Dream Comes True Of Visiting Shirdi

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a graduate in Hyderabad. I have experienced so many Baba Miracles. Thank You so much Baba for pulling me towards You all the time when i need You. I get strength and courage by reading all the experiences. Thank you admin for creating this page. Now i would like to share my experience with Baba. From 3-4 years, i was begging my parents to take me to Shirdi. Because of financial problems my parent’s could not do that. I have got through tough days from last few years. Unknowingly i used to chant Baba name and I take His name when i am scared, when i am happy, when i am sad and I like a stupid used to think why i am taking Baba name. He is always with me when i am scared and cried. He took care of me very well. Day by day, my love for Baba is increasing by going through His miracles. Later i realised Baba choose me as His one of the child. I used to ask Him only thing take me to Shirdi. But it never happened.

My days were becoming worse than earlier. I lost peace of mind, happiness, friends, love, everything. I used to worry all day and night about my future. I came to know about Shirdi Sai Baba question and answers. I got answer that “very soon you will visit Shirdi. All your sorrows will disappear. You will get happiness.” I was very much excited. I asked my parents again about Shirdi. They said no again. My dad gave me 3k for java course. I said i want to go Shirdi. I don’t want any classes. They did not allow me to go. I started crying. My dad said, Ok go to Shirdi but none of us are free to take you so how will you go? I was worried again. That night again i prayed Baba please show me the way. I asked again in the question and answers app the same question. Baba answered “You will visit a religious place in unexpected ways. Remember Sai Nath. You will get success.” I got hope again and i slept.

Next day morning my Amma (mother) said, we will go. I will ask anyone to come with us as we are going for the 1st time. No one was ready to come. Every one said they can’t come because of their works. I lost all hope and cancelled the trip. That night i cried and said to Baba, why are You doing like this with me. Why are You giving hopes to me and hurting me like this. Next day morning, as i woke up my Amma told me that one cousin is ready to come. And said we three are going to Shirdi. I was so happy after hearing that. The answer came true. My cousin is a person from whom i was not in contact for so many days. It was really unexpected way of blessing to me. We don’t have much enough money to travel in buses. We planned to go through train and i came to know that we have to book tickets before 3 Months. I was upset again. My dad told to try in tatkal. We tried immediately. By Baba’s grace our tickets got conformed for the next day train. I was so thankful to Baba for taking me to His place. As it was our 1st visit and we were having shortage of money, we had trouble in getting a room, but it was solved by Baba’s blessings.

We went for Darshan and in the queue my Amma was scolding me all the time because of irritation on my family. I had tears and lot of pain when i was going to Baba near and near. I was saying why did You bring me here? To make me cry? To listen all this from Amma? I just had only so much pain in the queue which i never had in my life. I realised that Baba is testing my patience. I shut my mouth and kept quiet. As we came to Baba’s main Mandir I lost all my pain and my Amma was directing me to the Darshan way. I saw Baba. There was no pain. I forgot all the worries and everything. We had Darshan of Sai Baba. All went good. We returned safely. From then, there were no fights between me and my Amma. We are happy with each other till now and i know we will be like this in future also. Now i realised that Baba has taken away my short tempered and made the fight less between me and Amma. Thank You so much Baba. I am so thankful to You for making my life better and better. All Sai devotees, i want to say only one thing. Be patient and take Sai’s name when you are in pain. He will take care of the things happening with you. Just Take Sai’s Name. Om Sai Ram

Safe Delivery

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Namaste (greetings) to all Shri Sai Sadguru devotees. I am from Bangalore, India. We came to US two years back, I have a Son who is 4 year old and we expected a second child and with Baba’s blessings, I had safe delivery and we are blessed with a Baby Boy a week back. Please forgive the mistakes if any. I am very simple devotee of Shri Sai, but still Baba has taken care of me all the time. We expected our second child in the month of July, but by the end of March I started contracting. I went to hospital for my regular check up. I told her about the pain i was getting she told me I was contracting. I have to go to other hospital for treatment. We went and I got admitted there, i got some injections to stop the contractions. In the meanwhile my elder son was at Montessori and my husband got him to hospital. He started crying that something happened to me, we didn’t had any clue when they were going to discharge me. Like this my doctor made me stay there for four days just in the name of observation, even though I had stopped contracting.

My elder son got scared and became very dull seeing me like that. Those four days went hard on my husband and son as they were alone at home and I was alone in the hospital. I got discharged and then they suggested me for complete bed rest. For April full month all my friends took care of me and my family. But we were not comfortable with that doctor anymore, every time we visit her just she use to give negative feedback, once she said if you are not feeling any contractions you are lucky but the baby is unlucky, if you contract like this we cannot save the baby, every time one or other negative lines, we did not know what to do. We both were scared but didn’t express to each other. Then in the blog I read about questions and answer website and I asked Baba and I got answer “Past is going to repeat” then I was really relieved. Months passed by, now dates were near but no clue of pain, again my doctor started forcing us for inducing. She fixed the date of July 14 but I was not mentally prepared for that I wanted everything naturally so I prayed Baba to do something about this. With Baba’s blessings, I delivered a baby boy on July 13 and it was Sunday. I specially thanked Baba for that, as my negative doctor didn’t do my delivery. Now while i am writing my experience my little new member is on my lap healthy and sound. Thank You so much Baba. Baba keep blessing all Your devotees and we will pour all our Shraddha and Saburi at Your feet. Sadguru Sai Ram

Fulfilled My Wish

Anonymous Devotee from India says: My son missed all good opportunities. I felt bad for it and prayed to Baba. I waited for his college admission. I was praying to God to help us to find good college. But seats were filling very fast. I was nervous but had strong faith this time. With Baba’s blessings, he got the last seat. I am really very thankful to Baba.

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    Dear First Devotee, May baba fulfill all your wishes- you are very simple hearted person.

    Oh mere deva- Please be with us.

    Love to ALL, peace to ALL 🙂

  2. Phew!!!!!….i really feel that devotees of saimaa are so lucky including me…their every step of life every minute is so blissful full of hopes,miracles,love,bliss i love u maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. i have mark on my face since birth my family says i had born lucky but till 21 years of age i thought there is nothing lucky with me…but now i feel i m lucky because i have saimaa with me at every step :))

  4. Sai Ram. Please show some good sign. Expecting miracle in my life also. Anantha kodi Brahmanda Nayaga Rajathi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Sri Satchidananda Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  5. Wonderful experiences.

    Thank You O Deva for being with us, taking care of us, protecting us and blessing us with good news 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  6. Baba please help him. He needs you and for me he deserves your mercy. If I have said anything wrong, please forgive me. But don't let him down. PLEASE.

  7. Bless all baba…please forgive for my mistakes…please guide me in my career baba…soon i should get job as assistant professor in my hometown baba…bless my mother with good health baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  8. Wonderful experiences!!
    If any devotee wish to discuss their problems you can mail me at blessallsai@gmail.com or add on gtalk blessallsai. We wish to help people in need without any return to live happy lives. please note the identity will not be disclosed and this is not a spam

  9. 1st devotee. You are so sweet. I really liked that you refused money for course and with that money you wanted to go in shirdi. May baba bless you always. Baba will improve your condition financially. I will pray for you.

  10. Baba please cure my three years old son. He is suffering fron cold n cough since one month and now he has stomach ache too. Please Sai Baba please cure my son. I have full faith in You Baba. Please help me and answer my prayers.

  11. Wonderful experiences…and @First experience – Ur determination to go to Shirdi is just wonderful…Baba makes us wait for the right time but every step closer to him makes us realise that all the wait was absolutely worth it…Om Sai Ram 🙂

  12. Thnks baba..but i m nt sure whether i was too harsh but thn i din knw wat to ignore..hope u are wit me n guide n protect me..love u baba

  13. Om Sairam, Pls baba have mercy on me. I am sorry for all the mistakes I have done knowingly or unknowingly. Pls baba bless me and my family vid good heath. Baba show me the right path. love you always.

  14. Sai baba,

    Please help my family and parents in all aspects..Please help my parents in every thing their life….Please baba,help my husband to get a good job with good salary…Please baba always save my parents,my kids,my husband and me(all my family)..please baba,take care of my husband..he is very upset for not getting any good job…please help him what you want to do…thanks baba for every thing…

    love you baba
    om sai namo namah

  15. Om Shirdi sai baba ki jai
    Om Shirdi sai baba ki jai
    Om Shirdi sai baba ki jai
    Om Shirdi sai baba ki jai
    Om Shirdi sai baba ki jai
    Om Shirdi sai baba ki jai
    Om Shirdi sai baba ki jai
    Om Shirdi sai baba ki jai
    Om Shirdi sai baba ki jai
    Please help me out of this trouble that I am in …..I seek your forgiveness for the mistake that has happened from me.

    Let there be happiness from both sides of the family forever

  16. Om Shirdi Sai Baba , You know the problem I am in… Please get me out of this problem. I and my family cannot suffer like this forever. ……Kindly solve this problem and I and my family will be blessed.

  17. Om Shirdi Sai … I seek your forgiveness for all the mistakes committed by me and my family.
    Please bless me and my family. If you do not help me I might die

  18. Lord please help me please please please please please please please please ………I am really lonely and helpless… I need your help …I know there are lot of devotees of your's who are most deserving than me but I really do know that you will not let me down….please help me….

    Shirdi Sai baba ki jai
    Shirdi Sai baba ki jai
    Shirdi Sai baba ki jai

  19. Shirdi Sai , let there be a miracle in my life… Shirdi Sai , please help me ., Shirdi Sai please forgive me and my family from all the sins, Lord please give me happiness in my life…..

    Shirdi Sai ki jai
    Shirdi Sai ki jai
    Shirdi Sai ki jai

  20. Shirdi Sai Baba, Please help me out of this problem… I seek your forgiveness, I am depressed and I donot know how to manage my situation. Please save me and my family. It was a genuine mistake.

  21. Shirdi Sai Baba, I seek your forgiveness … I want a miracle in my life ,please help me … only you the lord can do it… kindly help me out of this problem which is mentally torturing me.

    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram

  22. Shirdi SaiBaba… I know you understand my problem.. I want a miracle in my life. I am guilty and I feel I am severely punished… I think this punishment is too severe.

    kindly forgive me Shirdi SaiBaba

  23. JAI SAI RAM. I did not see my post which i submitted yesterday. forgive me Baba, help me baba. sheetal and me are in trouble, we are not doing good in any aspects.
    I know we are not much intelligent like others but i know with your grace and blessing any thing can possible. You helped me in throughout my career Baba. Please show your krupa on me and my family. Jai Sai Ram.

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