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Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: Hi Hetal-ji, I am a Sai devotee from Singapore. I first came to know Baba in 2006 through a TV serial on Shirdi Sai Baba. Since then Baba has been helping me and giving me His blessings in numerous instances in my life. I would like to share a recent experience that happened early last week.

My father has a congenital heart issue, and has been under medication for more than 10 years. Recently he was displaying some gastric reflux issues and noticed that his heart beat was getting irregular. So we rushed him to hospital and he was actually hospitalized for some 5 days. Due to his health condition he faced fluid retention and the doctors had to drain out the excess fluids. During this period it was a very stressful time for us. My family has no immediate relatives living here, our saviour and pillar of support is Baba.

I kept reciting Sai Ram, Sai Ram and read the Sai Satcharitra that my dad’s angiogram, ECG and Echo results should turn out normal. By Baba’s grace everything turned out normal for the test results. The doctors on their part suggested that my dad could consider having some kind of device implanted to balance his heart rhythm. We decided not to take up their suggestion for now. It was Baba who saved my Dad in 2011 during a very critical operation and it is again due to His mercy that my dad’s condition is stabilized. Although I have thanked Baba numerous times I have never thanked Him in this website which I sincerely believe is a platform for all Sai Baba Devotees: Thank You so much for all your love and blessings that You shower on me and my family. All I ask is always to have Your love and guidance in my life. As You know my parents are anxious that I get married to a right person, for one reason or other my marriage is getting delayed. But I believe that there is always a reason for everything and You know best when to give Your devotees what they desire. I pray from the bottom of my heart may You guide devotees like me in the path of devotion and love. With Your blessings may single Sai devotees like me find the right life partner. I pray for everyone’s good health and happiness here. Om Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram!!

Baba Answered My Prayers

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Baba for more than twenty years. When i look back i am amazed and grateful to Baba for being with me and helping me in my toughest times. There are times when i couldn’t come to terms with what i had to go through but instilled that patience in me and also kept encouraging me to hold on to life with faith in Him. Today i owe my patience and faith to Baba only. I wouldn’t have survived the last few years in my life as we are going through extremely tough financial problems. Two of my experiences were published in May this year and i am thankful to Hetal ji and the team for their commendable work. Now i would like to share how Baba once again answered my prayers in His own mysterious ways. This experience that i am about to share with all of you now is about how Baba helped me to pay my son’s college fee.

This being his last year of college was in a way relief to me and my husband because from next year with Baba’s grace he will be working. As i mentioned earlier about the tough financial situation we are in, it is a big deal for us to pay his college fee. In fact the year before his name was on college notice board for not paying on time. Though i am extremely blessed to have family support i prayed to Baba that we must pay the fee with our money and not depend on anyone. When my son was eight years we had taken a LIC policy which was paid promptly for nine years after which it was stopped for obvious reasons. We even forgot about it for a while with all the hardships we were going through. Few months back i remembered about it and wanted to renew it but that requires paying a good amount of money. Since we couldn’t renew we decided to look at the option of cancelling even if it meant forfeiting some amount of money. When we contacted our agent he told us this particular policy had this option of cancellation and we could get the money. We were overjoyed when the amount was much more than required to pay his fee. Around this time our trip to Shiridi materialised and Baba gave us the opportunity to present Him a shawl which was worn by Him on the same day. Baba just made it happen because i always wanted to present Him a shawl and also had the desire to see Him wear them. Biggest miracle is i have the DD (demand draft) ready even before his college reopened. What can i say about this i am truly overwhelmed and thankful to Baba. I request all the devotees to just have faith in Baba and Baba will surely help. Jai Sai Ram

Baba’s Grace

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi, I have submitted an experience before. This is my second submission first one was published link is below: I am a working girl, a devotee of Baba for the last 5 years. Baba has filled my life with His grace and blessings always and has been my strength. I wish to share with all my experience of Baba’s love and blessing and how He freed me from a difficult situation. I can never express enough gratitude towards my Sai, for His blessings and for always standing by me, no matter how hard the times have been. It’s rightly said that, others may forsake us but Baba won’t, He never ever leaves His children alone no matter what the situation is. I experienced one such situation which by the grace of Baba was solved without it getting worse.

I work for an organisation and had couriered a few important goods and certificates to reach a particular place. The goods were expensive and the certificates were very important. I made sure to courier form a reputed company and kept tracking it online as well. As per the details online the parcel was delivered the very next day and was received with a signature. However the concerned person kept insisting that they never received any parcel yet. This was a huge issue for me as the courier company had all proofs of delivery whereas the recipient kept insisting of non delivery of goods. I was in a fix and my only thought was of my Baba. I immediately prayed to Baba for His grace, and help to locate the parcel. I was initially very nervous but i decided to keep my faith strong and prayed to Baba, with all my heart, read the Sai Satcharitra (2 chapters as I read every day) and then left everything on Him without worry. I felt as if He was assuring me that it will be traced. The next day, I was able to trace the signature of the person who signed at the gate and had actually received it. I informed to the main authorities and they searched for it and found that it was received and handed over but was mistakenly kept somewhere as a result was not traceable by the staff. But the good news was they still managed to find it after a thorough search. It was only Baba who helped in locating the parcel and I am so grateful to my Sai for always being there and helping me in all situations, problems of my life whether big or small.

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  1. I can very much relate to devotee 1's experience as my dad had major heart issues and had been in and out of hospital from 2000 and Baba has given him life all the time. Although it had been tough times for me and my family Baba has always been there for us. Also devotee 1 don't worry about marriage getting delayed as Baba is waiting to give you the very best.
    Devotee 2 I can very much feel the patience and faith you have in Baba just by reading your experience.
    Generally speaking, I have been having a very tough time last couple of years with in-laws accusing me for number of things. I have been hurt so badly and started nav guruwar vrat but situation did not change. I have started vrat again but not sure how long I can be patient with mean people around me. Baba pls help.

    • Baba is watching you and hearing you…he will answer your prayers in abundance dear sai sister !!! Om Sai Ram !!!

  2. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  3. Baba please I am begging you. I want to see you in my dream. Please appear in my dream and talk to me. I don't know whether you have accepted me or not. So please appear in my dream and make my trust in you grow stronger. I feel very far away from you. I can't take this anymore. PLEASE.


  5. Bless all baba…bless my mother with good health baba…soon i should be with her baba…please forgive me for my mistakes baba….love you lot baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  6. you..give good health to my father,brother and the sick.relieve people from sorrows and Faith into has doubled or troubled I guy is coming to c me on Feb 22, kindly finalise this proposal for me, trust you saibaba.I liked the guy very much.thanks for whatever youhave given me.forgivemysins.reduce my anger.

  7. you..give good health to my father,brother and the sick.relieve people from sorrows and Faith into has doubled or troubled I guy is coming to c me on Feb 22, kindly finalise this proposal for me, trust you saibaba.I liked the guy very much.thanks for whatever youhave given me.forgivemysins.reduce my anger.

  8. Beautiful experiences and my prayers too go to Baba for the 1st devotee in finding a life partner and am He will guide the 2nd devotee's son to now take care of his parent's troubles.

    O Deva, forgive us our mistakes and bless us with the sense of right and wrong. Let us only walk the path that You have shown O Sadguru. Thank You, O Sai, for all the love and happiness You surround us with 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  9. Myself and my mom are worried very much about my bro's marriage. 1st devotees words strengthed my belief more. My baba , sai is waiting to give him a best life partner. Om sai ram.

  10. thank you deva for being with us each & every minute and giving whatever we wished for… keep your hand on us always to have more faith in you for the love you are showing on us… thanks & forgive us deva… show us the right path to walk in your way… love you deva…

  11. Baba plz make my faith and belief more stronger. Never leave me alone. U are my strength. Plz baba be always with me.
    I love U Baba..
    Baba u know all about me.

  12. Jai Sai Ram to All:
    I have a doubt Please BABA give me an answer for my doubt:
    I had been asking BABA for 1 main thing in life & BABA have given me many(as i asked him many times because my problem is bit intense,had been crying n asking) answers (all positively)from Q & A.In one of the many answers BABA had told that I will have his darshan in dream and guided for that problem but many months passed I did not get any dream.

    But today in noon I happened to have a dream where in by mistakely I move the mouse of my laptop and lo ……the miracle where in loads of small pamphlets shower where in one side of pamphlets have each answers that BABA had given me and the other side of each pamphlet has BABA of Samadhi Mandir(Sitting posture) photo.

    Thanks so much BABA for giving me Darshan in dream……..Very soon all who wish for seeing BABA in dream will be fulfilled soon by BABA as HE appears only when HE wish to grace us all…

    What does this mean ???Please BABA answer me ..

  13. Dear Baba, my dear dear …dear Baba..i love You my Sai…very much..pls forgive me for my impatience , my anger..Baba You are pampering me now the wayYou used to during the early days of our relationship and sumtimes…i m sorry to say…i feel surprised n shocked when my wishes get fulfilled …Since i have been getting hit in the face so often inalmost every possible aspect of my life for so long now.Thanks Sai for saving us from the cooker blast…the court issue …and yday when You so miraculously helped my little baby..i was so scared Baba when she went on vomiting even on drinking a sip of water..dear little frail baby was so weak..i was so scared i applied Udi to her forehead n tongue n tummy and prayed to Baba to help me by stopping her vomitting..and lo!!the child was perfectly alright and slept blissfully and perfectly fine now..i wss thinking of admitting her to the emergency n here You just reversed the situation…love u Baba…please holdmy hand always and keep Your blessing hand on me and all Your loving devotees n all readers of this site.

  14. Very nice experiences! Om Sai Ram!
    Today I had an experience where baba saved me from a big accident. It had snowed and roads were slippery.
    I had a meeting at 8 am and couldn't be late for same . I was driving at 30 mph and at the curve, I lost control of the car. I looked back . None were behind me . It's the peak hour and only due to sai's grace none were on road. I screamed "Sai" few times. There were cars parked on both sides of the street. By lord sai's grace my car came to a halt just 1/2 feet away from the parked cars. I drew to work unharmed. Guru, my father , be with us always. I can't imagine a life without your blessing. Om Sai Ram!

  15. jai saibaba,plz help me baba,dont let my life spoil baba.u knw wt prblm i hv nw in my life, baba.plz help me in ds tough time baba.plz plz…..and always bless my family with good life.

  16. Om Sai Ram…tough times are extremely hard to manage but all we can do is hold tight on to Baba with faith that he will solve our problems one day and patience that Baba knows when the day is right…..that's all and Baba will surely look after us…Sai..please give me the strength to be able to do that…..and please bless me…….Sai Saranam….Thank you for sharing ur experience, they are indeed very faith boosting

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