Healing Power Of Sai Baba’s Udi: Another Miracle

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Many devotees have shared their valuable experiences regarding miraculous power of Udi and I would also like to add my own experience to this archive of miracles which I experienced couple of weeks ago. Two weeks ago one of my moles present on my left wrist started to grow which was dormant since my birth. Mornings it used to grow about a size of Udal Dal (Black gram) (it’s normal size is about mustard seed) but as the day progresses it used to grow about the size of Chana Dal (Bengal gram) due to pooling of blood. Then suddenly at night it used shrink back to Udal Dal (Black gram) size. This growth cycle persists for about 3-5 days. Initially I did not pay any attention to it and thought it would subside by itself. Then it gradually started bothering me as accidentally I used to hurt it. This way I spent about one week. During this time, it remained the size of Chana Dal (Bengal gram).

Later I told my husband as it used to bother me the whole day and also had become painful overtime. He suggested us to seek medical assistance from dermatologist due to pain and its unusual growth. I remember it was Friday evening around 6 pm when I called the hospital to seek appointment. Normally in US doctors (excepting ER) don’t work on the weekends and my case was not an emergency so I got appointment for the following Monday. I was reluctant to go the doctor as here in USA they mostly diagnose as some kind of tumour (cancer) as it’s was growing rapidly and they do biopsy to confirm. I did not want to go through this type of medical experience in my life. So I prayed to Sai Baba to help me with this and suddenly while praying I just had an intuition to apply Baba’s Udi. I somehow don’t know as to why I waited/suffered almost 1.5 weeks before seeking Sai Baba’s divine intervention despite being Baba’s follower since last few years. May be it was Baba’s wish/my bad deeds that made me undergo this suffering for some time. My only prayer to Baba was – “Please heal this mole before Monday before my doctor’s appointment so that I don’t have to undergo any kind of test/biopsy”.

So the same day evening (Friday) onwards, I started to apply Baba’s Udi on this mole in the morning and at night. Due to Baba’s Udi’s healing power, the pain had reduced to a large extent and I felt as if she was shrinking in size (from Chana Dal (Bengal gram) to Udal Dal (Black gram). While taking shower on Sunday morning, I happen to rubbed soap on this mole without my knowledge and I did not feel any pain/discomfort. I just felt that something had fallen down and realized it was my mole that shed off. I did not believe it and check my left wrist again to see if it was the same mole. Yes, you all guessed it right. It was the same mole that was bothering me since 2 weeks had shed off that too before doctor’s appointment!! I jumped with joy and felt relieved that Baba had cured my mole problem on Sunday itself without sending me to the doctor on Monday. I thanked Sai Baba for His divine blessings on me and learnt again that Sai Baba will never leave His devotees in pain when we remember Him. He comes running to us to help and heal us. That day He reaffirmed my belief and now Sai Baba’s and His Udi is everything to me. I am awaiting His blessing to help me conceive and bless me with healthy baby soon. I don’t know why He is not blessing us with baby despite completion of Nav Guruvar Vrat. Devotees please pray to Sai Baba to bless me and my husband with a healthy baby soon. Jai Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Answered My Doubt

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Om Sai Ram. Dear Admin, thanks for the wonderful platform you are providing. May Baba bless you always. Dear all, I am from India, now living in USA. I got into Sai’s fold since 1994. I owe everything in my life to Sai. I would like to narrate an incident which shows Baba’s kindness in answering my baseless doubt. It was in 2002 that I first came to USA with my husband after our marriage. My marriage was a miracle in itself and I was very happy that I got a great match with Baba’s blessings and was all excited to come to US. That was the first time in my life I boarded a plane and flew. I was awake the entire flight and was watching very excitedly the take off, the flight path, the earth underneath, the milky white clouds and the vast blue oceans. I was very overwhelmed with the physical distance from India to US as we cross continents, oceans and various time zones to come to US from India. We landed and came home to our apartment.

After a few days I set up a corner in the house for my Pooja. I worshiped Sai Baba every day, just as I was praying to Him back in India. But the flight experience and the physical distance still had a strong hold on me and I started wondering if Baba’s power is effective here in US. Being new to the place I had no friends around at that time and none to talk to except my husband. I prayed to Baba regularly but I still had this doubt in my mind. Being relatively young and also a lot more foolish, this was the thought in my mind at that time. Within two months, my husband had to go to Los Angeles for some office work for a week. He didn’t want to leave me alone, so he took me along with him to LA. My husband’s colleague who is also an Indian had family friends in LA. He took me and my husband for dinner to their place one evening. The lady of the house was very caring. After dinner while conversing with her I came to know that she is an ardent devotee of Baba. I was so happy to meet her and we talked about Baba for some time.

Then see how Baba answered my doubt. She narrated an experience of her to me. One day she cooked Prasadam, offered it to Baba, ate a little of it and went and started working on her computer. After a while there was some sort of chomping sound heard by her. She was alone in the house and at first she thought may be the bathroom tap was running. She turned it off but still the sound was heard. She went into the kitchen where she kept the Prasadam and she could see that the Prasadam was eaten and there were prints of fingers as if someone grabbed it from the dish. She stood there stunned and a little afraid too. Bless her soul!! Baba, pleased by her devotion came and ate the Prasadam she cooked for Him. I was speechless for some time, and asked her if it happened here in this house. She said yes, it happened right here. I am so fortunate as Baba to clear my doubt took me to LA, made me meet a great devotee, let us experience her hospitality, made me hear His Leela which shatters all doubts about His reach, power and kindness. That’s the only time I met her and never saw her again. I had asked for a photo of Sai which she had with her as a token of remembrance, and she was kind enough to give it to me. Sai Baba did not mind that I doubted His existence here but still answered my doubt and proved to me how kind and caring He is to the minutest detail. Sai is love. Thank You. Sai Bless us all.

Baba Helped Us In Our Difficult Time

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I bow to Baba and request for His blessing so that I can pen down my experience here in this forum. This is my third experience in this blog. Thank You Hetal ji for giving us this platform to share our experience with all our Sai devotees. My husband was having a very bad time in terms of his career. He was not getting the results as per the effort he was putting in for his work. I used to pray a lot in front of Baba, I could not see my husband in trouble. My husband never bows in front of any God, but he also never disrespects anyone. He is always ready to get flowers, fruits and sweets for my Pooja. I requested my husband to bow in front of Baba before leaving for work and now a-days he is doing that. Now to my surprise my husband has improved a lot in his office. I bow to Baba for each and everything He has given to us.

We have a spare laptop at home which we rarely use. My husband sometimes put it for charge and switches it On once in 6 months so that it remains in a workable state. One day he said that the laptop is not starting and he tried for a couple of times but in vain. After few days of this incident I read a post in this forum where a Sai devotee has a similar problem with his laptop but after taking Baba’s name the laptop suddenly started working. I read this and thought about telling this to my husband to check the laptop. But I completely forgot about it. Again few days after this incident I read another blog where another Sai devotee brother had shared a experience with his laptop. His laptop was not starting and after reading the previous devotees experience he also took Baba’s name and the laptop started working. Actually this was a kind of reminder for me from Baba to check my laptop. But again I forgot about this and also forgot to tell my husband. But at the back of my mind knew that if I start my laptop now it will surely work. After a couple of days of this incident, I was doing some household stuff and my husband suddenly said look this laptop is working (this laptop did not work for the last 6-7 months even trying after several times). My instant answer was “I knew it will work”. My husband was very surprised at my reply. When I explained him he was happy. I am happy that all these incidents are related to my husband and slowly he has started believing in Baba.

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  1. jai saibaba,plz help me baba,dont let my life spoil.u knw wt prblm i hv nw in my life plz god help me.
    always bless my family with hapiness and good life.jai saibaba

  2. jai saibaba,plz help me baba,dont let my life spoil.u knw wt prblm i hv nw in my life plz god help me.
    always bless my family with hapiness and good life.jai saibaba

  3. om sai sri sai jai jai sai
    plz baba help me,my life in ur hand,dont let it spoil.i hv surrender at ur feet,plz baba help me i m grt in need.jai saibaba

    • If you have truly surrendered to his feet then you should stop worrying about your life and let him worry. What you are saying is contradictory, either you have not surrendered or if you have then you would not worry.
      Om Sai Ram! Peace to all!

    • really i agree ,,,,dear devotee just be peaceful in what u r going through the mind work is to think let us think about saimaa there always will be a smile on your face no matter what is the situation..mediitate on baba's face keeping your mind blank then see problems flew like anything….peace to all sainath

  4. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  5. Dear 1st devotee, Like in your case Baba always extends his timely help when sincerely prayed to. Dear 2nd devotee, that's an amazing experience that gives goosebumps. The lady is a very blessed soul. Dear 3rd devotee, Baba has his own ways to draw his sparrows to him. May Sai bless us all!

  6. We get several mails everyday and try our best to help devotees solve their problem in best possible way .. Thank you baba for making our aim a success ..
    And thank u devotees for trusting in us .. We will continue resolving issues/problems by baba'sgrace . Please mail us your problems at blessallsai@gmail.com

  7. Today after noon i have my meeting with my project manager. He will give report on my performance of my 3 month work then only I can continue in this job. This job is very important for my survival.

    If i lost it then i will be devastated…i am prayong to Baba for a miracle tomorrow.
    I dont want to get fired..

    Please baba save my job….


  9. I bought a new sim card last Sunday and was told by the showroom people that it will get activated by Monday night. But it was not activated. I called customer care and enquired about it. They said they haven't received any of my details and I have to go and request the showroom people to process my application. The problem was it's my husband who bought me the sim card and he went on an industrial visit with his students to Athirappalli (Kerala) where there is no network coverage for his phone. So I couldn't call him and ask from which showroom he bought that sim card. I also had no other personal number and was using my mother's phone for emergencies. I can't bother her often as she had to go out for some work often. I was badly in need of that new sim to get activated. Suddenly I remembered devotees' experiences and thought why shouldn't I take Baba's help. It was yesterday (Thursday) that I decided to seek Baba's help. I thought "Baba if you are listening, you know I need that number to get activated. I am going to make a call to my mom and it should work now." Then I took the phone and dialled my mom and it got activated. For 4 days it was not activated. But when I sought the help of Baba, He helped me immediately. See the miracle of Baba.

  10. Allah Allah Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  11. Thank you deva for making changes in my behavior & making me less egoistic yesterday… Please deva give the power to continue the same behavior & please burn my ego… also thank you for making my son study well yesterday & big big thanks for getting 10% of our money from the borrower which was pending from last 2 years… and I am sure that rest money also u will give us in very short period.. I'll not worry anymore Deva.. deva instead of asking you, to be with me i pray that please give me the strength to understand that you will never leave your devotees… thanks a lot deva…. Om Sai Ram…

  12. Sai Deva, Please bless me to successful in both career and family life like others. I am believing You completely. Please Deva show mercy on me. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

  13. Shree SachinanandSadguruSainath Maharaj kI Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  14. Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    love u baba.pls take care of everyone.
    @ second devotee:After reading ur post i got answer to my Question yesterday.Yesterday after doing Nav guruvar vrat 5th week i offered Naivedyam to Baba ans asked him to eat and show some Presence or fingerprints or some thing that he has eaten the prasadam.After sometime when my husband came back from office i asked him take some prasadam but did not see any proofs that baba has eaten i felt disappointed.I thought may be iam not good enough to experience this.But morning after reading your experience i felt that he listend to me .May be he has eaten yesterday but my eyes did not recognized.love u baba.thank u baba.

  15. Jai Sai Ram , dear devotees today after reading 1 devotee experience I too had UDHI for my health problem as I am suffering from slight fever for 2 days and no one to help me and my daughter .now I ate some baba udhI and applied it on the forehead I feel better now as I got some sleep thank you baba

  16. Wonderful experience and I am sure our sweet Baba has planned a wonderful surprise for the 1st devotee 🙂

    O Sai, Thank You for being with us through thick and thin and blessing us with love, health, wealth, peace and happiness 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  17. I got goose bumps and tears when I read the devotees experiences, particularly about the Lady whose prasadam BABA himself ate. How blessed is she to have experienced HIS DIVINE Presence. BABA KI JAI HO. Please bless us all BABA.

  18. Dearest Babaji. Thanks a million for the great change u brought into the mind of the presiding officer and saved my family from being embarrassed. I dont have words to say how happy I m today. Truly truly miraculous. Just luv u Babaji. Om Sai ram.

  19. om sairam …after finishing my 7 days satcharithra reading i offered vegrice to baba …I prayed sincerely
    that " Baba if you really have my naivedhyam plz indicate that through some means " after that i started doing my work and felt asleep.At midnight i felt like some one blown chill air on me. I immediately woke up and i saw glimpse of baba behind me just for a second .I was so happy and excited about this.Since we are in a cold country and using heaters in room i don't know how i felt the breeze ..its all baba's miracle..i'm so happy that baba indicate me that he had my prasad by showing his presence.Jai Sairam

  20. Baba plz bless the 1st devotee & all other devotees like her….with your prasad…with healthy baby..please baba….this pain if not be able to concieve is very soul hurting…..bless us with saiansh

  21. Sai baba,

    Please help my family and parents in all aspects..Please help my parents in every thing their life….
    Please baba,help my husband to get a good job with good salary…Please baba always save my parents,my kids,my husband and me(all my family)…
    please show us a right to success in our life…
    please show my daughter a right path to overcome her situation with her neck….
    please help her ,baba..

    Baba, please never ever leave our hand and keep us blessed for ever…..
    thanks baba for every thing…
    Baba i have full faith in u…..

    Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parahbrahma,
    Sri Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj K Jai.

    love you baba
    om sai namo namah

  22. OmSairam
    Nice experiences. First devotee don't worry Baba will bless you with a beautiful healthy baby soon.
    Today I just said stop contacting me again to a person who was bothering my life. Baba please forgive me if I had made any mistakes.
    Bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

  23. om sai

    please save my life and i also want to join with my husband and with my mother and brother , please return my life with happy, please baba please kindly do for me please

  24. Wonderful experiences, Thank you for sharing…
    Sai Maa please help me, please I need your blessings and guidance, I have surrendered to your feet, give me the strength. Please show me the way… Baba please.

    I believe you, trust you.. please help, whatever you give me, give the strength to face it. I am broken Baba.
    Sai Maa help all in need

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