust me your lo will bring all the lucks ,happiness and peace for you!!you please take rest and think about your cutie pie.everything will be all right.i will pray to baba for your happiness and safe delivery!!!
      Baba,please give her and her family happiness and peace and bless her with safe delivery .
      Baba please bless us with babies!!!five years waiting baba,please please please I am begging you.
      Om sai,sri Sai,jai sai,jani jai sai.

    • Dear Sister,

      Financial issues are very common in our society & believe me it will be solved at one point of time.you are very lucky to be blessed with motherhood.I had been waiting for last 8 years to be blessed but till now no good luck.We cant get everything from all spheres of life.
      Immediately after marriage we were under family planning due to financial & in laws issue.Today even though financially we are strong,we have no one to enjoy our wealth.My in laws always torture us to spend everything for their daughter as we don't have any kid.Just imagine the pain I must be undergoing so my advice is don't think about money.Just spend quality time with your baby,forget about hubby,mother,in laws all side fittings :-).


    • Dear sister,

      Don't worry… sai ma is with u always… He will do miracle…. dont get tensed…
      just chant his name… everything will be alright….

  3. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai…..thank you baba…love you baba….baba please bless my child.. Anantkoti Brahmandnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parbrahm Sachidanand Sadguru Shri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai..

  4. Wonderful experiences and lucky is the first devotee who was blessed by Baba in her dreams 🙂

    O Deva, be with us as we venture into the new and bless us with love and happiness 🙂

    Jai Sairam


  6. To the 3rd devotee – why are you seeing a difference between the priest and the relative? Didn't Baba say that he resides in all beings?

  7. jai sai ram…blessed experiences…happy ram navami baba…i am so happy today…i decorated baba's temple with diya's today…so happy…feeling internal peace….thank you baba for allowing me to decorate your temple…bless everyone

  8. Omsairam.love you so much.I am very scared saibaba you know the reason.saibaba take care of my father and brother they are my biggest property.forgive my sins.

  9. Happy ramnavmi to all of u.sai baba sbhi ko apna aashirwad dein.om sai ram.mujhe maaf krna om sai ram.

  10. OmSairam
    Blessed experiences. Baba, please forgive our mistakes and be with us all the time. We love you so much. Bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

  11. Om Sai Ram. Baba please forgive me for my mistakes baba I did not do it intentionally. I have full faith on you and want to remain your daughter ever. Please don't punish me baba . Iam always your daughter baba. I love you I love you

  12. DEVA! Please cure my grandpa and relieve him from his pain. He is suffering from long time. Please guide my son and keep him focused.
    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram

  13. Om sai ram…. Dear sister devotee…. May I know ur place of stay and ur contact details…. So dat I can try to help u out wid dis financial issue

    • I am not a devotee of Baba, but a devotee of all Hindu gods equally. Everyone is sharing their experience but in my experience trust in god is the only driving force which moves us. The best example is my presence here. I need blessings from all devotees for a wish to fulfill in my life. I trust in god & he showed me this site miraculously. About 3 months back my marriage got fixed with a girl. Her parents liked my profile very much, but looks like some evil powers entered & spoiled the harmony. Now there is a stunning silence & no response. I trust in god & submitted my problem to him, that there is no mistake from my side & he should take care of it. I promised to him that i will treat her fairly in life. God knows that i am honest & sincere. Surprisingly i just came to know that she is the devotee of Baba & regular visitor of this site. She shared her experience & offered help to others also. I think its a miracle, god showed to me. I trust in god that things will be fine & evil powers will be destroyed soon. I will visit Shiridi along with her, when things go fine. Bless me.

    • Om Sai Ram. May god bless you. Try to understand that there might be some problem from the other side also. If she doesn’t understand you, she doesn’t deserve you. Leave it to god & he will take care of you.

    • Om sai ram. It’s not the question of who deserve whom. I believe in equality in front of sai. She might have taken a matured decision considering her choice of handsome, intelligent, smart, rich or educated guy. If I don’t meet one of her choices, I don’t deserve her and it’s indecent to pester her or god for that. May god Sai bless her to fulfill her wish soon.

      What we deserve is what deeds & sins we carry from the past life. It is inapt to ask the god to pacify those deeds. He can only help passing through painlessly. But she caused me the pain by creating unnecessary hopes for the unfruitful love. She could have avoided that by communicating her view clearly in the beginning. Now I lived in a dream for 3 months & difficult to come out of it. It is hurting emotionally. I asked her to be an independently thinking girl not to leave her to her troubles, but I see her capable of driving me through tough times. This is one of such times.

      No one is perfect in this world, if I escape seeing her problems, there is no meaning for true love & relationship. I accepted her unconditionally & want to live for my word no matter what happens to me. Ultimately it is our trust in god that moves us through tough times.

      It went from almost certain to uncertain now. The only reason I see is the role of evil power. I pray to god Sai & all other gods to give me the power to overcome this situation & sound mind to her & her parents to consider the truth. Since she is a devotee to Sai she knows how to pray Sai. I will take her help after marriage to return the favor to Sai Ram.

    • Why it happened to me? She broke my trust. Now i lost my interest on life. I am leading a mechanical life & just going with time. I am not able to trust anyone & living a lonely life. I have taken a hard decision to leave the country & probably never return back. I promised her father that i will not go to any country as she wants me to stay here. But now i am not able to live here. I am not able to talk to people. Not able to trust anyone. I can't understand my mistake. I have genuinely accepted her with no expectations. I trust in god & follow Ram & Ramayan strictly. In fact i thought it is goddess Sita's gift to me. Sadly god has cheated me. I thought she is beautiful, so she would have beautiful heart also. She is not even bothered to message me at least to tell what happened & what i should do now. It severely caused ripples in our family. I'm not talking to my parents. God is watching all this fun & enjoying.

    • Brother calm down. For few people only money is important than ethics. They give importance to commercial aspects in life than caring the fellow human’s emotions. May be she is surrounded by such people & can’t express her choice. May be her life is not in her own control that she can choose what is best for her. If she is least bothered to respond to you, that means she is arrogant. Your life will be spoiled with such people.

      You said she is Sai devotee & follows this site. Sai devotees never do that, because they know that hurting fellow humans is hurting the god. Sai observes all this and takes right care of his devotees. If she reads it, she will understand your true love & try to listen to you. Though she may not be in a position to accept you, at least she would convey what went wrong & relieve you from your grief. Life is gifted my child! If you are true to your heart, Sai will not let your pain go waste. One day you will get a chance to show her what she missed in life. Keep your trust! God bless you.

    • Thank you so much for the soothing words. I can’t let her dignity go down in any circumstance, no matter how she treated me. She is not arrogant. I observed that in her eyes. If she is money minded, she wouldn’t have asked me to stay here than going abroad. There must be a strong reason for which things went upside down. If she can convey that, it will ease out my pressure. I want to know my mistake.

      Yes, I will show, not to her but to the miscreants behind her, what I am capable of, with my rapid growth. God may help me in this journey. As always I will never hurt anyone & try to help the needy on my way.

      Anu, when I said “I trust you”, don’t make me regret for it. I lost my trust on the people because of you. When I offer something good, in return I get the insult & ill treatment from you. I never believed that people would be so ruthless to play with emotions.

    • Baba I belived you sincerely nd you dint care at al. I prayd sincerely. You gave me pain to my heart. Nothing worked all people cheat me lie with me. All the trobles are enugh. I diside to leave this body and serve god as my wish. Please make my wish true soon within a month. Nobody like me in dis world.

    • Baba I belived you sincerely nd you dint care at al. I prayd sincerely. You gave me pain to my heart. Nothing worked all people cheat me lie with me. All the trobles are enugh. I diside to leave this body and serve god as my wish. Please make my wish true soon within a month. Nobody like me in dis world.

    • Om Sai Ram. Your problem is not clear but it is clear that you should be the happiest person in this world. If people lie with you, that means they have no character. Why should you worry about characterless people? Try to maintain distance from them.

      Dear, nobody would care if you leave this world. If nobody likes you, feel pity for them. There are lot of people waiting for your help. Help them. Every time somebody feels happy for your help, you would feel their happiness.

  14. Sai Ram
    Plz write your comment to that devotee reply so that she could see. Great to hear that you can help them.
    Jai Sai Ram

  15. Sai ram. My life is full of troubles. My marriage turned into nightmare. My husband has no care on me. He stay with me only for my salary but not for my happiness. He doesn’t work. He tortures me everyday with his words and actions. I prayed you to change him into good person, but you least bothered about it. Day by day i am losing interest on my life. I don’t want a child as i don’t want my child to struggle with my worst life. His parents are torturing me for that. They took huge dowry saying he is doing a good business. My parents believed them blindly. Now they blame me for having no children. They are threatening me for divorce and another marriage for his son. I am bearing all this pain for my parents. Please take care of this poor daughter. Take me into your soul.

    • Dear Sister,

      Why do you still believe such people and bear all your pain? Such idiots should learn a lesson. Looks like you work somewhere. Why do you think you are helpless? Seek some help from your office. Appoint a lawyer and file a case on your husband. Don't worry, he will be given a chance to change. If not, he will be punished. He deserves that.

      Sister, would your parents be happy if you get the torture everyday? One day you stop earning. What will he do then? Don't underestimate your power. Why you ladies believe only cheaters?

      Keep praying. All problems will be solved soon. God will definitely take your soul into him. But at the right time only. Till then, keep helping the poor.

  16. I am having a hard time now, baba i know you are watching me, i have hope that you will help me, i dont know why this things happened to me but i know everything is for a reason and you decide everything. Please help me baba i really need you by my side..

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