Baba’s Blessings On My Babies

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hi I am Baba’s devotee. I would like to share one of my experiences with Baba and how He has helped me and my new born babies. Baba helped me as always. Baba has been on my side all through my life. In pain or happiness, I always have You in my mind Baba. You have been my mother, father, guide and everything to me. You are my guru Baba. I owe Baba so much. He has been there for me every single second of my life. I have been delaying to write my experience for long time and really guilty about it. I am really sorry Baba. This is my second post. Baba has blessed me with twins, He was been there with me all through the tough times of my pregnancy and with His blessings, I had a normal delivery. I had Baba’s Picture on my side all through my labour and I definitely feel He is the one who has given me the re-birth. I was worried if I would have to go through c section as it was twins but again with Baba’s grace, I had a normal delivery though it took almost a day. Babies were born on auspicious day with Your blessings Baba and healthy too. Post recovery also was not so easy.

With Baba’s grace, I was permitted to work from home for couple of months till I recovered totally. But managing with twins is not an easy thing after delivery and I was working parallel too. I had my parents with me here in US to help me with the kids as I had to start working back. But as their stay was granted only for another 4 months after delivery we were worried how we would take care of the babies during winter. We wanted to apply for my mother’s visa extension. My father’s health was also not so good but he wanted to stay back to be supportive to my mother. So we applied for their visa extension for both my parents as per rules just before a month their visa date expires. We were pretty nervous about the approval. Many people have scared us saying it’s a big risk we are taking as there are many rejections on the visa extensions and if it gets denied, they immediately have to leave the country and even their visa will get rejected for their next visit. We were all worried. We were waiting to hear back from the consulate, a month passed, the visa expiry date has passed and still we haven’t heard anything from the consulate. I and my mother tried to convince each other that Baba is there to help us, we are praying to get visa just to help the little ones from the bad weather and not for any other reason. Baba will definitely help us. We kept praying Baba. My mother started reading Baba’s Sai Satcharitra and has completed it in a week.

Finally almost after 3 months, we got the approval letter. It’s totally Baba’s grace, He has showered His blessings on the little ones and saved them. Baba has helped me in numerous ways all through my life and I pray to You Baba to shower Your blessings in the same way on my babies and please take care of them Baba. Please guide me Baba through my life Baba. We love You Baba, and please shower Your blessing on all the needy. I wanted to share this experience for a long time Baba, sorry again for the delay.

Sai’s Gift To Me

Anonymous Devotee from US says: First of all a big cheers for the people who are behind this blog. This is my second experience which i would like to share with all my brothers and sisters. This experience is about the gift from loving Sai to me. Coming to my experience, I had registered for Free Udi- Prasad in Sai Sansthan website through online. This is done free for all people who register, no matter which ever place you are in. I registered for this around early February. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to reach any destination. So I was eagerly waiting for 4 weeks and used to check my mailbox almost every day. But I did not receive it even after 6 weeks and I even forget about that and did not even check my mail-box. After about 2 months, Just on eve of my birthday something struck me to check the letterbox. I went straight away to check the letters and i received a letter from Sai Sansthan. The moment i saw the ‘From’ address, I knew the envelope contained Udi and Prasad. I was stunned and tear rolled of my eyes. This was the best birthday gift I have ever received. I was so happy and elated!!! This shows that Sai always fulfils His child’s wish at the right time. A request to all my friends reading this, Sai always puts you through tests to check if you posses two key assets ‘Shradha’ and ‘Saburi’. Please remember, victories always tastes better with struggle and wait!!! Most importantly, He knows what’s best for you, better than what you know. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Helped Me In Tough Time

Sai Brother Amit from India says: I am presently living in Jamshedpur and working as AM-HR in Toll Global Logistics. My parents live in Dhanbad. I am living with my wife and one and half year daughter. This experience is on 28th July. Currently i am working with one Australian MNC as AM-HR in Jamshedpur. Now the circumstances in our organization are very tough. On 25th, i got a call from my HR head that due to the restructuring in organization there is no HR position is based out in Jamshedpur. They have also terminated services of few seniors and told them to resign and the last working day is 31st July. Same he told me that your last working day is 31st July. I was shocked and started requesting that please give me 2 months time so that i can search job and move on but he was very adamant and he was saying that no we cannot give you time.

When i reached my home, i shared this to my wife she got tensed. I told her, no need to worry Sai Baba will help us. On 26th July, i have written mail to my Singapore HR that please allow me 2 months time. On 28th July when i reached office i got mail from her that, “surprised to see your mail, as informed by India HR they have already communicated you that your last working day is 31st July.” In these days i am regularly doing Parayan of Shi Sai Satcharitra, so i was reading 18-19th Adhyay yesterday and after that i have replied a mail stating the fact that nobody has communicated me any last working date. Finally i got mail from her that this position is now centralized so we are allowing your last working day in our record would be 30th Sep and we will pay you your salary as regular employee till 30th Sep but you need not to come office after 31st July and you focus on your job search. I got relief and thanked Baba. Now i am praying that Baba will resolve my problem as earliest possible, i checked Question and Answer from website and i got assurance from there that it is resolved very soon.” Baba please bless us all.

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  2. Wonderful experiences and I am sure our beloved Baba has given a better opportunity to the 3rd devotee 🙂

    O Sai, Thank You for filling our lives with love and happiness 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  3. Om sai ram. Happy valentine's day Baba. You are my true love Baba. Thank you Baba for everything. I love you Baba

  4. Happy valentine's day to mu beloved baba r everything to me….please be with usand bless us all.

    Love u a lot.

  5. thank you deva for curing my son's fever and for each & every miracle your showing in our life… love you deva and bless us to lead a good life in your path…

  6. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba, please showering your blessings on us forever.

    Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parah Brahma,
    Sr Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  7. Thankyou sai baba…..for today
    Baba plz bless all the childless couples wid ur prasad….ur saiansh…..surrendering at ur feet

  8. Happy Valentines Day to all….Love you lots Sai Maa…
    thank you for sharing your experiences….to the third devotee..look forward to reading that Baba blessed you with a job by the end of those two months..May Baba bless us all …….Om Sai Ram

  9. Baba ,

    Badly missing my love. It has been since 1 week that we talked to each other. Baba why this kind of troubkes happening between us,inspite of loving him this much . Baba he said its for his mom's happiness. Baba I always loved her a lot. Wont she be able to accept me as her daugter in law ever baba. Baba I promise on you and my parents that I will be an obedient daughter in law to her.I ll go down to earth to attain their love baba. I just love him madly since last 6 years. Baba from my day starts i jus think of him until it ends. I sincerely love him baba. I have never thought anything against him or family baba. I patiently waited till this moment. Still he decided to leave me and go with any girl whom his parents say. Baba i promise i will take care of him and his family than any girl can do baba.that much i love him and wanted to be with him forever baba. In this 6 years there is nt a single moment that i parted him from me baba. He is my love my life baba. I m nearing my 30 . How can you ignore my struggling baba. Last few years I am praying wholeheartedly to get married to my love. I waited this long . Nkw why taking him from me baba. I never ever thought of anything harm against them baba. I always loved them. But why denying me my happiness baba. What will I tell my parents. For whom I struggled these many years he left me . Is that the thing i hv to tell my family baba. I m totally devastated. Badly need your blessing baba. Missing madly baba. Arent you seeing my cry baba.. Pls baba I am not able to live without him. I even thought of committing suicide. But baba i hv no right for that too. Baba pleasw put some mercy on me. Baba i promise i ll never forsake him or hia family. That much i love dem baba. Till now i jus loved den only . Why sk false charges on me baba. Please come baba. Please talk for our love baba. Please babaaaaaa

    • Om sai ram
      First of all don't get sad at all because if your guy agreed with his parents and left you alone then you should also not think about him because sai baba doesn't want you to suffer in future due to that guy…. Which I feel
      Same was happening with me nd to b very true I also left thinking about my guy nd asked baba to me right path… But was praying daily nd a miracle happened Thursday on my 5th fast his father himself called my dad nd said we r ready for marriage when my mother told me all this my eyes filled with tears ol of sudden because at that time I lost all the hopes nd baba did this miracle nd last week Sunday we got engaged nd going to marry in April itself
      So our baba is with us all the time he would never fulfill our wrong wish because he only knows what is good for us aa per my suggestion leave ur guy if he ll come back he is truly yours otherwise leave him and move on I know it is difficult… And I m really sorry If I said something wrong

    • Don't worry about your love's attitude & his mother's acceptance…one day you will look back and laugh on this as baba will take care of it & give you the best..the butterfly before it becomes a one undergoes pain ..but then it flies sai is there to make your life beautiful..just focus on your self development & growth..if you are strong no one can break you & Sai is with you holding you in his please don't worry just think about Sai & utter his name…Sai will shape up the best for you…….

  10. Sai Baba please prootect my baby. I want the baby to be born in full term not aspreterm .Please Baba . Forgive me as I promised I 'll leave everything . Am sorry Baba . Please Baba . I 'll write my experience r here

  11. jai saibaba,plz bless my family with good life,baba help me in ds tough time ,dont let my life spoil,u knw wt prblm i m going through in my life.plz baba,plz help me

  12. Sairam..t knw wat is better for us then y u give health problems.. Wat betterment can v expect from dis baba..t low wat is happening in dip world n of course e problems i or ppl around of hav..y are t persisting these problems so long..wont u resolve the issues n save us from it please i beg u

  13. Happy valentines day my loving baba… Thanks a lot for giving me gifts today… I m really lucky and blessed that I got u today ❤️

  14. Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki

  15. very nice experiences and to 2nd devotee plz tell how to get free online registration form for udi prasad i tried but i could not get it,,,,,,,,,,plz tell. thanks baba ..

  16. Why did you take my baby away from me.
    Why should oi beleive in you.
    You have seen my sorrows my pains then why did you do this to me Sai ?
    Why did you leave me alone ?

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