Baba Saving Our Family From Problems

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am devotee of Sai Baba. I really pray to Baba daily and I am remembering Him daily. This is my third time that I am posting my experience. Thank you so much for the group admin for creating this page and grouping all the miracles of Baba. I usually read this blog and Sai my world blog daily. This really boosts my faith towards our Baba. Really, you are doing a great work Om Sai Ram. Now I am going to tell one experience. Actually 3 or 4 years back one day I went to one Sai Baba temple at Bangalore. I saw Sai Baba Vrat book in a shop of that temple. I don’t know what made me to take that book. So, I took the book but I slowly forgot reading about that book. I did not even remember about this book for several years. This year when I started reading Sai Baba miracles page, so many were writing about Sai Baba Vrat. Then a thought came in my mind. That is to start Sai Baba Vrat. So, I started doing Sai Baba Vrat last month. I told my dad to bring yellow colour cloth to perform the Sai Baba Vrat the previous day. But my dad brought orange colour cloth. But I did not see that. I saw it on my 1st day of my Sai Baba Vrat. I can’t do anything at that time. I can’t stop my Sai Baba Vrat at that time. So, I really told Baba sorry for not keeping yellow cloth. Baba really heard my words. He proved that faith is more important. I really prayed my Baba heart fully. He listened to my prayers. I completed 3 weeks of my Sai Baba Vrat successfully.

Baba fulfilled my wish before the next week of my Sai Baba Vrat. My sister is working in a good software company. She was in training for that company. She has to clear all the exams and wants project in Bangalore itself. Initially she was very worried about exams because she got failed in some and she has to write retests and get still more marks. My family was praying to Baba like anything because she got job after 2 years. She struggled so much and no one has helped her for giving reference. She got job by herself that too by grace of our Sai Baba. So, my family has hopes only on Baba. Slowly my sister cleared all exams one by one. One day she got call that her project was allocated in Pune. She was crying and my family members can’t stop her crying. Her all friends are in Bangalore. So, we want her to stay in Bangalore. Even we can’t send her to such a far place as we are from Andhra. I started Sai Baba Vrat for the sake of my sister. I requested Baba heart fully to give project in Bangalore for my sister. Now miracle happened. She started calling to Pune and requested them to give project in Bangalore. Then they told ok we will see. Then after few days, miracle of Baba came. She got project in Bangalore in same place where she got training. She is so happy now. This is all because of only our Baba.

Baba changed their minds and made them to give her project in Bangalore. Still there are many miracles in my life daily. There were many problems in my family since 2 years. But from this year slowly Baba is reducing my family problems one by one. It is only because of Baba I really learnt a lot. Previously I was scolding people if they hurt me. But I am slowly reducing that. But still I sometimes can’t control my anger. I pray to Baba to reduce my anger. Why should I simply involve in their matters? Baba is there to punish them. He will be there and seeing everyone who is good and who is bad. I know about Baba. I, now a days, started reading Sai Baba Satcharitra daily one chapter. This really gives me great relief. I was thinking for some days like, whatever that happens in life is already written by God. Then why should we pray God if it is already written. It will happen. Then after 2/3 days, when I was reading Satcharitra, Baba showed my path for these questions. He showed me that how He saved from snake bite and even after astrologists saying that one student would not be passed in medical entrance but Baba helped in passing exams. One couple did not have baby and astrologer said, they will not have baby in future but Baba helped in giving a baby to that couple. These all showed me answers for my questions.

God is there to save us and change our bad fate to good fate. In Sai Chalisa, there is a word “Mana Prasnalaku Javabulu Telupunu Sai Charithamulu” that means we will get answers for our questions through Sai Satcharitra. My faith in Baba is increasing day by day. Please Baba, please Increase my faith and patience. Please help all others who require help from You. All are waiting for Your miracles to happen. Please help all devotees and don’t leave their hand at any moment. We all need You Baba. This world has become selfish and so many are thinking of themselves and not others. Please reduce their selfish and sometimes me also. Please make my mind in such a manner that I help poor people. Still I have to complete some weeks of Vrat. I will complete definitely and feed poor people and distribute Sai Vrat books. Still there are few problems in my family. I hope that You will definitely remove those problems in few days and make my family happy. I want to see my parents and my sister happy always. Please Baba save us daily in future. Please save the devotees from obstacles. I will be definitely sharing my experience in future. Thank You so much Baba.

My Husband Got Onsite Opportunity

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi everyone. I thank Sai for all He has done and is still doing to me. I have a love marriage and my husband side were against to me. Though they attended our marriage but tried to pull out issues in between us so that my husband’s sister’s daughter can be paired up with my husband. There were many fights which were silly and tough too. They don’t even want us to plan for children too, i got literally mad and depressed with these issues. I even attempted suicide thinking that at least they could be happy. By God’s grace nothing had happened to me and no case was filed against my husband. I just prayed God to clear all the misunderstandings and help us keep glued to each other. May be He listened to our prayers, and put us both on track with no fighting, but i could not bear the pain my father in law and sister in law were doing to us. They always forced my husband to put all the expenses and dowry to be paid to them for her daughter’s marriage. I was scared the way they behaved. My husband finally ended up saying i will sell the house but i don’t want that to happen.

I felt like it’s better if we get an opportunity outside India, so that we could go far from these issues and pay back our loan and give their sister a reasonable amount for marriage. I just calmly prayed. I prayed Baba, its fine i don’t have children but keep us in a position to help few orphans as it was my dream and my husband also dreamt that he has to do something better to the society. I stopped crying for no children thinking its Baba’s wish for us to parent few orphans. One day a neighbour in our apartment gave me a book of Sai Vrat saying she performed the Vrat and told wish will come true. Many days i left it thinking Baba will give me when time decides, i can’t ask Him. I do the Vrat and get my wish fulfilled. But just started reading on Thursdays whenever i feel like. One day i felt i will start it as Vrat. I performed the Pooja, but i did not tie coin in the cloth. I missed few Thursdays. One day again i felt like i should wrap a coin in the cloth at least it could be chance for me to go to Shirdi. I started it for five Thursdays. I performed it and after three Thursdays, i could not perform the Pooja on 4th Thursday as i was late to leave to my parents place. My husband was disappointed as he was getting the opportunities to hand but some reason at the final stage they were vanishing.

Days passed it was Wednesday and my husband was frustrated and irritated. Next day evening i was continuing the Vrat. In the mid he came back from office, found him very irritated and frustrated. I continued the Vrat but could not concentrate on Pooja much fearing my husband frustration could lead to any issue. I just told Baba apologies for my lacking of concentration, he got a call it was an interview call, i finished the Pooja and came back to my husband and asked him to keep cool and not to get frustrated. He told me he had talked them on phone and told they will get back soon. I just prayed Baba to keep him cool and not get frustrated. Within minutes of time, there was a mail from his colleague that they were willing to take. I just prayed him that he should be happy with the work too. And today i.e. Friday, they were planning for visa application process. I thank Baba for all He did, and though my husband lost few opportunities i think this opportunity is good for us, so it was delayed. I thank Him a lot and continue to seek His blessings all time and thought to thank Him through writing like this. At least a few like me would do the Vrat successfully not getting disappointed.

Jai Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Bow to Jai Sai Ram and Pranam to Sai Baba Thanks for answering our prayers. I was so tensed about my daughter regarding her recent exams and low grades, she never got so low marks and we all prayed to Baba to help her, i posted to Baba here prayer too and Baba answered with solution, next day she changed the class and she realized that other teacher did not give her notes, exercises and that was the cause for her to get low grade. Thanks Baba for helping and we are so grateful to You, You have been always helping us. I have one prayer, please help her to get good score in tomorrow’s exam also. Be always with us Baba and i want to always take Your name in anything i do. Anantkoti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jay.

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  1. plz baba help me nw,u knw wt prblm i hv in my life nw,dont let my life spoil,no more pain baba,plz help me baba.always bless my family with good life,plz baba help me,help me baba,plz,plz…help me nw.

    • Please devotee, stop telling baba every day not to spoil your life. It feels bad to read it daily. If you have understood baba well, you wouldn't have said this. Baba knows everything. If our bad karma is not over, we have to suffer and there is no escape. And when our bad karma is over baba comes and gives us double joy.

    • Dear sai devotee baba will solve your problems….No worries baba will help you..Keep your mind cool and wait with patience…Om sai ram

    • Om sai ram
      Om sai ram
      Om sai ram
      Om sai ram
      Om sai ram
      Om sai ram
      Om sai ram
      Om sai ram
      Om sai ram
      Om sai ram
      Om sai ram

      Baba please solve the problems who are facing critical situation… Please be always with us… I put hope on you…Please dont leave my hand alone…Always plz with us …Love you so much baba..Om sai ram

  2. you so much.give good health to my father,brother and the sick.saibaba me from evil and unwanted thoughts.I keep on thinking about a person who has gone out of my life 10 months back, he has got married and settled,there is no use thinking about him.please saibaba I want to forget him, I know saibaba whatever happened is for my good kindly save me.saibaba thanks for curing my aunt's hand pain.saibaba my biggest property are my father and brother be them always.bless my brother with a job.give me patience and reduce my anger.thanks a lot for whatever you have given me.


  4. Wonderful experiences and I am sure our Dear Baba has performed miracles for both 1st and 2nd devotees by now 🙂

    O Sai, Thank You for blessing us with an abundance of love and happiness 🙂

    Jai Sairam

    • Wonderful experience by 1st and 2nd devotees,

      Cheers to first devotee who is seeking blessings for everyone :), may Sai Maa bless all the devotees

  5. Allah Allah Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  6. saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saiba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saiba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saiba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba saibaba plz help me baba,dont let my life spoil.plz help me nw baba.baba always bless my family with good health and good life.plz solve all the prbm and mk us tension free and prbl free our life baba,u knw hw v r suffering,plz baba nw help us.plz baba show mercy on us.jai saibaba .om sainathaye namah sri sainathaye namah jai jai sai nathaye namah.

  7. Sai when will you bless me baba…I'm in pain…living in fear saima. … will you ever show mercy on me sai..Pls pls pls forgive me and give me mukti from my bad karma baba pls

  8. Please Sai Baba Help Me For My Tough Time Of Life And Resolve All The Issues Which Are Now Unbearable, I Request To All Devotees Please Pray For My Family Issues.

  9. Baba I am scared day by day. The day is nearing. Baba I madly love him . Please help me baba. I dun find any other way infront of me baba. Baba i have never parted him in my life. How can I see him getting engaged with some other girl baba. I waited these many years just for him only. Baba please dun let me down baba. You know me very well know how madly I love him baba. Please baba . Help me baba. I am helpless baba. This pain is killing me day by day baba. Please let some miracle happen in our life please baba. Please baba fulfil the promise u have given me baba. Baba please baba good or bad i jus wanted to be with him only baba. Please baba.. Please help.


  10. Om Sri sai ram
    Baba still 93 days to go . Please protect the baby Baba . Baba should be born in full term and healthy . Baba I should not have any complications any more . Please baaba . Om Sri sai ram
    Allah malik

  11. Thank you baba for fulfilling my wish and blessings you have showered on family,thank you baba,akilanda koti brahmanda nayaka rajadhiraja yogiraja parabrahma shri sachidananda sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai,om sai ram……………………

  12. Baba please bless my mother with good health baba…soon everything should get back normal…please help me baba…please…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  13. My baba u know our problem.our mrg fixed .but loan is not sanction.thatswhy we r in tension.we want ur help baba.pls help us.u know we loving each other very much.pls help us.

  14. baba, please accept my prayer for my friends and me also. no one there to say my feelings and wishes. I miss my mom today. Please help me baba. I need your blessings to me and my family also. Please hold my hands and do favor for me. Help the people who really needs your blessings. I know you now only by one of my friends. she told that when you pray sai baba. he will fulfill your wishes. don't worry. I started praying you from today. Sai ram.. Sai ram… Saayi baba !!!

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