Baba Pulled Me Towards Him And Showed Me Right Way

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi. I was introduced to Sai Baba in 2007. I got my 12th results and was waiting for engineering counseling. My marks were not so good. But as one of my aunt was working in one of the top colleges (Sai institutions) unexpectedly I got admission into the college. Until then I haven’t heard of Sai. Then I just used to pray Sai statue which is in my college. As I have mentioned earlier, I am not much bright person in studies. But due to Baba’s grace, I got placed in a MNC and was so happy. But then I didn’t realise Sai even that time. I used to pray other Gods only. I joined office and life was going good. Actually I was in a difficult situation after that (In 2013) and it was only then I started going to Sai Baba temple every week. One of my friend was a strong devotee of Sai and she told me to pray Sai and that surely good things will happen.

So from 2013 Feb, I started praying Sai like any other God. I used to put chits and ask Sai when I am in confusion as to what decision to take and whether it will happen or not. Even my friend did the same and whatever we follow His path, it will yield us good result. I quit my job and came to my native to pursue my higher studies. The first temple I landed was Sai temple which is really a miracle because in my home they never pray Sai. I went to one of my aunt’s home and she took me there. I was thinking to keep Sai Nav Vrat for a prayer and was thinking of visiting Sai temple. Knowing this Sai Himself called me to His temple. I was so happy and I started Sai Nav Vrat. I read that Sai Nav Vrat book but I don’t know why I did not develop much faith in Him. (Sorry Sai Baba. Please forgive me). But I fasted, because I really wanted my prayers to come true. Fourth week itself I experienced a good thing happened regarding my prayer. After that the problem became worse and 9th week Wednesday I was crying like anything and I really lost all hope. On Thursday for completing the Pooja, I was about to go to temple. I prayed Sai that I am not going to pray as this has not ended well so I am just coming to do my duty to finish my prayer (Sai Nav Vrat). But still I thought that if something good happens in temple as our heart likes I will pray.

I started from home to temple. This is where the real story starts. That was the second time to go to that temple and I was going alone using Google maps. I did not even know properly as in which bus stop to get down. I got down and I went to a bakery and asked the way to Baba temple. Hearing this one aunty told me that she is also going there only and hence asked me to go along with her. (It was none other than Sai Baba). On the way she told many incidents which happened in her life due to Sai Baba. She told that Sai Nav Vrat will truly give success if taken with full belief, faith and patience. Also she told me about Sai Satcharitra. Only that was the time I really felt the presence of Sai. (Forgive me Sai Baba for believing in You so late). She also told that there was a temple nearby my home itself. I really experienced this miracle of Sai Baba because if she had not come, I really would not have prayed and would not have known all about Sai and also the temple. It was Sai Himself Who came in the form of that aunty and blessed me. Thank You Sai and please forgive me. This happened on May 22 2014.

From that day onwards, I started praying each and every second. And also I asked Him to forgive me, as I did not believe Him and prayed that I would take Sai Nav Vrat again (I asked Him not to consider my previous one as it was not done with utmost faith). Now on the first day itself I realised Sai Baba’s presence. When I was in my college suddenly an old woman approached me and asked me to buy and give a soda as she was not feeling well and she gave money. I refused it and bought it and gave her. She thanked a lot and blessed me for this and drank. This is also Sai Baba. On the very first day itself I realised that He is always with me. Now I started going to the temple near my home (If that aunty had not told me I would not have known this temple). How great Sai is. Even when I did not believe Him, He showered His blessings. Baba pulled me to Him and showed me a right path. Finally, I typed this on July 11 but as I was tired I did not post. Next day on Guru Poornima only I posted my first post. I felt that I have to share all my feelings so that it will increase others faith also as well. Faith and patience has to be kept. Sai will surely bless all

Guru Poornima Blessing

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I have known Sai-Baba for 3 years and i feel these 3 years are the ones that made any sense to my life. I started reading Sai-Satcharitra and it is then, i became Sai Baba s Disciple. I read the book daily over and over, again and again, and it gives me peace and happiness.

Experience 1: First time i went to Shiridi in 2011. I prayed very much to Sai-Baba to give me a job which i deserved. I used to be a very hard-working student and i was not happy with my placement. On the way back home, i got the call from my dream company. I had an interview and i got placed. In no time, i was working in the company which i loved. All Thanks to Sai Baba without whom i could not have achieved this success in life. Ever since, i read Sai-Charitra daily in the morning and in the evening. It made me a total different person who i am now, much more peaceful and much more calmness. Read and follow the lessons and teachings of Sai-Baba, anyone is assured to be saved. Also, i got another book “Sai-Baba is still Alive”.

Experience 2: I took loan from bank for my education and since i am from a poor family, i could not pay the loan on time. Even though i got a good job, i had to take responsibility for the family and also the family debts. Finally i want to pay the loan. I took debt from my friends and went to the bank. I was disappointed saying the bank manager was not available. I felt really bad that the interest is still rising and why Sai Baba did not allow me to clear my loan. But one month later, a rule was passed to reduce the interest from economically backward students. They reduced the total amount by 40,000 Rs, which is a great deal to me and my family. I could not thank Sai Baba more. He helped me in this case. He made sure the manager was not available when i went to bank. Thank You Sai Baba, thanks for always being there for me.

Experience 3: I was involved in so many troubles. My mind had lost its peace. Nothing was going right in my life. I was surrounded by problems. Sometimes while praying, i used to cry before Baba, i used to ask Him if He is even hearing my prayers and if He loves me. I also asked Him to end my life instead of giving me so many pains. It was July 12 2014, Guru Poornima day. I went to Sai Baba temple with my mother. As soon as i saw Baba, i broke out in the temple, with tears flowing continuously. I sat there, closing my eyes and what a magic. My mind became so peaceful as if all the problems ceased to exist. I was just looking at Baba and i did not care about any of my problems. I realized what is magic and miracles. I realised Sai Baba’s love. That point of time, i prayed Baba, i am leaving all my problems at Your feet. I am going home happy. I went home, had dinner and i received a call. One call that has put a full-stop to all my worries. I could not believe it. One hour back, i was burdened and now Baba has taken the burden from me. We devotees cannot thank Baba. We need to love Him endlessly and have complete faith and patience. And i am 100% sure every prayer will be answered. The more faith you have, the more Baba will help you in every aspect of your life. Whenever we have problems, just think it’s working out our Karmas and that Baba is looking at you. When He is there, why do you worry. Love You Baba, Love You a lot. Please bless me and all Your devotees ever.

Baba Can Fix Anything Instantly

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram! This is my 2nd post in this page. I would like to thank this team for their tireless efforts in posting these articles. These articles have given me a lot of faith and confidence in Baba. Also at the same time, I used to wonder does really Baba do it? Yes I have felt Baba’s blessing in my life many times and once I have felt Baba’s presence when I was very serious in the hospital. But my question was does Baba come to help people who suffer and remove the pain instantly, how could it be possible?? I’m not questioning Baba nor my faith but I’m just a normal human who didn’t believe unless I experienced it.

Towards the end of May, my Husband accidentally hurt my ears and we thought it might not cause any injury or harm. By the evening I had some pain and when we met the ENT doctor, he said all is well. Just take some medicines in case there in any internal inflammation it will reduce. The next day the pain did not subside, when we met the Senior Doctor he showed us that the Ear Drum has a tare and we could see the tare and the blood. Doctor had advised that I should be very careful and make sure that there is no infection. I should not catch a cold, wash my hair carefully and no drop of water should get in. Avoid microphones, loud music etc. He said no medicines required but be very careful for 6 weeks. In case I catch an infection, the ear drum tare might become a hole and a surgery would be required. My husband and I prayed to Baba and we kept Udi every day near the ear and every week we went for check up. After 6 weeks doctor said it is healed mostly and I’m fine. We were very happy.

But 1 week after the last check up, one day suddenly I heard some sound in my ear. This I heard, when I was hurt and initial days of injury. Next day i had a burning sensation. The 3rd day I had some pain. Now from 3 days continuously, i was feeling some un-comfort in the ear and we went to the Doctor again. This time, doctor while check up showed the inner canal of my ear was hurt. We don’t know how it happened, because my fingers can’t reach that place and I was very careful with my ears while using ear bud. Doctor also showed us that the Ear Drum was healed but there were small spots was there was blood. Doctor gave me medicines for 3 days and he said, if it does not heal we have to see a Neurologist. My husband was really worried. On the 3rd day night, there was continuous pain and as per Doctor’s advice we had to meet the Neurologist the next day. But I can’t take leave the next 3 days in office as there were critical deadlines. I was upset and my husband started Praying to Baba so much. He was worried all these days, more than me as the injury was because of him (though accidental). Then suddenly we found a lot of energy in our room and the energy kept increasing. We knew Baba has come to our room. Within few minutes, my ear pain completely went off. Even after 1 week as I write this article the pain, the burning sensation everything had gone that night. Baba had come to cure me and now after I experienced Baba I know Baba can cure anything in a minute. Trust Baba and He is with each and every one of us. Thank You Baba, thank You for curing me and taking care of me and my family. Please be with us always and guide us to the right path. Om Sai Ram

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  2. Wonderful experiences all. And the 3rd devotee, you are very lucky to feel His presence 🙂

    O Sai, bless us so we only spread joy and happiness and love to people who cross our path 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  3. Amazing experiences…I'm struggling with meaningless life with not even one thing going in the right direction…Baba as I read these experiences my faith is increasing and it is like an assurance that you are definitely going to save me…I am waiting with patience Baba but dealing with the same issue for years is really draining all my energy….Please show your miracle in my life Baba….Please ….Love you so much…Om Sairam

  4. Dear Hetal Ji! I thanku and ur team from bottom of my heart as you are following baba's
    order of helping the people in pain and firming their belief on baba's helping hand…I am also baba's child who is in the toughest phase of my life..baba is my only hope..
    thanku all the three devotees..i am overwhelmed to hear your experiences..feels like baba is consoling me and would surly help me…thanku all and thanku bappa…

  5. great experiences!! if any devotee wish to discuss their problems you can mail me at or add on gtalk blessallsai. We wish to help people in need without any return to live happy lives. please note the identity will not be disclosed and this is not a spam

    SAI Bless All

  6. you.give good health tomyfather, brotherand to the sick. Bless people who are in sorrows and trouble.

  7. Thank you Baba and Thank u Hetalji and team. I came across this site when I lost all hope in my life,i didn't want to live. Baba showed me this site since then im read sai experiences each and everyday. I feel peace when i read all this experiences,hetal ji because of you i did came to know about sai Nav vrat,and i did it.during that vrat i changed a lot,my thinking changed,atleast i got hope to live .i was in a bad condition but baba took care of me ,guided and stil helping with all my problem and i know one day he will fulfill my dream. Thank You so much Baba ,i don't what will i do without you,please be there with me all the time.without you i can't LIVE Baba.Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki JAI !!!

  8. om sai ram. its being really great to read Baba's miracles.i have also become your devotee . thanks Baba for showing us the right path and I expect your miracle in my life too. Love u Baba.

  9. Bless all baba….please help me to solve all the problems baba…please make me confident to face the problems baba…please bless my mom with good health baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

    Baba please excuse me for all my mistakes Baba.
    Please bless me, my husband, my kid and all our family with Happy and Healthy life.
    Please bless all your devotees in the world with Happy and Healthy life.
    Please be with me always Baba.
    Sarvam Shri Sainatharpanamasthu.

  11. Sai baba,

    Please help my family and parents in all aspects..Please help my parents in every thing their life….Please baba,help my husband to get a good job with good salary…Please baba always save my parents,my kids,my husband and me(all my family)…thanks baba for every thing…

    love you baba
    om sai namo namah

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